Tasmanian Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Recently added

Updated: 19 Oct 2021

The following qualifications are the latest which have been approved as apprenticeships or traineeships which may be undertaken under a training contract in Tasmania. This list consists of qualifications which have been approved in the last 12 months. The complete list of available apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications can be viewed at http://laureldw.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/default.aspx

Queries regarding the approval of apprenticeships/traineeships in Tasmania can be directed to appr.trn.apprv@skills.tas.gov.au.

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DR = Duration;
PT = Part time;
SBP = School Based Pathway;

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeAvailable fromDRPTSBPFunded Hours
Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations RII3012024/08/202124YesNo585
Certificate IV in Surface Extraction Operations RII4012024/08/202136YesNo840
Certificate III in Underground Metalliferous Mining RII3032024/08/202124YesNo655
Certificate III in Resource Processing RII3042024/08/202124YesNo440
Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations RII2022024/08/202112YesNo263
Certificate II in Underground Metalliferous Mining RII2042024/08/202112YesNo400
Certificate IV in Building and Construction CPC4012021/07/202124YesNo909
Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services CPC4092021/07/202148YesNo958
Certificate II in Animal Care ACM2012124/06/202112YesYes420
Certificate III in Animal Care Services ACM3012124/06/202112YesYes780
Certificate III in Waste Management CPP3071921/06/202124YesNo546
Certificate III in Security Equipment UEE3142021/06/202148NoNo995
Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control UEE3122021/06/202148NoNo995
Certificate III in Fire Protection Control UEE3102021/06/202148YesNo1029
Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician UEE3082021/06/202148YesYes1112
Certificate III in Electronics and Communications UEE3092021/06/202148NoNo995
Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration UEE3222021/06/202148YesYes1151
Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) UEE2202021/06/202112YesNo400
Certificate III in Data and Voice Communications UEE3042021/06/202148YesNo1063
Certificate III in Electrical Machine Repair UEE3062021/06/202148YesNo1073
Certificate III in Switchgear and Controlgear UEE3072017/06/202148YesNo1102
Certificate II in Technical Support UEE2172017/06/202112YesNo351
Certificate III in Electrical Fitting UEE3302017/06/202148YesNo1131
Certificate IV in Installation Inspection and Audits UEE4032017/06/202148YesNo546
Certificate IV in Electrical - Instrumentation UEE4042017/06/202148YesNo488
Certificate IV in Electrotechnology - Systems Electrician UEE4062017/06/202148YesNo683
Certificate IV in Electrical - Photovoltaic systems UEE4202017/06/202148YesNo566
Certificate IV in Hazardous areas - Electrical UEE4262017/06/202148YesNo488
Certificate IV in Electrical Equipment and Systems UEE4302017/06/202148YesNo722
Certificate IV in International Freight Forwarding (Senior Operator) TLI4021917/06/202124YesNo439
Certificate IV in Materiel Logistics TLI4151517/06/202124YesNo527
Certificate IV in ESI Generation Maintenance (Fabrication) UEP4041817/06/202148YesNo1248
Certificate IV in ESI Generation - Systems Operations UEP4011817/06/202148YesNo1230
Certificate IV in Large Scale Wind Generation - Electrical UEP4061817/06/202148YesNo1325
Certificate IV in ESI Generation Maintenance (Mechanical) UEP4051817/06/202148YesNo1248
Certificate III in Engineering - Industrial Electrician MEM3121917/06/202148YesNo1078
Certificate IV in ESI Generation Maintenance - Electrical Electronics UEP4031817/06/202148YesNo1200
Certificate III in ESI Generation - Systems Operations UEP3011817/06/202148YesNo918
Certificate IV in Building Project Support CPC4032017/06/202124YesNo732
Certificate III in Construction Crane Operations CPC3292017/06/202124YesNo923
Certificate IV in Civil Construction RII4072017/06/202124YesNo839
Certificate IV in Demolition CPC4102017/06/202148YesNo1065
Certificate III in Rigging CPC3072017/06/202124YesNo932
Certificate II in Construction Pathways CPC2022017/06/202112YesNo394
Certificate IV in Landscape AHC4202017/06/202136YesNo955
Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design RII4082025/05/202136YesNo849
Diploma of Civil Construction Design RII5052025/05/202136YesNo1521
Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations RII3082025/05/202136YesYes1239
Certificate III in Civil Construction RII3092025/05/202136YesYes1174
Certificate III in Local Government LGA3012024/05/202112YesYes648
Diploma of Local Government LGA5012024/05/202124YesNo946
Certificate II in Local Government LGA2012024/05/202112YesYes439
Certificate IV in Local Government LGA4012024/05/202124YesNo775
Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing CPP2052121/05/202112YesYes376
Certificate III in Engineering - Casting and Moulding Trade MEM3171919/05/202148YesNo980
Certificate III in Timber Building Products Supply FWP3062013/05/202124YesNo580
Certificate III in Joinery CPC3192022/04/202148YesNo994
Certificate II in Construction CPC2012021/04/202112YesYes480
Certificate III in Solid Plastering CPC3102021/04/202148YesNo936
Certificate III in Plumbing CPC3242021/04/202148NoNo1858
Certificate III in Fire Protection CPC3282021/04/202148NoNo1208
Certificate III in Carpentry CPC3022021/04/202148YesYes1160
Certificate III in Roof Plumbing CPC3262021/04/202148YesYes463
Certificate III in Scaffolding CPC3092021/04/202124YesNo382
Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying CPC3302021/04/202148YesYes1034
Certificate III in Roof Tiling CPC3082021/04/202136YesNo533
Certificate III in Painting and Decorating CPC3062021/04/202148YesYes1136
Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling CPC3132021/04/202148YesYes991
Certificate III in Stonemasonry CPC3232021/04/202148YesYes968
Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining CPC3122021/04/202148YesYes1103
Certificate III in Concreting CPC3032021/04/202148YesYes1069
Diploma of ESI - Power Systems UET5021914/04/202136YesNo1540
Advanced Diploma of ESI - Power Systems UET6021914/04/202148YesNo2030
Certificate III in Polymer Processing PMB3012101/04/202136YesNo839
Certificate III in ESI Generation - Operations UEP3021831/03/202124YesNo908
Certificate IV in ESI Generation - Operations UEP4021831/03/202148YesNo1230
Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management AHC5112024/03/202136YesNo1570
Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management AHC3142024/03/202124YesYes1090
Certificate IV in Conservation and Ecosystem Management AHC4092024/03/202124YesNo1038
Certificate II in Production Horticulture AHC2032024/03/202112YesYes410
Certificate III in Production Horticulture AHC3062024/03/202124YesYes905
Certificate IV in Timber Systems Design FWP4042023/03/202136YesNo985
Certificate IV in Surveying and Spatial Information Services CPP4172122/03/202124YesNo878
Certificate III in Surveying and Spatial Information Services CPP3022122/03/202118YesNo523
Certificate II in Medical Service First Response HLT2102017/03/202112YesNo301
Certificate IV in Residential Drafting CPP4012116/03/202148YesYes624
Diploma of Building Design CPP5092116/03/202148YesNo1200
Certificate IV in Water Industry Operations NWP4012015/03/202124YesNo644
Diploma of Information Technology ICT5022012/03/202124YesNo0
Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies ICT2012012/03/202112YesYes478
Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Master up to 35 metres Near Coastal) MAR4032012/03/202136YesNo705
Certificate IV in General Insurance FNS4142012/03/202124YesNo644
Certificate III in Picture Framing MSF3051811/03/202136YesNo828
Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision) AVI4012010/03/202136YesNo727
Certificate II in Shunting TLI2322004/03/202112YesNo429
Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations TLI2042004/03/202112YesYes410
Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure TLI3712004/03/202124YesNo337
Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure TLI2712004/03/202112YesNo488
Certificate III in Correctional Practice CSC3012017/02/202112YesNo537
Certificate IV in Correctional Practice CSC4012017/02/202124YesNo566
Certificate II in Laundry Operations MST2041917/02/202118YesNo585
Certificate III in Dry Cleaning Operations MST3091917/02/202124YesNo888
Certificate III in Laundry Operations MST3061917/02/202136YesNo878
Certificate III in Legal Services BSB3032017/02/202124YesNo385
Certificate III in Library and Information Services BSB3042015/02/202118YesNo449
Certificate II in Workplace Skills BSB2012015/02/202112YesYes322
Certificate IV in Human Resource Management BSB4042015/02/202124YesNo512
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB4052015/02/202124YesNo566
Certificate IV in Legal Services BSB4062015/02/202124YesNo507
Certificate III in Business BSB3012015/02/202124YesYes478
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice BSB4092015/02/202124YesNo351
Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication BSB4082015/02/202124YesNo595
Diploma of Human Resource Management BSB5032015/02/202124YesNo702
Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB5042015/02/202136YesNo741
Certificate IV in Business BSB4012015/02/202124YesYes610
Diploma of Project Management BSB5082015/02/202124YesNo556
Diploma of Business BSB5012015/02/202124YesNo0
Certificate I in Workplace Skills BSB1012015/02/202112YesYes200
Certificate III in Drilling Operations RII3182004/02/202124YesNo543
Certificate II in Drilling Operations RII2092004/02/202112YesNo385
Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation RII2012004/02/202112YesYes293
Certificate IV in Drilling Operations RII4092004/02/202136YesNo523
Diploma of Arboriculture AHC5052021/12/202048YesNo1130
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE4011618/12/202012YesNo342
Certificate II in Automotive Underbody Technology AUR2122016/12/202012YesYes327
Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology AUR3112016/12/202048YesYes1170
Certificate III in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology AUR3072016/12/202048YesYes1094
Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology AUR2192016/12/202012YesYes302
Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology AUR3062016/12/202048YesYes1175
Certificate III in Bicycle Workshop Operations AUR3022016/12/202036YesYes683
Certificate III in Automotive Glazing Technology AUR3222016/12/202048YesNo683
Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology AUR3152016/12/202048YesNo975
Certificate II in Bicycle Mechanical Technology AUR2032016/12/202012YesYes361
Certificate III in Automotive and Marine Trimming Technology AUR3232016/12/202048YesNo1014
Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology AUR3212016/12/202048YesYes1083
Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology AUR3242016/12/202048YesYes1068
Certificate II in Automotive Body Repair Technology AUR2092016/12/202012YesYes403
Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology AUR2052016/12/202012YesYes371
Certificate III in Automotive Sales AUR3102016/12/202048YesYes624
Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology AUR3052016/12/202048YesNo1053
Certificate III in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology AUR3082016/12/202048YesYes1038
Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology AUR3032016/12/202048YesYes1112
Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology AUR3042016/12/202048YesNo1170
Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology AUR3122016/12/202048YesNo1175
Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices MSS5031608/12/202036YesNo1209
Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal) MAR3091804/12/202024YesNo574
Certificate IV in Information Technology ICT4012017/11/202024YesYes917
Diploma of Information Technology ICT5012017/11/202024YesNo0
Certificate III in Information Technology ICT3012017/11/202024YesYes517
Certificate III in Irrigation Technology AHC3241916/11/202024YesNo1278

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