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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

ICA11 Information and Communications Technology Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
BSBCMM101AApply basic communication skills40
BSBCRT401AArticulate, present and debate ideas40
BSBCRT501AOriginate and develop concepts30
BSBEBU401AReview and maintain a website50
BSBEBU501AInvestigate and design e business solutions50
BSBOHS201AParticipate in OHS processes20
BSBOHS302BParticipate effectively in OHS communication and consultative processes30
BSBOHS402BContribute to the implementation of the OHS consultation process40
BSBOHS509AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBREL701ADevelop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships40
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
CUFANM301ACreate 2D digital animations35
CUFANM302ACreate 3D digital animations75
CUFANM303ACreate 3D digital models75
CUFANM402ACreate digital visual effects70
CUFCAM201AAssist with a basic camera shoot30
CUFCAM301AShoot material for screen productions60
CUFDIG201AMaintain interactive content30
CUFDIG301APrepare video assets30
CUFDIG302AAuthor interactive sequences40
CUFDIG303AProduce and prepare photo images20
CUFDIG304ACreate visual design components30
CUFDIG401AAuthor interactive media50
CUFDIG502ADesign web environments50
CUFDIG503ADesign e-learning resources40
CUFDIG504ADesign games30
CUFDIG507ADesign digital simulations50
CUFPOS201APerform basic vision and sound editing40
CUFPOS401AEdit screen content for fast turnaround30
CUFPOS402AManage media assets40
CUFPPM404ACreate storyboards40
CUFSOU204APerform basic sound editing30
CUFSOU301APrepare audio assets30
CPPSEC3009APrepare and present evidence in court24
CPPSEC5003AAssess security risk management options30
CPPSEC5004APrepare security risk management plan40
CPPSEC5005AImplement security risk management plan40
CPPSEC5006ADetermine strategy for the implementation of biometric technology50
CPPSEC5007AAssess biometric system40
BSBIPR301AComply with organisational requirements for protection and use of intellectual property40
CUSSOU302ARecord and mix a basic music demo40
CUSSOU403APerform advanced sound editing65
CUSSOU502AProduce sound recordings100
ICPMM321CCapture a digital image40
ICPMM346CIncorporate video into multimedia presentations40
ICTBWN3082APerform tests on optical communication system and components40
ICTBWN3088AInstall optical fibre splitters in fibre distribution hubs40
ICTBWN3090AInstall lead-in module and cable for fibre to the premises50
ICTBWN3100AWork safely with live fibre to test and commission a fibre to the x installation50
ICTCBL2065ASplice and terminate optical fibre cable for carriers and service providers40
ICTCBL2136AInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Restricted Rule60
ICTCBL2137AInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Open Rule100
ICTCBL2139AApply safe technical work practices for cabling registration40
ICTOPN4116AUse advanced optical test equipment50
ICTOPN5119APerform acceptance and commissioning tests on optical network50
ICTOPN5120APlan for an optical system upgrade and cut over60
ICTOPN5122ATest the performance of specialised optical devices45
ICTOPN5123AAnalyse and integrate specialised optical devices in the network60
ICTPMG8143AManage a telecommunications project50
ICTPMG8149AEvaluate and use telecommunications management networks80
ICTSUS4183AInstall and test renewable energy system for ICT networks60
ICTSUS4184AInstall and test power saving hardware60
ICTSUS4185AInstall and test power management software50
ICTSUS4186AInstall thin client applications for power over ethernet60
ICTSUS5187AImplement server virtualisation for a sustainable ICT system80
ICTSUS6233AIntegrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects55
ICTSUS6234AEstablish a business case for sustainability and competitive advantage in ICT projects55
ICTSUS7235AUse ICT to improve sustainability outcomes50
ICTSUS7236AManage improvements in ICT sustainability55
ICTSUS8237ALead applied research in ICT sustainability60
ICTSUS8238AConduct and manage a life cycle assessment for sustainability60
ICTTEN2140AUse hand and power tools40
ICTTEN4081ALocate, diagnose and rectify faults50
ICTTEN4198AInstall, configure and test an internet protocol network50
ICTTEN4199AInstall, configure and test a router60
ICTTEN4202AInstall and test a radio frequency identification system50
ICTTEN4210AImplement and troubleshoot enterprise routers and switches100
ICTTEN4211ADesign, install and configure an internetwork100
ICTTEN4213AConfigure and troubleshoot advanced network switching80
ICTTEN5024AProvide consultancy and technical support in the customer premises equipment sector60
ICTTEN5168ADesign and implement an enterprise voice over internet protocol and a unified communications network60
ICTTEN5200AInstall, configure and test a local area network switch60
ICTTEN5201AInstall, configure and test a server60
ICTTEN5203ADimension and design a radio frequency identification system60
ICTTEN5204AProduce technical solutions from business specifications50
ICTTEN5217APlan a wireless mesh network60
ICTTEN6172ADesign and configure an IP-MPLS network with virtual private network tunnelling80
ICTTEN6206AProduce an ICT network architecture design60
ICTTEN8195AEvaluate and apply network security60
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
BSBINN601BManage organisational change60
BSBMGT608CManage innovation and continuous improvement70
ICADBS401AIdentify physical database requirements80
ICADBS402AComplete database backup and restore30
ICADBS403ACreate basic databases40
ICADBS404AIdentify and resolve common database performance problems30
ICADBS407AMonitor physical database implementation50
ICADBS408ALink an RFID system to a database60
ICADBS409AMonitor and administer a database50
ICADBS412ABuild a database30
ICADBS501AMonitor and improve knowledge management system20
ICADBS502ADesign a database50
ICADBS504AIntegrate database with a website25
ICADBS602ADevelop a knowledge management strategy80
ICADMT401ACreate visual design components for digital media40
ICADMT402AProduce interactive animation60
ICADMT403AProduce and edit digital images40
ICADMT501AIncorporate and edit digital video50
ICAGAM301AApply simple modelling techniques50
ICAGAM302ADesign and apply simple textures to digital art50
ICAGAM303AReview and apply the principles of animation60
ICAGAM401AProduce an interactive game60
ICAGAM402AIdentify and apply principles of games design and game playing40
ICAGAM403ACreate design documents for interactive games30
ICAGAM404AApply artificial intelligence in game development60
ICAGAM405AWrite story and content for digital games30
ICAGAM406ACreate visual design components for interactive games40
ICAGAM407AWrite scripts for interactive games60
ICAGAM408AUse 3-D animation interface and toolsets40
ICAGAM409ACreate 3-D characters for interactive games40
ICAGAM410ADevelop 3-D components for interactive games50
ICAGAM412ADesign interactive media40
ICAGAM413ADesign and create 3-D digital models50
ICAGAM414ACreate audio for digital games40
ICAGAM415ADevelop simple environments for 3-D games30
ICAGAM416APrepare and complete image rendering processes50
ICAGAM417AApply digital effects to interactive products50
ICAGAM418AUse simple modelling for animation40
ICAGAM419ABuild a database to support a computer game30
ICAGAM501ACreate design concepts for digital games and 3-D media30
ICAGAM503ACreate a complex 3-D interactive computer game60
ICAGAM504AManage interactive media production40
ICAGAM506ACreate complex code for mobile game devices60
ICAGAM507ADevelop intermediate 3-D software for games and interactive media60
ICAGAM508ADevelop complex 3-D software for games and interactive media60
ICAGAM509ADesign interactive 3-D applications for scientific and mathematical modelling60
ICAGAM510APrepare games for different platforms and delivery modes50
ICAGAM511AManage testing of games and interactive media30
ICAGAM512ACreate and implement designs for a 3-D games environment50
ICAGAM514ADesign and create models for a 3-D and digital effects environment50
ICAGAM515ADesign and create advanced particles, fluids and bodies for 3-D digital effects50
ICAGAM516AAnimate a 3-D character for digital games40
ICAGAM517AProduce a digital animation sequence60
ICAGAM518AAnimate physical attributes of models and elements30
ICAGAM519AManage technical art and rigging in 3-D animation50
ICAGAM520ACreate and combine 3-D digital games and components30
ICAGAM521ACreate interactive 3-D environments for digital games30
ICAGAM522AComplete digital editing for the 3-D and digital effects environment20
ICAGAM523ACollaborate in the design of 3-D game levels and environments40
ICAGAM524AIntegrate multiple data sources into interactive 3-D environments30
ICAGAM525AApply digital texturing for the 3-D environment in digital games30
ICAGAM526ACreate complex 3-D characters for games60
ICAGAM527AIntegrate database with online game30
ICAGAM528ACreate games for mobile devices60
ICAGAM529AAnalyse business opportunities in the digital games environment30
ICAGAM530ADevelop and implement physics in a 3-D digital game40
ICAGAM531AComplete compositing to create elements for the 3-D and digital effects environment40
ICAICT101AOperate a personal computer30
ICAICT102AOperate word-processing applications30
ICAICT103AUse, communicate and search securely on the internet50
ICAICT104AUse digital devices30
ICAICT105AOperate spreadsheet applications30
ICAICT106AOperate presentation packages25
ICAICT107AUse personal productivity tools20
ICAICT108AUse digital literacy skills to access the internet20
ICAICT201AUse computer operating systems and hardware60
ICAICT202AWork and communicate effectively in an IT environment40
ICAICT203AOperate application software packages60
ICAICT204AOperate a digital media technology package40
ICAICT205ADesign basic organisational documents using computing packages40
ICAICT206AInstall software applications20
ICAICT207AIntegrate commercial computing packages60
ICAICT208AOperate accounting applications40
ICAICT209AInteract with ICT clients20
ICAICT210AOperate database applications40
ICAICT211AIdentify and use basic current industry-specific technologies40
ICAICT212AIncorporate Indigenous needs and perspectives into IT environment20
ICAICT301ACreate user documentation20
ICAICT302AInstall and optimise operating system software20
ICAICT303AConnect internal hardware components20
ICAICT304AImplement system software changes40
ICAICT305AIdentify and use current industry-specific technologies60
ICAICT306AMigrate to new technology20
ICAICT307ACustomise packaged software applications for clients80
ICAICT308AUse advanced features of computer applications40
ICAICT401ADetermine and confirm client business requirements40
ICAICT402ADetermine project specifications and secure client agreement20
ICAICT403AApply software development methodologies20
ICAICT404AUse online learning tools30
ICAICT405ADevelop detailed technical design60
ICAICT406ABuild a graphical user interface20
ICAICT407AMaintain website information standards30
ICAICT408ACreate technical documentation20
ICAICT409ADevelop macros and templates for clients using standard products60
ICAICT410AConduct post-implementation IT system reviews30
ICAICT411ASelect and employ software and hardware testing tools40
ICAICT412ACoordinate and maintain IT work teams20
ICAICT413ARelate to clients on a business level40
ICAICT415AProvide one-to-one instruction20
ICAICT416AContribute to the development of strategic plans40
ICAICT417AIdentify, evaluate and apply current industry-specific technologies to meet industry standards60
ICAICT418AContribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment40
ICAICT419AWork effectively in the digital media industry30
ICAICT420ADevelop client user interface40
ICAICT421AConnect, maintain and configure hardware components40
ICAICT422AParticipate in IT services20
ICAICT501AResearch and review hardware technology options for organisations20
ICAICT502ADevelop detailed component specifications from project specifications40
ICAICT503AValidate quality and completeness of system design specifications20
ICAICT504AConfirm transition strategy for a new system10
ICAICT505ADetermine acceptable developers for projects30
ICAICT506AImplement process re-engineering strategies20
ICAICT507ASelect new technology models for business20
ICAICT508AEvaluate vendor products and equipment20
ICAICT509AGather data to identify business requirements30
ICAICT510ADetermine appropriate IT strategies and solutions40
ICAICT511AMatch IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise50
ICAICT512APlan process re-engineering strategies for business30
ICAICT514AIdentify and manage the implementation of current industry-specific technologies60
ICAICT515AVerify client business requirements40
ICAICT601ADevelop IT strategic and action plans30
ICAICT602ADevelop contracts and manage contracted performance30
ICAICT603AManage the use of appropriate development methodologies30
ICAICT604AIdentify and implement business innovation60
ICAICT605AImplement a knowledge management strategy30
ICAICT606ADevelop communities of practice30
ICAICT608AInteract with clients on a business level40
ICAICT609ALead the evaluation and implementation of current industry-specific technologies80
ICAICT610AManage copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment30
ICAICT701ALead research into identifying new marketplace opportunities80
ICAICT702ADirect ICT services80
ICAICT703AEndorse business plan components for a new initiative80
ICAICT704ADirect ICT in a supply chain80
ICAICT705ADirect ICT procurement80
ICAICT706ADirect outsourced ICT services80
ICAICT707ADirect research and business response to new ICT technology80
ICAICT708ADirect the development of a knowledge management strategy for a business80
ICAICT709AFacilitate business analysis80
ICAICT710ASynchronise IT projects80
ICAICT711AManage an information architecture project80
ICAICT712ADevelop a business intelligence framework80
ICAICT713AManage IT services80
ICANWK301AProvide network systems administration60
ICANWK302AIdentify and resolve network problems50
ICANWK303AConfigure and administer a network operating system70
ICANWK304AAdminister network peripherals20
ICANWK305AInstall and manage network protocols40
ICANWK401AInstall and manage a server40
ICANWK402AInstall and configure virtual machines for sustainable ICT50
ICANWK403AManage network and data integrity40
ICANWK404AInstall, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network60
ICANWK405ABuild a small wireless local area network20
ICANWK406AInstall, configure and test network security50
ICANWK407AInstall and configure client-server applications and services40
ICANWK408AConfigure a desktop environment40
ICANWK409ACreate scripts for networking60
ICANWK410AInstall hardware to a network40
ICANWK411ADeploy software to networked computers40
ICANWK412ACreate network documentation40
ICANWK414ACreate a common gateway interface script40
ICANWK416ABuild security into virtual private networks20
ICANWK417ABuild an enterprise wireless network80
ICANWK418AImplement backbone technologies in a local area network40
ICANWK501APlan, implement and test enterprise communication solutions80
ICANWK502AImplement secure encryption technologies20
ICANWK503AInstall and maintain valid authentication processes25
ICANWK504ADesign and implement an integrated server solution50
ICANWK505ADesign, build and test a network server50
ICANWK506AConfigure, verify and troubleshoot WAN links and IP services in a medium enterprise network90
ICANWK507AInstall, operate and troubleshoot medium enterprise routers120
ICANWK508AInstall, operate and troubleshoot medium enterprise switches90
ICANWK509ADesign and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks60
ICANWK510ADevelop, implement and evaluate system and application security60
ICANWK511AManage network security80
ICANWK513AManage system security50
ICANWK514AModel preferred system solutions30
ICANWK515ADevelop configuration management protocols30
ICANWK516ADetermine best-fit topology for a local network20
ICANWK517ADetermine best-fit topology for a wide area network20
ICANWK518ADesign an enterprise wireless local area network30
ICANWK519ADesign an IT security framework30
ICANWK520ADesign IT system security controls30
ICANWK521AInstall, configure and test a payment gateway30
ICANWK522ABuild decks using wireless markup language30
ICANWK524AInstall and configure network access storage devices40
ICANWK529AInstall and manage complex ICT networks100
ICANWK531AConfigure an internet gateway40
ICANWK532AIdentify and resolve network problems50
ICANWK601ADesign and implement a security system90
ICANWK602APlan, configure and test advanced server based security80
ICANWK603APlan, configure and test advanced internetwork routing solutions120
ICANWK604APlan and configure advanced internetwork switching solutions120
ICANWK605ADesign and configure secure integrated wireless systems40
ICANWK606AImplement voice applications over secure wireless networks40
ICANWK607ADesign and implement wireless network security60
ICANWK608AConfigure network devices for a secure network infrastructure40
ICANWK609AConfigure and manage intrusion prevention system on network sensors40
ICANWK610ADesign and build integrated VoIP networks50
ICANWK611AConfigure call processing network elements for secure VoIP networks40
ICANWK612APlan and manage troubleshooting advanced integrated IP networks120
ICANWK613ADevelop plans to manage structured troubleshooting process of enterprise networks40
ICANWK614AManage IT security80
ICAPMG401ASupport small scale IT projects60
ICAPMG501AManage IT projects80
ICAPMG601AEstablish IT project governance40
ICAPMG602AManage IT project initiation40
ICAPMG603AManage IT project planning40
ICAPMG604AManage IT project delivery40
ICAPMG605AManage IT project closure40
ICAPMG606AManage IT project quality40
ICAPMG607AManage and control IT project risks40
ICAPMG608AManage IT project systems implementation40
ICAPMG609APlan and direct complex IT projects80
ICAPRG301AApply introductory programming techniques40
ICAPRG401AMaintain open-source code programs20
ICAPRG402AApply query language60
ICAPRG403ADevelop data-driven applications60
ICAPRG404ATest applications50
ICAPRG405AAutomate processes40
ICAPRG406AApply introductory object-oriented language skills60
ICAPRG407AWrite script for software applications40
ICAPRG409ADevelop mobile applications50
ICAPRG410ABuild a user interface50
ICAPRG412AConfigure and maintain databases50
ICAPRG413AUse a library or pre-existing components40
ICAPRG414AApply introductory programming skills in another language60
ICAPRG415AApply skills in object-oriented design40
ICAPRG416AManage a software component reuse library40
ICAPRG417AApply mathematical techniques for software development30
ICAPRG418AApply intermediate programming skills in another language80
ICAPRG419AAnalyse software requirements60
ICAPRG425AUse structured query language60
ICAPRG426APrepare software development review30
ICAPRG427AUse XML effectively50
ICAPRG428AUse regular expressions in programming languages40
ICAPRG501AApply advanced object-oriented language skills80
ICAPRG502AManage a project using software management tools60
ICAPRG503ADebug and monitor applications40
ICAPRG504ADeploy an application to a production environment40
ICAPRG505ABuild advanced user interface60
ICAPRG506ADesign application architecture40
ICAPRG507AImplement security for applications50
ICAPRG508ACreate mashups50
ICAPRG509ABuild using rapid application development40
ICAPRG510AMaintain custom software40
ICAPRG511AMonitor and support data conversion to new IT system10
ICAPRG512APrepare for the build phase of an IT system20
ICAPRG513ACoordinate the build phase of an IT system20
ICAPRG514APrepare for software development using rapid application development30
ICAPRG515AReview developed software30
ICAPRG516ADevelop integration blueprint for IT systems20
ICAPRG517AInstall, test and evaluate pilot version of IT system20
ICAPRG518AMonitor the system pilot20
ICAPRG520AValidate an application design against specifications40
ICAPRG523AApply advanced programming skills in another language80
ICAPRG524ADevelop high-level object-oriented class specifications60
ICAPRG525ABuild Java applets30
ICAPRG526AMaintain functionality of legacy code programs40
ICAPRG527AApply intermediate object-oriented language skills60
ICAPRG528APerform IT data conversion20
ICAPRG529AApply testing techniques for software development40
ICAPRG601ADevelop advanced mobile multi-touch applications80
ICAPRG602AManage the development of technical solutions from business specifications40
ICASAD401ADevelop and present feasibility reports30
ICASAD501AModel data objects30
ICASAD502AModel data processes30
ICASAD503AMinimise risk of new technologies to business solutions30
ICASAD504AImplement quality assurance processes for business solutions30
ICASAD505ADevelop technical requirements for business solutions30
ICASAD506AProduce a feasibility report30
ICASAD601APerform IT-focused enterprise analysis40
ICASAD602AConduct knowledge audits40
ICASAD603APlan and monitor business analysis activities in an IT environment40
ICASAD604AManage and communicate IT solutions40
ICASAD605AElicit IT requirements40
ICASAD606AAnalyse stakeholder requirements40
ICASAD607AManage assessment and validation of IT solutions40
ICASAS201AMaintain inventories for equipment, software and documentation10
ICASAS202AApply problem-solving techniques to routine IT malfunctions20
ICASAS203AConnect hardware peripherals20
ICASAS204ARecord client support requirements10
ICASAS205AMaintain IT system integrity20
ICASAS206ADetect and protect from spam and destructive software10
ICASAS207AProtect and secure information assets20
ICASAS208AMaintain IT equipment and consumables20
ICASAS209AConnect and use a home-based local wireless network30
ICASAS301ARun standard diagnostic tests20
ICASAS303ACare for computer hardware20
ICASAS304AProvide basic system administration20
ICASAS305AProvide IT advice to clients40
ICASAS306AMaintain equipment and software20
ICASAS307AInstall, configure and secure a small office home office network50
ICASAS401APerform unit test for a class40
ICASAS402AImplement configuration management strategies30
ICASAS403AReview site environmental factors prior to IT system implementation20
ICASAS404AAcquire IT system components10
ICASAS405AIdentify and evaluate IT industry vendor technologies10
ICASAS406AImplement and hand over system components20
ICASAS407AConduct pre-installation audit for software installation20
ICASAS408AComplete data transition in data migration process20
ICASAS409AManage risks involving ICT systems and technology20
ICASAS410AIdentify and resolve client IT problems40
ICASAS411AAssist with policy development for client support procedures20
ICASAS412AAction change requests40
ICASAS413AManage resolution of system faults on a live system40
ICASAS414AEvaluate system status20
ICASAS415AOptimise IT system performance30
ICASAS416AImplement maintenance procedures10
ICASAS417AUndertake IT system capacity planning50
ICASAS418AMonitor and administer security of an IT system30
ICASAS419ASupport system software50
ICASAS420AProvide first-level remote help-desk support30
ICASAS421ASupport users and troubleshoot desktop applications20
ICASAS422AScope implementation requirements20
ICASAS424ASupport different operating systems40
ICASAS425AConfigure and troubleshoot operating system software40
ICASAS426ALocate and troubleshoot IT equipment, system and software faults40
ICASAS501ADevelop, implement and evaluate an incident response plan30
ICASAS502AEstablish and maintain client user liaison20
ICASAS503APerform systems tests30
ICASAS504ADevelop and conduct client acceptance test20
ICASAS505AReview and update disaster recovery and contingency plans30
ICASAS506AUpdate IT system operational procedures30
ICASAS507AImplement and evaluate systems for regulatory and standards compliance20
ICASAS509AProvide client IT support services20
ICASAS510AReview and develop IT maintenance strategy30
ICASAS511APrioritise IT change requests20
ICASAS512AReview and manage delivery of maintenance services20
ICASAS513ADevelop detailed test plans30
ICASAS514APerform integration tests30
ICASAS515AManage the testing process20
ICASAS516APerform stress and load tests on integrated platforms30
ICASAS517AUse network tools50
ICASAS518AInstall and upgrade operating systems50
ICASAS601AImplement change-management processes30
ICASUS701APlan and manage virtualisation for IT sustainability80
ICASUS702AConduct a business case study for integrating sustainability in IT planning and design projects80
ICASUS703AResearch strategies using SAP solutions for sustainable economic and environmental outcomes80
ICAWEB201AUse social media tools for collaboration and engagement20
ICAWEB301ACreate a simple markup language document30
ICAWEB302ABuild simple websites using commercial programs40
ICAWEB303AProduce digital images for the web30
ICAWEB401ADesign a website to meet technical requirements40
ICAWEB402AConfirm accessibility of websites for people with special needs10
ICAWEB403ATransfer content to a website using commercial packages20
ICAWEB404AMaintain website performance30
ICAWEB405AMonitor traffic and compile website traffic reports15
ICAWEB406ACreate website testing procedures20
ICAWEB407AConduct operational acceptance tests of websites20
ICAWEB408AEnsure basic website security20
ICAWEB409ADevelop cascading style sheets20
ICAWEB410AApply web authoring tool to convert client data for websites20
ICAWEB411AProduce basic client-side script for dynamic web pages40
ICAWEB412AProduce interactive web animation80
ICAWEB413AOptimise search engines50
ICAWEB414ADesign simple web page layouts50
ICAWEB415AProduce server-side script for dynamic web pages60
ICAWEB416ACustomise content management system80
ICAWEB417AIntegrate social web technologies40
ICAWEB418AUse development software and IT tools to build a basic website20
ICAWEB419ADevelop guidelines for uploading information to a website20
ICAWEB420AWrite content for web pages30
ICAWEB421AEnsure website content meets technical protocols and standards30
ICAWEB422AEnsure website access and useability15
ICAWEB423AEnsure dynamic website security30
ICAWEB424AEvaluate and select a web hosting service15
ICAWEB425AApply structured query language to extract and manipulate data60
ICAWEB429ACreate a markup language document to specification20
ICAWEB501ABuild a dynamic website60
ICAWEB502ACreate dynamic web pages40
ICAWEB503ACreate web-based programs60
ICAWEB504ABuild a document using eXtensible markup language30
ICAWEB505ADevelop complex web page layouts40
ICAWEB506ADevelop complex cascading style sheets40
ICAWEB507ACustomise a complex IT content management system80
ICAWEB508ADevelop website information architecture30
ICAWEB509AUse site server tools for transaction management20
ICAWEB510AAnalyse information and assign meta-tags20
ICAWEB511AImplement quality assurance process for websites20
ICAWEB512AAdminister business websites and servers30
ICAWEB515AImplement and use web services50
ICAWEB516AResearch and apply emerging web technology trends80
CUVPHI519AInvestigate and exploit innovative imaging options70
CUVDRA201ADevelop drawing skills50
BSBWOR301BOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBWHS201AContribute to health and safety of self and others20
BSBWHS304AParticipate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes30
BSBWHS403AContribute to implementing and maintaining WHS consultation and participation processes40
BSBWHS501AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG517AManage project risk40
ICANWK533AConfigure and manage advanced virtual computing environments40
ICANWK615ADesign and configure desktop virtualisation80
ICADBS503BCreate a data warehouse60
ICANWK616AManage security, privacy and compliance of cloud service deployment40
ICADBS601BBuild a data warehouse80
ICAPRG604ACreate cloud computing services60
ICANWK419AIdentify and use current virtualisation technologies40
ICANWK534AMonitor and troubleshoot virtual computing environments40
ICANWK525BConfigure an enterprise virtual computing environment60
ICAICT814ADevelop cloud computing strategies for a business40
ICANWK535AInstall an enterprise virtual computing environment60
ICAICT423ASelect cloud storage strategies40
ICADBS603BDetermine suitability of database functionality and scalability60
ICANWK527BManage an enterprise virtual computing environment60
ICANWK306AEvaluate characteristics of cloud computing solutions and services40