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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

SIB10 Beauty Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
HLTFA301BApply first aid18
HLTIN402BMaintain infection control standards in office practice settings75
SIRXCCS002AInteract with customers30
SIRXCCS003ACoordinate interaction with customers35
SIRXCLM001AOrganise and maintain work areas20
SIRXCOM001ACommunicate in the workplace40
SIRXHRM001AAdminister human resources policy35
SIRXHRM002ARecruit and select personnel35
SIRXICT001AOperate retail technology20
SIRXIND001AWork effectively in a retail environment45
SIRXINV001APerform stock control procedures35
SIRXMER001AMerchandise products30
SIRXMER003AMonitor in-store visual merchandising display35
SIRXMER005ACreate a display35
SIRXMGT001ACoordinate work teams35
SIRXOHS001AApply safe working practices20
SIRXOHS003AProvide a safe working environment35
SIRXQUA001ADevelop innovative ideas at work35
SIRXRPK002ARecommend hair, beauty and cosmetic products and services25
SIRXRSK001AMinimise theft20
SIRXSLS001ASell products and services20
SIRXSLS004ABuild relationships with customers35
BSBDES202AEvaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context30
BSBDES301AExplore the use of colour40
BSBFRA401BManage compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements60
BSBFRA402BEstablish a franchise70
BSBFRA403BManage relationship with franchisor30
BSBFRA404BManage a multiple site franchise70
BSBLED501ADevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBMGT401AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBSMB304ADetermine resource requirements for the micro business30
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB408BManage personal, family, cultural and business obligations30
BSBSMB409ABuild and maintain relationships with small business stakeholders20
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR501AManage personal work priorities and professional development60
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL402APlan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
SIBBBOS401APerform body massage60
SIBBBOS402AProvide body treatments70
SIBBBOS403APerform aromatherapy massage40
SIBBBOS504AApply aromatic plant oil chemistry to beauty treatments20
SIBBBOS505ABlend and apply a range of aromatic plant oils for beauty treatments35
SIBBBOS506AUse reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments30
SIBBCCS301AApply the principles of skin biology to beauty treatments15
SIBBCCS302AAdvise on beauty services30
SIBBCCS403ARecognise body structures and systems in a beauty therapy context60
SIBBCCS404AWork in a skin therapies framework50
SIBBCCS405ADevelop treatment plans30
SIBBCCS406AUse electricity in beauty therapy treatments20
SIBBCCS407AInterpret the chemical composition and physical actions of cosmetic products30
SIBBCCS408APromote healthy nutritional options in a beauty therapy context20
SIBBFAS201ADemonstrate retail skin care products25
SIBBFAS302AProvide lash and brow treatments15
SIBBFAS303ADesign and apply remedial camouflage make-up30
SIBBFAS404AProvide facial treatments120
SIBBFAS405AProvide advanced facial treatments115
SIBBHRS301APerform waxing treatments85
SIBBHRS502APerform female intimate waxing treatments20
SIBBHRS503APerform male intimate waxing treatments20
SIBBHRS504AProvide electrolysis treatments145
SIBBHRS705AApply intense pulsed light and laser safety protocols35
SIBBHRS706ADesign intense pulsed light and laser hair reduction treatment programs25
SIBBHRS707AProvide intense pulsed light and laser hair reduction treatments200
SIBBNLS201AWork in a nail services framework15
SIBBNLS202AProvide manicure and pedicare services30
SIBBNLS203AApply ultraviolet gel nail enhancement30
SIBBNLS204AApply acrylic nail enhancement35
SIBBNLS205AApply nail art15
SIBBNLS206AUse electric file equipment for nails30
SIBBNLS207AApply advanced nail art15
SIBBRES201AResearch and apply beauty industry information20
SIBBRES702AInvestigate developments in cosmetic treatments using light or laser systems25
SIBBSKS201APierce ears15
SIBBSKS302AApply cosmetic tanning products15
SIBBSKS503AProvide diathermy treatments50
SIBBSKS504ADesign and perform cosmetic tattooing110
SIBBSKS505AProvide upper body piercing30
SIBBSKS506AApply micro-dermabrasion to improve skin appearance20
SIBBSPA501AWork in a spa therapies framework10
SIBBSPA502APlan spa programs20
SIBBSPA503AProvide spa therapies80
SIBBSPA504AProvide stone therapy massage20
SIBBSPA505AProvide Indian head massage for relaxation20
SIBXCCS201AConduct financial transactions25
SIBXCCS202AProvide service to clients30
SIBXFAS201ADesign and apply make-up40
SIBXFAS202ADesign and apply make-up for photography30
SIBXPSM501ALead teams in a personal services environment40
SIBXPSM502AManage treatment services and sales delivery60
SIBXPSM503APromote a personal services business60
SIBXRES501AInvestigate new products and services50