Tasmanian Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Latest List

Updated: 30 May 2016

The following qualifications are the latest which have been approved as apprenticeships or traineeships which may be undertaken under a training contract in Tasmania. This list consists of qualifications which have been approved in the last 12 months. The complete list of available apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications can be viewed at http://laureldw.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/default.aspx

Queries regarding the approval of apprenticeships/traineeships in Tasmania can be directed to Kelly Dixon on (03) 6165 6056, or email appr.trn.apprv@skills.tas.gov.au.

Download this list as a .CSV file.

DR = Duration;
PT = Part time;
SBP = School Based Pathway;
UC$ = Funded under User Choice (* means conditions apply);
TAFE = Qualification offered by TasTAFE (* means conditions apply).

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeAvailable fromDRPTSBPUC$TAFEFunded Hours
Certificate III in Water Industry Irrigation NWP3041506/05/201624YesNoYesYes361
Certificate III in Water Industry Treatment NWP3031506/05/201624YesNoYesYes390
Certificate III in Water Industry Operations NWP3021506/05/201624YesNoYesYes497
Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking FNS4081524/03/201624YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) AMP3081524/03/201648YesYesYesYes1068
Certificate II in Meat Processing (Meat Retailing) AMP2041524/03/201624YesNoYesYes649
Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology AUR3051417/02/201648YesNoYesYes1053
Certificate III in Live Production and Services CUA3041317/02/201612YesNoYesNo503
Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle Service and Repair MSA3051017/02/201624YesNoYesNo485
Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology AUR3111415/02/201648YesNoYesYes1170
Certificate III in Fitness SIS3031511/02/201618YesYesYesYes698
Certificate II in Sport and Recreation SIS2011511/02/201612YesYesYesYes273
Certificate IV in Fitness SIS4021511/02/201624YesYesYesYes1073
Certificate III in Sport and Recreation SIS3011511/02/201618YesYesYesYes395
Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure TLI3251529/01/201624YesNoYesYes340
Certificate I in Warehousing Operations TLI1121529/01/201612YesYesYes*Yes*244
Diploma of Logistics TLI5041529/01/201624YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting MEM4041228/01/201636YesNoYesYes730
Certificate III in Floristry SFL3011518/01/201624YesNoYesNo922
Certificate III in Beauty Services SHB3011523/12/201524YesYesYesYes498
Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy SHB4011523/12/201536YesNoYesYes1005
Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) MEA5021523/12/201548YesNoYesNo2755
Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechatronics) MEA4101523/12/201548YesNoYesNo1890
Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics) MEA5011523/12/201548YesNoYesNo2033
Certificate IV in Ageing Support CHC4301509/12/201524YesNoYesYes1219
Certificate IV in Mental Health CHC4331509/12/201524YesNoYesYes883
Certificate III in Community Services CHC3201509/12/201518YesNoYesYes580
Certificate IV in Leisure and Health CHC4341509/12/201524YesNoYesYes1029
Certificate II in Community Services CHC2201509/12/201512YesYesYesYes307
Certificate IV in Disability CHC4311509/12/201524YesNoYesYes907
Diploma of Community Services CHC5201509/12/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Community Services CHC4201509/12/201524YesNoYesYes907
Certificate III in Individual Support CHC3301509/12/201512YesYesYesYes697
Certificate III in Sawmilling and Processing FPI3031104/12/201524NoNoYesNo630
Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing HLT4781504/12/201524YesNoYesNo702
Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance HLT4301504/12/201524YesNoYesYes1024
Certificate III in Correctional Practice CSC3011524/11/201512YesNoYesYes493
Certificate III in Animal Studies ACM3011013/11/201524YesNoYesYes469
Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle Manufacture MSA3061006/11/201524YesNoYesNo575
Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design RII4081325/09/201536YesNoYesYes755
Certificate III in Forest Growing and Management FPI3011324/07/201524YesNoYesYes813
Certificate III in Work Health and Safety BSB3071524/07/201512YesNoYesYes291
Certificate III in Small Mining Operations RII3061315/07/201524YesNoYesYes586
Certificate IV in General Insurance FNS4141515/07/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Financial Services FNS3011515/07/201524YesNoYesNo473
Certificate IV in Banking Services FNS4201515/07/201524YesNoYesNo597
Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Print Finishing) ICP3071515/07/201548YesNoYesNo790
Certificate IV in Financial Services FNS4181515/07/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Printing) ICP3051515/07/201548YesYesYesNo920
Certificate III in Insurance Broking FNS3061515/07/201524YesNoYesNo463
Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Graphic Prepress) ICP3021515/07/201548NoYesYesYes890
Certificate IV in Accounting FNS4061515/07/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Accounts Administration FNS3031515/07/201524YesNoYesYes405
Certificate IV in Bookkeeping FNS4021515/07/201524YesNoYesYes575
Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) BSB3111519/06/201524YesYesYesNo493
Diploma of Business BSB5021519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate II in Business BSB2011519/06/201512YesYesYesYes342
Certificate IV in Business BSB4021519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Human Resources BSB4101519/06/201524YesNoYesYes475
Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB5191519/06/201536YesNoYesYes690
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB4201519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Recordkeeping BSB4171519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Diploma of Project Management BSB5141519/06/201524YesNoYesYes540
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice BSB4151519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) BSB3101519/06/201524YesNoYesNo478
Certificate III in Customer Engagement BSB3021519/06/201524YesYesYesNo445
Certificate IV in Business Administration BSB4051519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Marketing BSB4131519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Business Administration BSB3041519/06/201524YesYesYesYes501
Certificate III in Business BSB3011519/06/201524YesYesYesYes446
Certificate IV in Customer Engagement BSB4031519/06/201524YesNoYesNo595
Certificate IV in Business Sales BSB4061519/06/201524YesNoYesNo460
Diploma of Work Health and Safety BSB5131519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB4141519/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal) MAR3091312/06/201524YesNoYesYes440
Certificate IV in Computer Systems Technology ICT4101501/06/201524YesNoYesYes885
Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology ICT6051501/06/201536YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking ICT4041501/06/201524YesYesYesYes785
Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICT3011501/06/201524YesYesYesYes643
Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology ICT2011501/06/201512YesYesYesYes465
Certificate IV in Information Technology ICT4011501/06/201524YesYesYesYes815
Diploma of Information Technology Networking ICT5041501/06/201524YesNoNoNo0
Certificate IV in Information Technology Support ICT4021501/06/201524YesYesYesYes935

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