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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

NWP National Water Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
LGAWORK503AUndertake project investigation40
LGAWORK502APrepare detailed works project documentation180
LGAWORK501APrepare preliminary design for operational works60
MSAPMOHS216AOperate breathing apparatus20
PMBWELD301BButt weld polyethylene plastic pipelines20
PMBWELD302BElectrofusion weld polyethylene pipelines20
PMBWELD305BInstall polyethylene plastic pressure pipelines20
PMBWELD308BInstall PVC plastic pressure pipelines20
CPCCCM2004AHandle construction materials16
MSL904001APerform standard calibrations50
MSL922001ARecord and present data40
MSL924001AProcess and interpret data70
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
CPPHSA4003AAssess household water use60
TLID2003AHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
AHCBUS504APrepare estimates, quotes and tenders120
AHCCHM101AFollow basic chemical safety rules10
AHCLPW306AUndertake sampling and testing of water70
CPCCCM1015ACarry out measurements and calculations20
CPCCCM2003BCalculate and cost construction work20
UEENEEK102AWork safely with remote area power supply systems
UEENEEK101AMaintain safety and tidiness of remote area power supply systems
MSS404061AFacilitate the use of SCADA systems in a team or work area50
UEPOPS347BOperate and monitor supervisory, control and data acquisition systems20
UEPOPS423BPlan a scheduled outage30
PUAEMR028Develop emergency management plans50
CPCPPS5024AConduct a water audit and identify water-saving initiatives35
FSKNUM27Collect, organise and interpret statistical data for work15
FSKDIG03Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks15
FSKNUM21Apply an expanding range of mathematical calculations for work15
RIICBS310DConduct patching operations60
RIICPL305DInstall pre-cast access chambers40
RIICRC323DInsert tie bars in fresh concrete8
RIIWHS202DEnter and work in confined spaces30
RIISAM203DUse hand and power tools80
RIIWHS302DImplement traffic management plan20
RIICRC314DHandle concrete materials24
RIIHAN211DConduct basic scaffolding operations56
RIICRC303DLay pavers24
RIICCM211DErect and dismantle temporary fencing and gates40
RIICPL304DInstall pre-cast gully pits40
RIICRC315DUse concreting materials and equipment60
RIICCM301DConstruct and dismantle fences and gates40
RIICWM501DImplement civil construction plan120
RIICCM207DSpread and compact materials manually12
RIICCM210DInstall trench support16
RIISAM601DEstablish and maintain plant, equipment and infrastructure maintenance system120
RIIMPO327DConduct pipe layer operations80
RIIWMG203DDrain and dewater civil construction site20
RIISAM204DOperate small plant and equipment20
RIICRC202DInstall signs16
RIICCM205DCarry out manual excavation8
RIIWHS204DWork safely at heights20
RIICCM209DCarry out concrete work40
RIICCM208DCarry out basic levelling16
BSBWHS505Investigate WHS incidents50
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
BSBSMB407Manage a small team40
BSBMGT516Facilitate continuous improvement60
BSBCMM201Communicate in the workplace40
BSBFLM305Support operational plan40
BSBFLM312Contribute to team effectiveness40
BSBWOR404Develop work priorities40
BSBWHS201Contribute to health and safety of self and others20
BSBWHS402Assist with compliance with WHS laws40
BSBWHS304Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes30
BSBFIM501Manage budgets and financial plans70
BSBCUS201Deliver a service to customers40
BSBWHS501Ensure a safe workplace60
BSBWHS510Contribute to implementing emergency procedures40
BSBMGT502Manage people performance70
BSBWHS504Manage WHS risks50
BSBWHS401Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements50
BSBWHS404Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control60
BSBCUS301Deliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBWHS503Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk40
BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development30
BSBWHS302Apply knowledge of WHS legislation in the workplace20
BSBWOR202Organise and complete daily work activities20
BSBINM301Organise workplace information30
BSBPMG522Undertake project work60
BSBMGT402Implement operational plan40
BSBMGT517Manage operational plan70
BSBCMM301Process customer complaints30
BSBWHS303Participate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control50
BSBWHS301Maintain workplace safety40
BSBWHS502Manage effective WHS consultation and participation processes40
BSBLED401Develop teams and individuals40
BSBCUS401Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBWRT401Write complex documents50
BSBWHS403Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes40
CHCCOM003Develop workplace communication strategies100
TLIF4014Develop and maintain a safe workplace50
TLIR5005Manage a contract40
TLIL4059Implement asset management systems40
TLIX4027Assess maintenance spares and manage repairable items20
NWPGEN011Use maps, plans, drawings and specifications30
NWPIRR031Monitor and control drainage operations40
NWPTRT053Operate and control UV processes20
NWPTRD001Evaluate, implement and monitor standard low risk trade waste discharge approvals60
NWPTRT083Operate and control aerobic bioreactor processes30
NWPTRD024Establish connections of water and wastewater systems30
NWPNET044Test and commission water distribution systems40
NWPGEN012Support the role and functions of the water industry20
NWPIRR022Maintain meters for rural water supplies20
NWPHYD011Measure and process low and medium flows using area velocity methods60
NWPSOU031Operate and maintain locks and weirs50
NWPIRR014Install meters for rural water supplies30
NWPTRT082Operate and control nutrient removal processes40
NWPNET023Maintain and repair network assets for wastewater50
NWPNET045Test and commission wastewater collection systems40
NWPIRR032Monitor and control rural water distribution operations40
NWPIRR041Identify and apply water entitlements and delivery processes30
NWPTRT062Operate and control reclaimed water irrigation40
NWPHYD014Measure and process medium and high flows using a range of methods and equipment100
NWPGEN003Apply environmental and licensing procedures of the water industry30
NWPHYD013Operate, maintain and decommission monitoring sites130
NWPTRT093Assess and improve anaerobic digestion processes60
NWPTRT041Operate and control granular media filters50
NWPIRR001Monitor and operate irrigation and domestic delivery systems30
NWPNET043Monitor and operate bulkwater transfer systems30
NWPGEN004Assess, implement and report environmental procedures40
NWPTRT054Operate and control chloramination processes40
NWPSOU033Operate and maintain salt interception works40
NWPIRR013Construct and install irrigation delivery and stormwater drainage assets30
NWPGEN007Sample and test drinking water40
NWPSOU021Inspect and maintain basic dams and water storages30
NWPIRR042Monitor and schedule water deliveries40
NWPIRR035Coordinate and monitor the operation of drainage systems60
NWPTRT055Operate chlorine dioxide processes30
NWPGEN001Apply the risk management principles of the water industry standards, guidelines and legislation10
NWPTRT033Operate and control DAF processes30
NWPTRT044Operate and control desalination processes40
NWPSOU053Coordinate and monitor groundwater system usage60
NWPTRT034Operate and control activated carbon processes20
NWPNET031Construct and install water distribution assets30
NWPSOU011Maintain catchment and surrounding areas40
NWPNET022Maintain and repair network assets for drinking water50
NWPSOU030Inspect and report river performance30
NWPNET017Supervise and report on conduit inspections40
NWPIRR024Monitor and conduct maintenance on flow control and metering devices40
NWPNET003Control electrical risk on metallic pipes10
NWPGEN008Sample and test wastewater40
NWPNET004Monitor and operate network systems40
NWPIRR051Provide and promote customer service20
NWPIRR023Detect and rectify faults with automated channel regulators40
NWPIRR033Coordinate and monitor the operation of irrigation delivery systems60
NWPGEN014Sample and test trade wastewater40
NWPTRD023Coordinate, implement and report on trade waste monitoring procedures60
NWPGEN006Implement and manage environmental management policies100
NWPTRT084Assess and improve activated sludge and nutrient removal processes60
NWPNET021Install metering equipment40
NWPNET002Prepare and restore work site30
NWPTRT035Operate and control ion exchange and softening processes30
NWPTRT015Operate and control coagulation and flocculation processes50
NWPNET024Maintain and repair network assets for bulkwater30
NWPSOU014Develop and implement catchment operational plans60
NWPNET015Perform leak detection40
NWPTRT061Operate and control wastewater processes50
NWPTRT052Operate and control hypochlorite disinfection processes30
NWPIRR012Construct open earthen channels or drains30
NWPSOU026Implement dam safety plans100
NWPTRT072Operate and control odour removal processes30
NWPSOU029Conduct and report dam safety instrumentation monitoring30
NWPNET026Install, maintain and repair hydrants20
NWPTRT101Operate and control lagoon processes30
NWPTRT091Operate and control solids handling processes30
NWPTRT012Operate and control fluoride addition process20
NWPTRT045Assess and improve desalination processes40
NWPTRT001Operate and control water treatment processes50
NWPNET005Optimise network systems50
NWPSOU001Respond to blue-green algae outbreaks20
NWPSOU013Monitor and coordinate catchment operations30
NWPSOU052Inspect and operate groundwater regulation40
NWPNET032Construct and install wastewater assets30
NWPSOU023Monitor and implement dam maintenance30
NWPNET011Locate, identify and protect utilities30
NWPNET025Coordinate and manage maintenance and repair of network assets50
NWPSOU027Route floods through storages50
NWPTRT071Operate and control pre-treatment processes20
NWPIRR011Install devices for irrigation systems30
NWPSOU051Monitor and operate groundwater extraction40
NWPNET016Inspect sewer or stormwater line40
NWPTRT031Operate and control sedimentation and clarification processes40
NWPSOU003Identify and confirm blue-green algae outbreaks20
NWPNET042Monitor and operate wastewater collection and transfer systems40
NWPTRD011Investigate and report on breaches of water industry legislation40
NWPTRT013Operate and control liquefied chlorine gas disinfection40
NWPTRD012Investigate, rectify and report on trade waste incidents70
NWPIRR002Operate basic flow control and regulating devices in irrigation systems20
NWPNET013Identify and respond to water problems30
NWPNET027Monitor and control vacuum sewer systems50
NWPIRR034Coordinate and monitor surface water systems60
NWPNET033Coordinate and monitor water asset construction70
NWPTRT081Operate and control activated sludge processes50
NWPHYD015Undertake surveying of monitoring sites60
NWPNET014Perform odour and infiltration investigations40
NWPSOU024Inspect and report on concrete dam safety30
NWPTRT092Operate and control digestion processes40
NWPHYD012Establish monitoring sites100
NWPTRT073Operate and control wastewater sedimentation processes20
NWPSOU025Inspect and report on embankment dam safety30
NWPSOU012Monitor, inspect and report catchment operations20
NWPTRT094Operate and control incineration processes40
NWPTRT056Operate and control ozone processes30
NWPGEN015Develop an operational plan40
NWPNET041Monitor and operate water distribution systems40
NWPSOU002Control vegetation on a site20
NWPTRT042Assess and improve granular media filters60
NWPGEN005Coordinate and monitor the application of environmental plans and procedures80
NWPGEN013Apply principles of chemistry to water systems and processes50
NWPSOU054Monitor and operate pump stations30
NWPSOU041Coordinate and monitor bulkwater system operations60
NWPTRT051Assess and improve treatment for pathogen removal40
NWPTRT014Operate and control iron and manganese removal processes20
NWPSOU022Monitor and control dam operations50
NWPGEN010Contribute to continuous improvement of quality systems40
NWPSOU032Operate and maintain fishways50
NWPTRT032Assess and improve sedimentation processes60
NWPTRT085Assess and improve wastewater processes to control microbial impacts40
NWPIRR003Inspect and operate surface water systems40
NWPNET001Disinfect network assets30
NWPGEN009Perform laboratory testing40
NWPTRT011Assess and improve chemical dosing process60
NWPGEN002Ensure compliance with water industry standards, guidelines and legislation60
NWPTRT043Operate and control membrane filters30
NWPIRR021Maintain and repair irrigation channels and drains30
NWPNET012Use locating devices30
PSPPCM011Plan to manage a contract
TAEDEL404Mentor in the workplace30
TAEDEL402Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
TAEASS301Contribute to assessment10
CPPSIS5040Interpret and collate spatial data20
CPPSIS5032Capture new spatial data100
CPPSIS4022Store and retrieve spatial data50
PMAOPS330Communicate and monitor pipeline activities40
PMAOMIR512Establish incident response preparedness and response systems70
MSS025006Collect and evaluate groundwater data60
MSS024007Collect and evaluate meteorological data40
MSS404082Assist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy50
MSS405081Develop a proactive maintenance strategy60
AHCLPW306Undertake sampling and testing of water70
MSL976005Evaluate and select appropriate test methods and/or procedures40
MSL936004Conduct an internal audit of the quality system40
NWPHYD003Develop and maintain ratings100
NWPIRR005Develop and review a surface water plan120
NWPHYS006Use remote sensing for hydrographic surveying30
NWPTRT004Develop and manage a water treatment plan90
NWPCCO001Analyse and implement network data50
NWPTRD003Evaluate, implement and monitor high risk trade waste discharge approvals120
NWPHYS003Manage and analyse water levels and flows60
NWPNET006Apply construction principles to civil works in the water industry80
NWPTRD004Implement and manage trade waste policies and plans80
NWPAMG001Manage asset construction and maintenance90
NWPTRT003Develop and manage a wastewater treatment plan90
NWPHYD004Plan water resource management100
NWPTRT002Develop and manage a treatment process monitoring program90
NWPIRR007Implement and coordinate a surface water plan120
NWPNET009Develop and manage a wastewater collection plan90
NWPGEN016Interpret and comply with regulatory requirements60
NWPNET010Develop and manage an alternate water supply plan90
NWPSOU004Develop and manage a catchment plan60
NWPSOU006Develop and manage a flood plan80
NWPCCO002Use control centre systems to monitor and control water80
NWPSOU007Implement and coordinate a catchment plan120
NWPHYS005Use alternate positioning systems to gather data40
NWPHYS001Identify and analyse information technology for hydrographic surveys50
NWPNET007Conduct commissioning and post-commissioning activities120
NWPNET008Develop and manage a drinking water system plan90
NWPSOU008Implement and coordinate a groundwater plan100
NWPHYD005Process and report hydrographic time series data100
NWPHYD002Apply principles of open channel hydraulics40
NWPSOU005Develop and manage a dam safety inspection plan60
NWPIRR004Develop and review a groundwater plan100
NWPHYS004Manage hydrographic surveying projects60
NWPIRR006Develop and review an irrigation system plan100
NWPHYS007Use underwater acoustics to map waterways30
NWPIRR008Implement and coordinate an irrigation delivery system plan80
NWPHYS002Interpret and analyse science principles for hydrographic surveying50
NWPTRD005Develop and modify trade waste policies and plans100