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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

BSB Business Services Training Package

Updated: 25 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
PUAWER001BIdentify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations2
PUAWER002BEnsure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented8
PUAWER003BManage and monitor workplace emergency procedures, equipment and other resources28
PUAWER004BRespond to workplace emergencies2
CPPWMT3044AIdentify wastes and hazards15
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
HLTAID005Provide first aid in remote situations24
CUAIND301Work effectively in the creative arts industry50
FNSFLT201Develop and use a personal budget20
BSBPUB401Develop and apply knowledge of public relations industry80
BSBDES801Research and apply design theory40
BSBMGT407Apply digital solutions to work processes50
BSBADM503Plan and manage conferences30
BSBREL403Implement international client relationship strategies30
BSBIPR404Protect and use innovative designs40
BSBCRT101Apply critical thinking techniques20
BSBCUE405Survey stakeholders to gather and record information40
BSBCUE503Manage data interrogation60
BSBINN301Promote innovation in a team environment40
BSBHRM509Manage rehabilitation or return to work programs50
BSBMKG511Analyse data from international markets50
BSBRKG304Maintain business records30
BSBRKG404Monitor and maintain records in an online environment50
BSBIPR501Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business60
BSBSMB401Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBMKG410Test direct marketing activities30
BSBWHS505Investigate WHS incidents50
ICTICT203Operate application software packages60
BSBADV603Manage advertising production70
BSBITU401Design and develop complex text documents100
BSBPMG607Direct communications management of a project program40
BSBWHS601Apply legislative frameworks for WHS40
BSBREL502Build international business networks50
BSBMKG506Plan market research50
BSBCUE203Conduct customer engagement100
BSBMGT616Develop and implement strategic plans80
BSBPMG610Enable program execution50
BSBSLS408Present, secure and support sales solutions60
BSBCUE305Process credit applications40
BSBLDR504Implement diversity in the workplace 60
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
BSBPMG807Manage portfolio resources90
BSBFIA501Report on finances related to international business70
FNSORG601Negotiate to achieve goals and manage disputes50
BSBHRM511Manage expatriate staff60
BSBSMB407Manage a small team40
BSBATSIC511Plan and conduct a community meeting60
BSBCUE501Develop business continuity strategy120
FNSPRM603Grow the practice60
BSBCOM503Develop processes for the management of breaches in compliance requirements30
BSBHRM512Develop and manage performance management processes60
BSBMGT516Facilitate continuous improvement60
BSBPUB501Manage the public relations publication process45
BSBATSIM511Develop enterprise opportunities70
BSBFRA504Manage relationships with franchisees50
BSBCOM501Identify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBMKG611Manage measurement of marketing effectiveness50
BSBWHS602Facilitate WHS activities50
BSBHRM513Manage workforce planning60
BSBWHS405Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS management systems50
BSBITB801Implement advanced electronic technologies80
BSBIND201Work effectively in a business environment30
ICTICT606Develop communities of practice30
BSBMED301Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately60
BSBWHS305Contribute to WHS issue resolution30
BSBCOM406Conduct work within a compliance framework30
BSBCUE605Develop and maintain a customer engagement marketing strategy80
BSBMED401Manage patient recordkeeping system50
BSBDES202Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context30
BSBCMM201Communicate in the workplace40
BSBADV407Apply media analysis and processing tools50
BSBINN201Contribute to workplace innovation35
BSBHRM404Review human resource functions50
BSBINT407Prepare business advice on export Free-on-Board Value30
BSBPUB502Develop and manage complex public relations campaigns50
BSBWRT301Write simple documents30
BSBDIV601Develop and implement diversity policy70
BSBMGT518Develop organisation policy60
BSBATSIL510Appoint and work with a manager50
BSBFLM305Support operational plan40
BSBADM101Use business equipment and resources15
BSBMKG415Research international markets50
BSBATSIM514Recruit and induct staff30
ICTICT103Use, communicate and search securely on the internet50
BSBADM407Administer projects40
FNSSAM301Identify opportunities for cross-selling products and services25
BSBSMB307Set up information and communications technology for the micro business20
BSBINM303Handle receipt and despatch of information15
BSBDES601Manage design realisation50
BSBLED804Review enterprise e-learning systems and solutions implementation80
BSBLEG305Use legal terminology in order to carry out tasks40
BSBRKG502Manage and monitor business or records systems40
BSBFLM314Mentor others in the workplace to support their language, literacy and numeracy skill development30
BSBWOR502Lead and manage team effectiveness60
BSBWOR501Manage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBCRT601Research and apply concepts and theories of creativity65
BSBLEG513Apply legal principles in corporation law matters60
BSBCUS501Manage quality customer service40
BSBRSK501Manage risk60
BSBCOM602Develop and create compliance requirements50
BSBLEG308Assist in prioritising and planning activities in a legal practice10
BSBRKG305Review recordkeeping functions20
BSBCUE606Forecast and plan using customer engagement traffic information analysis100
BSBADV507Develop a media plan60
BSBINM202Handle mail15
BSBCUE407Administer customer engagement technology25
BSBDES401Generate design solutions60
BSBPMG518Manage project procurement40
BSBCUS403Implement customer service standards30
BSBMKG608Develop organisational marketing objectives60
BSBEDU303Assist with the provision of international education information30
BSBFRA402Establish a franchise70
BSBWHS407Assist with claims management, rehabilitation and return-to-work programs50
BSBMKG509Implement and monitor direct marketing activities40
BSBMGT803Use financial and economic information for strategic decision making100
BSBMED303Maintain patient records20
BSBCUE301Use multiple information systems40
BSBFLM312Contribute to team effectiveness40
BSBCUE406Run a multicentre50
BSBATSIW515Secure funding40
BSBFRA401Manage compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements60
BSBPMG605Direct quality management of a project program50
BSBLEG511Apply legal principles in criminal law matters60
BSBDES301Explore the use of colour40
BSBEMS403Develop and provide employment management services to candidates40
BSBHRM501Manage human resource services60
BSBAUD504Report on a quality audit60
BSBWOR404Develop work priorities40
BSBMGT619Identify and implement business innovation80
BSBHRM602Manage human resources strategic planning60
BSBWHS201Contribute to health and safety of self and others20
BSBWHS402Assist with compliance with WHS laws40
BSBPMG513Manage project quality40
BSBEBU401Review and maintain a website50
BSBMKG512Forecast international market and business needs50
ICTICT511Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise50
BSBMKG414Undertake marketing activities50
BSBFRA502Manage a franchise operation50
FNSPRM601Establish, supervise and monitor practice systems to conform with legislation and regulations60
BSBMKG519Plan and implement business-to-business marketing50
BSBMKG520Manage compliance within the marketing legislative framework50
BSBINT306Apply knowledge of international finance and insurance to complete work requirements20
BSBADV503Coordinate advertising research50
ICTSAS204Record client support requirements10
BSBFRA505Manage closure of a franchise70
BSBPMG609Direct procurement and contracting for a project program50
BSBDIV301Work effectively with diversity30
BSBPMG515Manage project human resources40
BSBLED503Maintain and enhance professional practice30
BSBLED810Develop human capital80
BSBHRM510Manage mediation processes60
BSBINN501Establish systems that support innovation50
BSBMKG413Promote products and services40
BSBAUD501Initiate a quality audit40
BSBINN601Lead and manage organisational change60
BSBWOR203Work effectively with others15
BSBDES602Research global design trends30
BSBHRM405Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff50
BSBMGT617Develop and implement a business plan60
BSBFRA503Manage establishment of new sites or regions70
BSBPMG615Manage program delivery60
BSBADV406Buy and monitor media40
BSBPMG603Direct time management of a project program40
BSBMGT621Design and manage the enterprise quality management system80
BSBLED808Conduct a career development session50
BSBCUE204Collect data40
BSBDIV501Manage diversity in the workplace60
BSBAUD503Lead a quality audit60
BSBEDU304Assist with the provision of pastoral care services to international students30
BSBMKG607Manage market research50
BSBSMB201Identify suitability for micro business20
BSBEMS404Manage the recruitment process for client organisations60
BSBSUS201Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBATSIM417Implement organisational plans50
BSBADM401Produce complex texts from shorthand notes100
BSBADM307Organise schedules15
BSBMGT623Monitor corporate governance activities50
BSBWHS410Contribute to work-related health and safety measures and initiatives40
BSBREL402Build client relationships and business networks50
BSBLDR804Influence and shape diversity management80
BSBCUE608Manage customer engagement operational costs80
BSBADV404Schedule advertisements40
BSBPMG519Manage project stakeholder engagement40
BSBHRM505Manage remuneration and employee benefits60
BSBMKG409Design direct response offers60
BSBLEG415Apply the principles of contract law60
ICTICT602Develop contracts and manage contracted performance30
BSBLED803Implement improved learning practice60
BSBATSIW416Obtain and manage consultancy services50
FNSORG602Develop and manage financial systems60
BSBSMB403Market the small business50
BSBSMB404Undertake small business planning50
BSBWHS608Assist with applying occupational hygiene to manage WHS risks50
BSBMGT406Plan and monitor continuous improvement50
BSBCMM401Make a presentation30
BSBPMG616Manage program risk60
BSBMKG411Analyse direct marketing databases60
BSBWRK411Support employee and industrial relations procedures50
BSBCOM502Evaluate and review compliance25
BSBATSIM505Control organisational finances60
BSBINN801Lead innovative thinking and practice80
BSBATSIM416Oversee organisational planning60
BSBCUE309Develop product and service knowledge for customer engagement operation30
BSBWHS304Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes30
BSBWHS509Facilitate the development and use of WHS risk management tools40
BSBLEG512Apply legal principles in property law matters60
BSBDES403Develop and extend design skills and practice30
BSBPMG806Manage portfolio communications and change80
BSBADM411Produce complex texts from audio transcription60
BSBMKG523Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan60
BSBPMG417Apply project life cycle management processes40
BSBCOM403Provide education and training on compliance requirements and systems20
BSBITU404Produce complex desktop published documents50
BSBLED805Plan and implement a mentoring program60
BSBFIM501Manage budgets and financial plans70
BSBPMG801Prioritise projects and programs80
BSBCUE502Establish a multicentre60
BSBAUD402Participate in a quality audit40
BSBFRA301Work within a franchise30
BSBCUS201Deliver a service to customers40
BSBMKG508Plan direct marketing activities50
BSBCRT402Collaborate in a creative process40
BSBRKG603Prepare a functional analysis for an organisation50
BSBSMB306Plan a home based business25
BSBINT409Plan for international trade50
BSBRKG607Document and monitor the record creating context20
BSBMGT802Lead design and review of enterprise systems70
BSBPUR301Purchase goods and services60
BSBWHS501Ensure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG410Apply project time management techniques40
BSBCOM401Organise and monitor the operation of compliance management system50
BSBINM201Process and maintain workplace information30
BSBWOR403Manage stress in the workplace60
BSBPMG803Manage and review portfolio performance80
BSBINM401Implement workplace information system40
BSBPUB403Develop public relations documents80
BSBPMG606Direct human resources management of a project program40
BSBRKG403Set up a business or records system for a small business40
BSBCOM603Plan and establish compliance management systems50
BSBMGT618Develop an engagement centre business plan60
BSBRKG303Retrieve information from records25
BSBWHS510Contribute to implementing emergency procedures40
BSBINM601Manage knowledge and information80
BSBCNV502Read and interpret a legal document and provide advice80
BSBPMG411Apply project quality management techniques40
BSBATSIL512Be a leader in the community60
BSBPMG511Manage project scope40
BSBPMG412Apply project cost management techniques40
FNSCUS501Develop and nurture relationships with clients, other professionals and third party referrers50
BSBWHS408Assist with effective WHS management of contractors30
BSBMKG521Plan and implement sponsorship and event marketing40
BSBIPR405Protect and use intangible assets in small business50
BSBCRT501Originate and develop concepts30
BSBLEG302Carry out search of the public record25
BSBCUE601Optimise customer engagement operations60
BSBPRO401Develop product knowledge30
BSBDES402Interpret and respond to a design brief20
BSBFLM306Provide workplace information and resourcing plans40
BSBSMB305Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business45
BSBADM406Organise business travel20
BSBMGT502Manage people performance70
BSBATSIW417Select and use technology30
BSBATSIW514Represent your organisation40
BSBCNV505Finalise the conveyancing transaction30
BSBWHS504Manage WHS risks50
BSBDES502Establish, negotiate and refine a design brief65
BSBMKG513Promote products and services to international markets70
BSBHRM506Manage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBPMG416Apply project procurement procedures40
BSBLED501Develop a workplace learning environment60
BSBMGT624Develop and implement corporate social responsibility50
BSBHRM502Manage human resource management information systems60
BSBSMB301Investigate micro business opportunities30
BSBADV403Monitor advertising production50
BSBMED302Prepare and process medical accounts30
BSBHRM604Manage employee relations60
BSBCUE302Deploy customer service field staff30
BSBCUE303Conduct a telemarketing campaign40
BSBPMG414Apply project information management and communications techniques40
BSBMKG510Plan e-marketing communications20
BSBSMB302Develop a micro business proposal30
BSBFIA302Process payroll30
BSBWRT501Write persuasive copy50
BSBWRK409Prepare for and participate in dispute resolution40
BSBLDR502Lead and manage effective workplace relationships50
BSBLED502Manage programs that promote personal effectiveness60
FNSPRM602Improve the practice60
BSBHRM507Manage separation or termination50
BSBINT302Apply knowledge of legislation relevant to international trade to complete work30
BSBWHS401Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements50
BSBATSIC411Communicate with the community30
BSBLEG510Apply legal principles in family law matters60
BSBIPR601Develop and implement strategies for intellectual property management70
BSBSMB410Review and implement energy efficiency in business operations45
BSBDES302Explore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms50
BSBPMG808Manage portfolio risk60
BSBDES304Source and apply design industry knowledge20
BSBRKG401Review the status of a record20
BSBFIM601Manage finances80
BSBPMG802Select and balance the portfolio100
BSBATSIM419Contribute to the development and implementation of organisational policies40
BSBEMS401Develop and implement business development strategies to expand client base50
BSBCOM404Promote and liaise on compliance requirements, systems and related issues30
BSBMED305Apply the principles of confidentiality, privacy and security within the medical environment20
BSBWHS506Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining WHS management systems50
BSBMGT404Lead and facilitate off-site staff40
BSBRKG505Document or reconstruct a business or records system30
BSBWHS404Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control60
BSBEBU502Implement e-business solutions50
BSBLEG416Apply the principles of the law of torts60
BSBINT401Research international business opportunities20
BSBATSIL503Manage conflict60
BSBSLS502Lead and manage a sales team60
BSBIPR402Protect and use new inventions and innovations40
BSBHRM403Support performance management process40
BSBPMG804Govern the portfolio100
BSBMKG507Interpret market trends and developments50
BSBCNV504Prepare legal documents80
BSBLED807Establish career development services80
BSBADV405Perform media calculations40
BSBRKG601Define recordkeeping framework30
BSBINT405Apply knowledge of import and export international conventions, laws and finance30
BSBWHS609Advise on the application of safe design principles to control WHS risks40
BSBSMB409Build and maintain relationships with small business stakeholders20
BSBCUS402Address customer needs50
BSBCUE602Manage customer engagement information60
BSBMKG522Plan measurement of marketing effectiveness50
BSBWHS508Manage WHS hazards associated with plant60
BSBPMG602Direct the scope of a project program50
BSBGOV402Work within organisational structure40
BSBLEG418Produce complex legal documents80
BSBATSIL511Lead the organisation's strategic planning cycle80
BSBMKG610Develop, implement and monitor a marketing campaign60
BSBWHS409Assist with workplace monitoring processes60
BSBCOM601Research compliance requirements and issues50
BSBPMG409Apply project scope management techniques40
BSBEDU305Assist with international education events and programs50
BSBMKG501Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBPMG415Apply project risk management techniques40
BSBADM502Manage meetings30
BSBPMG601Direct the integration of projects70
BSBATSIL408Manage a board meeting40
BSBFRA403Manage relationship with franchisor30
BSBRES801Initiate and lead applied research150
BSBCUE205Prepare for work in a customer engagement environment30
BSBRSK401Identify risk and apply risk management processes50
ICTSAS305Provide ICT advice to clients40
BSBADM301Produce texts from shorthand notes140
BSBLEG514Assist with civil procedure60
BSBWHS603Implement WHS risk management50
BSBMGT520Plan and manage the flexible workforce60
BSBSLS501Develop a sales plan70
BSBIND301Work effectively in an educational environment40
BSBRKG302Undertake disposal30
BSBSMB308Improve energy efficiency in micro or small business operations35
BSBADV509Create mass print media advertisements30
BSBSMB402Plan small business finances50
BSBFLM309Support continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBATSIC412Maintain and protect cultural values in the organisation60
BSBPRO301Recommend products and services20
BSBLED806Plan and implement a coaching strategy60
BSBPMG805Lead the portfolio60
BSBADV408Review advertising media options40
BSBPUB503Manage fundraising and sponsorship activities50
BSBCNV506Establish and manage a trust account60
BSBMKG401Profile the market50
BSBEMS402Develop and implement strategies to source and assess candidates50
BSBSUS501Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBADM409Coordinate business resources30
BSBSLS407Identify and plan sales prospects60
BSBADM311Maintain business resources15
BSBRKG604Determine security and access rules and procedures20
BSBCUE304Provide sales solutions to customers40
BSBCUE306Process complex accounts40
ICTICT209Interact with ICT clients20
BSBIPR401Use and respect copyright50
BSBITU309Produce desktop published documents50
BSBADM506Manage business document design and development80
BSBPMG413Apply project human resources management approaches40
BSBFLM313Apply language, literacy and numeracy to support others in the workplace30
BSBCUS301Deliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBLDR805Lead and influence change80
BSBLEG301Apply knowledge of the legal system to complete tasks80
BSBMKG514Implement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBINT304Assist in the international transfer of services20
BSBDIV803Develop cross cultural communication and negotiation strategies80
BSBCOM402Implement processes for the management of a breach in compliance requirements20
BSBMGT622Manage resources80
BSBMKG416Market goods and services internationally70
BSBCNV501Take instructions in relation to a transaction120
BSBWOR302Work effectively as an off-site worker25
BSBRKG506Develop and maintain terminology and classification schemes30
BSBINM501Manage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBIND302Work effectively in the international education services industry50
BSBMGT401Show leadership in the workplace50
BSBFRA501Establish a franchise operation120
BSBADM405Organise meetings20
BSBRKG606Design a records retention and disposal schedule40
BSBWHS503Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk40
BSBCUE603Design and launch new customer engagement facilities80
BSBPUB402Develop public relations campaigns50
BSBSMB304Determine resource requirements for the micro business30
BSBADV602Develop an advertising campaign60
BSBATSIL412Participate effectively as a board member35
BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development30
BSBMKG605Evaluate international marketing opportunities60
BSBITU402Develop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBWHS302Apply knowledge of WHS legislation in the workplace20
BSBLEG304Apply the principles of confidentiality and security within the legal environment20
BSBSMB408Manage personal, family, cultural and business obligations30
BSBMKG606Manage international marketing programs50
BSBWOR202Organise and complete daily work activities20
BSBMGT403Implement continuous improvement40
BSBMKG502Establish and adjust the marketing mix60
BSBRES502Research legal information using secondary sources40
BSBDES501Implement design solutions60
BSBMKG609Develop a marketing plan50
BSBLED301Undertake e-learning30
BSBGOV403Analyse financial reports and budgets50
BSBIPR403Protect and use brands and business identity40
BSBLEG413Identify and apply the legal framework60
BSBINT305Prepare business documents for the international trade of goods40
BSBMGT605Provide leadership across the organisation60
BSBSMB303Organise finances for the micro business50
BSBFLM303Contribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBCON801Establish and review the business continuity management framework and strategies80
BSBLEG306Maintain records for time and disbursements in a legal practice40
BSBRES404Research legal information using primary sources40
BSBPMG418Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques40
BSBRKG608Plan management of records over time20
BSBLDR402Lead effective workplace relationships50
BSBLED101Plan skills development20
BSBEDU301Assist with monitoring compliance in international education services50
BSBITU306Design and produce business documents80
BSBINM301Organise workplace information30
BSBLDR801Lead personal and strategic transformation80
BSBPMG516Manage project information and communication40
BSBLEG515Apply legal principles in wills and probate matters60
BSBATSIM418Oversee financial management50
BSBCRT401Articulate, present and debate ideas40
BSBINT301Apply knowledge of the international trade environment to complete work35
BSBMKG518Plan and implement services marketing50
BSBRKG402Provide information from and about records20
BSBCUE307Work effectively in customer engagement30
BSBGOV401Implement board member responsibilities60
BSBCON601Develop and maintain business continuity plans60
FNSFLT203Develop knowledge of debt and consumer credit25
BSBLEG414Establish and maintain a file in legal services50
BSBLEG403Maintain trust accounts50
BSBPMG522Undertake project work60
BSBMGT402Implement operational plan40
BSBPMG604Direct cost management of a project program50
BSBINT303Organise the importing and exporting of goods40
BSBFIA301Maintain financial records60
BSBRKG605Determine records requirements to document a function40
BSBMGT405Provide personal leadership50
BSBPMG517Manage project risk40
BSBMGT517Manage operational plan70
BSBCRT301Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills40
BSBMKG412Conduct e-marketing communications30
BSBLDR404Lead a diverse workforce50
BSBPMG512Manage project time40
BSBDES305Source and apply information on the history and theory of design65
BSBCRT403Explore the history and social impact of creativity50
BSBATSIM506Develop employment policies40
BSBMGT801Direct the development of a knowledge management strategy for a business80
BSBMKG515Conduct a marketing audit40
BSBLEG303Deliver court documentation10
BSBCUE504Integrate customer engagement within the organisation60
BSBFIA304Maintain a general ledger60
BSBCMM301Process customer complaints30
BSBPMG521Manage project integration60
BSBCON401Work effectively in a business continuity context40
BSBIPR301Comply with organisational requirements for protection and use of intellectual property40
BSBLDR802Lead the strategic planning process for an organisation100
BSBWHS604Evaluate the WHS performance of organisations50
BSBCMM402Implement effective communication strategies40
BSBFLM311Support a workplace learning environment40
BSBATSIL413Review and apply the constitution40
BSBATSIM412Implement a businesslike approach30
BSBDIV802Conduct strategic planning for diversity learning practices80
BSBCUE604Develop and maintain a service level strategy80
BSBPMG617Provide leadership for the program70
BSBSMB411Manage specialist external advisory services60
BSBADM302Produce texts from notes60
BSBFIM502Manage payroll30
BSBLED802Lead learning strategy implementation80
BSBADM303Produce texts from audio transcription30
BSBWHS406Assist with responding to incidents40
BSBLDR806Lead and influence ethical practice80
BSBCMM501Develop and nurture relationships40
BSBCUE308Conduct outbound customer engagement40
BSBEDU302Assist in resolution of issues and incidents in an international education environment50
BSBCUE403Schedule customer engagement activity35
BSBWHS303Participate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control50
ICTICT515Verify client business requirements40
BSBADV402Conduct pre-campaign testing50
BSBADV510Create mass electronic media advertisements50
BSBWHS301Maintain workplace safety40
BSBATSIM421Support a positive and culturally appropriate workplace culture50
BSBLEG417Apply the principles of evidence law60
BSBDIV801Conduct strategic diversity workforce planning80
BSBATSIM420Oversee asset management20
BSBATSIL411Undertake the roles and responsibilities of a board member60
BSBMGT608Manage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBWHS605Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems50
FNSSAM402Implement a sales plan50
BSBCOM405Promote compliance with legislation40
BSBCNV503Analyse and interpret legal requirements for a transaction50
BSBWOR204Use business technology20
BSBFRA404Manage a multiple-site franchise70
BSBADV605Evaluate campaign effectiveness60
BSBMKG408Conduct market research60
BSBWHS607Apply ergonomics to manage WHS risks60
BSBWHS606Conduct a WHS audit40
BSBMKG603Manage the marketing process50
BSBMGT615Contribute to organisation development60
BSBWHS502Manage effective WHS consultation and participation processes40
ICTWEB201Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement20
BSBMKG516Profile international markets50
BSBINT408Prepare business advice on the taxes and duties for international trade transactions40
BSBITU307Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy50
BSBLED401Develop teams and individuals40
BSBPMG514Manage project cost40
BSBREL401Establish networks35
BSBDES303Explore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms50
BSBMGT521Plan, implement and review a quality assurance program70
BSBPMG520Manage project governance40
BSBCUE607Manage customer engagement centre staffing80
BSBINN502Build and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBREL501Build international client relationships35
BSBLDR803Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships40
BSBLDR401Communicate effectively as a workplace leader40
BSBMED304Assist in controlling stocks and supplies20
BSBRKG301Control records40
BSBCUS401Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBADV604Execute an advertising campaign70
BSBFIA401Prepare financial reports50
BSBPUB504Develop and implement crisis management plans40
BSBWRT401Write complex documents50
FNSINC401Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry30
BSBATSIM414Oversee the organisation's annual budget40
BSBCNV601Identify and conduct searches60
BSBDES201Follow a design process40
BSBWOR201Manage personal stress in the workplace40
BSBWHS507Contribute to managing WHS information systems50
BSBCMM101Apply basic communication skills40
BSBMKG517Analyse consumer behaviour for specific international markets60
BSBWHS403Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes40
BSBFIM801Manage financial resources80
BSBCUE404Collect, analyse and record information40
BSBMGT519Incorporate digital solutions into plans and practices60
BSBLED809Identify and communicate trends in career development60
BSBINM302Utilise a knowledge management system50
BSBFIA303Process accounts payable and receivable30
BSBADM504Plan and implement administrative systems50
ICPPRP397Transfer digital files40
ICPDMT321Capture a digital image40
ICPPRN386Troubleshoot digital media80
FNSORG501Develop and manage a budget80
ICTWEB420Write content for web pages30
ICTWEB417Integrate social web technologies40
ICTICT104Use digital devices30
FNSPIM412Participate in formal communication processes
ICTWEB418Use development software and ICT tools to build a basic website20
ICPDMT322Edit a digital image40
ICTGAM504Manage interactive media production40
ICPPRP422Digitise complex images for reproduction80
ICTICT204Operate a digital media technology package40
ICTICT308Use advanced features of computer applications40
ICTSAS410Identify and resolve client ICT problems40
ICPPRP322Digitise images for reproduction50
FNSCMP501Comply with financial services legislation80
CHCADV001Facilitate the interests and rights of clients100
CHCDIV001Work with diverse people40
CHCCCS007Develop and implement service programs100
CHCLLN001Respond to client language, literacy and numeracy needs45
CHCINM001Meet statutory and organisation information requirements110
CHCVOL003Recruit, induct and support volunteers70
CHCPRP001Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships80
SISXFAC003Implement facility maintenance programs7
TLIE4006Collect, analyse and present workplace data and information30
MSMENV472Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBLIB603Contribute to collection management50
BSBLIB302Develop and apply knowledge of archives40
CUAEVP402Design and develop interpretive displays30
BSBLIB511Research and analyse information to meet customer needs80
BSBLIB501Manage lending and borrowing processes for collections20
CUAWRT401Edit texts30
CUAEVP401Present information on activities, events and public programs50
BSBLIB508Analyse and describe information resources30
CUAFIM401Obtain revenue to support operations30
BSBLIB404Use integrated library management systems30
BSBMKG421Optimise digital media impact50
CUACNM501Assess the significance of collections40
BSBMKG529Manage client account60
CUAATS504Work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural material80
BSBLIB303Provide multimedia support30
CUACNM402Prepare display mounts for collection material40
CUACNM301Move and store collection material40
BSBLIB509Provide subject access and classify material100
BSBGOV506Manage advocacy for your organisation30
BSBLIB507Promote literature and reading50
BSBMKG418Develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industry40
BSBGOV502Recruit and coordinate committee members30
BSBMKG420Create digital media user experiences60
BSBLIB605Analyse and describe specialist and complex material60
BSBGOV503Conduct organisational strategic planning80
CUACNM403Work with cultural material30
BSBGOV405Undertake the roles and responsibilities of committee or board members40
CUAPRE401Implement preventive conservation activities60
BSBLIB305Use established cataloguing tools40
BSBLIB301Catalogue objects into collections30
BSBSUS406Identify and apply sustainability rating tools40
BSBLIB405Assist customers to access information40
BSBLIB306Process and maintain information resources30
BSBSMB415Refine and strengthen a small business50
BSBLIB601Research and document collection material50
CUACNM601Manage collection maintenance and preservation procedures30
BSBGOV507Manage board or committee and organisational conflict50
BSBLIB304Develop and use information literacy skills40
CUACNM401Assess the significance of collection objects35
CUAEVP403Install and dismantle exhibition elements20
BSBGOV505Seek and apply for funding opportunities50
BSBLIB510Use and monitor advanced functions of integrated library management systems35
BSBLIB202Process information resource orders40
CUAWRT402Write extended stories40
BSBMKG530Create distributed multiplatform digital advertisements60
BSBGOV504Monitor organisational finances80
BSBLIB502Manage the development of collections60
BSBLIB604Extend own information literacy skills to locate information50
BSBLIB401Record and maintain collection information40
BSBLIB406Obtain information from external and networked sources20
BSBLIB402Consolidate and maintain industry knowledge60
CUAEVP501Coordinate the installation and dismantling of exhibitions20
BSBGOV404Communicate with community stakeholders40
BSBSUS401Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBLIB602Develop and monitor procedures for the movement and storage of collection material50
BSBLIB201Assist with circulation services15
BSBLIB513Monitor compliance with copyright and licence requirements20
BSBLIB503Develop and promote activities, events and public programs60
BSBSUS402Implement an environmental management plan40
CUAEVP201Assist with the staging of public activities and events50
CUAEVP502Develop and implement exhibition interpretive strategies30
BSBLIB506Maintain digital repositories45
BSBMKG528Mine data to identify industry directions70
BSBLIB512Develop and maintain community and stakeholder relationships50
CUAATS301Work effectively in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts industry50
CUADIG303Produce and prepare photo images20
BSBGOV501Review and apply the organisation's constitution30
BSBMKG419Analyse consumer behaviour60
BSBSUS405Assess, monitor and reduce water use40
BSBSMB418Manage compliance for small business60
BSBLIB505Develop disaster management plans30
BSBMKG417Apply marketing communication across a convergent industry70
BSBSUS404Assess, implement, monitor and report on waste management40
BSBSUS403Measure, monitor and reduce carbon emissions40
BSBLIB403Complete a range of cataloguing activities100
BSBLIB504Develop exhibition concepts50
CUAIND202Develop and apply knowledge of information and cultural services organisations45
BSBSMB417Recruit staff50
BSBLIB407Search library and information databases30
SITTGDE005Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities70
SITXCOM002Show social and cultural sensitivity20
SITXMPR001Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials60
SITTGDE010Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments80
SITTGDE006Develop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides100
SITXHRM002Roster staff30
SITXCOM003Provide a briefing or scripted commentary20
SITTGDE001Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous culture100
PSPPCM010Manage procurement risk
PSPPCM009Finalise contracts
PSPGEN049Undertake negotiations
PSPETH003Promote the values and ethos of public service
PSPPCM011Plan to manage a contract
PSPPCM013Make procurement decisions
PSPPCM016Plan and implement strategic sourcing
PSPPCM023Manage strategic contracts
PSPPCM015Conduct and manage coordinated procurement
PSPLEG001Comply with legislation in the public sector
PSPETH002Uphold and support the values and principles of public service
PSPGEN028Provide a quotation
PSPPCY004Support policy implementation
PSPETH001Uphold the values and principles of public service
PSPPCM006Select providers and develop contracts
PSPPCM007Manage contracts
PSPGEN039Develop internal and external networks
PSPGEN021Contribute to conflict management
PSPMGT006Develop a business case60
PSPPCM008Manage contract performance
PSPMGT012Facilitate knowledge management
PSPGEN043Apply government processes
PSPPCM017Plan and implement procurement category management
PSPPCM012Plan for procurement outcomes
PSPGEN067Establish and maintain strategic networks
PSPPCM018Conduct demand and procurement spend analysis
SIRXSLS001Sell to the retail customer20
TAEDEL401Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning30
TAEDEL404Mentor in the workplace30
TAEDES401Design and develop learning programs50
TAETAS501Undertake organisational training needs analysis40
TAELED804Review enterprise e-learning systems and solutions implementation80
TAEDEL301Provide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL402Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
TAELED803Implement improved learning practice60
TAEASS301Contribute to assessment10
CPPDSM4047Implement and monitor procurement process20
CPCCWHS1001Prepare to work safely in the construction industry6
MSS015002Develop strategies for more sustainable use of resources70
AHCSAW302Implement erosion and sediment control measures80
AHCBUS607Implement a monitoring, evaluation and reporting program200
FNSACC311Process financial transactions and extract interim reports60
FNSACC413Make decisions in a legal context60
FNSACC416Set up and operate a computerised accounting system80
BSBITU422Use digital technologies to collaborate in the workplace50
BSBFIA412Report on financial activity30
BSBWOR424Develop a time management plan40
BSBITU314Design and produce spreadsheets35
BSBPRC402Negotiate contracts50
BSBITU111Operate a personal digital device20
BSBMKG536Develop strategies to monetise digital engagement60
BSBPMG622Implement program governance60
BSBPRC505Manage ethical procurement strategy60
BSBITA611Configure and optimise customer contact technology80
BSBPRC403Conduct international procurement60
BSBWRK520Manage employee relations80
BSBITU212Create and use spreadsheets30
BSBITU213Use digital technologies to communicate remotely20
BSBPMG624Engage in collaborative alliances50
BSBITA411Design and develop relational databases60
BSBCRT502Develop critical thinking in others50
BSBPRC504Manage a supply chain60
BSBITU501Conduct data analysis60
BSBITS411Maintain and implement digital technology40
BSBSMB422Plan small business growth40
BSBSMB423Create a digital technology plan for small business50
BSBITB511Establish and maintain a network of digital devices50
BSBMKG534Design effective digital user experiences40
BSBPMG621Facilitate stakeholder engagement40
BSBITU211Produce digital text documents60
BSBWRK311Develop self-awareness30
BSBMKG537Develop a social media engagement plan50
BSBCRT404Apply advanced critical thinking to work processes50
BSBWRK412Contribute to personal development40
BSBLDR511Develop and use emotional intelligence60
BSBMKG535Devise a search engine optimisation strategy50
BSBPRC501Manage procurement strategies60
BSBLDR513Communicate with influence60
BSBPRC503Manage international procurement50
BSBITU311Use simple relational databases30
BSBEBU511Develop and implement an e-business strategy50
BSBPRC401Plan procurement40
BSBSMB421Manage small business finances60
BSBPRC406Conduct e-procurement40
BSBRES411Analyse and present research information40
BSBITU112Develop keyboard skills40
BSBITU315Purchase goods and services online40
BSBPMG623Manage benefits40
BSBITU313Design and produce digital text documents90
BSBITU312Create electronic presentations20
BSBSMB420Evaluate and develop small business operations45
BSBPRC502Manage supplier relationships40
BSBXCM401Apply communication strategies in the workplace50
BSBXTW301Work in a team40
BSBXCM501Lead communication in the workplace50
BSBXDB502Adapt organisations to enhance accessibility for people with disability40
BSBXDB501Support staff members with disability in the workplace40
BSBXDB401Develop and implement recruitment processes that are inclusive of people with disability60
BSBXDB301Respond to the service needs of customers and clients with disability40
BSBXCM301Engage in workplace communication40
BSBXTW401Lead and facilitate a team50