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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

MSL Laboratory Operations

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
FDFFST4004APerform microbiological procedures in the food industry65
MSMENV472Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
MSMENV272Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSL922001Record and present data40
MSL952001Collect routine site samples30
MSL972001Conduct routine site measurements30
MSL912001Work within a laboratory or field workplace (induction)40
MSL952002Handle and transport samples or equipment30
TAEDEL301Provide work skill instruction40
MSMENV672Develop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability50
MSL933008Perform calibration checks on equipment and assist with its maintenance40
MSL975053Perform complex laboratory testing of forensic samples120
MSL975045Perform laboratory-based ecological techniques`60
MSL936003Maintain quality system and continuous improvement processes within work or functional area50
MSL954004Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan40
MSL975033Perform tissue and cell culture techniques100
MSL946002Implement and monitor WHS and environmental management systems60
MSL973015Prepare culture media30
MSL904002Perform standard calibrations50
MSL975032Provide input to production trials40
MSL975029Perform histological tests200
MSL974029Operate an automated mineral analysis system60
MSL954005Prepare mineral samples for analysis60
MSL975049Apply routine electrometric techniques40
MSL934004Maintain and calibrate instruments and equipment60
MSL973022Conduct laboratory-based acceptance tests for construction materials50
MSL933007Apply critical control point requirements40
MSL974019Perform chemical tests and procedures100
MSL933005Maintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose30
MSL977006Contribute to the development of products and applications50
MSL974020Perform food tests100
MSL974024Undertake field-based, remote-sensing monitoring60
MSL974021Perform biological procedures130
MSL976005Evaluate and select appropriate test methods and/or procedures40
MSL905006Create or modify automated calibration procedures40
MSL976004Prepare plans and quality assurance procedures for environmental field activities50
MSL953003Receive and prepare samples for testing30
MSL973023Perform fire pouring techniques50
MSL934007Maintain and control stocks50
MSL974022Undertake environmental field-based monitoring80
MSL975048Apply routine spectrometric techniques150
MSL975044Perform complex tests to measure engineering properties of materials40
MSL925004Analyse data and report results80
MSL916006Develop and maintain laboratory documentation30
MSL915003Provide information to customers30
MSL975034Perform molecular biology tests and procedures150
MSL973021Conduct field-based acceptance tests for construction materials60
MSL933006Contribute to the achievement of quality objectives30
MSL916010Manage complex projects50
MSL973013Perform basic tests60
MSL973020Perform histological procedures40
MSL935007Monitor the quality of test results and data40
MSL975041Perform fire assay techniques60
MSL905005Create or modify calibration procedures40
MSL975040Apply routine chromatographic techniques120
MSL925003Determine measurements of uncertainty60
MSL915004Schedule laboratory work for a small team50
MSL975036Perform haematological tests130
MSL975030Perform immunohaematological tests80
MSL974028Classify soils80
MSL943004Participate in laboratory or field workplace safety40
MSL975042Design and supervise complex environmental field surveys40
MSL916008Supervise laboratory operations in work or functional area60
MSL973014Prepare working solutions50
MSL977008Develop or adapt analyses and procedures50
MSL975055Classify building sites80
MSL975028Apply advanced embedding and microtomy skills150
MSL975043Prepare animal and plant material for display50
MSL935006Assist in the maintenance of reference materials30
MSL943003Work safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation60
MSL975050Perform food analyses60
MSL975031Supervise sampling, inspections and testing at construction sites80
MSL973018Prepare trial batches for evaluation40
MSL975039Apply electrophoretic techniques100
MSL955002Supervise a robotic sample preparation system50
MSL954003Relate anatomical and physiological features to laboratory samples100
MSL975038Conduct sensory analysis40
MSL916007Manage and develop teams40
MSL905004Perform non-standard calibrations60
MSL934005Contribute to the ongoing development of HACCP plans60
MSL973016Perform aseptic techniques40
MSL975047Apply complex instrumental techniques50
MSL974016Perform physical and mechanical tests140
MSL974027Monitor performance of structures90
MSL974026Perform tests to determine the properties of construction materials90
MSL913003Communicate with other people40
MSL973017Assist with fieldwork40
MSL944002Maintain laboratory or field workplace safety50
MSL974017Prepare, standardise and use solutions100
MSL916009Maintain registration and statutory or legal compliance in work or functional area50
MSL975052Locate, record and collect forensic samples90
MSL975035Perform microbiological tests140
MSL975037Perform chemical pathology tests130
MSL973019Perform microscopic examination40
MSL975051Supervise geotechnical site investigations80
MSL974018Conduct geotechnical site investigations60
MSL974025Prepare tissue and cell cultures50
MSL914002Prepare practical science classes and demonstrations60
MSL934006Apply quality system and continuous improvement processes80
MSL975054Perform physical examination of forensic samples100
MSL935005Authorise the issue of test results60
MSL975046Perform complex tests to measure chemical properties of materials50
MSL924003Process and interpret data70
MSL913004Plan and conduct laboratory/field work40
MSL953004Operate a robotic sample preparation system60
MSL977007Troubleshoot equipment and/or production processes50
MSL924004Use laboratory application software60
MSL936004Conduct an internal audit of the quality system40
MSL977005Validate test methods40
MSL974023Capture and manage scientific images40
MSL973024Perform site investigation activities40