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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

CSC Correctional Services Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
PSPSEC502ADevelop security risk management plans40
PSPSEC503AImplement and monitor security risk management plans50
PSPHR615AManage human resource development strategies40
PSPMNGT602BManage resources60
PSPMNGT615AInfluence workforce effectiveness60
PSPOHS301AContribute to workplace safety30
PSPOHS501AMonitor and maintain workplace safety40
PSPOHS601BEstablish and maintain a workplace safety system40
PSPPOL501ADevelop organisation policy60
PSPPM501BDesign complex projects80
PSPPM502BManage complex projects80
PSPPM503BClose complex projects80
PSPREG501BConduct prosecutions80
PSPGOV208AWrite routine workplace materials30
PSPGOV301BWork effectively in the organisation20
PSPGOV308BWork effectively with diversity30
PSPGOV312AUse workplace communication strategies30
PSPGOV414AProvide workplace mentoring40
PSPGOV416AMonitor performance and provide feedback40
PSPGOV505APromote diversity50
PSPGOV509AConduct evaluations50
PSPGOV519AManage performance50
PSPGOV606APrepare high-level/sensitive written materials50
MSAPMOHS216AOperate breathing apparatus20
CPPSEC3012AStore and protect information10
CPPSEC3019AOperate specialised security equipment10
CPPSEC3020AMonitor security from control room40
CPPSEC3021AMaintain and use security database16
PUACOM004BManage organisational communication strategies25
PUAEQU001BPrepare, maintain and test response equipment20
PUALAW001BProtect and preserve incident scene20
CHCCM401DUndertake case management20
CHCDFV301ARecognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV402CManage own professional development in responding to domestic and family violence50
CHCGROUP403DPlan and conduct group activities50
MSL954001AObtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan40
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
PSPPROC506APlan to manage a contract50
PSPPROC607AManage strategic contracts50
TLIC1051AOperate commercial vehicle30
TLIF2010AApply fatigue management strategies30
CHCYTH301EWork effectively with young people40
CPPFES2005ADemonstrate first attack firefighting equipment15
CHCCM402EEstablish and monitor a case plan50
CHCCS403CProvide brief intervention75
CHCCS419CProvide support services to clients50
CHCCS521BAssess and respond to individuals at risk of suicide110
CHCDIS301CWork effectively with people with a disability50
CHCMH301CWork effectively in mental health50
PUAEMR026Treat operational risk25
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
HLTAID005Provide first aid in remote situations24
HLTAID001Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation4
HLTAID007Provide advanced resuscitation14
HLTAID002Provide basic emergency life support12
HLTAID008Manage first aid services and resources16
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
BSBMGT516Facilitate continuous improvement60
BSBWOR501Manage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBWOR404Develop work priorities40
BSBHRM405Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff50
BSBMGT617Develop and implement a business plan60
BSBSUS201Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBLED501Develop a workplace learning environment60
BSBRSK401Identify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBSUS501Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBINM501Manage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBSUS301Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBLDR402Lead effective workplace relationships50
BSBPMG522Undertake project work60
CSCOFM021Plan and review services to offenders60
CSCORG015Represent and promote the organisation40
CSCINT005Support group activities20
CSCINT008Coordinate intervention strategies for offenders50
CSCOFM016Provide support to offenders in Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities30
CSCINT003Assist offenders to change drug and alcohol use70
CSCSAS006Respond to medical emergencies40
CSCORG005Conduct interviews15
CSCORG007Contribute to work unit planning30
CSCORG017Coordinate the implementation of change40
CSCOFM020Coordinate offender management processes60
CSCTRA002Operate security vehicles10
CSCDOG004Select dogs30
CSCSAS001Maintain security40
CSCSAS016Provide emergency response to dangerous incidents40
CSCORG012Manage activities to meet client requirements40
CSCSAS013Manage conflict through negotiation20
CSCDOG007Train dogs in agility work100
CSCSAS007Operate central monitoring station60
CSCOFM008Supervise offenders30
CSCORG026Establish strategic guidance for correctional services60
CSCORG002Communicate effectively30
CSCWHS001Use safe work practices10
CSCOFM004Protect the safety and welfare of vulnerable offenders20
CSCOFM017Supervise community work programs60
CSCSAS012Supervise attendance at court25
CSCOFM003Maintain the health, safety and welfare of offenders20
CSCORG011Establish and maintain networks30
CSCINT007Use group processes to address offending behaviour40
CSCTRA001Maintain security during escort30
CSCINT002Assist offenders to change behaviour40
CSCDOG001Manage dogs for security purposes30
CSCOFM010Support offender to maintain positive relationships30
CSCORG008Gather and report complex information20
CSCDOG003Prepare stimulus aids for use with dogs30
CSCORG022Manage effective workplace relationships50
CSCORG027Research issues of concern in correctional services50
CSCOFM014Supervise female offenders30
CSCORG014Use information to make critical decisions40
CSCTRA003Navigate transport20
CSCORG021Determine the effective use of financial resources25
CSCORG018Manage a work unit40
CSCSAS020Manage security40
CSCDOG002Maintain the health and welfare of dogs30
CSCINT004Assess offender risks and needs50
CSCINT006Use therapeutic processes in groups to address offending behaviour60
CSCSAS003Maintain the security of premises10
CSCOFM013Provide responsible care to people with a mental health problem and/or condition30
CSCORG009Report to a formal inquiry15
CSCSAS009Control incidents using defensive tactics100
CSCSAS002Screen access to and exit from premises30
CSCOFM015Implement planned approach to offender management50
CSCORG023Provide leadership in justice services30
CSCORG013Coordinate a work team40
CSCSAS010Conduct searches30
CSCTRA004Plan and monitor escorts30
CSCOFM002Monitor people in care or custody20
CSCORG003Prepare reports10
CSCORG024Plan and implement changes in justice services50
CSCSAS017Use firearms120
CSCSAS005Contain incidents that jeopardise safety and security30
CSCORG025Manage the delivery of a quality correctional service60
CSCSAS008Maintain security system30
CSCORG019Manage teamwork through delegations20
CSCSAS015Manage threatening behaviour20
CSCSAS021Participate in incident briefing, debriefing and analysis40
CSCSAS011Monitor control room operations80
CSCOFM023Establish offender management practices60
CSCORG001Contribute to achieving the goals of the organisation20
CSCOFM005Protect the safety and welfare of Aboriginal and Torres Strait offenders30
CSCITL001Manage human sources60
CSCORG006Work effectively with culturally diverse offenders and colleagues30
CSCDOG005Train detector dogs100
CSCORG020Manage projects in justice and offender services40
CSCOFM007Protect the safety and welfare of young offenders40
CSCORG004Prepare reports for justice agencies20
CSCDOG006Train dogs for response and control100
CSCSAS014Monitor and review security systems40
CSCOFM022Supervise offender management practices60
CSCOFM019Manage complex supervision40
CSCOFM006Respond to offenders influenced by drugs or alcohol30
CSCOFM011Promote cooperative behaviour30
CSCOFM018Provide guidance and counsel60
CSCOFM009Supervise offenders in the community50
CSCSAS018Plan responses to incidents that jeopardise safety and security50
CSCOFM012Process offender induction40
CSCITL003Produce and review standard intelligence products60
CSCSAS019Determine response to security risks30
CSCOFM001Support offender services30
CSCWHS002Supervise occupational health and safety practices20
CSCITL002Analyse information60
CSCORG010Organise and chair meetings30
CSCSAS004Maintain security of the environment10
CSCINT001Negotiate behaviour change40
CSCORG016Coordinate resource allocation and usage40