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Updated: 27 Jun 2022

The following qualifications are the latest which have been approved as apprenticeships or traineeships which may be undertaken under a training contract in Tasmania. This list consists of qualifications which have been approved in the last 12 months. The complete list of available apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications can be viewed at http://laureldw.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/default.aspx

Queries regarding the approval of apprenticeships/traineeships in Tasmania can be directed to appr.trn.apprv@skills.tas.gov.au.

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DR = Duration;
PT = Part time;
SBP = School Based Pathway;

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeAvailable fromDRPTSBPFunded Hours
Certificate IV in Wool Classing AHC4131602/06/202224YesYes1172
Certificate IV in Dental Assisting HLT4502120/05/202212YesYes770
Certificate III in Dental Assisting HLT3502120/05/202212YesYes717
Certificate IV in School Based Education Support CHC4022118/05/202224YesYes897
Certificate III in School Based Education Support CHC3022118/05/202224YesYes736
Certificate IV in Agribusiness AHC4101904/05/202224YesYes925
Certificate IV in Landscape Construction Management AHC4202104/05/202224YesNo956
Certificate III in Dairy Production AHC3022104/05/202224YesYes1034
Certificate III in Pulp and Paper Operations PPM3012108/04/202224YesYes727
Certificate II in Forest Operations FWP2012107/04/202212YesYes561
Certificate III in Forest Operations FWP3012107/04/202224YesYes1204
Certificate III in Saw Technology FWP3102107/04/202248NoYes1020
Certificate III in Wood Machining FWP3112107/04/202248YesYes980
Certificate III in Timber Building Products Supply FWP3062107/04/202224NoYes580
Certificate IV in Forest Operations FWP4012107/04/202236YesYes1005
Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership SIS4062106/04/202224YesYes1058
Diploma of Sport SIS5032106/04/202224YesNo0
Certificate III in Sport - Athlete SIS3042106/04/202212YesYes332
Certificate IV in Fitness SIS4022106/04/202218YesYes980
Certificate II in Sport - Developing Athlete SIS2022106/04/202212YesYes271
Certificate IV in Sport Development SIS4042106/04/202218YesYes571
Certificate III in Fitness SIS3032106/04/202212YesYes668
Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management AHC3142105/04/202224YesYes1092
Certificate IV in Meat Processing (Leadership) AMP4031522/03/202224YesNo478
Certificate III in Automotive Manufacturing Technical Operations - Bus, Truck and Trailer AUM3021821/03/202248YesYes965
Certificate IV in Cyber Security 22334VIC17/03/202212YesNo848
Certificate III in Nail Technology SHB3032115/03/202212YesYes566
Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy SHB4012115/03/202236YesYes1185
Certificate III in Beauty Services SHB3012115/03/202224YesYes688
Certificate I in Supply Chain Operations TLI1132124/02/202212YesYes244
Certificate III in Leather Production MST3051916/02/202236YesYes965.5
Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure TLI3712110/02/202224YesNo336.5
Certificate II in Shunting TLI2322110/02/202212YesNo429
Diploma of Rail Operations Management TLI5062110/02/202236NoNo0
Certificate II in Road Transport Terminal Operations TLI2022110/02/202212NoNo429
Certificate IV in Train Driving TLI4262110/02/202224YesNo1004.5
Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure TLI2712110/02/202212YesNo487.5
Certificate III in Driving Operations TLI3122110/02/202224YesNo609.5
Certificate II in Driving Operations TLI2122110/02/202212YesYes468
Certificate IV in International Freight Forwarding (Senior Operator) TLI4022110/02/202224YesNo439
Certificate IV in Supply Chain Operations TLI4032110/02/202224YesNo673
Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations TLI3032110/02/202224YesYes585
Certificate III in Furniture Removal TLI3332110/02/202224YesNo341.5
Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations TLI2042110/02/202212YesYes409.5
Certificate II in Conservation and Ecosystem Management AHC2102007/02/202212YesYes565
Diploma of Surface Operations Management RII5012002/02/202236YesNo955
Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations UEG4022113/01/202248YesNo1225
Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations UEG3012113/01/202236YesNo950
Certificate III in Cleaning Operations CPP3032121/12/202124YesNo489
Certificate II in Surveying and Spatial Information Services CPP2012121/12/202112YesNo230
Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal) MAR3092108/12/202124YesNo535
Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 2 Near Coastal) MAR3082108/12/202124YesNo544
Advanced Diploma of ESI - Power Systems UET6022125/11/202148YesNo2030
Certificate III in ESI - Transmission Overhead UET3052125/11/202148YesNo1200
Diploma of ESI - Power Systems UET5022125/11/202136YesNo1540
Certificate III in ESI - Distribution Overhead UET3062125/11/202148YesNo1160
Certificate III in ESI - Distribution Underground UET3082125/11/202148YesNo1200
Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control UET2032125/11/202112YesNo390
Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations UEG4022015/11/202148YesNo1225
Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations UEG3012015/11/202136YesNo950
Certificate IV in Correctional Practice CSC4012101/11/202124YesNo566
Diploma of School Age Education and Care CHC5022101/11/202136YesNo1484
Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care CHC5012101/11/202136YesNo1334
Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care CHC3012101/11/202124YesYes1090
Certificate III in Baking FBP3052101/11/202148YesYes1618.5
Certificate II in Wine Industry Operations FBP2052101/11/202118YesYes546
Certificate III in Food Processing FBP3012101/11/202136YesYes848.5
Certificate III in Bread Baking FBP3042101/11/202136YesYes965.5
Certificate III in Wine Industry Operations FBP3092101/11/202136YesNo780
Certificate II in Food Processing FBP2012101/11/202118YesYes546
Certificate II in Baking FBP2022101/11/202118YesYes517
Certificate III in Cake and Pastry FBP3032101/11/202136YesYes1024
Certificate III in Screen and Media CUA3102001/11/202112YesNo532
Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations RII3012024/08/202124YesNo585
Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations RII4012024/08/202136YesNo840
Certificate III in Underground Metalliferous Mining RII3032024/08/202124YesNo655
Certificate III in Resource Processing RII3042024/08/202124YesNo440
Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations RII2022024/08/202112YesNo263
Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining RII2042024/08/202112YesNo400
Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC4012021/07/202124YesNo909
Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services CPC4092021/07/202148YesNo958

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