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Nominal hours for units of competency from the


Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
PSPSEC602AManage security awareness60
PSPHR504AImplement workforce planning and succession strategies50
PSPHR620AManage organisational development40
PSPMNGT602BManage resources60
PSPMNGT608BManage risk60
PSPMNGT610AManage public sector financial resources60
PSPMNGT613ADevelop partnering arrangements60
PSPMNGT615AInfluence workforce effectiveness60
PSPMNGT701BProvide strategic direction60
PSPPOL404ASupport policy implementation30
PSPPOL602AProvide policy advice40
PSPPOL603AManage policy implementation40
PSPPM401BDesign simple projects65
PSPPM402BManage simple projects65
PSPPM403BClose simple projects65
PSPPM504ACarry out complex project activities50
PSPGOV205BParticipate in workplace change20
PSPGOV306BImplement change30
PSPGOV404BDevelop and implement work unit plans30
PSPGOV406BGather and analyse information30
PSPGOV413ACompose complex workplace documents40
PSPGOV421AExercise delegations30
PSPGOV503BCoordinate resource allocation and usage40
PSPGOV504BUndertake research and analysis60
PSPGOV506ASupport workplace coaching and mentoring50
PSPGOV511AProvide leadership50
PSPGOV512AUse complex workplace communication strategies50
PSPGOV513ARefine complex workplace documents40
PSPGOV515ADevelop and use political nous40
PSPGOV516ADevelop and use emotional intelligence40
PSPGOV518ABenchmark performance70
PSPGOV519AManage performance50
PSPGOV524AInterpret data and related statistics50
PSPGOV602BEstablish and maintain strategic networks40
PSPGOV605APersuade and influence opinion50
PSPGOV606APrepare high-level/sensitive written materials50
AURV328961ARecover vehicle30
FPICOT3226AShift forestry logs using trucks80
UEGNSG601AAssess the operational capability of gas safety equipment on tankers45
MEM12023APerform engineering measurements30
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM24001BPerform basic penetrant testing20
MEM24003BPerform basic magnetic particle testing20
BSBADM409ACoordinate business resources30
BSBADM502BManage meetings30
BSBCMM401AMake a presentation30
BSBCOM501BIdentify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBCOM601BResearch compliance requirements and issues50
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBHRM402ARecruit, select and induct staff50
BSBINM501AManage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBINN502ABuild and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBITU101AOperate a personal computer20
BSBITU102ADevelop keyboard skills40
BSBMGT401AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT403AImplement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT605BProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBMGT617ADevelop and implement a business plan60
BSBMKG513APromote products and services to international markets70
BSBOHS407AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBOHS509AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG401AApply project scope management techniques40
BSBPMG503AManage project time40
BSBPMG504AManage project costs40
BSBPMG506AManage project human resources40
BSBPMG507AManage project communications40
BSBPMG509AManage project procurement40
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBPMG604ADirect cost management of a project program50
BSBPMG606ADirect human resources management of a project program40
BSBPMG609ADirect procurement and contracting for a project program50
BSBPUR301BPurchase goods and services60
BSBREL401AEstablish networks35
BSBREL402ABuild client relationships and business networks50
BSBRKG304BMaintain business records30
BSBRSK401AIdentify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR201AManage personal stress in the workplace40
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWOR501AManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBWOR502AEnsure team effectiveness60
BSBWRK509AManage industrial relations80
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
NWP227BControl vegetation on a site20
SITXCOM003ADeal with conflict situations15
SITXFIN004AManage finances within a budget30
SITXFSA001AImplement food safety procedures40
SITXOHS002AFollow workplace hygiene procedures25
CPPSEC5001AEstablish and maintain an Occupational Health and Safety system40
PUACOM007BLiaise with other organisations20
PUAOPE001BSupervise response60
PUAWER005BOperate as part of an emergency control organisation7
CPCCCM3003AWork safely around power sources, services and assets40
CPCCLDG3001ALicence to perform dogging80
CPCCLRG3002ALicence to perform rigging intermediate level40
CPCCOHS1001AWork safely in the construction industry6
CPCCSF2003ACut and bend materials using oxy-LPG equipment20
PUADEFVH001AConduct recovery vehicle operations in a field environment
PUADEFVH002AExtract disabled equipment using winching techniques in a field environment
RIIBEF402ASupervise on-site operations50
RIICBS312AConduct bitumen tanker operations64
RIICCM201ACarry out measurements and calculations20
RIICCM203ARead and interpret plans and specifications40
RIICCM205ACarry out manual excavation8
RIICCM207ASpread and compact materials manually12
RIICCM208ACarry out basic levelling8
RIICCM209ACarry out concrete work40
RIIMPO317AConduct roller operations80
RIIMPO318AConduct skid steer loader operations80
RIIMPO319AConduct backhoe/loader operations200
RIIMPO321AConduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations160
RIIMPO322AConduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations80
RIIMPO326AConduct civil construction water cart operations40
RIIOHS202AEnter and work in confined spaces30
RIIOHS204AWork safely at heights20
RIIOHS205AControl traffic with stop-slow bat20
RIIOHS302AImplement traffic management plan20
RIIRIS401AApply site risk management system40
MEM24012CApply metallurgy principles40
PMC552061CDeliver concrete to site30
TAEASS402AAssess competence15
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL402APlan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
TAEDEL404AMentor in the workplace30
TAEDES401ADesign and develop learning programs50
TLIA5059APlan and organise the international forwarding of freight by sea and multimodal transport90
TLIA5060APlan and organise the international forwarding of freight by air transport90
TLIA5061APlan and organise the international forwarding of freight by road and rail transport90
TLIE5020AApply knowledge of freight forwarding documentation and permits20
TLIK5009AApply knowledge of ICT to international freight forwarding activities40
TLIL5061AApply knowledge of the international freight forwarding industry40
TLIL5062AApply knowledge of logistics, storage and distribution to international freight forwarding20
TLIL5063AReview contracts, insurance, risk and liability in the international freight forwarding context90
TLIL5064AManage international special freight transport services including dangerous goods and special cargo90
TLIO5020AAdvise on and manage security and safety in international freight transport60
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
PSPPROC303ACarry out basic procurement40
PSPPROC405CDispose of assets20
PSPPROC411APlan procurement40
PSPPROC412ADevelop and distribute requests for offers40
PSPPROC413ASelect providers and develop contracts30
PSPPROC414AManage contracts40
PSPPROC503BManage contract performance50
PSPPROC504BFinalise contracts30
PSPPROC505AManage procurement risk40
PSPPROC506APlan to manage a contract50
PSPPROC603CDivest strategic assets40
PSPPROC604BPlan for strategic procurement60
PSPPROC605BCoordinate strategic procurement50
PSPPROC606BNegotiate strategic procurement50
PSPPROC607AManage strategic contracts50
PSPPROC704AInfluence and define strategic procurement80
PSPPROC705AEstablish strategic procurement context80
FDFFS3001AMonitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs70
SITXEVT018BDevelop a transport strategy for an event40
BSBMGT516CFacilitate continuous improvement60
TLIA1001ASecure cargo20
TLIA2003AConnect and disconnect reefer units40
TLIA2009AComplete and check import/export documentation30
TLIA2011APackage goods20
TLIA2012APick and process orders20
TLIA2013AReceive goods20
TLIA2014AUse product knowledge to complete work operations20
TLIA2020AReplenish stock20
TLIA2021ADespatch stock20
TLIA2022AParticipate in stocktakes20
TLIA2041AManually sort mail and parcels40
TLIA2042ADespatch mail20
TLIA2043AConsolidate mail20
TLIA2044ACarry out delivery operations20
TLIA2045AProcess international parcels and letters20
TLIA2046AProcess parcels and letters20
TLIA2047AStream mail20
TLIA2048ACarry out border clearance functions50
TLIA2049AApply specialist permit requirements as part of customs broking activities40
TLIA3002AMaintain container/cargo records20
TLIA3004AProcess receipt and delivery of containers and cargo40
TLIA3008ATransfer cargo40
TLIA3010ACoordinate goods to bond premises20
TLIA3015AComplete receival/despatch documentation40
TLIA3016AUse inventory systems to organise stock control40
TLIA3017AIdentify products and store to specifications40
TLIA3018AOrganise despatch operations40
TLIA3019AOrganise receival operations40
TLIA3023ACoordinate stocktakes20
TLIA3024AOrganise warehouse records operations30
TLIA3026AMonitor storage facilities30
TLIA3038AControl and order stock40
TLIA3039AReceive and store stock40
TLIA3050AApply GST legislation as part of customs broking activities30
TLIA3053ACarry out customs valuation60
TLIA3054AClassify commodities for the import and export of goods through customs60
TLIA4005ACheck and evaluate records and documentation20
TLIA4006AOrganise and monitor terminal/wharf operations40
TLIA4025ARegulate temperature controlled stock20
TLIA4028AAssess and monitor optimum stock levels20
TLIA4030AOrganise cargo for export40
TLIA4031AConsolidate freight40
TLIA4032AOrganise transport of freight or goods30
TLIA4033AOrganise international transport of freight20
TLIA4040AImplement and monitor stevedoring regulations40
TLIA4051ACarry out quarantine procedures40
TLIA4052ACarry out customs clearance practices60
TLIA4055AClassify complex commodities for the import and export of goods through customs70
TLIA4056ACarry out complex customs valuation60
TLIA4062AImplement safety stock systems60
TLIA5029APlan and manage storage of dangerous goods and hazardous substances40
TLIA5035AManage international freight transfer60
TLIA5058AManage facility and inventory requirements140
TLIB1024AClean transportation units and facilities for passenger use20
TLIB1028AMaintain and use hand tools20
TLIB1030AUndertake general site maintenance40
TLIB1031AClean up plant, equipment and worksite20
TLIB1080AUse, clean and maintain towing equipment40
TLIB1093AClean equipment and restore worksite40
TLIB2003ACarry out vehicle servicing and maintenance30
TLIB2004ACarry out vehicle inspection20
TLIB2008ACarry out inspection of trailers30
TLIB2009ACheck conveyor operational status20
TLIB2022ADiagnose and rectify minor faults30
TLIB2023AProvide sanitation and water services support to passenger transportation units20
TLIB2034AMaintain poles and associated hardware40
TLIB2073AClean road tankers40
TLIB2079ASet up and secure a towing situation40
TLIB2081ARepair timber structures40
TLIB2082ARepair steel structures40
TLIB2083AMaintain bridge bearings40
TLIB2084ACarry out routine maintenance of structures40
TLIB2085AApply track fundamentals40
TLIB2086AApply awareness of structures fundamentals40
TLIB2090AUse communication systems in a taxicab5
TLIB2091AMeasure and record track geometry20
TLIB2092AOperate minor mechanical equipment20
TLIB2096ARepair concrete/masonry structures40
TLIB2097AInstall and maintain guard rails20
TLIB2104AIdentify, diagnose and rectify faults on electric passenger trains20
TLIB2111AAssist with testing train braking system on electric passenger train15
TLIB3002ATest equipment and isolate faults40
TLIB3005ACarry out maintenance of vehicles designed to carry special loads30
TLIB3006ACarry out inspection of vehicles designed to carry special loads30
TLIB3011ASet up and rig crane for lift30
TLIB3012APlan job and set up work areas40
TLIB3013AMaintain mobile cranes40
TLIB3014ALoad and unload wheeled or tracked crane20
TLIB3015AUndertake site inspection20
TLIB3016ADe-rig, pack and store tools and equipment10
TLIB3017AAssemble and dismantle boom or jib80
TLIB3018AConduct full train examination40
TLIB3020AVisually inspect stationary train80
TLIB3021AConduct train roll-by inspection25
TLIB3026APrepare for train operation40
TLIB3027ASet up and shut down on-train remote control system30
TLIB3040AInspect poles and associated hardware40
TLIB3046AService and clean mechanical signalling equipment and infrastructure40
TLIB3047ARepair and adjust mechanical signalling equipment and infrastructure40
TLIB3048ACarry out off-site repair, overhaul and assembly of mechanical signalling equipment40
TLIB3053AMaintain mechanical signalling locking and interlocking devices40
TLIB3058AMaintain aerial signal/telecommunications lines and cables40
TLIB3075AInspect and prepare a motive power unit40
TLIB3078AInspect, prepare and start an electric tram40
TLIB3087AExamine timber structures40
TLIB3088AExamine steel structures40
TLIB3095ACheck and repair points and crossings40
TLIB3098AExamine concrete/masonry structures20
TLIB3099AExamine track infrastructure20
TLIB3100AVisually inspect track infrastructure40
TLIB3102AAdjust rail40
TLIB3103AInstall and maintain mechanical signalling locking and interlocking devices40
TLIB3105APrepare electric passenger train30
TLIB3108ATest operation of electric passenger train braking system30
TLIB3112APrepare electric passenger train as part of guard duties30
TLIB4042AConduct inspection of safeworking procedures and infrastructure40
TLIB4071AInstall and maintain pole mounted switches and transformers20
TLIB4076AInspect and prepare a heritage motive power unit40
TLIB4077AInspect and prepare a heritage steam locomotive40
TLIB5010APlan and implement maintenance schedules30
TLIC1013ARide courier/delivery bicycle20
TLIC1051AOperate commercial vehicle30
TLIC2002ADrive light rigid vehicle40
TLIC2009ADrive taxicab40
TLIC2012ARide courier/delivery motorcycle20
TLIC2025AOperate four wheel drive vehicle40
TLIC2040AProvide wheelchair accessible taxi services to passengers with disabilities40
TLIC2049AOperate heavy vehicle on unsealed roads10
TLIC2050AOperate a terminal tractor30
TLIC3003ADrive medium rigid vehicle40
TLIC3004ADrive heavy rigid vehicle40
TLIC3005ADrive heavy combination vehicle40
TLIC3010APilot or escort oversized and/or overmassed loads20
TLIC3011ATransport passengers with disabilities40
TLIC3017AShunt rolling stock120
TLIC3018AOperate on-train remote control system40
TLIC3027AStable a motive power unit20
TLIC3028AOperate and monitor a heritage motive power unit100
TLIC3029AStable a heritage motive power unit20
TLIC3030AOperate and monitor a heritage steam locomotive100
TLIC3031AStable a heritage steam locomotive20
TLIC3032AOperate and monitor a passenger electric tram100
TLIC3033ADrive an electric tram to operational requirements40
TLIC3034ABerth and shut down an electric tram20
TLIC3035AManage the operation of a tow truck40
TLIC3036AApply safe car driving behaviours60
TLIC3037AApply safe heavy vehicle driving behaviours60
TLIC3038AApply safe motorcycle riding behaviours60
TLIC3039AOperate and monitor a monorail train100
TLIC3042AOperate coach/bus40
TLIC3045AOperate road/rail vehicle25
TLIC3046ADrive and operate electric passenger train150
TLIC3047AStable electric passenger train50
TLIC3052AAssist with shunting, coupling and uncoupling electric passenger trains40
TLIC3057APerform guard duties as part of electric passenger train operations40
TLIC4006ADrive multi-combination vehicle40
TLIC4016AConduct marshalling operations20
TLIC4019ADrive train to operational requirements200
TLIC4023AOperate train with due consideration of route conditions200
TLIC4024AOperate urban passenger train200
TLIC4026AOperate and monitor a motive power unit100
TLID1001AShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
TLID1002AShift a load using manually-operated equipment20
TLID2003AHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
TLID2004ALoad and unload goods/cargo30
TLID2010AOperate a forklift40
TLID2012AOperate specialised load shifting equipment40
TLID2013AMove materials mechanically using automated equipment40
TLID2016ALoad and unload explosives and dangerous goods30
TLID2018AHandle furniture and effects30
TLID2019APack and unpack cartons during a removal20
TLID2021AUse specialised bulk transfer equipment (dry)40
TLID2022AConduct weighbridge operations20
TLID2029APrepare articles for delivery10
TLID2045AOperate specialised light load shifting equipment40
TLID3011AConduct specialised forklift operations40
TLID3014ALoad and unload vehicles carrying special loads20
TLID3015AIdentify and label explosives and dangerous goods20
TLID3020ACare for livestock in transit30
TLID3023AUse specialised liquid bulk gas transfer equipment40
TLID3024AUse specialised liquid bulk transfer equipment (gravity/pressurised)40
TLID3027APrepare for transport of dangerous goods50
TLID3031ARig load40
TLID3033AOperate a vehicle-mounted loading crane40
TLID3035AOperate a boom type elevating work platform30
TLID3036ALift and move load using a mobile crane40
TLID3040AControl lift and movement of crane20
TLID3043AShift loads using gantry equipment80
TLID3044AShift loads using cranes80
TLID3046AOperate container side lifter40
TLID4008AMonitor crane operations40
TLID4009ADirect crane operations40
TLID4030ASupervise mobile crane operations40
TLID4032APlan and conduct specialised lift40
TLIE1003AParticipate in basic workplace communication40
TLIE1005ACarry out basic workplace calculations20
TLIE2001APresent routine workplace information40
TLIE2007AUse communication systems20
TLIE2008AProcess workplace documentation20
TLIE2014ACompile and process export documentation20
TLIE3002AEstimate/calculate mass, area and quantify dimensions30
TLIE3004APrepare workplace documents20
TLIE3009AUse pilot and escort communication20
TLIE3010AEstimate furniture removal jobs30
TLIE3012AConsolidate manifest documentation20
TLIE3015AUndertake rigger/dogger and driver communication20
TLIE3016AEstimate/calculate load shifting requirements for a mobile crane20
TLIE3018AMaintain freight records20
TLIE3019AWork with travel agencies and sales outlets40
TLIE3021AWork and communicate effectively with others20
TLIE4006ACollect, analyse and present workplace data and information30
TLIE4013AApply workplace statistics20
TLIF0075ADemonstrate awareness of interacting with other road users20
TLIF0076ADemonstrate awareness of factors to reduce road harm20
TLIF0077ADemonstrate knowledge of risk factors and consequences in interacting with other road users20
TLIF0078ARecognise motor vehicle road crash risks and post crash actions20
TLIF0079ASelect a safe vehicle20
TLIF1001AFollow occupational health and safety procedures20
TLIF1009AConduct cleaning operations in enclosed spaces20
TLIF2006AApply accident-emergency procedures20
TLIF2010AApply fatigue management strategies30
TLIF2012AApply safe procedures when handling/transporting dangerous goods or explosives30
TLIF2018AOperate firefighting equipment20
TLIF2019AEnsure a safe on-board passenger and working environment30
TLIF2062AApply awareness of safeworking rules and regulations20
TLIF2068AWork at height in the stevedoring industry30
TLIF2072AComply with safety and security procedures12
TLIF3003AImplement and monitor occupational health and safety procedures30
TLIF3004AOrganise occupational health and safety procedures in the workplace30
TLIF3013ACoordinate breakdowns and emergencies30
TLIF3022AImplement/monitor procedures when warehousing/storing dangerous goods and/or hazardous substances60
TLIF3058AApply safeworking rules and regulations to rail functions40
TLIF3060AControl traffic as a pilot vehicle operator30
TLIF3063AAdminister the implementation of fatigue management strategies50
TLIF3084AFollow mobile crane safety procedures15
TLIF4007AImplement and coordinate accident-emergency procedures40
TLIF4014ADevelop and maintain a safe workplace50
TLIF4061ARespond to electric tram-driving emergencies and abnormal situations20
TLIF4064AManage fatigue management policy and procedures70
TLIF4065AEnsure compliance with Australian Dangerous Goods Code70
TLIF4066AImplement and supervise transport regulations compliance systems80
TLIF5017AInvestigate rail safety incidents40
TLIF5020AManage emergencies30
TLIG1001AWork effectively with others40
TLIG2007AWork in a socially diverse environment20
TLIG3002ALead a work team or group40
TLIG4005AOrganise transport workload10
TLIG4006AFacilitate work teams50
TLIH2001AInterpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes20
TLIH2003APrioritise courier/delivery operations30
TLIH3002APlan and navigate routes20
TLIH3004AIdentify major roads, services and attractions40
TLII1002AApply customer service skills30
TLII2006AProvide freight forwarding services to customers30
TLII2015AOperate the on-train buffet car40
TLII2019AProvide taxicab customer service10
TLII3003AProvide customer service in transport vehicles/vessels20
TLII3004AManage camping procedures for coaches and buses40
TLII3007AProvide freight forwarding information to customers40
TLII3009AProvide on-board services to customers20
TLII3010AProvide travel information to customers20
TLII3020AProvide assistance to customers with and without special needs25
TLII4001ACoordinate quality customer service30
TLII4005AMarket services and products to clients40
TLII4008AMonitor transport activities at interchanges40
TLII4016AService freight customers40
TLII4017ADevelop freight customers40
TLII5018AManage customer service40
TLIJ2001AApply quality procedures20
TLIJ2003AApply grain protection measures20
TLIJ2004AImplement grain monitoring measures20
TLIJ3002AApply quality systems40
TLIJ3005ASample, inspect and test products to specifications20
TLIJ3006AImplement grain protection procedures40
TLIJ4008AImplement and monitor inbound QA systems40
TLIJ5007AConduct internal quality audits20
TLIK2003AApply keyboard skills20
TLIK2007APerform electronic data interchange (EDI) to transmit shipping documentation10
TLIK2010AUse infotechnology devices in the workplace40
TLIK4008AImplement and monitor network security40
TLIK5006AEvaluate software requirements and hardware enhancements40
TLIL1001AComplete workplace orientation/induction procedures30
TLIL2008AComplete routine administrative tasks10
TLIL2031AMonitor and process attendance records20
TLIL2041AMonitor and record rolling stock locations30
TLIL2046AHandle customer luggage/property20
TLIL2048APrepare for train departure20
TLIL2060AComplete induction to the transport industry5
TLIL3002AUndertake employee payroll activities20
TLIL3003AConduct induction process20
TLIL3035AAllocate motive power20
TLIL3039AAssist with train operations180
TLIL3045AOrganise services for special events20
TLIL3052APlan urban passenger train consists20
TLIL3053APlan rural passenger train consists20
TLIL3054APlan freight train consists20
TLIL4005AApply conflict/grievance resolution strategies40
TLIL4009AManage personal work priorities and professional development50
TLIL4010AAssess and confirm customer transport requirements40
TLIL4021ACoordinate the erection and dismantling of temporary storage facilities40
TLIL4030AControl a furniture warehouse60
TLIL4032AImplement equal employment equity strategies20
TLIL4033APromote effective workplace practice20
TLIL4034AArrange alternative passenger transport20
TLIL4036ADevelop rosters20
TLIL4037AApply and amend rosters20
TLIL4038AOrganise marshalling and shunting operations40
TLIL4040APlan and control daily train operations30
TLIL4042AControl rail traffic movement30
TLIL4043AAllocate freight20
TLIL4044AOrganise freight yard movement40
TLIL4047ACoordinate train movement activities30
TLIL4049ADevelop train plans and schedules30
TLIL4050AAllocate rolling stock20
TLIL4058APlan a career in logistics40
TLIL4059AImplement asset management systems40
TLIL4070AWork effectively in the transport and logistics industry30
TLIL5019AImplement and monitor transport logistics40
TLIL5020ADevelop and maintain operational procedures for transport and logistics enterprises30
TLIL5026AManage export logistics100
TLIL5055AManage a supply chain60
TLIL5057AMaintain, monitor and improve transport operations systems60
TLILIC0012ALicence to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above)40
TLILIC2001ALicence to operate a forklift truck40
TLILIC2002ALicence to operate an order picking forklift truck30
TLILIC2005ALicence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)30
TLILIC3003ALicence to operate a bridge and gantry crane70
TLILIC3004ALicence to operate a derrick crane55
TLILIC3006ALicence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity)60
TLILIC3007ALicence to operate a portal boom crane90
TLILIC3008ALicence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)70
TLILIC3013APreparation to transport dangerous goods by road50
TLILIC4009ALicence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes)70
TLILIC4010ALicence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 100 tonnes)70
TLILIC4011ALicence to operate a slewing mobile crane (over 100 tonnes)70
TLIM4001ADevelop safe car driving behaviours in others60
TLIM4002ADevelop safe heavy vehicle driving behaviours in others60
TLIM4003ADevelop safe motorcycle riding behaviours in others60
TLIO1002AFollow security procedures when working with passengers and personnel40
TLIO2003AUndertake loading and unloading in a designated secured environment20
TLIO2011AProvide revenue protection measures20
TLIO2013AAdminister the security of assets and facilities20
TLIO2021AFollow security procedures when working with goods and cargo40
TLIO3004AConduct control procedures for transferring explosives and dangerous/hazardous/high risk goods40
TLIO3007AUndertake emergency response action to a security threat20
TLIO3012AManage disruptive and/or unlawful behaviour20
TLIO3015AMaintain security of railway property and revenue30
TLIO3016AApply and monitor workplace security procedures40
TLIO3019AApprehend offenders40
TLIO5005APlan and manage security procedures for the enterprise50
TLIO5006APlan and manage security procedures for transferring and transporting dangerous goods40
TLIO5017AManage security of storage facilities60
TLIO5018AManage compliance with customs excise80
TLIP2014ACapture records into a records keeping system20
TLIP2017AMaintain control of records20
TLIP2018AProvide information from and about records20
TLIP2024AConduct financial transactions20
TLIP2029APrepare and process financial documents30
TLIP2030AConduct courier/delivery cash transactions10
TLIP2032AMaintain petty cash account10
TLIP2033ASell products and services30
TLIP2037ACarry out financial transactions and maintain records5
TLIP3015ADocument a records system30
TLIP3016AIdentify and classify records to be captured40
TLIP3019AProvide records retrieval service20
TLIP3020ASentence records60
TLIP3021AUndertake disposal program30
TLIP3022AUndertake movement of records20
TLIP3023ADestroy records30
TLIP3026AMaintain financial records in a small business40
TLIP3027AOrganise freight invoicing and payment30
TLIP3034AAdvise on and construct fares for customers30
TLIP4001ADevelop plans to meet customer and organisation needs40
TLIP4002AFacilitate and capitalise on change in the workplace50
TLIP4003AImplement, maintain and evaluate dangerous goods transport procedures within the workplace60
TLIP4005AManage workplace information60
TLIP4010AAssess lift requirements and provide quotation30
TLIP4013AImplement and monitor logistics planning and process80
TLIP4028AAdminister international trading accounts60
TLIP4031AMaintain customer credit accounts and services20
TLIP4038AMonitor a supply chain operation60
TLIP4039AMonitor transport operations60
TLIP4040AMonitor warehouse operations60
TLIP5004ADevelop a transport and logistics business plan150
TLIP5006AEstablish international distribution networks130
TLIP5007AContribute to the development of a workplace learning environment60
TLIP5008AManage a transport and logistics business unit60
TLIP5011ADevelop and evaluate strategies for transport and logistics enterprises150
TLIP5025ASet and achieve budget40
TLIP5035AManage budgets and financial plans80
TLIP5036AManage assets60
TLIPC1001ADemonstrate care and apply safe practices at work30
TLIPC1002AAdapt to work requirements in the transport and logistics industry30
TLIPC1003AApply effective work practices30
TLIPC1004AComplete courier delivery operations
TLIPC1005AComplete small store operations
TLIR4001AMonitor supplier performance30
TLIR4002ASource goods/services and evaluate contractors30
TLIR4003ANegotiate a contract40
TLIR4008AImplement and supervise stocktaking procedures40
TLIR4009AImplement purchasing systems40
TLIR4010APlan purchasing50
TLIR4012AConduct international purchasing80
TLIR5005AManage a contract40
TLIR5006ADevelop, implement and review purchasing strategies60
TLIR5007AManage international purchasing120
TLIR5014AManage suppliers60
TLIS2004AInstall and maintain rail bonding systems40
TLIS2012AInstall and service rail lubrication equipment20
TLIS2020AInstall overhead wiring structure40
TLIS2027AInstall and maintain surface track drainage40
TLIS2028AInstall and replace transoms40
TLIS2030ACarry out track ballasting40
TLIS2031AInstall railway sleepers40
TLIS2033AInstall and repair temporary track supports40
TLIS2034AInstall and repair rail fastening systems40
TLIS2035AInstall and repair fences and gates40
TLIS2036AUse chemical repair products20
TLIS3005AInstall mechanical infrastructure for signalling40
TLIS3009AInstall mechanical signalling locking and interlocking devices40
TLIS3010ATest rail using ultrasonic equipment40
TLIS3011ATest rail using nondestructive testing equipment40
TLIS3023AErect and mount structures and housings for signalling equipment20
TLIS3025AImplement ballast unloading40
TLIS3039AMeasure and mark track for resurfacing40
TLIS4007ADecommission mechanical signalling infrastructure and interlocking equipment from service40
TLIU1009AMonitor plant and equipment in an environmentally sustainable manner30
TLIU1013APrepare for environmentally sustainable work practices15
TLIU2008AApply environmental procedures to rail infrastructure20
TLIU2012AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
TLIU3011AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
TLIU3014AOperate vehicle in an environmentally sustainable manner5
TLIU4001AImplement and monitor environmental protection policies and procedures20
TLIU4010ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
TLIU5006AConduct environmental audits80
TLIW2001AOperate under track protection rules20
TLIW2012AGrind rails20
TLIW2017ACut and join materials20
TLIW2018AOperate hand held air/power equipment for production processes20
TLIW2019AApply surface coatings using a spray gun20
TLIW2020AUndertake pallet repairs20
TLIW2021AClean and inspect pallets20
TLIW2022AManufacture pallets using automated methods20
TLIW2023AManufacture pallets using manual methods20
TLIW2024ADock boards using computer programmed machinery20
TLIW2025ADock boards on mechanical feeds20
TLIW3006AOperate computerised mail and parcels sorting equipment40
TLIW3007ACode and coordinate video-coding operations40
TLIW3008ACarry out culler facer canceller (CFC) operations20
TLIW3013AGrind switches and crossings20
TLIW3015AWeld rail using aluminothermic welding process40
TLIW3016AWeld rail using flashbutt welding process80
TLIX4007AImplement and monitor integrated logistics support plans30
TLIX4008AConduct integrated logistics support activities40
TLIX4009AApply integrated logistics support processes and procedures20
TLIX4011AConduct logistics support analysis activities20
TLIX4016AImplement and monitor materiel sustainment plans20
TLIX4017AConduct materiel sustainment activities20
TLIX4018AApply materiel sustainment processes and procedures20
TLIX4022AImplement and monitor configuration management plans20
TLIX4023AConduct configuration management activities20
TLIX4024AApply configuration management processes and procedures20
TLIX4026AApply codification and cataloguing processes and procedures20
TLIX4027AAssess maintenance spares and manage repairable items20
TLIX4028AApply knowledge of logistics20
TLIX4029AApply knowledge of integrated logistics support20
TLIX4030AApply knowledge of materiel sustainment20
TLIX4031AApply knowledge of configuration management20
TLIX4032AApply knowledge of technical regulatory framework40
TLIX4033AApply technical regulatory framework compliance management systems40
TLIX4034AApply technical risk management systems and techniques20
TLIX4035AMaintain technical data and information20
TLIX5003ADevelop and review integrated logistics support plans60
TLIX5004ADevelop integrated logistics support processes and procedures80
TLIX5005AManage integrated logistics support operations60
TLIX5006AManage verification and validation40
TLIX5010AProvide specialist integrated logistics support advice30
TLIX5012ADevelop and review materiel sustainment plans40
TLIX5013ADevelop materiel sustainment processes and procedures40
TLIX5014AManage materiel sustainment operations30
TLIX5015AEstablish supply chains20
TLIX5019AProvide specialist materiel sustainment advice20
TLIX5020ADevelop and review configuration management plans40
TLIX5021AManage configuration management processes40
TLIX5025AProvide specialist configuration management advice20
TLIX5036AManage and monitor technical data and information systems30
TLIX5037APlan logistic support for deployed operations50
TLIX5038AOrganise the deployment and delivery of logistics support40
TLIX5039APlan and conduct road convoy40
TLIX5040AManage contracted support services40
TLIX5041AOrganise supply support on deployment50
TLIX5042AOrganise road transport operations40
TLIX5043AConduct maintenance on deployed operations40
TLIX5044AOrganise health support operations50
TLIX5045AManage and monitor catering on deployed operations40
TLIX6001AFormulate materiel logistics strategies80
TLIX6002AContribute to materiel logistics strategies80
TLIX6046APlan deployed logistic support for significant operations80
TLIX6047AMonitor and provide logistic staff support for significant deployed operations60
TLIX6048AManage the deployment and delivery of logistic support80
TLIX6049AUndertake provisioning in support of deployed operations80
TLIX6050APlan distribution operations on deployment60
TLIX6051APlan maintenance for deployed operations60
TLIX6052APlan health support for deployed personnel60
TLIX6053ACoordinate health support operations60
TLIA4063ACoordinate stevedoring clerical functions40
TLIB2119ACarry out maintenance of trailers40
TLIB3120ATest mechanical signalling equipment and isolate faults20
TLIC3063AOperate vehicle carrying special loads40
TLID2047APrepare cargo for transfer with slings40
TLIL4078ACoordinate fleet control logistics40
AHCARB202AFell small trees40
AHCARB205AOperate and maintain chainsaws40
AHCOHS501AManage Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) processes90
CPCCCO3034AConduct concrete agitator truck operations40
HLTAMBPD401CManage personal stressors in the work environment20
RIIHAN301BOperate elevating work platform40
TAEASS402BAssess competence15
TAEASS401BPlan assessment activities and processes20
TAETAS501BUndertake organisational training needs analysis40
BSBCUS501CManage quality customer service40
BSBRSK501BManage risk60
BSBCUS301BDeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS401BCoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCMM301BProcess customer complaints30
BSBWOR301BOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBCUS201BDeliver a service to customers40
UEGNSG603BLoad, unload and exchanging gas cylinders45
TLIW2029AIdentify the principles of ballast regulator operations5
TLII4022AIdentify and meet customer requirements20
TLIE3023AUse electronic communication systems15
TLIS3040AConstruct concrete or steel points and crossings20
TLIW2028AIdentify the principles of ballast cleaning operations5
TLIB2029BUse and maintain minor mechanical equipment20
TLIL4077ADevelop out-of-course rail traffic plans and schedules30
TLIW2039APlace and remove permanent way stop boards10
TLIL4076ACoordinate resources20
TLIF4086AControl and coordinate incident responses50
TLIC4065AOperate chemical tanker40
TLIJ4009AImplement and monitor quality assurance systems40
TLIW2038APlace and remove temporary speed restriction equipment10
TLIW2033AIdentify the principles of mechanised track laying operations5
TLIW3035AHeat and cut materials using oxy-LPG equipment for the rail industry20
TLID4050ADischarge a dangerous goods tanker40
TLIL3072AOperate signal panel or equipment40
TLIE3028AComplete a work diary in the road transport industry10
TLIJ4010AImplement quality systems and procedures in a dangerous goods workplace40
TLIE2029AConduct workplace information briefings15
TLIC4069AOperate heavy recovery vehicle40
TLIF2097AUse audible track warning devices20
TLIC2059APropel and operate light on-track equipment20
TLIB3094BCheck and repair track geometry40
TLIE4025APrepare and process transport documentation for dangerous goods20
TLIF3096ACarry out emergency response to a dangerous goods incident40
TLIW2031AIdentify the principles of self-propelled rail grinder operations5
TLIF1002BConduct housekeeping activities20
TLIE3026ACarry out advanced calculations in the transport logistics industry 15
TLIF3091AApply awareness of dangerous goods and hazardous materials requirements15
TLIF4095AApply occupational health and safety requirements for driving operations20
TLIF4088AImplement and coordinate rail safety and OH&S risk-control strategies50
TLIC3064AOperate car carrier vehicle40
TLIF3089AImplement fatigue management policies and procedures for rail infrastructure30
TLIC2058ATravel medium or heavy self-propelled on-track equipment20
TLIB2001ACheck and assess operational capabilities of equipment40
TLIS2044ACarry out rail installation20
TLIS3041AConstruct timber or composite points and crossings20
TLIL4073AApply asset management system30
TLIB3118AApply awareness of railway fundamentals10
TLIS3037BInstall and repair rail earthworks40
TLIW3034AApply protective coating systems to structures20
TLIF2092ADemonstrate awareness of chain of responsibility regulations10
TLIF4090AImplement safeworking rules and regulations for network control activities40
TLIW3027AOperate minor track equipment20
TLIF4094AEnsure compliance with chain of responsibility40
TLIC4070ATow a disabled heavy vehicle40
TLIW2032AIdentify the principles of tamping machine operations5
TLIE3022AComplete workplace documents10
TLIL4079AManage the recovery process30
TLIF3087AFollow occupational health, safety and environmental procedures in the rail industry10
TLIC4068AOperate heavy recovery ancillary equipment40
TLIC3071AOperate an agitator40
TLIS3029BImplement structures maintenance and installation of minor structures40
TLID4048ATop load a dangerous goods tanker20
TLIB0117AAssist with preparation of a train prior to operation20
TLIC4066AOperate fuel tanker40
TLIW0036AApply electric welding process to rail30
TLIF3093AImplement chain of responsibility regulations30
TLIC4067AOperate LP gas tanker40
TLIL3071AControl and coordinate local rail traffic movement40
TLIW2030AIdentify the principles of dynamic track stabaliser operations5
TLIL4074AControl and coordinate rail traffic movement40
TLIS3026BImplement track maintenance and construction40
TLIS3045AInstall turnouts20
TLIL4075AImplement and amend daily train plan40
TLIF3085AApply local incident response procedures20
TLID4049ABottom load a dangerous goods tanker20
CPPWMT3011ARespond to waste emergencies20
CPPWMT3015AMove waste using loadshifting equipment40
CPPWMT3044AIdentify wastes and hazards15
RIIMPO320BConduct civil construction excavator operations200
UETTDRRF02BPerform pole top rescue2
MSS402080AUndertake root cause analysis50
HLTFA211AProvide basic emergency life support8
HLTCSD306DRespond effectively to behaviours of concern20
HLTFA412AApply advanced first aid30
HLTFA311AApply first aid18
SIRCDIS302Deliver medicines to customers outside the pharmacy8
BSBWHS303AParticipate in WHS hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control50
BSBWHS501AEnsure a safe workplace60
SITXCOM401Manage conflict20
SITHFAB201Provide responsible service of alcohol10
SITXFSA101Use hygienic practices for food safety15
SITXMPR404Coordinate marketing activities30
CPCCCM2008BErect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding40
CPCCCM2007BUse explosive power tools16
CPCCCM2010BWork safely at heights8
BSBWRK411ASupport employee and industrial relations procedures50
BSBHRM405ASupport the recruitment, selection and induction of staff50
BSBHRM513AManage workforce planning60
BSBPMG416AApply project procurement procedures40
TLIW3043AWeld rail on tram/light rail systems using electric welding process25
TLIC0073AConduct tram/light rail track cleaning operations25
TLIB2125AApply awareness of tram or light rail track fundamentals25
TLILIC3019ALicence to operate a reach stacker - greater than 3 tonnes capacity40
TLIF4099ADevelop an application for, or variation to, rail accreditation40
TLIC0079AOperate a motive power unit within defined limits25
TLIB0132AStart up and shut down a single locomotive15
TLILIC3017BLicence to drive a heavy combination vehicle60
TLIF2080CSafely access the rail corridor10
TLIF2106ARespond to emergencies and abnormal situations when driving medium/heavy on-track vehicles20
TLILIC2015BLicence to drive a medium rigid vehicle40
TLIM4004AMentor individuals or small groups30
TLIC3073AFire a steam locomotive30
TLIC2078AIdentify and respond to signals and trackside signs25
TLILIC3018BLicence to drive a multi combination vehicle60
TLIC2081APilot rail traffic within work on track authority limits15
TLIC0083AAccess rail track to travel track vehicle under a proceed authority15
TLIF2082BPerform handsignaller duties10
TLIC2074ACouple and uncouple track maintenance vehicles15
TLIF4103AImplement fitness for work procedures40
TLIL3083AImplement a track work authority and manage rail traffic through worksites15
TLIF4105AManage rail safety compliance40
TLIF4100AIdentify and meet rail safety regulatory compliance requirements40
TLIL4069APlan and coordinate protection for multiple worksites within limits of a work on track authority15
TLIC0084AAccess rail track to travel track vehicles under manual block working conditions15
TLIB3126AAssist in the testing of heritage train braking systems15
TLIC3072AConduct the duties of an assistant on a heritage locomotive30
TLIW2041AClip points and apply rail safety equipment25
TLIC2054BAccess rail track to run track vehicle within defined worksite15
TLIB3124AApply awareness of steam locomotive fundamentals20
TLIF4102AImplement and maintain safety management plans40
TLIL3065BImplement a track occupancy authority15
TLIB0128AConduct pre-movement checks on motive power units20
TLIC2075ADrive and monitor medium or heavy self-propelled on-track equipment50
TLIF4108AImplement traffic management plan in the transport industry40
TLIF4069AMonitor and respond to traffic flow40
TLIB3129AConduct pre-movement checks on rolling stock20
TLIC2080AStart up, shut down and stable medium/heavy self-propelled on-track equipment25
TLIL3082AImplement absolute signal blocking15
TLIE2031AUse communication systems for on-track vehicle operations10
TLIF0098AApply personal and equipment lockouts for rolling stock15
TLIC2076AEstablish and operate braking system on medium/heavy self-propelled on-track equipment20
TLIB3123AApply awareness of motive power unit fundamentals25
TLILIC2014BLicence to drive a light rigid vehicle40
TLILIC2016BLicence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle50
TLIF4107ARespond to notifiable rail safety occurrences40
TLIL3084AImplement a local possession authority15
TLIB0127ACertify rolling stock prior to handover10
TLIW0044AWeld rail on tram/light rail systems using submerged arc welding process25
TLIE4030APrepare rail safety reports40
TLIE4032AUse internal communication systems for rail industry regulatory compliance20
TLIF4104AManage change in the rail safety environment40
TLIF4101AImplement and maintain a rail safety culture40
TLIF3083BConduct track protection assessment10
TLIL4082ACoordinate rail interface agreements20
TLIW3026BOperate stand alone signalling/points control equipment10
TLIL4081AEnsure competency of rail safety workers20
TLIA2050ALash and unlash cargo and containers20
TLIB2130ADiagnose and rectify minor faults on on-track vehicles20
TLIB2131APrepare train15
TLIC3082AOperate a locomotive by portable remote control20
TLIS2013CInstall minor structures30
TLIW3042AGrind rail on tram/light rail systems15
TLIB2121BMaintain rail joints20
TLIF4070AOperate fire and life safety system within a road tunnel80
TLIC3048BShunt couple and uncouple electric passenger trains80
TLIB2133ATest medium/heavy track vehicle braking system15
TLIW2037BClip and secure points15
TLIB2122AApply awareness of fundamentals of rail operations in yards or sidings20
TLIF2081BPerform lookout duties10
MARE1001ACommunicate during shore-based mooring and untying operations10
MARF1004AFollow work health and safety, and emergency procedures during shore-based mooring operations20
MARC1001ACarry out shore-based mooring and untying operations20
FPICOT3261Transport forestry logs using trucks80
TLIC4073ASet up, operate and shut down a distributed power system40
TLIX5056ACarry out additional customs clearance practices30
TLIL5065ARoster train crews40
TLIX5051ADetermine tariff classification of goods30
TLIL4085ACoordinate tram/light rail traffic movement60
TLIX5049ADetermine indirect taxes40
TLIB3019BTest train braking system30
TLID3048APack and unpack furniture and effects25
TLIL5068AImplement a passenger transport plan40
TLIL5073AManage train crewing and rostering40
TLIP2039AEnsure the confidentiality, privacy and security of customer information15
TLIU3015AIdentify wastes and hazards in the waste management industry25
TLIC3084AOperate a lift on/lift off collection vehicle30
TLIP2038AConduct, balance and secure financial transactions25
TLIX5059AUndertake border clearance functions20
TLIX5055AApply anti-dumping and countervailing measures25
TLIB4080AIdentify, diagnose and rectify minor faults on motive power units and rolling stock30
TLIL5069AManage a rail yard or terminal50
TLIL5066AApply rail resource management principles30
TLIX5053ADetermine tariff classification for complex goods40
TLIF5023AUndertake a derailment investigation40
TLIL5070AManage rail freight operations40
TLIX5057APrepare documents for customs clearance30
TLID3049APack and wrap furniture and effects for international removals30
TLID3050ACoordinate furniture removal25
TLIL5072AManage rail yard operations40
TLIF4110ARespond to abnormal situations and emergencies when driving a train40
TLIX5052ADetermine complex customs value40
TLIC3089AOperate a side loading mobile compaction/collection vehicle30
TLIW5004AManage train planning25
TLIE2032AAssess removal20
TLIL4083AAssist with train operations80
TLIC4074AShunt, couple and uncouple rail vehicles50
TLIU4011AApply environmental procedures to rail operations20
TLIX5047ADetermine customs value40
TLIF3014AOperate as an off-sider in the waste management industry15
TLIX5050ADetermine origin of goods and apply preference schemes or free trade agreements30
TLIB3113BDiagnose and rectify minor faults on motive power units and rolling stock30
TLID3047AShift loads using ship mounted crane80
TLIX4036AAnalyse, advise on and carry out integrated border clearance transactions30
TLIE4033AUse communications systems to control tram/light rail operations40
TLII3022AProvide customer service in rail operations15
TLIB4079AConduct a general train examination30
TLIX5054AComply with biosecurity border clearance30
TLIA3055ACoordinate terminal/wharf equipment operations30
TLIC4071AEstablish and operate train braking system30
TLIF4109ACommunicate effectively to coordinate incident response procedures50
TLIW5003AManage rail network control systems25
TLIX5046ACarry out standard customs clearance practices60
TLID3051ASegregate waste according to waste types25
TLIC4072AOperate and monitor a motive power unit on a main line40
TLIP5037ADevelop workplace policy and procedures50
TLII2020AProvide assistance to customers with specific needs10
TLIF5021AApply rail safeworking rules and procedures40
TLIW5001AApply rail communications systems25
TLIL5067ADevelop a passenger transport plan50
TLIX5048ADetermine import and/or export prohibitions and/or restrictions30
TLIL4084AControl daily tram/light rail operations60
TLIX5058AReview decisions of regulatory bodies30
TLIF5022ADevelop and manage fitness for work policy and procedures50
TLIC3087AOperate a rear loading mobile compaction/collection vehicle30
TLIG3003AApply positive behaviours in the workplace20
TLIB4081AProvision a motive power unit20
TLIB4078ACarry out a train roll-by inspection25
TLIF5024ADevelop plans for emergency response and recovery of rail networks50
TLIF4111AWork effectively in a train-driving environment25
TLIC3086AOperate a multi-lift collection vehicle30
TLIC3085AOperate a liquid waste collection vehicle30
TLIL5071AManage rail passenger operations40
TLIB4082ASet up motive power units in multi-coupled consist50
TLIC3088AOperate a roll on/roll off collection vehicle30
TLIC3083AOperate a front lift mobile compaction/collection vehicle30
TLIF3015AWork safely as a non-electrical licensed worker near electrical assets35
TLIW5002AManage rail assets and interfaces25
TLIE1027ACarry out basic workplace calculations in the transport logistics industry