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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

CHC Community Services

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
LGADMIN423AProvide induction and orientation for new employees50
PSPLEGN301BComply with legislation in the public sector25
PSPMNGT605BManage diversity60
PSPPM504ACarry out complex project activities50
PSPGOV405BProvide input to change processes40
PSPETHC301BUphold the values and principles of public service30
PSPGOV411ADeal with conflict30
PSPGOV414AProvide workplace mentoring40
PSPGOV415AProvide workplace coaching40
PSPGOV422AApply government processes30
PSPGOV506ASupport workplace coaching and mentoring50
SRCCRO008BInteract positively with infants, toddlers and parents in a recreation environment20
CPPDSM3014AUndertake property inspection30
CPPDSM4028AIdentify and analyse risks and opportunities in the property industry20
CPPDSM4074ASelect and appoint contractors in the property industry10
CPPDSM5005AContribute to a detailed property feasibility study25
CPPDSM5013ADevelop a tenancy mix strategy10
CPPDSM5022AImplement asset management plan25
CPPDSM5026AManage a consultant property project team25
CPPDSM5034AMonitor performance of property or facility portfolio20
CPPDSM6007ADevelop life cycle asset management plan20
CUFWRT301AWrite content for a range of media40
CPPSEC3013AControl persons using empty hand techniques24
CUECOR01CManage own work and learning10
PUAEMR016AFacilitate community involvement in recovery25
PUAEMR017AManage recovery functions and services25
CUSFIM501ASecure funding for projects70
CUSMPF302APrepare for performances35
CUSMPF402ADevelop and maintain stagecraft skills70
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL401APlan, organise and deliver group-based learning30
TAEDEL402APlan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
TAEDEL404AMentor in the workplace30
TAEDES401ADesign and develop learning programs50
TAEDES402AUse training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs25
PUAEMR018AWork in an emergency management context25
TLIC1051AOperate commercial vehicle30
TLIH2001AInterpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes20
SISOABL402AFacilitate adventure-based learning activities25
AHCAGB501ADevelop climate risk management strategies120
AHCAGB503APlan and monitor production processes120
AHCBUS401AAdminister finance, insurance and legal requirements120
AHCBUS506ADevelop and review a business plan150
AHCBUS508APrepare and monitor budgets and financial reports140
AHCCCF411ADevelop approaches to include cultural and human diversity40
AHCCCF414ACoordinate fund-raising activities40
TAEDEL502AProvide advanced facilitation practice50
TAEDES505AEvaluate a training program50
TAEDES502ADesign and develop learning resources50
TAEASS504ADevelop and implement recognition strategies50
SIRXIND101Work effectively in a customer service environment45
SITHCCC201Produce dishes using basic methods of cookery45
SITHCCC307Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements75
SITHFAB201Provide responsible service of alcohol10
SITXFSA202Transport and store food12
SISXFAC409Plan and provide sport, fitness and recreation services20
FSKDIG02Use digital technology for simple workplace tasks10
FSKOCM07Interact effectively with others at work10
FSKWTG06Write simple workplace information15
FSKLRG09Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems15
FSKRDG10Read and respond to routine workplace information15
FSKNUM14Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work15
FSKLRG11Use routine strategies for work-related learning10
FSKDIG03Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks15
FSKWTG09Write routine workplace texts15
SIFXIND002Work effectively in the funeral services industry40
CHCEDS001Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment35
CHCYTH006Work with young people to establish support networks50
CHCYTH007Undertake youth work in specific communities55
CHCSAC003Work collaboratively and respectfully with children in school age care60
CHCPRT010Work with children and young people with complex trauma and attachment issues and needs75
CHCEDS022Work with students in need of additional support50
CHCEDS006Support the development of numeracy skills50
CHCECE014Comply with family day care administration requirements30
CHCYTH011Work effectively with young people and their families55
CHCPRT006Build professional practice and sectoral expertise40
CHCEDS012Set up and sustain individual and small group learning areas18
CHCECE010Support the holistic development of children in early childhood70
CHCEDS011Search and assess online information30
CHCYTH001Engage respectfully with young people60
HLTWHS001Participate in workplace health and safety20
CHCEDS028Assist in production of language resources40
CHCDEV002Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services100
CHCPRT001Identify and respond to children and young people at risk40
CHCYTH002Work effectively with young people in the youth work context60
CHCEDS016Support learning for students with disabilities in a classroom environment35
CHCSAC005Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in school age care240
CHCEDS013Use an e-learning management system30
CHCPRT012Undertake and implement planning with at-risk children and young people and their families58
CHCPRT007Provide supervision in the community50
CHCPRT015Respond to needs of youth justice clients50
CHCEDS027Support flexible learning in an education environment45
CHCPRT014Interact with the legal system to protect children65
CHCPRT003Work collaboratively to maintain an environment safe for children and young people50
CHCECE024Design and implement the curriculum to foster children's learning and development170
CHCECE012Support children to connect with their world40
CHCECE004Promote and provide healthy food and drinks35
CHCYTH004Respond to critical situations100
CHCECE021Implement strategies for the inclusion of all children50
CHCECE005Provide care for babies and toddlers60
CHCEDS015Support development of student research skills35
CHCSAC001Support children to participate in school age care50
CHCEDS030Coordinate e-learning programs50
CHCEDS017Contribute to the health and safety of students30
CHCEDS025Facilitate learning for students with disabilities50
CHCEDS005Support the development of literacy and oral language skills55
CHCYTH008Support young people to take collective action55
CHCPRT011Develop and implement a multi-agency investigation and child risk assessment strategy65
CHCEDS021Assist in facilitation of student learning50
CHCPRT013Support the progress and development of young people90
CHCECE016Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children50
CHCECE019Facilitate compliance in an education and care service120
CHCEDS014Support students with English as a second language30
CHCEDS003Contribute to student education in all developmental domains50
CHCPRT005Work within a practice framework50
CHCPRT002Support the rights and safety of children and young people40
CHCECE002Ensure the health and safety of children63
CHCYTH010Provide services for young people appropriate to their needs and circumstances90
CHCECE018Nurture creativity in children80
CHCPRT016Work in the youth justice environment55
CHCDEV001Confirm client developmental status60
CHCEDS019Support students' mathematics learning45
CHCECE001Develop cultural competence70
CHCEDS026Deliver elements of teaching and learning programs45
CHCEDS031Provide support to students with autism spectrum disorder50
CHCPRT017Support Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander young people in youth justice system55
CHCYTH003Support young people to create opportunities in their lives45
CHCPRT019Develop and support youth justice team50
CHCDEV003Analyse client information for service planning and delivery60
CHCPRT018Prepare young people for reintegration50
CHCYTH005Develop and implement procedures to enable young people to address their needs55
HLTWHS003Maintain work health and safety40
CHCEDS007Work effectively with students and colleagues40
CHCECE006Support behaviour of children and young people30
CHCECE017Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in early childhood240
CHCEDS004Contribute to organisation and management of classroom or centre30
CHCECE022Promote children's agency80
CHCEDS024Use educational strategies to support Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander education55
CHCEDS020Support students' literacy learning40
CHCEDS009Communicate with parents, students and colleagues in Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language40
CHCECE020Establish and implement plans for developing cooperative behaviour50
CHCYTH009Support youth programs150
CHCECE009Use an approved learning framework to guide practice70
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
CHCEDS032Support learning and implementation of responsible behaviour55
CHCECE011Provide experiences to support children's play and learning40
CHCECE023Analyse information to inform learning70
CHCECE013Use information about children to inform practice40
CHCEDS010Work effectively as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander education worker40
CHCEDS018Support students with additional needs in the classroom environment30
CHCEDS023Supervise students outside the classroom40
CHCSAC004Support the holistic development of children in school age care70
CHCECE026Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate education and care for children70
CHCEDS029Assist teacher to develop Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander language and culture lessons40
CHCPRT009Provide primary residential care90
HLTAID004Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting20
CHCECE003Provide care for children70
CHCYTH012Manage service response to young people in crisis150
CHCECE025Embed sustainable practices in service operations60
CHCPRT004Work effectively in child protection to support children, young people and families80
CHCECE007Develop positive and respectful relationships with children70
CHCPRT008Provide supervision in a secure system60
CHCSAC002Develop and implement play and leisure experiences in school age care65
CHCECE015Attend to daily functions in home based child care35
CHCEDS008Comply with school administrative requirements30
CHCEDS002Assist in implementation of planned educational programs40
HLTAID005Provide first aid in remote situations24
HLTAID001Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation4
HLTWHS004Manage work health and safety40
HLTAHW049Work effectively in social and emotional wellbeing40
HLTAID002Provide basic emergency life support12
HLTAHW051Respond to loss, grief and trauma40
HLTAHW006Facilitate and advocate for the rights and needs of clients and community members120
HLTAHW050Develop a healing framework for social and emotional wellbeing work45
HLTWHS002Follow safe work practices for direct client care25
HLTAHW031Provide information/strategies to enhance capacities of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander families65
HLTAHW023Plan, develop and evaluate health promotion and community development programs150
HLTAID006Provide advanced first aid30
HLTAHW044Advocate on behalf of the community30
BSBINN301Promote innovation in a team environment40
BSBFIA402Report on financial activity30
BSBMGT616Develop and implement strategic plans80
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
BSBATSIC511Plan and conduct a community meeting60
BSBHRM512Develop and manage performance management processes60
BSBMGT516Facilitate continuous improvement60
BSBHRM513Manage workforce planning60
BSBWHS405Contribute to implementing and maintaining WHS management systems50
BSBMED301Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately60
BSBCOM406Conduct work within a compliance framework30
BSBCMM201Communicate in the workplace40
BSBSMB406Manage small business finances60
BSBWOR502Lead and manage team effectiveness60
BSBRSK501Manage risk60
BSBATSIW515Secure funding40
BSBEMS403Develop and provide employment management services to candidates40
BSBWOR404Develop work priorities40
BSBHRM602Manage human resources strategic planning60
BSBWHS402Assist with compliance with WHS laws40
BSBPMG513Manage project quality40
BSBPMG515Manage project human resources40
BSBMKG413Promote products and services40
BSBINN601Lead and manage organisational change60
BSBHRM405Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff50
BSBMGT617Develop and implement a business plan60
BSBLED808Conduct a career development session50
BSBEMS404Manage the recruitment process for client organisations60
BSBREL402Build client relationships and business networks50
BSBPMG519Manage project stakeholder engagement40
BSBSMB403Market the small business50
BSBSMB404Undertake small business planning50
BSBMGT406Plan and monitor continuous improvement50
BSBCMM401Make a presentation30
BSBINN801Lead innovative thinking and practice80
BSBLED805Plan and implement a mentoring program60
BSBFIM501Manage budgets and financial plans70
BSBCUS201Deliver a service to customers40
BSBINM201Process and maintain workplace information30
BSBWOR403Manage stress in the workplace60
BSBINM401Implement workplace information system40
BSBRKG403Set up a business or records system for a small business40
BSBINM601Manage knowledge and information80
BSBPMG511Manage project scope40
BSBMKG521Plan and implement sponsorship and event marketing40
BSBFLM306Provide workplace information and resourcing plans40
BSBMGT502Manage people performance70
BSBATSIW417Select and use technology30
BSBHRM506Manage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBITS401Maintain business technology40
BSBFIM601Manage finances80
BSBEMS401Develop and implement business development strategies to expand client base50
BSBMGT404Lead and facilitate off-site staff40
BSBLED807Establish career development services80
BSBPMG602Direct the scope of a project program50
BSBMKG610Develop, implement and monitor a marketing campaign60
BSBPMG601Direct the integration of projects70
BSBRES801Initiate and lead applied research150
BSBRSK401Identify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBWHS603Implement WHS risk management50
BSBATSIC412Maintain and protect cultural values in the organisation60
BSBLED806Plan and implement a coaching strategy60
BSBEMS402Develop and implement strategies to source and assess candidates50
BSBSUS501Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBADM409Coordinate business resources30
BSBIPR401Use and respect copyright50
BSBCUS301Deliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBMKG514Implement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBWOR302Work effectively as an off-site worker25
BSBMGT401Show leadership in the workplace50
BSBADM405Organise meetings20
BSBATSIL412Participate effectively as a board member35
BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development30
BSBSUS301Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBWOR202Organise and complete daily work activities20
BSBMGT403Implement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT605Provide leadership across the organisation60
BSBLDR402Lead effective workplace relationships50
BSBSMB405Monitor and manage small business operations45
BSBITU306Design and produce business documents80
BSBINM301Organise workplace information30
BSBLDR801Lead personal and strategic transformation80
BSBPMG516Manage project information and communication40
BSBGOV401Implement board member responsibilities60
BSBPMG522Undertake project work60
BSBMGT402Implement operational plan40
BSBRES401Analyse and present research information40
BSBFIA301Maintain financial records60
BSBPMG512Manage project time40
BSBLDR806Lead and influence ethical practice80
BSBMGT608Manage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBWOR204Use business technology20
BSBMGT615Contribute to organisation development60
ICTWEB201Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement20
BSBLED401Develop teams and individuals40
BSBPMG514Manage project cost40
BSBPMG520Manage project governance40
BSBINN502Build and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBLDR803Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships40
BSBPUB504Develop and implement crisis management plans40
BSBWRT401Write complex documents50
BSBWOR201Manage personal stress in the workplace40
BSBLED809Identify and communicate trends in career development60
BSBADM504Plan and implement administrative systems50
FNSACC604Monitor corporate governance activities60
CSCOFM007Protect the safety and welfare of young offenders40
CHCDIS001Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach40
CHCLAH001Work effectively in the leisure and health industries50
CHCLAH009Apply concepts of human psychology to facilitate involvement in leisure programs75
HLTAHA019Assist with the monitoring and modification of meals and menus according to individualised plans50
CHCMHS011Assess and promote social, emotional and physical wellbeing80
CHCHCS002Coordinate and monitor home based support65
CHCMHS002Establish self-directed recovery relationships60
CHCSOH012Acquire properties by purchase or transfer50
CHCLAH003Participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring of individual leisure and health programs80
CHCSOH007Respond to property maintenance enquiries50
CHCAGE001Facilitate the empowerment of older people50
HLTWHS006Manage personal stressors in the work environment25
CHCHCS001Provide home and community support services50
CHCCOM005Communicate and work in health or community services30
CHCPRP002Collaborate in professional practice40
CHCAOD009Develop and review individual alcohol and other drugs treatment plans75
CHCCDE008Support community action90
CHCEDU001Provide community focused health promotion and prevention strategies60
CHCCSM001Facilitate goal directed planning90
CHCCCS002Assist with movement25
CHCMHS008Promote and facilitate self advocacy50
CHCSOH009Develop quality systems in line with registration standards50
CHCPAS001Plan for the provision of pastoral and spiritual care45
CHCPAS002Provide pastoral and spiritual care60
CHCMGT004Secure and manage funding80
CHCADV001Facilitate the interests and rights of clients100
CHCEDU003Provide sexual and reproductive health information to clients40
CHCAOD008Provide advanced interventions to meet the needs of clients with alcohol and other drugs issues90
CHCVOL001Be an effective volunteer25
CHCSOH010Work with clients within the social housing system50
CHCMHS005Provide services to people with co-existing mental health and alcohol and other drugs issues90
CHCCDE002Develop and implement community programs125
CHCSOH004Manage housing allocations70
CHCCCS020Respond effectively to behaviours of concern20
CHCMHS009Provide early intervention, health prevention and promotion programs75
HLTAAP001Recognise healthy body systems70
CHCDIS008Facilitate community participation and social inclusion60
HLTOHC006Apply fluoride varnish25
HLTINF001Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures25
CHCDIV001Work with diverse people40
CHCCDE009Develop and support community leadership 90
CHCCSM006Provide case management supervision120
CHCCCS009Facilitate responsible behaviour40
CHCSOH002Manage and maintain tenancy agreements and services70
CHCMHS012Provide support to develop wellness plans and advanced directives80
CHCDIV002Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety25
CHCPWK002Contribute to the continuous improvement of mental health services for consumers and carers40
CHCCCS027Visit client residence50
CHCCCS019Recognise and respond to crisis situations45
CHCDIS006Develop and promote positive person-centred behaviour supports85
CHCMHS007Work effectively in trauma informed care40
CHCAGE004Implement interventions with older people at risk80
CHCDIS004Communicate using augmentative and alternative communication strategies60
CHCPWK004Work effectively in consumer mental health peer work60
CHCDIS003Support community participation and social inclusion60
CHCDIS007Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability 100
CHCAOD007Develop strategies for alcohol and other drugs relapse prevention and management55
CHCPWK006Promote and conduct mental health peer work45
CHCCCS013Provide basic foot care25
CHCCDE013Establish and develop community organisations or social enterprises90
HLTAAP002Confirm physical health status90
CHCCDE003Work within a community development framework65
CHCADV002Provide advocacy and representation services80
HLTOHC005Use basic oral health screening tools30
CHCDIS002Follow established person-centred behaviour supports50
CHCCDE010Develop and lead community engagement strategies to enhance participation70
CHCCDE012Work within organisation and government structures to enable community development outcomes95
CHCLAH008Provide leisure education70
CHCSOH008Manage head lease 50
CHCAOD001Work in an alcohol and other drugs context80
CHCSOH011Develop social housing enterprise opportunities50
CHCECE027Promote equity in access to the service40
CHCDIS005Develop and provide person-centred service responses135
CHCPRP005Engage with health professionals and the health system40
CHCMHS006Facilitate the recovery process with the person, family and carers50
CHCCCS015Provide individualised support30
CHCVOL004Manage volunteer workforce development60
CHCPWK003Apply lived experience in mental health peer work40
CHCMHS001Work with people with mental health issues80
CHCPAL002Plan for and provide care services using a palliative approach55
CHCINM002Meet community information needs70
CHCPRP004Promote and represent the service90
CHCCCS025Support relationships with carers and families70
CHCCCS007Develop and implement service programs100
CHCCCS022Facilitate independent travel40
CHCSET001Work with forced migrants50
CHCAOD003Provide needle and syringe services50
CHCCDE014Facilitate the development of community capacity to manage place making150
CHCMHS004Work collaboratively with the care network and other services75
CHCCDE006Work to empower Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities30
CHCCCS026Transport individuals20
CHCADV004Represent organisation in court or tribunal75
CHCCCS005Conduct individual assessments45
CHCSOH005Manage tenancy rent and rental arrears70
CHCCSM005Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management75
CHCPOL001Contribute to the review and development of policies20
CHCCOM004Present information to stakeholder groups80
CHCCCS023Support independence and wellbeing80
CHCDIV003Manage and promote diversity80
CHCCCS024Support individuals with autism spectrum disorder50
CHCLLN001Respond to client language, literacy and numeracy needs45
CHCINM001Meet statutory and organisation information requirements110
CHCLLN003Support adult numeracy learning45
CHCPRP006Lead own professional development75
CHCCSM003Work with carers and/or families in complex situations80
CHCDIS010Provide person-centred services to people with disability with complex needs90
CHCADV005Provide systems advocacy services90
CHCMGT007Work effectively with the Board of an organisation80
CHCCDE011Implement community development strategies70
CHCCOM002Use communication to build relationships55
CHCCCS021Respond to suspected abuse60
CHCPOL003Research and apply evidence to practice65
CHCMGT001Develop, implement and review quality framework110
CHCSOH001Work with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness85
CHCAGE002Implement falls prevention strategies40
CHCMHS013Implement trauma informed care 80
HLTOHC002Inform and support patients and groups about oral health40
CHCEDU005Work with clients to identify financial literacy education needs40
CHCLAH002Contribute to leisure and health programming65
CHCCCS006Facilitate individual service planning and delivery120
CHCEDU006Improve clients' fundamental financial literacy skills40
CHCPWK005Work effectively with carers as a mental health peer worker 40
HLTHPS007Administer and monitor medications80
HLTHPS010Interpret and use information about nutrition and diet50
CHCCSM004Coordinate complex case requirements75
CHCCCS016Respond to client needs60
CHCPWK001Apply peer work practices in the mental health sector35
CHCAOD006Provide interventions for people with alcohol and other drugs issues70
CHCMGT006Coordinate client directed services80
HLTAHA021Assist with screening and implementation of therapeutic diets75
CHCCDE007Develop and provide community projects70
CHCVOL003Recruit, induct and support volunteers70
CHCECE028Collaborate with families to plan service and supports60
CHCPOL002Develop and implement policy90
CHCAOD002Work with clients who are intoxicated50
CHCLAH007Conduct a program for children and young people with special needs40
CHCCCS012Prepare and maintain beds15
CHCDIS009Facilitate ongoing skills development using a person-centred approach50
HLTHPS006Assist clients with medication80
CHCEDU002Plan health promotion and community intervention75
CHCCCS010Maintain a high standard of service30
CHCCCS003Increase the safety of individuals at risk of suicide110
CHCMGT002Manage partnership agreements with service providers150
HLTAHA013Provide support in dysphagia management50
CHCMGT005Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes120
CHCCSM008Undertake advanced client assessment90
HLTOHC004Provide or assist with oral hygiene50
CHCLEG001Work legally and ethically55
CHCMHS003Provide recovery oriented mental health services60
CHCCOM001Provide first point of contact35
CHCCDE001Support participative planning processes50
CHCLAH006Coordinate planning, implementation and monitoring of leisure and health programs100
CHCCDE004Implement participation and engagement strategies85
CHCAGE003Coordinate services for older people80
CHCEDU007Provide group education on consumer credit and debt 40
CHCCOM006Establish and manage client relationships35
CHCCCS017Provide loss and grief support55
HLTAHA018Assist with planning and evaluating meals and menus to meet recommended dietary guidelines60
CHCLLN002Support adult language and literacy learning45
CHCMHS010Implement recovery oriented approaches to complexity 80
CHCECE029Respond to problems and complaints about the service40
CHCAOD004Assess needs of clients with alcohol and other drugs issues135
CHCEDU008Share health information50
CHCCDE016Deliver emergency relief services50
CHCCCS001Address the needs of people with chronic disease75
CHCCCS011Meet personal support needs60
CHCCCS004Assess co-existing needs80
CHCLAH004Participate in planning leisure and health programs for clients with complex needs50
CHCLEG002Interpret and use legal information65
CHCSOH006Manage vacant properties60
CHCVOL002Lead volunteer teams40
CHCCDE005Develop and support relevant community resources120
CHCCCS014Provide brief interventions75
CHCCCS018Provide suicide bereavement support50
CHCMGT003Lead the work team100
CHCPAL001Deliver care services using a palliative approach60
HLTOHC001Recognise and respond to oral health issues30
HLTOHC003Apply and manage use of basic oral health products40
CHCAGE005Provide support to people living with dementia65
CHCCSM002Implement case management practice90
CHCAGE006Provide food services20
CHCAOD005Provide alcohol and other drugs withdrawal services150
CHCEDU004Develop, implement and review sexual and reproductive health education programs70
CHCCCS008Develop strategies to address unmet needs65
CHCPRP003Reflect on and improve own professional practice120
CHCCDE015Develop and implement a community renewal plan150
CHCADV003Represent clients in court75
CHCLAH005Incorporate lifespan development and sociological concepts into leisure and health programming65
CHCSOH003Manage housing application processes70
CHCLEG003Manage legal and ethical compliance80
CHCCOM003Develop workplace communication strategies100
CHCSET002Undertake bicultural work with forced migrants in Australia55
CHCPRP001Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships80
CHCCSM007Undertake case management in a child protection framework70
SISXEMR002Coordinate emergency responses20
SISCCRO001Plan and conduct recreation programs for older persons40
SISXCAI007Assist with activities not requiring equipment10
SISXCAI003Conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation sessions20
SISXDIS001Facilitate inclusion for people with a disability20
SISXDIS002Plan and conduct disability programs40
TLIC3011Transport passengers with disabilities40
CHCECD005Deliver employment services to employers40
CHCMED002Facilitate mediation75
CHCCSL001Establish and confirm the counselling relationship100
CHCCEL006Interview clients and plan marriage ceremonies70
CHCDSP001Facilitate dispute resolution in the family law context70
CHCFAM004Facilitate changeovers60
CHCPRT020Manage complex child protection risk assessments and case strategies90
CHCFAM009Facilitate family intervention strategies75
CHCECD003Promote job seekers to employers60
CHCCSL005Apply learning theories in counselling65
CHCDFV010Promote accountability and assist users of domestic and family violence to accept responsibility60
HLTFSE002Provide ward or unit based food preparation and distribution services30
CHCDFV007Work with users of violence to effect change70
CHCDFV002Provide support to children affected by domestic and family violence70
CHCCSL004Research and apply personality and development theories50
CHCFAM006Assist families to self-manage contact60
CHCFAM010Provide intervention support to families70
CHCFIN002Identify and apply technical information to assist clients with financial issues80
CHCEDU012Facilitate couple processes in group work50
CHCECD009Conduct career guidance interviews70
CHCECD011Manage quality in career development practice75
CHCFAM005Facilitate and monitor contact70
CHCFAM001Operate in a family law environment75
CHCECD002Deliver and monitor contracted employment services60
CHCFAM008Work within a child inclusive framework65
CHCCEL002Establish client celebrancy needs80
CHCPRT022Develop, implement and monitor safety strategies in child protection work70
CHCCSL007Support counselling clients in decision-making processes120
CHCDFV013Manage domestic and family violence screening and risk assessment processes70
CHCDSP003Support the safety of vulnerable parties in family dispute resolution65
CHCFIN001Facilitate the financial counselling process85
CHCGMB001Assess the needs of clients with problem gambling issues60
CHCECD004Establish and monitor Australian Apprenticeship arrangements60
CHCEDU009Provide parenting, health and well-being education75
CHCECD007Maximise participation in work by people with disability55
CHCDFV011Establish and maintain the safety of people who have experienced domestic and family violence40
CHCDFV001Recognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence50
CHCCCS028Provide client-centred support to people in crisis70
CHCCSL006Select and use counselling therapies70
CHCECD008Deliver services consistent with a career development framework70
HLTFSE005Apply and monitor food safety requirements60
CHCECD001Analyse and apply information that supports employment and career development65
CHCMED003Consolidate and conclude mediation50
CHCFCS004Provide grief and loss counselling40
CHCCEL004Prepare for, present and evaluate ceremonies60
CHCDFV006Counsel clients affected by domestic and family violence70
CHCCEL007Prepare for, present and evaluate marriage ceremonies40
CHCPRT023Plan, implement and monitor provision of out of home care60
CHCEDU011Work with parents or carers of very young children60
CHCCSL003Facilitate the counselling relationship and process120
CHCDFV012Make safety plans with people who have been subjected to domestic and family violence30
CHCGRP004Deliver structured programs40
CHCGRP003Plan, facilitate and review psycho-educational groups45
CHCECD006Develop and monitor employment plans55
CHCFAM003Support people to improve relationships60
CHCFIN004Provide rural financial counselling services65
CHCPRT024Promote positive development of children and young people in out of home care45
CHCCEL008Plan, present and evaluate funeral and memorial ceremonies65
CHCEDU013Facilitate adult learning and development45
CHCDFV009Establish change promoting relationship with users of domestic and family violence30
CHCGRP001Support group activities30
CHCDFV005Provide domestic and family violence support in non-English speaking background communities70
CHCMED001Prepare for mediation65
CHCFAM007Assist clients to develop parenting arrangements70
CHCCCS029Work with involuntary and mandated clients70
CHCFIN003Develop and use financial counselling tools and techniques65
CHCEDU010Prepare and evaluate relationship education programs40
CHCCSL002Apply specialist interpersonal and counselling interview skills60
CHCGRP005Plan and provide group counselling60
CHCCCS030Determine and respond to carer needs50
CHCGMB002Provide counselling for clients with problem gambling issues70
CHCFCS002Provide relationship counselling70
CHCPRP007Work within a clinical supervision framework50
CHCFCS001Facilitate the family counselling process70
CHCPRT021Manage and monitor child protection orders80
CHCDSP002Adhere to ethical standards in family dispute resolution60
CHCGRP002Plan and conduct group activities70
CHCCEL005Establish and maintain marriage celebrancy practice35
CHCDFV003Promote community awareness of domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV004Provide domestic and family violence support in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities60
HLTFSE001Follow basic food safety practices30
CHCCEL001Develop sustainable celebrancy practice70
CHCCEL003Research, design and organise ceremonies100
CHCDFV008Manage responses to domestic and family violence in family work70
CHCFCS003Provide counselling to children and young people70
CHCFAM002Work with a child-focused approach90
CHCDFV014Provide programs for people who have been subjected to domestic and family violence50
CHCECD010Provide support to people in career transition100