Tasmanian Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Recently Discontinued

Updated: 14 Apr 2021

The following apprenticeships or traineeships have been discontinued in the last 12 months.

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeDicontinued from
Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking FNS4081529/03/2021
Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control UET2031224/03/2021
Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems - Transmission Overhead UET3051224/03/2021
Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems - Distribution Overhead UET3061224/03/2021
Certificate III in ESI - Power Systems - Distribution Cable Jointing UET3081224/03/2021
Certificate II in Surveying and Spatial Information Services CPP2011622/03/2021
Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Integrated Rating) MAR3021812/03/2021
Certificate II in Sport Career Oriented Participation SIS2041210/03/2021
Certificate IV in Sport Development SIS4061210/03/2021
Diploma of Sport Development SIS5061210/03/2021
Certificate III in Sport Career Oriented Participation SIS3061310/03/2021
Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation SIS3041310/03/2021
Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation SIS4031310/03/2021
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (Surgical) ACM5021209/03/2021
Certificate II in Telecommunications Network Build and Operate ICT2021501/03/2021
Certificate III in Telecommunications Network Build and Operate ICT3041501/03/2021
Certificate II in Telecommunications Technology ICT2031501/03/2021
Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology ICT3051501/03/2021
Certificate IV in Telecommunications Engineering Technology ICT4121501/03/2021
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB4141501/03/2021
Diploma of Work Health and Safety BSB5131501/03/2021
Certificate III in Work Health and Safety BSB3071501/03/2021
Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations and Service) AVI3041612/02/2021
Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision) AVI4021612/02/2021
Certificate IV in Aviation (Aircrewman) AVI4011612/02/2021
Certificate III in Dry Cleaning Operations MST3071631/12/2020
Certificate IV in Aquaculture SFI4011131/12/2020
Certificate II in Aquaculture SFI2011131/12/2020
Certificate III in Aquaculture SFI3011131/12/2020
Certificate III in Fishing Operations SFI3021131/12/2020
Certificate III in Seafood Processing SFI3051131/12/2020
Certificate IV in Seafood Processing SFI4051131/12/2020
Certificate III in Property Services (Agency) CPP3021131/12/2020
Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology AUR2041616/12/2020
Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Fuel Technology AUR3141616/12/2020
Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Trailer Technology AUR3181616/12/2020
Certificate II in Automotive Sales AUR2111616/12/2020
Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling AUR4081616/12/2020
Certificate III in Flooring Technology MSF3081303/12/2020
Certificate III in Automotive Drivetrain Technology AUR3161612/11/2020
Certificate III in Automotive Alternative Fuel Technology AUR3201612/11/2020
Certificate II in Security Operations CPP2021201/07/2020
Certificate III in Security Operations CPP3041101/07/2020

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