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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

CUF07 Screen and Media Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
BSBMGT503APrepare budgets and financial plans60
BSBMKG503ADevelop a marketing communications plan60
CHCORG25BRecruit and co-ordinate volunteers70
WRBFS203BDesign and apply make-up for photography40
CULMS412BRecord and maintain collection information40
ICPMM296ACreate and test a CD-ROM/DVD20
WRHHD405ASelect and apply hair extensions30
WRHHD408AMake wigs and hairpieces120
SRXHRM001BManage volunteers20
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding20
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
HLTFA201AProvide basic emergency life support10
HLTFA301BApply first aid18
HLTFA402BApply advanced first aid30
HLTFA403AManage first aid in the workplace20
CULLB307CUse multimedia30
ICAA5138BDetermine acceptable developers for projects30
ICAD4217BCreate technical documentation20
ICAD5092BUpdate and document operational procedures30
ICAI3020BInstall and optimise operating system software20
ICAI3021BConnect internal hardware components20
ICAI3101BInstall and manage network protocols40
ICAI4029BInstall network hardware to a network40
ICAI4030BInstall software to networked computers40
ICAI4097BInstall and configure a network40
ICAI5212BImplement quality assurance process for websites20
ICAS3034BDetermine and action network problems30
ICAS3115BMaintain equipment and software in working order20
ICAS4109BEvaluate system status20
ICAS4114BImplement maintenance procedures10
ICAS4127BSupport system software50
ICAS5103BEstablish and maintain client user liaison during support activity20
ICAS5199BManage business websites and servers30
ICAS5202BEnsure privacy for users20
ICAS5203BEvaluate and select a web hosting service15
ICAT3025BRun standard diagnostic tests20
ICAT4221BLocate equipment, system and software faults20
ICAU1128BOperate a personal computer30
ICAU1133BSend and retrieve information using web browsers and email25
ICAU1204BLocate and use relevant on-line information20
ICAU2006BOperate computing packages60
ICAU3019BMigrate to new technology20
ICAU3126BUse advanced features of computer applications34
TAADEL301BProvide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills40
TAADEL403BFacilitate individual learning15
TAADEL404BFacilitate work-based learning15
TAADES503BResearch and design e-learning resources40
TAADES504BDevelop and evaluate e-learning resources40
TAATAS501BUndertake organisational training needs analysis40
TAATAS502BPrepare a tender bid20
TAATAS503BManage contracted work20
BSBADM405BOrganise meetings20
BSBADV602BDevelop an advertising campaign60
BSBADV604BExecute an advertising campaign70
BSBADV605BEvaluate campaign effectiveness60
BSBATSIC403BMaintain and protect culture80
BSBATSIC411BCommunicate with the community30
BSBATSIL402BUse the constitution40
BSBCMM401AMake a presentation30
BSBCOM501BIdentify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBCRT101AApply critical thinking techniques20
BSBCRT301ADevelop and extend critical and creative thinking skills40
BSBCRT401AArticulate, present and debate ideas40
BSBCRT402ACollaborate in a creative process40
BSBCRT403AExplore the history and social impact of creativity50
BSBCRT501AOriginate and develop concepts30
BSBCRT601AResearch and apply concepts and theories of creativity65
BSBCUS201ADeliver a service to customers40
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBDES201AFollow a design process40
BSBDES202AEvaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context30
BSBDES301AExplore the use of colour40
BSBDES302AExplore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms50
BSBDES303AExplore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms50
BSBDES401AGenerate design solutions60
BSBDES402AInterpret and respond to a design brief20
BSBDES403ADevelop and extend design skills and practice30
BSBDES501AImplement design solutions60
BSBDES601AManage design realisation50
BSBDIV301AWork effectively with diversity30
BSBEBU401AReview and maintain a website50
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFIA401APrepare financial reports50
BSBFIA402AReport on financial activity30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFIM601AManage finances80
BSBGOV401AImplement Board member responsibilities60
BSBGOV402AWork within organisational structure40
BSBGOV403AAnalyse financial reports and budgets50
BSBHRM402ARecruit, select and induct staff50
BSBHRM506AManage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBINM201AProcess and maintain workplace information30
BSBINN201AContribute to workplace innovation35
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBINN501AEstablish systems that support innovation50
BSBINN502ABuild and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBINN601AManage organisational change60
BSBINT401BResearch international business opportunities20
BSBITU402ADevelop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBLED101APlan skills development20
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT403AImplement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT605BProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMGT608BManage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBMGT615AContribute to organisation development60
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBMGT617ADevelop and implement a business plan60
BSBMKG413APromote products and services40
BSBMKG414AUndertake marketing activities50
BSBMKG415AResearch international markets50
BSBMKG501BIdentify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBMKG502BEstablish and adjust the marketing mix60
BSBMKG506BPlan market research50
BSBMKG513APromote products and services to international markets70
BSBMKG514AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBMKG516AProfile international markets50
BSBMKG603BManage the marketing process50
BSBMKG605BEvaluate international marketing opportunities60
BSBMKG606BManage international marketing programs50
BSBMKG607BManage market research50
BSBMKG608ADevelop organisational marketing objectives60
BSBMKG609ADevelop a marketing plan50
BSBOHS201AParticipate in OHS processes20
BSBOHS407AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBOHS505BManage hazards in the work environment60
BSBOHS509AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG408AApply contract and procurement procedures30
BSBPMG508AManage project risk40
BSBPMG509AManage project procurement40
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBPUB503AManage fundraising and sponsorship activities50
BSBPUR401BPlan purchasing40
BSBPUR402BNegotiate contracts50
BSBREL401AEstablish networks35
BSBREL502ABuild international business networks50
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRKG502BManage and monitor business or records systems40
BSBRSK401AIdentify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBRSK501AManage risk60
BSBSMB401AEstablish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB405AMonitor and manage small business operations45
BSBSMB408BManage personal, family, cultural and business obligations30
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR202AOrganise and complete daily work activities20
BSBWOR203AWork effectively with others15
BSBWOR302AWork effectively as an off site worker25
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWOR502AEnsure team effectiveness60
BSBWRT401AWrite complex documents50
BSBWRT501AWrite persuasive copy50
UEENEEE003BSolve problems in extra-low voltage single path circuits40
UEENEEE004BSolve problems in multiple path d.c. circuits40
UEENEEH007BCarry out repairs of predictable faults in general electronic apparatus40
UEENEEH011BTroubleshoot d.c. power supplies with single phase input40
UEENEEH012BTroubleshoot digital subsystems80
UEENEEH013BTroubleshoot amplifiers80
UEENEEH014BTroubleshoot frequency dependent circuits80
UEENEEH017BCarry out repairs of predictable faults in audio and video replay/recording apparatus120
UEENEEH018BFind and repair faults in electronic apparatus40
UEENEEH024BCarry out repairs of predictable faults in audio components40
UEENEEH026BProvide solutions to polyphase electronic power control problems60
UEENEEH027BCommission commercial radio frequency (RF) transmission and reception systems60
UEENEEH028BInstall microwave and antennae and waveguides60
UEENEEH039BTroubleshoot basic amplifiers40
UEENEEH042BTroubleshoot oscillators40
UEENEEH043BDiagnose and rectify faults in digital subsystems of electronic controls60
UEENEEH044BDiagnose and rectify faults in analogue circuits and components in electronic control systems60
UEENEEH045BDevelop solutions to analogue electronic problems80
UEENEEH048BDesign and develop advanced digital systems40
UEENEEH049BDevelop solutions to audio electronic problems60
UEENEEH072BFind and repair faults in communication systems80
UEENEEH073BFind and repair faults in professional audio reproduction components120
UEENEEH074BFind and repair faults in audio/video recording equipment120
UEENEEH076BDiagnose and rectify faults in display circuits60
UEENEEH077BDiagnose and rectify faults in recording and replay apparatus60
UEENEEH078BDiagnose and rectify faults in camera circuits60
UEENEEH080BDiagnose and rectify faults in digital transmission systems80
LMTCL2004BSew components50
LMTCL2013BBlock and shape headwear by machine30
LMTCL2016BTrim headwear40
LMTCL3003BPerform garment repairs and alterations40
LMTFD4006BInteract and network with fashion industry participants80
LMTFD4011BCut fabrics for prototype designs40
LMTFD4013BGrade 2D patterns80
LMTFD4015BCreate pattern from block to meet customer specifications50
LMTFD5019BAnalyse individual fit and make pattern alterations100
LMTML2008AAssemble simple blocked millinery components50
LMTML4001AUndertake specific millinery construction techniques90
LMTML4002ARejuvenate millinery40
CUVCOR02BDevelop and articulate concept for own work40
CUVCOR08BProduce drawings to represent and communicate the concept60
CUVCOR09BSelect and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept80
CUVCRS03BProduce computer-aided drawings50
CUVCRS04BProduce technical drawings50
CUVCRS06BMake scale models50
CUVDSP07BResearch and apply techniques for graphic design50
CUVDSP11BResearch and apply techniques for illustrative work50
CUVPRP02BDevelop understanding of own Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander identity150
CUVVSP14BApply techniques to produce drawings50
CUVVSP27BProduce jewellery50
CUVVSP28BResearch and experiment with techniques to produce jewellery50
CUVVSP34BApply techniques to produce paintings50
CUVVSP55BProduce textile/fibre work50
CUVVSP56BResearch and experiment with techniques to produce textile/fibre work50
CUVVSP58BProduce wood objects50
CUVVSP59BResearch and experiment with techniques to produce wood objects50
CUFAIR201ADevelop techniques for presenting information on radio30
CUFAIR301APresent radio programs30
CUFAIR302ADevelop techniques for presenting information to camera30
CUFAIR401AConduct interviews30
CUFAIR402APresent a wide range of radio material30
CUFAIR501AExplore issues on air30
CUFANM301ACreate 2D digital animations35
CUFANM302ACreate 3D digital animations75
CUFANM303ACreate 3D digital models75
CUFANM401APrepare 3D digital models for production50
CUFANM402ACreate digital visual effects70
CUFANM403ACreate titles for screen productions30
CUFANM501ACreate 3D digital character animation50
CUFANM502ACreate 3D digital environments30
CUFANM503ADesign animation and digital visual effects80
CUFBRD301APerform basic transmission operations40
CUFBRD302AProvide production support for television productions50
CUFBRD303APrepare video material for television transmission40
CUFBRD401ACoordinate television transmission operations10
CUFBRD402AVision mix television productions50
CUFBRD403ATransfer film to digital formats10
CUFBRD501AOperate master control50
CUFBRT401AInstall or upgrade broadcast equipment and facilities100
CUFBRT402AMaintain broadcast equipment and facilities100
CUFBRT403AEnsure quality of broadcast output100
CUFBRT404ACoordinate outside broadcasts100
CUFBRT501ACollaborate on the design of broadcasting facilities50
CUFCAM201AAssist with a basic camera shoot30
CUFCAM301AShoot material for screen productions60
CUFCAM302ARig camera infrastructure30
CUFCAM401AShoot a wide range of television content70
CUFCAM402AShoot television content in multi-camera environment60
CUFCAM403APlan and implement installation of camera supports30
CUFCAM404APull focus15
CUFCAM501AShoot material for screen productions under special conditions20
CUFCAM601ADirect cinematography for screen productions50
CUFCMP301AImplement copyright arrangements20
CUFCMP501AManage and exploit copyright arrangements20
CUFCOS301AMaintain costume continuity40
CUFCOS401AMake costumes40
CUFCOS402AConstruct costume components80
CUFCOS403AConstruct blocks for period costumes80
CUFCOS404ACut and drape costumes80
CUFCOS501AManage an off-site wardrobe department60
CUFCOS502ADesign and construct costume corsetry and undergarments100
CUFCOS503ACut and drape complex period costumes100
CUFCOS504ADesign costumes100
CUFCOS505ARealise costumes60
CUFDIG201AMaintain interactive content30
CUFDIG301APrepare video assets30
CUFDIG302AAuthor interactive sequences40
CUFDIG303AProduce and prepare photo images20
CUFDIG304ACreate visual design components30
CUFDIG401AAuthor interactive media50
CUFDIG402ADesign user interfaces50
CUFDIG403ACreate user interfaces50
CUFDIG404AApply scripting language in authoring60
CUFDIG501ACoordinate the testing of interactive media products40
CUFDIG502ADesign web environments50
CUFDIG503ADesign e-learning resources40
CUFDIG504ADesign games30
CUFDIG505ADesign information architecture70
CUFDIG506ADesign interaction40
CUFDIG507ADesign digital simulations50
CUFDRT401ADirect television programs and segments40
CUFDRT501ADirect rehearsals of performers50
CUFDRT502ADirect performers50
CUFDRT601AEstablish the creative vision for screen productions50
CUFDRT602AAudition and select performers50
CUFDRT603ADirect screen production crews50
CUFDRT604ADevise camera coverage50
CUFDRT605ACollaborate with editors during post-production50
CUFGMT301ARepair and maintain production equipment25
CUFHAZ401APerform hazardous action sequences using vehicles80
CUFHAZ402APerform hazardous action sequences involving fights and falls80
CUFHAZ403APerform hazardous action sequences involving natural elements80
CUFHAZ404APerform hazardous action sequences involving animals80
CUFHAZ501ACoordinate hazardous action sequences50
CUFIND201ADevelop and apply creative arts industry knowledge20
CUFIND401AProvide services on a freelance basis30
CUFIND402ADevelop screen and media specialist expertise30
CUFLGT101AApply a general knowledge of lighting to work activities20
CUFLGT301APrepare, install and test lighting equipment30
CUFLGT302ARecord and operate standard lighting cues30
CUFLGT303AInstall and operate follow spots20
CUFLGT304AOperate floor electrics20
CUFLGT401AImplement lighting designs30
CUFLGT402ASet up, record and operate lighting cues and effects30
CUFLGT501AConceive and develop lighting designs30
CUFMUP401ADesign, apply and remove make-up160
CUFMUP402AMaintain make-up and hair continuity160
CUFMUP403AStyle hair for performances or productions60
CUFMUP404AStyle wigs and hairpieces for performances or productions120
CUFMUP501ADesign and apply specialised make-up65
CUFMUP502ADesign and apply special make-up effects60
CUFMUP503ACreate prosthetics for special make-up effects110
CUFPOS201APerform basic vision and sound editing40
CUFPOS301APrepare motion picture film for printing or transfer40
CUFPOS302AProcess motion picture film40
CUFPOS303APrint motion picture film50
CUFPOS401AEdit screen content for fast turnaround30
CUFPOS402AManage media assets40
CUFPOS403AColour grade moving images50
CUFPOS404ACut and match film negative50
CUFPOS405ARestore moving images50
CUFPOS501AEdit complex screen productions50
CUFPPM301APlan and prepare programs60
CUFPPM401AProduce programs and program segments60
CUFPPM402ASchedule radio playlists25
CUFPPM403ACoordinate film and media production services and resources40
CUFPPM404ACreate storyboards40
CUFPPM405AFloor manage studio shoots30
CUFPPM406AOrganise production locations15
CUFPPM407ACoordinate continuity30
CUFPPM408ACompile production schedules40
CUFPPM409AOrganise and facilitate rehearsals30
CUFPPM501ADevelop and monitor program schedules40
CUFPPM502AWrite pre-production safety reports10
CUFPPM503AManage safety aspects of screen productions30
CUFPPM504AManage locations for film and media productions40
CUFPPM601APlan and manage film and media pre-production30
CUFPPM602APlan and manage film and media post-production35
CUFPRP201ARepair, maintain and alter props15
CUFPRP301AAssemble and maintain props20
CUFRES201ACollect and organise content for broadcast or publication20
CUFRES401AConduct research30
CUFSCE201APrepare and prime scenic art cloths25
CUFSCE202ARepair, maintain and alter scenic art15
CUFSET301AAssemble and maintain sets60
CUFSFX301AMaintain and repair special effects items50
CUFSFX401ACreate special effects items50
CUFSFX402ACoordinate the logistics of special effects operations20
CUFSOU204APerform basic sound editing30
CUFSOU301APrepare audio assets30
CUFSOU302ACompile audio material for broadcast30
CUFWRT301AWrite content for a range of media40
CUFWRT302AWrite simple stories30
CUFWRT401AEdit texts30
CUFWRT402AWrite extended stories40
CUFWRT403AWrite narration and current affairs material40
CUFWRT501ADevelop storylines and treatments50
CUFWRT601AWrite scripts50
CUFWRT602AEdit scripts50
CUEAUD06BApply a general knowledge of vision systems to work activities20
CUECOS02CApply art finishing60
CUECOS10BMake period costumes160
CUECOS11BMake character costumes80
CUECOS12BMake costumes for dance and physical theatre80
CUECOS13BCreate theatrical millinery140
CUECOS14BConstruct hard and soft sculptured costume accessories60
CUECOS15BConstruct hard and soft sculptured specialised costumes60
CUECOS302ADress performers30
CUECOS303AModify, repair and maintain costumes35
CUECOS405ACoordinate costume manufacture60
CUEIND01CSource and apply entertainment industry knowledge10
CUEIND02BResearch and evaluate theatrical references to inform industry practice60
CUEPRP02BResearch, obtain and prepare props70
CUEPRP03BApply a general knowledge of props construction20
CUEPRP04BUse casting and moulding techniques to make props50
CUEPRP05BMake prop furniture100
CUEPRP06BConstruct mechanical props100
CUEPRP07BMake props using mixed media50
CUEPRP501AConceive, develop and realise prop designs15
CUESCE04CUse research, innovation and experimentation to produce scenic art150
CUESCE05BApply a general knowledge of scenic art20
CUESCE06BUse scenic art painting techniques120
CUESCE07BCreate special effects for scenic art60
CUESCE08BRealise scenic art designs100
CUESET04CUse research, innovation and experimentation to create props150
CUESET05CApply set construction techniques65
CUESET07CUse research, innovation and experimentation to create sets150
CUESET09BConstruct soft scenery30
CUESET10BConstruct mechanical sets100
CUESET11BDevelop set construction plans to meet design requirements100
CUESET17BDevelop props construction plans to meet design requirements50
CUESET302AMake sets35
CUESET501AConceive, develop and realise set designs15
CUESMT12BAnalyse performance outline/script60
CUESOU07BApply a general knowledge of audio to work activities40
CUESTA01CInstall staging elements80
CUESTA05CApply a general knowledge of staging to work activities20
CUESTA06BApply a general knowledge of theatrical rigging60
CUETEM01CCoordinate production operations45
CUETEM03CEstablish and manage production requirements and resources45
CUETEM06BOrganise and monitor bump in/bump out150
CUETEM08BRealise productions250
CUETGE15BHandle physical elements during bump in/bump out80
ICTTC008DTerminate metallic conductor cable
ICTTC009DPlace, secure and terminate structured cabling and certify installation30
ICTTC011DPlace, secure and terminate coaxial cable
ICTTC013DPerform an accurate customer premises cable and system test
ICTTC066DJoint and terminate coaxial cable
ICTTC096DConduct field tests of radio and wireless networks
ICTTC102DRepair communication system faults
ICTTC104DMaintain an electronic system
ICTTC136CInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Restricted Rule60
ICTTC137CInstall, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling: ACMA Open Rule100
CPCCCA2001AHandle carpentry materials16
CPCCCM1005ACarry out measurements and calculations20
CPCCCM2001ARead and interpret plans and specifications36
CPCCLDG3001ALicence to perform dogging80
CPCCLRG3001ALicence to perform rigging basic level196
CPCCLRG3002ALicence to perform rigging intermediate level40
CPCCLRG4001ALicence to perform rigging advanced level40
CPCCOHS1001AWork safely in the construction industry6
CPCCSC2002AErect and dismantle basic scaffolding56
CPCCSF2001AHandle steelfixing materials24
BSBCON401AWork effectively in a business continuity context40
BSBCON601ADevelop and maintain business continuity plans60
BSBCON701AEstablish and review the business continuity management framework and strategies80
CUSMPF101ADevelop skills to play or sing music70
CUSMPF102ADevelop ensemble skills to perform simple musical parts70
CUSOHS301AFollow occupational health and safety procedures10
CUSSOU201AAssist with sound recordings35
CUSSOU202AMix sound in a broadcasting environment20
CUSSOU302ARecord and mix a basic music demo40
CUSSOU303ASet up and disassemble audio equipment40
CUSSOU304ARestore audio tracks35
CUSSOU305AAnalyse soundtracks35
CUSSOU402ADevelop and implement sound plans35
CUSSOU403APerform advanced sound editing65
CUSSOU404AEdit dialogue40
CUSSOU406ARecord sound on location35
CUSSOU407ACoordinate location sound recording35
CUSSOU501ADevelop sound designs50
CUSSOU502AProduce sound recordings100
CUSSOU503AImplement sound designs50
CUSSOU504ACreate a final sound balance85
CUSSOU505ACompile music for soundtracks35
CUSSOU601AManage production of sound designs50
CUSSOU602AManage production of sound recordings50
CUFIND301BWork effectively in the screen and media industries20
CUFIND403BWork effectively in a costume studio