Tasmanian Apprenticeships/Traineeships - Recently Discontinued

Updated: 21 Nov 2019

The following apprenticeships or traineeships have been discontinued in the last 12 months.

Apprenticeship or TraineeshipNational CodeDicontinued from
Certificate III in Swimming Pool and Spa Service CPP3121215/11/2019
Certificate II in ESI Generation - Operations Support UEP2011231/10/2019
Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations MSS4011622/10/2019
Certificate III in Manufactured Mineral Products PMC3011622/10/2019
Diploma of Human Resources Management BSB5061527/09/2019
Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB5191527/09/2019
Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations UEG4011405/09/2019
Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Mechatronics) MEA4101531/08/2019
Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Avionics) MEA4061531/08/2019
Certificate III in Laboratory Skills MSL3011620/07/2019
Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques MSL4011620/07/2019
Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Integrated Rating) MAR3011609/07/2019
Certificate II in Racing (Stablehand) RGR2010805/07/2019
Certificate II in Road Transport Yard Operations (Freight Handler) TLI2171604/07/2019
Certificate III in Waste Driving Operations TLI3341604/07/2019
Certificate III in Stevedoring TLI3351604/07/2019
Diploma of Dental Technology HLT5511513/03/2019
Certificate IV in Bookkeeping FNS4021512/02/2019
Diploma of Accounting FNS5021512/02/2019
Certificate III in Accounts Administration FNS3031512/02/2019
Certificate IV in Accounting FNS4061512/02/2019
Certificate II in Meat Processing (Food Services) AMP2011631/01/2019
Certificate III in Plant Baking FDF3031023/01/2019
Certificate II in Retail Baking Assistance FDF2051023/01/2019
Certificate III in Food Processing FDF3011123/01/2019
Certificate II in Food Processing FDF2011123/01/2019
Certificate II in Animal Studies ACM2011029/11/2018
Certificate III in Animal Studies ACM3011029/11/2018
Certificate III in Companion Animal Services ACM3041029/11/2018
Certificate III in Farriery ACM3051029/11/2018

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