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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
CULMS008BConceive, develop and realise exhibition designs50
SIRRRPK006ARecommend liquor products35
CPPDSM5027AProvide facilities and amenities for property users20
CPPSEC2012AMonitor and control individual and crowd behaviour20
CPPSEC3017APlan and conduct evacuation of premises16
CPPSEC3018AProvide for the safety of persons at risk40
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL404AMentor in the workplace30
SISOSCB301ASCUBA dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres42
SISOSCB306APerform diver rescues25
SISOSCB308AGuide a SCUBA dive25
SISOSCB419AInstruct SCUBA diving skills40
AHCIRG302AInstall irrigation systems70
AHCIRG306ATroubleshoot irrigation systems50
AHCLSC202AConstruct low-profile timber or modular retaining walls50
AHCLSC204ALay paving30
AHCLSC301ASet out site for construction works50
AHCLSC302AConstruct landscape features using concrete80
AHCPGD203APrune shrubs and small trees35
AHCPGD302APlan and maintain plant displays50
TAEASS301BContribute to assessment10
CPPCLO2004AMaintain carpeted floors8
CPPCLO2001AMaintain hard floor surfaces15
CPPCLO2009AClean glass surfaces10
CPPCLO2010AClean ceiling surfaces and fittings8
CPPCLO2017AClean wet areas20
CPPCLO2019ASort and remove waste and recyclable materials10
CPPCLO2035AMaintain cleaning storage areas15
CPPCLO3013AClean window coverings10
CPPCLO3016AWash furniture and fittings6
MSS405070ADevelop and manage sustainable energy practices70
SIRXMER201Merchandise products30
SIFCBGM007Evaluate building and grounds maintenance and development needs40
SIFCBGM002Maintain property and structures20
SIFCBGM001Provide general grounds care20
SIFCBGM008Coordinate building and grounds maintenance and development40
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
HLTAID005Provide first aid in remote situations24
RIISAM204DOperate small plant and equipment20
CUAPRP401Coordinate props70
CUAPPM504Manage bump in and bump out of shows150
CUASOU201Develop basic audio skills and knowledge40
CUASTA304Maintain physical production elements45
CUASMT503Develop and maintain production documents100
CUASTA302Install staging elements80
CUAVSS201Develop basic vision system skills20
CUAPPM601Manage pre-production for shows and events150
CUASMT501Stage manage productions and events120
CUAPPM503Incorporate creative and technical needs into management processes150
CUALGT201Develop basic lighting skills and knowledge30
CUALGT301Operate basic lighting30
CUASTA201Develop basic staging skills20
CUAFOH501Manage front of house services100
CUASET201Develop basic skills in set construction65
BSBEBU501Investigate and design e-business solutions50
BSBSMB401Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBCMM201Communicate in the workplace40
BSBRSK501Manage risk60
BSBFRA402Establish a franchise70
BSBMKG509Implement and monitor direct marketing activities40
BSBFRA401Manage compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements60
BSBFRA502Manage a franchise operation50
BSBWOR203Work effectively with others15
BSBMGT617Develop and implement a business plan60
BSBDIV501Manage diversity in the workplace60
BSBMKG607Manage market research50
BSBSUS201Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBREL402Build client relationships and business networks50
BSBSMB403Market the small business50
BSBSMB404Undertake small business planning50
BSBCMM401Make a presentation30
BSBITU302Create electronic presentations20
BSBHRM604Manage employee relations60
BSBMKG510Plan e-marketing communications20
BSBFIA302Process payroll30
BSBFIM601Manage finances80
BSBITU201Produce simple word processed documents60
BSBEBU502Implement e-business solutions50
BSBGOV402Work within organisational structure40
BSBADM502Manage meetings30
BSBFRA403Manage relationship with franchisor30
BSBITU301Create and use databases30
BSBMKG401Profile the market50
BSBSUS501Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBITU305Conduct online transactions40
BSBPUB402Develop public relations campaigns50
BSBMKG605Evaluate international marketing opportunities60
BSBITU402Develop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBWOR202Organise and complete daily work activities20
BSBITU306Design and produce business documents80
BSBGOV401Implement board member responsibilities60
BSBRES401Analyse and present research information40
BSBFIA301Maintain financial records60
BSBMGT517Manage operational plan70
BSBMKG412Conduct e-marketing communications30
BSBFIA304Maintain a general ledger60
BSBFIM502Manage payroll30
BSBMGT608Manage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBWOR204Use business technology20
BSBITU202Create and use spreadsheets30
BSBREL401Establish networks35
BSBFIA401Prepare financial reports50
BSBITU102Develop keyboard skills40
BSBWRT401Write complex documents50
BSBFIA303Process accounts payable and receivable30
HLTAHA019Assist with the monitoring and modification of meals and menus according to individualised plans50
CHCAGE001Facilitate the empowerment of older people50
SISCAQU004Develop and implement pool water maintenance procedures20
SISCAQU001Test pool water quality5
SISCAQU014Operate self-contained breathing apparatus in an aquatic facility20
SISCAQU003Maintain aquatic facility plant and equipment20
TLIE1005Carry out basic workplace calculations20
CUAEVP403Install and dismantle exhibition elements20
CUAEVP501Coordinate the installation and dismantling of exhibitions20
BSBSUS401Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
CUAEVP201Assist with the staging of public activities and events50
BSBLIB504Develop exhibition concepts50
CUAIND202Develop and apply knowledge of information and cultural services organisations45
CUAPPM412Organise and facilitate rehearsals30
CUAPPM411Compile production schedules40
CUAIND402Provide freelance services30
CUACMP501Manage copyright arrangements20
CUACNM201Monitor collections for changes in condition30
CUAFIM501Source funding for projects70
TLIC1051Operate commercial vehicle30
TLIC2025Operate four wheel drive vehicle40
TLIC3042Operate coach/bus40
TLIB2003Carry out vehicle servicing and maintenance30
SITHGAM016Deal Caribbean Stud games40
SITTTSL010Use a computerised reservations or operations system120
SITTTSL013Construct promotional international airfares40
SITXCCS007Enhance customer service experiences40
SITTVAF005Fill LPG gas cylinders30
SITTTSL007Process reservations30
SITTPPD001Package tourism products25
SITHCCC004Package prepared foodstuffs15
SITEEVT004Provide event staging support31
SITHCCC012Prepare poultry dishes25
SITXFIN004Prepare and monitor budgets30
SITXINV002Maintain the quality of perishable items10
SITHASC004Prepare Asian sauces, dips and accompaniments15
SITXFSA002Participate in safe food handling practices40
SITTTSL014Construct advanced international airfares40
SITHGAM017Deal Casino War games40
SITTPPD005Develop host community awareness of tourism30
SITHFAB004Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages20
SITXHRM003Lead and manage people60
SITHCCC018Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements75
SITHFAB016Provide advice on food40
SITHCCC011Use cookery skills effectively50
SITHPAT001Produce cakes24
SITHIND001Use hygienic practice for hospitality service10
SITTIND001Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry25
SITHGAM018Deal Mississippi Stud games40
SITHCCC007Prepare stocks, sauces and soups35
SITXCCS005Provide club reception services20
SITTVAF004Tow and site recreational vehicles15
SITHACS006Provide valet service40
SITHGAM012Conduct Roulette games160
SITXWHS002Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks30
SITHFAB013Provide advice on imported wines40
SITHPAT002Produce gateaux, torten and cakes60
SITXEBS003Build and launch a small business website85
SITTPPD008Develop tourism products100
SITHPAT005Produce petits fours30
SITXMPR007Develop and implement marketing strategies80
SITHKOP006Plan catering for events or functions40
SITHACS007Conduct night audit20
SITXFSA001Use hygienic practices for food safety15
SITHASC003Prepare Asian stocks and soups25
SITHACS002Provide housekeeping services to guests10
SITTPPD002Develop interpretive activities60
SITEEVT008Manage event staging components40
SITHFAB017Provide advice on food and beverage matching50
SITHKOP003Plan and display buffets30
SITTVAF002Operate a ride location60
SITXCOM004Address protocol requirements25
SITTTSL017Maintain product inventories20
SITXMPR003Plan and implement sales activities20
SITHKOP002Plan and cost basic menus30
SITTTOP001Load touring equipment and supplies30
SITHPAT008Produce chocolate confectionery60
SITHCCC017Handle and serve cheese5
SITTPPD007Research and analyse tourism data100
SITXMPR008Prepare and present proposals50
SITHFAB007Serve food and beverage80
SITHASC002Prepare Asian appetisers and snacks45
SITXMGT002Establish and conduct business relationships60
SITXCCS006Provide service to customers25
SITHCCC005Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery45
SITXCCS004Provide lost and found services2
SITHFAB009Conduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages40
SITHKOP001Clean kitchen premises and equipment13
SITXCCS002Provide visitor information35
SITHKOP005Coordinate cooking operations100
SITHASC014Prepare dim sum30
SITHGAM004Conduct Keno games5
SITXINV004Control stock25
SITXEBS002Develop, implement and monitor the use of social media in a business40
SITTTOP005Operate tours in a remote area73
SITHIND003Use hospitality skills effectively25
SITHASC013Produce Japanese desserts20
SITXINV005Establish stock and purchasing and control systems70
SITHFAB018Provide gueridon service20
SITHGAM014Manage gaming activities120
SITHACS001Clean premises and equipment15
SITTGDE004Lead tour groups30
SITEEVT007Select event venues and sites35
SITEEVT013Determine event feasibility50
SITXWHS001Participate in safe work practices12
SITHGAM002Attend gaming machines25
SITHASC001Prepare dishes using basic methods of Asian cookery90
SITHGAM009Deal Poker games180
SITHGAM021Deal Three Card Poker games40
SITHFAB019Plan and monitor espresso coffee service80
SITHCCC015Produce and serve food for buffets25
SITHPAT004Produce yeast-based bakery products42
SITEEVT017Develop multi-venue event plans30
SITTPPD006Assess tourism opportunities for local communities30
SITHASC005Prepare Asian salads40
SITXMPR006Obtain and manage sponsorship30
SITTTSL012Construct normal international airfares40
SITHGAM007Conduct Big Wheel games30
SITEEVT015Develop event transport plans30
SITTTOP004Set up and operate a camp site50
SITTGDE005Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities70
SITHFAB020Manage the sale or service of wine80
SITXCOM002Show social and cultural sensitivity20
SITXCCS003Interact with customers20
SITTTSL001Operate online information systems40
SITXHRM006Monitor staff performance50
SITHIND004Work effectively in hospitality service110
SITXMPR001Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials60
SITXCRI001Respond to a customer in crisis30
SITXLAN003Conduct oral communication in a language other than English30
SITHKOP004Develop menus for special dietary requirements15
SITHFAB014Provide table service of food and beverage110
SITXLAN002Conduct routine oral communication in a language other than English30
SITTTSL015Administer billing and settlement plan20
SITEEVT014Develop and implement event management plans50
SITXWHS003Implement and monitor work health and safety practices30
SITHPAT009Model sugar-based decorations48
SITHASC015Prepare Chinese roast meat and poultry dishes30
SITHFAB008Operate and monitor cellar systems40
SITHCCC001Use food preparation equipment25
SITHCCC020Work effectively as a cook80
SITHACS005Provide porter services10
SITHGAM011Conduct Rapid Roulette games30
SITXMPR002Create a promotional display or stand30
SITXMPR005Participate in cooperative online marketing initiatives35
SITTPPD011Develop and implement local or regional tourism plan60
SITHFAB010Prepare and serve cocktails20
SITHGAM013Conduct Sic Bo games30
SITHCCC006Prepare appetisers and salads25
SITTTOP002Provide outdoor catering80
SITTGDE012Manage extended touring programs70
SITEEVT019Recruit and manage exhibitors30
SITXCCS001Provide customer information and assistance20
SITEEVT001Source and use information on the events industry25
SITXGLC001Research and comply with regulatory requirements80
SITXLAN005Read and write information in a language other than English30
SITHACS003Prepare rooms for guests25
SITXLAN004Conduct complex oral communication in a language other than English30
SITXFIN003Manage finances within a budget30
SITHACS004Launder linen and guests clothes20
SITXCRI002Manage a business continuity crisis50
SITHCCC021Prepare specialised food items60
SITTGDE010Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments80
SITHCCC014Prepare meat dishes50
SITEEVT005Plan in-house events or functions40
SITXFSA004Develop and implement a food safety program50
SITTGDE006Develop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides100
SITHFAB005Prepare and serve espresso coffee30
SITHGAM008Deal Blackjack games120
SITXINV001Receive and store stock10
SITTVAF001Load and unload a ride10
SITHCCC002Prepare and present simple dishes25
SITXFSA003Transport and store food12
SITXFIN006Manage revenue60
SITEEVT016Develop crowd management plans30
SITXHRM005Manage volunteers20
SITTTSL003Provide advice on international destinations45
SITTGDE003Provide arrival and departure assistance20
SITHGAM010Deal Pontoon games30
SITTTSL005Sell tourism products and services35
SITHASC010Prepare Japanese cooked dishes50
SITHCCC019Produce cakes, pastries and breads40
SITHACS008Provide accommodation reception services30
SITHFAB012Provide advice on Australian wines40
SITTGDE009Prepare specialised interpretive content on marine environments80
SITTVAF003Operate a games location24
SITHASC007Prepare curry pastes and powders25
SITEEVT006Develop conference programs30
SITEEVT003Coordinate on-site event registrations40
SITEEVT009Organise event infrastructure40
SITTPPD010Develop culturally appropriate tourism operations60
SITHFAB006Provide room service15
SITTTSL011Source airfares for domestic flights35
SITHCCC009Produce cook-chill and cook-freeze foods70
SITHKOP008Select catering systems30
SITEEVT011Research event industry trends and practice40
SITTGDE002Work as a guide90
SITHGAM019Conduct Rapid Baccarat games30
SITXHRM002Roster staff30
SITHASC019Prepare Indian pickles and chutneys20
SITTGDE007Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures80
SITHPAT010Design and produce sweet buffet showpieces30
SITHASC008Prepare Asian cooked dishes90
SITTTSL004Provide advice on Australian destinations40
SITXWHS004Establish and maintain a work health and safety system30
SITTTSL016Provide specialist advice on cruises30
SITHFAB003Operate a bar35
SITHCCC013Prepare seafood dishes30
SITTPPD004Develop in-house recreational activities60
SITHGAM006Deal Baccarat games120
SITHASC012Prepare sushi25
SITTPPD009Develop environmentally sustainable tourism operations70
SITHGAM005Analyse and report on gaming machine data20
SITXCOM003Provide a briefing or scripted commentary20
SITHGAM003Operate a TAB outlet40
SITTTSL002Access and interpret product information65
SITHFAB001Clean and tidy bar areas15
SITHKOP007Design and cost menus30
SITTTSL009Process travel-related documentation26
SITEEVT012Develop event concepts30
SITXHRM001Coach others in job skills20
SITHGAM015Attend casino gaming machines25
SITXEBS001Use social media in a business35
SITHFAB011Provide advice on beers, spirits and liqueurs40
SITHCCC016Produce pates and terrines30
SITTTSL008Book supplier products and services20
SITHGAM020Conduct Rapid Big Wheel games30
SITXMGT003Manage projects60
SITXINV003Purchase goods30
SITHASC006Prepare Asian rice and noodles30
SITTGDE001Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous culture100
SITHPAT003Produce pastries24
SITHFAB002Provide responsible service of alcohol10
SITEEVT002Process and monitor event registrations60
SITXFIN001Process financial transactions25
SITTIND002Source and use information on the holiday park and resort industry25
SITXHRM004Recruit, select and induct staff60
SITHGAM001Provide responsible gambling services10
SITXMPR004Coordinate marketing activities30
SITXCCS008Develop and manage quality customer service practices30
SITXLAN006Read and write documents in a language other than English30
SITTPPD003Coordinate and operate sustainable tourism activities70
SITEEVT010Manage on-site event operations60
SITXMGT001Monitor work operations20
SITHFAB015Provide silver service30
SITHASC017Prepare Indian breads35
SITTTSL006Prepare quotations30
SITHPAT006Produce desserts100
SITEEVT018Plan and allocate exhibition space30
SITXFIN002Interpret financial information60
SITHIND002Source and use information on the hospitality industry25
SITTGDE011Coordinate and operate tours70
SITHCCC010Re-thermalise chilled and frozen foods20
SITXCOM005Manage conflict20
SITHASC018Prepare Indian sweetmeats25
SITHCCC008Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes45
SITHASC009Prepare Asian desserts50
SITHCCC003Prepare and present sandwiches10
SITHCCC022Prepare portion-controlled meat cuts and meat products24
SITTTOP003Allocate tour or activity resources30
SITXLAN001Conduct basic oral communication in a language other than English60
SITXFIN005Manage physical assets40
SITXCOM001Source and present information10
SITHASC011Prepare sashimi20
SITTGDE008Prepare specialised interpretive content on flora, fauna and landscape80
SITHASC016Prepare tandoori dishes20
SITHPAT007Prepare and model marzipan24
SIRXPDK001Advise on products and services30
SIRXSLS001Sell to the retail customer20