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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

MSS11 Sustainability Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
LGAPLEM506AImprove community knowledge and skills in environmental management practices40
PRMWM01BPlan waste audit50
PRMWM02BCarry out waste audit15
MEM13002BUndertake occupational health and safety activities in the workplace30
MEM30016AAssist in the analysis of a supply chain20
HLTFA301BApply first aid18
BSBOHS605BApply occupational hygiene principles to control OHS risk50
BSBRSK401AIdentify risk and apply risk management processes50
LMTGN4002AParticipate in product engineering50
LMTGN4016AContribute to the development of products or processes50
MSAPMOHS200AWork safely30
MSAPMOHS401AAssess risk40
MSAPMOHS510AManage risk50
MSAPMSUP301AApply HACCP to the workplace40
MSAPMSUP390AUse structured problem solving tools40
CUVPHI05BUse a 35mm SLR camera or digital equivalent50
PMASUP520BReview procedures to minimise environmental impact of process40
PMASUP620BManage environmental management system60
LMFFT4007BSample, inspect and test products to specifications36
PUAWER009BParticipate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team35
PUAWER010BLead a workplace emergency initial response team70
LMFFDT4003AAssess and record the lifecycle of a product36
RIINHB408ASupervise environmental drilling operations50
RIIPRM501AImplement, monitor, rectify and report on contracts80
MSL904001APerform standard calibrations50
MSL924002AUse laboratory application software60
MSL933003AApply critical control point requirements40
MSL934001AContribute to the ongoing development of HACCP plans60
MSL935004AMaintain instruments and equipment40
MSL943002AParticipate in laboratory/field workplace safety40
MSL944001AMaintain laboratory/field workplace safety50
MSL952001ACollect routine site samples30
MSL954001AObtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan40
MSL973001APerform basic tests60
MSL973002APrepare working solutions50
MSL973004APerform aseptic techniques40
MSL973007APerform microscopic examination40
MSL973012AAssist with geotechnical site investigations40
MSL974002AConduct geotechnical site investigations60
MSL974003APerform chemical tests and procedures100
MSL974006APerform biological procedures130
MSL974007AUndertake environmental field-based monitoring80
MSL974009AUndertake field-based, remote-sensing monitoring60
MSL975011ADesign and supervise complex environmental field surveys40
MSL975017APerform laboratory-based ecological techniques60
MSL975023ASupervise geotechnical site investigations80
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
MSAENV272BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSAENV472BImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
MSAENV672BDevelop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability50
BSBOHS406CUse equipment to conduct workplace monitoring60
PSPRAD703APerform basic radiation measurements
PSPRAD707AMonitor radiation
MSS014001AImprove sustainability through readily implementable change40
MSS014002AEvaluate sustainability impact of a work or process area40
MSS014003AOptimise sustainability of a process or plant area60
MSS014004ADevelop team strategies for more sustainable use of resources40
MSS014005AApply proactive maintenance strategies to sustainability40
MSS014006AContribute to sustainability related audits70
MSS015001AMeasure and report carbon footprint80
MSS015002ADevelop strategies for more sustainable use of resources70
MSS015003AAnalyse product life cycle for sustainability60
MSS015004ADesign sustainable product or process100
MSS015005ADevelop required sustainability reports80
MSS015006AReport to Global Reporting Initiative guidelines70
MSS015007ADevelop a business case for sustainability improvements50
MSS015008ADevelop strategic sustainability plans100
MSS015009AImplement sustainability plans50
MSS015010AConduct a sustainable water use audit40
MSS015011AConduct a sustainability energy audit40
MSS015012AConduct an emissions audit40
MSS015013AConduct a sustainability related transport audit40
MSS015014ADevelop response to sustainability related regulation80
MSS015015AEvaluate sustainability impact of a process80
MSS015016AImplement and monitor reengineering for sustainability80
MSS015017ADevelop regulated sustainability reports70
MSS015018AInform and educate organisation and community representatives on sustainability issues50
MSS017001AAnalyse and determine organisational risk areas in sustainability 80
MSS017002ADetermine process loss through mass or energy balancing70
MSS017003AIdentify and respond to external sustainability factors for an organisation70
MSS017004ALead sustainable strategy deployment100
MSS017005AManage a major sustainability non-conformance100
MSS017006AIdentify and improve sustainability interactions with the community100
MSS017007ADesign for sustainability100
MSS024001AWork and communicate effectively as an environmental technician35
MSS024002AImplement environmental management plans and procedures45
MSS024003AApply an understanding of environmental principles to a site140
MSS024004AProcess and present environmental data40
MSS024005ACollect spatial and discrete environmental data35
MSS024006APerform sampling and testing of water80
MSS024007ACollect and evaluate meteorological data40
MSS024008ARecognise common geological landforms and samples40
MSS024009AAssist with assessing and monitoring stormwater systems40
MSS024010APerform environmental biological techniques100
MSS024011ANavigate in urban, regional and remote areas40
MSS024012AUndertake simple environmental project activities100
MSS025001AAssist with assessing site environmental indicators160
MSS025002AAssess the environmental risk or impact of a project activity or process80
MSS025003AReport environmental data40
MSS025004AProvide environmental information to customers40
MSS025005AProduce site maps60
MSS025006ACollect and evaluate groundwater data60
MSS025007APerform sampling and testing of soils80
MSS025008AMonitor and evaluate noise70
MSS025009APerform sampling and testing of air80
MSS025010AAssist with odour source assessment40
MSS025011AAssist with odour field assessment45
MSS025012APerform environmental microbiological tests80
MSS025013AAssist with assessing and monitoring wetlands50
MSS025014APerform sampling and testing of contaminated sites80
MSS025015APlan and conduct environmental project work100
MSS025016APerform sampling and testing of stationary emissions 60
MSS027001ACoordinate environmental management activities100
MSS027002AApply environmental legislation, codes and standards120
MSS027003AProvide environmental advice to clients150
MSS027004AContribute to environmental decision making80
MSS027005AContribute to improving environmental performance80
MSS027006ACoordinate water quality management activities80
MSS027007ACoordinate air quality management activities55
MSS027008ACoordinate noise management activities35
MSS027009ACoordinate site remediation or rehabilitation activities60
MSS027010AUndertake complex environmental project work120
MSS027011ASelect, commission and maintain environmental monitoring instruments100
MSS027012AImplement and maintain the site OHS management system60
MSS402001AApply competitive systems and practices40
MSS402002ASustain process improvements40
MSS402010AManage the impact of change on own work40
MSS402020AApply quick changeover procedures40
MSS402021AApply Just in Time procedures30
MSS402030AApply cost factors to work practices40
MSS402031AInterpret product costs in terms of customer requirements30
MSS402040AApply 5S procedures40
MSS402041AApply 5S in an office40
MSS402050AMonitor process capability30
MSS402051AApply quality standards30
MSS402052AImplement continuous improvements based on standardised work practices30
MSS402053AParticipate in breakthrough improvements in an office40
MSS402060AUse planning software systems in operations40
MSS402061AUse SCADA systems in operations30
MSS402080AUndertake root cause analysis50
MSS402081AContribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy30
MSS403001AImplement competitive systems and practices50
MSS403005AFacilitate use of a Balanced Scorecard for performance improvement40
MSS403002AEnsure process improvements are sustained50
MSS403006AFacilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices in an office50
MSS403007AMap an office value stream40
MSS403010AFacilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices50
MSS403011AFacilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices40
MSS403013ALead team culture improvement40
MSS403021AFacilitate a Just in Time system50
MSS403023AMonitor a levelled pull system of operations50
MSS403024AWork within a constrained process30
MSS403030AImprove cost factors in work practices50
MSS403032AAnalyse manual handling processes50
MSS403033AMap an operational process30
MSS403034AOrganise products into groups30
MSS403039AFacilitate and improve 5S in an office40
MSS403035AImplement the visual workplace40
MSS403040AFacilitate and improve implementation of 5S50
MSS403042AFacilitate mistake proofing in an office40
MSS403041AFacilitate breakthrough improvements40
MSS403044AFacilitate continuous improvement through the use of standardised procedures and practices40
MSS403043AFacilitate breakthrough improvements in an office40
MSS403051AMistake proof an operational process50
MSS403084AImprove changeovers30
MSS404050AUndertake process capability improvements50
MSS404052AApply statistics to operational processes40
MSS404053AUse six sigma techniques40
MSS404060AFacilitate the use of planning software systems in a work area or team50
MSS404061AFacilitate the use of SCADA systems in a team or work area50
MSS404082AAssist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy50
MSS404081AUndertake proactive maintenance analyses50
MSS404083ASupport proactive maintenance50
MSS405001ADevelop competitive systems and practices for an organisation60
MSS405002AAnalyse and map a value stream60
MSS405003AManage a value stream60
MSS405004ADevelop business plans in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices60
MSS405005AManage competitive systems and practices responding to individual and unique customer orders60
MSS405006ADevelop a Balanced Scorecard40
MSS405007AIntroduce competitive systems and practices to a small or medium enterprise60
MSS405010AManage relationships with non-customer external organisations60
MSS405011AManage people relationships60
MSS405012AManage workplace learning60
MSS405013AFacilitate holistic culture improvement in an organisation60
MSS405014ADevelop a communications strategy to support operations50
MSS405020ADevelop quick changeover procedures60
MSS405021ADevelop a Just in Time system60
MSS405022ADesign a process layout80
MSS405023ADevelop a levelled pull system for operations and processes60
MSS405024AApply the theory of constraints50
MSS405030AOptimise cost of a product or service60
MSS405032AAnalyse cost implications of maintenance strategy60
MSS405031AUndertake value analysis of product or process costs in terms of customer requirements60
MSS405033AOptimise office systems to deliver to customer demand50
MSS405040AManage 5S system in an organisation60
MSS405041AImplement improvement systems in an organisation60
MSS405050ADetermine and improve process capability80
MSS405052ADesign an experiment80
MSS405053AManage application of six sigma for process control and improvement60
MSS405060ADevelop the application of enterprise control systems in an organisation60
MSS405061ADetermine and establish information collection requirements and processes60
MSS405062ADevelop a documentation control strategy for an organisation60
MSS405070ADevelop and manage sustainable energy practices70
MSS405081ADevelop a proactive maintenance strategy60
MSS405075AFacilitate the development of a new product80
MSS405082AAdapt a proactive maintenance strategy to the process operations sector60
MSS407001APrepare for and implement change80
MSS405083AAdapt a proactive maintenance strategy for a seasonal or cyclical business60
MSS407002AReview operations practice tools and techniques80
MSS407003AAnalyse process changes80
MSS407004AFacilitate improvements in the internal value stream80
MSS407005AUndertake a qualitative review of a process change80
MSS407007ARespond to a major non-conformance80
MSS407006ABuild relationships between teams in an operations environment80
MSS407008ACapture learning from daily activities in a organisation80
MSS407011AManage benchmarking studies80
MSS407010AImprove visual management in the workplace80
MSS407009AFacilitate improvements in the external value stream80
MSS407012ALead a problem solving process to determine and solve root cause80
MSS408001ADevelop the competitive systems and practices approach80
MSS407013AReview continuous improvement processes80
MSS408002AAudit the use of competitive tools80
MSS408003ADevelop models of future state operations practice80
MSS408004ADevelop the value stream80
MSS408005ADevelop the learning processes of the operations organisation80
MSS408006ADevelop and refine systems for continuous improvement in operations80
MSS408007ADevelop problem solving capability of an organisation80
MSS408008AAnalyse data for relevance to organisational learning80
MSS015019AEstablish metrics for social sustainability60
MSS017008ADevelop a proactive social sustainability strategy80
MSS014007AImplement social sustainability in work practices40