Tasmanian Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Latest List

Updated: 19 Dec 2018

The following qualifications are the latest which have been approved as apprenticeships or traineeships which may be undertaken under a training contract in Tasmania. This list consists of qualifications which have been approved in the last 12 months. The complete list of available apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications can be viewed at http://laureldw.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/default.aspx

Queries regarding the approval of apprenticeships/traineeships in Tasmania can be directed to Kelly Dixon on (03) 6165 6056, or email appr.trn.apprv@skills.tas.gov.au.

Download this list as a .CSV file.

DR = Duration;
PT = Part time;
SBP = School Based Pathway;
UC$ = Funded under User Choice (* means conditions apply);
TAFE = Qualification offered by TasTAFE (* means conditions apply).

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeAvailable fromDRPTSBPUC$TAFEFunded Hours
Certificate IV in Racing (Jockey) RGR4021812/12/201848YesNoYesNo817
Certificate II in Racing Industry RGR2021812/12/201818YesYesYesNo575
Certificate III in Racing (Stablehand) RGR3021812/12/201824YesYesYesNo883
Certificate III in Bicycle Workshop Operations AUR3021631/10/201836YesNoYesNo683
Diploma of Engineering - Technical MEM5021217/10/201836YesNoNoYes950
Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping FNS4021724/09/201824YesNoYesNo649
Certificate III in Accounts Administration FNS3031724/09/201824YesNoYesNo429
Diploma of Accounting FNS5021724/09/201824YesNoNoNo0
Diploma of Dental Technology HLT5511821/09/201836YesNoYesNo1285
Certificate II in Meat Processing (Food Services) AMP2011717/09/201812YesYesYesYes585
Certificate II in Baking FBP2021706/09/201818YesYesYesYes478
Certificate III in Baking FBP3051706/09/201848YesYesYesYes1424
Certificate III in Bread Baking FBP3041706/09/201836YesYesYesYes966
Certificate III in Cake and Pastry FBP3031706/09/201848YesYesYesYes1024
Certificate II in Food Processing FBP2011706/09/201824YesYesYesYes546
Certificate III in Food Processing FBP3011706/09/201824YesNoYesYes780
Certificate III in Plant Baking FBP3021706/09/201836YesNoYesYes790
Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management AHC2101617/08/201812YesYesYesYes585
Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations MSS4011616/08/201824YesNoYesNo605
Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies ICT4031516/08/201824YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Pet Grooming ACM3061702/08/201824YesYesYesNo700
Certificate III in Companion Animal Services ACM3041711/07/201824YesYesYesNo593
Certificate III in Animal Studies ACM3011711/07/201824YesYesYesYes469
Certificate III in Farriery ACM3051711/07/201848YesNoYesNo1035
Certificate II in Animal Studies ACM2011711/07/201812YesYesYesYes399
Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services CPC4091228/06/201848YesNoYesYes798
Certificate IV in Train Driving TLI4261528/06/201824YesNoYesNo1005
Certificate IV in Timber Processing FWP4021615/06/201836YesNoYesNo751
Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation RII2011501/06/201812YesYesYesYes293
Certificate III in Laundry Operations MST3061615/05/201836YesNoYesNo878
Certificate II in Laundry Operations MST2041615/05/201818YesNoYesNo585
Certificate II in Production Horticulture AHC2031607/05/201812YesYesYesYes365
Diploma of Human Resources Management BSB5061519/03/201824YesNoNoNo0
Certificate II in Wool Handling AHC2141605/03/201812YesNoYesYes215
Diploma of Sport Development SIS5061226/02/201824NoNoNoNo0
Certificate II in Forest Growing and Management FWP2011629/01/201812YesYesYesNo481

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