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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

HLT07 Health Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
CULMS410AProvide research assistance60
LGAEHRW507APlan and coordinate a waste collection or recycling service60
RTC2012APlant trees and shrubs20
RTC2301AUndertake operational maintenance of machinery30
RTC2307AOperate machinery and equipment30
RTC2401ATreat weeds40
RTC2404ATreat plant pests, diseases and disorders30
RTC2706AApply chemicals under supervision30
RTC3401AControl weeds70
RTC3404AControl plant pests, diseases and disorders80
RTC3704APrepare and apply chemicals70
RTC3705ATransport, handle and store chemicals50
RTD4802ADevelop approaches to include cultural and human diversity40
RTD4910AReport on project60
RTF2017APrune shrubs and small trees35
RTF2024ATend nursery plants30
RTF3004AImplement a grassed area maintenance program60
RTF3010AEstablish turf60
RTF3014AImplement a propagation plan90
RTE2604AMaintain drainage systems20
PRMCC01AUse hot water extraction25
PRMCC03AUse dry foam shampoo15
PRMCC04AUse dry absorbent compound25
PRMCC05AUse wet foam shampoo15
PRMCC07APerform basic stain removal20
PRMCL01BMaintain a hard floor surface15
PRMCL02BRestore a hard floor surface15
PRMCL03BReplace a hard floor finish20
PRMCL04BMaintain a carpeted floor8
PRMCL09BClean glass surfaces10
PRMCL10BClean ceiling surfaces and fittings8
PRMCL13BClean window coverings10
PRMCL14BMaintain a clean room' environment10
PRMCL15BMaintain furniture and fittings and room dressing8
PRMCL16BWash furniture and fittings6
PRMCL17BClean a wet area20
PRMCL19BRemove waste10
PRMCL20BClean using pressure washing10
PRMCL22BOrganise and monitor cleaning operations20
PRMCL33BPlan for safe and efficient cleaning activities15
PRMCL35BMaintain a cleaning storage area15
PRMCL37AClean external surfaces10
LGACOM407BManage finances within a budget40
LGACOM502BDevise and conduct community consultations40
LGACOM503BPrepare a budget40
LGAEHRW505BImplement strategies to minimise the impact of waste on the environment40
LGAEHRH502BImplement immunisation programs40
LGAEHRW601BConduct waste management audits and assess needs60
PSPMNGT605BManage diversity60
PSPPM402BManage simple projects65
SRCAQU008BApply the principles of movement in water to aquatic activities10
SRFFIT004BDevelop basic fitness programs20
SRFFIT005BApply basic exercise science to exercise instruction15
AURS241608ACarry out cash and/or credit/funds transfer transactions35
SRXGOV004BWork effectively with the Board of an organisation18
MEM04011BProduce polymer patterns80
MEM04015BDevelop and manufacture vacuum forming moulds and associated equipment60
MEM05004CPerform routine oxy acetylene welding20
MEM05005BCarry out mechanical cutting20
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding20
MEM05020CPerform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process40
MEM06007BPerform basic incidental heat/quenching, tempering and annealing20
MEM08010BManually finish/polish materials60
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing20
MEM10002BTerminate and connect electrical wiring30
MEM12023APerform engineering measurements30
MEM12024APerform computations30
MEM14004APlan to undertake a routine task10
MEM14005APlan a complete activity20
MEM15024AApply quality procedures10
MEM16006AOrganise and communicate information20
MEM16008AInteract with computing technology20
MEM16013AOperate in a self-directed team20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
MEM18003CUse tools for precision work40
MEM18004BMaintain and overhaul mechanical equipment40
MEM18030BDiagnose and rectify low voltage electrical systems80
HLTDA417ATake a clinical photograph20
FNSACCT604BMonitor corporate governance activities60
FNSICGEN305BMaintain daily financial/business records20
FNSRETA309BBalance cash holdings10
TLID1007COperate a forklift40
TLID107CShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
SIRPDIS001AAccept prescriptions and deliver medicine10
SIRPDIS002ADeliver prescription medicines to customers outside the pharmacy8
SIRPDIS003AAssist in dispensary operations45
SIRXSLS001ASell products and services20
CPPCMN4001ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability40
CPPCMN4002AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBADM101AUse business equipment and resources15
BSBADM311AMaintain business resources15
BSBADM409ACoordinate business resources30
BSBADM502BManage meetings30
BSBADV507BDevelop a media plan60
BSBADV509ACreate mass print media advertisements30
BSBADV510ACreate mass electronic media advertisements50
BSBAUD402BParticipate in a quality audit40
BSBAUD503BLead a quality audit60
BSBAUD504BReport on a quality audit60
BSBCMM201ACommunicate in the workplace40
BSBCMM401AMake a presentation30
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS401ACoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFIA402AReport on financial activity30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFLM303CContribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBFLM305CSupport operational plan40
BSBFLM309CSupport continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBHRM401AReview human resources functions40
BSBHRM402ARecruit, select and induct staff50
BSBHRM502AManage human resources management information systems60
BSBHRM506AManage recruitment selection and induction processes60
BSBHRM507AManage separation or termination50
BSBHRM509AManage rehabilitation or return to work programs50
BSBINM201AProcess and maintain workplace information30
BSBINM202AHandle mail15
BSBINM301AOrganise workplace information30
BSBINM501AManage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBINM601AManage knowledge and information80
BSBINN201AContribute to workplace innovation35
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBITU101AOperate a personal computer20
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU202ACreate and use spreadsheets30
BSBITU303ADesign and produce text documents90
BSBITU306ADesign and produce business documents80
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBLED501ADevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBMED301BInterpret and apply medical terminology appropriately60
BSBMED302BPrepare and process medical accounts30
BSBMED303BMaintain patient records20
BSBMED305BApply the principles of confidentiality, privacy and security within the medical environment20
BSBMED401BManage patient record keeping system50
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT403AImplement continuous improvement40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT605BProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBMGT617ADevelop and implement a business plan60
BSBMKG413APromote products and services40
BSBMKG501BIdentify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBMKG502BEstablish and adjust the marketing mix60
BSBMKG514AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBMKG608ADevelop organisational marketing objectives60
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRKG301BControl records40
BSBRKG303BRetrieve information from records25
BSBRKG401BReview the status of a record20
BSBRKG402BProvide information from and about records20
BSBRKG502BManage and monitor business or records systems40
BSBRSK401AIdentify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBRSK501AManage risk60
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR202AOrganise and complete daily work activities20
BSBWOR203AWork effectively with others15
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR301AOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWRK410AImplement industrial relations procedures50
BSBWRK509AManage industrial relations80
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
LMTGN2005BPerform minor maintenance30
LMTGN2006BPerform test or inspection to check product quality20
LMTGN2008BCoordinate work of team or section30
LMTGN2010BPerform tasks to support production30
LMTGN3001BControl production in a section of a textiles, clothing and footwear enterprise30
LMTGN3005BPlan tasks to assist production operations30
LMTGN4005APlan and implement production within a work area60
LMTLA2002AOperate washing machines60
LMTLA2003AControl washing extractor operation60
LMTLA2004APerform linen rewash40
LMTLA2005AOperate hydro extractor40
LMTLA2006APerform conditioning and drying processes80
LMTLA2007AFinish products for despatch30
LMTLA2008ARepair damaged laundry items40
LMTLA2009AInspect, fold and pack theatre linen40
LMTLA2010APrepare products for storage or despatch60
CUFWRT301AWrite content for a range of media40
CUFWRT403AWrite narration and current affairs material40
SITHCCC002APresent food5
SITHCCC005AUse basic methods of cookery55
SITHCCC006APrepare appetisers and salads25
SITHCCC007APrepare sandwiches6
SITHCCC008APrepare stocks, sauces and soups35
SITHCCC009APrepare vegetables, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes45
SITHCCC029APrepare foods according to dietary and cultural needs35
SITHCCC032AApply cook-chill production processes80
SITXFSA001AImplement food safety procedures40
SITXHRM003ARoster staff20
SITXINV001AReceive and store stock10
SITXINV002AControl and order stock30
SITXOHS002AFollow workplace hygiene procedures25
PUACOM005BFoster a positive organisational image in the community30
PUACOM007BLiaise with other organisations20
PUAEME001BProvide emergency care40
PUAFIR201BPrevent injury90
PUASAR001BParticipate in a rescue operation20
PUASAR002BUndertake road accident rescue20
PUASAR003BUndertake technical rescue
PUASAR004BUndertake vertical rescue30
PUASAR005BUndertake confined space rescue30
PUASAR006BUndertake trench rescue
PUASAR007BUndertake structural collapse rescue
PUASAR008BSearch as a member of a land search team
PUASAR009BParticipate in an aquatic rescue operation
CHCAC317ASupport older people to maintain their independence20
CHCAC319AProvide support to people living with dementia55
CHCAOD201DPrepare for alcohol and other drugs work70
CHCAOD407DProvide needle and syringe services50
CHCAOD408AAssess needs of clients with alcohol and/or other drugs issues125
CHCAOD409DProvide alcohol and/or other drug withdrawal services150
CHCAOD510AWork effectively with clients with complex alcohol and/or other drugs issues75
CHCCD307CSupport community resources30
CHCCD505DDevelop community resources90
CHCCD508CSupport community action90
CHCCD509CSupport community leadership90
CHCCD514AImplement community development strategies70
CHCCD606CEstablish and develop community organisations90
CHCCD615ADevelop and implement community development strategies150
CHCCD618BFacilitate the development of community capacity to manage place150
CHCCD619BEstablish and maintain community, government and business partnerships150
CHCCH225APrepare to work in social housing30
CHCCHILD404ASupport the rights and safety of children and young people40
CHCCM401DUndertake case management20
CHCCM402DEstablish and monitor a case plan50
CHCCM503CDevelop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management75
CHCCM504CPromote high quality case management90
CHCCOM201CCommunicate with people accessing the services of the organisation15
CHCCOM403AUse targeted communication skills to build relationships55
CHCCOM504ADevelop, implement and promote effective workplace communication80
CHCCS311CDeliver and monitor services to clients20
CHCCS403BProvide brief intervention75
CHCCS416AAssess and provide services for clients with complex needs50
CHCCS419BProvide support services to clients50
CHCCS422ARespond holistically to client issues and refer appropriately75
CHCCS503ADevelop, implement and review services and programs to meet client needs70
CHCCS521AAssess and respond to individuals at risk of suicide110
CHCCS604AManage the delivery of quality services to clients90
CHCCSL501AWork within a structured counselling framework90
CHCCSL503AFacilitate the counselling relationship120
CHCCSL507ASupport clients in decision-making processes120
CHCCSL509AReflect and improve upon counselling skills90
CHCCW402CImplement a case work strategy50
CHCCW503AWork intensively with clients75
CHCDFV301ARecognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV402CManage own professional development in responding to domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV403CProvide crisis intervention and support to those experiencing domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV404CPromote community awareness of domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV406CProvide domestic and family violence support in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities60
CHCDFV408CProvide support to children affected by domestic and family violence70
CHCDFV505CCounsel clients affected by domestic and family violence70
CHCDIS220BPrepare for disability work30
CHCDIS313ASupport people with disabilities who are ageing50
CHCDIS507CDesign and adapt surroundings to group requirements90
CHCGROUP201CSupport the activities of existing groups20
CHCGROUP302DSupport group activities20
CHCGROUP403DPlan and conduct group activities50
CHCICS301AProvide support to meet personal care needs50
CHCICS303ASupport individual health and emotional well being30
CHCINF302CMaintain the organisation's information systems40
CHCINF505CMeet statutory and organisation information requirements90
CHCMH408BProvide interventions to meet the needs of consumers with mental health and AOD issues90
CHCMH409AFacilitate consumer, family and carer participation in the recovery process50
CHCMH504DProvide a range of services to people with mental health issues150
CHCNET301DParticipate in networks20
CHCNET503CDevelop new networks75
CHCORG322BContribute to implementation of service delivery strategy40
CHCORG428AReflect on and improve own professional practice120
CHCORG529BProvide coaching and motivation70
CHCORG607CManage workplace issues75
CHCORG619CManage quality of organisation's service delivery outcomes90
CHCORG620CPromote and represent the service90
CHCORG621CAct as a resource to other services90
CHCORG626BManage a service level agreement150
CHCORG627BProvide mentoring support to colleagues60
CHCPOL301BParticipate in policy development20
CHCPOL403BUndertake research activities50
CHCPOL504BDevelop and implement policy90
CHCPOL505BManage research activities75
CHCPROM401BShare health information50
CHCPROM502BImplement health promotion and community intervention75
CHCSD512CAct as a resource to workers40
CHCTC302AProvide client-centred telephone counselling60
CHCTC403AProvide telephone counselling in crisis situations70
CHCTC404AProvide competent suicide intervention in a telephone counselling context65
CHCYTH404DSupport young people in crisis40
CHCYTH407DRespond to critical situations90
CHCYTH501ADevelop and implement procedures to enable young people to address their needs55
CHCYTH505DSupport youth programs150
CHCYTH506AProvide services for young people appropriate to their needs and circumstances115
CHCYTH608CManage service response to young people in crisis150
SIFMWK003AClean and sterilise mortuary items and equipment25
LGAEHRH506BMonitor premises to minimise the spread of infectious diseases
LGAEHRR501CImplement council's responsibilities in food safety
MEM05010CApply fabrication, forming and shaping techniques80
MEM05019DWeld using gas tungsten arc welding process40
MEM05026CApply welding principles40
MEM07005CPerform general machining80
MEM18006CRepair and fit engineering components60
MSL924002AUse laboratory application software60
MSL925001AAnalyse data and report results80
MSL934002AApply quality system and continuous improvement processes80
MSL935001AMonitor the quality of test results and data40
MSL953001AReceive and prepare samples for testing30
MSL973002APrepare working solutions50
MSL973003APrepare culture media30
MSL973004APerform aseptic techniques40
MSL973007APerform microscopic examination40
MSL974006APerform biological procedures130
MSL974011APrepare tissue and cell cultures50
MSL975001APerform microbiological tests140
MSL975002APerform haematological tests130
MSL975003APerform histological tests150
MSL975004APerform chemical pathology tests130
MSL975006APerform immunohaematological tests80
MSL975013APerform tissue and cell culture techniques100
MSL975014APerform molecular biology tests and procedures150
TAEASS402AAssess competence15
TAEDEL301AProvide work skill instruction40
TAEDEL401APlan, organise and deliver group-based learning30
TAEDEL402APlan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace25
BSBFLM312CContribute to team effectiveness40
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
BSBWOR502BEnsure team effectiveness60
CPPCMN3001BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
PUADEFEO101DWork safely with explosive ordnance
SITHCCC001BOrganise and prepare food25
SITHCCC003BReceive and store kitchen supplies6
SITHCCC004BClean and maintain kitchen premises6
BSBATSIW515CSecure funding40
BSBHRM503BManage performance management systems60
BSBHRM505BManage remuneration and employee benefits60
BSBINN601BManage organisational change60
BSBMGT516CFacilitate continuous improvement60
BSBMGT608CManage innovation and continuous improvement70
TLID1001AShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
TLID2010AOperate a forklift40
CHCCS427AFacilitate adult learning and development35
CHCLLN403AIdentify clients with language, literacy and numeracy needs and respond effectively35
CHCMH411AWork with people with mental health issues50
CHCOHC303AUse basic oral health screening tools30
CHCOHC401AInform and encourage clients and groups to understand and achieve good oral health40
CHCOHC402ASupport clients and groups to learn practical aspects of oral health care30
CHCOHC404ARecognise and respond to signs and symptoms that may indicate oral health issues30
CHCOHC406AProvide or assist with oral hygiene40
CHCOHC407AApply and manage use of basic oral health products30
SISCAQU307APerform advanced water rescues15
SISCAQU308AInstruct water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility skills20
SISCAQU311AFoster the development of infants and toddlers in an aquatic environment10
SISCAQU312AAssist participants with a disability during aquatic activities10
SISCCRO303APlan and conduct recreation programs for older persons40
SISCCRO304APlan and conduct disability recreation programs40
SISFFIT417AUndertake long term exercise programming40
AHCCCF402AReport on project60
AHCCCF411ADevelop approaches to include cultural and human diversity40
AHCCHM201AApply chemicals under supervision30
AHCCHM303APrepare and apply chemicals70
AHCCHM304ATransport, handle and store chemicals50
AHCDRG201AMaintain drainage systems20
AHCMOM204AUndertake operational maintenance of machinery30
AHCMOM304AOperate machinery and equipment40
AHCNSY202ATend nursery plants30
AHCNSY306AImplement a propagation plan90
AHCPGD201APlant trees and shrubs20
AHCPGD203APrune shrubs and small trees35
AHCPMG201ATreat weeds40
AHCPMG202ATreat plant pests, diseases and disorders30
AHCPMG301AControl weeds70
AHCPMG302AControl plant pests, diseases and disorders80
AHCTRF302AEstablish turf60
AHCTRF303AImplement a grassed area maintenance program60
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
HLTAD301BAssist with practice administration20
HLTAH301BAssist with an allied health program40
HLTAH409BConduct group sessions for individual client outcomes60
HLTAH410BSupport the development of speech and communication skills40
HLTAH411BProvide support in dysphagia management30
HLTAH412BAssist and support the use of augmentative and alternative communication systems40
HLTAH414BSupport the fitting of assistive devices70
HLTAH416BSupport special diet requirements20
HLTAHW201BWork with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients30
HLTAHW202BSupport clients to obtain access to health services60
HLTAHW203BProvide basic health information to clients80
HLTAHW301BWork in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health care context40
HLTAHW302BFacilitate communication between clients and service providers20
HLTAHW303BAdvocate for the rights and needs of community members120
HLTAHW304BUndertake basic health assessments120
HLTAHW305BPlan and implement basic health care20
HLTAHW306BProvide information about social and emotional support25
HLTAHW307BIdentify community health issues, needs and strategies50
HLTAHW308BAssist with basic health screening, promotion and education services100
HLTAHW309BAssist with substance misuse care30
HLTAHW310BRespond to emergencies120
HLTAHW401BAssess client's physical well being120
HLTAHW402BAssess and support client's social and emotional well being140
HLTAHW403BPlan and implement health care in a primary health care context20
HLTAHW404BMonitor health care120
HLTAHW405BDeliver primary health care programs for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities60
HLTAHW406BWork with medicines40
HLTAHW407BProvide nutrition guidance for specific health care120
HLTAHW408BAddress social determinants of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health120
HLTAHW409BDeliver health promotion programs for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities120
HLTAHW410BWork in AOD and mental health with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities150
HLTAHW411BPlan, develop and evaluate health promotion for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities60
HLTAHW412BProvide information and strategies to promote nutrition for good health40
HLTAHW413BProvide information and strategies in sexual health for men40
HLTAHW414BProvide information and strategies in sexual health for women60
HLTAHW415BProvide information and strategies in chronic disease care60
HLTAHW416BProvide information and strategies in maternal and child health40
HLTAHW417BProvide information and strategies in eye health40
HLTAHW418BProvide information and strategies in hearing and ear health40
HLTAHW419BProvide information and strategies in preventing communicable disease50
HLTAHW420BProvide information and strategies in substance misuse40
HLTAHW421BProvide information about mental health50
HLTAHW422BProvide information and strategies to strengthen families40
HLTAHW423BProvide information and strategies in oral health50
HLTAHW424BProvide information and strategies in palliative care50
HLTAHW425BProvide information and strategies in disability care30
HLTAHW427BSupervise individual workers40
HLTAHW428BMaintain community health profile40
HLTAHW429BProvide healthy lifestyle programs and advice40
HLTAHW501BFacilitate access to tertiary health services40
HLTAHW502BAdvocate on behalf of the community30
HLTAHW503BPlan, develop and evaluate primary health care programs for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities150
HLTAHW504BApply advanced skills in primary health care150
HLTAHW505BSupport and promote social and emotional well being of staff and clients80
HLTAHW506BApply a strategic approach to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health170
HLTAHW507BWork effectively in social and emotional well being40
HLTAHW508BDevelop a healing framework for social and emotional well being work40
HLTAHW509BRespond to loss, grief and trauma40
HLTAHW510BFunction effectively as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander worker in a mainstream health institution30
HLTAHW511BDeliver primary health care to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients in confinement40
HLTAHW512BAddress impact of food supply on community health40
HLTAHW513BSupport renal dialysis clients in the community setting100
HLTAHW514BProvide care to clients undertaking renal dialysis in the community setting150
HLTAHW515BProvide sexual and reproductive health care120
HLTAHW516BProvide antenatal health care300
HLTAHW517BPrepare for and manage childbirth500
HLTAHW518BProvide postnatal and infant health care100
HLTAHW519BPlan for medical emergencies100
HLTAHW520BCoordinate community health research90
HLTAHW521BSupervise health care team50
HLTAHW522BImplement office systems20
HLTAHW523BManage budgets40
HLTAHW601BManage the delivery of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander primary health care120
HLTAHW602BManage health education and promotion50
HLTAHW603BDevelop work plans50
HLTAHW604BDevelop health care policy50
HLTAHW605BManage human resources60
HLTAHW606BManage medicines in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health care50
HLTAHW607BProvide guidance in social and emotional well being60
HLTAHW608BPractise social and emotional well being in a clinical setting60
HLTAHW609BProvide closure on healing processes40
HLTAHW610BManage community health projects40
HLTAHW611BPlan for community emergencies100
HLTAHW612BProvide supervision for SEWB workers40
HLTAHW613BWork within a narrative approach40
HLTAMBAS501BConduct clinical assessment80
HLTAMBAS604BConduct advanced clinical assessment80
HLTAMBC402CAssign ambulance service resources160
HLTAMBC403CCoordinate resources160
HLTAMBCR504CProvide clinical mentoring in the work environment80
HLTAMBCR603BDeliver intensive clinical care250
HLTAMBFC402CCommunicate in complex or difficult situations50
HLTAMBMA602CSupervise on-road operations150
HLTAMBPD401CManage personal stressors in the work environment20
HLTAMBSC401BManage routine scene and promote public safety50
HLTAMBSC502CManage the scene of a special event120
HLTAMBSC503BContribute to managing the scene of an emergency50
HLTAMBT301BTransport non-emergency clients under operational conditions20
HLTAMBT402CTransport emergency clients60
HLTAN509BMonitor medications in the anaesthetic environment72
HLTAP301BRecognise healthy body systems in a health care context70
HLTAP401BConfirm physical health status90
HLTARO402BPlan aromatherapy treatment40
HLTARO403BProvide aromatherapy treatment180
HLTARO404BDevelop aromatherapy products50
HLTARO405BApply aromatherapy assessment framework40
HLTARO406BPerform aromatherapy health assessment200
HLTARO408BProvide aromatherapy massage treatment200
HLTARO507BAnalyse and compare different complementary health modalities40
HLTARO509BPlan a specialised aromatherapy treatment40
HLTARO510BMonitor and evaluate aromatherapy treatments40
HLTARO602BApply aromatic medicine diagnostic framework40
HLTARO603BPerform aromatic medicine health assessment200
HLTARO604BPlan the aromatic medicine treatment strategy40
HLTARO605BProvide specialised aromatic medicine treatment200
HLTART401BWork effectively in the rehabilitation environment20
HLTART404BInstall and maintain augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices80
HLTART407BTest and evaluate compliance of assistive technology equipment60
HLTAU506BDevelop and implement an individual hearing program80
HLTAU507BApply hearing device technology90
HLTAU508BIdentify needs for referral82
HLTAYV406CProvide ayurvedic relaxation massage treatment140
HLTAYV412CProvide ayurvedic lifestyle consultation140
HLTAYV601CPlan ayurvedic herbal medicine treatment strategy - dravyaguna80
HLTAYV602CPlan ayurvedic treatment strategy200
HLTAYV607CPlan ayurvedic remedial massage treatment strategy40
HLTAYV608CManage work within the ayurvedic framework40
HLTAYV609CPerform ayurvedic health assessment90
HLTAYV610CPerform ayurvedic remedial massage health assessment40
HLTAYV611CProvide ayurvedic remedial massage treatment40
HLTAYV615CApply ayurvedic diagnostic framework40
HLTCC301BProduce coded clinical data20
HLTCC401BUndertake complex clinical coding20
HLTCC402BComplete highly complex clinical coding20
HLTCOM301CProvide specific information to clients20
HLTCOM404CCommunicate effectively with clients30
HLTCOM406CMake referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate40
HLTCOM407BProvide reception services for a practice90
HLTCOM502CDevelop professional expertise40
HLTCOM509BProvide services for people with a life challenging illness50
HLTCOM510BProvide services to clients with chronic diseases or conditions50
HLTCSD306CRespond effectively to difficult or challenging behaviour20
HLTDA413BImplement an oral hygiene program for older people120
HLTDA414BImplement an oral health promotion program120
HLTDA415BTake an impression for study models20
HLTDA416BAllocate treatment appointments according to priority10
HLTDEFHC401BAdminister medications
HLTDEFHC402BAssist with clinical procedures
HLTDEFHC403BConduct a clinical assessment
HLTDEFHC404BConduct a clinical measurement
HLTDEFHC405BProvide inpatient care
HLTDEFHC406BParticipate in deployed health capability
HLTDEFHC408BProvide treatments for common conditions
HLTDEFHC409BProvide general support during casualty resuscitation
HLTDEFHC410BRecord clinical information during casualty resuscitation
HLTDEFHC411BAttend to client being transported by road ambulance
HLTDP603CTake impressions75
HLTDT507CConstruct immediate dentures40
HLTDT508CConstruct removable acrylic partial dentures40
HLTDT510CConstruct crown and bridge structures80
HLTDT511CJoin alloy structures20
HLTDT513CConstruct fixed restorations80
HLTDT516CConstruct indirect composite polymer fixed restorations30
HLTEN401BWork in the nursing profession90
HLTEN502BApply effective communication skills in nursing practice40
HLTEN503BContribute to client assessment and developing nursing care plans50
HLTEN506BApply principles of wound management in the clinical environment45
HLTEN508BApply reflective practice, critical thinking and analysis in health20
HLTEN509BApply legal and ethical parameters to nursing practice30
HLTEN510BImplement and monitor nursing care for consumers with mental health conditions60
HLTEN511BProvide nursing care for clients requiring palliative care50
HLTEN512BImplement and monitor nursing care for clients with acute health problems70
HLTEN513BImplement and monitor nursing care for clients with chronic health problems50
HLTEN514BApply research skills within a contemporary health environment40
HLTEN515BImplement and monitor nursing care for older clients75
HLTEN516BApply understanding of the Australian health care system20
HLTEN520BContribute to the care of mothers and babies80
HLTEN521BDetermine the eligibility of aphoresis donors40
HLTEN601BPractise in the orthopaedic nursing environment80
HLTEN602BPractise in the rehabilitation nursing environment80
HLTEN603BProvide sexual and reproductive health care for clients80
HLTEN604BPractise in the neurological rehabilitation environment80
HLTEN605BPractise in the health clinic environment80
HLTEN606BAssess clients and manage client care30
HLTEN607BPractise in the critical care environment80
HLTEN608BPractise in the domiciliary health care environment80
HLTEN609BPractise in the respiratory nursing environment80
HLTEN610BPractise in the cardiovascular nursing environment80
HLTEN611BApply principles of diabetic nursing care80
HLTEN612BPractise in the perioperative nursing environment80
HLTEN613BPractise in a hyperbaric environment80
HLTEN614BPractise in the paediatric nursing environment80
HLTEN615BPractise in the contemporary aged care environment80
HLTEN616BApply principles of stoma care80
HLTEN619BManage clients and others experiencing loss and grief80
HLTEN620BPractise in first line emergency nursing30
HLTFA201BProvide basic emergency life support8
HLTFA301CApply first aid18
HLTFS207CFollow basic food safety practices20
HLTFS309COversee the day-to-day implementation of food safety in the workplace30
HLTFS310CApply and monitor food safety requirements40
HLTFS311CDevelop food safety programs20
HLTFS312CConduct food safety audits50
HLTGM207CCarry out work in a food handling area20
HLTHER601CApply western herbal medicine diagnostic framework40
HLTHER604CPerform western herbal medicine health assessment240
HLTHER605CPlan the western herbal medicine treatment strategy40
HLTHER607CProvide dietary advice40
HLTHER608CProvide specialised western herbal medicine treatment260
HLTHIR403CWork effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers20
HLTHIR404DWork effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people20
HLTHIR405BShow leadership in health technical work20
HLTHIR506CImplement and monitor compliance with legal and ethical requirements50
HLTHIR601BDevelop and implement strategies to enhance client safety40
HLTHOM601CApply homeopathic diagnostic framework220
HLTHOM602CConduct basic homeopathic research40
HLTHOM604CPerform clinical screening examination and assessment40
HLTHOM605CPlan homeopathic treatment strategy80
HLTHOM608CProvide homeopathic treatment and manage the case160
HLTHOM610CTake homeopathic case80
HLTIN301CComply with infection control policies and procedures20
HLTIN402CMaintain infection control standards in office practice settings75
HLTIN403CImplement and monitor infection control policy and procedures50
HLTKIN402BPlan the kinesiology session60
HLTKIN403BApply kinesiology assessment framework60
HLTKIN404BPerform the kinesiology health assessment60
HLTKIN405BProvide kinesiology balances60
HLTKIN506BPerform an advanced kinesiology health assessment60
HLTKIN507BPlan an advanced kinesiology session60
HLTKIN508BApply an advanced kinesiology assessment framework60
HLTKIN509BMonitor and evaluate kinesiology balances60
HLTMAMP404BMaintain medication stocks in a medical practice20
HLTMAMP405BCoordinate effective functioning of a medical practice50
HLTMAMP407BFacilitate a coordinated approach to client care30
HLTMAMP408BAdminister the information management system of a medical practice40
HLTMAMP409BHandle specimens in a medical practice20
HLTMT412BReceive, store and track evidence30
HLTNAT604CProvide acute homeopathic treatment120
HLTNAT605CPlan naturopathic treatment strategy40
HLTNAT606CPerform naturopathic health assessment200
HLTNAT608CApply naturopathic diagnostic framework40
HLTNUT601CApply literature research findings to clinical practice40
HLTNUT602CProvide specialised nutritional care60
HLTNUT603BApply a nutritional medicine diagnostic framework40
HLTNUT605BPerform nutritional medicine health assessment80
HLTNUT606BPlan the nutritional treatment strategy40
HLTNUT608BProvide specialised nutritional medicine treatment80
HLTNUT610BProvide basic dietary advice40
HLTOPT405BMonitor implementation of good manufacturing practice in the ophthalmic industry60
HLTOPT406BEdge and fit ophthalmic appliances50
HLTPM501BManage in a health care business50
HLTPM502BManage health billing and accounting system30
HLTPO303CFabricate upper and lower extremity prostheses50
HLTPO306CParticipate in prosthetic and orthotic service provision50
HLTPOP213CSupport community processes for ongoing repair and maintenance of health hardware70
HLTPOP220CMonitor and maintain rubbish collection and disposal systems50
HLTPOP301CWork effectively in the population health sector30
HLTPOP302CContribute to working with the community to identify health needs60
HLTPOP303CContribute to population health project planning40
HLTPOP304CContribute to evaluating a population health project50
HLTPOP306CEstablish agent of disease transmission and mode of control60
HLTPOP307CProvide information and support on environmental health issues40
HLTPOP310CMonitor and maintain dog health in the community50
HLTPOP311CIdentify land care issues as they relate to health60
HLTPOP315CEnsure provision of functional, durable health hardware items in home and community40
HLTPOP319CConduct testing and interpretation of results of community water supply50
HLTPOP321CAssist with monitoring food storage and handling procedures in the community40
HLTPOP322CImplement a disaster plan60
HLTPOP401CMaintain a population health database45
HLTPOP402CAssess readiness for and effect behaviour change50
HLTPOP403CProvide information on smoking and smoking cessation40
HLTPOP404CProvide interventions to clients who are nicotine dependent40
HLTPOP405CUse media to disseminate information60
HLTPOP406CUtilise an interpreter25
HLTPOP407CDevelop population health competencies in other people90
HLTPOP409CIdentify pest control strategies70
HLTPOP412CDevelop a plan of action to address land care issues in the community100
HLTPOP501CApply a population health framework50
HLTPOP502CWork with the community to identify health needs50
HLTPOP503CPlan a population health project50
HLTPOP504CEvaluate a population health project40
HLTPOP505CBuild capacity to promote health60
HLTPOP508CWrite a grant application80
HLTPOP523CDevelop a disaster plan100
HLTRAH301CUndertake visits to remote communities30
HLTREF501BWork within a reflexology framework20
HLTREF504BMonitor and evaluate reflexology treatments40
HLTREM406CProvide massage treatment240
HLTREM407CPlan massage treatment20
HLTREM408CApply massage assessment framework20
HLTREM409CPerform massage health assessment100
HLTREM502CProvide remedial massage treatment240
HLTREM503CPlan remedial massage treatment strategy40
HLTREM504CApply remedial massage assessment framework40
HLTREM505CPerform remedial massage health assessment200
HLTREM510BProvide specialised remedial massage treatments40
HLTREM511BProvide remedial massage treatment for women and children50
HLTSHU501CApply oriental therapies assessment framework85
HLTSHU504CPlan the shiatsu therapy treatment85
HLTSHU505CProvide oriental therapies treatment90
HLTSHU507CProvide shiatsu therapy treatment85
HLTSHU509CMaintain personal health and awareness as a professional responsibility85
HLTSHU510CPerform shiatsu therapy health assessment90
HLTSHU511CApply shiatsu therapy assessment framework85
HLTSL507CProvide care and maintenance of sleep study and monitoring equipment20
HLTSTE410BFacilitate effective cleaning functions45
HLTSUP401BSupervise in a health setting60
HLTTCM501CApply TCM remedial massage (An Mo Tui Na) assessment framework60
HLTTCM502DPerform TCM remedial massage (An Mo Tui Na) health assessment100
HLTTCM503DProvide TCM remedial massage (An Mo Tui Na) treatment60
HLTTCM504CProvide traumatology treatment within a TCM remedial massage (An Mo Tui Na) framework200
HLTTCM505CProvide TCM Remedial Massage (An Mo Tui Na) treatment for women and children200
HLTTCM507CPlan TCM remedial massage (An Mo Tui Na) treatment strategy40
CHCADMIN508BManage limited budgets and financial accountabilities50
CHCADMIN604BManage the finances, accounts and resources of an organisation90
CHCAOD402BWork effectively in the alcohol and other drugs sector50
CHCCD412BWork within a community development framework65
CHCCH301BWork effectively in social housing50
CHCCN305BProvide care for babies40
CHCCS305BAssist clients with medication40
CHCHC311BWork effectively in home and community care45
CHCIC301EInteract effectively with children70
CHCINF303BContribute to information requirements in the community sector25
CHCINF403DCoordinate information systems75
CHCINF606DManage information strategically90
CHCMH301BWork effectively in mental health50
CHCOHS312BFollow safety procedures for direct care work30
CHCORG303BParticipate effectively in the work environment20
CHCORG405DMaintain an effective work environment50
CHCORG525DRecruit and coordinate volunteers70
CHCORG609DManage projects and strategies90
CHCORG611BLead and develop others in a community sector workplace90
CHCRF301EWork effectively with families to care for the child25
CHCYTH301EWork effectively with young people40
CHCYTH402BWork effectively with young people in the youth work context60
CHCYTH403BSupport young people to create opportunities in their lives45
CHCYTH511BWork effectively with young people and their families55
CHCAC318BWork effectively with older people30
MEM05006CPerform brazing and or silver soldering20
TAEASS403BParticipate in assessment validation20
TAEASS301BContribute to assessment10
TAEASS502BDesign and develop assessment tools30
TAEASS402BAssess competence15
TAEASS401BPlan assessment activities and processes20
BSBCUS501CManage quality customer service40
BSBRKG403CSet up a business or records system for a small business40
BSBCUS301BDeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS401BCoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCUS402BAddress customer needs50
BSBCCO301BUse multiple information systems40
BSBCUS403BImplement customer service standards30
BSBWOR301BOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBPUR501CDevelop, implement and review purchasing strategies60
BSBWOR203BWork effectively with others15
BSBCUS201BDeliver a service to customers40
CHCAD504BProvide advocacy and representation services80
CHCAD603BProvide systems advocacy services90
CHCAOD406EWork with clients who are intoxicated50
CHCAOD407EProvide needle and syringe services50
CHCAOD408BAssess needs of clients with alcohol and-or other drugs issues125
CHCAOD511CProvide advanced interventions to meet the needs of clients with alcohol and-or other drug issues90
CHCCD307DSupport community resources30
CHCCD402BDevelop and provide community education projects70
CHCCD401ESupport community participation50
CHCCD404EDevelop and implement community programs125
CHCCD413EWork within specific communities70
CHCCH301CWork effectively in social housing50
CHCCHILD401BIdentify and respond to children and young people at risk30
CHCCHILD404BSupport the rights and safety of children and young people40
CHCCOM302DCommunicate appropriately with clients and colleagues20
CHCCS400CWork within a relevant legal and ethical framework50
CHCCS401CFacilitate responsible behaviour40
CHCCS411CWork effectively in the community sector40
CHCCS416BAssess and provide services for clients with complex needs50
CHCCS419CProvide support services to clients50
CHCCS422BRespond holistically to client issues and refer appropriately75
CHCDFV510DFacilitate workplace debriefing and support processes40
CHCDIS301CWork effectively with people with a disability50
CHCICS302BParticipate in the implementation of individualised plans15
CHCINF403ECoordinate information systems75
CHCMH301CWork effectively in mental health50
CHCNET402BEstablish and maintain effective networks50
CHCNET404BFacilitate links with other services70
CHCORG201CFollow policies, procedures and programs of the organisation15
CHCORG423CMaintain quality service delivery45
CHCORG506ECoordinate the work environment90
CHCORG611CLead and develop others in a community sector workplace90
CHCORG620DPromote and represent the service90
CHCPOL402CContribute to policy development50
CHCPROM401CShare health information50
CHCWHS312AFollow WHS safety procedures for direct care work30
CHCYTH402CWork effectively with young people in the youth work context60
CHCYTH403CSupport young people to create opportunities in their lives45
HLTWHS200AParticipate in WHS processes20
HLTWHS300AContribute to WHS processes20
HLTWHS401AMaintain workplace WHS processes40
HLTWHS501AManage workplace WHS processes40
HLTWHS601AImprove workplace WHS processes
HLTFA211AProvide basic emergency life support8
HLTAP501CAnalyse health information30
HLTCSD306DRespond effectively to behaviours of concern20
HLTNA304DPlan meals and menus to meet cultural and religious needs20
HLTNA303DPlan and modify meals and menus according to nutrition care plans20
HLTFA412AApply advanced first aid30
HLTFA302CProvide first aid in remote situation16
HLTRAH302CUndertake home visits20
HLTMS208DHandle waste in a health care environment20
HLTMS206DPerform general cleaning tasks in a clinical setting30
HLTMS201DCollect and manage linen stock at user-location15
HLTGM203DPerform minor general maintenance20
HLTGM201DPerform routine servicing of plant, equipment and machinery20
HLTFS302DPrepare foods suitable for a range of food service settings20
HLTFS208DTransport food20
HLTFS205DPerform kitchenware washing10
HLTFS201DDistribute meals and refreshments to clients20
HLTFS204DProvide ward or unit based food preparation and distribution services20
HLTFA311AApply first aid18
HLTCSD203DPrepare and maintain beds15
HLTCSD307DCare for the home environment of clients20
HLTCPR211APerform CPR3
HLTAH301CAssist with an allied health program40
HLTAH302DAssist with the application and removal of a plaster cast20
HLTAH401CDeliver and monitor a client-specific exercise program40
HLTAH402CAssist with physiotherapy treatments and interventions40
HLTAH403CDeliver and monitor exercise program for mobility40
HLTAH404CAssist with basic foot hygiene40
HLTAH406CAssist with podiatry assessment and exercise40
HLTAH405CAssist with podiatric procedures60
HLTAH407CAssist with the rehabilitation of clients90
HLTAH408CAssist with the development and maintenance of client functional status90
HLTAH409CConduct group sessions for individual client outcomes60
HLTAH410CSupport the development of speech and communication skills40
HLTAH412CAssist and support the use of augmentative and alternative communication systems40
HLTAH411CProvide support in dysphagia management30
HLTAH413CDeliver and monitor a hydrotherapy program50
HLTAH414CSupport the fitting of assistive devices70
HLTAH415CAssist with the screening of dietary requirements and special diets30
HLTAH420CSupport the provision of basic nutrition advice-educati30
HLTAHW430AProvide information and support around cancer
HLTAHW431AProvide information and support to women with breast cancer
HLTAIN302CProvide support in an acute care environment30
HLTAIN301CAssist nursing team in an acute care environment80
HLTAMBAE403DFollow procedures for routine safe removal of client
HLTAMBAE501DImplement safe access and egress in an emergency
HLTAMBAE504DFollow procedures for safe extrication of clients in life threatening situations
HLTAMBC401DReceive request for service
HLTAMBCR401CDeliver basic clinical care
HLTAMBCR502CDeliver standard clinical care
HLTAMBFC301DCommunicate with clients and colleagues to support health care20
HLTAMBMA601DManage ambulance operations
HLTAN401DPrepare the anaesthetic environment150
HLTAN402DPrepare and assist with the preparation of the client for anaesthesia150
HLTAN404DProvide assistance during emergence phase of anaesthesia150
HLTAN403DProvide assistance during induction and maintenance of anaesthesia150
HLTAN405DProvide assistance during an emergency150
HLTAN408CProvide basic care and maintenance of anaesthetic and monitoring equipment150
HLTAN506DProvide advanced care and maintenance of anaesthetic equipment150
HLTAN507DProvide assistance in anaesthetic related procedures150
HLTAN510CUse advanced health terminology in a professional context72
HLTARO401CWork within an aromatherapy framework20
HLTARO511CProvide specific aromatherapy assessment and care200
HLTARO601CManage work within an aromatic medicine framework100
HLTARO606CPrepare and dispense aromatic medicine40
HLTARO607COperate an aromatic medicine dispensary40
HLTART402CIdentify and address specific needs within the rehabilitation environment40
HLTART405CInstall and maintain environmental control systems80
HLTART406CModify and maintain wheelchairs60
HLTART408CAdapt, install and construct postural seating80
HLTAU402DConduct screening hearing tests for industrial hearing loss90
HLTART409CConstruct, adapt and install pressure management systems80
HLTAU403DConduct hearing assessments120
HLTAU505CDispense and maintain hearing devices for adults and provide communication counselling90
HLTAU501DConduct screening hearing tests for children90
HLTAYV404DProvide ayurvedic advice on nutrition80
HLTAYV414DWork within an ayurvedic framework for lifestyle consultants80
HLTAYV603DPrepare and dispense ayurvedic herbal medicine - dravyaguna80
HLTAYV605DProvide ayurvedic herbal medicine treatment110
HLTAYV613DProvide ayurvedic treatment140
HLTCA401DPerform electrocardiography (ECG)90
HLTCA402DPerform holter monitoring90
HLTCA403DPerform stress testing90
HLTCA404DPerform basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a cardiac testing environment120
HLTCOM405DAdminister a practice30
HLTCOM408DUse specific health terminology to communicate effectively40
HLTCOM503DManage a practice50
HLTCR401CWork effectively in community rehabilitation40
HLTCR402CSupport client daily living requirements in a community rehabilitation context45
HLTCR403CSupport community access and participation40
HLTCSD201DMaintain high standard of client service30
HLTCSD208DTransport clients20
HLTCSD302DAssist with lifestyle and social support needs30
HLTCSD304DSupport the care of clients20
HLTCSD305DAssist with client movement20
HLTCT401DApply casts50
HLTCT403DRemove casts50
HLTCT402DModify casts90
HLTCT404DApply and remove traction30
HLTCT405DApply orthopaedic devices120
HLTCT406DModify orthopaedic devices90
HLTCT407DRemove orthopaedic devices50
HLTDA303DPrepare for and assist with oral health care procedures130
HLTDA304DAssist with dental radiography40
HLTDA306DAssist with administration in dental practice30
HLTDA407DImplement an individualised oral hygiene program330
HLTDA408DAssist in oral health care procedures during general anaesthesia200
HLTDA409DAssist in oral health care procedures during conscious sedation180
HLTDA410DApply the principles of radiation biology and protection in dental practice110
HLTDA411DPrepare to expose a prescribed dental radiographic image80
HLTDA412DProduce a dental radiographic image90
HLTDP601DIdentify, select and prepare instruments, equipment, materials75
HLTDP602DGather data, conduct dental prosthetic examination and develop treatment plan180
HLTDP604DEstablish and record jaw relationships and select artificial teeth180
HLTDP605DEvaluate a removable dental prosthesis at try-in stage140
HLTDP607DPerform maintenance treatment for clients with removeable dental prostheses75
HLTDP606DInsert and issue a completed removable dental prosthesis75
HLTDP608CConstruct and insert an implant retained overdenture75
HLTDT302DConstruct custom impression trays15
HLTDT301DConstruct models30
HLTDT303DConstruct registration rims10
HLTDT315DConstruct thermoformed bases and appliances20
HLTDT304DArticulate models and transfer records10
HLTDT509DConstruct cast metal alloy removeable partial denture framework80
HLTDT512DTake tooth shades25
HLTDT514DConstruct orthodontic appliances60
HLTDT519CConstruct simple complete removable acrylic dentures and appliances80
HLTDT517DConstruct oral splints30
HLTDT518DRepair and modify dentures and appliances40
HLTEN505CContribute to the complex nursing care of clients90
HLTEN504CImplement and evaluate a plan of nursing care100
HLTEN507CAdminister and monitor medications in the work environment180
HLTEN519CAdminister and monitor intravenous medication in the nursing environment100
HLTEN522CContribute to the registration and assessment of donors40
HLTEN617CPractise in contemporary mental health care80
HLTEN618CPractise in contemporary rural-remote health care80
HLTFS203DApply cook-freeze processes20
HLTFS206DCarry out cafeteria operations20
HLTGM206DOperate an incinerator15
HLTGM202DUse hand and power tools20
HLTGM204DAssist tradesperson with construction and maintenance20
HLTGM305DMaintain pool environments30
HLTHER603DOperate a western herbal medicine dispensary80
HLTHER602DManage work within the western herbal medicine framework40
HLTHER606DPrepare and dispense western herbal medicine80
HLTHIR301CCommunicate and work effectively in health20
HLTHER609DProvide western herbal medicine treatment80
HLTHIR402DContribute to organisational effectiveness in the health industry30
HLTHIR501CMaintain an effective health work environment20
HLTHIR505DProvide leadership in promoting effective work practices in health30
HLTHOM603DManage work within the homoeopathic framework40
HLTHOM606DPrepare and dispense homoeopathic medicine80
HLTHOM609DProvide specific homoeopathic assessment and care160
HLTHOM612DWork within a homoeopathic framework60
HLTHSE204DFollow safe manual handling practices20
HLTHY401DPrepare multi-place hyperbaric chamber80
HLTHY402DOperate multi-place hyperbaric chamber150
HLTHY403DConduct post compression routines80
HLTHY404DImplement emergency procedures for hyperbaric chamber120
HLTHY505DManage the maintenance of hyperbaric systems120
HLTIN302CProcess reusable instruments and equipment in health work30
HLTHY506DIdentify and respond to risks associated with hyperbaric therapy90
HLTIN504DManage the control of infection50
HLTKIN401CWork within a kinesiology framework60
HLTMAMP401CAssist with clinical measurements in a medical practice50
HLTMAMP402CAssist with clinical procedures in a medical practice40
HLTMAMP406CManage emergency clients in a medical practice30
HLTMI301BContribute to client flow and client information management in medical imaging35
HLTMI302BSupport the medical imaging professional30
HLTMS203DUndertake routine stock maintenance15
HLTMS207DHandle medical gases safely20
HLTMS204DHandle and move equipment, goods, mail and furniture15
HLTMT303DMaintain a mortuary service40
HLTMT304DAssist with autopsy40
HLTMT305DMaintain and record tissue sample collection30
HLTMT306DMaintain, clean and store autopsy equipment40
HLTMT307BClean location to achieve low bacteria status25
HLTMT407DAssist with special autopsy techniques50
HLTMT310DCollect, preserve and store post mortem samples40
HLTMT408DAssist with forensic autopsy techniques50
HLTMT409DAssist in the development of procedures for mortuary services50
HLTMT411CScreen tissue donors100
HLTMT514CProcure and store tissues30
HLTMT416CCollect pathology specimens30
HLTMT515CManage compliance with mortuary standards and regulations50
HLTNA302DPlan and evaluate meals and menus to meet recommended dietary guidelines20
HLTNA301DProvide assistance to nutrition and dietetic services20
HLTNA305DSupport food services in menu and meal order processing10
HLTNAT601DProvide naturopathic treatment120
HLTNAT602DProvide western herbal medicine treatment60
HLTNAT603DProvide naturopathic nutritional treatment80
HLTNAT607DManage work within a naturopathic framework40
HLTNE401DPerform electroencephalography (EEG)200
HLTNAT609DWork within a naturopathic framework20
HLTNE405DProvide care and maintenance of neurophysiology equipment200
HLTNE604DAssist with nerve conduction studies and electromyography (EMG)200
HLTNE602DPerform evoked potentials recording200
HLTNE606DPerform intra-operative neurophysiology monitoring100
HLTNE607DPerform long term electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring100
HLTNE608DPerform polysomnographic recording100
HLTNUT604CManage Work within a clinical nutritional framework20
HLTNUT607CProvide nutritional medicine treatment60
HLTNUT609CPrepare and dispense nutritional and dietary supplements60
HLTOHC408BApply fluoride varnish25
HLTOPD401CWork effectively in the ophthalmic industry30
HLTOPD402CPerform edging and fitting50
HLTOPD403CDispense optical appliances and services150
HLTOPD404CDispense atypical prescriptions100
HLTOPD405CMarket and promote optical products and services60
HLTOPD407CPerform workshop skills and place orders150
HLTOPT401CPerform technical procedures for the production of ophthalmic appliances80
HLTOPT404CImplement good manufacturing processes in the ophthalmic industry60
HLTOPT407CApply surface coatings to ophthalmic lenses50
HLTPAT301DReceive and prepare pathology specimens10
HLTPAT302DAssist with microbiology testing20
HLTPAT303DTransport specimens and blood products15
HLTPAT304DCollect pathology specimens other than blood30
HLTPAT305DOperate efficiently within a pathology and specimen collection environment20
HLTPAT306DPerform blood collection50
HLTPAT315CProvide Donor Care20
HLTPAT308DIdentify and respond to clinical risks associated with pathology specimen collection20
HLTPAT316CPack and consign blood products20
HLTPAT317COperate effectively within a pathology testing environment30
HLTPAT409DPerform intravenous cannulation for sample collection60
HLTPAT410DCollect pathology specimens other than blood for specialised testing50
HLTPAT411DPerform blood collection for specialised testing50
HLTPAT412DCollect arterial blood samples60
HLTPAT414DMeasure spirometry-flow volume loop30
HLTPAT413DAssist with pathology procedures50
HLTPAT419CPerform Pathology Tests100
HLTPH305AMaintain pharmaceutical imprest stock
HLTPAT420CPerform specialist and technically difficult collections30
HLTPH307APack pharmaceutical products
HLTPH315AProcure, store, maintain and distribute pharmaceutical stock
HLTPH316AAssist with dispensing of prescriptions and medication orders
HLTPH408AConduct small scale compounding and labelling of pharmaceutical products
HLTPH409AConduct small-scale compounding and labelling of aseptic pharmaceutical products
HLTPH411AProvide assistance in dispensary administration
HLTPH418ASupport pharmacists by collecting information for clients and other health professionals
HLTPH419ASupport pharmacists in the collection and presentation of workplace data and information
HLTPO301DWork effectively in prosthetics and orthotics60
HLTPO304DFabricate spinal, upper and lower extremity orthoses50
HLTPO305DModify footwear50
HLTPOP214DProvide basic repairs and maintenance to health hardware and fixtures40
HLTPOP216DMonitor and maintain septic or on-site systems30
HLTPOP217DMonitor and maintain sewerage or effluent systems30
HLTPOP218DMonitor and maintain water supply50
HLTREF502CPrepare for a reflexology treatment100
HLTREF503CProvide reflexology treatment110
HLTREM401DWork within a massage framework20
HLTREM512CProvide remedial massage treatments within a corporate setting50
HLTREM513CProvide remedial massage treatment to athletes50
HLTRNL601CSupport the client with chronic kidney disease55
HLTRNL602CProvide support and management of the client undergoing peritoneal dialysis therapy80
HLTRNL603CProvide care and support to client in renal replacement therapy in community setting45
HLTRNL604CProvide support and management of the client undergoing haemodialysis therapy80
HLTSHU506DProvide specific shiatsu therapy assessment and care90
HLTSHU508DWork within a shiatsu framework85
HLTSL401DPrepare environment for sleep studies75
HLTSL402DPrepare client for sleep study procedure75
HLTSL404DPerform treatment sleep study120
HLTSL403DPerform diagnostic sleep study120
HLTSL408DPerform home based assessments for sleep studies75
HLTSL505DAnalyse and interpret recording of sleep study90
HLTSL506DPerform specialised procedures90
HLTSTE301DClean reusable medical equipment30
HLTSTE302DInspect and pack items30
HLTSTE303DSterilise loads30
HLTSTE306DManage sterile stock30
HLTSTE307CDisinfect re-usable medical devices30
HLTSTE308CCare for surgical instruments30
HLTSTE407CManage availability and effectiveness of reusable medical devices45
HLTSTE408CManage effectiveness of reprocessing of reusable medical devices45
HLTSTE409CFacilitate effective steam steriliser function45
HLTTCM506EWork within TCM remedial massage (An Mo Tui Na) framework100
HLTTEC302DUse X-Ray support equipment20
HLTTEC301DOperate X-Ray machine20
HLTTEC303DOperate X-Ray film processor30
HLTTEC304DPerform X-Ray examination30
HLTTEC305DMaintain records for X-Ray operation20
HLTTH301DProvide theatre support services40
HLTTH302DProvide equipment support in an acute care environment40
HLTTH404DProvide routine care and handling of equipment within the operating suite120
HLTTH303DIdentify and move to maintain a sterile field40
HLTTH405DAssist with preparation of clients for operative procedures150
HLTTH406DProvide intra-operative equipment and technical support120
HLTWHS456AIdentify, assess and control WHS risk in own work
HLTDEFHC407CPerform basic clinical procedures
HLTAHW021Provide nutrition guidance for specific health care120
HLTAHW053Address impact of food security on community health40