Tasmanian Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Recently Discontinued

Updated: 19 Dec 2018

The following apprenticeships or traineeships have been discontinued in the last 12 months.

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeDicontinued from
Certificate II in Sports Turf Management AHC2091027/12/2017
Certificate III in Landscape Construction AHC3091027/12/2017
Certificate III in Horticulture AHC3071027/12/2017
Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management AHC3141027/12/2017
Diploma of Horticulture AHC5041027/12/2017
Diploma of Conservation and Land Management AHC5111027/12/2017
Certificate IV in Horticulture AHC4041027/12/2017
Certificate II in Horticulture AHC2041027/12/2017
Certificate III in Production Horticulture AHC3061027/12/2017
Certificate III in Arboriculture AHC3081027/12/2017
Certificate III in Sports Turf Management AHC3131027/12/2017
Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management AHC4091027/12/2017
Diploma of Sports Turf Management AHC5101027/12/2017
Certificate III in Shearing AHC3291027/12/2017
Certificate III in Irrigation AHC3241227/12/2017
Certificate I in AgriFood Operations AHC1021027/12/2017
Certificate II in Agriculture AHC2011027/12/2017
Certificate III in Agriculture AHC3011027/12/2017
Certificate III in Agriculture (Dairy Production) AHC3021027/12/2017
Certificate III in Beekeeping AHC3201027/12/2017
Certificate IV in Agriculture AHC4011027/12/2017
Certificate II in Shearing AHC2131027/12/2017
Certificate III in Advanced Wool Handling AHC3311027/12/2017
Diploma of Agriculture AHC5011027/12/2017

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