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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

NWP07 Water Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
LGAWORK503AUndertake project investigation40
LGAWORK502APrepare detailed works project documentation180
LGAWORK501APrepare preliminary design for operational works60
LGACOM405BImplement and monitor the organisation's OHS policies, procedures and programs within the work group or section20
PSPOHS602AManage workplace safety60
PSPSOHS501AParticipate in the coordination and maintenance of a systematic approach to managing OHS50
LGAWORK404AManage a civil works project80
LGAWORK405APlan and supervise roadworks80
LGAWORK406ASupervise concrete works40
MEM30024AParticipate in quality assurance techniques30
MEM30027APrepare basic programs for programmable logic controllers20
CPPSIS4002AStore and retrieve spatial data50
CPPSIS5002ACapture new spatial data100
CPPSIS5010ACollate and interpret spatial data20
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU202ACreate and use spreadsheets30
BSBLED101APlan skills development20
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT605BProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMGT615AContribute to organisation development60
BSBOHS303BContribute to OHS hazard identification and risk assessment30
BSBRSK501AManage risk60
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
NWP201BFollow defined OHS procedures and regulatory requirements30
NWP202BApply environmental and licensing procedures30
NWP203BPlan and organise personal work activities20
NWP207AWork effectively in the water industry20
NWP208APerform basic wastewater tests20
NWP209BUse maps, plans, drawings and specifications30
NWP210BPerform basic water quality tests20
NWP211BUse computerised systems20
NWP213BMonitor and operate irrigation, stock and domestic delivery systems30
NWP215BInstall and replace basic volumetric metering equipment30
NWP216BInstall basic metering equipment and flow control devices for irrigation systems30
NWP218BPerform and record sampling20
NWP219AWork safely in confined spaces20
NWP220BCollect and control drainage run-off20
NWP221AOperate basic flow control and regulating devices in water or wastewater treatment network systems20
NWP222AOperate basic flow control and regulating devices in irrigation systems20
NWP223AInstall basic metering equipment, flow control and regulating devices40
NWP226BPrepare and restore work site30
NWP227BControl vegetation on a site20
NWP229BRepair minor structures20
NWP230BMaintain and repair irrigation channels and drains30
NWP231BMaintain and repair drainage assets30
NWP232BOperate water reticulation and distribution system30
NWP233BConstruct and install water distribution assets30
NWP234BLocate, identify and protect utility services30
NWP239BIdentify and apply water entitlements and delivery processes30
NWP240BInspect and report catchment and surrounding areas20
NWP241BInspect and maintain basic dams and water storages30
NWP242BMonitor and report water extraction20
NWP243BOperate bore fields and groundwater source systems20
NWP244BMaintain and repair bulkwater assets30
NWP245BMaintain tanks and water storage assets30
NWP246BInspect and maintain public facilities20
NWP247AMaintain catchment and surrounding areas40
NWP250BConstruct and install wastewater pipelines30
NWP251BConstruct open earthen channels or drains30
NWP252BConstruct and install irrigation delivery and stormwater drainage assets30
NWP253BInstall and repair water services40
NWP254BRepair or insert water distribution assets30
NWP255BMaintain and repair wastewater collection assets20
NWP256BMonitor and report water distribution systems30
NWP257BMaintain and repair wastewater collection systems30
NWP258BMonitor and operate bulkwater transfer systems30
NWP259BOperate, monitor and maintain pump stations30
NWP260AMonitor and report water treatment processes30
NWP261AOperate and maintain water treatment plant and equipment30
NWP262AMonitor and report wastewater treatment processes30
NWP263AOperate and maintain wastewater treatment plant and equipment30
NWP264BMonitor, operate and report wastewater pre-treatment processes20
NWP268BMonitor, operate and report chlorine disinfection systems30
NWP270BMonitor, operate and report basic anaerobic processes20
NWP271BMonitor, operate and report sedimentation processes20
NWP272BMonitor, operate and report wastewater lagoon processes30
NWP273AMonitor, operate and report ultraviolet irradiation disinfection systems20
NWP274AMonitor, operate and report ozone treatment systems30
NWP275AMonitor, operate and report chlorine dioxide systems30
NWP276AMonitor, operate and report fluoridation processes20
NWP277AWork safely with liquefied chlorine gas10
NWP278APerform blue green algae sampling10
NWP300BProvide and promote customer service20
NWP301BImplement, monitor and coordinate environmental procedures40
NWP305BMonitor and conduct minor maintenance on complex flow control and metering devices40
NWP308BTest and commission wastewater collection systems40
NWP309BTest and commission water distribution systems40
NWP310BMonitor and operate water distribution systems40
NWP311BMonitor and operate wastewater collection and transfer systems40
NWP315BInvestigate and report on breaches of water industry legislation40
NWP316BMonitor and schedule water deliveries40
NWP317BControl water quality in distribution systems30
NWP318AMonitor and operate gated spillways50
NWP319AMonitor and control dam operations50
NWP320BMonitor and implement dam maintenance30
NWP321BInspect and operate groundwater regulation40
NWP322BInspect and operate surface water systems40
NWP323BMonitor and coordinate catchment operations30
NWP324BInspect and report river regulation operations30
NWP330BEstablish positions of underground utilities using locating devices30
NWP331BInspect conduit and report on condition and features40
NWP332BMonitor and control drainage operations40
NWP333BMonitor and control rural water distribution operations40
NWP338BPerform infiltration and odour investigations40
NWP339BPerform leak detection40
NWP340AMeasure and process hydrometric stream discharge data using wading gaugings60
NWP342ACommission, decommission and monitor hydrometric sites, stations and facilities100
NWP345BMonitor, operate and control water treatment processes70
NWP346BMonitor, operate and control wastewater treatment processes70
NWP347BMonitor, operate and control coagulation and flocculation processes50
NWP348BMonitor, operate and control sedimentation and clarification processes40
NWP349BMonitor, operate and control incineration processes40
NWP350BMonitor, operate and control trickling filter processes30
NWP351BMonitor, operate and control activated sludge processes50
NWP352BMonitor, operate and control dissolved air flotation processes30
NWP353BMonitor, operate and control anaerobic bioreactor processes40
NWP354BMonitor, operate and control granular media filtration processes50
NWP355BMonitor, operate and control membrane filtration processes30
NWP356BMonitor, operate and control ion exchange processes30
NWP357BMonitor, operate and control reverse osmosis and nano-filtration processes30
NWP359BMonitor, operate and control nutrient removal processes40
NWP360BMonitor, operate and control dewatering processes30
NWP361BMonitor, operate and control gas scrubber treatment processes30
NWP362BMonitor, operate and control reclaimed water irrigation40
NWP363BMonitor performance and control maintenance of treatment plant assets40
NWP364BPerform laboratory testing40
NWP365AIdentify and confirm blue green algae outbreaks20
NWP366AMonitor, operate and control chloramination disinfection processes40
NWP367AMonitor, operate and control activated carbon adsorption processes30
NWP368ARespond to blue green algae incidents30
NWP401BCoordinate and monitor the application of environmental plans and procedures80
NWP415BCoordinate and monitor surface water systems60
NWP416BCoordinate and monitor water storage catchment activities60
NWP417BCoordinate and monitor groundwater system usage60
NWP418BCoordinate and monitor bulkwater system operations60
NWP419BCoordinate and monitor river system usage60
NWP425BCoordinate and monitor the operation of irrigation delivery systems60
NWP427BCoordinate and monitor the operation of drainage systems60
NWP428BCoordinate and monitor the operation of wastewater collection systems60
NWP429BCoordinate, implement and report on trade waste monitoring procedures60
NWP430AEvaluate, implement and monitor standard low risk trade waste discharge approvals60
NWP431AInvestigate, rectify and report on trade waste incidents70
NWP440ASupervise conduit inspection and reporting40
NWP505BImplement and manage environmental management policies, plans, procedures and programs100
NWP511BManage dam safety surveillance100
NWP512BImplement and manage catchment management plan120
NWP513BDevelop and review catchment management plan100
NWP514BImplement and manage groundwater management plan100
NWP515BDevelop and review groundwater management plan100
NWP516BImplement and manage surface water management plan120
NWP517BDevelop and review surface water management plan120
NWP518BPrepare and report on data related to flood mitigation80
NWP519BDevelop and report flood mitigation80
NWP520AContribute to hydrometric planning and water resource management100
NWP525BImplement and manage asset construction and maintenance100
NWP527BConduct commissioning and post commissioning activities120
NWP528BImplement and manage trade waste policies and plans100
NWP529BDevelop and modify trade waste policies and plans80
NWP530BImplement and manage the operation and maintenance of irrigation delivery systems100
NWP531BDevelop and review irrigation system management plan80
NWP532BImplement and manage potable water system management plan100
NWP533BDevelop and review potable water system management plan80
NWP534BImplement and manage drainage system management plan100
NWP535BDevelop and review drainage system management plan80
NWP536BImplement and manage wastewater collection management plan100
NWP537BDevelop and review wastewater collection management plan80
NWP545BImplement and manage water treatment processes monitoring program120
NWP546BDevelop and review water treatment process management plan80
NWP547BImplement and manage wastewater treatment processes monitoring program120
NWP548BDevelop and review wastewater treatment management plan80
NWP551AEvaluate, implement and monitor high-risk trade waste discharge approvals120
NWP701AContribute to the development of a complex water organisation100
NWP702AApply water industry legislation, codes and standards100
NWP703ALead water planning processes120
NWP704ALead a project development120
NWP705AProvide leadership in hydrometric network planning and water resource management120
NWP706AReview and evaluate water and wastewater sustainability objectives120
NWP707AAnalyse and review water treatment plant technology120
MSACMT461AFacilitate SCADA systems in a manufacturing team or work area50
MSACMT671ADevelop and manage sustainable environmental practices60
RIICCM205ACarry out manual excavation8
RIICCM210AInstall trench support16
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
PSPPROC414AManage contracts40
PSPPROC506APlan to manage a contract50
NWP101BInvestigate sustainable water cycle management30
NWP102BDesign a basic water system model30
NWP103BDemonstrate care and safe practices20
NWP104BSample and test water sources and quality40
NWP105BDraw and use simple maps, plans and drawings20
NWP302AInstall meters for non-potable, non-urban water supplies30
NWP303AMonitor and control maintenance of water and wastewater system assets50
NWP304AMaintain meters for non-potable, non-urban water supplies20
NWP326AConduct and report dam safety instrumentation monitoring30
NWP327AInspect and report on concrete dam safety30
NWP328AInspect and report on embankment dam safety30
NWP403AInvestigate and plan the optimisation of potable water distribution systems50
NWP404AApply principles of chemistry to water systems and processes50
NWP406AInvestigate and plan the optimisation of granular media filtration processes60
NWP407AInvestigate and plan the optimisation of dissolved air flotation processes60
NWP408AInvestigate and plan the optimisation of sedimentation and clarification processes60
NWP409AInvestigate and plan to optimise the operation of chemical addition processes60
NWP410CCoordinate and monitor asset construction and maintenance70
NWP411ASelect treatment requirements for waterborne microorganisms50
NWP412AInvestigate and plan the optimisation of activated sludge processes60
NWP413AInvestigate and plan the optimisation of anaerobic treatment processes60
NWP414ASelect strategies to control microbial impact on wastewater treatment processes40
NWP420AInstall, operate and maintain hydrometric instruments and equipment130
NWP421ACollect, measure and process hydrometric stream discharge gauging100
NWP432AContribute to continuous improvement of quality systems40
NWP504ACollect and manage hydrometric station survey data60
NWP508AApply principles of hydraulics to pipe and channel flow160
NWP509ACollect, verify and report hydrometric time series data100
NWP510ADevelop and maintain ratings100
BSBINN601BManage organisational change60
BSBMGT608CManage innovation and continuous improvement70
AHCLPW306AUndertake sampling and testing of water70
BSBWOR301BOrganise personal work priorities and development30
NWP279Demonstrate knowledge of the risk management principles of the Australian drinking water guidelines
NWP369Monitor, operate and control lagoon processes30
NWP370Perform water industry calculations
NWP552Apply mathematical solutions to engineering problems
NWP553Apply scientific principles to engineering problems
NWP554Apply surveying computations to civil engineering projects
NWP555Apply construction principles to civil engineering works
NWP556Apply environmental solutions to engineering projects
NWP557Apply surveying for civil engineering projects
NWP558Use computer aided drafting systems
NWP559Apply principles of mechanics to engineering problems
NWP560Apply principles of strength of materials to engineering problems
NWP601Design a water reticulation scheme
NWP602Design gravity sewerage systems
NWP603Design pressure sewerage systems
NWP605Plan sewerage reticulation systems
NWP604Manage the construction of pipeline systems
NWP606Plan water reticulation systems
NWP607Manage drinking water quality information
NWP609Manage assets in a water utility
NWP608Design sewerage pumping station systems
NWP610Apply statistical methods for quality control and reliability