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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

SIH11 Hairdressing Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
SIRXCOM001ACommunicate in the workplace40
SIRXHRM001AAdminister human resources policy35
SIRXHRM002ARecruit and select personnel35
SIRXIND001AWork effectively in a retail environment45
SIRXINV001APerform stock control procedures35
SIRXMER001AMerchandise products30
SIRXMGT001ACoordinate work teams35
SIRXMGT003ALead and manage people35
SIRXOHS003AProvide a safe working environment35
SIRXQUA002ALead a team to foster innovation35
SIRXRPK002ARecommend hair, beauty and cosmetic products and services25
SIRXSLS001ASell products and services20
SIRXSLS002AAdvise on products and services30
BSBCRT601AResearch and apply concepts and theories of creativity65
BSBDES602AResearch global design trends30
BSBDES701AResearch and apply design theory40
BSBFRA401BManage compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements60
BSBFRA402BEstablish a franchise70
BSBFRA403BManage relationship with franchisor30
BSBFRA404BManage a multiple site franchise70
BSBLED501ADevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBMGT401AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMKG413APromote products and services40
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB408BManage personal, family, cultural and business obligations30
BSBSMB409ABuild and maintain relationships with small business stakeholders20
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR501AManage personal work priorities and professional development60
TAEASS401APlan assessment activities and processes20
TAEASS402AAssess competence15
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL402APlan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
SIBXCCS201AConduct financial transactions25
SIBXCCS202AProvide service to clients30
SIBXFAS202ADesign and apply make-up for photography30
SIBXPSM501ALead teams in a personal services environment40
SIBXPSM502AManage treatment services and sales delivery60
SIBXPSM503APromote a personal services business60
SIBXRES501AInvestigate new products and services50
SIHHBAS201APerform shampoo and basin services40
SIHHBAS202APerform head, neck and shoulder massage20
SIHHCCS201AGreet and prepare clients for salon services10
SIHHCCS302APerform a full client consultation30
SIHHCCS303ARespond to service related and technical problems30
SIHHCCS304APlan services for special events20
SIHHCLS201AApply hair colour products30
SIHHCLS302AColour and lighten hair50
SIHHCLS303ADesign and perform full and partial highlighting techniques25
SIHHCLS304ANeutralise unwanted colours and tones35
SIHHCLS305APerform on scalp full head and retouch bleach services30
SIHHCLS406ASolve complex colour problems40
SIHHCLS407AApply creative colouring and lightening techniques to enhance hair designs50
SIHHHCS301ADesign haircut structures20
SIHHHCS302AApply one length or solid haircut structures25
SIHHHCS303AApply graduated haircut structures30
SIHHHCS304AApply layered haircut structures30
SIHHHCS305AApply over-comb techniques25
SIHHHCS306ACombine structures for current haircut designs40
SIHHHCS307ACombine structures for traditional and classic men's haircut designs40
SIHHHCS308ADesign and maintain beards and moustaches10
SIHHHCS309APerform face and head shaves25
SIHHHCS410ADesign and perform creative haircuts40
SIHHHDS201ADry hair to shape40
SIHHHDS202AApply hair braiding techniques30
SIHHHDS303ADesign and apply short to medium length hair design finishes50
SIHHHDS304ADesign and apply classic long hair up styles30
SIHHHDS305ASelect and apply hair extensions30
SIHHHDS406ADesign and apply creative long hair designs50
SIHHHDS407AApply and maintain wigs and hairpieces40
SIHHHDS408AMake wigs and hairpieces120
SIHHHRS201ARinse and neutralise chemically restructured hair25
SIHHHRS302APerform chemical curling and volumising services50
SIHHHRS303APerform chemical straightening and relaxing services30
SIHHHRS304APerform protein straightening and relaxing treatments40
SIHHHRS405AApply chemical reformation techniques to enhance hair designs40
SIHHHSC301AApply the principles of hairdressing science25
SIHHHSC302AIdentify and treat hair and scalp conditions15
SIHHHSC403AApply knowledge of hair and scalp problems to trichological consultations40
SIHHHSC404APerform trichological assessments40
SIHHHSC405AApply the principles of nutrition25
SIHHHSC406ADevelop and apply scalp treatment therapies30
SIHHIND201AMaintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas20
SIHHIND202ADevelop hairdressing industry knowledge15
SIHHIND303ACo-ordinate clients and services35
SIHHIND304ADevelop and expand a client base35
SIHHIND305AHone and strop straight razors10
SIHHIND306AParticipate in a session styling team65
SIHHOHS201AApply salon safety procedures20
SIHHTLS401AProvide technical leadership within the hairdressing context45
SIHHTLS402AResearch and utilise hairdressing trends to advance creative work35
SIHHTLS403AWork as a session stylist30
SIHHTLS806Conceive, develop and realise innovative hairdressing concepts for events90
SIHHTLS808Originate and refine hair design concepts90
SIHHTLS807Plan and deliver professional hairdressing presentations70
SIHHTLS804Provide creative leadership to the hairdressing industry70
SIHHTLS805Conceive, develop and realise innovative hairdressing concepts for media90
SIHHTLS809Establish, negotiate and refine hair design concepts for briefs70