Tasmanian Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Latest List

Updated: 18 Jan 2018

The following qualifications are the latest which have been approved as apprenticeships or traineeships which may be undertaken under a training contract in Tasmania. This list consists of qualifications which have been approved in the last 12 months. The complete list of available apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications can be viewed at http://laureldw.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/default.aspx

Queries regarding the approval of apprenticeships/traineeships in Tasmania can be directed to Kelly Dixon on (03) 6165 6056, or email appr.trn.apprv@skills.tas.gov.au.

Download this list as a .CSV file.

DR = Duration;
PT = Part time;
SBP = School Based Pathway;
UC$ = Funded under User Choice (* means conditions apply);
TAFE = Qualification offered by TasTAFE (* means conditions apply).

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeAvailable fromDRPTSBPUC$TAFEFunded Hours
Certificate I in Horticulture AHC1031620/11/201712YesYesYes*No88
Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts ICP4011508/09/201724YesNoYesYes722
Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting HLT4771529/08/201724YesNoYesNo999
Certificate IV in Agribusiness AHC4101625/08/201724YesNoYesNo1083
Certificate IV in Water Industry Operations NWP4051523/06/201724YesNoYesNo722
Certificate III in Sterilisation Services HLT3701509/06/201712YesNoYesYes434
Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue RII3071522/03/201724YesNoYesNo483
Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs CHC5321506/03/201748YesNoYesNo1675
Certificate III in Joinery CPC3191227/02/201748YesNoYesNo1042
Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication BSB4241523/02/201724YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Quality Assurance) AMP3071609/02/201724YesNoYesNo624
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Packing Operations) AMP3121609/02/201724YesNoYesNo556
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Livestock Handling) AMP3111609/02/201724YesNoYesNo546
Certificate IV in Correctional Practice CSC4011506/02/201724YesNoYesYes566
Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy Dispensary SIR4021619/01/201724YesNoYesNo449
Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy SIR4011619/01/201724YesNoYesNo522

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