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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

FDF10 Food Processing

Updated: 18 Sep 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing20
MEM13003BWork safely with industrial chemicals and materials20
MEM15001BPerform basic statistical quality control20
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
MEM30011ASet up basic pneumatic circuits40
MTMP2006AApply animal welfare and handling requirements40
MTMP2197BClean after operations - boning room40
SIRRFSA001AApply retail food safety practices40
SIRRMER004APrepare and display bakery products25
SIRXFIN002APerform retail finance duties25
SIRXICT001AOperate retail technology20
SIRXINV001APerform stock control procedures35
SIRXINV002AMaintain and order stock35
SIRXMPR006AManage promotional activities50
SIRXRSK001AMinimise theft20
SIRXRSK002AMaintain store security20
SIRXSLS002AAdvise on products and services30
BSBCOM502BEvaluate and review compliance25
BSBCOM503BDevelop processes for the management of breaches in compliance requirements30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBHRM402ARecruit, select and induct staff50
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBINT303BOrganise the importing and exporting of goods40
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU202ACreate and use spreadsheets30
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBMGT401AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT403AImplement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMKG501BIdentify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBMKG507AInterpret Market Trends And Developments50
BSBMKG514AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBOHS503BAssist in the design and development of OHS participative arrangements40
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBSMB301AInvestigate micro business opportunities30
BSBSMB401AEstablish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWOR403AManage stress in the workplace60
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
BSBWRT401AWrite complex documents50
LMTGN3007BMonitor and operate trade waste30
MSAPMOHS216AOperate breathing apparatus20
MSAPMOHS217AGas test atmospheres30
MSAPMOPS400AOptimise process/plant area60
MSAPMOPS401ATrial new process or product60
MSAPMOPS404ACo-ordinate maintenance40
MSAPMOPS405AIdentify problems in fluid power system50
MSAPMOPS406AIdentify problems in electronic control systems50
MSAPMPER201AMonitor and control work permits20
MSAPMSUP303AIdentify equipment faults40
MSAPMSUP310AContribute to the development of plant documentation30
MSAPMSUP330ADevelop and adjust a production schedule30
MSAPMSUP390AUse structured problem solving tools40
PMBPROD211BOperate blow moulding equipment70
PMBPROD270BOperate injection blow moulding equipment70
PMBTECH406ADiagnose production equipment problems50
SITHCCC002APresent food5
SITHCCC005AUse basic methods of cookery55
SITHCCC014APrepare pastries, cakes and yeast goods40
SITHCCC022APrepare chocolate and chocolate confectionery60
SITHFAB003AServe food and beverage to customers110
SITHFAB004AProvide food and beverage service100
SITHFAB005AProvide table service of alcoholic beverages50
SITHFAB009AProvide responsible service of alcohol10
SITHFAB011ADevelop and update food and beverage knowledge40
SITHFAB016APlan and monitor espresso coffee service30
SITHPAT001APrepare and produce pastries80
SITHPAT002APrepare and produce cakes20
SITHPAT003APrepare and produce yeast goods40
SITHPAT004APrepare bakery products for patisseries60
SITHPAT007APrepare and display petits fours32
SITHPAT008APrepare and model marzipan32
SITHPAT010APrepare and display sugar work40
SITXCOM001AWork with colleagues and customers20
SITXFIN001AProcess financial transactions20
SITXOHS002AFollow workplace hygiene procedures25
PMASUP420BMinimise environmental impact of process40
MSACMT270AUse sustainable energy practices30
MSACMT671ADevelop and manage sustainable environmental practices60
MSAPMPER400ACoordinate permit process30
CPCCOHS2001AApply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry20
CPCCSC2002AErect and dismantle basic scaffolding56
RIICBM305AInstall pre-cast concrete bridge decks80
RIIHAN305AOperate a gantry or overhead crane40
RIIMPO319AConduct backhoe/loader operations200
SITHFAB222AConduct a product tasting for alcoholic beverages40
SITHFAB325AProvide specialised advice on Australian wines40
SITHFAB326AProvide specialised advice on imported wines40
SITXCCS001BProvide visitor information35
MSL912001AWork within a laboratory/field workplace (induction)40
MSL922001ARecord and present data40
MSL933001AMaintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose30
MSL943002AParticipate in laboratory/field workplace safety40
MSL952001ACollect routine site samples30
MSL952002AHandle and transport samples or equipment30
MSL972001AConduct routine site measurements30
MSL973001APerform basic tests60
MSL973004APerform aseptic techniques40
MSL973007APerform microscopic examination40
MSL974003APerform chemical tests and procedures100
MSL974004APerform food tests100
MSL974006APerform biological procedures130
MSL975005AConduct sensory analysis40
MSL975020AApply routine spectrometric techniques150
MSL975021AApply routine electrometric techniques40
MSL975022APerform food analyses60
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL404AMentor in the workplace30
TAEDES401ADesign and develop learning programs50
MSAENV272BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSAENV472BImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
MSAPMPER200CWork in accordance with an issued permit20
MSAPMPER205CEnter confined space30
MSAPMPER300CIssue work permits20
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
FDFAU4001AAssess compliance with food safety programs60
FDFAU4002ACommunicate and negotiate to conduct food safety audits40
FDFAU4003AConduct food safety audits80
FDFAU4004AIdentify, evaluate and control food safety hazards80
FDFAU4005AAudit bivalve mollusc growing and harvesting processes50
FDFAU4006AAudit a cook chill process60
FDFAU4008AAudit manufacturing of ready-to-eat meat products80
FDFBK2001AOperate a cooling and slicing process40
FDFBK2002AOperate a pastry forming and filling process40
FDFBK2003AManufacture rye crisp breads40
FDFBK2004AManufacture wafer products40
FDFBK2005AOperate a doughnut making process40
FDFBK2006AOperate a griddle production process40
FDFBK2007AOperate a pastry production process50
FDFBV2001AOperate a deaeration, mixing and carbonation process50
FDFBV2002AManufacture coffee (roast and ground)100
FDFBV2003AOperate an ice manufacturing process40
FDFCON2001AExamine raw ingredients used in confectionery30
FDFCON2002AOperate a boiled confectionery process50
FDFCON2003AOperate a chocolate conching process30
FDFCON2004AOperate a chocolate depositing or moulding process40
FDFCON2005AOperate a confectionery depositing process40
FDFCON2006AOperate a granulation and compression process50
FDFCON2007AOperate a panning process40
FDFCON2008AOperate a chocolate refining process30
FDFCON2009AOperate a starch moulding process50
FDFDP2001AOperate a butter churning process50
FDFDP2002AOperate a butter oil process60
FDFDP2003AOperate a curd production and cutting process50
FDFDP2004AOperate a cooling and hardening process25
FDFDP2005AOperate a cheese pressing and moulding process40
FDFDP2006AOperate a fermentation process50
FDFFS1001AFollow work procedures to maintain food safety20
FDFFS2001AImplement the food safety program and procedures30
FDFFS3001AMonitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs70
FDFFV2001AApply hydro-cooling processes to fresh produce30
FDFFV3001AConduct chemical wash for fresh produce40
FDFFV3002AProgram fresh produce grading equipment30
FDFGPS2001AOperate a bleaching process50
FDFGPS2002AOperate a complecting process50
FDFGPS2003AOperate a deodorising process50
FDFGPS2004AOperate a flake preparation process40
FDFGPS2005AOperate a fractionation process40
FDFGPS2006AOperate a hydrogenation process50
FDFGPS2007AOperate an interesterification process50
FDFGPS2008AOperate a neutralisation process50
FDFGPS2009AOperate a soap splitting process50
FDFGPS2010AOperate a winterisation process30
FDFGPS2011AOperate a creamed honey manufacture process50
FDFGR2001AOperate a liquid, mash or block stockfeed process30
FDFGR2002AUnderstand mill operations and technologies30
FDFGR2003AOperate a grain conditioning process20
FDFGR2004AOperate a grain cleaning process40
FDFGR2005AOperate a purification process30
FDFGR2006AOperate a scalping and grading process40
FDFGR2007AOperate a scratch and sizing process30
FDFGR2008AOperate a break roll process30
FDFGR2009AOperate a pelleting process40
FDFGR2010AHandle grain in a storage area30
FDFGR3001AWork with micronutrients or additions in stockfeed manufacturing processes40
FDFGR3002ADemonstrate knowledge of animal nutrition principles40
FDFOHS1001AWork safely30
FDFOHS2001AParticipate in OHS processes40
FDFOHS3001AContribute to OHS processes40
FDFOHS4001AIdentify, assess and control OHS risk in own work50
FDFOHS4002AMaintain OHS processes60
FDFOHS5001AManage OHS processes60
FDFOP1001APack or unpack product manually20
FDFOP1002AOperate automated washing equipment20
FDFOP1003ACarry out manual handling tasks30
FDFOP1004APrepare basic mixes20
FDFOP1005AOperate basic equipment30
FDFOP1006AMonitor process operation30
FDFOP1007AParticipate effectively in a workplace environment30
FDFOP1008ATake and record basic measurements30
FDFOP1009AFollow work procedures to maintain quality20
FDFOP1010ACommunicate workplace information20
FDFOP2001AWork effectively in the food processing industry30
FDFOP2002AInspect and sort materials and product30
FDFOP2003AClean equipment in place30
FDFOP2004AClean and sanitise equipment30
FDFOP2005AWork in a socially diverse environment30
FDFOP2006AOperate a bulk dry goods transfer process30
FDFOP2007AWork in a freezer storage area20
FDFOP2008AOperate a bulk liquid transfer process30
FDFOP2009ALoad and unload tankers30
FDFOP2010AWork with temperature controlled stock30
FDFOP2011AConduct routine maintenance40
FDFOP2012AMaintain food safety when loading, unloading and transporting food40
FDFOP2013AApply sampling procedures20
FDFOP2014AParticipate in sensory analyses40
FDFOP2015AApply principles of statistical process control30
FDFOP2016AWork in a food handling area for non-food handlers30
FDFOP2017AOperate a blending, sieving and bagging process50
FDFOP2018AOperate a case packing process40
FDFOP2019AFill and close product in cans50
FDFOP2020AOperate a form, fill and seal process50
FDFOP2021AOperate a fill and seal process50
FDFOP2022AOperate a high speed wrapping process40
FDFOP2023AOperate a packaging process40
FDFOP2024AOperate a cooling, slicing and wrapping process50
FDFOP2025AManufacture extruded and toasted products50
FDFOP2026AOperate a forming or shaping process50
FDFOP2027ADispense non-bulk ingredients30
FDFOP2028AOperate a mixing or blending process40
FDFOP2029AOperate a baking process50
FDFOP2030AOperate a process control interface40
FDFOP2031AOperate a coating application process40
FDFOP2032AWork in a clean room environment30
FDFOP2033AOperate a depositing process50
FDFOP2034AOperate an evaporation process50
FDFOP2035AOperate an enrobing process40
FDFOP2036AOperate an extrusion process50
FDFOP2037AOperate a filtration process50
FDFOP2038AOperate a grinding process30
FDFOP2039AOperate a frying process50
FDFOP2040AOperate a heat treatment process50
FDFOP2041AOperate a mixing or blending and cooking process50
FDFOP2042AOperate a drying process50
FDFOP2043AOperate an homogenising process30
FDFOP2044AOperate a retort process50
FDFOP2045AOperate pumping equipment30
FDFOP2046AOperate a production process50
FDFOP2047AOperate a portion saw40
FDFOP2048APre-process raw materials40
FDFOP2049AOperate a reduction process30
FDFOP2050AOperate a separation process50
FDFOP2051AOperate a spreads production process50
FDFOP2052AOperate a chocolate tempering process40
FDFOP2053AOperate a washing and drying process30
FDFOP2054AOperate a water purification process40
FDFOP2055AFreeze dough20
FDFOP2056AOperate a freezing process50
FDFOP2057AOperate a membrane process50
FDFOP2058AOperate a holding and storage process25
FDFOP2059AOperate a continuous freezing process50
FDFOP2060AOperate an automated cutting process30
FDFOP2061AUse numerical applications in the workplace30
FDFOP2062AApply work procedures to maintain integrity of product30
FDFOP2063AApply quality systems and procedures30
FDFOP2064AProvide and apply workplace information30
FDFOP3001AControl contaminants and allergens in the workplace70
FDFOP3002ASet up a production or packaging line for operation50
FDFOP3003AOperate interrelated processes in a production system60
FDFOP3004AOperate interrelated processes in a packaging system60
FDFOP3005APrepare food products using basic cooking methods50
FDFOP3006AIdentify cultural, religious and dietary considerations for food production40
FDFPB3001AOperate a dough mixing process60
FDFPB3002AOperate a final prove and baking process50
FDFPB3003AOperate a dough make up process60
FDFPH1001AFollow work procedures to maintain Good Manufacturing Practice30
FDFPH2001AApply Good Manufacturing Practice procedures50
FDFPH2002AOperate a concentration process40
FDFPH2003AOperate an extraction process40
FDFPH2004AOperate a separation process using chromatography50
FDFPH2005AOperate an aseptic fill and seal process50
FDFPH2006AOperate an aseptic form, fill and seal process60
FDFPH2007ACoordinate a label store50
FDFPH2008AOperate a compressing process50
FDFPH2009ADispense pharmaceutical raw materials40
FDFPH2010AOperate an encapsulation process50
FDFPH2011AOperate a granulation process50
FDFPH2012AOperate a liquid manufacturing process50
FDFPH2013AOperate a tablet coating process50
FDFPH2014AOperate a terminal sterilisation process50
FDFPH3001AMonitor and maintain Good Manufacturing Practice procedures60
FDFPH4001APrepare and review workplace documentation to support Good Manufacturing Practice60
FDFPH4002AFacilitate and monitor Good Manufacturing Practice70
FDFPH4003AFacilitate contamination control40
FDFPH4004AParticipate in change control procedures60
FDFPH4005AParticipate in validation processes40
FDFPH4006ARespond to non-conformance60
FDFPO2001AOperate a dicing, stripping or mincing process30
FDFPO2002AOperate an evisceration process50
FDFPO2003AGrade carcass30
FDFPO2004AHarvest edible offal20
FDFPO2005AOperate a marinade injecting process30
FDFPO2006AOperate a washing and chilling process40
FDFPO2007AOperate the bird receival and hanging process30
FDFPO2008AOperate a stunning, killing and defeathering process50
FDFPO2009AWork in an egg grading floor30
FDFPO2010AOperate egg grading and packing floor equipment40
FDFPO3001AOperate a chickway system50
FDFPO3002ADebone and fillet product (manually)50
FDFPPL2001AParticipate in work teams and groups30
FDFPPL3001AParticipate in improvement processes40
FDFPPL3002AReport on workplace performance30
FDFPPL3003ASupport and mentor individuals and groups30
FDFPPL3004ALead work teams and groups40
FDFPPL3005AParticipate in an audit process50
FDFPPL3006AEstablish compliance requirements for work area50
FDFPPL4001AManage people in the work area50
FDFPPL4002APlan and coordinate maintenance50
FDFPPL4003ASchedule and manage production50
FDFPPL4004AOptimise a work process50
FDFPPL4005AEstablish process capability50
FDFPPL4006AManage a work area within budget50
FDFPPL4007AManage supplier agreements and contracts50
FDFPPL4008AManage internal audits50
FDFPPL5001ADesign and maintain programs to support legal compliance50
FDFRB1001AFinish products20
FDFRB2001AForm and fill pastry products40
FDFRB2002APrepare fillings30
FDFRB2003AProduce meringue-based products20
FDFRB2004AProvide production assistance for bread products60
FDFRB2005AProvide assistance in cake, pastry and biscuit production80
FDFRB3001AProduce pastry50
FDFRB3002AProduce bread dough80
FDFRB3003AProduce sponge, cake and cookie batter70
FDFRB3004ADecorate cakes and cookies60
FDFRB3005ABake bread40
FDFRB3006ABake sponges, cakes and cookies50
FDFRB3007ABake pastry products30
FDFRB3008AStore, handle and use frozen dough40
FDFRB3009ARetard dough20
FDFRB3010AProcess dough60
FDFRB3011ADiagnose and respond to product and process faults (bread)60
FDFRB3012ADiagnose and respond to product and process faults (pastry, cake and cookies)60
FDFRB3013AProduce artisan breads80
FDFRB3014AProduce sweet yeast products50
FDFRB3015AProduce and decorate gateaux and tortes80
FDFRB3016APlan and schedule production for retail bakery50
FDFRB3017AParticipate in product development50
FDFTEC3001AParticipate in a HACCP team50
FDFTEC3002AImplement the pest prevention program40
FDFTEC3003AApply raw materials, ingredient and process knowledge to production problems60
FDFTEC4001ADetermine handling processes for perishable food items60
FDFTEC4002AManage controlled atmosphere storage60
FDFTEC4003AControl food contamination and spoilage50
FDFTEC4004AApply basic process engineering principles to food processing60
FDFTEC4005AApply an understanding of food additives50
FDFTEC4006AApply an understanding of legal requirements of food production50
FDFTEC4007ADescribe and analyse data using mathematical principles50
FDFTEC4008AApply principles of food packaging50
FDFTEC4009AIdentify the physical and chemical properties of materials, food and related products70
FDFTEC4010AManage water treatment processes50
FDFTEC4011AParticipate in product recalls50
FDFTEC5001AManage and evaluate new product trials60
FDFTEC5002AManage utilities and energy for a production process60
SITHCCC001BOrganise and prepare food25
SITHFAB012BPrepare and serve espresso coffee30
SITTIND001BDevelop and update tourism industry knowledge25
BSBMGT516CFacilitate continuous improvement60
TLIA2009AComplete and check import/export documentation30
TLIA2011APackage goods20
TLIA2012APick and process orders20
TLIA2014AUse product knowledge to complete work operations20
TLIA2021ADespatch stock20
TLIA2022AParticipate in stocktakes20
TLIA3010ACoordinate goods to bond premises20
TLIA3015AComplete receival/despatch documentation40
TLIA3016AUse inventory systems to organise stock control40
TLIA3017AIdentify products and store to specifications40
TLIA3018AOrganise despatch operations40
TLIA3019AOrganise receival operations40
TLIA3024AOrganise warehouse records operations30
TLIA3026AMonitor storage facilities30
TLIA3038AControl and order stock40
TLIA3039AReceive and store stock40
TLIA4025ARegulate temperature controlled stock20
TLIB2009ACheck conveyor operational status20
TLIC2041AOperate self-propelled equipment on track40
TLID1001AShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
TLID1002AShift a load using manually-operated equipment20
TLID2003AHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
TLID2004ALoad and unload goods/cargo30
TLID2010AOperate a forklift40
TLID2022AConduct weighbridge operations20
TLID3011AConduct specialised forklift operations40
TLID3035AOperate a boom type elevating work platform30
TLID3036ALift and move load using a mobile crane40
TLIJ2003AApply grain protection measures20
TLIJ2004AImplement grain monitoring measures20
TLIK2010AUse infotechnology devices in the workplace40
TLILIC2001ALicence to operate a forklift truck40
TLILIC2014ALicence to drive light rigid vehicle40
TLILIC2015ALicence to drive medium rigid vehicle40
TLILIC2016ALicence to drive heavy rigid vehicle50
TLILIC3006ALicence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (greater than 3 tonnes capacity)60
TLILIC3017ALicence to drive heavy combination vehicle60
TLIP2029APrepare and process financial documents30
AHCARB205AOperate and maintain chainsaws40
AHCBAC101ASupport agricultural crop work15
AHCBAC204APrepare grain storages40
AHCBUS405AParticipate in an e-business supply chain90
AHCCHM101AFollow basic chemical safety rules10
AHCCHM201AApply chemicals under supervision30
AHCCHM303APrepare and apply chemicals70
AHCCHM304ATransport, handle and store chemicals50
AHCINF204AFabricate and repair metal or plastic structures60
AHCMOM101AAssist with routine maintenance of machinery and equipment20
AHCMOM202AOperate tractors40
AHCMOM203AOperate basic machinery and equipment20
AHCMOM204AUndertake operational maintenance of machinery30
AHCMOM207AConduct front-end loader operations60
AHCMOM301ACoordinate machinery and equipment maintenance and repair80
AHCMOM302APerform machinery maintenance50
AHCMOM304AOperate machinery and equipment40
AHCMOM305AOperate specialised machinery and equipment60
AHCPCM301AImplement a plant nutrition program60
AHCPGD301AImplement a plant establishment program80
AHCPHT401AAssess olive oil for style and quality100
AHCSOL201ADetermine basic properties of soil and/or growing media20
AHCSOL401ASample soils and interpret results60
AHCWRK305ACoordinate work site activities70
AHCWRK308AHandle bulk materials in storage area60
CPCCDO3011APerform dogging80
CPCCRI3012APerform basic rigging40
MSS014003AOptimise sustainability of a process or plant area60
MSS014004ADevelop team strategies for more sustainable use of resources40
MSS015005ADevelop required sustainability reports80
MSS024003AApply an understanding of environmental principles to a site140
HLTFA201BProvide basic emergency life support8
HLTFA301CApply first aid18
RIIRIS201BConduct local risk control20
MTMCOR202AApply hygiene and sanitation practices40
MTMCOR404AFacilitate hygiene and sanitation performance30
MTMP2006BApply animal welfare and handling requirements40
MTMP2197CClean after operations - boning room40
MTMP402BImplement a Meat Hygiene Assessment program30
MTMP404BApply meat science40
MTMPS411CMonitor meat preservation process40
MTMPS412CMonitor and overview the production of processed meats and smallgoods80
MTMPS414BMonitor and overview the production of Uncooked Comminuted Fermented Meat (UCFM)30
MTMPS5603CDevelop, manage and maintain quality systems100
MTMPSR201CVacuum pack product50
MTMPSR203ASharpen knives40
MTMPSR407AAssess and evaluate meat industry requirements and processes10
MTMPSR408ASpecify beef product using AUS-MEAT language40
MTMPSR409ASpecify sheep product using AUS-MEAT language30
MTMPSR410ASpecify pork product using AUS-MEAT language30
MTMPSR5601CDesign and manage the food safety system100
MTMR308CPrepare and produce value-added products10
SFIPROC504CDesign and manage a product recall40
TAEASS403BParticipate in assessment validation20
TAEASS502BDesign and develop assessment tools30
TAEASS402BAssess competence15
TAEASS401BPlan assessment activities and processes20
FDFCEL3004APerform de-aromatising, de-alcoholising or de-sulphuring operations40
FDFCEL3005APerform rectification (continuous still) operations60
FDFFST4040AIdentify & implement product safety and quality for chilled or frozen poultry product manufacturing40
FDFFST5025AImplement and review the production of concentrated and dried dairy products70
FDFCEL2006AOperate clarification by separation (centrifugation) process40
FDFCEL3001APerform second distillation (pot still brandy) operations40
FDFLAB2002APerform basic microbiological tests40
FDFCEL2018ACarry out inert gas handling operations20
FDFRB4002AControl bakery operations to meet quality and production requirements60
FDFFST4001AApply food processing technologies50
FDFRB4004AProduce sourdough products70
FDFCD2002APromote wine tourism information60
FDFWGG2019APerform vertebrate pest control activities20
FDFCH4002AProduce acid-coagulated soft cheese50
FDFFST5023AImplement and review the production of milk fat products50
FDFCEL2020APrepare and wax tanks20
FDFFS5001ADevelop a HACCP-based food safety plan60
FDFCH3001ACoordinate cheese making operations60
FDFCEL2001APerform oak handling activities20
FDFCEL3003AOperate the concentration process40
FDFWGG3002ACoordinate canopy management activities20
FDFFST5008ADevelop a new food product100
FDFWGG3008AOperate a mechanical harvester40
FDFCEL2002APerform fermentation operations40
FDFWGG2013ADeliver injection requirements20
FDFWGG3009AMonitor and maintain nursery plants40
FDFWGG2023ACarry out basic canopy maintenance40
FDFWIN2001APerform effectively in a wine industry workplace40
FDFBP3001AOperate the bottle filling process60
FDFCEL2011APerform heat exchange operations20
FDFCEL2005AOperate the pressing process40
FDFWGG2022ATake and process vine cuttings20
FDFFST4022AImplement and review the preparation of milk for processing40
FDFFST4050AIdentify & implement product safety and quality for processing of fruit, vegetables & other produce40
FDFWGG3013AOperate spreading and seeding equipment 20
FDFBP2007AOperate the tirage and transfer process40
FDFCEL2012AHandle spirits40
FDFWGG2009AOperate specialised canopy management equipment40
FDFWGG2020ACarry out hot water treatment40
FDFRB4010APrepare plated sweets and desserts50
FDFFST4003AApply digital technology in food processing40
FDFAU4007BAudit a heat treatment process90
FDFLAB2006ARecord laboratory data40
FDFWGG2018AOperate vineyard equipment40
FDFCD3002AConduct a specialised product tasting40
FDFWGG2004AUndertake irrigation systems maintenance activities40
FDFLAB3001AUse computer technology for laboratory applications60
FDFCEL2019ACarry out transfer operations20
FDFCEL2014AOperate the rotary vacuum filtration process40
FDFCEL2013AOperate the pressure leaf filtration process40
FDFCH4001ACarry out sampling and interpret tests for cheese production70
FDFFST4051AIdentify and implement product safety and quality processes for fish and seafood products40
FDFFST5003AConstruct a process control chart for a food processing operation40
FDFWGG2014AOperate the irrigation system40
FDFBP2006AOperate traditional sparkling wine processes40
FDFCEL2015APerform must draining operations 20
FDFWGG2024APick grapes by hand20
FDFFS4001ASupervise and maintain a food safety plan50
FDFWIN1001AIdentify key operations in wine production20
FDFBP2010AOperate manual bottling and packaging processes20
FDFFST5005AIdentify the biochemical properties of food70
FDFFST4033AImplement and review the production of chocolate products30
FDFFST4035AImplement and review the processing of high and low boil confectionery30
FDFOP2065AWork in confined spaces in the food and beverage industries30
FDFFST4008APreserve food in cans or sealed containers40
FDFCEL2016AOperate the crushing process20
FDFBP2003AOperate the carton packing process20
FDFCH4003AProduce a range of rennet-coagulated cheeses70
FDFWGG2005AMaintain callusing envrionment40
FDFFST4053AImplement and review manufacturing, packaging and testing of beverage products 40
FDFFST4002AMonitor the development and implementation of a food QA system70
FDFCEL3002AOperate the continuous clarification by seperation (flotation) process40
FDFWGG2017ARecognise disorders and identify pests and diseases20
FDFCEL2008APerform dual column distillation (continuous still brandy) operations40
FDFWIN1002AIdentify viticulture processes20
FDFCEL2010AOperate the fine filtration process40
FDFLAB2005APrepare and pour culture media40
FDFRB4009ACoordinate material supply for baking processes40
FDFWGG2011AInstall irrigation components40
FDFBP2011AOperate the palletising process20
FDFFST5007AEvaluate sampling plans in relation to food industry standards30
FDFWGG2008ATrain vines20
FDFFST4034AImplement and review the processing of chocolate30
FDFFST5024AImplement and review the production of fermented dairy products and dairy desserts70
FDFWGG3004ACoordinate nursery activities40
FDFLAB2010APrepare product or show samples60
FDFWGG2010AField graft vines40
FDFWGG3005APerform field nursery activities40
FDFFST4007AEstablish operational requirements for a food processing enterprise50
FDFFST4005ADocument processes and procedures for a food product 40
FDFLAB3004ACheck and maintain readiness of wine testing equipment30
FDFBP2004AOperate the bottle sealing process40
FDFFST4020AImplement and review the processing of market milk and related products40
FDFCD2003AEvaluate wines (standard)40
FDFBP3003AOperate the softpack filling process60
FDFRB4007AEvaluate and assess bakery product40
FDFLAB3003APerform routine troubleshooting procedures40
FDFLAB2009APerform packaging quality contol procedures60
FDFWGG2006AObtain and process rootlings20
FDFFST5026AImplement and review the production of ice creams and frozen dairy products60
FDFWGG3003ACoordinate crop harvesting activities40
FDFFS4002ASupervise and verify supporting programs for food safety70
FDFLAB3002APerform non-routine or specialised tests60
FDFWGG3006ACoordinate hand pruning activities40
FDFFST4012AApply water management principles to the food industry40
FDFFST4030AImplement and review the processing of chocolate and sugar-panned products30
FDFLAB2004APrepare laboratory solutions and stains40
FDFLAB2012AMaintain aseptic environment40
FDFFST4032AImplement and review the production of gums and jellies30
FDFWGG2015ASupport mechanical harvesting operations20
FDFFST4009ALabel foods according to legislative requirements30
FDFLAB2007AStandardise laboratory solutions40
FDFWGG2001ABench graft vines20
FDFWGG3010AImplement a soil management program40
FDFCH4004AProduce acid - heat coagulated cheese40
FDFCEL2004APerform single column lees stripping (continuous still brandy) operations20
FDFRB4006AExplore and apply baking techniques to develop new products60
FDFLAB3005APerform instrumental tests or procedures on wine samples40
FDFCD3003ACoordinate winery hospitality activities40
FDFFST5001AMonitor refrigeration and air conditioning systems in food processing40
FDFWGG2016AInstall and maintain vine trellis20
FDFFST4011AApply the principles of nutrition to food processing50
FDFLAB2011AUse basic laboratory equipment40
FDFBP3002AOperate the labelling process60
FDFFST4036AImplement and review the processing of confectionery products30
FDFFST4004APerform microbiological procedures in the food industry65
FDFLAB2008AAnalyse laboratory data40
FDFFST4052AImplement and review the manufacturing and processing of edible fats and oils30
FDFLAB2001APerform basic analytical tests40
FDFWGG3001AApply chemicals and biological agents40
FDFCD2004APerform cellar door stock control procedure40
FDFWGG2002ACarry out potting operations20
FDFWGG2025APlant vines by hand20
FDFBP2001AOperate the bottle supply process20
FDFCD2006AConduct a standard product tasting40
FDFBP2008APerform packaging equipment changeover60
FDFRB4001AApply marketing principles to retail bakery60
FDFWGG3007AImplement an irrigation schedule40
FDFLAB2003APerform basic packaging tests and inspections40
FDFCD3001AEvaluate wines (advanced)60
FDFCH3002ACarry out processes for a range of artisan cheeses60
FDFCEL2009APerform first distillation (pot still brandy) operations20
FDFFST5004ASpecify and monitor the nutritional value of processed food75
FDFFST4006AApply food preservation technologies50
FDFFST5006AApply food microbiological techniques and analysis70
FDFCD2001AConduct winery and or site tours40
FDFCEL2007APrepare and monitor wine cultures40
FDFWGG2021AOperate nursery cold storage facilities40
FDFFST5002AIdentify and implement required process control for a food processing operation50
FDFWGG3011APerform shed nursery activities40
FDFFST4021ACarry out sampling and testing of milk at receival40
FDFCD2005ASell cellar door products and services60
FDFFST4031AImplement and review the processing of aerated confectioneries30
FDFWIN2002AIdentify and control risks in own work20
FDFRB4005AApply advanced finishing techniques for specialty cakes and desserts80
FDFWGG3012AMonitor and control vine disorders and damage60
FDFWGG2003AHand prune vines40
FDFFST5027AImplement and review the production of milk and related products by the membrane system50
FDFFST5030ADevelop, manage and maintain quality systems for food processing60
FDFWGG2007ATend containerised nursery plants40
FDFRB4003AApply baking science to work practices70
FDFBP2005AOperate the electronic coding process20
FDFFST4041AIdentify and implement product safety and quality for cooked poultry product manufacturing30
FDFBP2009AOperate the bottle capsuling process20
FDFWGG2012AIdentify and treat nursery plant disorders40
FDFFST4054AIdentify and implement product safety for manufacturing of cereal products40
FDFBP2002AOperate the carton erection process20
FDFCEL2003AOperate the ion exchange process20
FDFFST4042AIdentify and implement product safety and quality for egg based product manufacturing30
FDFFST4010AApply sensory analysis in food processing30
FDFRB4008ASet up sustainable baking operations40
FDFCEL2017APrepare and make additions and finings40
BSBCUS501CManage quality customer service40
BSBCUS301BDeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS401BCoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCUS201BDeliver a service to customers40
BSBSMB405BMonitor and manage small business operations45
FDFGR2011AReceive grain for malting
FDFGR2012APrepare malted grain
FDFGR2013ABlend and dispatch malt
FDFOP2066AOperate a wort production process
FDFOP2067AOperate a brewery fermentation process
FDFOP2068AOperate a beer maturation process
FDFOP2069AOperate a beer filtration process
FDFOP2070AOperate a bright beer tank process
FDFOP2071AIdentify key stages and beer production equipment in a brewery
FDFOP2072AOperate a beer filling process
FDFOP2073AOperate a beer packaging process
FDFOP2074APrepare and monitor beer yeast propagation processes
FDFSUG101AInstall pre-ballast
FDFSUG102AUndertake shunting operations
FDFSUG103AMove cane bins in a marshalling yard
FDFSUG104ACheck a cane sample for extraneous matter
FDFSUG105AManually clean and maintain housekeeping standards
FDFSUG201ALay sleepers for cane rail systems
FDFSUG203ALay skeleton track for cane rail system
FDFSUG202ALay rails for cane rail systems
FDFSUG204AOperate tamping equipment
FDFSUG205AConstruct turnouts
FDFSUG206ADrive a cane locomotive
FDFSUG207AConduct cane weighbridge operations
FDFSUG208AOperate a tipping station
FDFSUG209AOperate an extraction station
FDFSUG210AOperate a juice clarification process
FDFSUG211AOperate a mud filtration process
FDFSUG212AChemically clean equipment
FDFSUG213AOperate a pans station
FDFSUG214AOperate a low grade fugal station
FDFSUG215AOperate a high grade fugal station
FDFSUG216AOperate a crystalliser station process
FDFSUG217AOperate a turbine
FDFSUG218AOperate a boiler - basic
FDFSUG220AOperate a coal fuel supply system
FDFSUG219AOperate a bagasse fuel supply system
FDFSUG221AOperate an ash separation system
FDFSUG223AOperate a cooling water system
FDFSUG222AOperate a waste water treatment system
FDFSUG224APerform standard tests on cane samples
FDFSUG226APerform general drilling operations
FDFSUG225ACollect and prepare samples
FDFSUG227APerform general lathe operations
FDFSUG229APerform general planing and shaping operations
FDFSUG228APerform general milling operations
FDFSUG230AUndertake forming, bending and shaping
FDFSUG231AUndertake simple fabrication
FDFSUG301ADrive a master-slave locomotive
FDFSUG302AControl cane traffic movements
FDFSUG303AAdjust cane delivery schedules to meet daily milling requirements
FDFSUG304AOperate a boiler intermediate
FDFSUG305AOperate a boiler advanced
FDFSUG306AMonitor a sugar mill powerhouse
FDFSUG307APerform factory control tests
FDFSUG308AAnalyse and convey workplace information
FDFSUG309AOperate a sugar system
MSS402001AApply competitive systems and practices40
MSS402002ASustain process improvements40
MSS402010AManage the impact of change on own work40
MSS402021AApply Just in Time procedures30
MSS402030AApply cost factors to work practices40
MSS402031AInterpret product costs in terms of customer requirements30
MSS402040AApply 5S procedures40
MSS402050AMonitor process capability30
MSS402051AApply quality standards30
MSS402060AUse planning software systems in operations40
MSS402061AUse SCADA systems in operations30
MSS402080AUndertake root cause analysis50
MSS402081AContribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy30
MSS403001AImplement competitive systems and practices50
MSS403005AFacilitate use of a Balanced Scorecard for performance improvement40
MSS403002AEnsure process improvements are sustained50
MSS403010AFacilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices50
MSS403011AFacilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices40
MSS403013ALead team culture improvement40
MSS403021AFacilitate a Just in Time system50
MSS403023AMonitor a levelled pull system of operations50
MSS403030AImprove cost factors in work practices50
MSS403032AAnalyse manual handling processes50
MSS403040AFacilitate and improve implementation of 5S50
MSS403041AFacilitate breakthrough improvements40
MSS403051AMistake proof an operational process50
MSS404050AUndertake process capability improvements50
MSS404052AApply statistics to operational processes40
MSS404053AUse six sigma techniques40
MSS404060AFacilitate the use of planning software systems in a work area or team50
MSS404061AFacilitate the use of SCADA systems in a team or work area50
MSS404082AAssist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy50
MSS404081AUndertake proactive maintenance analyses50
MSS404083ASupport proactive maintenance50
MSS405001ADevelop competitive systems and practices for an organisation60
MSS405002AAnalyse and map a value stream60
MSS405005AManage competitive systems and practices responding to individual and unique customer orders60
MSS405006ADevelop a Balanced Scorecard40
MSS405007AIntroduce competitive systems and practices to a small or medium enterprise60
MSS405010AManage relationships with non-customer external organisations60
MSS405011AManage people relationships60
MSS405012AManage workplace learning60
MSS405013AFacilitate holistic culture improvement in an organisation60
MSS405014ADevelop a communications strategy to support operations50
MSS405020ADevelop quick changeover procedures60
MSS405022ADesign a process layout80
MSS405023ADevelop a levelled pull system for operations and processes60
MSS405030AOptimise cost of a product or service60
MSS405032AAnalyse cost implications of maintenance strategy60
MSS405031AUndertake value analysis of product or process costs in terms of customer requirements60
MSS405040AManage 5S system in an organisation60
MSS405050ADetermine and improve process capability80
MSS405060ADevelop the application of enterprise control systems in an organisation60
MSS405061ADetermine and establish information collection requirements and processes60
MSS405062ADevelop a documentation control strategy for an organisation60
MSS405070ADevelop and manage sustainable energy practices70
MSS405081ADevelop a proactive maintenance strategy60
MSS405075AFacilitate the development of a new product80
MSS405082AAdapt a proactive maintenance strategy to the process operations sector60
MSS405083AAdapt a proactive maintenance strategy for a seasonal or cyclical business60
SIRXCCS201Apply point-of-sale handling procedures20
SIRXCCS202Interact with customers30
SIRXCCS304Coordinate interaction with customers35
SIRXFIN201Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal20
SIRXICT303Operate retail information technology systems35
SIRXMER201Merchandise products30
SIRXSLS201Sell products and services20
FDFGR4003AManage mill logistics and support services
FDFGR4002ASupervise testing processes for wheat and flour
FDFGR3003ALead flour milling shift operations
FDFGR4001AControl power and automation for milling processes
FDFGR3004AControl mill processes and performance
FDFGR4004AEstablish and supervise dust control procedures in a grain processing enterprise