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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

CUL11 Library, Information and Cultural Services Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
CHCCS405AWork effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers30
PSPGOV208AWrite routine workplace materials30
SIRXSLS001ASell products and services20
SIRXSLS002AAdvise on products and services30
BSBCUS201ADeliver a service to customers40
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBEBU401AReview and maintain a website50
BSBINM301AOrganise workplace information30
BSBITU309AProduce desktop published documents50
BSBMKG413APromote products and services40
BSBOHS201AParticipate in OHS processes20
BSBOHS301BApply knowledge of OHS legislation in the workplace20
BSBOHS509AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBRKG301BControl records40
BSBRKG302BUndertake disposal30
BSBRKG303BRetrieve information from records25
BSBRKG304BMaintain business records30
BSBRKG305AReview recordkeeping functions20
BSBRKG401BReview the status of a record20
BSBRKG402BProvide information from and about records20
BSBRKG404AMonitor and maintain records in an online environment50
BSBRKG502BManage and monitor business or records systems40
BSBRKG601BDefine recordkeeping framework30
BSBRKG608BPlan management of records over time20
BSBRSK501AManage risk60
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR203AWork effectively with others15
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR301AOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
BSBWRT401AWrite complex documents50
CUFDIG303AProduce and prepare photo images20
CUFIND201ADevelop and apply creative arts industry knowledge20
SITTGDE006APrepare and present tour commentaries or activities70
SITTGDE007ADevelop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides80
SITTGDE009AInterpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous culture65
SITTGDE012APrepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments80
SITTVAF002AProvide a briefing or scripted commentary20
SITXCOM002AWork in a socially diverse environment20
SITXHRM003ARoster staff20
SITXMPR001ACoordinate production of brochures and marketing materials60
CUECOR03BProvide quality service to customers20
CUEMAR01CAssist with marketing40
CUEOHS01CImplement workplace health, safety and security procedures60
CPCCOHS1001AWork safely in the construction industry6
CHCORG525CRecruit and coordinate volunteers70
BSBCON401AWork effectively in a business continuity context40
BSBCON601ADevelop and maintain business continuity plans60
BSBIPR401AUse and respect copyright50
SITXCCS001BProvide visitor information35
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL401APlan, organise and deliver group-based learning30
TAEDES401ADesign and develop learning programs50
ICPMM321CCapture a digital image40
ICPMM322CEdit a digital image40
ICPPP322CDigitise images for reproduction50
ICPPP397ATransfer digital files40
ICPPP422CDigitise complex images for reproduction80
ICPPR386ATroubleshoot digital media80
BSBCUS501BManage quality customer service40
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
FNSORG501ADevelop and manage a budget
FNSPIM412AParticipate in formal communication processes30
SITTGDE001BWork as a guide90
SITTIND001BDevelop and update tourism industry knowledge25
BSBMKG414BUndertake marketing activities50
CHCLLN403AIdentify clients with language, literacy and numeracy needs and respond effectively35
SISXFAC303AImplement facility maintenance programs7
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
ICAICT104AUse digital devices30
ICAICT203AOperate application software packages60
ICAICT204AOperate a digital media technology package40
ICAICT308AUse advanced features of computer applications40
ICASAS410AIdentify and resolve client IT problems40
ICAWEB201AUse social media tools for collaboration and engagement20
ICAWEB417AIntegrate social web technologies40
ICAWEB418AUse development software and IT tools to build a basic website20
ICAWEB420AWrite content for web pages30
CUAIND301AWork effectively in the creative arts industry50
CUVATS301ADevelop and apply knowledge of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural arts200
CUVPRP202AParticipate in planning work for nominated sites15
CUVFIM401AObtain revenue to support operations30
CUVPRP203AStore finished creative work30
CULCNM303AMove and store collection material40
CULCNM404AWork with cultural material30
CULREL501ADevelop and maintain community and stakeholder relationships50
CULDMT301AProvide multimedia support30
CULINS201AAssist with circulation services15
CULICM501AMaintain digital repositories45
CULIND201ADevelop and apply knowledge of information and cultural services45
CULEVP501ACoordinate the installation and dismantling of exhibitions20
CULINS301AProcess and maintain information resources30
CULATS501AWork with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural material80
CULEVP402ADesign and develop interpretive displays30
CULINL501APromote literature and reading50
CULICM601AContribute to collection management50
CULCNM401AAssess the significance of collection objects35
CULINS401AAssist customers to access information40
CULEVP503ADevelop and promote activities, events and public programs60
CULCNM402APrepare display mounts for collection material40
CULEVP502ADevelop and implement exhibition interpretive strategies30
CULINM301AUse established cataloguing tools40
CULCNM601AResearch and document collection material50
CULINM501AAnalyse and describe information resources30
CULINM502AProvide subject access and classify material100
CULPRE401AImplement preventive conservation activities60
CULCNM301ACatalogue objects into collections30
CULINL301ADevelop and use information literacy skills40
CULINS501AResearch and analyse information to meet customer needs80
CULINM401AComplete a range of cataloguing activities100
CULCNM403ARecord and maintain collection information40
CULCNM501AAssess the significance of collections40
CULCNM503AManage the development of collections60
CULINM402AUse integrated library management systems30
CULEVP504ADevelop exhibition concepts50
CULEVP201AAssist with the presentation of public activities and events50
CULINS202AProcess information resource orders40
CULINS403ASearch library and information databases30
CULRSK501AMonitor compliance with copyright and licence requirements20
CULEVP401APresent information on activities, events and public programs50
CULCNM201AMonitor collections for changes in condition30
CULEVP202AProvide visitors with venue information and assistance30
CULICM602AManage collection maintenance and preservation procedures30
CULINS402AObtain information from external and networked sources20
CULINL601AExtend own information literacy skills to locate information50
CULCNM602ADevelop and monitor procedures for the movement and storage of collection material50
CULINM503AUse and monitor advanced functions of integrated library management systems35
CULEVP403AInstall and dismantle exhibition elements20
CULPRE501ADevelop disaster management plans30
CULCNM302ADevelop and apply knowledge of archives40
CULINM601AAnalyse and describe specialist and complex material60
CULIND401AConsolidate and maintain industry knowledge60
CULCNM502AManage lending and borrowing processes for collections20