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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

UEP06 Electricity Supply Industry - Generation Sector Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
BSBADM304ADesign and develop text documents60
BSBADM305ACreate and use databases30
BSBCMN108ADevelop keyboard skills40
BSBCMN203ACommunicate in the workplace40
BSBCMN209AProvide information to clients20
BSBCMN213AProduce simple word-processed documents60
BSBCMN302AOrganise personal work priorities and development40
BSBCMN310ADeliver and Monitor a Service to Customers40
BSBCMN311AMaintain Workplace Safety40
BSBCMN312ASupport Innovation and Change40
BSBCMN402ADevelop work priorities40
BSBCMN404ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBCMN410ACoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCMN411AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBCMN412APromote innovation and change50
BSBFLM302ASupport leadership in the workplace40
BSBFLM304AParticipate in work teams40
BSBFLM402AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBFLM404ALead work teams50
BSBFLM409AImplement continuous improvement50
BSBFLM502AProvide leadership in the workplace60
BSBFLM504AFacilitate work teams60
BSBMGT505AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBFLM303BContribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBFLM305BSupport operational plan40
BSBFLM306BProvide workplace information and resourcing plans40
BSBFLM309BSupport continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBFLM311BSupport a workplace learning environment40
BSBFLM403BImplement effective workplace relationships50
BSBFLM405BImplement operational plan50
BSBFLM406BImplement workplace information system50
BSBFLM501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBFLM503BManage effective workplace relationships60
BSBFLM505BManage operational plan60
BSBFLM506BManage workplace information systems60
BSBFLM507BManage quality customer service60
BSBFLM509BFacilitate continuous improvement60
BSBFLM510BFacilitate and capitalise on change and innovation60
BSBFLM511BDevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBFLM512AEnsure team effectiveness60
MEM05004CPerform routine oxy acetylene welding20
MEM05007CPerform manual heating and thermal cutting20
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding20
UEPMNT301AInstall and Maintain Hydraulic/Pneumatic Components40
UEPMNT302AInstall and Maintain Industrial Pipework40
UEPMNT303AMaintain Mechanical Valves40
UEPMNT304AMaintain Mechanical Pumps40
UEPMNT305AMaintain Industrial Fans40
UEPMNT306AMaintain Industrial Transmissions40
UEPMNT307AMaintain Industrial Screens, Strainers and Filters20
UEPMNT308AMaintain Conveyors and Associated Equipment40
UEPMNT309AMaintain Material Feeders40
UEPMNT310AMaintain Material Crushers40
UEPMNT311AMaintain Fuel Transport Equipment80
UEPMNT312AMaintain Industrial Pressure Vessels80
UEPMNT313AMaintain Internal Combustion Engines100
UEPMNT314AMaintain Hydro Turbines100
UEPMNT315AMaintain Wind Turbines100
UEPMNT316APerform Advanced Machining Operations80
UEPMNT317ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Mechanical Equipment40
UEPMNT318AConduct Generator Mechanical Maintenance80
UEPMNT319AMaintain and Test Fixed Fire Protection Systems20
UEPMNT320AInspect and Repair/Replace Faults in Mechanical Equipment/Components40
UEPMNT321AWeld Using Manual Metal Arc Welding Process (MMAW)40
UEPMNT322AWeld using Gas Metal Arc Welding Process (GMAW)40
UEPMNT323AWeld using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process (GTAW)40
UEPMNT324AWeld using Oxyacetylene Welding Process (OAW)40
UEPMNT325AWeld Using Submerged Arc Welding Process (SAW)40
UEPMNT326APerform Advanced Welding using Manual Metal Arc Welding Process (MMAW)40
UEPMNT327APerform Advanced Welding using Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)40
UEPMNT328APerform Advanced Welding using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)40
UEPMNT329APerform Advanced Welding using Oxyacetylene Welding Process (OAW)40
UEPMNT330APerform Manual Metal Arc Welding Process to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 1/1E (Low Carbon Steel Sheet and Plate)40
UEPMNT331APerform Manual Metal Arc Welding Process to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 2 (Low Carbon Steel Pipe)40
UEPMNT332APerform Manual Metal Arc Welding to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 3/3E (Alloy Steel Plate)40
UEPMNT333APerform Manual Metal Arc Welding Process to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 4 (Alloy Steel Pipe)40
UEPMNT334APerform Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Manual Metal Arc Welding Processes to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 5 (Alloy Steel Pipe)40
UEPMNT335APerform Oxyacetylene Welding Process (Fuel Gas) to AS1796 Certificate 6/6E40
UEPMNT336APerform Gas Tungsten Arc Welding to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 7 (Pipe)40
UEPMNT337APerform Gas Metal Arc Welding to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 8/8E (Plate and Pipe)40
UEPMNT338APerform Submerged Arc Welding to Weld to AS1796 Certificate 940
UEPMNT339APerform Sheet Metal Work60
UEPMNT340AFabricate Metal Structures and Components40
UEPMNT341ARepair/Replace/Modify Metal Structures and Components40
UEPMNT342AInstall Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT343AInstall Electrical Wiring Systems40
UEPMNT344AInstall Complex Electrical Equipment60
UEPMNT345AInstall Electronic Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT346AMaintain Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT347AMaintain Complex Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT348AMaintain Electrical Electronic Equipment40
UEPMNT349ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT350AModify Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT351ATest and Commission Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT352ATest and Commission Electronic Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT353AInstall Instrumentation Equipment40
UEPMNT354AInstall Instrumentation Wiring Systems40
UEPMNT355AInstall Complex/Electronic Instrumentation Equipment40
UEPMNT356AMaintain Instrumentation Equipment40
UEPMNT357ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Instrumentation Equipment20
UEPMNT358AModify Instrumentation Equipment20
UEPMNT359ATest and Commission Instrumentation Systems20
UEPMNT360ATerminate Fibre Optic Cables40
UEPMNT401AInstall and Maintain Complex Mechanical Seals40
UEPMNT402AConduct Complex Levelling and Alignment40
UEPMNT403AMaintain Complex Mechanical Valves40
UEPMNT404AMaintain Complex Mechanical Pumps40
UEPMNT405AMaintain Fluid Power Systems80
UEPMNT406AInstall and Maintain a Steam Turbine100
UEPMNT407AInstall and Maintain a Gas Turbine100
UEPMNT408AInstall Hydro Turbines100
UEPMNT409AConduct Welding Inspection/Supervision100
UEPMNT410ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Electronic Equipment40
UEPMNT411ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Complex Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT412AModify Complex Electrical Equipment60
UEPMNT413AModify Electronic Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT414ATest and Commission Complex Electrical Equipment40
UEPMNT415ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Complex Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Equipment40
UEPMNT416AOverhaul Electrical Generator60
UEPMNT417AInspect Electrical Generators and Diagnose Faults60
UEPMNT418APerform Mechanical and Fabrication Drafting80
UEPMNT419APerform Civil Drafting80
UEPMNT420APerform Electrical/Electronic Drafting80
UEPMNT421AConduct Technical Inspection of Process Plant and Equipment60
UEPMNT423AConduct Condition Monitoring40
UEPMNT424AMonitor Efficiency of Thermal Steam Cycle Power Plant60
UEPMNT425AMaintain Complex Instrumentation Equipment80
UEPMNT426AMaintain Electronic Instrumentation Equipment80
UEPMNT427ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Complex Instrumentation Equipment80
UEPMNT428AModify Complex Instrumentation Equipment80
UEPMNT429AModify Electronic Instrumentation Equipment80
UEPMNT430ATest and Commission Complex Instrumentation Equipment80
UEPMNT431ATest and Commission Electronic Instrumentation Equipment80
UEPMNT432AWrite Programs for Control Systems80
UEPMNT433AConduct Routine Generator Electrical Maintenance80
UEPMNT501ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Electrical and Electronic Systems100
UEPMNT502ATest and Commission Electronic Electrical Systems100
UEPMNT503ADiagnose and Repair Faults in Instrumentation Systems100
UEPMNT504ATest and Commission Instrumentation Systems100
UEPOPS201AComply with Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures20
UEPOPS202AApply Quality Systems to Work20
UEPOPS203AOperate and Monitor Communications System20
UEPOPS204AMaintain and Utilise Records20
UEPOPS205AConduct Minor Mechanical Maintenance20
UEPOPS206AConduct Minor/Basic Electrical Maintenance20
UEPOPS207APerform Plant Lubrication20
UEPOPS208AOperate Local Systems30
UEPOPS209APerform Process Plant Inspections20
UEPOPS210AConduct First Response within a Workplace Team20
UEPOPS211AClean Plant and Equipment20
UEPOPS212APerform Basic Rigging Work40
UEPOPS213APerform Intermediate Rigging Work40
UEPOPS214APerform Dogging Work40
UEPOPS215APerform Basic Scaffolding40
UEPOPS216APerform Intermediate Scaffolding40
UEPOPS217AConduct Elevating Work Platform Operations30
UEPOPS218AShift and Transfer Materials using a Bulldozer40
UEPOPS219AShift and Transfer Materials using a Grader40
UEPOPS220AShift and Transfer Materials using a Scraper40
UEPOPS221AShift and Transfer Materials using a Front End Loader40
UEPOPS222AShift and Transfer Materials using a Skidsteer Loader40
UEPOPS223AShift and Transfer Materials using a Telescopic Materials Handler-Loader40
UEPOPS224AShift and Transfer Materials using a Backhoe40
UEPOPS225AShift and Transfer Materials using an Excavator40
UEPOPS226AShift and Transfer Materials using Bobcats - Wheeled and Tracked40
UEPOPS227AShift and Transfer Materials using Borers and related attachments40
UEPOPS228AConduct Fork-lift Operations30
UEPOPS229AOperate Lifting and Load Shifting Equipment for Loads less than 10 tonnes20
UEPOPS230AOperate Lifting and Load Shifting Equipment for Loads greater than ten tonnes20
UEPOPS241AOperate and Monitor Ash and Dust Disposal Plant20
UEPOPS242AOperate and Monitor Dust Collection Plant20
UEPOPS243AOperate Air Conditioning Plant20
UEPOPS244AOperate and Monitor Site Services Water Systems20
UEPOPS245AConduct Chemical Batching Operations20
UEPOPS246AOperate Waste and Contaminated Water Plant20
UEPOPS247AOperate and Monitor an Internal Combustion Single Fuel Reciprocating Engine20
UEPOPS248AOperate and Monitor an Internal Combustion Dual Fuel Reciprocating Engine20
UEPOPS249ALiaise with Stakeholders20
UEPOPS250APerform Process Plant Inspections20
UEPOPS301AConduct Single Energy Source Isolation Procedures for Permit to Work40
UEPOPS302APerform Advanced Rigging Work40
UEPOPS303APerform Advanced Scaffolding40
UEPOPS304AMake and Spread a Stockpile40
UEPOPS305AOperate and Monitor Briquette Coal Cooling Plant40
UEPOPS306AOperate and Monitor Briquette Coal Drying Plant40
UEPOPS307AOperate and Monitor Briquette Coal Press Plant40
UEPOPS308APerform Briquette Laboratory Tests40
UEPOPS309AOperate and Monitor Air Conditioning Equipment and Ventilation Systems20
UEPOPS310AOperate Bulk Coal Handling Plant40
UEPOPS311AOperate Fabric Filter Dust Collection Plant20
UEPOPS312AOperate and Monitor Fuel Supply20
UEPOPS313AOperate and Monitor Boiler Draught System20
UEPOPS314AOperate and Monitor Fuel Firing Plant (Gas or Oil)20
UEPOPS315AOperate and Monitor Fuel Firing Plant (Coal)40
UEPOPS316AOperate and Monitor Boiler Steam/Water Cycle40
UEPOPS317AOperate and Monitor Fixed Fire Protection Systems20
UEPOPS318AOperate and Monitor Compressed Gas Systems20
UEPOPS319AOperate and Monitor Gas Production Plant20
UEPOPS320AOperate and Monitor Compressed Air Systems20
UEPOPS321AOperate and Monitor Water Treatment Plant40
UEPOPS322AOperate and Monitor Alkalinity Reduction Plant20
UEPOPS323AOperate and Monitor Reverse Osmosis Plant20
UEPOPS324AOperate and Monitor Brine Concentrator Plant20
UEPOPS325AOperate and Monitor Water Quality Control Systems40
UEPOPS326AOperate and Monitor Oil Systems40
UEPOPS327AMonitor and Maintain Civil Assets30
UEPOPS328AUndertake Dam Safety Surveillance30
UEPOPS329AOperate and Monitor Auxiliary Steam Systems30
UEPOPS330AOperate and Monitor Heat Exchangers30
UEPOPS331AOperate and Monitor Water Systems (Condensate and Feedwater)40
UEPOPS332AOperate and Monitor Condensing and Cooling Water Systems30
UEPOPS333AOperate and Monitor H.R.S.G. Hot Gas Control System40
UEPOPS334AOperate and Monitor a Wind Generator40
UEPOPS335AOperate a Hydro Generator/Synchronous Condenser/Pump Unit40
UEPOPS336AManage, Operate and Monitor a Gas Turbine Unit30
UEPOPS337AMaintain Quality Systems Within the Team20
UEPOPS338AFacilitate Effective Workplace Communication20
UEPOPS339AOperate and Monitor a Boiler Unit30
UEPOPS340AOperate and Monitor a Steam Turbine30
UEPOPS341AShut down a Steam Turbine30
UEPOPS342AInterpret and Analyse Single Operation Protection Devices30
UEPOPS343AOperate Hydro-Electric Generating Plant and Auxiliary Equipment30
UEPOPS344AConduct Water Conveyance and Control30
UEPOPS345AImplement Dam Safety Surveillance Procedures30
UEPOPS346AConduct Non-Routine Operational Testing20
UEPOPS347AOperate and Monitor Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition Systems30
UEPOPS348ARespond to Critical Incidents20
UEPOPS349AOperate H.V. Primary Switchgear40
UEPOPS350AUEPOPS353A Develop Contingency Plans30
UEPOPS351AOperate H.V. Condition Changing Apparatus20
UEPOPS352AConduct Operational Checks on In-service Mechanical Plant20
UEPOPS353AConduct Operational Checks on In-service Electrical Plant20
UEPOPS354AOperate and Monitor Dual Fuel Firing Plant40
UEPOPS355AMonitor the Implementation of Under Frequency Load Shedding30
UEPOPS356AApply Environmental and Sustainable Energy Procedures20
UEPOPS357AOperate H.V. Secondary Switchgear20
UEPOPS401AMonitor Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures20
UEPOPS402AConduct Multiple Energy Source Isolation Procedures for Permit to Work40
UEPOPS403ACoordinate Permit to Work System40
UEPOPS404ACoordinate First Response Team Operation20
UEPOPS405AOperate and Monitor AC Electrical Systems30
UEPOPS406AOperate and Monitor DC Electrical Systems30
UEPOPS407AStart and Run up a Gas Turbine20
UEPOPS408AShut Down a Gas Turbine20
UEPOPS409AStart Up a Boiler Unit40
UEPOPS410AShut Down a Boiler Unit20
UEPOPS411ARun Up a Steam Turbine40
UEPOPS412AUndertake Commissioning/Decommissioning40
UEPOPS413ACoordinate Operational Strategies for Power Production40
UEPOPS414APerform Risk Analysis of Generation Plant30
UEPOPS415APerform Cost Estimations30
UEPOPS416AMonitor the Implementation of the Enterprise's Production/Maintenance Quality Control Procedures40
UEPOPS417AMonitor and Implement Environmental Plans and Procedures40
UEPOPS418ADeliver and Review Training30
UEPOPS420ACoordinate the Network/System60
UEPOPS421AManage Critical Incidents40
UEPOPS422ASchedule Generation20
UEPOPS423APlan a Scheduled Outage40
UEPOPS424ACoordinate Local H.V. Networks30
UEPOPS425AProduce Maintenance Plans for Generation Production Plant40
UEPOPS426AInterpret and Analyse Multi-Operation Protection Devices40
UEPOPS427AInterpret and Analyse Low Voltage and Mechanical Protection Devices40
UEPOPS428ADevelop H.V. Switching Programs20
UEPOPS429ACoordinate and Direct Switching Program20
UEPOPS430AControl Permit to Work Operations20
UEPOPS431ACollect and Analyse Hydrological and Meteorological Data40
UEPOPS432AStart Up a Heat Recovery Steam Generator Unit40
UEPOPS433AOperate and Monitor a Heat Recovery Steam Generator Unit40
UEPOPS434AShut Down a Heat Recovery Steam Generator Unit20
UEPOPS435AOperate and Monitor Flue Gas Nox Mitigation Systems40
UEPOPS436AOperate and Monitor Dual Fuel Firing Plant20
UEPOPS437AManage System Re-start40
UEPOPS438ACoordinate Electrical Energy Production40
UEPOPS439APlan and Organise Work20
UEPOPS440ACoordinate Team Activities20
UEPOPS441AOperate and Monitor System Equipment30
UEPOPS442AMonitor and Coordinate the Operation of a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Unit60
UEPOPS501AManage Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures40
UEPOPS502AManage Permit to Work System40
UEPOPS503AManage First Response Team Operation40
UEPOPS504ADevelop Implement and Monitor Environmental Management Systems80
UEPOPS505AProduce Maintenance Strategies for Generation Production Plant40
UEPOPS506AEstablish and Implement Operational Strategies for Power Production40
UEPOPS507AConduct Project Management80
UEPOPS508AManage Commissioning/Decommissioning80
UEPOPS509AManage Quality Control Procedures40
UEPOPS510AMonitor Power Generation Plant Reliability60
UEPOPS511ATune Process Plant and Equipment60
UEPOPS512AManage the Network/System80
UEPOPS513AManage Operational Crisis to Maintain/Restore Power System Integrity60
UEPOPS514AControl Hydro Generation/Pumping60
UEPOPS515ACoordinate Power Generation40
UEPOPS231AOperate Explosive Powered Tool20
UEPOPS232ATransport Plant and Equipment40
UEPOPS233APerform Machining Operations80
UEPOPS234APerform Routine Oxyacetylene (Fuel Gas) Welding (OAW)20
UEPOPS235APerform Routine Manual Arc Welding40
UEPOPS236APerform Manual Heating, Thermal Cutting and Gouging20
UEPOPS237APerform Tool Store Duties20
UEPOPS238AMaintain Battery Banks and Cells20
UEPOPS239AConduct Minor/Basic Electrical Maintenance20
UEPOPS240AOperate and Monitor Fuel Supply (Coal)40
TLILIC108ALicence to operate a forklift truck40
MEM07005CPerform general machining80
UEPMNT422AConduct Performance Testing on Process Plant and Equipment60