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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
MEM50008BCarry out trip preparation and planning40
MEM50009BSafely operate a mechanically powered recreational boat20
MEM50010BRespond to boating emergencies and incidents40
SIRRRPK012ARecommend business and leisure products and services40
SIRXICT001AOperate retail technology20
SIRXINV001APerform stock control procedures35
SIRXINV002AMaintain and order stock35
SIRXINV005AControl inventory40
SIRXMGT001ACoordinate work teams35
SIRXSLS002AAdvise on products and services30
BSBADM101AUse business equipment and resources15
BSBADM307BOrganise schedules15
BSBADM311AMaintain business resources15
BSBADM405BOrganise meetings20
BSBADM406BOrganise business travel20
BSBADM409ACoordinate business resources30
BSBADM502BManage meetings30
BSBADM503BPlan and manage conferences30
BSBADM504BPlan or review administrative systems50
BSBADM506BManage business document design and development80
BSBCMM101AApply basic communication skills40
BSBCMM401AMake a presentation30
BSBCRT301ADevelop and extend critical and creative thinking skills40
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFIA302AProcess payroll30
BSBFIA303AProcess accounts payable and receivable30
BSBFIA304AMaintain a general ledger60
BSBFIA402AReport on financial activity30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFIM502AManage payroll30
BSBFIM601AManage finances80
BSBFRA402BEstablish a franchise70
BSBFRA403BManage relationship with franchisor30
BSBGOV401AImplement Board member responsibilities60
BSBGOV403AAnalyse financial reports and budgets50
BSBHRM401AReview human resources functions40
BSBHRM402ARecruit, select and induct staff50
BSBHRM502AManage human resources management information systems60
BSBHRM506AManage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBHRM507AManage separation or termination50
BSBHRM509AManage rehabilitation or return to work programs50
BSBIND201AWork effectively in a business environment30
BSBINM201AProcess and maintain workplace information30
BSBINM202AHandle mail15
BSBINM301AOrganise workplace information30
BSBINN502ABuild and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBITA401ADesign databases60
BSBITB501AEstablish and maintain a workgroup computer network50
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU402ADevelop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBITU404AProduce complex desktop published documents50
BSBLED101APlan skills development20
BSBLED502AManage programs that promote personal effectiveness60
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBMGT617ADevelop and implement a business plan60
BSBMKG401BProfile the market50
BSBMKG402BAnalyse consumer behaviour for specific markets60
BSBMKG501BIdentify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBMKG502BEstablish and adjust the marketing mix60
BSBMKG507AInterpret Market Trends And Developments50
BSBMKG514AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBMKG608ADevelop organisational marketing objectives60
BSBMKG609ADevelop a marketing plan50
BSBREL401AEstablish networks35
BSBREL402ABuild client relationships and business networks50
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRKG502BManage and monitor business or records systems40
BSBRSK401AIdentify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBSMB301AInvestigate micro business opportunities30
BSBSMB306APlan a home based business25
BSBSMB401AEstablish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR202AOrganise and complete daily work activities20
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
CUFIND401AProvide services on a freelance basis30
CUEFOH04CUsher patrons30
CUEFOH10BMonitor entry to a venue50
RGRPSH401ARelate anatomical and physiological features to the care and treatment of horses60
PUAEME001BProvide emergency care40
PUAEME003CAdminister oxygen in an emergency situation20
PUAOPE002BOperate communications systems and equipment30
CHCDIS302AMaintain an environment to empower people with disabilities90
CHCDIS400CProvide care and support50
CHCDIS507CDesign and adapt surroundings to group requirements90
CHCDIS511ACoordinate services for people with disabilities125
CHCYTH501ADevelop and implement procedures to enable young people to address their needs55
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL404AMentor in the workplace30
TAEDEL501AFacilitate e-learning30
ICPMM263CAccess and use the Internet20
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
PSPPROC414AManage contracts40
FNSACC301AProcess financial transactions and extract interim reports60
FNSACC503AManage budgets and forecasts40
FNSACC504APrepare financial reports for corporate entities70
FNSACC505AEstablish and maintain accounting information systems50
FNSACC506AImplement and maintain internal control procedures40
FNSORG501ADevelop and manage a budget
PUAOPE010COperate an automated external defibrillator in an emergency8
BSBHRM503BManage performance management systems60
BSBHRM505BManage remuneration and employee benefits60
TLIB2003ACarry out vehicle servicing and maintenance30
TLIB2004ACarry out vehicle inspection20
TLIB2008ACarry out inspection of trailers30
TLIH3002APlan and navigate routes20
SISCAQU201AMonitor pool water quality5
SISCAQU202APerform basic water rescues10
SISCAQU303AOperate aquatic facility plant and equipment15
SISCAQU304AMaintain pool water quality15
SISCAQU305AImplement aquatic facility plant and equipment maintenance program15
SISCAQU306ASupervise clients at an aquatic facility or environment15
SISCAQU308AInstruct water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility skills20
SISCAQU309AInstruct clients in water safety and survival skills20
SISCAQU310AInstruct swimming strokes20
SISCAQU311AFoster the development of infants and toddlers in an aquatic environment10
SISCAQU312AAssist participants with a disability during aquatic activities10
SISCAQU313ADevelop an aquatics career plan15
SISCAQU414ADevelop pool water maintenance procedures20
SISCAQU415ADevelop aquatic facility maintenance procedures20
SISCAQU416ACoordinate lifeguard service at an aquatic facility25
SISCAQU417AOperate self-contained breathing apparatus in an aquatic facility20
SISCCRD301AFacilitate community development through recreational activities50
SISCCRD302ARecruit and manage volunteers35
SISCCRD303AFacilitate inclusion for people with a disability20
SISCCRD304AWork with key stakeholders20
SISCCRO301AAssist with recreation games not requiring equipment10
SISCCRO302AApply legal and ethical instructional skills25
SISCCRO303APlan and conduct recreation programs for older persons40
SISCCRO304APlan and conduct disability recreation programs40
SISCCRO305ADevelop a budget for a recreation initiative20
SISCCRO306AOrganise participant travel15
SISCDAN301ATeach recreational dance15
SISCSDF301AInstruct the basic skills of unarmed self-defence35
SISCSDF302AInstruct the intermediate skills of unarmed self-defence20
SISFFIT301AProvide fitness orientation and health screening15
SISFFIT302AProvide quality service in the fitness industry30
SISFFIT303ADevelop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery35
SISFFIT304AInstruct and monitor fitness programs45
SISFFIT305AApply anatomy and physiology principles in a fitness context70
SISFFIT306AProvide healthy eating information to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines50
SISFFIT307AUndertake client health assessment25
SISFFIT308APlan and deliver gym programs55
SISFFIT309APlan and deliver group exercise sessions40
SISFFIT310APlan and deliver water based fitness activities55
SISFFIT311ADeliver approved community fitness programs40
SISFFIT312APlan and deliver an endurance training program25
SISFFIT313APlan and deliver exercise to apparently healthy children and adolescents90
SISFFIT314APlan and deliver exercise to older clients with managed conditions40
SISFFIT415AWork collaboratively with medical and allied health professionals30
SISFFIT416AApply motivational psychology to provide guidance on exercise behaviour and change to meet health and fitness goals40
SISFFIT417AUndertake long term exercise programming40
SISFFIT418AUndertake appraisals of functional movement30
SISFFIT419AApply exercise science principles to planning exercise55
SISFFIT420APlan and deliver exercise programs to support desired body composition outcomes40
SISFFIT421APlan and deliver personal training70
SISFFIT422AImplement inclusive aquatic activities for specific population groups50
SISFFIT523ADeliver prescribed exercise to clients with cardiorespiratory conditions65
SISFFIT524ADeliver prescribed exercise to clients with metabolic conditions80
SISFFIT525AAdvise on injury prevention and management70
SISFFIT526ADeliver prescribed exercise to clients with musculoskeletal conditions100
SISFFIT527AUndertake health promotion activities to decrease risk factors and prevent chronic disease50
SISFFIT528AApply research findings to exercise management strategies40
SISFFIT529ADeliver prescribed exercise to clients with a disability or neurological impairment90
SISFFIT530ADeliver prescribed exercise to children and young adolescents with specific chronic conditions55
SISFFIT531ADeliver prescribed exercise to older clients with chronic conditions55
SISOABA201ADemonstrate abseiling skills on artificial surfaces8
SISOABA302AApply single pitch abseiling skills on artificial surfaces12
SISOABA303AEstablish ropes for abseiling on artificial surfaces12
SISOABA304AGuide abseiling on single pitch artificial surfaces12
SISOABA405AEstablish ropes for multi pitch abseiling on artificial surfaces20
SISOABA406AInstruct abseiling on single pitch artificial surfaces20
SISOABA407AInstruct abseiling on multi pitch artificial surfaces20
SISOABL301AAssist in the facilitation of adventure-based learning activities20
SISOABL402AFacilitate adventure-based learning activities25
SISOABL503ADesign and facilitate adventure-based learning programs25
SISOABN201ADemonstrate abseiling skills on natural surfaces12
SISOABN202ASafeguard an abseiler using a single rope belay system15
SISOABN303AApply single pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces15
SISOABN304AEstablish ropes for single pitch abseiling on natural surfaces15
SISOABN305AGuide abseiling on single pitch natural surfaces20
SISOABN406AApply multi pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces15
SISOABN407AEstablish ropes for multi pitch abseiling on natural surfaces15
SISOABN408AInstruct abseiling on single pitch natural surfaces20
SISOABN409AGuide abseiling on multi pitch natural surfaces20
SISOABN510AInstruct abseiling on multi pitch natural surfaces30
SISOARC301AConduct an archery session15
SISOBWG201ADemonstrate bushwalking skills in a controlled environment10
SISOBWG302AApply intermediate bushwalking skills20
SISOBWG303AGuide bushwalks in a controlled environment10
SISOBWG404AApply river crossing skills10
SISOBWG405AGuide intermediate bushwalks20
SISOBWG406AApply bushwalking skills in uncontrolled landscapes20
SISOBWG507AApply advanced bushwalking skills in alpine areas45
SISOBWG508AApply advanced bushwalking skills in arid areas20
SISOBWG509AApply advanced bushwalking skills in tropical areas20
SISOBWG510AGuide bushwalks in an uncontrolled environment20
SISOCAY201ADemonstrate horizontal canyoning skills30
SISOCAY302AApply vertical canyoning skills30
SISOCAY303AEstablish belays in canyons20
SISOCAY304AGuide single pitch canyoning trips20
SISOCAY405AApply advanced vertical canyoning skills20
SISOCAY406AEstablish complex belays in canyons20
SISOCAY407AGuide multi pitch canyoning trips25
SISOCAY508AInstruct canyoning skills20
SISOCLA201ADemonstrate top rope climbing skills on artificial surfaces10
SISOCLA302AApply top rope climbing skills on artificial surfaces10
SISOCLA303AEstablish belays for climbing on artificial surfaces10
SISOCLA305AApply route setting skills15
SISOCLA406AApply lead climbing skills on artificial surfaces20
SISOCLA407AApply multi pitch lead climbing skills on artificial surfaces20
SISOCLA408AEstablish belays for multi pitch climbing on artificial surfaces20
SISOCLA409AInstruct lead climbing on single pitch artificial surfaces20
SISOCLA510AInstruct lead climbing on multi pitch artificial surfaces30
SISOCLN201ADemonstrate top rope climbing skills on natural surfaces12
SISOCLN302AApply climbing skills on natural surfaces12
SISOCLN303AEstablish belays for climbing on natural surfaces15
SISOCLN304AGuide top rope climbing activities on natural surfaces20
SISOCLN405AApply single pitch lead climbing skills on natural surfaces45
SISOCLN406AApply multi pitch lead climbing skills on natural surfaces25
SISOCLN407AEstablish belays for multi pitch climbing on natural surfaces20
SISOCLN408AGuide lead climbing activities on single pitch natural surfaces20
SISOCLN409AInstruct top rope climbs on natural surfaces20
SISOCLN410AGuide lead climbing activities on multi pitch natural surfaces30
SISOCLN411AInstruct lead climbing on single pitch natural surfaces20
SISOCLN512AInstruct lead climbing on multi pitch natural surfaces30
SISOCNE201ADemonstrate simple canoeing skills20
SISOCNE202APerform deep water rescues20
SISOCNE303AApply canoeing skills20
SISOCNE304AApply inland canoeing skills on Grade 2 water30
SISOCNE305AGuide canoeing trips on flat and undemanding water20
SISOCNE306AInstruct canoeing skills on flat and undemanding water20
SISOCNE307AGuide canoeing trips on Grade 2 water20
SISOCNE408AApply inland canoeing skills on Grade 3 water40
SISOCNE409AInstruct canoeing skills on Grade 2 water20
SISOCNE410AGuide canoeing trips on Grade 3 water30
SISOCNE511AInstruct canoeing skills on Grade 3 water30
SISOCRP301AConduct a low ropes session15
SISOCRP302AConduct a high ropes session20
SISOCRP403ASupervise a low ropes session15
SISOCRP404ASupervise a high ropes session15
SISOCRP505AManage a low ropes course20
SISOCRP506AManage a high ropes course20
SISOCVE201ADemonstrate caving skills45
SISOCVE302AApply single pitch abseiling skills in caves20
SISOCVE303ARig a ladder pitch20
SISOCVE304AApply laddering skills20
SISOCVE305AApply caving specific single rope techniques20
SISOCVE306ARig ropes and establish belays in caves20
SISOCVE307AGuide vertical single pitch caving trips20
SISOCVE308AGuide horizontal caving trips20
SISOCVE409ARig ladders in complex situations20
SISOCVE410ARig a complex pitch using caving specific techniques20
SISOCVE411AApply vertical caving skills20
SISOCVE412ARig multi pitches in complex vertical cave systems20
SISOCVE413ANavigate in untrogged caves20
SISOCVE414AGuide vertical multi pitch caving trips30
SISOCVE415APerform cave rescues30
SISOCVE416AApply cavern diving skills30
SISOCVE417AInstruct vertical single pitch caving skills20
SISOCVE518AApply cave diving skills20
SISOCVE519AApply sinkhole diving skills20
SISOCVE520AApply sump diving skills20
SISOCVE521AApply advanced cave diving skills20
SISOCVE522AInstruct vertical multi pitch caving skills30
SISOCYT201ASelect, set up and maintain a bike10
SISOCYT202ADemonstrate basic cycling skills12
SISOCYT303AApply on-road cycling skills12
SISOCYT304AGuide on-road cycle tours20
SISOCYT405AApply overnight cycle touring skills18
SISOCYT406AGuide overnight and extended cycle tours30
SISOCYT407AInstruct cycle touring skills20
SISODRV201ADrive AWD/4WD vehicles on unsealed roads20
SISODRV302ADrive and recover a 4WD vehicle25
SISODRV303AGuide 4WD tours24
SISODRV404ADrive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain25
SISODRV405ACoordinate recovery of 4WD vehicles20
SISODRV506AInstruct four wheel driving skills20
SISOEQO201AHandle horses20
SISOEQO202ADemonstrate basic horse riding skills20
SISOEQO303AConduct horse riding sessions in an arena45
SISOEQO304AApply first aid for horses25
SISOEQO305ARide horses in tracked areas25
SISOEQO306AGuide day horse trail rides in tracked areas20
SISOEQO407ASelect horses for a program20
SISOEQO408ADetermine nutritional requirements for horses45
SISOEQO409ATrain and condition horses40
SISOEQO410AGuide overnight horse trail rides in tracked areas25
SISOEQO411ARide horses in remote areas25
SISOEQO412AManage horse illness and injuries in remote areas20
SISOEQO413AGuide trail rides in remote areas30
SISOEQO414AInstruct horse riding and handling skills20
SISOEQO515AManage stable maintenance15
SISOEQO516AManage the education of horses15
SISOFSH201ACatch and handle fish15
SISOFSH202ASelect, catch and use bait15
SISOFSH203ASelect, rig and use terminal tackle10
SISOFSH204ASelect, use and maintain fishing tackle outfits10
SISOFSH205AConstruct and work simple fishing lures25
SISOFSH206ALocate and attract fish15
SISOFSH307AGuide fishing trips20
SISOFSH308AInstruct fishing skills15
SISOFSH309AApply fly fishing skills10
SISOFSH310ATie simple fishing flies10
SISOFSH311ADemonstrate freshwater fishing skills10
SISOFSH312ADemonstrate estuary fishing skills10
SISOFSH313ACatch crabs, prawns and squid10
SISOFSH314AConstruct and repair fishing rods15
SISOFSH315ADemonstrate beach fishing skills15
SISOFSH416ADemonstrate marine inshore fishing skills15
SISOFSH417ADemonstrate marine offshore fishing skills20
SISOINT201AConduct interpretation within an outdoor activity30
SISOINT302ADevelop specialist resources for interpretive activities30
SISOKYK201ADemonstrate simple kayaking skills20
SISOKYK302AApply kayaking skills20
SISOKYK303AApply inland kayaking skills on Grade 2 water30
SISOKYK304AGuide kayaking trips on flat and undemanding water20
SISOKYK305AGuide kayaking trips on Grade 2 water20
SISOKYK406ADemonstrate inland kayaking skills on Grade 3 water12
SISOKYK407AInstruct kayaking skills on flat and undemanding water20
SISOKYK408AInstruct kayaking skills on Grade 2 water20
SISOKYK409AGuide kayaking trips on Grade 3 water30
SISOKYK510AInstruct kayaking skills on Grade 3 water30
SISOKYS201ADemonstrate simple sea kayaking skills20
SISOKYS302ADemonstrate sea kayaking skills20
SISOKYS303AGuide sea kayaking trips in easy to moderate conditions20
SISOKYS304ADemonstrate sea kayaking skills in moderate to difficult conditions40
SISOKYS406APlan and navigate a sea kayaking inshore passage12
SISOKYS407AInstruct sea kayaking in easy to moderate conditions20
SISOKYS408AGuide sea kayaking trips in moderate to difficult conditions30
SISOKYS409AInstruct sea kayaking in moderate to difficult conditions30
SISOMBK201ADemonstrate basic off-road cycling skills20
SISOMBK302AApply advanced off-road cycling skills20
SISOMBK303AGuide off-road cycle tours20
SISOMBK404AInstruct off-road cycling skills20
SISONAV201ADemonstrate navigation skills in a controlled environment10
SISONAV302AApply navigation skills in an intermediate environment15
SISONAV403ANavigate in uncontrolled environments25
SISOODR201AAssist in conducting outdoor recreation sessions20
SISOODR302APlan outdoor recreation activities35
SISOODR303AGuide outdoor recreation sessions35
SISOODR404AManage risk in an outdoor activity25
SISOODR405ADevelop and coordinate programs incorporating outdoor activities15
SISOODR506AEvaluate policy for an outdoor organisation20
SISOOPS201AMinimise environmental impact10
SISOOPS202AUse and maintain a temporary or overnight site10
SISOOPS303AInterpret weather for marine environments20
SISOOPS304APlan for minimal environmental impact8
SISOOPS305AProvide first aid in a remote location35
SISOOPS306AInterpret weather conditions in the field20
SISOOPS407AApply search and rescue skills25
SISOOPS508AManage natural resources20
SISOOPS509AInterpret weather for mountain environments20
SISOPWC201ASelect and maintain a personal water craft10
SISOPWC202ADemonstrate simple personal water craft skills in controlled conditions10
SISOPWC303ARide personal water craft in moderate to difficult conditions15
SISOPWC304AGuide tours using personal water craft20
SISOPWC405AInstruct basic personal water craft riding skills20
SISOPWC506AInstruct advanced personal water craft riding skills20
SISORAF301AGuide a raft on moving water20
SISORAF402AGuide a raft on Grade 3 rapids25
SISORAF403AGuide a raft on Grade 4 rapids20
SISORAF404ACoordinate and manage white water rafting trips30
SISORAF505AInstruct rafting skills20
SISOSCB301ASCUBA dive in open water to a maximum depth of 18 metres42
SISOSCB302AComplete night dives20
SISOSCB303AComplete deep dives to between 18 and 40 metres15
SISOSCB304ANavigate prescribed routes underwater15
SISOSCB305AComplete underwater search and recovery dives20
SISOSCB306APerform diver rescues25
SISOSCB307AInspect and fill SCUBA cylinders12
SISOSCB308AGuide a SCUBA dive25
SISOSCB309AComplete dives off boats15
SISOSCB310AComplete an underwater video10
SISOSCB311ATake still photographs underwater10
SISOSCB312AComplete dry suit dives15
SISOSCB313AComplete computer aided dives15
SISOSCB314AComplete wreck dives15
SISOSCB315AComplete drift dives on SCUBA25
SISOSCB316ADive at altitude greater than 300 metres30
SISOSCB317AComplete a dive using Enriched Air Nitrox15
SISOSCB318ADive in open water using surface supplied air15
SISOSCB419AInstruct SCUBA diving skills40
SISOSCB420AInstruct specialised SCUBA diving skills30
SISOSCB521ADemonstrate technical diving20
SISOSKB201ADemonstrate snowboarding skills on beginner terrain30
SISOSKB302ASnowboard on intermediate terrain30
SISOSKB303AGuide day snowboarding activities20
SISOSKB404ASnowboard on advanced terrain60
SISOSKB405ASnowboard freestyle on advanced terrain24
SISOSKB406ASnowboard alpine-style on advanced terrain24
SISOSKB407AInstruct snowboarding20
SISOSKB408AGuide overnight snowboarding activities30
SISOSKB509ASnowboard off-piste30
SISOSKI201ADemonstrate alpine skiing skills downhill on beginner terrain30
SISOSKI402AAlpine ski downhill on intermediate terrain30
SISOSKI403AAlpine ski downhill on advanced terrain30
SISOSKI404AAlpine ski downhill off-piste60
SISOSKI405AAlpine free ski on all terrain60
SISOSKI406ATelemark ski downhill on intermediate terrain60
SISOSKI407ATelemark ski downhill on advanced terrain60
SISOSKI408AInstruct alpine skiing skills20
SISOSKT201ADemonstrate basic cross country skiing skills20
SISOSKT202ADemonstrate ski touring skills in a patrolled environment to a basic standard20
SISOSKT303ADay ski tour away from a patrolled area20
SISOSKT304AGuide day ski tours20
SISOSKT305AApply snow craft skills for day touring20
SISOSKT406ADemonstrate advanced cross country skiing skills20
SISOSKT407AOvernight ski tour in difficult terrain using advanced ski touring skills30
SISOSKT408AApply snow craft skills for overnight touring25
SISOSKT409AApply intermediate cross country skiing skills20
SISOSKT410AGuide overnight ski tours30
SISOSKT411AInstruct cross country skiing30
SISOSNK201ADemonstrate snorkelling activities10
SISOSNK302AGuide snorkelling20
SISOSNK403AInstruct snorkelling skills20
SISOSRF201ADemonstrate surf survival and self rescue skills15
SISOSRF202ADemonstrate basic surfing manoeuvres in controlled conditions15
SISOSRF303APerform intermediate level surfing manoeuvres20
SISOSRF304APerform simple rescues in moderate surf conditions20
SISOSRF305AGuide surfing sessions15
SISOSRF406APerform advanced level surfing manoeuvres20
SISOSRF407APerform rescues in moderate to difficult surf conditions20
SISOSRF408AGuide surfing trips20
SISOSRF409AInstruct basic to intermediate surfing skills20
SISOSRF410AInstruct advanced surfing skills30
SISOTBR201ASelect, set up and maintain an off-highway motorcycle20
SISOTBR202ADemonstrate basic off-highway motorcycling skills20
SISOTBR303AApply advanced off-highway motorcycling skills20
SISOTBR304AGuide off-highway motorcycle tours20
SISOTBR405AGuide extended off-highway motorcycle tours20
SISOTBR406AInstruct basic off-highway motorcycling skills20
SISOTBR507AInstruct advanced off-highway motorcycling skills30
SISOVTR301APerform vertical rescues30
SISOVTR402APerform complex vertical rescues40
SISOVTR403AInstruct vertical rescue30
SISOWWR201ADemonstrate self rescue skills in white water20
SISOWWR302ADemonstrate white water rescues and recoveries20
SISOWWR403APerform complex white water rescues and recoveries25
SISOWWR404AInstruct white water rescue30
SISOYSA201ADemonstrate basic sailboarding skills in controlled conditions15
SISOYSA302AApply enhanced windsurfing skills in moderate conditions20
SISOYSA303AUse a sailboard in stronger winds20
SISOYSA404AUse long boards in difficult conditions20
SISOYSA405AUse short boards in difficult conditions20
SISOYSA406AInstruct windsurfing20
SISOYSB201ADemonstrate basic skills to sail a small boat in controlled conditions30
SISOYSB302ASail a small boat in light to moderate conditions20
SISOYSB403ASail a small boat in moderate and variable conditions20
SISOYSB404AInstruct small boat yachting20
SISSAFL201APerform the intermediate skills of Australian Football20
SISSAFL202APerform the intermediate tactics of Australian Football20
SISSAFL203AParticipate in conditioning for Australian Football20
SISSAFL304APerform the advanced skills of Australian Football20
SISSAFL305APerform the advanced tactics of Australian Football20
SISSAFL406ATeach the intermediate skills of Australian Football20
SISSAFL407ATeach the intermediate tactics of Australian Football20
SISSATH201ATeach the fundamental skills of athletics45
SISSBSB201ATeach fundamental basketball skills10
SISSBSB202ATeach fundamental basketball tactics and game strategy35
SISSBSB303ATeach intermediate level basketball skills40
SISSBSB304ATeach intermediate level basketball tactics and game strategy40
SISSCKT201APerform the intermediate skills of cricket20
SISSCKT202APerform the intermediate tactics and strategies of cricket20
SISSCKT303AParticipate in conditioning for cricket20
SISSCKT304APerform the advanced skills of cricket20
SISSCKT305APerform the advanced tactics and strategies of cricket15
SISSCKT306ATeach the intermediate skills of cricket20
SISSCKT307ATeach the intermediate tactics and strategies of cricket20
SISSCKT408ATeach the advanced skills of cricket30
SISSCKT409ATeach the advanced tactics and strategies of cricket20
SISSCNO201APerform the intermediate skills and tactics of canoeing30
SISSCNO302ATeach the intermediate skills and tactics of flatwater canoeing25
SISSCNO303ATeach the intermediate skills and tactics of whitewater canoeing25
SISSCNO304ATeach the intermediate skills and tactics of canoe polo25
SISSCNO305APerform the advanced skills and tactics of canoeing30
SISSCNO406ATeach the advanced skills and tactics of flatwater canoeing25
SISSCNO407ATeach the advanced skills and tactics of slalom canoeing25
SISSCOP202ADevelop a personal management plan15
SISSCOP203ADevelop a travel and accommodation plan5
SISSCOP204ADevelop personal media skills20
SISSCOP205ADevelop a personal financial plan5
SISSCOP307AManage personal finances20
SISSCOP308AModel the responsibilities of an elite athlete40
SISSCOP309ADesign an athlete's diet10
SISSEQS301ADemonstrate basic dressage, show jumping and cross-country riding30
SISSEQS302ADemonstrate basic dressage and show horse skills30
SISSEQS404ATeach the intermediate skills of riding on the flat45
SISSEQS405ATeach the intermediate skills of riding over fences45
SISSNTB202AUse intermediate level netball tactics and game strategy in netball play30
SISSNTB203AParticipate in conditioning for netball20
SISSNTB204ATeach foundation netball skills20
SISSNTB305AUse advanced level tactics and game strategy in netball play20
SISSNTB306AUse advanced level netball skills20
SISSNTB407ATeach intermediate level netball skills30
SISSNTB408ATeach intermediate level netball tactics and game strategy25
SISSRGL201AUse intermediate level Rugby League game skills20
SISSRGL202AUse intermediate level tactics and game strategy in Rugby League play20
SISSRGL203AParticipate in conditioning for Rugby League20
SISSRGL204ATeach the skills of Rugby League for modified games25
SISSRGL305AUse advanced level Rugby League game skills20
SISSRGL306ATeach intermediate level Rugby League game skills25
SISSRGL307ATeach intermediate level Rugby League tactics and game strategy25
SISSRGL308AUse advanced level tactics and game strategy in Rugby League play15
SISSRGL409ATeach advanced level Rugby League game skills30
SISSRGL410ATeach advanced level Rugby tactics and game strategy20
SISSRGL511ATeach high performance Rugby League game skills30
SISSRGL512ATeach high performance Rugby League tactics and game strategy20
SISSRGU201APerform foundation level Rugby Union skills20
SISSRGU202APerform foundation level Rugby Union tactics and strategies20
SISSRGU203AParticipate in conditioning for Rugby Union20
SISSRGU204AOfficiate junior level Rugby Union15
SISSRGU205AOfficiate local or district level Rugby Union15
SISSRGU306APerform advanced level Rugby Union skills30
SISSRGU307APerform advanced level Rugby Union tactics and strategies30
SISSRGU308ATeach Rugby Union tactics and strategies at a foundation level15
SISSRGU309ATeach Rugby Union skills at a foundation level15
SISSRGU410AOfficiate advanced level Rugby Union15
SISSSAI301ATeach the basic tactics and strategies of sailing25
SISSSAI402ATeach the advanced tactics and strategies of sailing35
SISSSOC301APerform advanced level soccer skills20
SISSSOC302APerform advanced level soccer tactics and strategies20
SISSSPA301ACoordinate regional touring athletes30
SISSSPA402ACoordinate international touring athletes30
SISSSPA403AAdminister a team or group45
SISSSPA404AImplement accreditation and registration systems30
SISSSPA505ACoordinate team or group management30
SISSSPA506ACoorindate team or group administration30
SISSSPT201AImplement sports injury prevention20
SISSSPT302AProvide initial management of sports injuries50
SISSSPT303AConduct basic warm-up and cool-down programs30
SISSSPT304ATape ankle, thumb and fingers30
SISSSPT305ASupport sports injury management30
SISSSPT306ADeal with medical conditions in a sport setting45
SISSSPT307AConduct advanced taping10
SISSSQU201ATeach the fundamental skills of squash30
SISSSQU202ATeach the basic tactics and strategies of squash15
SISSSQU303ATeach the intermediate skills of squash30
SISSSQU304ATeach the intermediate tactics and strategies of squash25
SISSSTC301AInstruct strength and conditioning techniques60
SISSSTC402ADevelop strength and conditioning programs30
SISSSUR201ATeach the basic skills of surf life saving25
SISSSUR202AOfficiate beginner level surf life saving competitions20
SISSSUR303ATeach the intermediate skills of surf life saving20
SISSSUR304AOfficiate intermediate level surf life saving competitions20
SISSSUR405ATeach the advanced skills of surf life saving30
SISSSUR406AOfficiate advanced level surf life saving competitions25
SISSSWM301ATeach the competitive strokes of swimming55
SISSSWM302APlan a program for a competitive swimmer45
SISSSWM303ATeach the advanced skills of competitive swimming55
SISSTOU201APerform the intermediate skills of Touch35
SISSTOU202APerform the intermediate tactics and strategies of Touch35
SISSTOU303ATeach the intermediate skills of Touch35
SISSTOU304ATeach the intermediate tactics and strategies of Touch35
SISSTPB201ATeach fundamental tenpin bowling skills15
SISSVOL301ATeach the intermediate skills of volleyball25
SISSVOL302ATeach the intermediate tactics and strategies of volleyball25
SISSVOL403ATeach the advanced skills of volleyball30
SISSVOL404ATeach the advanced tactics and strategies of volleyball30
SISXCAI101AProvide equipment for activities10
SISXCAI102AAssist in preparing and conducting sport and recreation sessions15
SISXCAI303APlan and conduct sport and recreation sessions20
SISXCAI304APlan and conduct sport and recreation programs35
SISXCAI305AConduct individualised long-term training programs60
SISXCAI306AFacilitate groups25
SISXCCS201AProvide customer service15
SISXCCS402ACoordinate client service activities20
SISXCCS403ADetermine needs of client populations20
SISXCCS404AAddress client needs10
SISXEMR201ARespond to emergency situations18
SISXEMR402ACoordinate emergency responses20
SISXFAC303AImplement facility maintenance programs7
SISXFAC404ACoordinate facility and equipment acquisition and maintenance15
SISXFAC506AManage stock supply and purchase20
SISXIND101AWork effectively in sport and recreation environments25
SISXIND403AAnalyse participation patterns20
SISXIND404APromote compliance with laws and legal principles15
SISXIND405AConduct projects15
SISXIND406AManage projects30
SISXIND507AManage education initiatives35
SISXOHS101AFollow occupational health and safety policies10
SISXOHS402AImplement and monitor occupational health and safety policies12
SISXOHS503AEstablish and maintain occupational health and safety systems15
SISXRES301AProvide public education on the use of resources25
SISXRES402ASupport implementation of environmental management practices10
SISXRES403AUse resources efficiently12
SISXRES504AConserve and re-establish natural systems20
SISXRES505AAchieve sustainable land management20
SISXRES506AUndertake open-space planning20
SISXRES507ADesign and maintain the built environment20
SISXRSK301AUndertake risk analysis of activities20
SISXRSK502AManage organisational risks40
AHCCCF411ADevelop approaches to include cultural and human diversity40
AHCCHM101AFollow basic chemical safety rules10
AHCCHM201AApply chemicals under supervision30
AHCCHM303APrepare and apply chemicals70
AHCCHM304ATransport, handle and store chemicals50
AHCCHM401AMinimise risks in the use of chemicals60
AHCCHM402APlan and implement a chemical use program90
AHCHBR201AMonitor horse health and welfare40
AHCHBR203AProvide daily care for horses40
AHCHBR302ACarry out basic hoof care procedures50
AHCHBR304AEducate, ride and care for horses and equipment100
AHCHBR306APrevent and treat equine injury and disease50
AHCLSK207ALoad and unload livestock20
AHCLSK301AAdminister medication to livestock80
AHCLSK309AImplement animal health control programs50
AHCLSK320ACoordinate and monitor livestock transport60
AHCMOM202AOperate tractors40
AHCMOM203AOperate basic machinery and equipment20
AHCMOM205AOperate vehicles20
AHCMOM302APerform machinery maintenance50
AHCMOM304AOperate machinery and equipment40
AHCMOM305AOperate specialised machinery and equipment60
AHCMOM402ASupervise maintenance of property machinery and equipment80
AHCNAR301AMaintain natural areas80
AHCPCM401ARecommend plants and cultural practices80
AHCPGD201APlant trees and shrubs20
AHCPMG201ATreat weeds40
AHCPMG202ATreat plant pests, diseases and disorders30
AHCPMG301AControl weeds70
AHCPMG302AControl plant pests, diseases and disorders80
AHCTRF101ASupport turf work10
AHCTRF201AAssist with turf construction30
AHCTRF202APrepare turf surfaces for play40
AHCTRF203ARenovate grassed areas30
AHCTRF204ASupport turf establishment40
AHCTRF301AConstruct turf playing surfaces90
AHCTRF304AMonitor turf health60
AHCTRF305ARenovate sports turf60
AHCTRF401ADevelop a sports turf maintenance program90
AHCTRF501APlan the establishment of sports turf playing surfaces150
AHCWRK311AConduct site inspections80
AHCWRK402AProvide information on issues and policies60
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
ICADBS409AMonitor and administer a database50
ICAICT101AOperate a personal computer30
ICAICT102AOperate word-processing applications30
ICAICT103AUse, communicate and search securely on the internet50
ICAICT105AOperate spreadsheet applications30
ICAICT106AOperate presentation packages25
ICAICT201AUse computer operating systems and hardware60
ICAICT203AOperate application software packages60
ICAICT210AOperate database applications40
ICAICT308AUse advanced features of computer applications40
ICAWEB201AUse social media tools for collaboration and engagement20
CHCIC301EInteract effectively with children70
CHCYTH301EWork effectively with young people40
SISSCOP201APrepare a pre or post event meal15
SISSEQS303ATeach the fundamental skills of riding45
SISSGYN201ATeach fundamental gymnastic skills30
SISSGYN302ATeach fundamental gymnastics skills for infants30
SISSMAR201ATeach the intermediate skills of martial arts20
SISSMAR402ATeach the advanced skills of martial arts20
SISSMAR503ATeach the high performance skills of martial arts20
SISSNTB201AUse intermediate level netball skills30
CHCAC318BWork effectively with older people30
CUAOHS501AMaintain a high level of fitness for performance80
TAEASS403BParticipate in assessment validation20
TAEASS402BAssess competence15
TAEASS401BPlan assessment activities and processes20
TAETAS501BUndertake organisational training needs analysis40
BSBITS401BMaintain business technology40
BSBWOR301BOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBSMB405BMonitor and manage small business operations45
SISSCOP306APrepare a sponsorship proposal10
FNSACC502BPrepare legally compliant tax returns for individuals80
CHCDIS301CWork effectively with people with a disability50
CHCYTH407ERespond to critical situations90
CHCYTH505ESupport youth programs150
CHCYTH506BProvide services for young people appropriate to their needs and circumstances115
CHCYTH608DManage service response to young people in crisis150
HLTAH413CDeliver and monitor a hydrotherapy program50
SIRXCCS201Apply point-of-sale handling procedures20
SIRXCLM101Organise and maintain work areas20
SIRXFIN201Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal20
SIRXINV404Manage retail merchandise25
SIRXMER201Merchandise products30
SIRXMER303Coordinate merchandise presentation35
SIRXMER405Manage store presentation and pricing35
SIRXRSK201Minimise loss20
SIRXSLS201Sell products and services20
SIRXSLS304Coordinate sales performance35
SIRXSLS406Manage sales and service delivery35
SITXADM501Prepare and present proposals50
SITXCCS101Provide information and assistance20
SITXCCS303Provide service to customers25
SITXCOM201Show social and cultural sensitivity20
SITXCOM401Manage conflict20
SITXEVT302Process and monitor event registrations60
SITXEVT304Provide event staging support31
SITXEVT303Coordinate on-site event registrations40
SITXEVT401Plan in-house events or functions40
SITXEVT505Manage on-site event operations60
SITXEVT602Develop event concepts30
SITXEVT603Determine event feasibility50
SITXEVT606Develop crowd management plans30
SITXFIN402Manage finances within a budget30
SITXFIN601Manage physical assets40
SITHFAB101Clean and tidy bar areas15
SITHFAB201Provide responsible service of alcohol10
SITHFAB203Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages20
SITHFAB301Operate and monitor cellar systems40
SITHFAB206Serve food and beverage80
SITHFAB307Provide table service of food and beverage110
SITXFSA101Use hygienic practices for food safety15
SITHGAM201Provide responsible gambling services10
SITHGAM202Attend gaming machines25
SITHGAM301Analyse and report on gaming machine data20
SITTGDE101Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous culture100
SITTGDE301Work as a guide90
SITTGDE302Provide arrival and departure assistance20
SITTGDE304Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities70
SITTGDE303Lead tour groups30
SITTGDE306Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures80
SITTGDE305Develop and maintain the general and regional knowledge required by guides100
SITTGDE307Prepare specialised interpretive content on flora, fauna and landscape80
SITTGDE309Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments80
SITTGDE401Coordinate and operate tours70
SITTGDE308Prepare specialised interpretive content on marine environments80
SITTGDE402Manage extended touring programs70
SITXHRM401Roster staff30
SITXHRM402Lead and manage people60
SITXMGT501Establish and conduct business relationships60
SITXMPR401Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials60
SITXMPR501Obtain and manage sponsorship30
SITTPPD401Package tourism products25
SITTPPD601Develop tourism products100
SITTPPD602Develop environmentally sustainable tourism operations70
SITTPPD603Develop culturally appropriate tourism operations60
SITTTOP302Provide outdoor catering80
SITTTOP402Set up and operate a campsite50
SITTTSL202Access and interpret product information65
SITTTSL303Sell tourism products and services35
SITTTSL304Prepare quotations30
SITXGLC501Research and comply with regulatory requirements80
SISSSDE201Communicate effectively with others in a sport environment25
SISSGLF521Manage on course golf operations30
SISXIND408Select and use technology for sport, fitness and recreation45
SISSSDE502Design and implement strategies to increase participation35
SISSSOF306Apply self-management to enhance high performance officiating20
SISSSOF307Coach officials40
SISSSCO410Implement a talent identification program20
SISSSCO409Work collaboratively with support personnel13
SISSSCO308Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology30
SISSSCO304Customise coaching for athletes with specific needs35
SISSTNS410Coach stroke production for intermediate tennis players45
SISSTNS512Coach stroke production for high performance tennis players55
SISXIND211Develop and update sport, fitness and recreation industry knowledge30
SISSSCO512Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury and illness40
SISSSOF304Roster officials35
SISXFAC409Plan and provide sport, fitness and recreation services20
SISSTNS307Coach red stage tennis players35
SISSGLF518Teach the advanced skills of golf25
SISSSCO411Apply self-management to intermediate level coaching25
SISSGLF512Manage the structure and facilitation of golf competitions and tournaments20
SISSGLF314Perform the advanced skills of golf20
SISSGLF307Participate in conditioning for golf15
SISSTNS308Coach orange stage tennis players35
SISSGLF202Apply the A-Grade tactics and strategies of golf15
SISSSOF202Officiate games or competitions50
SISSSOF101Develop and update officiating knowledge15
SISSSCO202Coach beginner or novice participants to develop fundamental motor skills28
SISSSOF305Officiate in a high performance environment25
SISXIND402Analyse legal knowledge for organisation governance80
SISSGLF315Apply the advanced tactics and strategies of golf18
SISSTNS411Coach tactics for intermediate tennis players45
SISSGLF519Teach the advanced tactics and strategies of golf45
SISSGLF510Fit and alter golf equipment30
SISXIND409Organise a sport, fitness or recreation event55
SISXCCS202Process entry transactions15
SISSTNS205Interpret and apply the rules and regulations of tennis10
SISSTNS513Coach tactics for high performance55
SISSSCO306Provide drugs in sport information5
SISSGLF316Interpret and apply the rules of golf15
SISXWHS503Establish and maintain work health and safety systems15
SISSGLF201Perform the A-Grade skills of golf30
SISSSDE503Develop volunteer management policies25
SISSGLF517Apply advanced skills, tactics and strategies of golf in high performance competition15
SISXFAC208Maintain sport, fitness and recreation facilities7
SISXWHS101Follow work health and safety policies10
SISXWHS402Implement and monitor work health and safety policies12
SISSSCO305Implement selection policies15
SISSSCO307Provide nutrition information to athletes25
SISSBSB205Interpret and apply the rules of basketball18
SISXFAC207Maintain sport, fitness and recreation equipment for activities5
SISSSCO513Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs75
SISSGLF520Design and implement strategies to increase junior participation in golf28
SISSSCO303Plan and deliver coaching programs30
SISXIND410Coordinate sport, fitness and recreation work teams or groups35
SISSTNS309Coach green stage tennis players35
SISSSOF203Judge competitive situations30
SISSTNS206Develop and update knowledge of tennis development programs8
SISSSCO101Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices30
BSBWRK510AManage employee relations80
BSBHRM501BManage human resources services60
CHCYTH002Work effectively with young people in the youth work context60
CHCYTH004Respond to critical situations100
CHCYTH010Provide services for young people appropriate to their needs and circumstances90
CHCYTH005Develop and implement procedures to enable young people to address their needs55
CHCYTH009Support youth programs150
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
CHCYTH012Manage service response to young people in crisis150
HLTAID006Provide advanced first aid30
SISOCLA311Guide top rope climbing activities on artificial surfaces30
SISFFIT333Deliver pre-choreographed or prescribed group exercise to music classes40
SISOBWG412Instruct bushwalks in an intermediate environment30
SISOEQO317Supervise horse handling20
SISOBWG411Instruct bushwalks in a controlled environment20
SISCAQU318Perform advanced water rescues15
SISSTNS204Conduct red stage tennis activities16
SISFFIT332Deliver pre-choreographed or prescribed community group exercise programs40
SISOEQO418Apply anatomy and physiology to equine performance40
SISOCLA412Instruct top rope climbing on artificial surfaces30
SISOBWG413Instruct bushwalks in an uncontrolled environment30
ICTICT203Operate application software packages60
BSBLDR403Lead team effectiveness50
BSBHRM501Manage human resource services60
BSBADM307Organise schedules15
BSBCMM401Make a presentation30
BSBFIM501Manage budgets and financial plans70
BSBSMB301Investigate micro business opportunities30
BSBMKG507Interpret market trends and developments50
BSBMKG501Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBSUS501Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBMKG514Implement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBWOR301Organise personal work priorities and development30
BSBSUS301Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBMKG502Establish and adjust the marketing mix60
BSBGOV403Analyse financial reports and budgets50
BSBGOV401Implement board member responsibilities60
BSBMGT517Manage operational plan70
BSBITB501Establish and maintain a workgroup computer network50
FNSACC504Prepare financial reports for corporate entities70
ICTICT106Operate presentation packages25
FNSORG501Develop and manage a budget80
FNSACC502Prepare tax documentation for individuals80
FNSACC505Establish and maintain accounting information systems50
FNSACC506Implement and maintain internal control procedures40
ICTICT210Operate database applications40
ICPDMT263Access and use the internet20
ICTICT105Operate spreadsheet applications30
FNSACC503Manage budgets and forecasts40
ICTICT308Use advanced features of computer applications40
ICTICT102Operate word-processing applications30