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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

FWP Forest and Wood Products Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
LGACOM401AAdminister contracts60
LGAPLEM404APrepare and present geographic information systems data25
LGACOM409APrepare tender documentation60
LGACOM502BDevise and conduct community consultations40
LGAPLEM612BProtect heritage and cultural assets50
LGAWORK212APerform field support duties in a roadwork environment50
PSPGOV521ACollect statistical data40
MEM05004CPerform routine oxy acetylene welding20
MEM05049BPerform routine gas tungsten arc welding20
MEM05050BPerform routine gas metal arc welding20
MEM18011CShut down and isolate machines/equipment20
SIRXADM001AApply retail office procedures20
SIRXFIN002APerform retail finance duties25
SIRXFIN003AProduce financial reports35
SIRXICT001AOperate retail technology20
SIRXINV001APerform stock control procedures35
SIRXQUA001ADevelop innovative ideas at work35
BSBWRK506ACoordinate research and analysis30
CPPSEC1002AApply retail security procedures8
CPPSEC3007AMaintain security of environment20
PUACOM012BLiaise with media at a local level20
PUAEQU001BPrepare, maintain and test response equipment20
PUAFIR204BRespond to wildfire60
PUAFIR209BWork safely around aircraft8
PUAFIR303BSuppress wildfire80
PUAFIR309BOperate pumps80
PUAFIR501BConduct fire investigation and analysis activities120
PUAFIR509BImplement prevention strategies200
PUALAW001BProtect and preserve incident scene20
PUALAW002BConduct initial investigation at incident scene30
PUAOHS002BMaintain safety at an incident scene25
PUAOPE001BSupervise response60
PUAOPE007BCommand agency personnel within a multi-agency emergency response80
PUATEA001BWork in a team20
PUATEA002BWork autonomously30
CPCCBC4001AApply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects40
CPCCBC4004AIdentify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects60
CPCCBC4005AProduce labour and material schedules for ordering40
CPCCBC4014APrepare simple building sketches and drawings40
CPCCBC4024AResolve business disputes20
CPCCLDG3001ALicence to perform dogging80
CPCCOHS2001AApply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry20
CPCCSV5010AInteract with clients in a regulated environment36
CPCCSV5011AApply building codes and standards to residential buildings36
CPCCSV5012AAssess timber-framed designs for one and two storey buildings36
CPCCSV5015AAssess structural requirements for domestic scale buildings72
CPCSUS4001AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
PUAOPE013AOperate communications systems and equipment15
PUAOPE016AManage a multi-team sector40
AHCCHM402APlan and implement a chemical use program90
AHCILM201AMaintain cultural places20
AHCILM401AProtect places of cultural significance60
AHCIRG406APlan on-site irrigation system installation and construction work80
AHCMOM402ASupervise maintenance of property machinery and equipment80
AHCNAR402APlan the implementation of revegetation works80
AHCNSY402APlan a propagation program120
AHCPMG402ADevelop a pest management action plan within a local area100
AHCSAW302AImplement erosion and sediment control measures80
CPCCCA2011AHandle carpentry materials16
CPCCCM1015ACarry out measurements and calculations20
MSS015002ADevelop strategies for more sustainable use of resources70
MSS015011AConduct a sustainability energy audit40
MEM05006CPerform brazing and or silver soldering20
MSS402001AApply competitive systems and practices40
MSS402051AApply quality standards30
MSS405070ADevelop and manage sustainable energy practices70
SIRRRPK214Recommend specialised products and services35
SIRWSLS301Build sales relationships30
SIRWINV302Monitor inventory capacity to meet demand
SIRXCCS201Apply point-of-sale handling procedures20
SIRXCCS202Interact with customers30
SIRXFIN201Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal20
SIRXICT303Operate retail information technology systems35
SIRXMER201Merchandise products30
SIRXMER202Plan, create and maintain displays35
SIRXMER303Coordinate merchandise presentation35
SIRXMER406Monitor in-store visual merchandising display35
SIRXSLS201Sell products and services20
SIRXSLS303Build relationships with customers35
SITTPPD402Develop interpretive activities60
CPCCCA3006BErect roof trusses40
PUAFIR412Conduct simple prescribed burns30
PUAFIR413Develop simple prescribed burn plans60
PUAFIR511Conduct complex prescribed burns120
PUAFIR513Develop complex prescribed burn plans80
PUAFIR215Prevent injury8
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
HLTAID005Provide first aid in remote situations24
HLTAID008Manage first aid services and resources16
HLTAID006Provide advanced first aid30
RIIMPO323DConduct civil construction dozer operations240
RIIVEH304DConduct tip truck operations60
RIIMPO322DConduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations80
RIIMPO315DConduct tractor operations60
RIIMPO319DConduct backhoe/loader operations200
RIIWHS205DControl traffic with stop-slow bat20
MSFGG2008Glaze and re-glaze residential windows and doors72
BSBMGT616Develop and implement strategic plans80
BSBCUE305Process credit applications40
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
BSBMGT516Facilitate continuous improvement60
BSBINN201Contribute to workplace innovation35
BSBFLM305Support operational plan40
BSBWOR502Lead and manage team effectiveness60
BSBWOR501Manage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBCUS501Manage quality customer service40
BSBRSK501Manage risk60
BSBCUE301Use multiple information systems40
BSBFLM312Contribute to team effectiveness40
BSBINN501Establish systems that support innovation50
BSBAUD501Initiate a quality audit40
BSBINN601Lead and manage organisational change60
BSBSMB404Undertake small business planning50
BSBCMM401Make a presentation30
BSBFIM501Manage budgets and financial plans70
BSBCRT402Collaborate in a creative process40
BSBINM201Process and maintain workplace information30
BSBINM401Implement workplace information system40
BSBMGT502Manage people performance70
BSBPMG416Apply project procurement procedures40
BSBLED501Develop a workplace learning environment60
BSBITS401Maintain business technology40
BSBITU201Produce simple word processed documents60
BSBCUS402Address customer needs50
BSBMKG501Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBPMG415Apply project risk management techniques40
BSBRES801Initiate and lead applied research150
BSBRSK401Identify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBSUS501Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBADM311Maintain business resources15
BSBCUE306Process complex accounts40
BSBCUS301Deliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBINM501Manage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBWHS503Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk40
BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development30
BSBMGT403Implement continuous improvement40
BSBFLM303Contribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBLDR402Lead effective workplace relationships50
BSBITU306Design and produce business documents80
BSBINM301Organise workplace information30
BSBPMG522Undertake project work60
BSBMGT402Implement operational plan40
BSBRES401Analyse and present research information40
BSBFIA301Maintain financial records60
BSBMGT517Manage operational plan70
BSBCMM402Implement effective communication strategies40
BSBWOR204Use business technology20
BSBLED401Develop teams and individuals40
BSBINN502Build and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBLDR803Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships40
BSBCUS401Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBWRT401Write complex documents50
BSBFIM801Manage financial resources80
ICTSUS804Use ICT to improve sustainability outcomes50
ICTICT308Use advanced features of computer applications40
TLID2010Operate a forklift40
TLIF2010Apply fatigue management strategies30
TLID1001Shift materials safely using manual handling methods20
TLIC3003Drive medium rigid vehicle40
TLIE4006Collect, analyse and present workplace data and information30
TLID3033Operate a vehicle-mounted loading crane40
TLIA2012Pick and process orders20
TLIF1002Conduct housekeeping activities20
TLIR4002Source goods/services and evaluate contractors30
TLIE3002Estimate/calculate mass, area and quantify dimensions30
TLIF4007Implement and coordinate accident-emergency procedures40
RIIMPO321EConduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations160
RIIMPO324EConduct civil construction grader operations240
RIIHAN308ELoad and unload plant20
RIIMPO318EConduct civil construction skid steer loader operations80
RIIMPO317EConduct roller operations80
RIIMPO320EConduct civil construction excavator operations200
MSMSUP390Use structured problem-solving tools40
CUADES403Research and apply techniques in spatial design50
FWPCOT6201Manage community engagement60
FWPCOT5206Implement forestry chain of custody certification system80
FWPFGM5219Undertake carbon stock sampling of forests and plantations60
FWPCOT4208Implement workplace sustainability practices50
FWPCOT6202Develop and manage a forestry chain of custody certification process120
FWPCOT8102Initiate and lead a forest and wood products industry innovation80
FWPFGM5217Promote plantations as a sustainable form of land use80
FWPCOR6201Manage sustainability in the workplace120
FWPFGM6201Plan a biochar storage system for carbon capture and storage150
FWPCOT6208Manage innovative thinking and practice in the forest and wood products industry70
FWPCOT5201Implement sustainable forestry practices120
FWPCOT6205Prepare an enterprise carbon management report80
FWPCOT5207Implement sustainability in the workplace80
FWPCOT5205Develop biohazard contingency plans80
FWPCOR6202Implement practices to maximise value from wood residues80
FWPCOT5208Build and maintain community relationships80
FWPFGM6203Manage sustainable tree inventory150
FWPCOT6207Develop forest management systems and processes180
FWPCOT6204Use carbon accounting to estimate emissions120
FWPCOT5209Manage tree harvesting to minimise environmental impact80
FWPCOT6209Manage forest and wood products industry research70
FWPCOT8101Lead forest and wood products industry innovative thinking and practice80
FWPCOT5202Manage forestry information and interpretations programs120
TLID3035Operate a boom type elevating work platform30
TLID2004Load and unload goods/cargo30
TLIA3038Control and order stock40
TLID4032Plan and conduct specialised lift40
TLID3043Shift loads using gantry equipment80
TLID3014Load and unload vehicles carrying special loads20
TLID2013Move materials mechanically using automated equipment40
TLIA3016Use inventory systems to organise stock control40
TLIC4006Drive multi-combination vehicle40
TLILIC2001Licence to operate a forklift truck40
TLID3011Conduct specialised forklift operations40
TLIA3018Organise despatch operations40
TLIH2001Interpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes20
TLIC2002Drive light rigid vehicle40
TLID3036Lift and move load using a mobile crane40
TLILIC2002Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck30
TLID2047Prepare cargo for transfer with slings40
TLID2012Operate specialised load shifting equipment40
TLIA3015Complete receival/despatch documentation40
TLIC3005Drive heavy combination vehicle40
TLIC3063Operate vehicle carrying special loads40
TLIC3004Drive heavy rigid vehicle40
SITXCCS008Develop and manage quality customer service practices30
PSPPCY010Manage policy implementation
PSPREG029Manage and lead inspection and monitoring programs
PSPGEN062Collect statistical data
SIRXSLS001Sell to the retail customer20
SIRRMER003Coordinate visual merchandising activities35
SIRXRSK001Identify and respond to security risks30
SIRXCEG001Engage the customer30
SIRXSLS003Achieve sales results30
SIRRINV002Control stock35
SIRXSLS002Follow point-of-sale procedures20
TAEDEL401Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning30
TAEASS402Assess competence25
TAEDES401Design and develop learning programs50
TAEASS401Plan assessment activities and processes40
TAEDES402Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs25
TAEDEL301Provide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL402Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
TAEASS403Participate in assessment validation35
AURTGA001Drive and manoeuvre trailers5
FWPCOT3214Take off material quantities30
FWPFGM5213Coordinate plantation tending operations120
FWPWPP3202Paint panels10
FWPCOR3201Implement safety, health and environment policies and procedures80
FWPCOT5204Organise enterprise maintenance programs100
FWPCOR3202Conduct quality and product care procedures20
FWPSAW3216Transfer wood chips40
FWPCOT2232Cut material to shape using a saw20
FWPHAR2204Perform landing duties (chaser)50
FWPCOT2219Use hand-held tools20
FWPWPP2203Repair veneer and ply10
FWPCOT3255Apply silvicultural principles40
FWPCOT3257Follow cultural heritage requirements30
FWPCOT3222Present forestry information and interpretations programs80
FWPWPP3212Dry material30
FWPFGM5215Breed Trees100
FWPCOT3202Navigate in remote or trackless areas80
FWPWPP3227Vacuum paint15
FWPCOR2201Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry35
FWPCOT3264Build and maintain timber stacks20
FWPFGM2211Detect fires30
FWPSAW3224Coordinate and monitor the wood chip stockpile40
FWPWPP3205Match and join veneer10
FWPFGM5212Manage genetic resources200
FWPCOT2217Visually stress grade cypress20
FWPHAR4204Plan and coordinate fire salvage operations60
FWPFGM2204Plant trees mechanically20
FWPWPP2204Repair veneer mechanically10
FWPFGM2209Cut, sort and set cuttings20
FWPCOT3219Produce standard truss or frame plans and details using computers50
FWPCOR2205Follow WHS policies and procedures30
FWPCOT3253Convert timber residue into products for further use30
FWPCOT3209Set up, operate and maintain end matching operations30
FWPHAR2206Operate a mobile chipper/mulcher30
FWPWPP3217Process production effluent20
FWPWPP3229Classify flake15
FWPWPP2207Scarf edges of veneer10
FWPFGM2205Prune trees30
FWPTMM5202Develop, trial and evaluate prototypes150
FWPSAW3221Profile saw blanks40
FWPCOT2208Resaw boards and timber20
FWPSAW2205Assemble materials using nail plates20
FWPCOT2220Select trees for tending operations20
FWPWPP3224Profile sand products15
FWPWPP2201Cut panels20
FWPTMM3201Convert timber40
FWPSAW3210File and set saws40
FWPTMM2202Machine material20
FWPCOR4203Monitor quality and product care procedures80
FWPCOT2225Chip or flake wood40
FWPCOT2207Dress boards and timber50
FWPCOT2240Cut material with a pole saw20
FWPCOT2227Process orders and despatch products30
FWPSAW3209Align sawing production systems40
FWPCOT3215Swage and shape saw blades40
FWPCOT2211Produce pointed timber products20
FWPWPP3218Plan and coordinate machining of panels30
FWPSAW3219Replace stellite tips30
FWPFGM4202Manage stand health120
FWPTMM5203Generate and transfer complex computer-aided drawings and specifications150
FWPWPP4202Perform laboratory testing40
FWPCOT3220Quote and interpret from computerised timber manufactured product plans50
FWPCOT2209Produce finger jointed timber20
FWPFGM3212Fall trees manually (intermediate)100
FWPTMM5206Plan production200
FWPCOT2237Maintain chainsaws20
FWPFGM4205Monitor regeneration rates20
FWPCOT4206Plan and coordinate boiler operations60
FWPHAR3221Harvest trees manually (advanced)120
FWPSAW3228Apply principles of blade design to sawing procedures40
FWPSAW2204Dock boards with mechanical feed20
FWPTMM2201Cut material to length and angles30
FWPCOT2216Visually stress grade softwood20
FWPCOR2204Follow fire prevention procedures20
FWPFGM3213Fall trees manually (advanced)120
FWPCOT3245Grade, sort and mark materials30
FWPFGM4210Prepare a tender40
FWPCOT3260Recover four wheel drive vehicles20
FWPFGM4206Conduct a wood volume and yield assessment40
FWPCOT3213Manufacture cutting tools40
FWPCOR2207Maintain quality and product care20
FWPCOT2229Dock material to length25
FWPCOT3211Maintain sawdoctoring tools30
FWPCOR2202Communicate and interact effectively in the workplace40
FWPSAW3220Maintain wide band saw blades50
FWPCOT2203Finish and pack products30
FWPCOT3249Select timber preservation techniques40
FWPCOT3225Mechanically stress grade timber30
FWPCOT3258Comply with soil and water protection40
FWPFGM3202Extract seed20
FWPWPP2202Surface treat raw board20
FWPSAW3211Recondition guides40
FWPSAW3204Saw flitches and cants40
FWPWPP3201Produce veneer from debarked logs50
FWPSAW3225Maintain frame saw blades40
FWPSAW3202Produce sawn green boards80
FWPHAR5201Design harvesting plans200
FWPCOT4201Produce complex truss and frame plans and details using computers80
FWPFGM3209Construct and maintain forest roads and tracks120
FWPTMM4203Install and commission CNC software120
FWPWPP3209Prepare resin and additives15
FWPHAR3220Harvest trees manually (intermediate)100
FWPWPP3222Press laminated ply20
FWPFGM2201Collect seed40
FWPCOT3254Implement environmentally sustainable work practices in the work area/work site60
FWPSAW3206Dry softwood40
FWPTMM3203Estimate and cost job40
FWPCOT2215Visually stress grade hardwood20
FWPSAW3214Join band saw blades40
FWPCOT3221Rehabilitate tracks, quarries and landings80
FWPCOR4201Monitor safety, health and environment policies and procedures80
FWPSAW3217Hard face saw teeth30
FWPCOT2202Rack material15
FWPCOT2213Grade softwood sawn and milled products20
FWPFGM3215Perform complex 4x4 operations80
FWPSAW3201Treat timber40
FWPTMM4202Diagnose and calculate production costs80
FWPCOT2205Tail out materials15
FWPFGM2207Undertake brushcutting operations40
FWPCOR3204Visually assess materials20
FWPSAW4203Coordinate timber drying operations50
FWPFGM3203Conduct an instrument survey60
FWPFGM4201Implement a forest establishment plan160
FWPWPP3204Form board70
FWPSAW3207Sharpen band saws40
FWPWPP2206Prepare veneer for ply20
FWPCOT2224Band edges of panels10
FWPCOT2201Stack and bind material15
FWPWPP3213Heat treat material15
FWPTMM3202Manufacture using joinery machines40
FWPTMM3207Set up timber floor trusses30
FWPFGM2215Measure trees20
FWPCOT4207Plan and coordinate heat plant operations60
FWPWPP3215Cut paper10
FWPSAW2202Sort boards manually20
FWPTMM3206Interpret designs to prepare timber wall frame drawings and documents using computers80
FWPSAW3226Saw logs using CNC optimising systems40
FWPWPP3203Produce fibre from chips25
FWPSAW3212Sharpen tipped circular saws30
FWPCOT2235Assess timber for manufacturing potential20
FWPCOT3216Assess and maintain saw performance40
FWPFGM5208Manage road construction and maintenance150
FWPCOT3246Test heavy structural/engineered products40
FWPCOT3218Quote and interpret from manufactured timber product plans50
FWPCOT3204Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings30
FWPFGM2212Graft cuttings20
FWPCOT3227Receive and measure logs35
FWPSAW2207Round softwood logs20
FWPWPP3220Plan and coordinate panel painting10
FWPHAR3210Conduct mechanical processor operations200
FWPCOT2239Trim and cut felled trees40
FWPFGM3207Coordinate stem improvement120
FWPSAW3203Break down logs40
FWPTMM3204Interpret designs to prepare timber roof truss drawings and documents using computers80
FWPWPP2209Saw products from continuous ply10
FWPCOT3217Assess and maintain cutter performance40
FWPTMM4207Prepare and advise on a broad range of timber wall frame details using computers150
FWPFGM2210Implement animal pest control procedures30
FWPCOT3251Promote the carbon benefits of wood products40
FWPCOT3201Hand sharpen knives and blades20
FWPFGM3214Operate a four wheel drive in a towing situation30
FWPCOT3232Operate heat plant60
FWPWPP3214Treat paper10
FWPCOT3262Transport forestry produce using trucks80
FWPCOT2212Grade hardwood sawn and milled products20
FWPSAW2209Dismantle, transport and assemble hand portable sawmill50
FWPSAW2201Grade round poles and debarked logs20
FWPFGM4209Interpret and use aerial photographs for forest management15
FWPCOT3236Coordinate stock control procedures40
FWPCOT3207Set up, operate and maintain finger jointing operations40
FWPCOT3235Machine material using CNC machining and processing centres30
FWPCOT2222Produce laminated beams40
FWPWPP3219Blend and test binding mixes30
FWPWPP2210Cut panels to profile20
FWPCOT3231Operate steam boiler70
FWPWPP3207Clip veneer10
FWPCOR2203Follow environmental care procedures30
FWPFGM4208Plan a quarry120
FWPCOT3247Select timber for forestry operations35
FWPCOT2228Store materials20
FWPCOT2236Fall trees manually (basic)80
FWPWPP3211Maintain caul plates and screens10
FWPCOT2214Grade cypress sawn and milled products20
FWPCOT3250Prepare timber to meet import/export compliance requirements60
FWPSAW3222Recondition band mill wheels40
FWPFGM3206Plan and implement non-commercial thinning operations40
FWPTMM5205Optimise CNC operations180
FWPHAR3201Monitor log recovery (rigging slinger)200
FWPFGM3210Patrol forest40
FWPSAW3205Dry hardwood40
FWPCOT3212Replace saws, blades and guides40
FWPTMM3205Interpret designs to prepare timber floor system drawings and documents using computers80
FWPFGM2202Prepare seedbed60
FWPTMM4204Sample and test products to specifications40
FWPCOR4202Monitor and review forestry operations80
FWPSAW3218Replace tungsten tips30
FWPSAW2203Sort boards mechanically20
FWPHAR4203Design log landings and snig tracks80
FWPWPP3208Punch peg holes in panels10
FWPCOT3210Sharpen cutting tools20
FWPCOT2233Navigate in forest areas40
FWPCOT3259Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads40
FWPHAR4202Coordinate log recovery (hook tender)150
FWPSAW3229Operate a portable sawmill60
FWPWPP3231Produce veneer from prepared flitches30
FWPWPP3216Press material using the daylight process40
FWPCOT3224Plan and monitor equipment maintenance40
FWPHAR3213Conduct mechanically assisted tree falling operations150
FWPWPP3223Immunise veneer30
FWPSAW2210Prepare for timber treatment operations30
FWPFGM3201Manage seed collection80
FWPCOT3242Lay up timber roof trusses40
FWPWPP3230Produce decorative veneers40
FWPCOT3233Sharpen and align blades and knives30
FWPCOT2231Pack products30
FWPCOT3240Grade heavy structural/engineered products20
FWPFGM4203Design plantations180
FWPWPP2211Move material by transfer equipment30
FWPSAW3227Select and saw logs in multi-species operations40
FWPFGM5201Plan and manage an inventory program100
FWPHAR2203Hook up felled logs using cables (choker)50
FWPHAR4205Implement harvesting plans60
FWPCOT2218Cross cut materials with a fixed saw25
FWPCOT3248Dry timber in solar assisted kilns40
FWPCOT4203Plan and coordinate product assembly40
FWPCOT4202Design timber structures80
FWPFGM2214Maintain visitor sites20
FWPCOT3256Apply biodiversity protection principles40
FWPCOT3208Test strength of joints25
FWPHAR3215Operate a heavy production mobile chipper200
FWPTMM2203Read and interpret timber truss, floor and/or frame fabrication plans30
FWPFGM2213Process seed30
FWPCOT5203Manage installation and commissioning of equipment250
FWPCOT3203Weigh loads20
FWPCOT3269Provide specialised timber product solutions60
FWPCOT3237Produce templates30
FWPFGM2206Collect data or samples for assessment20
FWPCOT2210Tally material10
FWPCOT3230Operate automated stacking equipment20
FWPFGM5211Coordinate stand nutrition120
FWPSAW3215Screen wood chips40
FWPCOT3234Cut material using CNC sizing machines30
FWPWPP2205Prepare chip or fibre blends20
FWPHAR2207Trim and cut harvested trees40
FWPCOT3243Operate a truss press20
FWPCOT2241Apply wood and timber product knowledge20
FWPHAR2205Conduct mobile splitting operations30
FWPSAW3213Level and tension circular saws50
FWPCOT2238Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw40
FWPWPP3225Produce profile sanding shoes and wheels15
FWPFGM5214Develop a native forest regeneration plan160
FWPSAW2208Split wood products20
FWPFGM4204Conduct a pests and diseases assessment40
FWPFGM4207Conduct a forest site assessment40
FWPSAW4201Plan and monitor timber treatment plant operations50
FWPCOT3238Operate a pole saw40
FWPCOR3203Evaluate fire potential and prevention40
FWPHAR4201Apply tree jacking techniques100
FWPTMM4205Prepare and advise on a broad range of timber roof truss details using computers150
FWPCOT3263Maintain and contribute to energy efficiency30
FWPCOT3206Cut material using high speed optimiser35
FWPFGM5210Manage tending operations in a native forest120
FWPFGM5216Manage coupe planning200
FWPCOT4205Coordinate log debarking operations40
FWPCOT2226Debark logs mechanically20
FWPCOT3239Create drawings using computer aided design systems30
FWPSAW3223Assess wood chips40
FWPCOT2230Assemble products40
FWPSAW2206De-stack seasoning racks20
FWPCOT3241Assemble timber wall frames40
FWPCOT3252Use environmental care procedures to undertake fire salvage operations80
FWPFGM3211Manage coppice stems40
FWPTMM4206Prepare and advise on a broad range of timber floor system details using computers150
FWPCOT4204Schedule and coordinate load shifting40
FWPFGM2203Plant trees by hand20
FWPSAW3208Sharpen circular saws30
FWPWPP3228Dry Wood Flakes30
FWPSAW4202Plan and monitor saw log operations50
FWPWPP2208Cut veneer10
FWPCOT3261Transport forestry logs using trucks80
MSMSUP404Coordinate maintenance40
MSMENV672Develop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability50
MSS403001Review competitive systems and practices50
MSS405001Develop competitive systems and practices for an organisation60
MSS402050Monitor process capability30
MSS405031Undertake value analysis of product or process costs in terms of customer requirements60
MSS404082Assist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy50
MSS405004Develop business plans in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices60
MSS015011Conduct a sustainability energy audit40
MSS403032Analyse manual handling processes50
MSS405030Optimise cost of a product or service60
MSS405075Facilitate the development of a new product80
MSS403010Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices50
MSS404060Facilitate the use of planning software systems in a work area or team50
MSS405070Develop sustainable energy practices70
MSS402001Apply competitive systems and practices40
MSS404052Apply statistics to operational processes40
AHCNSY203Undertake propagation activities30
AHCINF202Install, maintain and repair farm fencing30
AHCPMG507Develop a regional pest management plan120
AHCPMG302Control plant pests, diseases and disorders80
AHCNAR303Implement revegetation works80
AHCMOM402Supervise maintenance of property, machinery and equipment80
AHCLSC304Erect timber structures and features60
AHCNSY201Pot up plants20
AHCFIR201Assist with prescribed burning50
AHCCHM401Develop procedures to minimise risks in the use of chemicals60
AHCWRK304Respond to rescue incidents70
AHCLSC302Construct landscape features using concrete80
AHCWRK302Monitor weather conditions60
AHCNSY401Plan a growing-on program80
AHCIRG306Troubleshoot irrigation systems50
AHCIRG503Design irrigation, drainage and water treatment systems120
AHCARB307Use advanced climbing techniques120
AHCCHM303Prepare and apply chemicals70
AHCWRK505Manage trial and research material140
AHCCHM304Transport and store chemicals50
AHCIRG331Install pressurised irrigation systems70
AHCSAW302Implement erosion and sediment control measures80
AHCWAT502Manage water systems120
AHCNSY306Implement a propagation plan90
AHCILM201Maintain cultural places20
AHCSAW201Conduct erosion and sediment control activities40
AHCPMG202Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders30
AHCINF303Plan and construct conventional fencing60
AHCBUS502Market products and services120
AHCARB206Operate and maintain stump grinding machines10
AHCPHT503Manage a controlled growing environment120
AHCPMG301Control weeds70
AHCNSY202Care for nursery plants30
AHCPGD402Plan a plant establishment program80
AHCNSY302Receive and dispatch nursery products40
AHCWRK201Observe and report on weather25
AHCPMG201Treat weeds40
AHCINF203Maintain properties and structures30
AHCNSY402Plan a propagation program120
AHCNSY301Maintain nursery plants40
AHCWRK203Operate in isolated and remote situations40
AHCMOM301Coordinate machinery and equipment maintenance and repair80
AHCIRG333Maintain pressurised irrigation systems50
AHCCHM201Apply chemicals under supervision30
AHCARB312Use standard climbing techniques to access trees40
FWPHAR3227Operate forwarder200
FWPCOT2242Segregate and sort logs30
FWPHAR3230Operate skidder160
FWPHAR3223Use on-board computer systems for single grip harvester50
FWPHAR3225Operate excavator with log grapple160
FWPHAR3231Operate yarder200
FWPHAR3228Operate loader170
FWPHAR3222Use on-board computer systems for forwarder30
FWPHAR3229Operate single grip harvester200
FWPHAR3226Operate feller buncher200
FWPHAR3224Operate crawler tractor160
FWPCOT3270Grade and mark logs50
TLID0001Load and unload vehicles carrying special loads20
BSBITS411Maintain and implement digital technology40
BSBSMB421Manage small business finances60
BSBRES411Analyse and present research information40
MSS402083Use planning software systems in operations40
MSS015022Develop strategies for more sustainable use of resources70
MSS405086Develop sustainable energy practices70
MSS404084Undertake process capability improvements50
MSS405085Develop a documentation control strategy for an organisation60
MSS015023Design sustainable product or process100
MSS402082Apply cost factors to work practices40
MSS403087Mistake proof an operational process50
FWPTMM5209Determine prefabricated timber building systems designs for compliance, manufacture and installation160
FWPCOT6210Develop engineered wood products to meet energy efficient building design needs150
FWPTMM3208Apply critical workplace processes in the manufacture of prefabricated timber building systems50
FWPTMM5210Verify compliance and conformance of prefabricated timber building systems during manufacture80
FWPWPP3232Operate a heat roll bonding machine to laminate or veneer engineered wood panel surfaces15
FWPCOT3267Mechanically stress-grade engineered wood panels30
FWPWPP4203Plan and coordinate engineered wood panel production30
FWPSAW4205Plan and monitor timber conversion50
FWPWPP3235Trim new engineered wood panels to size20
FWPTMM4208Construct prototypes and samples for timber structures40
FWPTMM5207Assess timber product designs for feasibility100
FWPTMM5208Manage timber product design180
FWPCOT3265Cut timber or engineered wood product to profile20
FWPCOT3266Dress timber using multi-headed machines40
FWPCOT3268Plane and sand engineered wood products15
FWPWPP3233Operate a laminating press for engineered wood panels20
FWPTMM3209Install prefabricated timber building systems on-site80
FWPWPP3234Operate a continuous press for the production of engineered wood panels40