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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

RGR08 Racing Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
THTFME06AManage event contractors40
THTFME07AOrganise and monitor infrastructure for outdoor events40
THTFME09ADevelop and update knowledge of protocol25
THTGTM01BCarry out general maintenance50
THTGTM02BCarry out grounds maintenance50
SRXEVT003BCoordinate events12
SRXEVT007BManage spectators at an event or program20
SRXGRO002ADeal with conflict10
SRSCOP001BPrepare for public speaking10
SRSOGP014ADevelop activity rules and regulations20
RTF4007APrepare a garden design120
RUV3507ACarry out companion animal breeding procedures50
PSPREG401CExercise regulatory powers60
PSPREG404CInvestigate non-compliance50
PSPREG410BGive evidence30
PSPREG601BManage regulatory compliance100
TAADEL301AProvide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills40
TAAASS401APlan and organise assessment10
TAAASS402AAssess competence15
SRXGOV004BWork effectively with the Board of an organisation18
SRXHRM001BManage volunteers20
HLTFA301BApply first aid18
HLTGM202BUse hand and power tools20
HLTGM305BMaintain pool environments30
TLIC107CDrive vehicle30
BSBADM409ACoordinate business resources30
BSBADM502BManage meetings30
BSBCMM101AApply basic communication skills40
BSBDIV301AWork effectively with diversity30
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFIA402AReport on financial activity30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBHRM505AManage remuneration and employee benefits60
BSBHRM506AManage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBINM201AProcess and maintain workplace information30
BSBINM301AOrganise workplace information30
BSBINM501AManage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBITU203ACommunicate electronically20
BSBITU301ACreate and use databases30
BSBITU306ADesign and produce business documents80
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBLED501ADevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMKG414AUndertake marketing activities50
BSBMKG514AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBREL401AEstablish networks35
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRSK401AIdentify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBSMB303AOrganise finances for the micro business50
BSBSMB305AComply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business45
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR202AOrganise and complete daily work activities20
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
BSBWRT401AWrite complex documents50
CPPSEC3004ALead small teams in the security industry10
CPPSEC3032AGather information by factual investigation30
RGRADM301AAssist with race meeting operations30
RGRADM302ASupervise use of track and race club facilities50
RGRADM401AManage race meeting operations80
RGRADM402APrepare for race meeting special events80
RGRCMN001AComply with the rules of racing and related protocols40
RGRCMN002AInvestigate job opportunities in racing and related industries10
RGRCMN003AManage personal health and fitness20
RGRCMN201AFollow OHS procedures and observe environmental work practices40
RGRCMN202AAchieve requirements for industry induction30
RGRCMN401AMaintain and monitor OHS procedures and environmental work practices60
RGRCMN402AParticipate in media interviews for racing10
RGRCMN403AParticipate in racing industry appeals10
RGRPSG201AHandle greyhounds40
RGRPSG202ATransport greyhounds10
RGRPSG203APerform kennel duties40
RGRPSG204AAttend greyhounds during exercise routines25
RGRPSG205AAttend greyhounds at race meetings15
RGRPSG206APerform duties of greyhound catcher15
RGRPSG301ASupervise handling of greyhounds15
RGRPSG302AAssess health and provide first aid for greyhounds40
RGRPSG303ADetermine nutritional requirements for racing greyhounds40
RGRPSG304AParticipate in greyhound inquiries and appeals15
RGRPSG401ARelate anatomical and physiological features to the care and treatment of greyhounds40
RGRPSG402AManage greyhound health and welfare30
RGRPSG403APlan and implement education and training of greyhounds for racing40
RGRPSG404ATrial and race greyhounds50
RGRPSG405AOperate a greyhound racing training business75
RGRPSG406APromote and maintain business arrangements with greyhound owners30
RGRPSG407ASelect greyhounds for racing40
RGRPSH101ACatch and handle quiet horses under supervision70
RGRPSH102APerform basic stable duties80
RGRPSH201AHandle horses70
RGRPSH202AAssist with transportation of horses20
RGRPSH203APerform basic driving tasks70
RGRPSH204APrepare to drive jog work70
RGRPSH205APerform basic riding tasks50
RGRPSH206ADevelop riding skills for flatwork50
RGRPSH207APerform stable duties40
RGRPSH208AAttend horses at trackwork30
RGRPSH209AAttend horses at race meetings and trials30
RGRPSH301AImplement stable operations30
RGRPSH302ASupervise handling of horses20
RGRPSH303ASupervise transportation of horses40
RGRPSH304AIdentify factors that affect racehorse performance100
RGRPSH305ADevelop driving skills for trackwork80
RGRPSH306ADevelop basic trackwork riding skills75
RGRPSH307AExercise horses in pacework75
RGRPSH308AProvide first aid and emergency care for horses100
RGRPSH309AImplement feeding programs for racehorses under direction20
RGRPSH310APrepare for self-management in racing40
RGRPSH311AParticipate in racing as an owner10
RGRPSH401ARelate anatomical and physiological features to the care and treatment of horses60
RGRPSH402ADrive horses in pacework and fast work80
RGRPSH403AEducate harness horses for racing100
RGRPSH404ARide horses at trackwork75
RGRPSH405ARide horses in jump outs20
RGRPSH406ADevelop riding skills for jumping racing60
RGRPSH407AEducate thoroughbred horses for racing40
RGRPSH408AManage horse health and welfare60
RGRPSH409ADetermine nutritional requirements for racing horses40
RGRPSH410APrepare for race driving75
RGRPSH411APrepare to drive horses in trials75
RGRPSH412APrepare to drive horses in races75
RGRPSH413APrepare for race riding75
RGRPSH414ARide horses in trials75
RGRPSH415ARide horses in races75
RGRPSH416APerform trial and race jumping riding skills20
RGRPSH417AParticipate in protests, inquiries and appeals20
RGRPSH418ASet goals to improve racing performance20
RGRPSH419AManage principles of sports science for jockeys40
RGRPSH420AParticipate in implementing racehorse exercise programs60
RGRPSH421AOperate horse racing training business100
RGRPSH422APromote and maintain business arrangements with racehorse owners40
RGRPSH423ATrain horses for jumping racing40
RGRPSH501APlan and adapt training and conditioning programs for racehorses40
RGRPSH502APlan and implement education of horses for racing40
RGRPSH503ATrial and race horses80
RGRPSH504ADevelop systems and records for horse racing business training operations40
RGRPSH505ASelect horses for racing80
RGRROP201APerform duties of barrier attendant at thoroughbred race meetings and trials60
RGRROP202APerform duties of kennel attendant at race meetings15
RGRROP203APerform duties of parade official at greyhound race meetings10
RGRROP204AAssist with harness race starts40
RGRROP301APerform ear branding and marking up of greyhounds10
RGRROP302ABrand standardbred horses60
RGRROP303APerform duties of clerk of course at harness or thoroughbred race meetings and trials60
RGRROP304APerform duties of clerk of scales at greyhound race meetings10
RGRROP305APerform duties of clerk of scales for horses at thoroughbred race meetings10
RGRROP306APerform duties of clerk of scales for jockeys at thoroughbred race meetings10
RGRROP307APerform duties of lure driver at race meetings and trials30
RGRROP308ADrive mobile start vehicle60
RGRROP309APerform duties of catching pen supervisor12
RGRROP310ASupervise race meeting kennels30
RGRROP311APerform duties of greyhound race starter15
RGRROP312APerform duties of licensing or registration clerk20
RGRROP313AProcess race nominations and acceptances20
RGRROP314APerform duties of photo finish operator at greyhound or horse race meetings20
RGRROP315APerform duties of timekeeper at greyhound or horse race meetings20
RGRROP316APerform duties of track supervisor during trackwork operations60
RGRROP317AAttend racing events and comply with protocols and safety procedures10
RGRROP401APerform duties of race programmer100
RGRROP402APerform duties of medical practitioner at race meetings and trials10
RGRROP403APerform duties of farrier at race meetings10
RGRROP404APerform duties of veterinarian at race meetings or trials10
RGRROP405AConduct veterinarian supervision of sample collection procedures10
RGRROP406APerform duties of harness race starter40
RGRROP407APerform duties of thoroughbred race starter40
RGRROP408APerform duties of betting supervisor or steward at greyhound or horse race meetings60
RGRROP409APerform duties of greyhound grader35
RGRROP410APerform duties of racehorse handicapper60
RGRROP411APerform duties of greyhound or horse race judge10
RGRSTD301APerform duties of cadet steward80
RGRSTD302AInterpret wagering trends40
RGRSTD303AAssess racing gear suitability and safety20
RGRSTD401APerform duties of stipendiary steward at race meetings and trials100
RGRSTD402APerform stewards'' non-race day duties40
RGRSTD403AApply principles of administrative law to investigation and resolution of racing incidents100
RGRSTD404APrepare for racing industry appeals20
RGRSTD405AConduct steward supervision of sample collection procedures20
RGRSTD406AAssess greyhound or horse handling skills20
RGRSTD407AAssess driving or riding skills of license or registration applicants60
RGRSTD408AAnalyse race performance80
RGRSTD501AManage steward services100
RGRSWA301ACollect non-blood samples from greyhounds or horses40
RGRSWA302ACollect non-blood samples from racing personnel40
RGRSWA303ACollect blood samples for racing animal drug testing20
RGRSWA401ACollect blood samples from racing personnel20
RGRTRK301AAssist with race meeting track management50
RGRTRK302AMaintain specialised non-turf track surfaces for racing70
RGRTRK303AProvide emergency animal assistance15
RGRTRK401APrepare track and facilities for race meetings60
RGRTRK402ARelate animal welfare to track and environmental conditions60
PUACOM001CCommunicate in the workplace30
PUACOM012BLiaise with media at a local level20
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
ACMCAN311ACare for young animals40
ACMGAS301AMaintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing50
TLIR4002ASource goods/services and evaluate contractors30
SISXEMR201ARespond to emergency situations18
SISXEMR402ACoordinate emergency responses20
SISXIND405AConduct projects15
AHCAGB402AAnalyse and interpret production data100
AHCBIO202AFollow site quarantine procedures20
AHCBIO301AWork effectively in an emergency disease or plant pest response50
AHCBUS503ANegotiate and monitor contracts120
AHCBUS601AManage capital works220
AHCCHM201AApply chemicals under supervision30
AHCCHM303APrepare and apply chemicals70
AHCCHM304ATransport, handle and store chemicals50
AHCCHM401AMinimise risks in the use of chemicals60
AHCCHM402APlan and implement a chemical use program90
AHCHBR307AAssess suitability of horses for stock work60
AHCINF203AMaintain properties and structures30
AHCIRG202AAssist with the operation of pressurised irrigation40
AHCIRG302AInstall irrigation systems70
AHCIRG305AOperate pressurised irrigation systems50
AHCIRG306ATroubleshoot irrigation systems50
AHCIRG407ASupervise on-site irrigation installation and construction work80
AHCLSC401ASupervise landscape project works80
AHCMOM204AUndertake operational maintenance of machinery30
AHCMOM205AOperate vehicles20
AHCMOM301ACoordinate machinery and equipment maintenance and repair80
AHCMOM304AOperate machinery and equipment40
AHCMOM305AOperate specialised machinery and equipment60
AHCPGD201APlant trees and shrubs20
AHCPGD301AImplement a plant establishment program80
AHCPGD304AImplement a landscape maintenance program100
AHCPMG201ATreat weeds40
AHCPMG202ATreat plant pests, diseases and disorders30
AHCPMG301AControl weeds70
AHCPMG302AControl plant pests, diseases and disorders80
AHCSOL201ADetermine basic properties of soil and/or growing media20
AHCSOL401ASample soils and interpret results60
AHCSOL501AMonitor and manage soils for production120
AHCTRF304AMonitor turf health60
AHCTRF305ARenovate sports turf60
AHCTRF401ADevelop a sports turf maintenance program90
AHCTRF501APlan the establishment of sports turf playing surfaces150
AHCWRK201AObserve and report on weather25
AHCWRK302AMonitor weather conditions60
AHCWRK305ACoordinate work site activities70
AHCWRK401AImplement and monitor quality assurance procedures100
AHCWRK403ASupervise work routines and staff performance50
AHCWRK501APlan, implement and review a quality assurance program120
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
CUVPUB501ADevelop and manage public relations strategies40
BSBCUS501CManage quality customer service40
BSBRSK501BManage risk60
BSBCUS301BDeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBITS401BMaintain business technology40
BSBCUS401BCoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCUS402BAddress customer needs50
BSBWOR301BOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBWOR203BWork effectively with others15
BSBCUS201BDeliver a service to customers40
CHCPOL402CContribute to policy development50
HLTFA403CManage first aid in the workplace16
BSBWHS501AEnsure a safe workplace60
SITHFAB201Provide responsible service of alcohol10
SITXMPR501Obtain and manage sponsorship30
BSBPMG522AUndertake project work60