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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

RII09 Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
LGACOM401AAdminister contracts60
LGACOM402AArrange contracts20
LGACOM410APrepare response to tenders20
LGACOM409APrepare tender documentation60
LGAWORK503AUndertake project investigation40
LGAWORK403AManage civil plant and resources60
LGAWORK502APrepare detailed works project documentation180
LGAWORK501APrepare preliminary design for operational works60
LGAWORK402APrepare for operational works60
LGAWORK401ADevelop works maintenance schedule60
SUGPOTB2AOperate a turbine
LGADMIN417AConduct community consultations40
PMLOHS301BWork safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation60
PMLORG301APlan and conduct laboratory/field work40
PMLTEST300BPerform basic tests60
PMLTEST307BPrepare trial batches for evaluation40
PMLTEST403BAssist with geotechnical site investigations80
FPIFGM3204AFall trees manually (intermediate)100
UEGNSG202AConstruct and lay distribution pipelines45
MEM09011BApply basic engineering design concepts60
MEM30001AUse computer aided drafting systems to produce basic engineering drawings40
MEM30002AProduce basic engineering graphics40
MEM30003AProduce detailed engineering drawings80
MEM30004AUse CAD to create and display 3D models40
UEPOPS316AOperate and Monitor Boiler Steam/Water Cycle40
HLTFA301BApply first aid18
HLTFA402BApply advanced first aid30
ICAU3126BUse advanced features of computer applications34
TLID1107CConduct specialised forklift operations40
CPPSIS3005ACollect basic spatial data60
CPPSIS3006AProvide field support services40
CPPSIS5002ACapture new spatial data100
CPPSIS5005AObtain and validate existing spatial data20
CPPSIS5006AIntegrate spatial datasets60
BSBCMN311BMaintain workplace safety40
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS401ACoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCUS501AManage quality customer service40
BSBFIA402AReport on financial activity30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFLM303CContribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBFLM305CSupport operational plan40
BSBFLM312BContribute to team effectiveness40
BSBHRM501AManage human resources services60
BSBHRM506AManage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBINM501AManage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBINM601AManage knowledge and information80
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBINN502ABuild and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBITU101AOperate a personal computer20
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBLED501ADevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBMGT401AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT403AImplement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT516AFacilitate continuous improvement60
BSBMGT605BProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMGT608BManage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBMGT617ADevelop and implement a business plan60
BSBOHS402BContribute to the implementation of the OHS consultation process40
BSBOHS407AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBOHS509AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBOHS607BAdvise on application of safe design principles to control OHS risk40
BSBPMG405AApply human resources management approaches40
BSBPMG408AApply contract and procurement procedures30
BSBPMG501AManage application of project integrative processes60
BSBPMG502AManage project scope40
BSBPMG503AManage project time40
BSBPMG504AManage project costs40
BSBPMG505AManage project quality40
BSBPMG506AManage project human resources40
BSBPMG507AManage project communications40
BSBPMG508AManage project risk40
BSBPMG509AManage project procurement40
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBPMG601ADirect the integration of projects70
BSBPMG602ADirect the scope of a project program50
BSBPMG603ADirect time management of a project program40
BSBPMG604ADirect cost management of a project program50
BSBPMG605ADirect quality management of a project program50
BSBPMG606ADirect human resources management of a project program40
BSBPMG607ADirect communications management of a project program40
BSBPMG608ADirect risk management of a project program50
BSBPMG609ADirect procurement and contracting for a project program50
BSBPUR301BPurchase goods and services60
BSBRKG304BMaintain business records30
BSBRKG403BSet up a business or records system for a small business40
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB405AMonitor and manage small business operations45
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBWOR203AWork effectively with others15
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR501AManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBWOR502AEnsure team effectiveness60
BSBWRK509AManage industrial relations80
MSAPMSUP101AClean workplace or equipment20
MSAPMSUP172AIdentify and minimise environmental hazards20
NWP331BInspect conduit and report on condition and features40
NWP440ASupervise conduit inspection and reporting40
TAAASS401CPlan and organise assessment10
PMAOHS211BPrepare equipment for emergency response20
PMAOMIR444BDevelop incident containment tactics40
PMAOPS202BOperate fluid mixing equipment20
PMAOPS205BOperate heat exchangers40
PMAOPS206BOperate separation equipment15
PMAOPS207BOperate powered separation equipment15
PMAOPS208BOperate chemical separation equipment30
PMAOPS223BOperate and monitor valve systems20
PMAOPS230BMonitor, operate and maintain pipeline stations and equipment40
PMAOPS307BTransfer bulk fluids into/out of storage facility40
PMAOPS330BCommunicate and monitor pipeline activities40
PMAOPS335AConduct pipeline pigging20
PMAOPS411BManage plant shutdown and restart40
PMASUP236BOperate vehicles in the field20
PMASUP441CDecommission plant20
MSAPMPER200BWork in accordance with an issued permit20
PUAAMS007BCoordinate search and rescue operations70
PUAFIR201BPrevent injury90
PUAFIR207BOperate breathing apparatus open circuit60
PUAFIR306BRender hazardous materials incidents safe40
PUAFIR307BMonitor hazardous atmospheres24
PUAFIR308BEmploy personal protection at a hazardous materials incident8
PUATEA001BWork in a team20
CPCCCM2007AUse explosive power tools16
CPCCLDG3001ALicence to perform dogging80
CPCCLRG3001ALicence to perform rigging basic level196
CPCCLSF2001ALicence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level40
CPCCSF2004APlace and fix reinforcement materials80
RIIBEF202AIdentify and rectify site operating problems40
RIIBEF301ARun on-site operations40
RIIBEF302AMonitor site production activities20
RIIBEF401AManage non-routine, complex technical situations80
RIIBEF402ASupervise on-site operations50
RIIBEF601AConduct business negotiations100
RIIBEF602AEstablish and evaluate operational performance management systems120
RIIBEF603AManage decision making process120
RIIBEF604AConduct feasibility study100
RIIBEF605AResource site plans and objectives120
RIIBHD301AConduct surface blast hole drilling operations60
RIIBHD302AConduct underground development drilling28
RIIBHD303AConduct long hole drilling28
RIIBHD401ASupervise blast hole drilling operations40
RIIBHD501AManage blast hole drilling operations50
RIIBLA201ASupport shotfiring operations30
RIIBLA204AStore, handle and transport explosives in underground coal mines30
RIIBLA205AStore, handle and transport explosives20
RIIBLA301AConduct surface shotfiring operations50
RIIBLA302AConduct shotfiring operations in underground coal mines60
RIIBLA303AConduct underground development shotfiring50
RIIBLA304AConduct underground production shotfiring50
RIIBLA305AConduct secondary blasting35
RIIBLA306AConduct accretion firing30
RIIBLA307AConduct blast survey20
RIIBLA401AManage blasting operations40
RIIBLA402AMonitor and control the effects of blasting on the environment40
RIIBLA601ADesign surface blasts40
RIIBLA602AEstablish and maintain a blasting system120
RIICAR301ARehabilitate exploration site40
RIICAR302ARehabilitate small mine site40
RIICAR401ASupervise rehabilitation operations40
RIICBM201AStrip pile heads20
RIICBM301AMaintain concrete bridges80
RIICBM302AInstall pre-cast girders80
RIICBM303AInstall pre-cast parapets80
RIICBM304AOperate a bridge inspection unit80
RIICBM305AInstall pre-cast concrete bridge decks80
RIICBM306AUndertake concreting work on concrete bridges80
RIICBM307AConstruct formwork and false work on concrete bridges120
RIICBS201AConduct tack coat spraying operations20
RIICBS202AHand spread asphalt18
RIICBS203ASafely handle bituminous materials18
RIICBS204AConduct aggregate spreader box operations18
RIICBS205ARoll aggregate in sprayed sealing operations26
RIICBS206AConduct pavement sweeping operations18
RIICBS207ATake samples of materials used in road surfacing10
RIICBS208AConduct road maintenance operations36
RIICBS301AConduct profile planer operations80
RIICBS302AConduct paver screeding operations58
RIICBS303AConduct materials transfer vehicle operations56
RIICBS304ACompact asphalt with rollers44
RIICBS305AConduct asphalt paver operations52
RIICBS306AConduct slurry sealing operations80
RIICBS307AConduct bitumen sprayer operations100
RIICBS308ALoad aggregate using a purpose built loader20
RIICBS309AConduct self-propelled aggregate spreader operations30
RIICBS310AConduct patching operations60
RIICBS311AProduce asphalt products100
RIICBS312AConduct bitumen tanker operations64
RIICBS405AApply the principles for the application of slurry surfacing40
RIICBS406AApply the principles of pavement profiling using a profiler30
RIICBS407AApply the principles for the manufacture and delivery of hot mix asphalt40
RIICBS408AApply the principles for the manufacture of cold mix40
RIICBS409AApply the principles for the manufacture of polymer modified binder40
RIICBS410AApply the principles for the manufacture of bituminous emulsion40
RIICBS411AApply the principles for the manufacture of slurry surfacing40
RIICCM201ACarry out measurements and calculations20
RIICCM202AIdentify, locate and protect underground services30
RIICCM203ARead and interpret plans and specifications40
RIICCM204APlace and fix reinforcement materials40
RIICCM205ACarry out manual excavation8
RIICCM206ASupport plant operations8
RIICCM207ASpread and compact materials manually12
RIICCM208ACarry out basic levelling8
RIICCM209ACarry out concrete work40
RIICCM210AInstall trench support16
RIICCM211AErect and dismantle temporary fencing and gates40
RIICCM301AConstruct and dismantle fences and gates40
RIICCR401ADevelop and maintain positive community relations30
RIICCR501AConduct sales in construction materials operations80
RIICCR601AManage customer relationships60
RIICFW301AConstruct underpinning60
RIICFW302AInstall temporary and permanent rock anchors24
RIICFW303AInstall primary ground support24
RIICFW304AConduct pile driving operations40
RIICFW305AConduct cast in-situ pilings operations40
RIICFW306ADirect pile driving operations40
RIICFW307ADirect cast in-situ piling operations40
RIICOM201ACommunicate in the workplace20
RIICPL301AInstall water mains pipelines40
RIICPL302AInstall stormwater systems40
RIICPL303AInstall sewer pipelines40
RIICPL304AInstall pre-cast gully pits40
RIICPL305AInstall pre-cast access chambers40
RIICPL401AApply the principles for the installation of underground service using open excavation60
RIICRC201ARepair potholes36
RIICRC202AInstall signs16
RIICRC203AInstall sub-soil drainage20
RIICRC204AInstall and maintain roadside fixtures30
RIICRC205AInstall utility poles40
RIICRC206AInstall pre-cast concrete crash barriers40
RIICRC207AInstall noise barriers40
RIICRC208ALay pipes40
RIICRC209ALay reinforced concrete box culverts40
RIICRC301AMaintain drainage systems16
RIICRC302APlace and form concrete kerb, channel and fixtures36
RIICRC303ALay pavers24
RIICRC304AMaintain sealed roads32
RIICRC305AConduct road construction paver screeding operations58
RIICRC306AConduct earthworks80
RIICRC307AConduct road pavement construction24
RIICRC308AConduct paver operations80
RIICRC309AConduct stabiliser operations80
RIICRC310AConstruct and maintain roads60
RIICRC401AApply the principles of flexible pavement construction50
RIICRC402AApply the principles of rigid pavement construction50
RIICRC403AApply the principles of the stabilisation of materials50
RIICRC404AInspect and report on pavement condition40
RIICRC405ACarry out pavement condition measurement50
RIICRM201AEscort mobile road marking operations24
RIICRM202AHandle and store road marking materials8
RIICRM203AConduct pedestrian road marking operations24
RIICRM204APrepare surface for road marking16
RIICRM205AConduct road marking measuring operations16
RIICRM206AConduct airless and atomised spraying operations20
RIICRM207AInstall raised pavement markers16
RIICRM301AConduct ride on road marking operations16
RIICRM302AConduct long line road marking operations40
RIICRM303AConduct thermo plastic road marking operations30
RIICSG401AApply the principles of civil concrete structures construction100
RIICSG402AApply the principles of civil steel structures construction100
RIICSG403AApply the principles of civil timber structures construction100
RIICSG404AApply the principles of civil masonry, crib and gabion structure construction100
RIICSG405ACarry out inspections of civil structures100
RIICSG406AApply principles of maintenance of civil structures100
RIICTB201AMaintain timber bridges64
RIICTB202AApply bridge durability treatment40
RIICTB203AProduce drawings and sketches24
RIICTB301AUndertake visual inspection64
RIICTB302AInstall temporary support members40
RIICTB303AErect a temporary modular support system (bailey) on an existing bridge48
RIICTB304AInstall or replace sub-structure members48
RIICTB305AInstall or replace super-structure members48
RIICTB306ASplice and connect timber members40
RIICTB307AAssemble a temporary modular bridge48
RIICTB308AInstall or replace truss members40
RIICTB309AConstruct, maintain and remove coffer dams60
RIICTB310AConstruct specialised timber deck systems64
RIICTC301AInstall tunnelling constructions services80
RIICTC302ALine tunnel80
RIICTC303AExcavate tunnel by machine32
RIICTC304AMuck out tunnel earthworks16
RIICTC305AConstruct portals24
RIICTC401AApply the principles of tunnel construction100
RIICTT301AConduct fluid assisted directional boring80
RIICTT302AConduct impact moling, ramming and augering80
RIICTT303AControl micro tunnelling and pipe-jacking80
RIICTT304AUndertake on-line replacement for existing pipeline systems80
RIICTT305AUndertake localised repair and sealing of existing pipeline systems80
RIICTT306AInstall cure in-place linings for existing pipeline systems80
RIICTT307ASpray linings for existing pipeline systems80
RIICTT308AInstall close-fit linings for existing pipeline systems80
RIICTT309AInstall slip lining in existing pipeline systems80
RIICTT310ARenovate large diameter pipes and chambers80
RIICTT401AApply the principles for the installation of underground services using trenchless technology60
RIICTT402AApply the principles for the repair and rehabilitation of underground services using trenchless technology60
RIICWD501APrepare detailed design of foundations100
RIICWD502APrepare detailed design of lighting100
RIICWD503APrepare work zone traffic management plan50
RIICWD504APrepare detailed design of environmental controls100
RIICWD505APrepare detailed design of landscaping100
RIICWD506APrepare detailed design of canals100
RIICWD507APrepare detailed geotechnical design100
RIICWD508APrepare detailed design of rural roads100
RIICWD509APrepare detailed design of urban roads100
RIICWD510APrepare detailed design of busways100
RIICWD511APrepare detailed design of sub-divisions100
RIICWD512APrepare detailed design of motorways and interchanges100
RIICWD513APrepare detailed design of rail civil infrastructure100
RIICWD514APrepare detailed design of dams100
RIICWD515APrepare detailed design of airfield civil works100
RIICWD516APrepare detailed design of bicycle ways50
RIICWD517APrepare detailed design of industrial hardstands100
RIICWD518APrepare detailed design of open car parks50
RIICWD519APrepare detailed design of inter modal facilities civil works100
RIICWD520APrepare detailed design of rigid pavements100
RIICWD521APrepare detailed design of flexible pavements100
RIICWD522APrepare stabilised material mix design100
RIICWD523APrepare asphalt mix design60
RIICWD526APrepare detailed traffic analysis100
RIICWD527APrepare detailed design of traffic signals100
RIICWD528APrepare detailed design of traffic management systems100
RIICWD529APrepare detailed design of underground services100
RIICWD530APrepare detailed design of surface drainage100
RIICWD531APrepare detailed design of subsurface drainage100
RIICWD532APrepare detailed design of tunnels100
RIICWD533APrepare detailed design of civil concrete structures100
RIICWD534APrepare detailed design of civil steel structures100
RIICWD535APrepare detailed design of civil timber structures100
RIICWD536APrepare detailed design of civil masonry, crib and gabion structures100
RIICWD537APrepare detailed design of marine structures civil works120
RIICWD601AManage the civil works design process300
RIICWM402ASupervise civil works contractors100
RIICWM501AImplement civil construction plan120
RIICWM502AImplement civil works maintenance program120
RIICWM503APrepare civil works cost estimate100
RIICWM504APrepare civil works bill of quantities100
RIICWM505APrepare civil works schedule of rates100
RIICWM601AEstablish civil constructions plans300
RIICWM602AEstablish civil works maintenance programs300
RIIDML401AApply the principles of demolitions100
RIIEGS201AOperate in isolated and remote situations40
RIIEGS301AOperate and maintain instruments and field equipment40
RIIEGS302APlan and undertake field trip40
RIIEGS303AProvide geological field assistance40
RIIEGS304AMobilise equipment and materials40
RIIEGS306APrepare drill site40
RIIENV201AIdentify and assess environmental and heritage concerns20
RIIENV202ASuppress airborne contaminants30
RIIENV301AConduct atmospheric monitoring40
RIIENV401ASupervise dust and noise control40
RIIENV402AImplement and monitor environmental policies40
RIIENV501AImplement and maintain environmental management plan120
RIIENV502AUndertake process or project environmental impact assessment120
RIIENV601AEstablish and maintain the environmental management system100
RIIERR201AConduct fire team operations40
RIIERR202AContribute to the control of emergencies and critical situations30
RIIERR204AProvide aided rescue to endangered personnel40
RIIERR205AApply initial response First Aid20
RIIERR301ARespond to mine incident20
RIIERR302ARespond to local emergencies and incidents20
RIIERR303AOperate in self-contained regenerative oxygen breathing apparatus20
RIIERR304AControl emergencies and critical situations30
RIIERR305AControl underground fires30
RIIERR306AConduct underground search20
RIIERR307AExtricate casualties from underground incident30
RIIERR308AExtricate and transport people involved in incidents40
RIIERR309AEstablish and operate from fresh air base20
RIIERR310AProvide support for rescue operations20
RIIERR311AAssess and implement life support systems and stabilise casualties40
RIIERR402AApply and monitor underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems60
RIIERR403ALead rescue team40
RIIERR404AApply and monitor underground metalliferous mine emergency preparedness and response systems60
RIIERR501AImplement underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems60
RIIERR503AImplement emergency preparedness and response systems70
RIIERR504AManage major incidents and emergencies120
RIIERR601AEstablish and maintain mine emergency preparedness and response systems120
RIIERR602AEstablish and maintain underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems80
RIIGOV201AComply with site work processes/procedures20
RIIGOV501AIdentify, implement and maintain legal compliance requirements80
RIIGOV601AEstablish, maintain and develop a statutory compliance management system120
RIIHAN201AOperate a forklift40
RIIHAN202AHandle and store cargo20
RIIHAN203AConduct lifting operations40
RIIHAN204ALoad and unload cargo/goods20
RIIHAN205ASecure cargo12
RIIHAN206ATransport plant, equipment and personnel30
RIIHAN207AOperate personnel and materials hoists30
RIIHAN208APerform dogging80
RIIHAN209APerform basic rigging40
RIIHAN210APerform intermediate rigging operations40
RIIHAN211AConduct basic scaffolding operations56
RIIHAN212AConduct non-slewing crane operations40
RIIHAN213AWork effectively in the drilling industry50
RIIHAN302AConduct intermediate scaffolding operations40
RIIHAN304AConduct slewing crane operations80
RIIHAN305AOperate a gantry or overhead crane40
RIIHAN306ACarry out lifting using multiple cranes40
RIIHAN307AOperate a vehicle loading crane40
RIIHAN308ALoad and unload plant20
RIIHAN309AConduct telescopic materials handler operations80
RIIHAN310AConduct crane operations underground40
RIIHAN401AOrganise and monitor wharf/terminal operations24
RIIHAN402AProcess movement of containers and cargo28
RIIIMG301AMaintain site records10
RIILAT601AManage group processes120
RIIMCO201AConduct spreader operations60
RIIMCO202AConduct mobile slew conveyor operations40
RIIMCO301AConduct control centre operations60
RIIMCO302AConduct surface miner operations60
RIIMCO303AConduct auger miner operations80
RIIMCP202AConduct rail dispatch operations40
RIIMCU201AOperate power tram40
RIIMCU202AConduct tracked vehicle/plant operations40
RIIMCU203AConduct wheeled vehicle operations (non-articulated)40
RIIMCU204AConduct wheeled vehicle operations (articulated)40
RIIMCU205AConduct rotational drilling40
RIIMCU206AInstall, maintain and recover gas drainage systems40
RIIMCU207AInstall, maintain and recover electrical services20
RIIMCU208AConduct basic strata control operations40
RIIMCU209AConduct roadway maintenance20
RIIMCU210AConduct stonedusting operations20
RIIMCU211AInstall and maintain explosion barriers20
RIIMCU212AConstruct and maintain basic ventilation devices20
RIIMCU213AConduct feeder breaker operations40
RIIMCU214AConduct face ventilation operations40
RIIMCU215AOperate longwall ancillary equipment40
RIIMCU216AMaintain lamp cabin operations40
RIIMCU301AConduct specialised strata control operations40
RIIMCU302AConstruct and maintain ventilation devices40
RIIMCU303AConduct continuous miner operations120
RIIMCU304AConduct shuttle car operations40
RIIMCU305AConduct outburst mining operations40
RIIMCU306AConduct shearer operations40
RIIMCU307AConduct longwall face equipment operations120
RIIMCU308AInstall and recover longwall equipment40
RIIMCU309AOperate breaker line supports40
RIIMCU310AConduct flexible conveyor train (FCT) operations40
RIIMCU311AMonitor control processes40
RIIMCU401AConduct special roadway operations60
RIIMCU402AApply spontaneous combustion management measures40
RIIMCU403AApply and monitor the gas management plan60
RIIMCU404AApply and monitor the gas drainage management plan60
RIIMCU405AApply and monitor the outburst management plan60
RIIMCU406AApply and monitor the inrush management plan70
RIIMCU407AApply and monitor the strata management plan60
RIIMCU408AApply the spontaneous combustion management plan60
RIIMCU501AImplement the spontaneous combustion management plan60
RIIMCU502AImplement the gas management plan60
RIIMCU503AImplement the gas drainage management plan60
RIIMCU504AImplement the outburst management plan60
RIIMCU505AImplement the inrush management plan80
RIIMCU506AImplement strata management plan60
RIIMCU601AEstablish and maintain the spontaneous combustion management plan80
RIIMCU602AEstablish and maintain the gas management system80
RIIMCU603AEstablish and maintain the gas drainage management plan80
RIIMCU604AEstablish and maintain the outburst management plan80
RIIMCU605AEstablish and maintain the inrush management plan100
RIIMCU606AEstablish and maintain the mining method and strata management systems80
RIIMEX201ASuppress dust in open-cut environment30
RIIMEX202AInstall open-cut mine ground support25
RIIMEX204AConduct workboat/barge operations30
RIIMEX301AConduct Dredging Operations40
RIIMEX401AApply pit plan190
RIIMEX402ASupervise dredging operations40
RIIMEX403AApply the principles of canal construction100
RIIMEX405AApply and monitor systems and methods of surface coal mining80
RIIMEX406AApply and monitor mine transport system and production equipment60
RIIMEX501AImplement pit plan90
RIIMEX502AImplement systems and methods of mining70
RIIMEX503AManage dredging operations60
RIIMEX601APlan pit development120
RIIMEX602AEstablish and maintain surface mining ground control and slope stability systems120
RIIMEX603AEstablish and maintain underground mining ground control and stable mining systems120
RIIMEX604AEstablish and maintain surface product haulage and transport systems120
RIIMEX605AEstablish, implement and maintain operational management plans120
RIIMPG201AConnect and disconnect refer units20
RIIMPG301AControl and monitor automated plant/machinery40
RIIMPO201AOperate roller/compactor underground24
RIIMPO202AUndertake towing underground20
RIIMPO203ASupport bucket wheel system operations60
RIIMPO204AConduct conveyor shifting dozer operations40
RIIMPO208AOperate support equipment60
RIIMPO210AConduct underground truck operations24
RIIMPO303AConduct rope shovel operations50
RIIMPO306AOperate plant/machinery on live stockpiles24
RIIMPO309AConduct wheeled dozer operations40
RIIMPO311AConduct haul truck operations40
RIIMPO312AConduct scraper operations40
RIIMPO314AOperate small open cut mine equipment30
RIIMPO315AConduct tractor operations60
RIIMPO316AConduct self propelled compactor operations40
RIIMPO317AConduct roller operations80
RIIMPO319AConduct backhoe/loader operations200
RIIMPO322AConduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations80
RIIMPO323AConduct civil construction dozer operations240
RIIMPO324AConduct civil construction grader operations240
RIIMPO325AConduct civil construction scraper operations160
RIIMPO326AConduct civil construction water cart operations40
RIIMPO327AConduct pipe layer operations80
RIIMPO328AConduct continuous bucket trencher operations40
RIIMPO329AConduct dragline operations120
RIIMPO330AConduct bucket-wheel operations80
RIIMPO401ASupervise mobile plant operations40
RIIMPO402AApply the principles of earthworks construction100
RIIMPO403AMonitor interaction of heavy and light vehicles and mining equipment60
RIIMPO501AImplement, monitor, rectify and report on mobile plant and equipment systems80
RIIMPO502AManage the interaction of heavy and light vehicles and mining equipment100
RIIMPO503AManage laser levelling of operating plant80
RIIMSM301AEstablish a mining claim30
RIIMSM302APlan small mine operations40
RIIMSM303AInstall underground shaft40
RIIMSM304AInspect small mines operations30
RIIMSM305AConduct materials extraction operations underground40
RIIMSM306ADesign and maintain pillar system and ground control40
RIIMSM307AInstall and maintain ventilation systems and equipment40
RIINHB202ASet up/pack up drill site40
RIINHB203ASupport drilling process60
RIINHB205AAssist continuous flight auger drilling40
RIINHB206AAssist large diameter auger drilling40
RIINHB209AAssist guided boring40
RIINHB211AAssist mud rotary drilling40
RIINHB213AAssist cable tool drilling40
RIINHB216AAssist underground in-seam directional drilling40
RIINHB217AAssist horizontal direction drilling40
RIINHB218AAssist grouting or cementing operations40
RIINHB301ASet up and prepare for drilling operations65
RIINHB302AConduct reaming65
RIINHB303AInstall product pipe40
RIINHB305AConduct continuous flight auger drilling65
RIINHB306AConduct large diameter auger drilling65
RIINHB308AConduct wireline core drilling65
RIINHB309AConduct guided boring65
RIINHB310AConduct surface directional drilling65
RIINHB311AConduct mud rotary drilling65
RIINHB312AConduct raise boring65
RIINHB313AConduct cable tool drilling65
RIINHB315AConduct top-hole hammer drilling65
RIINHB316AConduct underground in-seam directional drilling40
RIINHB317AInstall underground in-seam directional drilling standpipes40
RIINHB318AInstall and operate water and gas control equipment40
RIINHB319AInstall de-watering conduit and gas drainage equipment40
RIINHB320AConstruct monitoring bores65
RIINHB322AConstruct multiple aquifer production bores65
RIINHB323AConduct horizontal directional drilling65
RIINHB401APlan and supervise the mobilisation of equipment, crew and materials50
RIINHB402ASupervise mineral exploration drilling operations50
RIINHB403ASupervise geotechnical drilling operations50
RIINHB404ASupervise seismic drilling operations50
RIINHB405ASupervise water well drilling operations50
RIINHB406ASupervise foundation drilling operations50
RIINHB407ASupervise horizontal directional drilling operations50
RIINHB408ASupervise environmental drilling operations50
RIINHB409ASupervise mineral production and development drilling operations50
RIINHB410ASupervise surface directional drilling operations50
RIINHB411AConstruct artesian (flowing) aquifer production bores65
RIINHB413ASupervise underground in-seam directional drilling operations65
RIINHB501APlan drilling60
RIIOGD201AAssist in maintaining rig safety and emergency procedures40
RIIOGD202ACarry out equipment and basic rig maintenance40
RIIOGD203APrepare and operate drilling fluid systems30
RIIOGD204APerform rig floor operations50
RIIOGD205ASupport blow out prevention operations20
RIIOGD206AAssist with coal seam gas control20
RIIOGD209AOperate and maintain ancillary equipment40
RIIOGD301AConduct and maintain derrick operations50
RIIOGD302ATrip casing30
RIIOGD303ATrip pipe30
RIIOGD304AApply effective coal seam gas control practices40
RIIOGD305AApply blow out prevention operational procedures40
RIIOGD401ARig up, conduct pre-spud operations and rig down30
RIIOGD402AParticipate in nippling-up and pressure test30
RIIOGD403AConduct drilling operations30
RIIOGD404ACoordinate air drilling operations30
RIIOGD405ACarry out well control and blow out prevention65
RIIOGD406AShut down rig30
RIIOGD501AManage rig operations40
RIIOGD502APlan and evaluate rig operations40
RIIOGD503AOversee drilling operations80
RIIOGD504AManage drilling operations80
RIIOGD505AManage drilling induction and orientation50
RIIOGD506AManage rig move and camp move50
RIIOGD507AManage and monitor rig-up and rig-up to spud operations50
RIIOGD508AManage well completion and abandonment50
RIIOGD601AManage multiple drilling operations80
RIIOGF201ACarry out deck operations20
RIIOGF202AAssist in the transfer of passengers and freight during helicopter operations20
RIIOGF203AContribute to the control of offshore emergencies20
RIIOGF301AMonitor, operate and maintain mud pits and equipment30
RIIOGF302AOperate drilling fluids and mud pits40
RIIOGN201ACarry out rig lease operations30
RIIOGN302AOperate mud pumps20
RIIOGN303AOperate mud systems40
RIIOHS201AWork safely and follow OHS policies and procedures20
RIIOHS202AEnter and work in confined spaces30
RIIOHS203AMaintain amenities20
RIIOHS204AWork safely at heights20
RIIOHS205AControl traffic with stop-slow bat20
RIIOHS301AConduct safety and health investigations30
RIIOHS302AImplement traffic management plan20
RIIOHS401ASupervise work in confined spaces60
RIIOHS402AExamine and maintain mine safety50
RIIOHS403AApply the mine occupational health and safety management plan80
RIIOHS404AImplement and monitor health and hygiene management systems50
RIIOHS405AMaintain standard procedures and safe working practices20
RIIOHS601AEstablish and maintain the OHS management system120
RIIOHS602AIncorporate health and hygiene factors into mine management60
RIIPBE201AConduct aeration process28
RIIPBE202AConduct digestion process32
RIIPBE203AConduct precipitation operations32
RIIPBE204AConduct reduction process32
RIIPBE301AConduct calcinations activities26
RIIPBE302AConduct bacterial oxidation32
RIIPBE305AConduct high tension separation28
RIIPBE306AConduct leaching process32
RIIPBE307AConduct pressure oxidation32
RIIPBP202AConduct air cleaning activities32
RIIPBP301AProcess lime products32
RIIPEO202AProvide deck support for conveyor-car high wall mining operations40
RIIPEO204AConduct shore side mooring operations30
RIIPEO205AConduct ship loading operations30
RIIPEO206ALay and recover cables and hoses20
RIIPEO207ACoordinate conveyor system shift20
RIIPEO208AExtend, retract and maintain conveyor componentry20
RIIPEO301AConduct conveyor-car high wall mining operations40
RIIPGP201AConduct pump operations16
RIIPGP202AHandle reagents28
RIIPGP203AOperate compressors24
RIIPGP204ACarry out bore-field operations30
RIIPGP205AHandle, store and use cyanide30
RIIPGP301AConduct drying activities26
RIIPGP302AMonitor and operate auxiliary plant and equipment40
RIIPHA201AOperate raw material feed systems20
RIIPHA301AConduct milling/grinding32
RIIPHA302AOperate and monitor filter processes24
RIIPHA303AOperate agglomeration circuit32
RIIPRE201AConduct solvent extraction36
RIIPRE202APrepare and carry out electrolytic cleaning process26
RIIPRE203APrepare for sintering activities14
RIIPRE204ASinter materials14
RIIPRE301AConduct electrowinning/electrorefining operations36
RIIPRE302AConduct elution processes32
RIIPRE303AConduct gold room operations40
RIIPRE304AMonitor casting quality24
RIIPRM501AImplement, monitor, rectify and report on contracts80
RIIPRO201AConduct crushing operations30
RIIPRO202AConduct screening and conveying operations30
RIIPRO203AOperate programmable logic control systems30
RIIPRO204ABulk package and store product20
RIIPRO205AConduct blending plant operations30
RIIPRO302APerform process control room operations50
RIIPRO303AConduct sand wash plant operations30
RIIPRO401ASupervise processing operations60
RIIPRO402ASupervise recycled materials operations40
RIIPRO501AImplement site processing plant operations40
RIIPRO502ADevelop, implement and maintain process control systems40
RIIPRO601ADesign processing plant150
RIIPSM201ATap furnaces24
RIIPSM202APrepare for pelletising activities14
RIIPSM203AProduce pellets14
RIIPSM301ACast a blast furnace34
RIIPSM302ACast ingots20
RIIPSM303AOperate a blast furnace52
RIIPSM304AOperate furnaces32
RIIPSM305AOperate converters32
RIIPSM306ASupply molten metal and additives to furnaces28
RIIPSM307AControl molten metal in holding furnace/vessel32
RIIPSM308AMonitor and maintain furnace gas efficiency32
RIIPSM309AMonitor and maintain flue gas efficiency32
RIIQUA201AMaintain and monitor site quality standards20
RIIQUA401AApply a quality management system on site60
RIIQUA501AImplement, monitor and develop quality management plans100
RIIQUA601AEstablish and maintain a quality system100
RIIRAI401AApply and monitor mine services and infrastructure systems60
RIIRAI402AApply and monitor site plant and resource management plan60
RIIRAI502AImplement site plant and resource management plan70
RIIRAI504ASelect and install surface plant and equipment70
RIIRAI505AImplement the surface mine mechanical plant management plan100
RIIRAI506AImplement, monitor, rectify and report on inventory control system80
RIIRAI507AImplement the underground coal mine mechanical plant management plan80
RIIRAI508AImplement mine services systems80
RIIRAI509AImplement mine fixed plant and infrastructure systems80
RIIRAI510AImplement, monitor, rectify and report on interfaces between electrical and mechanical componentry80
RIIRAI601AEstablish and maintain the site infrastructure and fixed plant systems120
RIIRAI602AEstablish and maintain mine mechanical plant, services and infrastructure systems120
RIIRAI603AEstablish and maintain mine transport systems and production equipment80
RIIRAI604AEstablish and maintain mine services and infrastructure systems80
RIIRAI605AEstablish and maintain an underground mine mechanical plant management system100
RIIRAI606AEstablish and maintain mine closure management systems120
RIIRAI607AEstablish quarry operations100
RIIRAI608AEstablish quarry development180
RIIRAI609AEstablish and maintain electrical installations, reticulation and protection system120
RIIRAI610AEstablish and maintain mechanical standard and engineering practices for transport and production equipment120
RIIRAI611AEstablish and maintain a surface mine mechanical plant management system100
RIIRAI612AEstablish and maintain underground product haulage and transport systems120
RIIRIS401AApply site risk management system40
RIIRIS402ACarry out the risk management processes60
RIIRIS501AImplement and maintain management system to control risk80
RIIRIS601AEstablish and maintain the risk management system100
RIISAM201AHandle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of non toxic materials16
RIISAM202AIsolate and access plant30
RIISAM205ACut, weld and bend materials40
RIISAM207AApply operational maintenance skills40
RIISAM208APerform plant operational maintenance50
RIISAM209ACarry out operational maintenance40
RIISAM210ARemove and fit wheel assemblies40
RIISAM212AService mine plant and equipment40
RIISAM213APosition and set up mobile lighting10
RIISAM214AProvide support to electrical tradesperson40
RIISAM215ACarry out drilling industry operational maintenance40
RIISAM301ATest operational functions of vehicles and equipment30
RIISAM302AService and handover plant and machines30
RIISAM303AShut down dredge for operator maintenance40
RIISAM304AInstall, commission and maintain major conveyor equipment and systems80
RIISAM305ARepair and splice conveyor belting40
RIISAM306AService and maintain conveyors, feeders and hoppers40
RIISAM307AService and maintain crushers40
RIISAM308AService and maintain screens40
RIISAM309AService and maintain pumps40
RIISAM310AInstall and commission plant, machinery and services40
RIISAM311AMaintain winder equipment40
RIISAM312AInspect and maintain shafts and structures24
RIISAM313AMonitor, inspect and service ropes and attachments32
RIISAM314AManage oil and gas drilling equipment maintenance40
RIISAM401AApply site plant, equipment and infrastructure maintenance management plan40
RIISAM402ASupervise operation of electrical equipment and installations40
RIISAM403ACommission/recommission plant66
RIISAM501AImplement and maintain the site plant, equipment and infrastructure maintenance plan60
RIISAM601AEstablish and maintain plant, equipment and infrastructure maintenance system120
RIISAM602AEstablish and maintain maintenance management system for mechanical plant and equipment120
RIISDM501AConduct mine surveying operations80
RIISRM401AApply and monitor the site stockpile management plan60
RIISRM501AImplement the stockpile management plan60
RIISRM502ADesign stockpile formations and reclaiming systems40
RIISRM601AEstablish and maintain the stockpile management system120
RIISTD201ARead and interpret maps40
RIISTD202ACollect routine site samples40
RIISTD301ATake environmental samples and measurements120
RIISTD302AProcess data and maintain accurate records40
RIIUMM201AInstall ground support30
RIIUMM202AInstall and maintain vent24
RIIUMM203APrepare and perform manual scaling operations14
RIIUMM301AConduct wet filling activities16
RIIUMM302AInstall sets32
RIIUMM303AConduct hand held mining40
RIIUMM304AConstruct and maintain underground roads40
RIIUMM305AInstall and remove a secondary fan16
RIIUMM306AConduct mechanical scaling22
RIIUMM307AMaintain underground stockpiles24
RIIUND201AInstall, maintain and recover reticulation systems24
RIIUND202AOperate from elevated work platform underground30
RIIUND204ARefuel vehicles/machines underground32
RIIUND205ARespond to a workforce incident32
RIIUND206AInstall hand held underground ground support20
RIIUND207AConduct underground lifting operations40
RIIUND208AConduct skip operations24
RIIUND209AOperate automated winder24
RIIUND301AOperate manual winder32
RIIUND302AConduct cage operations32
RIIUND303AOperate winder for shaft sinking32
RIIUND304ARecover equipment30
RIIUND305ARecover underground equipment40
RIIUND306AConduct line of sight remote operations28
RIIUND307AConduct tele-remote operations28
RIIUND308AConduct control room operations40
RIIUND309AConduct mechanical underground ground support drilling and installation40
RIIUND501AImplement the ventilation management plan70
RIIUND601AEstablish and maintain the ventilation management system120
RIIUND602AEstablish and maintain mine services systems120
RIIUND603AManage, operate and maintain the mine ventilation system60
RIIVEH202AOperate a medium vehicle30
RIIVEH301AConduct rail haulage operations40
RIIVEH302AOperate multi-combination vehicle40
RIIVEH303ADrive heavy combination vehicle40
RIIVEH305AOperate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle40
RIIVEH306AOperate mine service vehicle20
RIIWBP201ATreat and dispose of rejects and tailings30
RIIWBP202ADistribute tailings16
RIIWBP401AApply and monitor site waste and by-products management plan60
RIIWBP501AImplement site waste and by-product management plan70
RIIWBP502APlan and monitor recycled material operations40
RIIWBP601AEstablish and maintain waste and by-product management system120
RIIWMG201AConduct dewatering activities in surface operations30
RIIWMG202AConduct dewatering operations in underground mining operations30
RIIWMG203ADrain and dewater civil construction site20
RIIWMG301AControl construction site water table24
RIIWMG401AApply and monitor the site water management plan60
RIIWMG402AMonitor and coordinate waste and process water treatment40
RIIWMG501AImplement the site water management plan70
RIIWMG601AEstablish and maintain water management system120
FPICOT2221BTrim and cross cut felled trees40
MSL913002APlan and conduct laboratory/field work40
MSL916003ASupervise laboratory operations in work/functional area60
MSL924001AProcess and interpret data70
MSL925001AAnalyse data and report results80
MSL943001AWork safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation60
MSL953001AReceive and prepare samples for testing30
MSL973001APerform basic tests60
MSL973002APrepare working solutions50
MSL973006APrepare trial batches for evaluation40
MSL974001APrepare, standardise and use solutions100
MSL974003APerform chemical tests and procedures100
MSL974005APerform physical tests100
MSL974010APerform mechanical tests80
MSL975007ASupervise sampling, inspections and testing at construction sites80
MSL975016APerform complex tests to measure engineering properties of materials40
TAEASS401APlan assessment activities and processes20
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
MSAPMPER200CWork in accordance with an issued permit20
MSAPMPER300CIssue work permits20
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
FPICOT2239ATrim and cut felled trees40
PUASAR022AParticipate in a rescue operation20
PUASAR024AUndertake road crash rescue20
PUASAR025AUndertake confined space rescue40
PUASAR027AUndertake land search rescue10
PUASAR032AUndertake vertical rescue40
FPPSTM210AMonitor and control boiler operation
FPPSTM320AManage steam boiler startup
FPPSTM330AShut down and bank steam boiler
FPPSTM440ATroubleshoot and rectify boiler plant systems
TLIA2009AComplete and check import/export documentation30
TLIA3002AMaintain container/cargo records20
TLIC3004ADrive heavy rigid vehicle40
TLID2022AConduct weighbridge operations20
TLID3011AConduct specialised forklift operations40
AHCNAR201ACarry out natural area restoration works40
AHCNAR303AImplement revegetation works80
AHCSAW201AConduct erosion and sediment control activities40
AHCSAW301AConstruct conservation earthworks70
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
ICAICT308AUse advanced features of computer applications40
HLTFA301CApply first aid18
HLTFA402CApply advanced first aid30
RIIBEF201BPlan and organise work20
RIIBLA202BSupport underground shotfiring operations20
RIICOM301BCommunicate information20
RIICOM302ACommunicate workplace information20
RIIEGS202BConduct field work40
RIIENV302AApply environmentally sustainable work practices30
RIIERR401BApply and monitor surface operations emergency preparedness and response systems60
RIIFIA401AManage financial records50
RIIGOV401BApply, monitor and report on compliance systems80
RIIHAN301BOperate elevating work platform40
RIIHAN311AConduct operations with integrated tool carrier80
RIILAT401AProvide leadership in the supervision of Indigenous employees50
RIIMCP301AMonitor plant operations for coal preparation60
RIIMEX203BBreak oversize rock32
RIIMEX302BAssess ground conditions20
RIIMEX404BApply and monitor systems for stable mining80
RIIMPO302BConduct hydraulic shovel operations40
RIIMPO304BConduct wheel loader operations40
RIIMPO305BConduct coal stockpile dozer operations40
RIIMPO308BConduct tracked dozer operations40
RIIMPO313BConduct face loader operations40
RIIMPO318BConduct civil construction skid steer loader operations80
RIIMPO321BConduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations160
RIIMPO331AConduct operations with stockpile dozer40
RIIMPO332AConduct operations with skid steer loader60
RIINHB201BLoad, secure and unload drilling equipment and materials40
RIINHB208BAssist diamond core drilling40
RIINHB304BConduct air drilling65
RIINHB307BConduct conventional core drilling65
RIINHB325AConstruct and complete single aquifer production bores70
RIINHB412BConstruct geothermal wells65
RIIPBE205BConduct roasting operations32
RIIPBE303BConduct filtering process26
RIIPBE304BConduct heavy media separation32
RIIPBE308BConduct thickening and clarifying process24
RIIPBE309BConduct wet gravity separation28
RIIPBE310BConduct flotation process38
RIIPBE311BConduct magnetic separation28
RIIPBP302AControl operations in acid plant40
RIIPEO201BConduct conveyor operations40
RIIPEO203BConduct stacker operations30
RIIRAI501BImplement mine transport systems and production equipment60
RIIRAI503BImplement site services and infrastructure systems70
RIIRIS201BConduct local risk control20
RIISAM211BRemove, repair and refit tyres and tubes40
RIISAM502BManage general drilling equipment maintenance60
RIISRM301BBlend stockpile materials20
RIISRM302BConduct stockpile reclaiming operations40
RIISRM303BMove and position materials to form stockpiles24
RIISRM304BMaintain stockpiles20
RIIUND401BApply and monitor the ventilation management plan60
RIIVEH201BOperate light vehicle30
RIIVEH307AOperate heavy rigid vehicle40
RIIWMG302AReclaim and treat water20
TAEASS403BParticipate in assessment validation20
TAEASS301BContribute to assessment10
TAEASS402BAssess competence15
BSBRKG403CSet up a business or records system for a small business40
BSBCUS301BDeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS401BCoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBWOR203BWork effectively with others15
BSBSMB405BMonitor and manage small business operations45
RIINHB219AAssist with air drilling40
UEGNSG202BConstruct and lay distribution pipelines and services45
FPIFGM3212Fall trees manually (intermediate)100
RIIBHD304BSet-up and prepare for open cut drilling operations40
RIIBHD305Conduct down-hole hammer drilling40
RIIBLA203BConduct mobile mixing of explosives30
RIICBS401BApply the principles of asphalt paving and compaction40
RIICBS402BApply the principles for the application of bituminous sprayed treatmen45
RIICBS403BApply the principles for the application of polymer modified binder25
RIICBS404BApply the principles for the selection and use of bituminous emulsion20
RIICRC312Setup and maintain concrete paver stringlines40
RIICRC311Conduct concrete road paver operations60
RIICRC313Conduct concrete road curing and texturing operations24
RIICRC315Use concreting materials and equipment60
RIICRC314Handle concrete materials24
RIICRC316Place and compact concrete170
RIICRC318Cure Concrete16
RIICRC317Finish concrete pavements40
RIICRC319Saw and cut concrete pavements to initiate planned cracks16
RIICRC320Seal concrete pavements12
RIICRC322Receive, check and record concrete deliveries8
RIICRC321Use automated paving guidance systems80
RIICRC323Insert tie bars in fresh concrete8
RIICRC406BApply the principles of pavement maintenance50
RIICWD524BPrepare design of sprayed seal surfacing60
RIICWD525BSelect pavement surfacing60
RIICWM401BSupervise civil works80
RIIDES301Inspect, test and maintain diesel engine systems and their ancillary systems80
RIIDES302Inspect, test and maintain joints on diesel engine systems40
RIIDES304Inspect, test and maintain inlet systems on diesel engine systems20
RIIDES303Inspect, test and maintain cooling systems on diesel engine systems20
RIIDES305Inspect, test and maintain exhaust systems on diesel engine systems20
RIIDES306Inspect, test and maintain safety shutdown systems on diesel engine systems40
RIIDES307Test, determine the cause and rectify excessive emission levels on diesel engine systems20
RIIEGS305BNavigate in remote or trackless areas40
RIIERR203BEscape from hazardous situation unaided40
RIIMPO205BOperate roller/compactor20
RIIMPO206BConduct bulk water truck operations30
RIIMPO301CConduct hydraulic excavator operations40
RIIMPO307BConduct wheel grader operations in underground mines60
RIIMPO310BConduct grader operations40
RIIMPO320BConduct civil construction excavator operations200
RIIMPO333Conduct underground load, haul and dump truck operations80
RIINHB210BAssist surface directional drilling40
RIINHB324BCarry out grouting or cementing operations40
RIIPEO302Operate and monitor ore car dumpers40
RIIPRO301CConduct crushing and screening plant operations50
RIIRIS301BApply risk management processes40
RIISAM203BUse hand and power tools80
RIISAM204BOperate small plant and equipment20
RIIUND310Apply shot-crete underground40
RIIVEH203BOperate light vehicle underground40
RIIVEH304BConduct tip truck operations60
RIIWBP203BMonitor tailings dam environment16
UEPOPS242BOperate and monitor dust collection plant20
UEPOPS316BOperate and monitor boiler steam/water cycle40
CPPSIS3015ACollect spatial data60
CPPSIS3016AProvide field support services40
CPPSIS5032ACapture new spatial data100
CPPSIS5036AIntegrate spatial datasets60
CPPSIS5035AObtain and validate spatial data20
CPCCCM2007BUse explosive power tools16
PUAFIR320Render hazardous materials incidents safe40
PUAFIR316Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident24