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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

AUR12 Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
PSPTRAN501AProvide specialist vehicle technical advice40
MEM05004CPerform routine oxy acetylene welding20
MEM05007CPerform manual heating and thermal cutting20
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing20
MEM12023APerform engineering measurements30
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
MEM18028BMaintain engine lubrication systems20
MEM24001BPerform basic penetrant testing20
MEM30012AApply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment40
SIRXICT001AOperate retail technology20
SIRXINV001APerform stock control procedures35
SIRXINV002AMaintain and order stock35
SIRXRSK001AMinimise theft20
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFIA303AProcess accounts payable and receivable30
BSBFIA401APrepare financial reports50
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFRA403BManage relationship with franchisor30
BSBINM202AHandle mail15
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBINN502ABuild and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBITU305AConduct online transactions40
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBPRO401ADevelop product knowledge30
BSBPUR402BNegotiate contracts50
BSBREL402ABuild client relationships and business networks50
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRKG304BMaintain business records30
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBWOR202AOrganise and complete daily work activities20
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
SITXADM004APlan and manage meetings20
MEM07005CPerform general machining80
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL404AMentor in the workplace30
MSAENV272BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSAENV472BImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
MSAENV672BDevelop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability50
BSBFLM312CContribute to team effectiveness40
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
FNSASIC302CDevelop, present and negotiate client solutions50
BSBHRM505BManage remuneration and employee benefits60
BSBMKG523ADesign and develop an integrated marketing communication plan60
BSBSLS407AIdentify and plan sales prospects60
BSBSLS408APresent, secure and support sales solutions60
TLIA2012APick and process orders20
TLIA2013AReceive goods20
TLIA2020AReplenish stock20
TLIA3039AReceive and store stock40
TLIA4005ACheck and evaluate records and documentation20
TLIA5058AManage facility and inventory requirements140
TLID1001AShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
TLID2004ALoad and unload goods/cargo30
TLID2013AMove materials mechanically using automated equipment40
TLID3011AConduct specialised forklift operations40
TLIL4005AApply conflict/grievance resolution strategies40
TLILIC2001ALicence to operate a forklift truck40
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
ICAWEB201AUse social media tools for collaboration and engagement20
MEM05006CPerform brazing and or silver soldering20
BSBCUS501CManage quality customer service40
BSBCUS301BDeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBITS401BMaintain business technology40
BSBWOR301BOrganise personal work priorities and development30
AURETH3001Depower battery electric vehicles10
AURETH3002Service and maintain battery electric vehicles20
AURETH4003Test and repair high voltage battery systems in battery electric vehicles30
AURETH4004Diagnose and repair traction motor speed control device in battery electric vehicles30
AURETH4005Diagnose and repair high voltage traction motors in battery electric vehicles50
AURETH4006Diagnose and repair auxiliary motors and associated components in battery electric vehicles40
AURETH4007Diagnose and repair system instrumentation and safety interlocks in battery electric vehicles40
AURETH4008Diagnose and repair high voltage cabin heating and cooling systems in battery electric vehicles40
AURETH4009Diagnose and repair DC to DC converters in battery electric vehicles40
AURETH4010Test high voltage batteries in hybrid electric vehicles15
AURETH4011Deactivate and reinitialise power supply in hybrid electric vehicles20
AURETH4012Service and maintain electrical components in hybrid electric vehicles30
AURTTE3001Apply knowledge of engine science40
AURTTM3001Operate and monitor computer numerical control machines30
AURTTM3002Repair bearing tunnels and connecting rods in engines40
AURTTM3004Assemble engine blocks and sub-assemblies70
AURTTM3003Apply metal to rebuild engine components60
AURTTM3005Balance rotating and reciprocating engine components40
AURTTM3006Perform advanced machining and blueprinting of engine components40
AURTTM3008Dismantle and evaluate engine blocks and sub-assemblies70
AURTTM3007Carry out grinding operations60
AURTTM3009Fit sleeves and bore and hone engine cylinders60
AURTTM3010Heat treat, straighten and reclaim engine components40
AURTTM3011Recondition engine cylinder heads120
MSS403030AImprove cost factors in work practices50
SIRXCCS201Apply point-of-sale handling procedures20
SIRXCCS202Interact with customers30
SIRXFIN201Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal20
SIRXMER201Merchandise products30
SIRXMER303Coordinate merchandise presentation35
SIRXWHS302Maintain store safety35
BSBWHS301AMaintain workplace safety40
BSBWHS401AImplement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements50
BSBWHS501AEnsure a safe workplace60
AURAAA2001Work in an automotive administration environment20
AURAAA4002Determine retail rates for work60
AURACA3002Establish customer requirements of a complex nature40
AURACA2001Establish relations with customers20
AURACA3003Build customer relations20
AURAEA2002Apply environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace25
AURAEA1001Identify environmental requirements in an automotive workplace25
AURAEA3003Monitor environmental and sustainability best practice in the automotive mechanical industry25
AURAEA4004Manage environmental compliance in an automotive workplace30
AURAFA2001Use numbers in an automotive workplace10
AURAFA2002Read in an automotive workplace10
AURAFA2003Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace20
AURAFA2004Solve routine problems in an automotive workplace20
AURAFA2005Write routine texts in an automotive workplace10
AURAFA3008Read and apply automotive repair instructions20
AURAFA5006Prepare technical reports40
AURAFA5007Develop and document specifications and procedures40
AURAKA2001Use information technology systems30
AURALA3001Determine legal aspects of an automotive service and repair contract40
AURAKA3002Adapt work processes to new technologies40
AURAMA2001Work effectively with others20
AURAMA2002Communicate business information20
AURAMA3003Conduct information sessions25
AURAMA3004Maintain business image15
AURAMA5006Contribute to business improvement120
AURAMA4005Manage complex customer issues50
AURANN4001Prepare a vehicle repair quotation15
AURAQA2001Contribute to quality work outcomes20
AURAQA3003Maintain quality systems40
AURAQA3002Inspect technical quality of work40
AURASA1001Apply automotive workplace safety fundamentals10
AURATA2001Identify basic automotive faults using troubleshooting processes20
AURASA2002Apply safe working practices in an automotive workplace20
AURATA2002Read and interpret engineering drawings40
AURATA3004Provide technical guidance40
AURATA2003Produce drawings from design concepts100
AURATA3005Estimate complex jobs30
AURBCA2001Work in a retail bicycle environment10
AURBCA2002Select and adjust bicycle to fit rider5
AURBSA3001Conduct cycling proficiency training15
AURBTA1002Adjust bicycles10
AURBTA1001Remove and tag bicycle components5
AURBTA2003Assemble bicycles30
AURBTA2004Assemble box bicycles for retail sale20
AURBTA3005Restore bicycles30
AURBTB2001Service and repair bicycle mechanical braking systems30
AURBTA3006Identify and select components for custom bicycles20
AURBTA3007Provide mechanical support to cycling events20
AURBTB2002Service bicycle hydraulic braking systems20
AURBTD2001Service bicycle steering systems15
AURBTB3003Repair bicycle hydraulic braking systems10
AURBTD2002Service bicycle suspension systems20
AURBTD3004Repair and overhaul bicycle suspension systems40
AURBTD3003Repair and overhaul bicycle steering systems30
AURBTJ2001Remove, repair and fit bicycle tyres10
AURBTJ2002Service bicycle wheels and hubs15
AURBTJ3003Design and build bicycle wheels25
AURBTJ3004Repair and overhaul bicycle wheels and hubs25
AURBTK2001Use and maintain specialised bicycle repair tools10
AURBTQ2001Service bicycle drivetrain systems15
AURBTQ3002Repair bicycle drivetrain systems25
AURBTR3001Service electric power assist bicycles20
AURBTV2001Fit and adjust bicycle accessories15
AURBTY4002Design and build bicycle frames30
AURBTY3001Service and repair bicycle frames45
AURBTY4003Assess carbon fibre frames for repair30
AURETA5002Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in safety systems60
AURETA5001Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in electric over-hydraulic systems60
AURETA5003Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in monitoring and protection systems60
AURETA5004Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in convenience and entertainment systems60
AURETA5005Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in theft-deterrent systems60
AURETA5006Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in climate-control systems60
AURETB5002Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in braking systems60
AURETB3001Repair electric braking systems20
AURETD3001Service and repair electronically controlled steering systems25
AURETD5002Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in stability, steering and suspension systems60
AURETE5001Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in engine management systems60
AURETH4014Diagnose complex faults in battery electric and hybrid electric vehicle systems50
AURETH5013Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in electric and hybrid vehicle systems60
AURETK1001Identify, select and use low voltage electrical test equipment10
AURETK2002Use and maintain automotive electrical test equipment20
AURETR1003Apply automotive electrical system fundamentals10
AURETR1002Test, service and maintain battery storage systems10
AURETR1001Remove and tag automotive electrical system components10
AURETR2005Install, test and repair electrical security systems and components40
AURETR2007Demonstrate knowledge of automotive electrical circuits and wiring systems20
AURETR2006Carry out soldering of electrical wiring and circuits20
AURETR2008Remove and replace electrical units and assemblies15
AURETR2009Install, test and repair vehicle lighting and wiring systems40
AURETR2010Fabricate, test and repair wiring harnesses and looms40
AURETR2011Install and test basic ancillary electrical components40
AURETR2013Inspect and service charging systems10
AURETR2012Test and repair basic electrical circuits40
AURETR2014Inspect and service starting systems10
AURETR2015Inspect and service batteries10
AURETR2016Read and apply vehicle wiring schematics and drawings15
AURETR2035Demonstrate knowledge of petrol and diesel engine operation15
AURETR2042Remove, refit and test electrical componentry for operation following body repair activities20
AURETR3018Overhaul starting motors20
AURETR3017Overhaul charging system alternators20
AURETR3019Inspect, service and repair AC electric motor drive systems150
AURETR3020Repair electronic systems40
AURETR3021Inspect, service and repair electronic management, monitoring and tracking systems40
AURETR3022Diagnose and repair vehicle dynamic control systems70
AURETR3023Diagnose and repair electronic spark ignition engine management systems60
AURETR3024Diagnose and repair electronic compression ignition engine management systems50
AURETR3025Test, charge and replace batteries15
AURETR3027Install ancillary electronic control unit systems and components40
AURETR3026Remove, replace and program electrical and electronic units and assemblies30
AURETR3028Diagnose and repair instruments and warning systems40
AURETR3030Diagnose and repair starting systems30
AURETR3029Diagnose and repair charging systems30
AURETR3031Diagnose and repair ignition systems30
AURETR3032Repair electrical systems80
AURETR3036Service and repair electronically controlled suspension systems25
AURETR4004Diagnose complex electrical and electronic faults in vehicle convenience and entertainment systems50
AURETR3043Service and repair electronic body management systems40
AURETR3044Service and repair electronic drive management systems50
AURETR4037Diagnose complex electrical and electronic faults in light vehicle safety systems50
AURETR4038Diagnose complex faults in motorcycle electrical and electronic systems50
AURETR4039Diagnose complex electrical and electronic faults in light vehicle theft deterrent systems50
AURETR4040Diagnose complex electrical and electronic faults in vehicle monitoring and protection systems50
AURETR5033Develop and apply electronic systems modification80
AURETR5034Develop and apply electrical systems modification80
AURETU2001Install air conditioning systems30
AURETU2002Recover vehicle refrigerants10
AURETU2003Service air conditioning and HVAC systems25
AURETU3004Diagnose and repair air conditioning and HVAC systems35
AURETU3005Retrofit and modify air conditioning and HVAC systems30
AURETU4006Diagnose complex faults in air conditioning and HVAC systems50
AURETU4007Overhaul air conditioning system components30
AURETX5001Analyse and evaluate electrical and electronic faults in transmission and driveline systems60
AURHTA1001Carry out heavy vehicle pre-repair operations10
AURHTA2003Remove and replace heavy commercial vehicle ancillary components and accessories20
AURHTA3002Service and repair trailers in excess of 4.5 tonnes20
AURHTB3001Repair air braking systems50
AURHTB3007Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle electronic braking systems40
AURHTB3002Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle hydraulic braking systems40
AURHTB4003Overhaul braking system components (heavy)40
AURHTB4004Overhaul air braking systems and components55
AURHTB4006Diagnose complex faults in heavy commercial vehicle braking systems50
AURHTB5005Analyse and evaluate heavy vehicle braking system faults60
AURHTD2001Inspect and service heavy commercial vehicle suspension systems10
AURHTD3002Repair steering systems (heavy vehicle)40
AURHTD3003Repair suspension systems (heavy vehicle)40
AURHTD3004Carry out wheel alignment operations (heavy vehicle)50
AURHTD4006Diagnose complex faults in heavy commercial vehicle steering and suspension systems50
AURHTD5005Analyse and evaluate heavy vehicle steering and suspension system faults60
AURHTE2001Remove and install heavy vehicle engine assemblies35
AURHTE3002Repair engines and associated engine components (heavy vehicle)70
AURHTE4003Diagnose complex faults in heavy vehicle diesel engines50
AURHTF2001Inspect heavy commercial vehicle fuel systems and components20
AURHTE5004Analyse and evaluate heavy vehicle engine and fuel system faults60
AURHTJ1001Inspect heavy commercial vehicle wheels and tyres10
AURHTJ2002Select heavy vehicle tyres and rims for specific applications20
AURHTJ2004Demount, inspect, repair and mount agricultural equipment tyres and tubes40
AURHTJ2003Remove, inspect, and refit heavy vehicle wheel assemblies20
AURHTJ2006Remove, inspect, repair and fit tyres and tubes (heavy)40
AURHTJ3005Identify and apply pneumatic wheeled traction performance enhancement systems (heavy vehicle)15
AURHTL4001Inspect, repair and diagnose alternative fuel systems for heavy vehicle engines60
AURHTQ2001Inspect heavy commercial vehicle driveline components5
AURHTQ3002Repair final drive assemblies (heavy vehicle)30
AURHTQ3003Repair final drive - driveline (heavy vehicle)30
AURHTR3005Diagnose and repair heavy trailer electronically controlled roll stability systems25
AURHTX3001Repair transmissions - manual (heavy vehicle)50
AURHTX3002Inspect, test and replace transmissions - automatic (heavy vehicle)70
AURHTX3003Repair transmissions - automatic (heavy vehicle)60
AURHTX3004Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle clutch systems35
AURHTX4006Diagnose complex faults in heavy commercial vehicle transmission and driveline systems50
AURHTX5005Analyse and evaluate heavy vehicle transmission system faults60
AURHTY2001Inspect and service mechanical connections of heavy vehicles and trailers over 4.5 tonnes5
AURHTY3002Diagnose and repair mechanical connections of heavy vehicles and trailers over 4.5 tonnes15
AURJTA1001Perform minor adjustments to motorcycles10
AURHTZ3001Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle emission control systems20
AURJTA1002Remove and replace motorcycle components and accessories10
AURJTB3001Diagnose and repair motorcycle braking systems40
AURJTA5003Analyse and evaluate motorcycle engine and transmission system faults60
AURJTB5002Analyse and evaluate motorcycle braking system faults60
AURJTD2002Inspect and service motorcycle steering systems10
AURJTD2001Inspect and service motorcycle suspension systems10
AURJTD3003Diagnose and repair motorcycle suspension systems 25
AURJTD4005Diagnose complex faults in motorcycle steering and suspension systems50
AURJTD3004Diagnose and repair motorcycle steering systems25
AURJTE3001Diagnose and repair motorcycle engines60
AURJTE4002Diagnose complex faults in motorcycle engine and transmission systems50
AURJTD5006Analyse and evaluate motorcycle steering, suspension and frame system faults60
AURJTQ2001Inspect and service motorcycle driveline systems5
AURJTJ2001Remove, inspect and fit motorcycle wheel assemblies20
AURJTQ3002Diagnose and repair motorcycle driveline systems20
AURJTX3002Diagnose and repair motorcycle manual transmissions40
AURJTR5001Analyse and evaluate motorcycle electrical and electronic system faults60
AURJTX3001Diagnose and repair motorcycle clutch systems30
AURJTX3003Diagnose and repair motorcycle automatic transmissions50
AURJTY3001Repair and align motorcycle frames15
AURKTA3001Synchronise plant and equipment40
AURKTA3002Inspect, service and repair harvesting equipment40
AURKTA3003Inspect, service and repair crop planting and seeding equipment40
AURKTA3004Inspect, service and repair spraying and spreading equipment40
AURKTA3005Inspect, service and repair tracked type drive and support systems30
AURKTA4009Diagnose complex faults in mobile plant hydraulic systems50
AURKTA5006Analyse and evaluate tracked mobile plant transmission, steering and braking systems faults60
AURKTB3001Diagnose and repair mobile plant braking systems40
AURKTB4003Diagnose complex faults in mobile plant braking systems50
AURKTA5007Analyse and evaluate mobile plant hydraulic system faults60
AURKTD3001Diagnose and repair mobile plant suspension systems40
AURKTD3002Diagnose and repair mobile plant steering systems40
AURKTB5002Analyse and evaluate wheeled mobile plant braking system faults60
AURKTD4005Diagnose complex faults in mobile plant steering and suspension systems50
AURKTD5003Analyse and evaluate wheeled mobile plant steering and suspension system faults60
AURKTD5004Analyse and evaluate tracked mobile plant undercarriage and suspension system faults60
AURKTQ3001Diagnose and repair mobile plant final drive assemblies30
AURKTE5001Analyse and evaluate mobile plant engine and fuel system faults60
AURKTR3001Diagnose and repair electric-over-hydraulic control systems40
AURKTX4003Diagnose complex faults in mobile plant transmission systems50
AURKTX3001Diagnose and repair powershift transmissions50
AURKTX5002Analyse and evaluate wheeled mobile plant transmission system faults60
AURLLD3001Determine compliance of steering and suspension modifications25
AURLTA1001Apply automotive mechanical system fundamentals15
AURLTB3003Diagnose and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systems40
AURLTB4004Diagnose complex faults in light vehicle braking systems50
AURLTB4001Overhaul braking system components (light)40
AURLTD3001Select and install performance enhanced suspension system products50
AURLTB5002Analyse and evaluate light vehicle braking system faults60
AURLTD3002Service and rectify faults in lift assisted suspension systems30
AURLTD3003Reset steering system alignment adjustments to customer specifications30
AURLTD3004Repair steering systems (light vehicle)30
AURLTD3005Repair suspension systems (light vehicle)30
AURLTD3006Carry out wheel alignment operations (light vehicle)40
AURLTD4009Diagnose complex faults in light vehicle steering and suspension systems50
AURLTD5007Analyse and evaluate light vehicle steering and suspension system faults60
AURLTE2001Remove and install light vehicle engine assemblies30
AURLTE3002Repair engines and associated engine components (light vehicle)60
AURLTE4004Diagnose complex faults in light vehicle petrol engines50
AURLTE4005Diagnose complex faults in light vehicle diesel engines50
AURLTE5003Analyse and evaluate light vehicle engine and fuel system faults60
AURLTF3001Diagnose and repair mechanical fuel injection systems50
AURLTJ2001Select tyres and rims for specific applications (light)30
AURLTJ2003Remove, inspect, and refit light vehicle wheel assemblies20
AURLTJ2002Remove, inspect, repair and fit tyres and tubes (light)40
AURLTJ3004Provide advice on the effects of wheel and tyre combinations25
AURLTQ3001Repair final drive assemblies (light vehicle)20
AURLTQ3002Repair final drive - driveline (light vehicle)20
AURLTQ5003Analyse and evaluate light vehicle driveline system faults60
AURLTX3001Repair transmissions - manual (light vehicle)40
AURLTX3002Repair transmissions - automatic (light vehicle)50
AURLTX3003Diagnose and repair light vehicle clutch systems30
AURLTX4004Diagnose complex faults in light vehicle transmission and driveline systems50
AURLTZ3001Diagnose and repair light vehicle emission control systems20
AURMBA2001Transport a light competition vehicle and support equipment10
AURMBA3002Load and unload a competition vehicle and support equipment20
AURMCA5001Manage motorsport team media liaison40
AURMCA5002Manage motorsport team promotional partnerships and marketing40
AURMDA2001Develop and update motorsport industry knowledge10
AURMDA2002Assist with motorsport officiating duties5
AURMTA3009Collect and log motorsport data20
AURMDA3004Recover a motorsport vehicle10
AURMDA3005Act as a marshal in a motorsport event15
AURMDA3006Communicate using flags and signals in a motorsport event5
AURMDA3007Act as a steward in a motorsport event20
AURMGA4002Manage personal presentation and development40
AURMGA2001Set up and dismantle temporary work location and equipment20
AURMKA4001Manage motorsport data40
AURMLA3002Monitor compliance with motorsport rules and regulations15
AURMLA2001Comply with motorsport rules and regulations when officiating10
AURMLA3003Inspect motorsport vehicles and equipment for compliance20
AURMMA2001Operate in a motorsport environment20
AURMMA3007Follow motorsport event and team safety requirements20
AURMMA3008Coordinate operations of a motorsport team40
AURMMA4002Manage the preparation of a competition vehicle40
AURMMA5003Manage motorsport operations60
AURMMA5004Manage motorsport team development60
AURMMA5005Manage team pit lane and service area operations40
AURMMA5006Prepare and implement race strategies20
AURMSA2001Follow motorsport safety and risk management procedures10
AURMSA3002Implement and monitor safety and risk management in a motorsport environment20
AURMTA2001Prepare and service a light competition vehicle20
AURMTA3004Perform competition vehicle preparation procedures at an event40
AURMTA3002Assemble and prepare a competition vehicle60
AURMTA3005Perform pit lane and service area operations20
AURMTA3006Perform torquing and fastening20
AURMTA3007Conduct non-destructive testing20
AURMTA5008Apply aerodynamic and vehicle dynamic principles and effects to competition vehicles40
AURMTD4001Test suspension dampers using a dynamometer40
AURMTA5003Determine material suitability for competition vehicle components80
AURMTE4001Test engines using a dynamometer40
AURMTD4002Prepare competition vehicle suspension30
AURMTF4001Analyse and repair complex performance carburetted fuel systems20
AURMTF4002Analyse and repair performance fuel injection systems20
AURMTQ4001Analyse and repair complex performance driveline systems40
AURMTJ4001Select and prepare tyres and wheels for motorsport applications20
AURNTA3001Inspect, service and repair lift truck mast assemblies10
AURMTS3001Construct hose and pipe assemblies for competition vehicles20
AURPTA1001Carry out pre-repair operations to outdoor power equipment5
AURPTA1002Perform minor adjustments to outdoor power equipment10
AURPTA2003Service and repair rotary cutting systems8
AURPTA2004Service and repair drum cutting systems25
AURPTA2005Service and repair chainsaw cutting systems25
AURPTA2007Service and repair post-boring systems13
AURPTA2006Service line trimming systems and components8
AURPTA2008Service and repair post-hole digging systems15
AURPTA2009Service and repair reciprocating cutting systems13
AURPTA2010Service pumping systems20
AURPTA3011Repair pumping systems30
AURPTE2002Service engines and engine components (outdoor power equipment)20
AURPTE3003Repair engines and engine components (outdoor power equipment)30
AURPTE4004Overhaul engines and engine components (outdoor power equipment)40
AURPTR2002Test and service outdoor electric powered equipment20
AURPTR3001Test and service 240V portable generators10
AURREA2001Apply environmental and sustainability best practice in a marine workplace25
AURREA4004Manage environmental compliance in a marine workplace30
AURREA3002Monitor environmental and sustainability best practice in the marine mechanical industry25
AURRGA3001Launch and recover a vessel using a trailer20
AURRGA3002Launch and recover a vessel from crane, gantry and forklift50
AURRTA2001Service deck, hull and cabin equipment15
AURRGA3003Moor a motor-driven vessel30
AURRTA3002Carry out hull repairs30
AURRTA3004Recommission vessel systems30
AURRTA3003Winterise vessel and engine systems40
AURRTA3005Repair deck, hull and cabin equipment25
AURRTA3006Water test a vessel40
AURRTA5007Analyse and evaluate light marine hydraulic system faults60
AURRTA5008Analyse and evaluate light marine hull performance and stability system faults60
AURRTD3001Diagnose and repair marine steering systems30
AURRTE1001Prepare outboard engines for wet-run testing10
AURRTE2002Service outboard engines and components20
AURRTE2003Service inboard engines and components20
AURRTE3005Diagnose and repair marine electrical systems and components20
AURRTE3006Diagnose and repair outboard engines and components40
AURRTE3008Install marine engines, controls and instruments55
AURRTE3007Diagnose and repair inboard engines and components40
AURRTE3009Recommission marine engine systems30
AURRTE3010Water test engines in tanks30
AURRTE4011Overhaul two and four cycle outboard engines40
AURRTE5012Analyse and evaluate light marine engine and powerhead system faults60
AURRTQ2001Service inboard propeller drive systems10
AURRTQ2002Service jet drive propulsion systems10
AURRTQ3003Install inboard propeller drive systems40
AURRTQ3004Diagnose and repair inboard propeller drive systems25
AURRTQ3005Install jet drive propulsion systems40
AURRTR1001Inspect, service and maintain marine battery storage systems10
AURRTQ3006Diagnose and repair jet drive propulsion systems20
AURRTR3002Install marine electronic systems and components15
AURRTR3004Install marine electrical systems and components10
AURRTR3003Test, diagnose and repair marine electronic systems and components30
AURRTX2001Service marine outboard and stern drive transmissions10
AURRTX2002Service marine inboard transmissions10
AURRTX3003Diagnose and repair marine outboard and stern drive transmissions30
AURRTX3004Diagnose and repair marine inboard transmissions30
AURRTX5005Analyse and evaluate light marine transmission system faults60
AURSAA2001Process customer complaints20
AURSAA2002Maintain customer aftermarket relations20
AURSBA2001Carry out warehousing procedures40
AURSBA3002Apply automotive parts interpretation process40
AURSCA2001Select automotive parts and products100
AURSCA2002Present stock and sales area20
AURSCA2003Apply sales procedures40
AURSCA2004Carry out cash, credit and funds transfers35
AURSCA2005Sell products40
AURSCA2006Promote products and services20
AURSCA3007Determine used motor vehicle stock requirements40
AURSCA3008Wholesale used motor vehicle stock40
AURSCA3009Provide vehicle technology information20
AURSCA3010Appraise and purchase used motor vehicles to supplement stock for sale35
AURSCP2001Provide information to customers on automotive refinishing products20
AURSLA2001Apply legal requirements relating to product sale15
AURTEA4001Manage environmental compliance in the mechanical repair industry30
AURTGA3001Drive and manoeuvre trailers5
AURTNA5001Estimate and calculate costs to repair, maintain or modify a vehicle40
AURTTA1001Remove and tag steering, suspension and brake system components15
AURTTA1002Carry out workshop practice activities10
AURTTA1003Use and maintain basic measuring devices15
AURTTA2004Carry out servicing operations20
AURTTA2005Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesives10
AURTTA2006Service hydraulic systems20
AURTTA2007Inspect, service and repair pneumatic systems30
AURTTA2008Produce patterns and templates80
AURTTA2009Carry out pre-repair operations (mechanical)20
AURTTA2010Service and repair trailers up to 4.5 tonnes15
AURTTA3011Install hydraulic systems to specified applications74
AURTTA3012Manufacture and install fluid power hose assemblies10
AURTTA3013Repair hydraulic systems60
AURTTA3014Assemble and install pneumatic systems and components20
AURTTA3017Carry out vehicle safety and roadworthy inspections10
AURTTA3015Prepare engineering drawings80
AURTTA3018Carry out diagnostic procedures20
AURTTA3020Apply heat-induction processes20
AURTTA3019Carry out advanced diagnostic procedures30
AURTTA4021Carry out diagnosis of complex system faults80
AURTTA4025Diagnose complex faults in vehicle integrated stability control systems50
AURTTA4026Diagnose complex faults in vehicle electric-over-hydraulic systems50
AURTTA5022Develop and apply mechanical system modifications60
AURTTA5023Develop and apply hydraulic system modifications60
AURTTA5024Develop and apply pneumatic system modifications60
AURTTB2001Inspect and service braking systems20
AURTTB2002Attach friction materials and radius grind40
AURTTB2003Machine brake drums and brake disc rotors40
AURTTB3005Assemble and fit braking systems and components80
AURTTB2004Inspect and service air braking systems20
AURTTB3006Inspect, service and repair auxiliary braking systems20
AURTTC2001Inspect and service cooling systems10
AURTTC2002Carry out radiator repairs50
AURTTC3003Diagnose and repair cooling systems20
AURTTD2001Inspect steering systems10
AURTTD2002Inspect and service steering systems10
AURTTD2003Inspect suspension systems10
AURTTD2004Inspect and service suspension systems10
AURTTD4005Overhaul steering system components40
AURTTE1003Remove and tag engine system components15
AURTTE4005Overhaul engines and associated engine components60
AURTTE2004Inspect and service engines20
AURTTF2001Service petrol fuel systems25
AURTTF2002Service diesel fuel injection systems20
AURTTF3004Repair diesel fuel injection systems80
AURTTF3005Inspect and repair engine forced induction systems15
AURTTF4003Overhaul diesel fuel injection systems100
AURTTF3006Diagnose and repair petrol carburettor systems50
AURTTF4007Overhaul petrol fuel system components60
AURTTJ2001Balance wheels and tyres10
AURTTJ2002Remove and refit wheel hubs and associated brake components20
AURTTK2001Use and maintain measuring equipment in an automotive workplace15
AURTTK2002Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment20
AURTTL3001Service CNG fuel systems15
AURTTL3002Diagnose and repair CNG fuel systems40
AURTTL3003Install CNG fuel systems60
AURTTL3004Service LNG fuel systems15
AURTTL3005Diagnose and repair LNG fuel systems40
AURTTL3007Service LPG fuel systems15
AURTTL3006Install LNG fuel systems60
AURTTL3008Diagnose and repair LPG fuel systems40
AURTTL3010Install LPG, CNG and LNG electrical control equipment20
AURTTL3009Install LPG fuel systems60
AURTTL4011Diagnose complex faults in CNG fuel systems50
AURTTL4012Diagnose complex faults in LNG fuel systems50
AURTTL4013Diagnose complex faults in LPG fuel systems50
AURTTL5015Develop and apply gas fuel system modifications80
AURTTL5014Analyse and evaluate gas fuel system faults60
AURTTQ2001Service final drive assemblies5
AURTTQ2002Remove and refit driveline components5
AURTTQ2003Service final drive (driveline)5
AURTTQ4004Overhaul final drive assemblies20
AURTTR4001Diagnose complex faults in engine management systems50
AURTTS2001Fabricate exhaust system and components60
AURTTW2001Carry out soft soldering techniques20
AURTTW3002Set, operate and monitor specialist machines40
AURTTW3003Carry out machining operations80
AURTTX1001Remove and tag transmission system components10
AURTTX2003Inspect and service transmissions (automatic)10
AURTTX2002Inspect and service transmissions (manual)10
AURTTX2004Service transmissions (hydrostatic)10
AURTTX2005Inspect and service clutch systems10
AURTTX3006Repair transmissions (hydrostatic)40
AURTTX4007Overhaul clutch assemblies30
AURTTX4008Overhaul transmissions (manual)50
AURTTX4009Overhaul transmissions (automatic)240
AURTTX4010Overhaul transmissions (hydrostatic)50
AURTTX4011Overhaul torque converters30
AURTTY3001Repair chassis, frame and associated components80
AURTTZ2001Inspect and service emission control systems10
AURTTZ2002Repair exhaust system components10
AURVEN2001Apply environmental regulations and best practice in the body repair industry20
AURVEN3002Monitor environmental and sustainability best practice in the automotive body repair industry25
AURVEN4003Plan and manage compliance with environmental regulations in the body repair industry30
AURVGA3001Determine vehicle rescue method and costs30
AURVGA3002Recover vehicles30
AURVLN2001Apply legal requirements for vehicle dismantlers20
AURVTA2001Prepare vehicle, components and equipment for customer use20
AURVTA3002Remove and replace supplementary restraint systems20
AURVTA3003Inspect paint, trim and accessories and recommend repair procedures10
AURVTA3004Inspect vehicle systems and determine preferred repair action20
AURVTG2001Repair laminated glass30
AURVTG2002Remove and install rubber glazed windscreens30
AURVTG2003Remove and install butyl sealed windscreens30
AURVTG2004Remove and install direct glazed windscreens30
AURVTG2005Remove and install framed type windscreens30
AURVTG2006Apply window tinting30
AURVTG2007Clean glass surfaces10
AURVTG3008Cut and process flat laminated glass15
AURVTG3010Remove and install movable body glass15
AURVTG3009Remove and install fixed body glass15
AURVTG3011Install side windows15
AURVTG3012Remove and install heavy vehicle rubber and urethane glazed windscreens30
AURVTG3013Remove and install large vehicle windscreens30
AURVTK2001Use and maintain vehicle body repair hand tools20
AURVTN1001Remove and tag vehicle body system components10
AURVTN2002Carry out panel repairs40
AURVTN2003Carry out pre-repair vehicle body operations20
AURVTN2004Remove, replace and realign bolt-on panels, sections and fittings90
AURVTN2005Remove and fit protector mouldings, transfers and decals15
AURVTN2006Remove and replace mechanical units and assemblies20
AURVTN2007Remove salvageable components60
AURVTN2008Clean vehicle body and door cavities15
AURVTN2009Clean vehicle engine and engine compartment15
AURVTN2010Clean vehicle underbody15
AURVTN2011Remove and install rear vision mirrors2
AURVTN2030Service air compressors and air lines40
AURVTN2033Service, repair and replace air compressors and components40
AURVTN2037Disassemble and test vehicle units and components50
AURVTN3012Install vehicle sunroofs30
AURVTN3013Carry out paint-less dent repairs40
AURVTN3015Repair body panels using metal finishing techniques35
AURVTN3014Repair body panels by beating and split repair30
AURVTN3016Repair body panels incorporating filler35
AURVTN3018Repair and replace structural damage by welding30
AURVTN3017Repair body panels and thermoplastic components 30
AURVTN3019Repair and replace structural damage by riveting30
AURVTN3020Replace major welded panels50
AURVTN3022Repair vehicle body misalignment50
AURVTN3021Repair body components using lead wiping30
AURVTN3023Remove and replace adhesive bonded panels and structures40
AURVTN3024Install vehicle body component seals10
AURVTN3025Repair corroded panels and components60
AURVTN3026Repair aluminium body panels (finishing)30
AURVTN3027Repair aluminium body panels (filling)30
AURVTN3028Identify and repair high strength steel components40
AURVTN3029Set up and operate universal measuring systems20
AURVTN3031Conduct major sectional repairs80
AURVTN3035Apply original equipment manufacturer repair procedures20
AURVTN4032Determine vehicle damage and recommended repair procedures40
AURVTN5034Evaluate and select bodywork materials, equipment and processes60
AURVTP2001Apply paint removal methods20
AURVTP2002Carry out masking procedures20
AURVTP2003Prepare spray painting materials and equipment40
AURVTP2004Apply fundamental colour matching techniques30
AURVTP2005Apply rust prevention and sound deadening materials20
AURVTP2006Prepare vehicle components for paint repairs30
AURVTP2007Apply paint touch-up techniques30
AURVTP2008Clean and polish vehicle exterior paint15
AURVTP2009Apply vehicle body film wrapping20
AURVTP2026Carry out basic airbrush application techniques40
AURVTP2027Carry out custom graphics design and layout techniques40
AURVTP3011Apply solid acrylic enamel refinishing materials using two component systems40
AURVTP3010Prepare spray booths and paint drying equipment30
AURVTP3012Apply air dry and polyurethane enamel refinishing materials40
AURVTP3014Apply multi-layer and clear over-base colour matching techniques60
AURVTP3013Prepare substrate for refinishing70
AURVTP3015Apply solid colour matching techniques40
AURVTP3017Carry out paint rectification and touch-up work for clear over base using two component systems80
AURVTP3016Carry out paint rectification and touch-up work for solids using two component systems60
AURVTP3018Carry out paint rectification for multi-layer and pearl using two component system80
AURVTP3020Carry out denibbing, buffing and polishing20
AURVTP3019Prepare and paint plastic components20
AURVTP3021Restore vehicle exterior paint30
AURVTP3023Mix and apply clear over-base refinishing materials in two-component systems45
AURVTP3022Carry out custom painting techniques80
AURVTP3024Mix and apply clear over-base multi-layer pearl refinishing materials45
AURVTP3025Mix and apply water-based refinishing materials45
AURVTS2006Carry out fabrication of components80
AURVTS3001Carry out wood working operations for fabrication40
AURVTS3002Repair plugs, moulds, frames and flooring using wood materials30
AURVTS3003Fabricate composite material components60
AURVTS3004Repair fibreglass and composite material components30
AURVTS3005Fabricate vehicle body panels and components40
AURVTT2002Carry out trim repairs and alterations40
AURVTT2001Carry out sewing repairs and alterations40
AURVTT2003Remove and replace vehicle interior trim components20
AURVTT2004Trim vehicle components80
AURVTT2005Select and apply trim and fabric materials80
AURVTT2006Select and apply trim and fabric adhesives20
AURVTT2007Clean and finish plastic trim and fittings15
AURVTT2008Clean and finish vehicle interior trim and seats15
AURVTT2009Remove and replace seats and internal fittings20
AURVTT3010Remove and replace vehicle head lining30
AURVTT3011Repair seat frames30
AURVTT3012Carry out sewing operations80
AURVTT3013Fabricate loose and fitted covers30
AURVTT3014Fabricate marine covers40
AURVTT3016Fabricate frame structures40
AURVTT3015Fabricate canvas products30
AURVTT3018Fabricate and install soft tops hoods60
AURVTT3020Select and use leather in trimming80
AURVTT3021Select and use adhesives20
AURVTT3017Fabricate and install floor coverings30
AURVTV2001Remove, replace, fit and test components and accessories40
AURVTW2002Carry out brazing procedures30
AURVTT3019Fabricate and install canopies and curtains40
AURVTW2001Carry out manual metal arc welding procedures30
AURVTW2003Carry out gas metal arc welding procedures30
AURVTW2004Carry out gas tungsten arc welding procedures30
AURVTW2005Carry out spot welding procedures20
AURVTW2007Conduct oxy-acetylene, thermal heating and cutting20
AURVTW2008Carry out oxy acetylene welding, thermal cutting and thermal heating procedures30
AURVTW3006Carry out thermoplastic welding procedures30
BSBHRM405ASupport the recruitment, selection and induction of staff50
RIIQUA201DMaintain and monitor site quality standards20
RIIHAN301DOperate elevating work platform40
RIIWHS201DWork safely and follow WHS policies and procedures20
RIIRIS201DConduct local risk control20
RIICOM201DCommunicate in the workplace20
RIIWHS204DWork safely at heights20
MSFGG3001Store and handle glass20
MSFGG2005Apply basic glass handling8
MSFUP3001Apply traditional foundations to upholstered furniture64
AUMGTY002Install vehicle components60
AURKTJ005Select earthmoving and off-the-road tyres, wheels and rim assemblies for specific applications20
AURKTJ006Use earthmoving and off-the-road tyre handlers20
AUMABA002Operate load shifting equipment10
AURKTJ001Remove, inspect and fit earthmoving and off-the-road tyres40
AUMGTS004Fabricate parts for vehicle sub-assemblies35
AUMGTG001Install fixed and moveable glass components on vehicles25
AURKTJ003Perform minor repairs to earthmoving and off-the-road tyres20
AURKTJ002Remove, inspect and fit earthmoving and off-the-road wheel and rim assemblies40
AUMAMM001Influence and lead work groups in an automotive manufacturing workplace30
AURETK003Operate electrical test equipment40
AURVNA003Review vehicle repair quotations40
AURETR046Remove and refit vehicle batteries15
AURVNA005Inspect quality of vehicle repair work20
AURTTA027Carry out basic vehicle servicing operations40
AURVNN001Evaluate vehicle bodywork for damage and identify repair requirements40
AURTTE008Dismantle and assemble multi-cylinder four-stroke petrol engines40
AURVNA007Apply automotive mechanical and electrical knowledge to vehicle loss assessments40
AURVTA005Clean vehicles20
AURETR048Construct and test basic electronic circuits40
AURAFA009Carry out research into the automotive industry40
AURTTE007Dismantle and assemble single cylinder four-stroke petrol engines40
AURVTW010Set up and use welding equipment40
AURTTX013Remove and replace clutch assemblies20
AURTTB007Remove and replace brake assemblies20
AURETR047Recharge vehicle batteries15
AURTTX012Dismantle and assemble conventional manual transmissions40
AURTTE006Remove and replace conventional engine assemblies20
AURTTD007Remove and replace steering assemblies20
AURTTJ003Remove and replace wheel and tyre assemblies10
AURTTD006Remove and replace vehicle front suspension springs25
AURVNA008Apply automotive body and paint knowledge to vehicle loss assessments40
AURVNP001Evaluate vehicle paintwork for damage and identify refinish requirements40
AURTTC004Remove and replace radiators20
AURTTE009Remove and replace engine cylinder heads20
AURVTP029Prepare surface and prime repaired body panels50