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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

ICT10 Integrated Telecommunications Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBINM302AUtilise a knowledge management system50
BSBMGT401AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBSMB305AComply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business45
BSBSMB306APlan a home based business25
BSBSMB401AEstablish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
CPPSEC3034AOperate information gathering equipment10
CPCCLDG3001ALicence to perform dogging80
CPCCLRG3001ALicence to perform rigging basic level196
CPCCLRG3002ALicence to perform rigging intermediate level40
CPCCLRG4001ALicence to perform rigging advanced level40
CPCCOHS1001AWork safely in the construction industry6
CPCSUS4001AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
ICTCBL2016AJoint metallic conductor cable on customer premises40
ICTCBL2064AHaul underground cable40
ICTCBL2068AInstall a telecommunications service to a building50
ICTCBL2131AInstall an above ground equipment enclosure45
ICTCBL2132AErect aerial cable supports40
ICTCBL2133AConstruct underground telecommunications infrastructure50
ICTCBL2134AFix aerial cable50
ICTCBL2135AJoint metallic conductor cable in access network50
ICTCBL3013APerform cable and system test on customer premises40
ICTCBL3014AHand over systems and equipment40
ICTCBL3015ALocate and identify cable system faults40
ICTCBL3018AInstall underground enclosures and conduit60
ICTCBL3019AInstall underground cable60
ICTCBL3020AConstruct aerial cable supports60
ICTCBL3021AInstall aerial cable40
ICTCBL3049AInstall systems and equipment on customer premises60
ICTCBL3052ACut over new systems and equipment on customer premises40
ICTCBL3067AModify and cut over cable45
ICTCBL3069AInstall network cable equipment50
ICTCBL3103AMaintain cable network40
ICTCBL4099ARemotely locate and identify cable network faults60
ICTCMP5176AUndertake radio communications site audit45
ICTDRE3165AInstall a complex digital reception system30
ICTDRE4166AIntegrate customer digital reception equipment30
ICTDRE4167AIntegrate data delivery modes40
ICTEDU3053ATrain customers in new technology40
ICTEDU5025ADevelop and deliver training associated with new and modified products60
ICTITU5144ATest telecommunications network using virtual instruments60
ICTNPL4107AApply business acumen to network planning50
ICTNPL4108APlan the deployment of access network architectures50
ICTNPL4109AEvaluate the capability of access networks50
ICTNPL4110AEvaluate the planning requirements for provisioning a telecommunications building facility50
ICTNPL4111ADevelop provisioning of telecommunications building works project50
ICTNPL4112AEvaluate core network architectures50
ICTNPL4113APlan the deployment of core network50
ICTNPL4114AProduce planning specifications for end to end service delivery50
ICTNPL4150AApply knowledge of regulation and legislation for the telecommunications industry60
ICTNPL4151APlan the telecommunications access network for an estate60
ICTNPL5071ADevelop planning strategies for core network design50
ICTNPL5096ADevelop planning strategies for access network design60
ICTNPL5101AApply service measures and demand forecasting to products and services planning50
ICTNPL5154ADevelop planning strategies for building environment design50
ICTNPL6029APlan the development and growth of the telecommunications network70
ICTNPL6030AForecast service demand60
ICTNPL6046AUndertake network performance analysis90
ICTOHS2080AProvide telecommunications services safely on roofs50
ICTOPN4116AUse advanced optical test equipment50
ICTOPN4117APrepare activity plans and specifications for a fibre to the x installation60
ICTOPN5118APlan and configure dense wavelength division multiplexing systems60
ICTOPN5119APerform acceptance and commissioning tests on optical network50
ICTOPN5120APlan for an optical system upgrade and cut over60
ICTOPN5121ATest and commission a dense wavelength division multiplexing transmission system50
ICTOPN5122ATest the performance of specialised optical devices45
ICTOPN5123AAnalyse and integrate specialised optical devices in the network60
ICTOPN6124AManage optical ethernet transmission60
ICTOPN6125AManage dense wavelength division multiplexing transmission system60
ICTOPN6128ADesign a dense wavelength division multiplexing system50
ICTOPN6129AAnalyse optical transmission systems50
ICTPMG2130APrepare site for support installation45
ICTPMG2173APlan, organise and undertake work activities20
ICTPMG4152AManage the delivery of network infrastructure60
ICTPMG5027ADevelop customer premises equipment installation project plans60
ICTPMG5031APrepare a project brief60
ICTPMG5039APrepare project specifications60
ICTPMG6033ADevelop a project management plan70
ICTPMG6034APrepare a detailed design brief40
ICTPMG8142AManage a telecommunications workplace50
ICTPRO5026ADevelop training, marketing and sales resources for telecommunications products60
ICTRFN3055AInstall a radio communications antenna and feedline40
ICTRFN3070AInstall mobile telecommunications in motor vehicles60
ICTRFN3146AInstall WiMAX customer premises equipment broadband wireless access equipment40
ICTRFN3155AConstruct and test a radio communications device60
ICTRFN3175AOperate and maintain radio communications technical instruments and field equipment45
ICTRFN4095AConduct radio frequency measurements40
ICTRFN4158ASelect an antenna system for radio communications30
ICTRFN4159ATest and repair cellular network equipment60
ICTRFN4174AUndertake radio communications signals monitoring45
ICTRFN4177AInstall radio communications base station equipment50
ICTRFN4178AMaintain hybrid fibre coaxial broadband cable network50
ICTRFN5097ATest cellular handset enhancements and international roaming agreements50
ICTRFN5148ATest and measure cellular phone and network equipment performance50
ICTRFN5179AEvaluate and analyse radio frequency signal coverage plots45
ICTRFN6171AProduce and evaluate architecture designs for WiMAX networks80
ICTSMB4160ASet up and operate a contractor business40
ICTSMB4161AOperate a contractor business with employees20
ICTSUS4183AInstall and test renewable energy system for ICT networks60
ICTSUS4184AInstall and test power saving hardware60
ICTSUS4185AInstall and test power management software50
ICTSUS4186AInstall thin client applications for power over ethernet60
ICTSUS5187AImplement server virtualisation for a sustainable ICT system80
ICTSUS6233AIntegrate sustainability in ICT planning and design projects55
ICTSUS6234AEstablish a business case for sustainability and competitive advantage in ICT projects55
ICTSUS7235AUse ICT to improve sustainability outcomes50
ICTSUS7236AManage improvements in ICT sustainability55
ICTSUS8237ALead applied research in ICT sustainability60
ICTSUS8238AConduct and manage a life cycle assessment for sustainability60
ICTTCR2188AUse rigging practices and systems on telecommunications network structures45
ICTTCR2189AUse operational safety in a telecommunications rigging environment45
ICTTCR2190AUse safe rigging practices to climb and perform rescues on telecommunications network structures45
ICTTCR3062ABuild a telecommunications radio structure60
ICTTCR3191AInstall radio plant and equipment on telecommunications structures60
ICTTCR3192AProtect against electromagnetic radiation and system hazards when working on telecommunications radio sites40
ICTTEN2207AInstall and configure a home or small office network60
ICTTEN2208AInstall and configure a small to medium business network60
ICTTEN2209ABuild and maintain a secure network80
ICTTEN2218AOperate new media software packages40
ICTTEN3056AInstall telecommunications network equipment60
ICTTEN3063ALocate, identify and rectify recurrent network faults50
ICTTEN3074ARecover customer premises equipment30
ICTTEN3075ARefurbish customer premises equipment30
ICTTEN3089ARepair and replace telecommunications network hardware60
ICTTEN3104AMaintain an electronic system40
ICTTEN4040AAssign a transmission path40
ICTTEN4050AInstall and configure a wireless mesh network60
ICTTEN4051AInstall configuration programs on PC based customer equipment50
ICTTEN4072AEffect changes to existing customer premises equipment systems and equipment50
ICTTEN4073ACut over customer premises equipment major upgrades40
ICTTEN4076AComplete equipment and software upgrades40
ICTTEN4078ACommission an electronic system50
ICTTEN4081ALocate, diagnose and rectify faults50
ICTTEN4085AMonitor, analyse and action telecommunications network alarms60
ICTTEN4086AUndertake routine maintenance of the telecommunications network60
ICTTEN4087AUndertake remote diagnosis and repair of network faults50
ICTTEN4102ARepair telecommunication system faults40
ICTTEN4126AInstall and configure internet protocol TV in a home network50
ICTTEN4198AInstall, configure and test an internet protocol network50
ICTTEN4199AInstall, configure and test a router60
ICTTEN4202AInstall and test a radio frequency identification system50
ICTTEN4210AImplement and troubleshoot enterprise routers and switches100
ICTTEN4211ADesign, install and configure an internetwork100
ICTTEN4212AApply advanced routing protocols to network design80
ICTTEN4213AConfigure and troubleshoot advanced network switching80
ICTTEN4214AInstall and maintain a wide area network80
ICTTEN4215AInstall and configure internet protocol TV in a service provider network60
ICTTEN5024AProvide consultancy and technical support in the customer premises equipment sector60
ICTTEN5037ADesign a telecommunications project70
ICTTEN5038ADesign an electronic system for a telecommunications network80
ICTTEN5058AAcceptance test new systems and equipment70
ICTTEN5059ACommission telecommunications network equipment70
ICTTEN5060AIntegrate new systems and equipment into the telecommunications network80
ICTTEN5061ACut over new and replacement network equipment60
ICTTEN5083ALocate, diagnose and rectify complex faults60
ICTTEN5084AProvide expert advice and support on complex faults50
ICTTEN5092AUndertake planned outage management40
ICTTEN5147AAdminister a data communications network60
ICTTEN5168ADesign and implement an enterprise voice over internet protocol and a unified communications network60
ICTTEN5200AInstall, configure and test a local area network switch60
ICTTEN5201AInstall, configure and test a server60
ICTTEN5203ADimension and design a radio frequency identification system60
ICTTEN5204AProduce technical solutions from business specifications50
ICTTEN5217APlan a wireless mesh network60
ICTTEN6036AUndertake qualification testing of new or enhanced equipment and systems75
ICTTEN6042AUndertake system administration75
ICTTEN6043AUndertake network traffic management90
ICTTEN6044ACoordinate fault rectification and restoration of service following network outages60
ICTTEN6045AImplement planned network changes with minimal impact to the customer60
ICTTEN6047AManage a common channel signalling network60
ICTTEN6091AAnalyse and organise repair of highly complex telecommunications network faults60
ICTTEN6094AVerify new software and hardware releases50
ICTTEN6169AProduce and evaluate architecture designs for convergent cellular mobile networks80
ICTTEN6172ADesign and configure an IP-MPLS network with virtual private network tunnelling80
ICTTEN6206AProduce an ICT network architecture design60
ICTTEN6216ADesign and manage internet protocol TV in a service provider network60
ICTTEN7219AManage alignment of systems with product and technology strategy40
ICTTEN7220ATranslate domain and solution architectures into platform requirements and designs60
ICTTEN7221AManage end to end architectural solutions across multiple domains60
ICTTEN7222AManage solution architecture and impacts in line with organisational processes60
ICTTEN7223AManage application layer solutions60
ICTTEN7224AManage voice, data and internet protocol network solutions60
ICTTEN7225AManage network testing strategies60
ICTTEN7226AManage development and application of testing artefacts60
ICTTEN7228AManage project requirements and process implementations60
ICTTEN7230AScope project requirements and process solutions60
ICTTEN8194AInvestigate the application of cloud networks in telecommunications switching60
ICTTEN8196AEvaluate and apply digital signal processing to communications system60
ICTTEN8197AProduce engineering solutions using numerical computations and simulation60
ICTWOR2141AWork effectively in a telecommunications technology team20
ICTWOR3028AOrganise resources20
ICTWOR3035AOrganise material supply20
ICTWOR3041ASchedule resources30
ICTWOR3093AManage spare parts20
ICTWOR3127ASupervise worksite activities30
ICTWOR3231AResolve technical enquiries using multiple information systems40
ICTWOR3232ACollect and analyse technical information30
ICTWOR4032AUndertake a civil site survey20
ICTWOR4079ASchedule equipment maintenance40
FNSORG506APrepare financial forecasts and projections50
TLILIC2005ALicence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)30
ICAICT206AInstall software applications20
ICAICT302AInstall and optimise operating system software20
ICAICT303AConnect internal hardware components20
ICAICT304AImplement system software changes40
ICAICT306AMigrate to new technology20
ICAICT401ADetermine and confirm client business requirements40
ICAICT405ADevelop detailed technical design60
ICAICT508AEvaluate vendor products and equipment20
ICANWK305AInstall and manage network protocols40
ICANWK406AInstall, configure and test network security50
ICANWK410AInstall hardware to a network40
ICANWK411ADeploy software to networked computers40
ICANWK416ABuild security into virtual private networks20
ICANWK417ABuild an enterprise wireless network80
ICANWK502AImplement secure encryption technologies20
ICANWK503AInstall and maintain valid authentication processes25
ICANWK509ADesign and implement a security perimeter for ICT networks60
ICANWK516ADetermine best-fit topology for a local network20
ICANWK517ADetermine best-fit topology for a wide area network20
ICANWK518ADesign an enterprise wireless local area network30
ICANWK520ADesign IT system security controls30
ICASAS203AConnect hardware peripherals20
ICASAS301ARun standard diagnostic tests20
ICASAS303ACare for computer hardware20
ICASAS304AProvide basic system administration20
ICASAS305AProvide IT advice to clients40
ICASAS409AManage risks involving ICT systems and technology20
ICASAS505AReview and update disaster recovery and contingency plans30
BSBCUS402BAddress customer needs50
BSBCUS201BDeliver a service to customers40
BSBSMB405BMonitor and manage small business operations45
BSBWHS504AManage WHS hazards and risks50
BSBWHS501AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG521AManage project integration60
BSBPMG522AUndertake project work60
HLTAID003Provide first aid18
HLTAID001Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation4
ICTWHS2081AWork safely in a radio frequency electromagnetic radiation environment40
ICTCBL2137BInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Open Rule100
ICTBWN3205BUse optical and radio frequency measuring instruments40
ICTOHS2153BWork safely near power infrastructure30
ICTDRE3156BInstall digital reception equipment30
ICTBWN3090BInstall lead-in module and cable for fibre to the premises50
ICTCBL2136BInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Restricted Rule60
ICTCBL4023BSupervise cabling project40
ICTTEN3250BProvide infrastructure for telecommunications customer equipment60
ICTTEN3054BProvide infrastructure for telecommunications network equipment60
ICTTEN4001BIdentify requirements for customer telecommunications equipment40
ICTTEN2140BUse hand and power tools40
ICTRFN8181BAnalyse a satellite communications system60
ICTTEN4242AConduct site surveys to identify carrier installation requirements40
ICTCBL2138BInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Lift Rule40
ICTRFN6098BMonitor the capacity of and recommend changes to the cellular mobile network60
ICTCBL2006BPlace and secure customer cable45
ICTCBL3011BInstall and terminate coaxial cable20
ICTTEN4243APrepare design drawings and specifications for telecommunications installations50
ICTCBL4004BSchedule and supply cabling installation35
ICTTEN4229BDesign, install and configure a customer smart technology network50
ICTRFN7182BProduce a radio link budget50
ICTRFN2164BInstall a terrestrial antenna30
ICTPMG8149BEvaluate and use telecommunications management networks80
ICTCBL2065BSplice and terminate optical fibre cable for carriers and service providers40
ICTCBL4002BPrepare design drawings and specification for a cable installation50
ICTDRE3157BLocate and rectify digital reception equipment faults40
ICTDRE3249ADevelop integrated digital reception systems40
ICTCBL2139BApply safe technical work practices for cabling registration when configuring ADSL circuits40
ICTDRE3248ADesign communications wiring systems for customer premises40
ICTTEN8195BEvaluate and apply network security60
ICTTEN2219AInstall and test internet protocol devices in convergence networks50
ICTPMG7145BUndertake a telecommunications project50
ICTPMG4048BSchedule installation of customer premises equipment
ICTCMP2239BPerform restricted customer premises broadband cabling work: ACMA Restricted Rule20
ICTCBL2012BInstall functional and protective telecommunications earthing system30
ICTTEN3077BCommission an electronic unit50
ICTWHS2170BFollow work health and safety and environmental policies and procedures40
ICTTEN7193BPlan a transmission network60
ICTTEN4244AEstimate and quote for carrier telecommunications equipment installations30
ICTCBL2017BAlter services to existing cable system50
ICTCBL2005BInstall customer cable support systems50
ICTNPL4247AApply compliance requirements to telecommunications work70
ICTTEN4241ADesign network projects80
ICTBWN3100BWork safely with live fibre to test and commission a fibre to the x installation50
ICTCMP2022BOrganise and monitor cabling to ensure compliance with regulatory and industry standards40
ICTTEN7227BAnalyse business specifications to produce technical solutions60
ICTTEN2008AUse electrical skills in telecommunications work40
ICTPMG8143BManage a telecommunications project50
ICTCBL4057BTest cable bearers40
ICTCBL3009BInstall, terminate and certify structured cabling installation50
ICTRFN2163BInstall a satellite antenna30
ICTTEN4245ADesign infrastructure for telecommunications network installations50
ICTTEN4246ADesign dense wavelength division multiplexing installations60
ICTITU7106BManage automated ICT system applications using unix50
ICTOPN4115BInstall and test a dense wavelength division multiplexing system60
ICTTEN4003BEstimate and quote for customer telecommunications equipment installation30
ICTCBL3240BInstall ribbon fibre cable in the FTTX distribution network60
ICTCBL2008BTerminate metallic conductor customer cable30
ICTCBL3010BInstall and terminate optical fibre cable on customer premises30
ICTCBL2066BJoint and terminate coaxial cable30
ICTBWN3088BInstall optical fibre splitters in fibre distribution hubs40
ICTBWN3082BPerform tests on optical communication system and components40
ICTCBL2163AInstall a cable lead-in30
ICTRFN8180BAnalyse a cellular mobile network system70