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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

AMP Australian Meat Processing Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
MEM13003BWork safely with industrial chemicals and materials20
FDFAU4001AAssess compliance with food safety programs60
FDFAU4002ACommunicate and negotiate to conduct food safety audits40
FDFAU4003AConduct food safety audits80
FDFAU4004AIdentify, evaluate and control food safety hazards80
FDFOP1003ACarry out manual handling tasks30
FDFOP2003AClean equipment in place30
FDFOP2004AClean and sanitise equipment30
FDFOP2005AWork in a socially diverse environment30
FDFOP2011AConduct routine maintenance40
FDFOP2013AApply sampling procedures20
FDFOP2015AApply principles of statistical process control30
FDFOP2016AWork in a food handling area for non-food handlers30
FDFOP2030AOperate a process control interface40
FDFOP2032AWork in a clean room environment30
FDFOP2061AUse numerical applications in the workplace30
FDFOP3002ASet up a production or packaging line for operation50
FDFOP3003AOperate interrelated processes in a production system60
FDFOP3004AOperate interrelated processes in a packaging system60
FDFPPL2001AParticipate in work teams and groups30
FDFPPL3001AParticipate in improvement processes40
FDFPPL3002AReport on workplace performance30
FDFPPL3004ALead work teams and groups40
FDFPPL3005AParticipate in an audit process50
FDFTEC3001AParticipate in a HACCP team50
FDFTEC3002AImplement the pest prevention program40
FDFTEC3003AApply raw materials, ingredient and process knowledge to production problems60
UEENEED101AUse computer applications relevant to a workplace20
FDFSUG222AOperate a waste water treatment system
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
BSBDES801Research and apply design theory40
BSBINN301Promote innovation in a team environment40
BSBRKG404Monitor and maintain records in an online environment50
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
BSBSMB407Manage a small team40
BSBCOM501Identify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBDIV601Develop and implement diversity policy70
BSBFLM312Contribute to team effectiveness40
BSBMKG414Undertake marketing activities50
BSBINN601Lead and manage organisational change60
BSBHRM405Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff50
BSBMGT617Develop and implement a business plan60
BSBINN801Lead innovative thinking and practice80
BSBFIM501Manage budgets and financial plans70
BSBINM401Implement workplace information system40
BSBFIM601Manage finances80
BSBCUS402Address customer needs50
BSBCOM601Research compliance requirements and issues50
BSBITU101Operate a personal computer20
BSBRES801Initiate and lead applied research150
BSBMGT403Implement continuous improvement40
BSBMKG502Establish and adjust the marketing mix60
BSBMGT605Provide leadership across the organisation60
BSBSMB405Monitor and manage small business operations45
BSBMGT402Implement operational plan40
BSBLED401Develop teams and individuals40
BSBINM302Utilise a knowledge management system50
TLID2010Operate a forklift40
TLIA2021Despatch stock20
TLIK2010Use infotechnology devices in the workplace40
TLIA3039Receive and store stock40
TLIF3003Implement and monitor work health and safety procedures30
TLIA2014Use product knowledge to complete work operations20
TLIA2009Complete and check import/export documentation30
AMPMGT605Assess and purchase livestock80
AMPR311Prepare portion control to specifications10
AMPA407Contribute to abattoir design and construction processes40
AMPA400Utilise refrigeration index30
AMPR320Assess and address customer preferences40
AMPMGT507Manage and improve meat industry plant operations100
AMPX419Participate in product recall40
AMPR304Manage stock15
AMPX406Manage or oversee an external audit of the establishment's quality system20
AMPX304Prepare primal cuts40
AMPCOR203Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP requirements40
AMPX307Provide mentoring30
AMPMGT504Develop, manage and maintain quality systems100
AMPR308Prepare, roll, sew and net meat10
AMPX211Trim meat to specifications20
AMPR108Monitor meat temperature from receival to sale10
AMPR305Meet customer needs15
AMPA403Apply meat science40
AMPMGT805Develop and manage international business operations100
AMPR207Undertake routine preventative maintenance40
AMPMGT809Analyse data for business decision making100
AMPX420Participate in the ongoing development and implementation of a HACCP and Quality Assurance system60
AMPR307Merchandise products, services25
AMPR106Process sales transactions10
AMPMGT804Develop and enhance collaborative partnerships and relationships100
AMPR314Calculate and present statistical data in a meat enterprise40
AMPCOR202Apply hygiene and sanitation practices40
AMPX411Foster a learning culture in a meat enterprise50
AMPX424Raise and validate requests for export permits and Meat Transfer Certificates20
AMPR316Cure, corn and sell product20
AMPMGT808Undertake research project100
AMPCOR205Communicate in the workplace40
AMPMGT604Manage effective operation of meat enterprise cold chain and refrigeration systems100
AMPA412Conduct an animal welfare audit of a meat processing plant40
AMPCOR404Facilitate hygiene and sanitation performance30
AMPX422Develop and implement work instructions and SOPs40
AMPMGT508Manage environmental impacts of meat processing operations90
AMPMGT503Develop and assess a meat retailing business opportunity60
AMPMGT502Manage new product or process development100
AMPA405Develop and implement Quality Assurance program for a rendering plant60
AMPR324Break large stock carcases for retail sale40
AMPMGT501Design and manage the food safety system100
AMPR203Select, weigh and package meat for sale10
AMPR315Utilise the Meat Standards Australia system to meet customer requirements80
AMPR312Bone game meat10
AMPMGT807Manage change to organisational electronic technology systems100
AMPMGT602Monitor and manage organisational legal responsibilities80
AMPR212Clean meat retail work area20
AMPX426Undertake chiller assessment to AUS-MEAT requirements60
AMPX407Oversee export requirements40
AMPMGT509Manage, maintain and continuously improve workplace health and safety plans and systems100
AMPX403Monitor and overview the production of Uncooked Comminuted Fermented Meat (UCFM)30
AMPX402Monitor and overview the production of processed meats and smallgoods80
AMPR101Identify species and meat cuts15
AMPR317Assess and sell poultry products10
AMPMGT606Analyse and develop enterprise systems for new opportunities100
AMPCOR402Facilitate Quality Assurance Process30
AMPR302Assess carcase or product quality10
AMPR303Calculate yield of carcase or product15
AMPX423Supervise new recruits30
AMPX413Manage and maintain a food safety plan50
AMPMGT505Manage maintenance systems80
AMPX415Specify beef product using AUS-MEAT language40
AMPX213Despatch meat product20
AMPR105Provide service to customers15
AMPR309Bone and fillet poultry10
AMPX416Specify sheep product using AUS-MEAT language30
AMPR206Vacuum pack products in a retail operation20
AMPR325Prepare cooked meat product for retail sale10
AMPR102Trim meat for further processing10
AMPX212Package product using automatic packing and labelling equipment30
AMPR201Break and cut product using a bandsaw10
AMPCOR204Follow safe work policies and procedures40
AMPMGT802Provide strategic leadership100
AMPR107Undertake minor routine maintenance20
AMPMGT803Communicate and negotiate in a culturally diverse context100
AMPCOR401Manage own work performance20
AMPMGT603Manage meat processing systems to maintain and improve product quality100
AMPA411Oversee humane handling of animals20
AMPR202Provide advice on cooking and storage of meat products10
AMPR321Collect and prepare standard samples30
AMPX201Prepare and operate bandsaw20
AMPX210Prepare and slice meat cuts30
AMPR306Provide advice on nutritional role of meat10
AMPR313Order stock in a meat enterprise20
AMPX414Assess and evaluate meat industry requirements and processes10
AMPX405Conduct statistical analysis of process80
AMPX412Build productive and effective workplace relationships50
AMPCOR201Maintain personal equipment20
AMPR204Package products using manual packing and labelling equipment10
AMPX306Provide coaching30
AMPCOR403Participate in workplace health and safety risk control process30
AMPX404Conduct an internal audit of a documented program40
AMPA402Oversee plant compliance with the Australian standards for meat processing20
AMPR208Make and sell sausages20
AMPX425Conduct a document review30
AMPMGT506Manage utilities and energy80
AMPX401Monitor meat preservation process40
AMPMGT510Manage transportation of meat, meat products and meat by-products80
AMPR205Use basic methods of meat cookery30
AMPR310Cost and price meat products15
AMPR319Locate, identify and assess meat cuts40
AMPX408Coordinate contracts50
AMPR209Produce and sell value-added products10
AMPX417Specify pork product using AUS-MEAT language30
AMPR103Store meat product10
AMPX421Establish sampling program40
AMPR322Prepare and produce value added products10
AMPX409Prepare and evaluate resource proposals50
AMPA401Implement a Meat Hygiene Assessment program30
AMPMGT607Establish new markets80
AMPX305Smoke product20
AMPR301Prepare specialised cuts20
AMPR210Receive meat products10
AMPX214Package meat and smallgoods product for retail sale30
AMPX209Sharpen knives40
AMPCOR206Overview the meat industry20
AMPX309Identify and repair equipment faults40
AMPR323Break small stock carcases for retail sale40
AMPMGT806Commercialise research and technology product or idea100
AMPA404Conduct and validate pH and temperature declines to MSA standards20
AMPR211Provide advice on meal solutions in a meat retail outlet10
AMPMGT801Manage financial performance100
AMPX418Lead communication in the workplace20
AMPX410Facilitate achievement of enterprise environmental policies and goals50
AMPMGT601Benchmark to manage and improve enterprise performance80
AMPR104Prepare minced meat and minced meat products15
NWPNET023Maintain and repair network assets for wastewater50
NWPTRT062Operate and control reclaimed water irrigation40
NWPTRT054Operate and control chloramination processes40
NWPGEN008Sample and test wastewater40
NWPGEN006Implement and manage environmental management policies100
NWPTRT061Operate and control wastewater processes50
NWPTRT052Operate and control hypochlorite disinfection processes30
NWPNET025Coordinate and manage maintenance and repair of network assets50
NWPNET042Monitor and operate wastewater collection and transfer systems40
MSMENV472Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
TLIA3019Organise receival operations40
TLID2004Load and unload goods/cargo30
TLIA3038Control and order stock40
TLID2003Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
TLIA4025Regulate temperature controlled stock20
TLIA3017Identify products and store to specifications40
TLID2013Move materials mechanically using automated equipment40
TLIA3016Use inventory systems to organise stock control40
TLID3020Care for livestock in transit30
TLIA3018Organise despatch operations40
TLIA3015Complete receival/despatch documentation40
TLIA3026Monitor storage facilities30
MSL922001Record and present data40
MSL973001Perform basic tests60
MSL973007Perform microscopic examination40
MSL925001Analyse data and report results80
MSL916005Manage complex projects50
MSL935002Assist in the maintenance of reference materials30
MSL924001Process and interpret data70
MSL974006Perform biological procedures130
MSL973003Prepare culture media30
MSL975001Perform microbiological tests140
MSL973004Perform aseptic techniques40
MSL934003Maintain and control stocks50
MSL933001Maintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose30
MSL935003Authorise the issue of test results60
MSL933004Perform calibration checks on equipment and assist with its maintenance40
MSL974004Perform food tests100
MSL953001Receive and prepare samples for testing30
MSL904001Perform standard calibrations50
MSL952002Handle and transport samples or equipment30
MSL954001Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan40
MSL973002Prepare working solutions50
SIRRINV001Receive and handle retail stock35
SIRRRTF002Monitor retail store financials40
SIRXSLS001Sell to the retail customer20
SIRRMER003Coordinate visual merchandising activities35
SIRXMGT005Lead the development of business opportunities70
SIRXRSK002Maintain store security20
SIRXCEG003Build customer relationships and loyalty40
SIRRINV002Control stock35
SIRRRTF001Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal20
SIRRMRM001Plan merchandise buying strategy 40
TAEASS402Assess competence25
TAEASS401Plan assessment activities and processes40
TAEDEL301Provide work skill instruction40
TAEASS301Contribute to assessment10
CPPCLO3035Maintain cleaning storage areas15
CPPCLO3036Clean at heights10
CPPCLO3020Pressure wash and clean surfaces10
CPPCLO3038Clean food-handling areas20
MSMENV172Identify and minimise environmental hazards20
MSMSUP300Identify and apply process improvements40
MSMSUP303Identify equipment faults40
MSMSUP330Develop and adjust a production schedule30
MSS027010Undertake complex environmental project work120
MSS408003Develop models of future state operations practice80
MSS024006Perform sampling and testing of water80
MSS407001Prepare for and implement change80
MSS403013Lead team culture improvement40
MSS403032Analyse manual handling processes50
MSS407006Build relationships between teams in an operations environment80
MSS403011Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices40
AHCLSK204Carry out regular livestock observation40
AHCLSK320Coordinate and monitor livestock transport60
AHCMOM202Operate tractors40
AHCBUS603Develop and review a strategic plan250
AHCLSK207Load and unload livestock20
AHCLSK205Handle livestock using basic techniques30
AHCBIO302Identify and report unusual disease or plant pest signs50
AHCMOM212Operate quad bikes60
MSTGN3007Monitor and operate trade waste30
AMPA2060Grade carcase80
AMPA3130Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Horses120
AMPA2038De-nude meat cuts20
AMPA2087Process thin skirts10
AMPA2049Remove spinal cord30
AMPA2140Perform sweating operation on fellmongered skins30
AMPA2113Bag carcase10
AMPX206Operate forklift in a specific workplace60
AMPA406Inspect transportation container or vehicle10
AMPA3034Eviscerate animal carcase80
AMPX310Perform pre-operations hygiene assessment20
AMPA2019Bag tail10
AMPA2042Cure and corn product in a meat processing plant20
AMPA2175Clean after operations - slaughter floor40
AMPA3067Bone carcase using mechanical aids (large stock)150
AMPA2109Store carcase product20
AMPA2118Recover thin skirts20
AMPA2129Trim hide or skin40
AMPA3090Render edible products20
AMPX313Contribute to energy efficiency30
AMPA3103Manage NLIS data for livestock in lairage20
AMPA2155Skin slinks20
AMPA3083Operate continuous cooker70
AMPA3071Implement food safety program60
AMPS302Prepare dried meat40
AMPA2105Process small stock tripe20
AMPA3135Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Calves120
AMPA3006Seal weasand10
AMPA2088Process offal60
AMPA2016Punch pelts20
AMPA2085Bar head and remove cheek meat20
AMPS305Thaw product - air10
AMPA3119Apply food animal anatomy and physiology to inspection processes30
AMPA3117Oversee product loadout40
AMPA3123Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Poultry120
AMPS209Rotate meat product20
AMPA3096Use standard product descriptions - kangaroos20
AMPA2101Prepare and trim honeycomb30
AMPX202Clean work area during operations40
AMPA3068Prepare and despatch meat products80
AMPA2029Operate nose roller20
AMPA2149Dispose of condemned carcase10
AMPA2128Overview hide or pelt or skin processing20
AMPA2172Clean amenities and grounds20
AMPA2082Wash head10
AMPX303Break carcase into primal cuts40
AMPA3044Operate air knife20
AMPA3000Stun animal40
AMPA2153Process slink by-products100
AMPA3042Backdown pig carcase20
AMPA2131Grade hide or skin60
AMPA2013Complete changeover operation10
AMPA3052Slice and trim large stock forequarter150
AMPA2028Operate vacuum blood collection process20
AMPS311Operate complex slicing and packaging machinery30
AMPA3051Bone large stock carcase - hindquarter150
AMPS207Slice product using simple machinery10
AMPA3091Implement a Quality Assurance program for rendering plant40
AMPA3069Perform ante-mortem inspection and make disposition60
AMPA2106Process bibles20
AMPA2001Feed race10
AMPA3040Operate brisket cutter or saw40
AMPA2035Operate new technology or process20
AMPA2163Break down and bone carcase for pet meat or rendering40
AMPA3010Overview legging operation10
AMPA2039Operate rib puller10
AMPS102Pack smallgoods product30
AMPA2045Trim forequarter to specification20
AMPA2133Treat hides chemically20
AMPA2173Overview cleaning program20
AMPA2089Process runners60
AMPA2037De-rind meat cuts20
AMPA3112Manage NLIS data from RFIDs on the slaughter floor40
AMPA2170Operate air filtration system40
AMPA2032Prepare carcase and equipment for hide or pelt puller10
AMPA2062Operate semi-automatic tagging machine40
AMPA3134Overview of the NLIS Pork40
AMPA2018Prepare hide or pelt for removal20
AMPG303Receive and inspect wild game carcases from the field30
AMPA2005Unload livestock10
AMPS303Fill casings20
AMPG302Eviscerate, inspect and tag wild game carcase in the field30
AMPA3064Bone small stock carcase - middle100
AMPA2011Cut hocks10
AMPA2023Shave carcase10
AMPA3062Operate trunk boning machine100
AMPA3024Perform flanking cuts60
AMPS208Rotate stored meat20
AMPA2127Recover offal40
AMPA3086Monitor boiler operations40
AMPA2044Trim neck20
AMPA3116Supervise meat packing operation40
AMPA2132Despatch hide or skin40
AMPA3014Perform legging on small stock40
AMPA3065Slice small stock carcase - shoulder100
AMPA3045Drop sock and pull shoulder pelt30
AMPS211Prepare dry ingredients15
AMPA3030Operate pelt puller40
AMPA2137Chemically treat skins for fellmongering process20
AMPA2041Operate cubing machine10
AMPS213Manually link and tie product20
AMPA3022Skin head40
AMPA2020Remove and record tag10
AMPA2110Store carton product20
AMPA3104Manage NLIS data for sheep and goats in lairage20
AMPG300Overview wild game meat industry20
AMPS309Operate product forming machinery30
AMPA3001Stick and bleed animal40
AMPA3088Operate blood processing plant60
AMPA2012Mark brisket10
AMPA3023Explain opening cuts10
AMPA2077Operate bag forming equipment10
AMPA3115Undertake pre slaughter checks of NVDs, PICs and RFIDs20
AMPA2009Operate electrical stimulator10
AMPS300Operate mixer or blender unit50
AMPA2134Chill or ice hides20
AMPA2100Overview offal processing20
AMPA3124Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Ratites120
AMPA2074Operate strapping machine20
AMPA3094Use standard product descriptions - beef20
AMPA2003Perform emergency kill20
AMPX208Apply environmentally sustainable work practices20
AMPA3122Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Porcine120
AMPA3084Operate press50
AMPA2010Remove head10
AMPA3003Assess effective stunning and bleeding20
AMPA2176Transport meat and meat products40
AMPA3029Scald and dehair carcase40
AMPA2067Remove tenderloin20
AMPA3108Manage NLIS for saleyard purchase of sheep or goats20
AMPA3048Bone small stock carcase - leg100
AMPA2025Operate scalding and de-hairing equipment40
AMPX427Dry age meat30
AMPA2114Overview offal processing on the slaughter floor20
AMPS203Operate bar and coder systems30
AMPA2021Seal or drain urinary tract10
AMPS308Batch meat40
AMPA2125Remove thick skirts10
AMPA3129Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Deer120
AMPA3043Prepare head for inspection40
AMPA3127Perform post-mortem inspection - Wild game90
AMPA3074Perform boning room Meat Hygiene Assessment20
AMPA3114Undertake pre slaughter checks of NVDs and PICs for NLIS for sheep and goats20
AMPS201Package product using thermoform process40
AMPA3073Perform process monitoring for Meat Hygiene Assessment20
AMPA3025Perform brisket cuts40
AMPA2040Operate frenching machine10
AMPX217Package product using gas flushing process20
AMPA3082Operate batch cooker80
AMPA2030Operate pneumatic cutter10
AMPS310Operate link and tie machinery30
AMPA2036Operate sterivac equipment20
AMPA2136Overview fellmongering operations20
AMPA2158Operate hogger40
AMPX207Vacuum pack product50
AMPA2007Identify animals using electronic systems20
AMPA2115Separate offal20
AMPA3028Perform midline cuts40
AMPA3033Bed dress carcase160
AMPA2107Process maws20
AMPA2138Prepare chemicals for fellmongering process30
AMPA3026Perform rumping cuts40
AMPA3118Monitor pH and temperature decline20
AMPA3008Seal bung20
AMPS307Sort meat70
AMPS210Inspect carton meat10
AMPA2112Complete re-pack operation40
AMPX204Maintain production records100
AMPS315Blend meat product60
AMPA2069Assemble and prepare cartons20
AMPX216Operate mincer20
AMPA3106Manage NLIS for direct purchase of sheep or goats20
AMPX215Operate tenderiser10
AMPA3105Manage NLIS for direct purchase of stock identified with an RFID20
AMPA3066Slice small stock carcase - middle100
AMPG301Operate a game harvesting vehicle30
AMPA2116Trim offal fat10
AMPA2111Locate storage areas and product20
AMPA3101Overview of the NLIS for sheep and goats40
AMPA3032Remove pelt manually60
AMPA2073Operate carton scales20
AMPA2162Pack and despatch rendered products40
AMPA2117Separate and tie runners10
AMPA3046Undertake retain rail operations20
AMPA3109Manage, report and upload NLIS slaughter data from RFIDs40
AMPS313Prepare product formulations30
AMPA3049Slice and trim leg - small stock100
AMPX203Operate scales and semi-automatic labelling machinery80
AMPA3111Conduct start up procedures and preoperational checks on slaughter floor NLIS data equipment20
AMPA2004Assess, purchase and transport calves40
AMPG305Store wild game carcases30
AMPA3092Grade beef carcases using Meat Standards Australia standards30
AMPA2050Operate jaw breaker10
AMPA2063Measure fat20
AMPA2015Number carcase and head10
AMPX205Clean chillers20
AMPA2102Recover mountain chain30
AMPA2065Wash carcase10
AMPA3007Ring bung40
AMPA2139Operate wool drier and press30
AMPA3047Prepare and present viscera for inspection20
AMPX311Monitor production of packaged product to customer specifications20
AMPA3013Make second leg opening cuts30
AMPA2146Perform skin fleshing operation30
AMPA2171Clean carcase hanging equipment40
AMPA2159Operate blow line40
AMPA3121Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Bovine120
AMPA3120Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Ovine and Caprine120
AMPA3020Bone neck30
AMPA3107Manage NLIS data for saleyard purchase of livestock20
AMPA3093Use standard product descriptions - sheep and goats20
AMPA2076Operate automatic CL determination machine20
AMPA2147Skirt and weigh fellmongered wool20
AMPA2084Remove cheek meat20
AMPA3072Perform carcase Meat Hygiene Assessment20
AMPA2148Operate wool puller30
AMPA3009Split carcase40
AMPA2080Assess dentition10
AMPA3113Prepare a kill sheet20
AMPA3012Make first leg opening cuts40
AMPS314Ferment and mature product35
AMPA2160Operate meat meal mill40
AMPA2104Trim processed tripe20
AMPA3085Operate wet rendering process100
AMPA3021Perform 'Y' cut20
AMPA2081Drop tongue10
AMPS312Prepare meat-based pates and terrines for commercial sale30
AMPA2083Bone head40
AMPA2026Operate whizzard knife20
AMPA2047Inspect hindquarter and remove contamination20
AMPS304Thaw product - water20
AMPA3027Perform rosette cuts40
AMPA3087Operate tallow processing plant60
AMPX218Operate metal detection unit10
AMPA2177Handle working dogs in stock yards30
AMPA3089Produce rendered products hygienically60
AMPA2151Eviscerate condemned carcase20
AMPA2135Crop pelts20
AMPA2024Flush carcase20
AMPA2022Singe carcase10
AMPA2152Process paunch40
AMPA3031Operate hide puller60
AMPA2161Operate waste recovery systems30
AMPA2130Salt hide or skin40
AMPX302Cure and corn product20
AMPA3125Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Camels120
AMPA2103Further process tripe30
AMPA2061Weigh carcase20
AMPX301Assess product in chillers80
AMPA3095Use standard product descriptions - pork20
AMPA3081Perform offal Meat Hygiene Assessment20
AMPA2014Trim pig pre evisceration40
AMPA3102Overview of the NLIS program utilising RFIDs30
AMPA3054Break carcase using a bandsaw150
AMPA2006Apply animal welfare and handling requirements40
AMPA2043Operate head splitter10
AMPS206Manually shape and form product30
AMPA3110Manage, report and upload mob based NLIS data for sheep and goats30
AMPA2008Shackle animal20
AMPA2066Operate a decontamination unit10
AMPA3128Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Rabbits120
AMPG306Use firearms to harvest wild game30
AMPA3002Handle animals humanely while conducting ante-mortem inspection20
AMPA2068Inspect meat for defects40
AMPA2064Label and stamp carcase20
AMPS212Measure and calculate routine workplace data20
AMPA3050Bone large stock carcase - forequarter150
AMPA2086Process thick skirts10
AMPA3005Rod weasand20
AMPA2070Identify cuts and specifications60
AMPA2157Overview rendering process20
AMPA3061Operate leg boning machine100
AMPX308Follow and implement an established work plan10
AMPS101Handle materials and products30
AMPA2154Process pet meat40
AMPA2048Inspect forequarter and remove contamination20
AMPA2046Trim hindquarter to specification20
AMPA3100Perform manual chemical lean testing20
AMPA2156Process blood20
AMPG304Receive and inspect wild game carcases at a processing plant30
AMPA2126Remove flares10
AMPA2174Clean after operations - boning room40
AMPA3133Manage NLIS data for pigs in lairage20
AMPA3132Perform ante and post-mortem inspection - Alpacas or Llamas120
AMPA2000Prepare animals for slaughter40
AMPA2027Operate rise and fall platform10
AMPR318Break carcase for retail sale40
AMPA2031Operate circular saw10
AMPA3131Identify and report emergency diseases of food animals20
AMPS301Cook, steam and cool product20
AMPA3063Bone small stock carcase - shoulder100
AMPA3041Eviscerate wild game animal carcase40
AMPA2150Skin condemned carcase40
AMPA2108Loadout meat product40
AMPS205Select, identify and prepare casings20
AMPA2075Operate carton forming machine20
AMPA2002Restrain animal10
AMPA2071Pack meat products60
AMPA3053Slice and trim large stock hindquarter150
AMPA2017Remove brisket wool10
AMPA2072Operate carton sealing machine20
AMPA3004Monitor the effective operations of electrical stimulation20
AHCLSK218Ride educated horses to carry out basic stock work50
FBPOPR2002Inspect and sort materials and product30
FBPOPR2053Operate a washing and drying process30
FBPOPR2054Operate a water purification process40
FBPOPR2027Dispense non-bulk ingredients30
FBPOPR2051Operate a spreads production process50
FBPOPR2043Operate an homogenising process30
FBPOPR2045Operate pumping equipment30
FBPOPR2050Operate a separation process50
FBPOPR2057Operate a membrane process50
FBPFAV3002Program fresh produce grading equipment30
FBPOPR2058Operate a holding and storage process25
AMPP204Harvest edible poultry offal20
AMPP302Debone and fillet poultry product (manually)50
AMPP202Operate a poultry evisceration process50
FBPOPR2038Operate a grinding process30
FBPOPR2029Operate a baking process50
FBPOPR2048Pre-process raw materials40
AMPP207Operate the bird receival and hanging process30
FBPOPR3001Control contaminants and allergens in the workplace70
FBPOPR2018Operate a case packing process40
FBPOPR3003Identify cultural, religious and dietary considerations for food production40
FBPOPR2022Operate a high speed wrapping process40
AMPP205Operate a poultry marinade injecting process30
AMPP203Grade poultry carcase30
FBPOPR2010Work with temperature controlled stock30
AMPP208Operate a poultry stunning, killing and defeathering process50
FBPOPR2033Operate a depositing process50
FBPOPR2020Operate a form, fill and seal process50
FBPOPR2046Operate a production process50
FBPOPR2040Operate a heat treatment process50
FBPOPR2001Work effectively in the food processing industry30
AMPP301Operate a poultry carcase delivery system50
FBPOPR2044Operate a retort process50
AMPP201Operate a poultry dicing, stripping or mincing process30
FBPOPR3002Prepare food products using basic cooking methods50
FBPOPR2042Operate a drying process50
FBPOPR2039Operate a frying process50
FBPOPR2059Operate a continuous freezing process50
FBPPPL3002Establish compliance requirements for work area50
FBPOPR2031Operate a coating application process40
AMPP206Operate a poultry washing and chilling process40
FBPOPR2041Operate a mixing or blending and cooking process50
FBPOPR2037Operate a filtration process50
FBPOPR2028Operate a mixing or blending process40
FBPOPR2014Participate in sensory analyses40
FBPOPR2049Operate a reduction process30
FBPOPR2019Fill and close product in cans50
FBPOPR2012Maintain food safety when loading, unloading and transporting food40
FBPFAV3001Conduct chemical wash for fresh produce40
FBPOPR2021Operate a fill and seal process50
FBPOPR2036Operate an extrusion process50
FBPOPR2035Operate an enrobing process40
FBPOPR2023Operate a packaging process40
FBPOPR2056Operate a freezing process50
FBPOPR2060Operate an automated cutting process30
FBPOPR2007Work in a freezer storage area20
FBPPPL3001Support and mentor individuals and groups30
FBPOPR2034Operate an evaporation process50
FBPOPR2052Operate a chocolate tempering process40
FBPOPR2026Operate a forming or shaping process50
FBPOPR2047Operate a portion saw40
AMPX312Calculate carcase yield in a boning room40
AMPA413Review or develop an Emergency Animal Disease Response Plan40
AMPA3136Monitor welfare of stock during out-of-hours receival10
AMPA2078Inspect meat for defects in a packing room40