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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

PMA08 Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
FDFPHGMP3AMonitor the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice procedures80
PSPMNGT604BManage change60
PSPMNGT605BManage diversity60
PSPGOV308BWork effectively with diversity30
MEM04001BOperate melting furnaces40
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding20
MEM07033BOperate and monitor basic boiler60
MEM07034AOperate and monitor intermediate class boiler40
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing20
MEM09003BPrepare basic engineering drawing80
MEM11011BUndertake manual handling20
MEM16005AOperate as a team member to conduct manufacturing, engineering or related activities20
MEM18011CShut down and isolate machines/equipment20
MSAPMOHS100AFollow OHS procedures20
MSAPMOHS110AFollow emergency response procedures20
MSAPMOHS200AWork safely30
MSAPMOHS205AControl minor incidents30
MSAPMOHS212AUndertake first response to fire incidents30
MSAPMOHS216AOperate breathing apparatus20
MSAPMOHS217AGas test atmospheres30
MSAPMOHS220AProvide initial First Aid response30
MSAPMOHS300AFacilitate the implementation of OHS for a work group40
MSAPMOHS400AContribute to OHS management system40
MSAPMOHS401AAssess risk40
MSAPMOHS503AMaintain the workplace OHS management system50
MSAPMOHS510AManage risk50
MSAPMOHS601AEstablish workplace OHS management system60
MSAPMOPS100AUse equipment30
MSAPMOPS102APerform tasks to support production30
MSAPMOPS200AOperate equipment40
MSAPMOPS212AUse organisation computers or data systems30
MSAPMOPS400AOptimise process/plant area60
MSAPMOPS401ATrial new process or product60
MSAPMOPS404ACo-ordinate maintenance40
MSAPMOPS405AIdentify problems in fluid power system50
MSAPMOPS406AIdentify problems in electronic control systems50
MSAPMPER201AMonitor and control work permits20
MSAPMSUP100AApply workplace procedures20
MSAPMSUP101AClean workplace or equipment20
MSAPMSUP102ACommunicate in the workplace20
MSAPMSUP106AWork in a team30
MSAPMSUP172AIdentify and minimise environmental hazards20
MSAPMSUP200AAchieve work outcomes30
MSAPMSUP201AReceive or despatch goods20
MSAPMSUP204APack products or materials20
MSAPMSUP205ATransfer loads20
MSAPMSUP210AProcess and record information30
MSAPMSUP240AUndertake minor maintenance30
MSAPMSUP280AManage conflict at work20
MSAPMSUP291AParticipate in continuous improvement30
MSAPMSUP292ASample and test materials and product40
MSAPMSUP300AIdentify and implement opportunities to maximise production efficiencies40
MSAPMSUP301AApply HACCP to the workplace40
MSAPMSUP303AIdentify equipment faults40
MSAPMSUP309AMaintain and organise workplace records20
MSAPMSUP310AContribute to the development of plant documentation30
MSAPMSUP330ADevelop and adjust a production schedule30
MSAPMSUP382AProvide coaching/mentoring in the workplace40
MSAPMSUP383AFacilitate a team30
MSAPMSUP390AUse structured problem solving tools40
MSAPMSUP400ADevelop and monitor quality systems50
NWP357BMonitor, operate and control reverse osmosis and nano-filtration processes30
PMAOHS211BPrepare equipment for emergency response20
PMAOHS213BUndertake fire control and emergency rescue15
PMAOHS214BUndertake helicopter safety and escape30
PMAOHS215BApply offshore facility abandonment and sea survival procedures and practices20
PMAOHS221BMaintain First Aid supplies and records10
PMAOHS310BInvestigate incidents30
PMAOHS311BLead emergency teams20
PMAOHS312BCommand the operation of survival craft40
PMAOHS320CProvide advanced First Aid response20
PMAOHS321BProvide First Aid response in remote and/or isolated area25
PMAOHS420BDevelop First Aid procedures and manage resources40
PMAOHS502BContribute to safety case40
PMAOHS511AManage emergency incidents40
PMAOMIR210BControl evacuation to muster point20
PMAOMIR301BUndertake initial rescue60
PMAOMIR302BRespond to a helideck incident30
PMAOMIR317BFacilitate search and rescue operations40
PMAOMIR320BManage incident response information40
PMAOMIR321BManage communication systems during an incident30
PMAOMIR346BAssess and secure an incident site30
PMAOMIR407BAudit incident preparedness and established response systems80
PMAOMIR418BCoordinate incident response40
PMAOMIR424BDevelop and maintain community relationships30
PMAOMIR430BConduct and assess incident exercises35
PMAOMIR444BDevelop incident containment tactics40
PMAOMIR449BMonitor legal compliance obligations during incidents40
PMAOMIR512BEstablish incident response preparedness and response systems70
PMAOMIR523BManage corporate media requirements in a crisis25
PMAOMIR575BCoordinate welfare support activities in response to an incident30
PMAOMIR622BBuild partnerships to improve incident response capacity30
PMAOMIR650BManage a crisis80
PMAOPS101CRead dials and indicators15
PMAOPS105CSelect and prepare materials15
PMAOPS201BOperate fluid flow equipment60
PMAOPS202BOperate fluid mixing equipment20
PMAOPS203BHandle goods15
PMAOPS204BUse utilities and services40
PMAOPS205BOperate heat exchangers40
PMAOPS208BOperate chemical separation equipment30
PMAOPS210BOperate particulates handling equipment20
PMAOPS211BOperate manufacturing extruders40
PMAOPS213BPackage product/material20
PMAOPS216BOperate local control system40
PMAOPS217BOperate wet milling equipment40
PMAOPS220BMonitor chemical reactions in the process30
PMAOPS221BOperate and monitor prime movers40
PMAOPS222BOperate and monitor pumping systems and equipment40
PMAOPS223BOperate and monitor valve systems20
PMAOPS224BProvide fluids for utilities and support20
PMAOPS230BMonitor, operate and maintain pipeline stations and equipment40
PMAOPS231BControl gas odourisation10
PMAOPS232BProduce product by filtration40
PMAOPS240BStore fluids in bulk30
PMAOPS290BOperate a biotreater30
PMAOPS300BOperate a production unit40
PMAOPS301BProduce product by distillation40
PMAOPS302BOperate reactors and reaction equipment40
PMAOPS303BOperate furnaces to induce reaction50
PMAOPS304BOperate and monitor compressor systems and equipment30
PMAOPS305BOperate process control systems60
PMAOPS307BTransfer bulk fluids into/out of storage facility40
PMAOPS308BOrganise storage and logistics of general materials20
PMAOPS309BOperate particulates handling/storage equipment40
PMAOPS312BUndertake ship loading/unloading operations40
PMAOPS319AAdjust batch40
PMAOPS320BConduct artificial lift20
PMAOPS321BUndertake well management40
PMAOPS323AOperate and monitor heating furnace40
PMAOPS324AOperate a gas turbine50
PMAOPS325BGenerate electrical power30
PMAOPS326BProduce product using gas absorption40
PMAOPS327BProduce product using fixed bed dehydration40
PMAOPS329BProduce product using liquid extraction40
PMAOPS330BCommunicate and monitor pipeline activities40
PMAOPS335AConduct pipeline pigging20
PMAOPS340BOperate cryogenic processes40
PMAOPS350BMatch and adjust colour50
PMAOPS390BOperate a biochemical process40
PMAOPS402ARespond to abnormal process situations50
PMAOPS405AOperate complex control systems80
PMAOPS410BMonitor remote production facilities40
PMAOPS411BManage plant shutdown and restart40
PMAOPS450BSolve colour problems50
PMAOPS500AOptimise production systems100
PMAOPS501AProvide operational expertise to a project team80
PMAOPS505AControl the process during abnormal situations80
PMAOPS511BDetermine energy transfer loads40
PMAOPS512BDetermine mass transfer loads40
PMAOPS520CManage utilities50
PMAOPS521CPlan plant shutdown50
PMAOPS522ACoordinate plant shut down50
PMAOPS550BDevelop a colour formulation60
PMAOPS600CModify plant60
PMAOPS601ADebottleneck plant60
PMAOPS751AApply physiochemical knowledge to select raw materials for surface coatings80
PMAOPS752ADevelop a decorative coating60
PMAOPS753ADevelop a non-decorative coating or ink60
PMAOPS755AProvide surface coatings application advice60
PMASMELT260BForm carbon anodes40
PMASMELT261BBake carbon anodes30
PMASMELT262BClean and strip anode rods30
PMASMELT263BSpray carbon anodes40
PMASMELT264BStart up reduction cells60
PMASMELT265BOperate reduction cells60
PMASMELT266BDeliver molten metal30
PMASMELT267BCast aluminium ingots40
PMASMELT268BVertical direct casting60
PMASMELT269AOperate cell tending equipment30
PMASMELT270ASupply product from reduction cells30
PMASUP236BOperate vehicles in the field20
PMASUP237BUndertake crane, dogging and load transfer operations40
PMASUP241BMaintain pipeline easements20
PMASUP242BMonitor pipeline civil works20
PMASUP243BMonitor and maintain pipeline coatings20
PMASUP305AOperate offshore cranes80
PMASUP311AOperate communications hub40
PMASUP341BMonitor and maintain instrument and control systems40
PMASUP342BMonitor and maintain electrical systems40
PMASUP343BMonitor and maintain cathodic protection systems20
PMASUP344BMonitor and control repairs and modifications on operational pipe40
PMASUP345AMonitor vibration60
PMASUP346AControl corrosion40
PMASUP347AUndertake corrosion inspection in a petrochemical environment40
PMASUP410BDevelop plant documentation30
PMASUP420BMinimise environmental impact of process40
PMASUP432BCoordinate pipeline projects40
PMASUP440BCommission/recommission plant40
PMASUP441CDecommission plant20
PMASUP445AParticipate in HAZOP studies40
PMASUP520BReview procedures to minimise environmental impact of process40
PMASUP540BAnalyse equipment performance50
PMASUP620BManage environmental management system60
MSACMT671ADevelop and manage sustainable environmental practices60
MSAPMOHS210BUndertake first response to non-fire incidents20
MSAPMPER202AObserve permit work20
MSAPMPER400ACoordinate permit process30
RIIOHS204AWork safely at heights20
MSL936001AMaintain quality system and continuous improvement processes within work/functional area50
MSL952001ACollect routine site samples30
MSL954001AObtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan40
MSL973001APerform basic tests60
MSL976003AEvaluate and select appropriate test methods and/or procedures40
MSL977001AContribute to the development of products and applications50
MSL977002ATroubleshoot equipment and/or production processes50
MSL977004ADevelop or adapt analyses and procedures50
PMC552002COperate equipment to blend/mix materials
PMC552003COperate grinding equipment
PMC552008BOperate crushing equipment
PMC562070BMove materials
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
MSAENV272BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSAENV472BImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
MSAENV672BDevelop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability50
MSAPMPER200CWork in accordance with an issued permit20
MSAPMPER205CEnter confined space30
MSAPMPER300CIssue work permits20
PMAOPS233AMonitor wells and gathering systems30
PMAOPS234AMonitor and operate low pressure compressors30
PMAOPS241AOperate Joule-Thomson effect device30
PMAOPS280BInterpret process plant schematics20
PMAOPS333AOperate wells and gathering systems30
PMAOPS433AManage wells and gathering systems40
PMAOPS434ACommission wells and gathering systems40
FDFPH1001AFollow work procedures to maintain Good Manufacturing Practice30
FDFPH2001AApply Good Manufacturing Practice procedures50
TLID2010AOperate a forklift40
RIIRIS201BConduct local risk control20
TAEASS403BParticipate in assessment validation20
TAEASS301BContribute to assessment10
TAEASS402BAssess competence15
TAEASS401BPlan assessment activities and processes20
PMASUP444APlan plant preparation and isolation50
PMASUP244APrepare and isolate plant50
MSS402002ASustain process improvements40
MSS402030AApply cost factors to work practices40
MSS402031AInterpret product costs in terms of customer requirements30
MSS402040AApply 5S procedures40
MSS402050AMonitor process capability30
MSS402051AApply quality standards30
MSS402060AUse planning software systems in operations40
MSS402080AUndertake root cause analysis50
MSS402081AContribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy30
MSS403002AEnsure process improvements are sustained50
MSS403011AFacilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices40
MSS403013ALead team culture improvement40
MSS403030AImprove cost factors in work practices50
MSS403040AFacilitate and improve implementation of 5S50
MSS403041AFacilitate breakthrough improvements40
MSS403051AMistake proof an operational process50
MSS404050AUndertake process capability improvements50
MSS404052AApply statistics to operational processes40
MSS404060AFacilitate the use of planning software systems in a work area or team50
MSS404082AAssist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy50
MSS404081AUndertake proactive maintenance analyses50
MSS405010AManage relationships with non-customer external organisations60
MSS405011AManage people relationships60
MSS405012AManage workplace learning60
MSS405030AOptimise cost of a product or service60
MSS405040AManage 5S system in an organisation60
MSS405041AImplement improvement systems in an organisation60
MSS405050ADetermine and improve process capability80
MSS405060ADevelop the application of enterprise control systems in an organisation60
MSS405061ADetermine and establish information collection requirements and processes60
MSS405070ADevelop and manage sustainable energy practices70
MSS405081ADevelop a proactive maintenance strategy60
UEPOPS319BOperate and monitor gas production plant20
UEPOPS340BOperate and monitor a steam turbine30
PMAOPS263AOperate leaching equipment30
PMAOPS366AOperate sintering equipment30
PMAOMIR305AOperate panel during an emergency50
PMAOPS264AOperate solvent extraction equipment30
PMAOPS362AOperate a blast furnace40
PMAOPS247AOperate powered separation equipment15
PMAOPS460AMonitor and operate tailings management facilities50
PMAOPS265AOperate magnetic/electrical separation equipment30
PMAOPS242AMoor ships for transfer of bulk processed particulates or fluids30
PMAOPS262AOperate digestion equipment30
PMAOPS260AConduct screening operations30
PMAOPS261AOperate bulk solids loading equipment30
PMAOPS361AOperate a smelting furnace40
PMAOPS560APlan and design tailings management facilities80
PMAOPS364AOperate an electrochemical process40
PMAOPS365AOperate pelletising equipment30
PMAOPS246AOperate separation equipment15
PMAOPS360AOperate a metalliferous kiln/furnace40
PMASUP245ABreak and make flanged joints using hand tools30
PMASUP246ADisconnect and reconnect non-flared tube fitting joints30
PMAOPS226AMonitor and operate flare systems30