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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

CUV11 Visual Arts, Crafts and Design Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
PSPPROC602BDirect the management of contracts60
PSPPM402BManage simple projects65
PSPPM405AAdminister simple projects40
MCMS600ADevelop a competitive manufacturing system60
MCMT675AFacilitate the development of a new product80
MCMC614ADevelop a communications strategy to support production50
MEM05006BPerform brazing and/or silver soldering20
MEM05050BPerform routine gas metal arc welding20
MEM05051ASelect welding processes20
MEM06001BPerform hand forging40
MEM06007BPerform basic incidental heat/quenching, tempering and annealing20
MEM08002CPre-treat work for subsequent surface coating40
MEM08006BProduce clear and/or coloured and/or sealed anodised films on aluminium20
MEM08010BManually finish/polish materials60
MEM08011BPrepare surfaces using solvents and/or mechanical means20
MEM12023APerform engineering measurements30
MEM12024APerform computations30
MEM13003BWork safely with industrial chemicals and materials20
MEM13004BWork safely with molten metals/glass20
MEM16006AOrganise and communicate information20
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
MEM18003CUse tools for precision work40
MEM19001BPerform jewellery metal casting60
MEM19002BPrepare jewellery illustrations40
MEM19003BHandle gem materials20
MEM19007BPerform gemstone setting60
MEM19009BPerform investment procedures for lost wax casting process10
MEM19010BProduce rubber moulds for lost wax casting process20
MEM19011BPerform wax injection of moulds for lost wax casting process20
MEM19012BProduce jewellery wax model40
MEM19013BProduce jewellery metal masters40
MEM19014BPerform hand engraving40
MEM19015BPerform jewellery enamelling40
MEM19016BConstruct jewellery components40
MEM19017BFabricate jewellery items60
MEM30023APrepare a simple cost estimate for a manufactured product20
HLTCOM408BUse specific health terminology to communicate effectively40
HLTDA417ATake a clinical photograph20
HLTHIR403BWork effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers20
HLTOPD401AWork effectively in the ophthalmic industry30
CULLB001BDevelop and apply knowledge of the library/information services industry60
CULLB203CDevelop and use information literacy skills40
CULLB206CAssist with circulation services15
CULLB510CDevelop and maintain community/stakeholder relationships50
CULMS001BWork with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural material
CULMS002BResearch and evaluate Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural material
CULMS004BIntegrate knowledge of education and learning into museum activities
CULMS005BResearch and generate ideas for exhibition concepts50
CULMS008BConceive, develop and realise exhibition designs50
CULMS009BImplement preventive conservation activities
CULMS010BContribute to the preservation of cultural material50
CULMS201CDevelop and apply knowledge of the museum industry60
CULMS202CProvide visitors with venue information and assistance30
CULMS205CObserve and report basic condition of collection30
CULMS207CAssist with the presentation of public activities and events50
CULMS406CDeliver information, activities and events50
CULMS407CInstall and dismantle exhibition elements20
CULMS412CRecord and maintain collection information40
CULMS506CPlan and develop activities, events and programs60
SIRRMER016AStyle merchandise for photography45
SIRRRPK014ARecommend specialised products and services35
SIRXCCS002AInteract with customers30
SIRXIND001AWork effectively in a retail environment45
SIRXSLS001ASell products and services20
SIRXSLS002AAdvise on products and services30
SIRXSLS004ABuild relationships with customers35
BSBADM307BOrganise schedules15
BSBADM311AMaintain business resources15
BSBADM405BOrganise meetings20
BSBADM407BAdminister projects40
BSBADV509ACreate mass print media advertisements30
BSBADV510ACreate mass electronic media advertisements50
BSBCCO201AAction customer contact100
BSBCMM101AApply basic communication skills40
BSBCMM301AProcess customer complaints30
BSBCMM401AMake a presentation30
BSBCOM501BIdentify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBCOM502BEvaluate and review compliance25
BSBCRT101AApply critical thinking techniques20
BSBCRT301ADevelop and extend critical and creative thinking skills40
BSBCRT401AArticulate, present and debate ideas40
BSBCRT402ACollaborate in a creative process40
BSBCRT403AExplore the history and social impact of creativity50
BSBCRT501AOriginate and develop concepts30
BSBCRT601AResearch and apply concepts and theories of creativity65
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS402AAddress customer needs50
BSBDES201AFollow a design process40
BSBDES202AEvaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context30
BSBDES301AExplore the use of colour40
BSBDES302AExplore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms50
BSBDES303AExplore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms50
BSBDES304ASource and apply design industry knowledge20
BSBDES305ASource and apply information on the history and theory of design65
BSBDES401AGenerate design solutions60
BSBDES402AInterpret and respond to a design brief20
BSBDES403ADevelop and extend design skills and practice30
BSBDES501AImplement design solutions60
BSBDES502AEstablish, negotiate and refine a design brief65
BSBDES601AManage design realisation50
BSBDES602AResearch global design trends30
BSBDES701AResearch and apply design theory40
BSBDIV301AWork effectively with diversity30
BSBDIV701ADevelop cross cultural communication and negotiation strategies80
BSBEBU401AReview and maintain a website50
BSBEBU501AInvestigate and design e business solutions50
BSBEBU502AImplement e business solutions50
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFIA303AProcess accounts payable and receivable30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFIM601AManage finances80
BSBFLM309CSupport continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBINM301AOrganise workplace information30
BSBINM601AManage knowledge and information80
BSBINN201AContribute to workplace innovation35
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBINN501AEstablish systems that support innovation50
BSBINN502ABuild and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBINN801ALead innovative thinking and practice80
BSBITU101AOperate a personal computer20
BSBITU102ADevelop keyboard skills40
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU202ACreate and use spreadsheets30
BSBITU203ACommunicate electronically20
BSBITU301ACreate and use databases30
BSBITU303ADesign and produce text documents90
BSBITU304AProduce spreadsheets35
BSBITU305AConduct online transactions40
BSBITU306ADesign and produce business documents80
BSBITU309AProduce desktop published documents50
BSBITU401ADesign and develop complex text documents100
BSBITU402ADevelop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBITU404AProduce complex desktop published documents50
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBLED501ADevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBMED301BInterpret and apply medical terminology appropriately60
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT403AImplement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBMGT617ADevelop and implement a business plan60
BSBMKG401BProfile the market50
BSBMKG402BAnalyse consumer behaviour for specific markets60
BSBMKG408BConduct market research60
BSBMKG413APromote products and services40
BSBMKG415AResearch international markets50
BSBMKG416AMarket goods and services internationally70
BSBMKG501BIdentify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBMKG514AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBMKG603BManage the marketing process50
BSBMKG605BEvaluate international marketing opportunities60
BSBMKG607BManage market research50
BSBMKG609ADevelop a marketing plan50
BSBOHS201AParticipate in OHS processes20
BSBOHS407AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBOHS509AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBPMG601ADirect the integration of projects70
BSBPRO301ARecommend products and services20
BSBPUB401ADevelop and apply knowledge of public relations industry80
BSBPUB402ADevelop public relations campaigns50
BSBPUB403ADevelop public relations documents80
BSBREL401AEstablish networks35
BSBREL402ABuild client relationships and business networks50
BSBREL701ADevelop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships40
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRES801AInitiate and lead applied research150
BSBRKG403BSet up a business or records system for a small business40
BSBRKG506ADevelop and maintain terminology and classification schemes30
BSBRSK501AManage risk60
BSBSMB201AIdentify suitability for micro business20
BSBSMB301AInvestigate micro business opportunities30
BSBSMB302ADevelop a micro business proposal30
BSBSMB303AOrganise finances for the micro business50
BSBSMB304ADetermine resource requirements for the micro business30
BSBSMB305AComply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business45
BSBSMB306APlan a home based business25
BSBSMB307ASet up information and communications technology for the micro business20
BSBSMB401AEstablish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB405AMonitor and manage small business operations45
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBSMB408BManage personal, family, cultural and business obligations30
BSBSMB409ABuild and maintain relationships with small business stakeholders20
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR202AOrganise and complete daily work activities20
BSBWOR203AWork effectively with others15
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR301AOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWOR403AManage stress in the workplace60
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
BSBWRT401AWrite complex documents50
BSBWRT501AWrite persuasive copy50
LMTCL1001BProduce a simple garment40
LMTCL2003BIdentify fibres and fabrics50
LMTFD2001BDesign and produce a simple garment80
LMTFD2002BApply printing techniques to produce indigenous textile designs80
LMTFD2003BApply dyeing techniques to produce indigenous textile designs80
LMTFD2004BWork within an indigenous cultural framework40
LMTFD2005BIdentify design process for fashion designs40
LMTFD3001BMarket design product to local outlets30
LMTFD3002BDesign and produce indigenous printed textiles to a brief80
LMTFD3003BPrepare design concept for a simple garment80
LMTFD3004BDraw a trade drawing for fashion design40
LMTFD4001BApply design studio process80
LMTFD4002BApply principles of colour theory to fashion design development30
LMTFD4003BAssist in preparation of preliminary design concepts80
LMTFD4005BCommunicate and sell design concepts30
LMTFD4006BInteract and network with fashion industry participants80
LMTFD4007BConduct quality assurance for patterns and garments30
LMTFD4008BConstruct stock size block for garment to meet size and fit specifications40
LMTFD4011BCut fabrics for prototype designs40
LMTFD4014BIdentify influences on contemporary fashion designs and construction techniques40
LMTFD4016BSew design prototypes60
LMTFD4017BSource materials and resources for production of fashion designs30
LMTFD4020BUse electronic fashion design tools80
LMTTD4004AProduce woven tapestry samples80
LMTTD4005AProduce screen printed textiles80
LMTTD4006ASource textile materials and resources20
LMTTD4007AAnalyse textile design influences100
LMTTD4010AApply manipulation techniques to create experimental textile samples60
LMTTD4012AAnalyse use of colour in textiles30
LMTTD4013APrepare stencils and screens for textile printing60
LMTTD5002ADesign and produce woven tapestry products120
LMTTD5004ADesign and produce experimental textiles120
LMTTD5005ADesign and Produce printed textiles120
LMTTD5007ADevelop textile designs using computer based design programs100
LMTTD6001AResearch commercial development of textiles80
LMTTD6004ACreate and produce textile designs for commercial production100
PMBPREP206CPrepare materials to formulae30
PMBPREP301CSet up and prepare for production30
PMBPROD330AMake moulds for formed products50
PMBPROD356CConstruct moulds for composite products60
PMBPROD358CDevelop patterns60
CUFANM302ACreate 3D digital animations75
CUFANM303ACreate 3D digital models75
CUFANM503ADesign animation and digital visual effects80
CUFCMP301AImplement copyright arrangements20
CUFCMP501AManage and exploit copyright arrangements20
CUFDIG201AMaintain interactive content30
CUFDIG301APrepare video assets30
CUFDIG302AAuthor interactive sequences40
CUFDIG303AProduce and prepare photo images20
CUFDIG304ACreate visual design components30
CUFDIG401AAuthor interactive media50
CUFDIG402ADesign user interfaces50
CUFDIG403ACreate user interfaces50
CUFDIG404AApply scripting language in authoring60
CUFDIG501ACoordinate the testing of interactive media products40
CUFDIG502ADesign web environments50
CUFDIG503ADesign e-learning resources40
CUFDIG506ADesign interaction40
CUFDIG507ADesign digital simulations50
CUFIND201ADevelop and apply creative arts industry knowledge20
CUFIND401AProvide services on a freelance basis30
CUFLGT501AConceive and develop lighting designs30
CUFPOS402AManage media assets40
CUFRES401AConduct research30
CUFSOU301APrepare audio assets30
CUFWRT301AWrite content for a range of media40
CUFWRT302AWrite simple stories30
CUFWRT601AWrite scripts50
SITTGDE006APrepare and present tour commentaries or activities70
SITTGDE007ADevelop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides80
SITTGDE008AResearch and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures80
SITTGDE009AInterpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous culture65
SITTVAF002AProvide a briefing or scripted commentary20
SITXFIN007AManage physical assets30
SITXICT001ABuild and launch a website for a small business85
CUECOR01CManage own work and learning10
CUECOR02CWork with others15
CUECOR03BProvide quality service to customers20
CUEFIN02CManage a budget40
CUEFIN03CObtain sponsorship80
CUEFOH03CProvide seating and ticketing advice50
CUEFOH08BProcess incoming customer orders30
CUEFOH09BProvide venue information and assistance20
CUEIND03BIntegrate accessibility principles into work practices80
CUEMAR01CAssist with marketing40
CUEMAR02CUndertake market research40
CUEMAR03CUndertake marketing activities60
CUETEM03CEstablish and manage production requirements and resources45
LMFFM4005AHand carve wood to custom design60
LMFGG2001BUse glass and glazing sector hand and power tools56
LMFGG2002BApply First Aid8
LMFGG3007BForm glass40
LMFGG3008BApply patterns and designs to glass32
LMFPF1001BFrame a simple artwork100
LMFPF2007BAssemble artwork package (basic)40
LMFSL3002APaint glass128
LMFSL3003AFire glass80
LMFSL5005AApply innovation in contemporary lead light and stained glass80
MSAPCII295AOperate manufacturing equipment40
MSAPCII296AMake a small furniture item from timber40
MSAPCII297AMake an object from cloth using an existing pattern40
MSAPCII298AMake an object from metal40
MSAPCII299AMake an object from plastic40
MSATCM305ADemonstrate basic knowledge of casting operations30
CHCCD307CSupport community resources30
CHCCD401DSupport community participation50
CHCCD413DWork within specific communities70
CHCCD420AWork to empower Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities30
LMFFDT4001AApply finishing techniques to custom furniture54
LMFFDT4002AAssemble custom furniture108
LMFFDT4003AAssess and record the lifecycle of a product36
LMFFDT4004AAssess environmental impact of a design36
LMFFDT4005AConstruct and evaluate furniture prototypes and samples108
LMFFDT4006AEstablish and maintain a safe furniture making work environment40
LMFFDT4007AEstablish the design brief36
LMFFDT4008ADetermine occupational health and safety implications of designs40
LMFFDT4009APrepare and present furniture design information18
LMFFDT4010AProduce and evaluate developmental furniture models to scale20
LMFFDT4011ASet up, operate and maintain basic static woodworking machines for furniture designs54
LMFFDT4012AProduce ideation drawings54
LMFFDT4013AResearch and select furniture finishes18
LMFFDT4014AResearch and select furniture materials and technology72
LMFFDT4015AResearch furniture styles and movements30
LMFFDT4016ASelect, use and maintain hand tools for the creation of custom furniture54
LMFFDT5005AConstruct custom furniture using advanced techniques198
LMFID3002ASource and specify decoration products20
LMFID4001AResearch, analyse and apply colour for interior spaces80
LMFID4002ADecorate residential interiors80
LMFID4003APrepare a materials board for client presentation20
LMFID4004AResearch and recommend furniture and accessories36
LMFID4005AResearch and recommend soft furnishings for interiors50
LMFID4006AResearch and recommend hard materials and finishes for interiors54
LMFID4007AIdentify materials, construction techniques and methods used in building interiors54
LMFKB3001AIdentify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects80
LMFKB3008AIdentify cabinet construction and installation methods22
BSBIPR401AUse and respect copyright50
BSBIPR404AProtect and use innovative designs40
BSBIPR405AProtect and use intangible assets in small business50
BSBIPR501AManage intellectual property to protect and grow business60
CUSADM301AAdminister operations for rehearsals and performances35
CUSEVT301ABook performance venues35
CUSFIM501ASecure funding for projects70
CUSIND302APlan a career in the creative arts industry35
CUSMKG301AAssist with the promotion of creative acts35
SITXCCS001BProvide visitor information35
LMFKB4003AIdentify and document services required to support fitted furniture designs72
LMFKB4006APrepare quotation and contract documentation for design project84
LMFKB4007ADesign ancillary residential cabinetry72
MSL974008ACapture and manage scientific images40
PMC552002COperate equipment to blend/mix materials
PMC552004CPrepare for production
PMC552005CProcess greenware/green products
PMC552020COperate slip casting equipment
PMC552021COperate manual glazing equipment
PMC552023CFinish products after firing
PMC552024CHand mould products
PMC552030COperate a firing kiln30
PMC553020CPrepare moulds and dies
PMC554090BUndertake simple refractory design
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL401APlan, organise and deliver group-based learning30
ICPPP221CSelect and apply type30
ICPPP224CProduce pages using a page layout application60
ICPPP284AProduce PDF files for online or screen display60
ICPPP322CDigitise images for reproduction50
ICPPP324CCreate pages using a page layout application60
ICPPP325CCreate graphics using a graphics application60
ICPPP333CElectronically combine complex images50
ICPPP382CProduce computer image for screen printing40
ICPPP396AGenerate high-end PDF files50
ICPPP421CCompose and evaluate typography80
ICPPP422CDigitise complex images for reproduction80
ICPPP430CManage colour70
ICPPP435CGenerate complex imposition50
ICPPP484CSet up and operate automated workflow60
ICPPR384ASet up and produce basic digital print50
ICPPR496ASet up and produce complex digital print60
BSBITU302BCreate electronic presentations20
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
CUSIND301BWork effectively in the music industry35
CUFIND301BWork effectively in the screen and media industries20
SIBXFAS202ADesign and apply make-up for photography30
SITXEVT001BDevelop and update event industry knowledge25
SITXEVT002BProvide event staging support30
SITXEVT003BProcess and monitor event registrations20
SITXEVT004BCoordinate on-site event registrations40
SITXEVT005BOrganise in-house events or functions40
SITXEVT015BManage exhibitions40
BSBINN601BManage organisational change60
BSBMGT608CManage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBMKG414BUndertake marketing activities50
AHCCCF405ADevelop community networks40
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
ICAICT103AUse, communicate and search securely on the internet50
ICAICT104AUse digital devices30
ICAICT203AOperate application software packages60
ICAICT204AOperate a digital media technology package40
ICAICT306AMigrate to new technology20
ICAICT308AUse advanced features of computer applications40
ICAWEB302ABuild simple websites using commercial programs40
ICAWEB403ATransfer content to a website using commercial packages20
ICAWEB404AMaintain website performance30
ICAWEB501ABuild a dynamic website60
ICAWEB505ADevelop complex web page layouts40
ICAWEB506ADevelop complex cascading style sheets40
ICAWEB508ADevelop website information architecture30
ICAWEB516AResearch and apply emerging web technology trends80
HLTIN301CComply with infection control policies and procedures20
HLTIN302BProcess reusable instruments and equipment in health work30
CHCDIS301BWork effectively with people with a disability50
MEM19028ASelect materials and new technologies for jewellery and 3D object design applications20
MEM19033ACreate silversmithing objects40
MEM19035APlan and apply casting techniques for jewellery and object designs40
MEM19023AApply drawing and rendering techniques to jewellery or object design40
MEM19031AProduce renderings and technical drawings for jewellery and object design construction20
MEM19036AUse specialised techniques to produce jewellery and objects60
MEM19039APlan, conduct and supervise a jewellery and object exhibition60
MEM19027AProduce life drawings for presenting jewellery and object designs80
MEM19038AApply traditional techniques to jewellery and 3D object production40
MEM19025ACreate and present designs for jewellery and other 3D objects40
MEM19030AResearch and design sustainable objects60
MEM19043AOversee jewellery or object design production80
MEM19026AInvestigate quality and application of jewellery materials20
CUAIND401AExtend expertise in specialist field45
CUADAN302AIncrease depth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance technique20
CUACHR301ADevelop basic dance composition skills20
CUADAN101ADevelop foundation dance techniques25
CUADAN204APerform basic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance technique80
CUAPPM401AContribute to the organisation of productions50
CUAOHS101AFollow basic safe dance practices60
CUADAN202AIncorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances20
CUADAN106ADevelop foundation cultural dance technique25
CUADAN201ADevelop basic dance techniques50
CUAIND301AWork effectively in the creative arts industry50
CUVDRA301AProduce drawings50
CUVACD513AMake mixed media artworks55
CUVPRP303ASelect and prepare creative work for exhibition30
CUVPHI401ACapture images in response to a brief150
CUVPRP504AEstablish and maintain environmentally sustainable creative practice30
CUVCER503ARefine throwing techniques65
CUVACD101AUse basic drawing techniques50
CUVGRD301APrepare files for publication50
CUVGLA201ADevelop glassworking skills50
CUVRES401AResearch history and theory to inform own arts practice70
CUVOPA404ACut opal spheres and beads30
CUVSCU501ARefine sculptural techniques115
CUVPHI526AProduce technical photo images55
CUVWOO502AInvestigate woodworking materials and processes90
CUVWOO501ARefine woodworking techniques100
CUVPHI521AProduce commercial photo images50
CUVDRA501ARefine drawing techniques80
CUVCER501ARefine ceramics techniques60
CUVILL401AResearch and apply techniques for illustrative work50
CUVACD201ADevelop drawing skills to communicate ideas60
CUVDRA502AInvestigate drawing materials and processes70
CUVCER502AInvestigate ceramic materials and processes75
CUVDES403AResearch and apply techniques for the design of wearable objects50
CUVOPA204ACut and polish solid opals80
CUVSCU502AInvestigate sculptural materials and processes100
CUVPHI527AMake illustrative images for publication and display45
CUVTEX301AProduce textile work50
CUVATS302AProduce work that expresses own Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identity100
CUVIND401ACommunicate effectively with arts professionals30
CUVCER301AProduce ceramics50
CUVGLA301AProduce glasswork50
CUVGRD602AOriginate graphic designs for complex briefs65
CUVPRP304AParticipate in collaborative creative projects50
CUVPHI516AResearch the role and use of the photo image in visual communication45
CUVACD514ARefine carving techniques for creative work60
CUVPRP604APublicly present a body of own creative work60
CUVPRP403ASelect and organise finished work for storage30
CUVCER504ARefine handbuilding techniques65
CUVWOO401AExperiment with techniques to produce wood objects50
CUVDIG302AProduce video art50
CUVACD302AProduce computer-aided drawings50
CUVACD501ARefine drawing and other visual representation tools70
CUVATS301ADevelop and apply knowledge of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural arts200
CUVPHI519AInvestigate and exploit innovative imaging options70
CUVPAI201ADevelop painting skills50
CUVRES301AApply knowledge of history and theory to own arts practice50
CUVACD503ASelect and refine a specialised drawing technique45
CUVPRP201AMake simple creative work40
CUVGRD302AUse typography techniques50
CUVGRD606ADevelop graphic designs for packaging55
CUVGLA501ARefine glassworking techniques75
CUVACD505AWork with the human form in creative practice50
CUVDRA401AExperiment with techniques to produce drawings50
CUVPAI501ARefine painting techniques55
CUVSCU201ADevelop sculptural skills50
CUVDES601BDesign innovative products50
CUVRES201ASource and use information relevant to own arts practice30
CUVDIG501ARefine digital art techniques80
CUVPRI201ADevelop printmaking skills50
CUVPRI401AExperiment with techniques to produce prints50
CUVOPA201AIdentify and assess opal20
CUVDIG301AProduce digital images50
CUVGRD604ADevelop and execute advertising concepts55
CUVOPA408AUndertake routine operational maintenance of machinery50
CUVWOO301AProduce wood objects50
CUVIND501BMaintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge50
CUVOPA206ACut and polish opal doublets and triplets80
CUVPHI404AEnhance, manipulate and output photo images80
CUVPRI301AProduce prints50
CUVPRP202AParticipate in planning work for nominated sites15
CUVILL502ARefine illustration techniques70
CUVDIG502AInvestigate technologies for the creation of digital art70
CUVPRP302ADocument the work progress15
CUVPRP301AProduce creative work45
CUVPHI524AMake wedding photo imaging products45
CUVPHI303AProcess photo images to work-print and file stage120
CUVOPA401AUse opal carving tools80
CUVPRP405ADevelop and discuss ideas for own creative work60
CUVPRP603AEngage in the business of creative practice70
CUVSCU401AExperiment with techniques to produce sculpture50
CUVPHI405ADevelop self for photo imaging industry60
CUVACD601AExtend professional expertise with drawing and other visual representation tools60
CUVACD507ARefine 3-D design ideas and processes70
CUVACD502ACreate observational drawings50
CUVPRP401ARealise a creative project60
CUVPUB501ADevelop and manage public relations strategies40
CUVPRP606AExtend expertise in a specialised art form to professional level80
CUVOPA407AApply advanced pre-cutting processes to complex opals40
CUVOPA402AProduction cut and polish opal40
CUVSCU301AProduce sculpture50
CUVPHI517AResearch and exploit photo imaging trends45
CUVJWL401AExperiment with techniques to produce jewellery50
CUVPHI529AEmploy colour management in a digital imaging workplace45
CUVPRI501ARefine printmaking techniques75
CUVACD402AExperiment with moulding and casting techniques50
CUVPHI522AProvide domestic portrait services50
CUVPRP402ASelect sites for creative projects and plan work15
CUVPER401AExperiment with techniques to produce performance art50
CUVDIG202ADevelop video art skills50
CUVACD509ADevelop and refine metal-working techniques50
CUVATS101ADevelop understanding of own Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identity150
CUVDIG402AExperiment with techniques to produce video art50
CUVACD303AProduce technical drawings50
CUVPHI523AProduce media photo images50
CUVPRI502AInvestigate printmaking materials and processes80
CUVRES501ACritique cultural works50
CUVGRD607ADevelop graphic designs for branding and identify55
CUVOPA403AUse a faceting machine40
CUVGRD603AExtend typographic design expertise60
CUVOPA406AIdentify the requirements for establishing an opal-cutting workshop20
CUVPRP406APlan work space15
CUVACD515AManage specialised finishing processes45
CUVGRD501AResearch visual communication history and theory55
CUVDIG401AExperiment with techniques to enhance digital images50
CUVFIM401AObtain revenue to support operations30
CUVPRP601AOriginate a body of independent creative work75
CUVGRD506ADevelop graphic design practice to meet industry needs60
CUVPHI402AResearch and apply information on the traditions that inform photo imaging practice50
CUVGLA502AInvestigate glassworking materials and processes 110
CUVPHI304AProcess colour materials in a wet darkroom context50
CUVPHI531AInvestigate and refine alternative approaches to photomedia70
CUVPHI518AExplore the descriptive and emotive nature of photo lighting45
CUVPHI301ADevelop and apply photo imaging industry knowledge15
CUVDRA201ADevelop drawing skills50
CUVPHI302ACapture photographic images50
CUVOPA205AComplete pre-cutting processes for opal doublets and triplets30
CUVDES405AResearch and apply techniques in spatial design50
CUVGLA401AExperiment with techniques to produce glasswork50
CUVACD401AIntegrate colour theory and design processes30
CUVGRD503AProduce typographic design solutions60
CUVPUA601ARealise a public art project90
CUVTEX502AInvestigate materials and processes for textile work80
CUVTEX401AExperiment with techniques to produce textile work50
CUVPAI502AInvestigate painting materials and processes50
CUVPRP404ADevelop self as artist60
CUVACD510AManage kiln operations35
CUVGRD502AProduce graphic designs for 2-D and 3-D applications60
CUVPRP602ACollaborate in professional creative projects50
CUVJWL201ADevelop jewellery-making skills50
CUVPRP203AStore finished creative work30
CUVPAI301AProduce paintings50
CUVPHI528APlan, capture and exploit stock photo images45
CUVACD512AWork with photomedia in creative practice55
CUVDIG201ADevelop digital imaging skills50
CUVPRP605AEvolve ideas for professional creative work50
CUVPRP503APresent a body of own creative work60
CUVGRD505ADesign and manipulate complex layouts65
CUVINS601ARealise an installation work90
CUVCAL301AProduce calligraphy50
CUVRES502AAnalyse cultural history and theory70
CUVACD508ARefine model making skills65
CUVDES404AResearch and apply techniques in product design50
CUVJWL301AProduce jewellery50
CUVOPA203AComplete pre-cutting processes for solid opals30
CUVOPA405AObtain opal10
CUVPHI530APrepare digital images for pre-press processing45
CUVCAL401AExperiment with techniques to produce calligraphy50
CUVPHI403AApply photo imaging lighting techniques100
CUVPRP502APrepare for sustainable professional practice35
CUVCER201ADevelop ceramic skills50
CUVWOO201ADevelop woodworking skills50
CUVACD504AResearch and apply light and colour45
CUVTEX501ARefine techniques for textile work90
CUVOPA202AHandle and store rough and cut opal10
CUVACD304AMake scale models50
CUVPUA501ACreate works of art for public spaces90
CUVGLA503ARefine kiln cast glass techniques65
CUVILL501ADevelop professional illustrations70
CUVPRP101AUse ideas and techniques for creative work50
CUVGRD401AResearch and apply graphic design techniques50
CUVPHI525APlan, capture and exploit visual art photo images45
CUVTEX201ADevelop skills in textile work50
CUVPRP501ARealise a body of creative work80
CUVPHI305AUse wet darkroom techniques to produce monochrome photographs50
CUVGRD605ADevelop graphic designs for the built environment55
CUVGRD504ACreate and manipulate graphics60
CUVACD511AMake moulds and casts50
CUVRES601AExtend cultural research expertise50
CUVACD301AProduce drawings to communicate ideas80
CUVCER401AExperiment with techniques to produce ceramics50
CUVCER403AExperiment with ceramic surface treatments50
CUVCER402AExperiment with throwing techniques50
CUVPAI401AExperiment with techniques to produce paintings50
CUVPHI520AProduce an innovative presentation of professional work70
CUVACD506ARefine 2-D design ideas and processes70
CUVCER505ADevelop and apply ceramic glazes60
CUVGRD601AEngage in the business of graphic design65
CUVACD602AExtend professional expertise across new art forms and media50
CUVPRP505AEstablish and maintain safe professional practice30