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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

FNS Financial Services Training Package

Updated: 18 Sep 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
FNSFLT201Develop and use a personal budget20
BSBCUE405Survey stakeholders to gather and record information40
BSBINN301Promote innovation in a team environment40
BSBRKG304Maintain business records30
BSBRKG404Monitor and maintain records in an online environment50
BSBSMB401Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBCUE203Conduct customer engagement100
BSBMGT616Develop and implement strategic plans80
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
FNSORG601Negotiate to achieve goals and manage disputes50
BSBSMB407Manage a small team40
FNSPRM603Grow the practice60
BSBCOM503Develop processes for the management of breaches in compliance requirements30
BSBMGT516Facilitate continuous improvement60
BSBCOM501Identify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBCOM406Conduct work within a compliance framework30
BSBWRT301Write simple documents30
BSBFLM305Support operational plan40
FNSSAM301Identify opportunities for cross-selling products and services25
BSBWOR502Lead and manage team effectiveness60
BSBWOR501Manage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBLEG513Apply legal principles in corporation law matters60
BSBCUS501Manage quality customer service40
BSBRSK501Manage risk60
BSBCOM602Develop and create compliance requirements50
BSBCUE407Administer customer engagement technology25
BSBCUS403Implement customer service standards30
BSBCUE301Use multiple information systems40
BSBHRM501Manage human resource services60
BSBWOR404Develop work priorities40
BSBWHS201Contribute to health and safety of self and others20
FNSPRM601Establish, supervise and monitor practice systems to conform with legislation and regulations60
BSBLED503Maintain and enhance professional practice30
BSBINN501Establish systems that support innovation50
BSBINN601Lead and manage organisational change60
BSBWOR203Work effectively with others15
BSBMGT617Develop and implement a business plan60
BSBREL402Build client relationships and business networks50
BSBHRM505Manage remuneration and employee benefits60
BSBLEG415Apply the principles of contract law60
FNSORG602Develop and manage financial systems60
BSBWHS608Assist with applying occupational hygiene to manage WHS risks50
BSBCMM401Make a presentation30
BSBCUE309Develop product and service knowledge for customer engagement operation30
BSBPMG806Manage portfolio communications and change80
BSBFIM501Manage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFRA301Work within a franchise30
BSBMGT802Lead design and review of enterprise systems70
BSBCOM401Organise and monitor the operation of compliance management system50
BSBPMG803Manage and review portfolio performance80
BSBINM401Implement workplace information system40
BSBCOM603Plan and establish compliance management systems50
BSBRKG303Retrieve information from records25
BSBWHS510Contribute to implementing emergency procedures40
BSBINM601Manage knowledge and information80
BSBCNV502Read and interpret a legal document and provide advice80
BSBPMG411Apply project quality management techniques40
BSBPMG412Apply project cost management techniques40
FNSCUS501Develop and nurture relationships with clients, other professionals and third party referrers50
BSBMGT502Manage people performance70
BSBWHS504Manage WHS risks50
BSBHRM506Manage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBHRM604Manage employee relations60
BSBCUE303Conduct a telemarketing campaign40
BSBFIA302Process payroll30
BSBLDR502Lead and manage effective workplace relationships50
FNSPRM602Improve the practice60
BSBHRM507Manage separation or termination50
BSBITS401Maintain business technology40
BSBPMG808Manage portfolio risk60
BSBWHS404Contribute to WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control60
BSBSLS502Lead and manage a sales team60
BSBWHS609Advise on the application of safe design principles to control WHS risks40
BSBSMB409Build and maintain relationships with small business stakeholders20
BSBCUS402Address customer needs50
BSBWHS508Manage WHS hazards associated with plant60
BSBMKG501Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBPMG415Apply project risk management techniques40
BSBADM502Manage meetings30
BSBFRA403Manage relationship with franchisor30
BSBRSK401Identify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBWHS603Implement WHS risk management50
BSBSLS501Develop a sales plan70
BSBSMB402Plan small business finances50
BSBFLM309Support continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBPMG805Lead the portfolio60
BSBCNV506Establish and manage a trust account60
BSBSUS501Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBADM311Maintain business resources15
BSBCUE304Provide sales solutions to customers40
BSBCUS301Deliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBLEG301Apply knowledge of the legal system to complete tasks80
BSBLDR501Develop and use emotional intelligence60
BSBITU304Produce spreadsheets35
BSBCOM402Implement processes for the management of a breach in compliance requirements20
BSBCNV501Take instructions in relation to a transaction120
BSBINM501Manage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBMGT401Show leadership in the workplace50
BSBITU305Conduct online transactions40
BSBADM405Organise meetings20
BSBWHS503Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk40
BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development30
BSBITU402Develop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBMGT403Implement continuous improvement40
BSBGOV403Analyse financial reports and budgets50
BSBLEG413Identify and apply the legal framework60
BSBMGT605Provide leadership across the organisation60
BSBSMB412Introduce cloud computing into business operations50
BSBFLM303Contribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBLDR402Lead effective workplace relationships50
BSBSMB405Monitor and manage small business operations45
BSBITU306Design and produce business documents80
BSBCUE307Work effectively in customer engagement30
FNSFLT203Develop knowledge of debt and consumer credit25
BSBPMG522Undertake project work60
BSBMGT402Implement operational plan40
BSBRES401Analyse and present research information40
BSBFIA301Maintain financial records60
BSBMGT405Provide personal leadership50
BSBPMG517Manage project risk40
BSBMGT517Manage operational plan70
BSBCUE504Integrate customer engagement within the organisation60
BSBFIA304Maintain a general ledger60
BSBCMM301Process customer complaints30
BSBPMG521Manage project integration60
BSBWHS604Evaluate the WHS performance of organisations50
BSBSMB411Manage specialist external advisory services60
BSBFIM502Manage payroll30
BSBWHS303Participate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control50
BSBMGT608Manage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBWHS605Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems50
FNSSAM402Implement a sales plan50
BSBCOM405Promote compliance with legislation40
BSBCNV503Analyse and interpret legal requirements for a transaction50
BSBWOR204Use business technology20
BSBITB501Establish and maintain a workgroup computer network50
BSBWHS607Apply ergonomics to manage WHS risks60
BSBWHS606Conduct a WHS audit40
BSBMGT615Contribute to organisation development60
BSBINN502Build and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBLDR803Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships40
BSBCUS401Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBFIA401Prepare financial reports50
FNSINC401Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry30
BSBWHS507Contribute to managing WHS information systems50
BSBCUE404Collect, analyse and record information40
BSBINM302Utilise a knowledge management system50
FNSSUP303Process superannuation contributions20
FNSPIM304Assess and determine ongoing entitlements60
FNSILF502Underwrite complex medical risks50
FNSCRD301Process applications for credit20
FNSFMB401Prepare loan application on behalf of finance or mortgage broking clients30
FNSILF402Settle policy payments and terminations50
FNSFLT503Promote basic financial literacy skills30
FNSILF504Manage complex life insurance claims50
FNSORG504Monitor and supervise work practices to meet financial services regulatory requirements60
FNSCRD403Manage and recover bad and doubtful debts30
FNSPRT301Establish entitlements to an intestate estate30
FNSASICY503Provide advice in insurance broking50
FNSSMS603Apply legislative and operational requirements to advising in self-managed superannuation funds120
FNSILF507Manage group life insurance policy administration50
FNSSUP301Process superannuation fund payments40
FNSIGN403Estimate jobs140
FNSBNK406Manage customer visits30
FNSSUP401Process complex superannuation benefit or insurance claim40
FNSIBK405Meet industry and legislative guidelines and organisational procedures relating to insurance broking40
FNSTPB507Apply legal principles in commercial law when providing tax (financial) advice services60
FNSIBK607Lead ethical work practices in an insurance brokerage80
FNSISV515Evaluate and report on status of claims portfolio50
FNSILD504Implement and manage the distribution plan50
FNSASICV503Provide advice in derivatives50
FNSMCA301Collect debts40
FNSIBK512Negotiate complex claims settlement for insurance broking client40
FNSRTS304Administer debit card services30
FNSBNK403Provide services in a Business Transaction Centre40
FNSFPL601Provide technical and professional guidance40
FNSPIM407Register policy30
FNSORG507Manage client service and business information120
FNSPIM409Maintain customer relationship25
FNSACC610Develop and implement financial strategies60
FNSRTS307Maintain Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) services10
FNSFPL501Comply with financial planning practice ethical and operational guidelines and regulations50
FNSFLT205Develop knowledge of the Australian financial system and markets40
FNSSMS601Provide advice in self-managed superannuation funds100
FNSIBK403Place client insurances with insurer and confirm insurance cover with clients40
FNSASICU503Provide advice in superannuation50
FNSISV309Settle insurance claims40
FNSMCA303Serve legal process40
FNSASICR503Provide advice in margin lending50
FNSACC601Prepare and administer tax documentation for legal entities80
FNSMCA304Locate subjects15
FNSSUP305Implement member investment instructions40
FNSASICX503Provide advice in life insurance50
FNSORG501Develop and manage a budget80
FNSILF302Process a life insurance application15
FNSIBK513Prepare a submission for new business60
FNSSAM604Establish agreements with intermediaries for product distribution80
FNSCUS601Establish, manage and monitor key relationships50
FNSISV511Settle non-routine and complex claims30
FNSBNK401Coordinate a small business customer portfolio60
FNSBNK404Promote mobile banking services40
FNSFLT501Assist customers to budget and manage own finances40
FNSASIC301Establish client relationship and analyse needs50
FNSCRD501Respond to personal insolvency situations40
FNSCRD503Promote understanding of the role and effective use of consumer credit40
FNSIAD301Provide general advice on financial products and services30
FNSRTS302Handle foreign currency transactions60
FNSPRT302Administer a non-complex estate50
FNSILF506Manage group life insurance claims60
FNSISV516Allocate authorities and guidelines for distribution80
FNSACC609Evaluate financial risk40
FNSFMB402Identify client needs for broking services40
FNSISV506Investigate insurance claims60
FNSSAM501Apply advanced selling techniques to selling of financial products and services50
FNSSUP402Assist in meeting superannuation compliance requirements50
FNSORG505Prepare financial reports to meet statutory requirements40
FNSACC407Produce job costing information40
FNSIGN406Inspect property for saleable items and determine their value35
FNSFMK505Comply with financial services regulation and industry codes of practice80
FNSPIM414Manage personal injury claims60
FNSFMK512Apply knowledge of emissions markets70
FNSISV310Process insurance claims payments20
FNSILA504Negotiate and effect settlement60
FNSISV517Review claims settlement policies and procedures60
FNSISV305Issue insurance cancellation advice10
FNSACC605Implement organisational improvement programs60
FNSIBK603Manage contractual, legislative and code of practice obligations and requirements80
FNSTPB503Apply legal principles in contract and consumer law60
FNSFPL602Determine client requirements and expectations for clients with complex needs50
FNSIBK604Manage a sales plan for insurance broking services80
FNSACM303Process payment documentation10
FNSRTS401Manage credit card services40
FNSFPL506Determine client financial requirements and expectations60
FNSISV401Evaluate risk for new business40
FNSILA501Plan and implement loss investigation150
FNSPIM302Determine claim liability20
FNSPRM604Prepare, supervise and monitor application of practice guidelines
FNSFMK510Prepare trading strategies for clients70
FNSISV508Review and advise on claims costs, policies and procedures60
FNSSUP408Participate in fund review practices50
FNSRSK401Implement risk management strategies40
FNSTPB504Apply legal principles in corporations and trust law60
FNSIBK601Develop guidelines for broking services80
FNSFPL505Review financial plans and provide ongoing service40
FNSSMS401Process self-managed superannuation contribution40
FNSBNK402Align banking products with the needs of small business customers60
FNSACM301Administer financial accounts10
FNSACC606Conduct internal audit40
FNSISV513Provide decisions on legal liability and indemnity of a claim60
FNSPIM503Represent personal injury management agent or insurer at conciliation and review hearings50
FNSORG301Administer fixed asset register50
FNSCUS505Determine client requirements and expectations70
FNSPRT503Assess, allocate and supervise work within the personal trustee sector60
FNSSUP306Terminate superannuation plans40
FNSSUP406Establish and maintain fund or plan70
FNSINC601Apply economic principles to work in the financial services industry60
FNSISV407Use medical terminology in an insurance context35
FNSIBK406Deliver professional insurance broking services40
FNSORG603Establish and prepare operational guidelines in a financial services organisation50
FNSILF406Collect and manage information to facilitate claims assessment30
FNSASICZ503Provide advice in financial planning50
FNSSAM403Prospect for new clients30
FNSCUS503Review business performance50
FNSACC608Evaluate organisation's financial performance60
FNSSUP508Provide effective information to members60
FNSORG401Conduct individual work within a compliance framework40
FNSFLT202Develop and use a savings plan20
FNSFMK509Process transaction documentation60
FNSFLT301Be MoneySmart40
FNSASIC303Provide advice on first home saver account deposit products and non-cash payments50
FNSSAM603Tailor financial products to meet customer needs50
FNSPIM410Collect, assess and use information10
FNSSMS501Invest self-managed superannuation funds assets60
FNSSUP407Assess complex superannuation benefit or insurance claims70
FNSCUS504Manage premium customer relationships60
FNSSUP601Liaise with and support trustees60
FNSISV403Survey potential risk exposure100
FNSFMK402Develop and maintain knowledge of financial markets products40
FNSISV503Undertake post-loss risk management100
FNSPIM401Plan and implement rehabilitation and return to work and health strategies80
FNSFLT505Facilitate customer or employee knowledge of superannuation as an investment tool60
FNSISV512Work with legal teams to resolve complex claims80
FNSSUP302Establish, maintain and process superannuation records30
FNSFPL402Prepare financial plans to set strategies and guidelines50
FNSRSK602Determine and manage risk exposure strategies50
FNSFMK503Advise clients on financial risk60
FNSPRT403Administer a complex estate60
FNSPIM406Develop and maintain knowledge of personal injury management insurance40
FNSISV308Process facultative and treaty reinsurance claims40
FNSIBK302Provide general advice in general insurance broking products and services40
FNSSUP602Manage official complaints procedures and proceedings70
FNSBNK503Provide business advisory services within a financial services context40
FNSACC505Establish and maintain accounting information systems50
FNSIBK404Provide a claims service to an insurance broking client50
FNSIBK402Implement new or renewed insurance program for insurance broking clients40
FNSACC612Implement reconstruction plan70
FNSPIM505Use medical knowledge in the management of personal injury claims40
FNSILF407Settle life insurance claims40
FNSPIM403Educate clients on personal injury management issues60
FNSPRT405Establish powers of attorney or financial administration orders50
FNSBNK405Provide mobile banking sales and services40
FNSSUP502Supervise insurer liaison50
FNSASICL503Provide advice in the regulated emissions market50
FNSACC613Prepare and analyse management accounting information60
FNSSAM601Monitor performance in sales of financial products or services20
FNSSAM503Monitor market opportunities50
FNSIBK514Manage a complex risk portfolio for a broking client80
FNSSUP509Work within a defined benefit fund50
FNSSUP501Supervise complaints procedures50
FNSSAM401Sell financial products and services30
FNSILD503Establish services to provide advice50
FNSFMB501Settle applications and loan arrangements in the finance and mortgage broking industry30
FNSFMK602Hedge financial products70
FNSPIM412Participate in formal communication processes
FNSSUP507Review compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements80
FNSIBK606Manage compliance requirements for an insurance broking business60
FNSFPL606Implement complex and innovative financial plans50
FNSSMS602Consider taxation requirements when advising in self-managed superannuation funds80
FNSIBK401Research, analyse and report information in insurance broking40
FNSSUP503Develop client relationships with employers and establish superannuation systems60
FNSFLT204Develop knowledge of superannuation40
FNSINC602Interpret and use financial statistics and tools60
FNSISV507Implement claim recovery procedures50
FNSISV304Issue insurance renewal advice10
FNSISV505Determine risk rating for investment and insurance products50
FNSMCA302Repossess property40
FNSISV303Issue contract of insurance20
FNSSMS502Manage changes to fund structure50
FNSILF404Process requests for policy alterations and assignments40
FNSPIM408Renew and maintain policy20
FNSACC607Evaluate business performance60
FNSPRT303Administer a non-complex trust50
FNSISV306Receive and record or register a claim20
FNSSUP603Integrate investment strategy with fund operations80
FNSORG604Establish outsourced services and monitor performance50
FNSILF503Underwrite complex non-medical risks50
FNSFMK401Reconcile financial transactions20
FNSACC611Implement an insolvency program70
FNSINC402Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of products and services used by an organisation or sector40
FNSPIM301Process benefit payments30
FNSPRT501Advise clients on trust structures60
FNSISV510Manage non-routine and complex claims50
FNSCUS502Monitor client requirements40
FNSISV406Use specialist terminology in insurance claims30
FNSPIM405Facilitate a return to work60
FNSASICO503Provide Tier 1 general advice in general insurance50
FNSASICW503Provide advice in securities50
FNSPIM504Manage impairment benefit claims60
FNSORG508Analyse and comment on management reports40
FNSRSK501Undertake risk identification40
FNSISV404Underwrite renewal business50
FNSIBK507Review service performance60
FNSPIM303Work within the personal injury management sector35
FNSISV504Negotiate treaty reinsurance40
FNSPRT502Advise clients in estate planning30
FNSORG502Develop and monitor policy and procedures50
FNSINC502Assess financial products and services vulnerability to money laundering and terrorism financing80
FNSCRD401Assess credit applications30
FNSCRD402Establish and maintain appropriate security30
FNSSUP510Supervise insurance tender process50
FNSRTS301Provide customer service in a retail agency30
FNSILA502Evaluate collected information150
FNSTPB505Apply legal principles in property law60
FNSASICS503Provide advice in foreign exchange50
FNSFLT504Facilitate customer knowledge of personal financial statements30
FNSPRM605Establish or review marketing, client services and supplier relationships80
FNSPIM415Manage personal injury case loads60
FNSFMK502Analyse financial market products for client50
FNSILF403Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of products and services used by the life insurance sector40
FNSCRD505Respond to corporate insolvency situations40
FNSISV307Follow organisation procedures to process claim10
FNSINC301Work effectively in the financial services industry30
FNSFPL605Present and negotiate complex and innovative financial plans40
FNSCUS401Participate in negotiations20
FNSFMB503Present broking options to client with complex needs50
FNSIGN402Inspect quality of work100
FNSFMK403Interpret financial markets information40
FNSILD502Resource a distribution plan60
FNSSAM602Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities in the financial services industry80
FNSFMB403Present broking options to client40
FNSBNK501Manage banking and service strategy for small business customers60
FNSISV514Review and update claim reserves in portfolio40
FNSSUP504Provide advanced customer service to superannuation clients50
FNSRTS305Process customer accounts50
FNSMCA401Develop and document case recommendations20
FNSPIM502Facilitate workplace assessment with stakeholders for personal injury cases60
FNSACM302Prepare, match and process receipts10
FNSILF405Evaluate life insurance claims40
FNSPIM413Assist with preparations for conciliation and review hearings35
FNSMCA402Initiate legal recovery of debts40
FNSSAM502Assess market needs50
FNSORG503Develop a resource plan50
FNSFPL403Implement financial plans to predetermined guidelines40
FNSIBK608Establish and maintain strategic networks and collaborative relationships80
FNSPIM404Assist clients with job placement70
FNSISV501Issue contracts of insurance covering non-routine and complex situations50
FNSFMK504Complete confirmation and settlement processes40
FNSIAD502Provide appropriate and timely information and advice to clients70
FNSSUP506Supervise and monitor operational guidelines in a superannuation organisation50
FNSORG506Prepare financial forecasts and projections70
FNSFMB502Identify and develop broking options for clients with complex needs60
FNSRTS309Maintain main bank account30
FNSIAD501Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients150
FNSCUS403Deliver a professional service to customers35
FNSASICQ503Provide advice in first home saver market linked accounts50
FNSFPL401Extract and analyse information on specified financial strategies and products50
FNSCUS402Resolve disputes25
FNSISV301Evaluate risk for renewal business30
FNSFMB504Implement complex loan structures50
FNSBNK502Manage services in a Business Transaction Centre60
FNSFMK507Analyse risk mitigation in the operations process60
FNSILA503Report findings and provide guidance to involved parties80
FNSCRD504Manage the credit relationship40
FNSSMS503Manage administration activities of a superannuation fund70
FNSSUP304Process superannuation rollover benefits20
FNSILF401Contribute to the life risk underwriting process50
FNSIBK508Implement changes to broking client's insurance program60
FNSASICM503Provide Tier 1 personal advice in life insurance50
FNSCRD404Utilise the legal process to recover outstanding debt30
FNSCUS301Respond to customer enquiries25
FNSFPL508Conduct complex financial planning research50
FNSACC405Maintain inventory records20
FNSASIC302Develop, present and negotiate client solutions50
FNSILF408Process life insurance contract maturity and surrender payment requests45
FNSFPL502Conduct financial planning analysis and research50
FNSACM401Evaluate and authorise payment requests10
FNSRSK601Develop and implement risk mitigation plan50
FNSFMK511Apply limits when trading60
FNSFPL503Develop and prepare financial plan60
FNSCRD502Manage factoring and invoice discounting arrangements40
FNSILF501Assess extraordinary risks60
FNSFPL603Provide comprehensive monitoring and ongoing service40
FNSPRM606Establish or review human resources, administration and information support80
FNSFPL504Implement financial plan50
FNSFLT401Be MoneySmart through a career in small business40
FNSRTS306Process customer transactions50
FNSISV405Analyse insurance claims60
FNSISV509Analyse financial, medical and psychological claims assessments60
FNSFMK501Analyse financial markets and information60
FNSSUP505Produce reports for superannuation80
FNSILF505Manage ongoing disability claims50
FNSFMK601Price financial transactions60
FNSILA505Provide ancillary services60
FNSRTS402Prepare government returns and reports15
FNSISV402Underwrite new business50
FNSSMS504Meet self-managed superannuation fund compliance requirements50
FNSFPL507Provide financial planning advice50
FNSIBK602Manage implementation of broking service support systems100
FNSCUS506Record and implement client instructions75
FNSFLT206Develop knowledge of taxation40
FNSACC614Prepare complex corporate financial reports60
FNSPIM501Develop a return to work or injury management strategy80
FNSPRT404Administer a trust dealing with complex matters60
FNSISV302Process alteration to insurance policy20
FNSASICT503Provide advice in managed investments50
FNSASIC304Provide Tier 2 general advice in general insurance50
FNSSMS505Support trustee in the selection and performance monitoring of outsourced services50
FNSPRT402Prepare a will50
FNSILD501Prepare a distribution plan60
FNSSUP404Establish and customise employer accounts30
FNSCRD302Monitor and control accounts receivable20
FNSINC501Conduct product research to support recommendations80
FNSACC602Audit and report on financial systems and records40
FNSPRT406Administer powers of attorney or financial administration orders50
FNSASIC305Provide Tier 2 personal advice in general insurance50
FNSFMK508Monitor and process collateral70
FNSIGN401Provide technical guidance100
FNSASICN503Provide Tier 1 personal advice in general insurance50
FNSFMK506Detect errors and fraud when processing financial transactions60
FNSCRD405Manage overdue customer accounts30
FNSFLT502Facilitate customer awareness of the Australian financial system and markets40
FNSRTS308Balance cash holdings10
FNSIGN404Inspect damage and develop scope of work140
FNSISV502Review operational performance of the portfolio100
FNSIBK515Monitor broking client requirements and establish loss control programs80
FNSFPL604Develop complex and innovative financial planning strategies50
FNSTPB506Apply taxation requirements when providing tax (financial) advice services60
FNSRSK502Assess risks40
FNSCMP501Comply with financial services legislation80
FNSACC603Implement tax plans and evaluate tax obligations60
FNSRTS303Balance retail transactions30
FNSILF303Issue a life insurance policy15
CHCDIV001Work with diverse people40
CHCCSM006Provide case management supervision120
CHCDIS004Communicate using augmentative and alternative communication strategies60
CHCCCS025Support relationships with carers and families70
CHCCOM002Use communication to build relationships55
CHCCSM004Coordinate complex case requirements75
CHCCCS028Provide client-centred support to people in crisis70
MSMSUP390Use structured problem-solving tools40
FNSPIM510Implement informed decision-making50
FNSSUP412Determine impact of social security entitlements on retirement income70
FNSPIM506Promote the health benefits of returning to work30
FNSINC802Develop and build effective relationships with regulatory and industry bodies80
FNSPIM507Manage complex return to work cases40
FNSSUP410Establish and administer retirement income streams70
FNSPRT506Develop understanding of traditional trustee services50
FNSPRT505Develop and maintain knowledge of financial services and assets60
FNSINC801Lead compliance with financial services legislation and industry codes of practice80
FNSAML805Manage assessment of organisation vulnerability to money laundering and terrorism financing80
FNSPIM417Analyse and manage medical indemnity claims70
FNSPRT508Administer a charitable trust60
FNSAML802Design and assess controls to monitor money laundering and terrorism financing risk80
FNSPIM512Negotiate settlements for medical indemnity claims60
FNSSUP414Develop and apply knowledge of aged care50
FNSSUP409Provide specialist retirement income stream information to clients50
FNSSUP413Apply knowledge of retirement planning issues when dealing with clients50
BSBSUS401Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
FNSAML803Design and monitor a reporting system for suspicious transactions80
FNSAML806Implement an anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing program90
FNSPIM509Comply with regulatory frameworks60
FNSPRT407Investigate and substantiate entitlement in an intestate estate40
FNSPRT507Apply principles of fiduciary duty, substituted decision-making and ethical decision-making50
FNSPRT504Apply knowledge of the regulatory environment relevant to trustee organisations50
FNSAML804Design customer due diligence policies and procedures80
FNSPIM416Work effectively in the medical indemnity sector35
FNSPIM508Evaluate and improve return to work programs40
FNSSUP411Terminate retirement income streams70
FNSPIM511Facilitate the setting and achievement of goals80
FNSAML801Design an anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing program90
PSPINM014Contribute to a quality injury management system
PSPINM003Undertake initial rehabilitation assessments
PSPINM007Implement and monitor return to work plans35
PSPINM005Conduct situational workplace assessments
PSPGEN053Provide leadership50
PSPGEN036Provide workplace coaching
PSPGEN051Conduct evaluations50
PSPINM006Develop return to work plans
TAEDEL404Mentor in the workplace30
TAEDEL402Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
FNSACC517Provide management accounting information60
FNSACC624Monitor corporate governance activities60
FNSACC511Provide financial and business performance information60
FNSACC412Prepare operational budgets40
FNSACC312Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers40
FNSACC311Process financial transactions and extract interim reports60
FNSACC313Perform financial calculations30
FNSACC411Process business tax requirements50
FNSACC516Implement and maintain internal control procedures40
FNSPAY501Process salary packaging arrangements and additional allowances in payroll55
FNSTPB402Establish and maintain payroll systems45
FNSPAY505Interpret and apply knowledge of taxation systems relevant to payroll40
FNSPAY503Process complex employee terminations in payroll40
FNSINC503Identify situations requiring complex ethical decision making40
FNSINC504Apply ethical frameworks and principles to make and act upon decisions40
FNSACC512Prepare tax documentation for individuals80
FNSACC304Conduct business activities using a computerised accounting system40
FNSPAY502Process superannuation payments in payroll30
FNSACC514Prepare financial reports for corporate entities70
FNSACC513Manage budgets and forecasts40
FNSACC413Make decisions in a legal context60
FNSTPB401Complete business activity and instalment activity statements50
FNSACC414Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities60
FNSPAY504Interpret and apply knowledge of industrial regulations relevant to payroll55
FNSACC416Set up and operate a computerised accounting system80
FNSACC408Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry40