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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

MSA07 Manufacturing Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
AUM4003AInterpret customer requirements40
PMBTECH502BReview and analyse production trials and specify retrials60
PSPPM402BManage simple projects65
PSPPM501BDesign complex projects80
PSPPM502BManage complex projects80
PSPPM503BClose complex projects80
PSPGOV408AValue diversity30
AURC341903AApply relevant finance, leasing and insurance contracts/policies15
AURV365356ARead and interpret vehicle body repair estimation/quotation25
MEM03001BPerform manual production assembly40
MEM03003BPerform sheet and plate assembly40
MEM03004BPerform electronic/electrical assembly (production)80
MEM03006BSet assembly stations20
MEM05005BCarry out mechanical cutting20
MEM05007CPerform manual heating and thermal cutting20
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding20
MEM05050BPerform routine gas metal arc welding20
MEM05051ASelect welding processes20
MEM05052AApply safe welding practices40
MEM06003CCarry out heat treatment60
MEM07001BPerform operational maintenance of machines/equipment20
MEM07015BSet computer controlled machines/processes20
MEM07024BOperate and monitor machine/process40
MEM07028BOperate computer controlled machines/processes20
MEM08002CPre-treat work for subsequent surface coating40
MEM08007BControl surface finish production and finished product quality40
MEM08011BPrepare surfaces using solvents and/or mechanical means20
MEM08012BPrepare surfaces by abrasive blasting (basic)40
MEM08013BPrepare surfaces by abrasive blasting (advanced)40
MEM08014BApply protective coatings (basic)40
MEM08015BApply protective coatings (advanced)40
MEM08016BControl blast coating by-products, materials and emissions10
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing20
MEM09005BPerform basic engineering detail drafting80
MEM09006BPerform advanced engineering detail drafting40
MEM09009CCreate 2D drawings using computer aided design system80
MEM09011BApply basic engineering design concepts60
MEM10002BTerminate and connect electrical wiring30
MEM11001CErect/dismantle scaffolding and equipment40
MEM11002CErect/dismantle complex scaffolding and equipment40
MEM11003BCoordinate erection/dismantling of complex scaffolding/equipment40
MEM11004BUndertake dogging40
MEM11005BPick and process order40
MEM11006BPerform production packaging20
MEM11007BAdminister inventory procedures40
MEM11010BOperate mobile load shifting equipment40
MEM11011BUndertake manual handling20
MEM11012BPurchase materials60
MEM11016BOrder materials20
MEM11017BOrganise and lead stocktakes40
MEM11021BPerform advanced operation of load shifting equipment20
MEM11022BOperate fixed/moveable load shifting equipment40
MEM12001BUse comparison and basic measuring devices20
MEM12002BPerform electrical/electronic measurement20
MEM12003BPerform precision mechanical measurement20
MEM12005BCalibrate measuring equipment60
MEM12022BProgram coordinate measuring machines (advanced)20
MEM12023APerform engineering measurements30
MEM12024APerform computations30
MEM12025AUse graphical techniques and perform simple statistical computations20
MEM13001BPerform emergency first aid10
MEM13002BUndertake occupational health and safety activities in the workplace30
MEM13003BWork safely with industrial chemicals and materials20
MEM13004BWork safely with molten metals/glass20
MEM13010ASupervise occupational health and safety in an industrial work environment.40
MEM13013BWork safely with ionizing radiation40
MEM13014AApply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment10
MEM14001BSchedule material deliveries80
MEM14002BUndertake basic process planning80
MEM14003BUndertake basic production scheduling80
MEM14004APlan to undertake a routine task10
MEM14005APlan a complete activity20
MEM15001BPerform basic statistical quality control20
MEM15002AApply quality systems20
MEM15003BUse improvement processes in team activities40
MEM15004BPerform inspection20
MEM15005BSelect and control inspection processes and procedures40
MEM15007BConduct product and/or process capability studies60
MEM15008BPerform advanced statistical quality control20
MEM15010BPerform laboratory procedures80
MEM15011BExercise external quality assurance60
MEM15012BMaintain/supervise the application of quality procedures40
MEM15024AApply quality procedures10
MEM16002CConduct formal interviews and negotiations40
MEM16003BProvide advanced customer service20
MEM16005AOperate as a team member to conduct manufacturing, engineering or related activities20
MEM16006AOrganise and communicate information20
MEM16007AWork with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment10
MEM16008AInteract with computing technology20
MEM16009AResearch and analyse engineering information20
MEM16010AWrite reports20
MEM16011ACommunicate with individuals and small groups20
MEM16012AInterpret technical specifications and manuals40
MEM16013AOperate in a self-directed team20
MEM17001BAssist in development and deliver training in the workplace20
MEM17003AAssist in the provision of on the job training20
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
MEM18003CUse tools for precision work40
MEM18010CPerform equipment condition monitoring and recording40
MEM18016BAnalyse plant and equipment condition monitoring results40
MEM18038BMaintain wheels and tyres20
MEM18045BFault find/repair electrical equipment/components up to 250 volts single phase supply40
MEM18055BDismantle, replace and assemble engineering components30
MEM22001APerform engineering activities60
MEM22002AManage self in the engineering environment40
MEM22007AManage environmental effects of engineering activities60
MEM23001AApply advanced mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment80
MEM23003AOperate and program computers and/or controllers in engineering situations80
MEM23041AApply basic scientific principles and techniques in mechanical engineering situations80
MEM24001BPerform basic penetrant testing20
MEM24002BPerform penetrant testing40
MEM24003BPerform basic magnetic particle testing20
MEM24004BPerform magnetic particle testing40
MEM24005BPerform basic eddy current testing20
MEM24006BPerform eddy current testing60
MEM24007BPerform ultrasonic thickness testing20
MEM24008BPerform ultrasonic testing60
MEM24009BPerform basic radiographic testing20
MEM24010BPerform radiographic testing60
MEM24011BEstablish non-destructive tests120
MEM30005ACalculate force systems within simple beam structures40
MEM30006ACalculate stresses in simple structures40
MEM30007ASelect common engineering materials40
MEM30008AApply basic economic and ergonomic concepts to evaluate engineering applications40
MEM30009AContribute to the design of basic mechanical systems40
MEM30010ASet up basic hydraulic circuits40
MEM30011ASet up basic pneumatic circuits40
MEM30012AApply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment40
MEM30013AAssist in the preparation of a basic workplace layout20
MEM30014AApply basic just in time systems to the reduction of waste40
MEM30015ADevelop recommendations for basic set up time improvements20
MEM30016AAssist in the analysis of a supply chain20
MEM30017AUse basic preventative maintenance techniques and tools40
MEM30018AUndertake basic process planning20
MEM30019AUse resource planning software systems in manufacturing40
MEM30020ADevelop and manage a plan for a simple manufacturing related project30
MEM30021APrepare a simple production schedule20
MEM30022AUndertake supervised procurement activities20
MEM30023APrepare a simple cost estimate for a manufactured product20
MEM30024AParticipate in quality assurance techniques30
MEM30025AAnalyse a simple electrical system circuit40
MEM30027APrepare basic programs for programmable logic controllers20
MEM30028AAssist in sales of technical products/systems20
UEPMNT420APerform Electrical/Electronic Drafting80
MSAPCI101AAdapt to work in industry30
MSAPCI102AApply effective work practices40
MSAPCI103ADemonstrate care and apply safe practices at work30
SIRXINV004ABuy merchandise50
SIRXMER004AManage merchandise and store presentation35
SIRXRSK001AMinimise theft20
SIRXRSK002AMaintain store security20
SIRXSLS002AAdvise on products and services30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBINM501AManage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBMGT403AImplement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
LMTCL2001BUse a sewing machine40
LMTCL2003BIdentify fibres and fabrics50
LMTCL2006BPress work20
LMTCL2007BLay up, mark and cut uncomplicated fabrics and lays20
LMTCL2008BFinish garment production20
LMTGN2008BCoordinate work of team or section30
LMTGN4002AParticipate in product engineering50
LMTGN4016AContribute to the development of products or processes50
LMTGN5004AManage installation and commissioning of equipment and systems80
MSAPMOHS100AFollow OHS procedures20
MSAPMOHS110AFollow emergency response procedures20
MSAPMOHS200AWork safely30
MSAPMOHS205AControl minor incidents30
MSAPMOHS212AUndertake first response to fire incidents30
MSAPMOHS216AOperate breathing apparatus20
MSAPMOHS217AGas test atmospheres30
MSAPMOHS220AProvide initial First Aid response30
MSAPMOHS300AFacilitate the implementation of OHS for a work group40
MSAPMOHS400AContribute to OHS management system40
MSAPMOHS401AAssess risk40
MSAPMOHS503AMaintain the workplace OHS management system50
MSAPMOHS510AManage risk50
MSAPMOHS601AEstablish workplace OHS management system60
MSAPMOPS100AUse equipment30
MSAPMOPS101AMake measurements30
MSAPMOPS102APerform tasks to support production30
MSAPMOPS200AOperate equipment40
MSAPMOPS212AUse organisation computers or data systems30
MSAPMOPS244ALayout and cut materials30
MSAPMOPS363AOrganise on site work30
MSAPMOPS400AOptimise process/plant area60
MSAPMOPS401ATrial new process or product60
MSAPMOPS404ACo-ordinate maintenance40
MSAPMOPS405AIdentify problems in fluid power system50
MSAPMOPS406AIdentify problems in electronic control systems50
MSAPMPER201AMonitor and control work permits20
MSAPMSUP100AApply workplace procedures20
MSAPMSUP101AClean workplace or equipment20
MSAPMSUP102ACommunicate in the workplace20
MSAPMSUP106AWork in a team30
MSAPMSUP172AIdentify and minimise environmental hazards20
MSAPMSUP200AAchieve work outcomes30
MSAPMSUP201AReceive or despatch goods20
MSAPMSUP204APack products or materials20
MSAPMSUP205ATransfer loads20
MSAPMSUP210AProcess and record information30
MSAPMSUP230AMonitor process operations30
MSAPMSUP240AUndertake minor maintenance30
MSAPMSUP273AHandle goods20
MSAPMSUP280AManage conflict at work20
MSAPMSUP291AParticipate in continuous improvement30
MSAPMSUP292ASample and test materials and product40
MSAPMSUP300AIdentify and implement opportunities to maximise production efficiencies40
MSAPMSUP301AApply HACCP to the workplace40
MSAPMSUP303AIdentify equipment faults40
MSAPMSUP309AMaintain and organise workplace records20
MSAPMSUP310AContribute to the development of plant documentation30
MSAPMSUP330ADevelop and adjust a production schedule30
MSAPMSUP382AProvide coaching/mentoring in the workplace40
MSAPMSUP383AFacilitate a team30
MSAPMSUP390AUse structured problem solving tools40
MSAPMSUP400ADevelop and monitor quality systems50
PMBFIN201CFinish products and components30
PMBFIN205CHand decorate products40
PMBHAN103CShift materials safely by hand20
PMBPREP205CAssemble materials and equipment for production30
PMBPREP206CPrepare materials to formulae30
PMBPREP301CSet up and prepare for production30
PMBPREP303CSet up equipment for continuous operation30
PMBPREP304CSet a die50
PMBPREP305BChange extrusion die and setup50
PMBPROD221BOperate rotational moulding equipment60
PMBPROD235CUse materials and process knowledge to complete work operations50
PMBPROD236COperate hand held air/power equipment for production processes40
PMBPROD240CCut materials30
PMBPROD241CLay up rubber lining or lag pulleys30
PMBPROD242ABond polymers to surfaces40
PMBPROD247CHand lay up composites60
PMBPROD248CPrepare surfaces for coating20
PMBPROD265COperate portable vulcanising equipment20
PMBPROD321BProduce rotational moulded products60
PMBPROD323CProduce powder coated products40
PMBPROD347BProduce composites using hand lamination50
PMBPROD375BVulcanise products using an autoclave40
PMBPROD380BProduce composites using chopper gun/depositor50
PMBPROD430BTrial a new die/tool60
PMBPROD431BTrial a new, advanced or complex mould40
PMBTECH301BUse material and process knowledge to solve problems40
PMBTECH302AModify existing compounds40
PMBTECH303AMake minor modifications to products40
PMBTECH401BPredict polymer properties and characteristics60
PMBTECH402BSet advanced or complex dies60
PMBTECH403BTest fibre-composites materials and laminates40
PMBTECH404BMould chemical resistant and/or fire retardant fibre-composites40
PMBTECH405BRepair damaged fibre-composites structures50
PMBTECH406ADiagnose production equipment problems50
PMBTECH501BAnalyse equipment performance50
PMBTECH503BDetermine rheology and output of plastics materials from processing equipment70
PMBTECH504BDetermine heat transfer loads for processing equipment50
PMBTECH505BChoose polymer materials for an application50
PMBTECH506BAnalyse the design of products and tools80
PMBTECH507BDevelop fibre composite products using cored-laminate techniques70
PMBTECH508ADevelop a new compound60
PMBTECH509AModify an existing product50
PMBTECH510AAnalyse failure in polymeric materials60
PMBTECH601BDevelop a new product100
PMBTECH602BDevelop a new die or tool150
PMBTECH603BDesign structural/mechanical polymer components100
PMAOHS310BInvestigate incidents30
PMAOHS420BDevelop First Aid procedures and manage resources40
PMAOMIR407BAudit incident preparedness and established response systems80
PMAOMIR418BCoordinate incident response40
PMAOMIR424BDevelop and maintain community relationships30
PMAOMIR430BConduct and assess incident exercises35
PMAOMIR444BDevelop incident containment tactics40
PMAOMIR449BMonitor legal compliance obligations during incidents40
PMAOPS101CRead dials and indicators15
PMAOPS350BMatch and adjust colour50
PMAOPS402ARespond to abnormal process situations50
PMAOPS405AOperate complex control systems80
PMAOPS410BMonitor remote production facilities40
PMAOPS411BManage plant shutdown and restart40
PMAOPS450BSolve colour problems50
PMAOPS500AOptimise production systems100
PMAOPS550BDevelop a colour formulation60
PMAOPS600CModify plant60
PMASUP410BDevelop plant documentation30
PMASUP420BMinimise environmental impact of process40
PMASUP432BCoordinate pipeline projects40
PMASUP440BCommission/recommission plant40
PMASUP441CDecommission plant20
PMASUP445AParticipate in HAZOP studies40
PMASUP520BReview procedures to minimise environmental impact of process40
PMASUP540BAnalyse equipment performance50
MSAPCII295AOperate manufacturing equipment40
MSAPCII296AMake a small furniture item from timber40
MSAPCII297AMake an object from cloth using an existing pattern40
MSAPCII298AMake an object from metal40
MSAPCII299AMake an object from plastic40
MSAPMOHS210BUndertake first response to non-fire incidents20
MSAPMPER202AObserve permit work20
MSAPMPER400ACoordinate permit process30
MSATCM301ATest the mechanical properties of materials30
MSATCM302AMonitor ferrous melting and casting processes30
MSATCM303AMonitor non-ferrous melting and casting processes30
MSATCM304AInterpret basic binary phase diagrams20
MSATCM305ADemonstrate basic knowledge of casting operations30
MSATCM401APrepare and examine metallographic samples40
MSATCM402AMonitor and test sands, cores and moulds40
MSATCM403AEvaluate mould design and gating40
MSATCM404AUndertake and interpret results of chemical analysis on metal samples50
MSATCM405ADetermine and supervise heat treatment of metal40
MSATCM406AApply basic chemical principles to metallurgy60
MSATCM501ACalculate and predict chemical outcomes in metallurgical situations40
MSATCM502AIdentify and describe equipment for mineral and chemical processing plants40
MSATCM503ARecommend a refractory for an application40
MSATCM504ASelect metal forming process50
MSATCM505ASelect metal joining process50
MSATCM506AMonitor blast furnace operations50
MSATCM507AMonitor primary steel making process50
MSATCM508AMonitor secondary steelmaking operations50
MSATCM509ARecommend ferrous and non ferrous metals or alloys for an application50
MSATCM510AApply metallurgical principles and techniques in welding and other thermal processes60
MSATCM511AApply metallurgy principles and practice to determine metal forming and shaping processes60
MSATCM512AApply metallurgy principles and practice to optimise furnace operation60
MSATCM513APlan and complete metallurgical projects40
MSATCM514ASelect surface treatment methods for metallic components or products40
MSATCM515AAnalyse metallurgical failures of components and recommend preventative measures60
MSATCM516ASelect non metallic materials for engineering applications60
MSATCM517ADetermine corrosion prevention strategies for metal and alloys60
MSATCM518AInterpret complex binary phase diagrams40
MSATCS301AInterpret architectural and engineering design specifications for structural steel detailing40
MSATCS302ADetail bolts and welds for structural steelwork connections20
MSATCS501ADetail standardised structural connections60
MSATCS502ADetail structural steel members80
MSATCS503AIncorporate structural steel detailing into fabrication and construction project management60
MSATCS504ADetail ancillary steelwork40
RIIOHS204AWork safely at heights20
MSAPMOPS201ACut polymer materials20
MSAPMOPS202AFabricate polymer materials40
MSAPMOPS301ATreat corrosion20
MSATMINS301AInspect a range of simple measures30
MSATMINS302AInspect a range of simple measuring instruments30
MSATMINS401AInspect a range of weighing instruments60
MSATMINS402AInspect a range of liquid measuring instruments using volume measures60
MSATMINS403AInspect a range of trading practices50
MSATMINS404AInspect a range of pre-packaged products60
MSATMINS501AInspect a range of complex measuring instruments60
MSATMREF301AUse and maintain reference standards20
MSATMVER301AVerify simple measures30
MSATMVER302AVerify a simple measuring instrument30
MSATMVER401AVerify a limited weighing instrument60
MSATMVER402AVerify a liquid measuring instrument using volume measures60
MSATMVER403AVerify inspector's class reference standards50
MSATMVER501AVerify a complex measuring instrument50
MEM12006CMark off/out (general engineering)40
MEM18006CRepair and fit engineering components60
MEM24012CApply metallurgy principles40
MSL913001ACommunicate with other people40
MSL913002APlan and conduct laboratory/field work40
MSL922001ARecord and present data40
MSL933001AMaintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose30
MSL933002AContribute to the achievement of quality objectives30
MSL933003AApply critical control point requirements40
MSL934001AContribute to the ongoing development of HACCP plans60
MSL934002AApply quality system and continuous improvement processes80
MSL943001AWork safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation60
MSL943002AParticipate in laboratory/field workplace safety40
MSL952001ACollect routine site samples30
MSL952002AHandle and transport samples or equipment30
MSL953001AReceive and prepare samples for testing30
MSL954001AObtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan40
MSL963001AOperate basic handblowing equipment60
MSL963002ARepair glass apparatus using simple glassblowing equipment40
MSL973001APerform basic tests60
MSL973002APrepare working solutions50
MSL973003APrepare culture media30
MSL973004APerform aseptic techniques40
MSL973005AAssist with fieldwork40
MSL973006APrepare trial batches for evaluation40
MSL973007APerform microscopic examination40
MSL973012AAssist with geotechnical site investigations40
MSL974001APrepare, standardise and use solutions100
MSL974002AConduct geotechnical site investigations60
MSL974003APerform chemical tests and procedures100
MSL974005APerform physical tests100
MSL974010APerform mechanical tests80
MSL975016APerform complex tests to measure engineering properties of materials40
PMC554020DDesign and prepare models, moulds and dies
PMC554090BUndertake simple refractory design
PMC554091BAnalyse refractory failures
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
MSAENV272BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSAENV472BImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
MSAENV672BDevelop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability50
MSAPMPER200CWork in accordance with an issued permit20
MSAPMPER205CEnter confined space30
MSAPMPER300CIssue work permits20
FPICOT2238ACut materials with a hand-held chainsaw40
PMAOPS280BInterpret process plant schematics20
FNSORG501ADevelop and manage a budget
FDFOP2005AWork in a socially diverse environment30
TLIA5058AManage facility and inventory requirements140
TLID2010AOperate a forklift40
TLIL4059AImplement asset management systems40
TLIL5055AManage a supply chain60
TLIP4013AImplement and monitor logistics planning and process80
TLIR4003ANegotiate a contract40
TLIR4008AImplement and supervise stocktaking procedures40
TLIR4009AImplement purchasing systems40
TLIR4010APlan purchasing50
TLIR5005AManage a contract40
TLIR5006ADevelop, implement and review purchasing strategies60
TLIX5015AEstablish supply chains20
MSAPMOPS601ADesign equipment and system modifications80
MSAPMWJ201AUse high pressure water jetting equipment60
MSAPMWJ301AOperate a high pressure water jetting system60
MSARVG201ATow a recreational vehicle safely10
MSARVS201AInstall LP gas systems in a recreational vehicle105
MSARVS202ARepair/service LP gas systems in a recreational vehicle30
MSARVS301ADevelop and update caravan industry knowledge20
MSARVS401AAssess and quote to service a recreational vehicle40
MSARVT201AApply technical knowledge of recreational vehicle manufacturing to work activities20
MSS015002ADevelop strategies for more sustainable use of resources70
MSS015015AEvaluate sustainability impact of a process80
RIIRIS201BConduct local risk control20
TAEASS403BParticipate in assessment validation20
TAEASS402BAssess competence15
TAEASS401BPlan assessment activities and processes20
BSBCUS501CManage quality customer service40
UEGNSG604BFill gas cylinders45
MSS402001AApply competitive systems and practices40
MSS402002ASustain process improvements40
MSS402010AManage the impact of change on own work40
MSS402020AApply quick changeover procedures40
MSS402021AApply Just in Time procedures30
MSS402030AApply cost factors to work practices40
MSS402031AInterpret product costs in terms of customer requirements30
MSS402040AApply 5S procedures40
MSS402050AMonitor process capability30
MSS402051AApply quality standards30
MSS402060AUse planning software systems in operations40
MSS402061AUse SCADA systems in operations30
MSS402080AUndertake root cause analysis50
MSS402081AContribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy30
MSS403001AImplement competitive systems and practices50
MSS403002AEnsure process improvements are sustained50
MSS403010AFacilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices50
MSS403011AFacilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices40
MSS403013ALead team culture improvement40
MSS403021AFacilitate a Just in Time system50
MSS403030AImprove cost factors in work practices50
MSS403032AAnalyse manual handling processes50
MSS403040AFacilitate and improve implementation of 5S50
MSS403041AFacilitate breakthrough improvements40
MSS403051AMistake proof an operational process50
MSS404050AUndertake process capability improvements50
MSS404052AApply statistics to operational processes40
MSS404060AFacilitate the use of planning software systems in a work area or team50
MSS404061AFacilitate the use of SCADA systems in a team or work area50
MSS404082AAssist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy50
MSS404081AUndertake proactive maintenance analyses50
MSS404083ASupport proactive maintenance50
MSS405001ADevelop competitive systems and practices for an organisation60
MSS405002AAnalyse and map a value stream60
MSS405003AManage a value stream60
MSS405004ADevelop business plans in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices60
MSS405005AManage competitive systems and practices responding to individual and unique customer orders60
MSS405010AManage relationships with non-customer external organisations60
MSS405011AManage people relationships60
MSS405012AManage workplace learning60
MSS405020ADevelop quick changeover procedures60
MSS405021ADevelop a Just in Time system60
MSS405022ADesign a process layout80
MSS405023ADevelop a levelled pull system for operations and processes60
MSS405030AOptimise cost of a product or service60
MSS405032AAnalyse cost implications of maintenance strategy60
MSS405031AUndertake value analysis of product or process costs in terms of customer requirements60
MSS405040AManage 5S system in an organisation60
MSS405041AImplement improvement systems in an organisation60
MSS405050ADetermine and improve process capability80
MSS405052ADesign an experiment80
MSS405053AManage application of six sigma for process control and improvement60
MSS405060ADevelop the application of enterprise control systems in an organisation60
MSS405061ADetermine and establish information collection requirements and processes60
MSS405070ADevelop and manage sustainable energy practices70
MSS405081ADevelop a proactive maintenance strategy60
MSS405075AFacilitate the development of a new product80
MSS405082AAdapt a proactive maintenance strategy to the process operations sector60
MSS405083AAdapt a proactive maintenance strategy for a seasonal or cyclical business60
MSABLIC001License to operate a standard boiler40
MSABLIC002License to operate an advanced boiler60
SIRXCCS201Apply point-of-sale handling procedures20
SIRXMER303Coordinate merchandise presentation35
MEM09204AProduce basic engineering detail drawings80
MEM09205AProduce electrical schematic drawings80
MEM09210ACreate 3-D solid models using computer-aided design (CAD) system80
MEM09216AInterpret and produce curved 3-D shapes and patterns40
MEM30031AOperate computer-aided design (CAD) system to produce basic drawing elements40
MEM30032AProduce basic engineering drawings80
MEM30033AUse computer-aided design (CAD) to create and display 3-D models80
MEM09155APrepare mechanical models for computer-aided engineering (CAE)60
MEM09156APrepare mechatronic models for computer-aided engineering (CAE)60
MEM09157APerform mechanical engineering design drafting80
MEM09158APerform mechatronics engineering design drafting80
MEM14085AApply mechanical engineering analysis techniques60
MEM14086AApply mechatronic engineering analysis techniques60
MEM14088AApply maintenance engineering techniques to equipment and component repairs and modifications80
MEM14087AApply manufactured product design techniques60
MEM14089AIntegrate mechanical fundamentals into an engineering task60
MEM14091AIntegrate manufacturing fundamentals into an engineering task60
MEM14090AIntegrate mechatronic fundamentals into an engineering task60
MEM14092AIntegrate maintenance fundamentals into an engineering task60
MEM22012ACoordinate resources for an engineering project or operation60
MEM22013ACoordinate engineering projects60
MEM22015ASource and estimate engineering materials requirements40
MEM22014ACoordinate engineering-related manufacturing operations60
MEM22017ACoordinate continuous improvement and technical development40
MEM22018ACoordinate sales and promotion of engineering-related products or services60
MEM23004AApply technical mathematics80
MEM23006AApply fluid and thermodynamics principles in engineering80
MEM23007AApply calculus to engineering tasks80
MEM23063ASelect and test mechanical engineering materials60
MEM23064ASelect and test mechatronic engineering materials60
MEM23109AApply engineering mechanics principles60
MEM23111ASelect electrical equipment and components for engineering applications40
MEM23112AInvestigate electrical and electronic controllers in engineering applications40
MEM23113AEvaluate hydrodynamic systems and system components60
MEM23114AEvaluate thermodynamic systems and components60
MEM23115AEvaluate fluid power systems60
MEM23116AEvaluate programmable logic controller and related control system component applications60
MEM23117AEvaluate microcontroller applications60
MEM23118AApply production and service control techniques80
MEM23119AEvaluate continuous improvement processes80
MEM23120ASelect mechanical machine and equipment components80
MEM23121AAnalyse loads on frames and mechanisms80
MEM23122AEvaluate computer integrated manufacturing systems80
MEM23123AEvaluate manufacturing processes60
MEM23125AEvaluate maintenance systems60
MEM23124AMeasure and analyse noise and vibration60
SITXMGT501Establish and conduct business relationships60
SITXMPR401Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials60
SITXMPR402Create a promotional display or stand30
SITXMPR404Coordinate marketing activities30
AURAAA4002Determine retail rates for work60
AURACA3002Establish customer requirements of a complex nature40
AURACA2001Establish relations with customers20
AURACA3003Build customer relations20
AURAFA2004Solve routine problems in an automotive workplace20
AURAFA5007Develop and document specifications and procedures40
AURALA3001Determine legal aspects of an automotive service and repair contract40
AURAKA3002Adapt work processes to new technologies40
AURAMA3004Maintain business image15
AURAMA5006Contribute to business improvement120
AURAMA4005Manage complex customer issues50
AURANN4001Prepare a vehicle repair quotation15
AURATA3005Estimate complex jobs30
AURETB3001Repair electric braking systems20
AURETR2010Fabricate, test and repair wiring harnesses and looms40
AURETR2012Test and repair basic electrical circuits40
AURETR2015Inspect and service batteries10
AURSAA2001Process customer complaints20
AURSBA3002Apply automotive parts interpretation process40
AURSCA2001Select automotive parts and products100
AURSCA2002Present stock and sales area20
AURSCA2003Apply sales procedures40
AURSCA2004Carry out cash, credit and funds transfers35
AURSCA2005Sell products40
AURSCA2006Promote products and services20
AURSLA2001Apply legal requirements relating to product sale15
AURTNA5001Estimate and calculate costs to repair, maintain or modify a vehicle40
AURTTA3017Carry out vehicle safety and roadworthy inspections10
AURTTB2001Inspect and service braking systems20
AURTTD2004Inspect and service suspension systems10
AURTTJ2002Remove and refit wheel hubs and associated brake components20
AURTTY3001Repair chassis, frame and associated components80
AURVTG3011Install side windows15
AURVTN2005Remove and fit protector mouldings, transfers and decals15
AURVTN4032Determine vehicle damage and recommended repair procedures40
AURVTP2007Apply paint touch-up techniques30
AURVTS3004Repair fibreglass and composite material components30
AURVTT3016Fabricate frame structures40
AURVTT3015Fabricate canvas products30
AURVTT3019Fabricate and install canopies and curtains40
BSBWRK510AManage employee relations80
MSFFM1002Operate basic woodworking machines100
MSFFM2003Select and apply hardware16
MSFFM2002Assemble furnishing components20
MSFSF2001Cut single layer fabrics40
MSFSF1001Produce basic soft furnishing accessories100
MSFFM2001Use furniture making sector hand and power tools40
MSFFM2005Join solid timber8
AUMGTT001Apply trim to vehicle components10
AUMFTA001Document manufacturing design processes80
AUMANA001Prepare and document quotations40