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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

UEG06 Gas Industry Training Package

Updated: 18 Sep 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
BCG1004ACarry out measurements and calculations20
BSBCMN105AUse business equipment15
BSBCMN206AProcess and maintain workplace information20
BSBCMN209AProvide information to clients20
BSBCMN305AOrganise workplace information30
BSBCMN306AProduce business documents60
BSBCMN310ADeliver and Monitor a Service to Customers40
BSBCMN411AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBMGT505AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBMGT507AManage environmental performance40
TDTC497CDrive heavy rigid vehicle40
TDTC597CDrive heavy combination vehicle40
TDTD1097BOperate a forklift40
PMAOPS205AOperate heat exchangers40
PMAOPS221AOperate and monitor prime movers40
PMAOPS223AOperate and monitor valve systems20
PMAOPS230AMonitor, operate, and maintain pipeline stations and equipment40
PMAOPS304AOperate and monitor compressor systems and equipment30
PMAOPS340AOperate cryogenic processes40
BSBFLM405BImplement operational plan50
BSBFLM501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBFLM503BManage effective workplace relationships60
BSBFLM505BManage operational plan60
BSBFLM506BManage workplace information systems60
BSBFLM509BFacilitate continuous improvement60
BSBFLM510BFacilitate and capitalise on change and innovation60
BSBFLM512AEnsure team effectiveness60
UEGNSG106ACoordinate repair of pipeline, facilities and equipment120
UEGNSG107AControl gas odourisation80
UEGNSG201AExcavate for underground utilities services operating plant and equipment45
UEGNSG202AConstruct and lay distribution pipelines45
UEGNSG203ACommission and decommission gas distribution pipelines100
UEGNSG204ACoordinate gas distribution pipeline repair and modifications80
UEGNSG205ALaunch and recover PIG in a gas distribution pipeline80
UEGNSG206APerform routine maintenance on distribution pipeline facilities and equipment100
UEGNSG207ACoordinate construction, laying and testing of gas distribution pipelines100
UEGNSG208AGas distribution pipeline surveillance100
UEGNSG209AFirst on site emergency response on a distribution pipeline100
UEGNSG210ASupervise and monitor contract staff for work on distribution pipelines100
UEGNSG211ALay underground electrical supply cables45
UEGNSG301ACoat gas pipelines100
UEGNSG302AMaintain pipeline easements45
UEGNSG303AGas transmission pipeline surveillance100
UEGNSG304ACommission/decommission gas transmission pipelines120
UEGNSG305ACoordinate gas transmission pipeline repair and modifications80
UEGNSG307APerform routine maintenance on transmission pipeline facilities and equipment100
UEGNSG318AMonitor and operate flow control, pressure, measuring and regulating devices for gas transmission100
UEGNSG401AMaintain cathodic protection systems80
UEGNSG402AInstall cathodic protection systems100
UEGNSG601AAssess the operational capability of gas safety equipment on tankers45
UEGNSG602ALoad, discharging LPG by road tanker45
UEGNSG603ALoad, unload and exchanging gas cylinders45
UEGNSG604AFill gas cylinders45
UEGNSG605ARefurbish gas cylinders45
UEGNSG606AMonitor and control the transfer of LPG100
UEGNSG607AProcess LPG100
UEGNSG608APerform minor maintenance on gas processing/storage facilities and equipment100
UEGNSG609ACoordinate repair of faults in gas processing/storage facilities and equipment100
UEGNSG610AControl storage of LPG in terminal100
UEGNSG701AProcess meter reading information using appropriate technology45
UEGNSG702ARead and record meter readings45
UEGNSG703AInvestigate billing exceptions/conditions60
UEGNSG801AMonitor and operate complex flow control, measuring and regulating devices for gas pressure control100
UEGNSG802AInstall complex flow control, measuring and regulating devices for gas pressure control100
UEGNSG108AOperate and monitor pipeline control systems60
UEGNSG109AControl field pipeline operations60
UEGNSG110ASupervise technical operations for gas distribution/transmission100
UEGNSG111AProduce maintenance strategies and plans for a gas facility80
UEGNSG112AConduct isolation procedures for permit to work system for a Gas Industry work site80
UEGNSG124AInstall and maintain process control systems - extra low voltage120
UEGNSG310ASupervise and monitor contract staff60
UEGNSG319ACustody transfer metering and gas quality analysis80
UEGNSG501AOperate gas infrastructure to meet nominated demand80
UEGNSG502AControl centre communication with gas industry stakeholders80
UEGNSG503AManage emergencies and critical incidents for gas infrastructure80
UEGNSG504AMonitoring and controlling field activities80
UEGNSG505AUse control centre systems to monitor and control gas infrastructure80
UEGNSG611AControl LPG storage/processing operations80
UEGNSG612ASupervise technical operations for liquefied petroleum gas storage and processing80
UEGNSG306APipeline pigging in gas transmission pipeline40
UEGNSG312AFirst response to a facility event60
UEGNSG313ACheck and report on station conditions40
UEGNSG314ALiaise with third party and the community to maintain pipeline integrity and community safety40
UEGNSG315AAerial transmission pipeline surveillance40
UEGNSG316ASite control of excavations in the vicinity of a transmission pipeline60
UEGNSG317AMonitor and report on cathodic protection systems40
UEGNSG114ACoordinate and monitor implementation of a risk management plan for a utilities industry facility100
UEENEEMXX1AReport on the integrity of explosion-protected equipment in hazardous areas
UEENEEMXX2AAttend to breakdowns in hazardous areas
UEENEEMXX3AUse and maintain the integrity of portable gas detection devices
UEENEEEXX2ADismantle, assemble and fabricate electrotechnology components
UEENEEEXX5AFix and secure equipment
UEENEEEXX7AUse drawings, diagrams, schedules and service manuals
UEENEEEXX8ALay wiring and terminate accessories for extra-low voltage circuits
UEPOPXXS412AUndertake commissioning/decommissioning
UEPOPXXS415APerform cost estimations
UEPOPXXS417AMonitor and implement the environmental plans and procedures
UEPOPXXS508AManage commissioning/decommissioning
UEPOPXXS348ARespond to critical incidents
UEPOPXXS423APlan a scheduled outage
UEPOPXXS350ADevelop contingency plans
UEPOPXXS513AManage operational crisis to maintain/restore system integrity
UEPOPXXS506AEstablish and implement operational strategies for power production
UEGNSG001AWorking safely near gas pipelines and other gas infrastructure40
UEGNSG101AUse equipment and tools to perform work in a utilities industry work environment30
UEGNSG102ACarry out work activities in a utilities industry work environment60
UEGNSG103AComply with workplace OHS procedures and practices50
UEGNSG104AComply with environmental policies and procedures60
UEGNSG105AEstablish the work site60
UEGNSG113AManage a utilities industry OHS management system80
UEGNSG115AManage gas systems projects80
UEGNSG116AManage Gas Industry physical resources80
UEGNSG117APlan and implement the data acquisition and metering requirements of a gas system120
UEGNSG118ASelect and commission equipment to meet pressure and temperature control specifications120
UEGNSG119AManage workplace risk in a Gas Industry facility60
UEGNSG120AManage gas system environmental compliance60
UEGNSG121APrepare safe design specifications of a gas system120
UEGNSG122AManage a customer service gas business unit120
UEGNSG123AManage financial resources in Gas Industry facility120
UEGNSG308AIdentify, evaluate and control threats to transmission pipelines40
UEGNSG309AFirst on site emergency response40
UEGNSG311ASite control of third party works in the vicinity of a transmission pipeline40
TLIC407DDrive heavy rigid vehicle40
TLIC507DDrive heavy combination vehicle40
TLID1007COperate a forklift40
BSBCMN311BMaintain workplace safety40
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBFLM303CContribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBFLM312BContribute to team effectiveness40
BSBINM201AProcess and maintain workplace information30
BSBINM301AOrganise workplace information30
BSBITU305AConduct online transactions40
BSBWOR301AOrganise personal work priorities and development30
UEENEEE002BDismantle, assemble and fabricate electrotechnology components40
UEENEEE005BFix and secure equipment20
UEENEEE007BUse drawings, diagrams, schedules and manuals40
UEENEEE008BLay wiring/cabling and terminate accessories for extra-low voltage circuits40
UEENEEM020AAttend to breakdowns in hazardous areas - gas atmospheres20
UEENEEM076AUse and maintain the integrity of a portable gas detection device20
UEENEEM080AReport on the integrity of explosion-protected equipment in a hazardous area20