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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

PSP04 Public Sector Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
BSZ501AAnalyse competency requirements50
BSZ502ADesign and establish the training system40
BSZ503ADesign and establish the assessment system40
BSZ504AManage the training and assessment system40
BSZ505AEvaluate the training and assessment system45
ICAITS030BInstall software to networked computers34
ICPMM21CACapture a digital image17
CULLB201AAssist clients to use an information service effectively40
CULLB202AAssist with the maintenance of service area40
CULLB203ADevelop own information literacy skills20
CULLB205APrepare, process and store resources30
CULLB302AUse bibliographic methods40
CULLB303AAccession and process resources20
CULLB304AContribute to promotional programs and activities for clients30
CULLB305AProcess orders30
CULLB306ARespond to requests from other information providers for material20
CULLB307AUse multimedia equipment40
CULLB401AContribute to client access to information60
CULLB407AUse networked services effectively to provide access to information50
CULLB408AAcquire and process resources for access35
CULLB410AObtain information resources from remote sources for clients35
CULLB412AUndertake cataloguing activities30
FNBFIN58ADevelop and monitor financial policy statements and operating procedures120
FNBFIN62AEvaluate and authorise payment requests10
FNBFIN63AProcess payment documentation10
FNBFIN64AMaintain integrity of financial systems60
FNBFIN65AProcess journal entries10
FNBFIN66AReconcile and monitor accounts receivable50
FNBFIN67AProduce management reports to enable effective decision making40
FNBFIN68APrepare reports for management20
FNBFIN69AAnalyse and comment on management reports40
FNBACC08AEvaluate organisational processes80
AUR70508ACarry out manual handling operations20
PMLDATA300AProcess and record data70
PMLMAIN300AMaintain the laboratory fit for purpose30
PMLOHS300AWork safely in accordance with defined policies and procedures40
PMLQUAL300AContribute to the achievement of quality objectives30
PMLSAMP300AHandle and transport samples20
PMLSAMP301AReceive and prepare a range of samples for pathology testing30
PMLTEST300APerform basic tests60
PMLTEST301APerform biological laboratory procedures80
PMLTEST302ACalibrate testing equipment and assist with its maintenance50
PMLTEST303APrepare working solutions50
PMLTEST304APrepare culture media25
PMLTEST305APerform aseptic techniques40
PMLTEST306AAssist with fieldwork40
PMLQUAL401AApply quality systems and continuous improvement processes80
PMLTEST400APerform instrumental tests/procedures120
PMLTEST401APerform non-instrumental tests/procedures120
PMLTEST402APrepare, standardise and use solutions100
PMLDATA501AUse laboratory application software60
PMLMAIN500AMaintain and control stocks50
PMLTEST500ACalibrate and maintain instruments100
PUAOPE002AOperate communications systems and equipment30
PUAOPE003ANavigate in urban and rural environments50
PUAOPE004AConduct briefings/debriefings30
PUAVEH001ADrive vehicles under operational conditions80
PUAPOL001AMaintain operational safety
PUAPOL007AManage persons in care or custody or in need of assistance
PUAPOL023AManage investigations
PUAPOL024AConduct investigations40
PUAPOL028AManage investigation information processes80
PUAPOL029ACoordinate multi-agency investigations
PUAPOL030AReview and evaluate major investigations80
PUAPOL031AConfiscate assets
PUAPOL032APlan intelligence activities
PUAPOL033AManage intelligence information processes
PUAPOL034AAnalyse information40
PUAPOL035ADisseminate outputs from the intelligence process
FPIC2011ACross-cut materials with a hand held chainsaw40
FPIC2007AMaintain chainsaws20
FPIFGM147ARead and interpret maps20
SRCAQU001AMonitor pool water quality5
SRCAQU004AMaintain pool water quality15
PMLSCIG301ARepair glass apparatus using simple glassblowing equipment
PMLSCIG300AOperate basic handblowing equipment
PMLTEST307APrepare trial batches for evaluation40
PMLOHS301AWork safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation
CUSGEN01AUse and adapt to changes in technology20
PRDSSA23AConduct auction sale30
BSBADM304ADesign and develop text documents60
BSBADM301AProduce texts from shorthand notes100
BSBADM302AProduce texts from notes30
BSBADM303AProduce texts from audio transcription30
BSBADM305ACreate and use databases30
BSBADM308AProcess payroll30
BSBADM309AProcess accounts payable and receivable30
BSBADM310AMaintain a general ledger60
BSBADM401AProduce complex texts from shorthand notes50
BSBADM402AProduce complex business documents70
BSBADM403ADevelop and use complex databases30
BSBADM404ADevelop and use complex spreadsheets30
BSBADM405AOrganise meetings40
BSBADM408APrepare financial reports50
BSBADM505AManage payroll40
BSBCMN101APrepare for work30
BSBCMN102AComplete daily work activities20
BSBCMN103AApply basic communication skills40
BSBCMN104APlan skills development20
BSBCMN105AUse business equipment15
BSBCMN106AFollow workplace safety procedures10
BSBCMN107AOperate a personal computer20
BSBCMN108ADevelop keyboard skills40
BSBCMN109AFollow environmental work practices10
BSBCMN307AMaintain business resources25
BSBCMN308AMaintain financial records60
BSBCMN402ADevelop work priorities40
BSBCMN404ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBCMN406AMaintain business technology40
BSBCMN408AReport on financial activity60
BSBCMN409APromote products and services40
BSBCMN411AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBCMN412APromote innovation and change50
BSBHR401AAdminister human resource systems100
BSBHR403AProcess human resource documents and inquiries20
BSBHR404ACoordinate human resource services40
BSBMGT506ARecruit, select and induct staff60
BSBMKG401AProfile the market60
BSBMKG402AAnalyse consumer behaviour for specific markets60
BSBMKG403AAnalyse market data60
BSBMKG404AForecast market and business needs60
BSBMKG405AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBMKG407AMake a presentation30
BSBMKG301AResearch the market60
BSBMKG302AIdentify marketing opportunities60
BSBMKG303ADraft an elementary marketing audit report40
BSBMKG501AEvaluate marketing opportunities80
BSBMKG502AEstablish and adjust the marketing mix80
BSBMKG503ADevelop a marketing communications plan60
BSBMKG504AImplement a marketing solution60
BSBMKG505AReview marketing performance40
BSBMKG601ADevelop marketing strategies60
BSBMKG602ADevelop a marketing plan60
BSBMKG603AManage the marketing process50
BSBMKG604ADevelop and manage direct marketing campaigns50
BSBMKG605AEvaluate international marketing opportunities60
BSBMKG606AManage international marketing programs80
BSBRKG301AControl records50
BSBRKG302AUndertake disposal25
BSBRKG303ARetrieve information from records30
BSBRKG304AMaintain business records30
BSBRKG401AReview the status of a record20
BSBRKG402AProvide information from and about records30
BSBRKG403ASet up a business or records system for a small office40
BSBEBUS406AMonitor and maintain records in an online environment50
BSBRKG601ADefine recordkeeping framework30
BSBRKG602ADevelop recordkeeping policy40
BSBRKG603APrepare a functional analysis for an organisation50
BSBRKG605ADetermine records requirements to document a function40
BSBRKG606ADesign a records retention and disposal schedule40
BSBRKG607ADocument and monitor the record-creating context20
BSBRKG608APlan management of records over time40
BSBSBM404AUndertake business planning60
BSBSBM406AManage finances50
BSBSBM407AManage a small team60
BSBRKG502AManage and monitor business or records systems50
BSBRKG503ADevelop and maintain a classification scheme30
BSBRKG501ADetermine business or records system specifications60
BSBRKG504ADevelop terminology for activities and records40
BSBRKG505ADocument or reconstruct a business or records system30
ICAITS134AProvide remote helpdesk support30
CSCSAS001AMaintain safety and security40
CSCSAS006AContain incidents which jeopardise safety and security10
CSCSAS012AConduct searches15
CSCSAS013AMonitor control room operations10
CSCSAS017ADetermine response to security risk30
CSCSAS018AManage conflict through negotiation20
CSCSAS019AManage threatening behaviour20
CSCTRA001AMaintain security during escort30
CSCTRA004APlan and monitor escorts30
THHBCAT02BPackage prepared foodstuffs6
THHBCAT03BTransport and store food in a safe and hygienic manner12
THHBCAT06BApply catering control principles10
THHBKA01BOrganise and prepare food20
THHBKA02BPresent food6
THHBKA03BReceive and store kitchen supplies10
THHBKA04BClean and maintain kitchen premises10
THHBCC01BUse basic methods of cookery45
THHBCC03BPrepare stocks, sauces and soups35
THHBCC04BPrepare vegetables, eggs and farinaceous dishes45
THHBCC11BImplement food safety procedures25
THHBH05BLaunder linen and guest clothes20
THHGHS01BFollow workplace hygiene procedures15
THHGHS02BClean premises and equipment12
BSBEBUS615AUse online systems to support managerial decision-making40
BSBEBUS610ADevelop electronic communication policy40
BSBEBUS608ADevelop and implement online information policy40
BSBEBUS604ADevelop a business website strategy50
BSBEBUS603AEvaluate new technologies for business60
BSBEBUS407AReview and maintain the business aspects of a website50
BSBEBUS403ACommunicate electronically30
BSBEBUS402AImplement e-correspondence policies20
BSBEBUS401AConduct online research35
BSBEBUS309AUndertake e-learning35
BSBEBUS307ABank online15
BSBEBUS304ABuy online15
BSBEBUS302AUse and maintain electronic mail system20
BSBEBUS301ASearch and assess online business information20
BSBEBUS514AImplement e-learning30
BSBEBUS513APlan e-learning30
BSBEBUS512AImplement electronic communication policy30
BSBEBUS507AManage the business aspects of a website40
BSBEBUS506APlan and develop a business website50
BSBEBUS515AFacilitate e-learning30
NWP229AConstruct and/or repair minor structures20
ICAITAD047BDetermine specifications for the project20
ICAITAD048CDevelop configuration management20
ICAITU127BSupport system software50
RTC3218AUndertake a site assessment80
RTC5504ADevelop a management plan for a designated area200
ICAITS035CAssist with analysis of emerging technology40
ICAITS108BComplete database back-up and recovery30
ICAITS024CProvide basic system administration20
ICAITS110BImplement system software changes30
ICAITS113BIdentify and resolve common database performance problems30
ICAITS114BImplement maintenance procedures10
ICAITS115BMaintain equipment and software in working order40
ICAITS124BMonitor and administer network security20
ICAITS125BMonitor and administer a database30
ICAITS191AMaintain web site performance30
ICAITSP036BIT strategy meets business solution requirements36
ICAITSP039BMatch the IT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise20
FNBACC07BPrepare complex tax returns and lodgements60
FNBACC09BAudit and report on financial systems and records50
FNBACC10BImplement tax plans and evaluate tax compliance60
FNBACC11BMonitor corporate governance activities60
FNBACC12BImplement organisational improvement programs60
FNBACC13BConduct internal audit50
FNBACC14BEvaluate business performance60
FNBACC15BEvaluate organisation's financial performance60
FNBACC16BEvaluate financial risk60
FNBACC17BDevelop and implement financial strategies60
FNBACC01BProvide financial and business performance information60
FNBACC03BManage budgets and forecasts60
FNBACC05BEstablish and maintain accounting information systems60
FNBACC06BImplement and maintain internal control procedures50
TDTA2297BParticipate in stocktakes20
TDTD397CHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
FNBACC22AProcess business tax requirements50
FNBACC24APrepare operational budgets50
FNBACC31APrepare financial statements60
FNBACC32AMaintain asset and inventory records30
FNBACC30AProvide management accounting information60
FNBACC27APrepare and analyse management accounting information60
FNBACC28APrepare complex corporate financial reports60
CHCCD14BImplement a community development strategy70
CHCCD15BDevelop and implement a community development strategy150
CHCCD19AEstablish and maintain community, government and business partnerships150
CHCCD1BSupport community participation50
CHCCD2BProvide community education projects70
CHCCD7BSupport community resources30
CHCCD8BSupport community action90
CHCCD9BSupport community leadership90
CHCCM3BDevelop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management75
CHCCM4BPromote high quality case management90
CHCDIS12AProvide care and support for students with severe physical disabilities30
CHCDIS14ASupport students with additional needs in the classroom30
CHCDIS17AProvide care and support for students with disabilities50
CHCDIS18ASupport students with special needs50
CHCDIS3CProvide services to people with disabilities50
CHCIC1CInteract effectively with children70
CHCLEG401AUtilise legislation50
CHCMED404AFacilitate the mediation process70
CHCMED405AFacilitate interaction between clients50
CHCMED406AConsolidate and conclude the mediation process50
CHCORG25BRecruit and co-ordinate volunteers70
PRSSO207ARespond to security risk situation40
PRSSO303ADetermine response to security risk situation40
CHCADMIN5CWork within the administration protocols of the organisation75
CHCCD13CWork within specific communities70
CHCCD5CDevelop community resources90
CHCDIS15BProvide behaviour support30
CHCDIS16BProvide advanced behaviour support90
CHCDIS1COrientation to disability work50
CHCMED409BFacilitate alternative dispute resolution processes50
CHCRF1CWork effectively with families to care for the child25
BCCCM2001BUse civil construction hand and power tools80
BSBFLM305BSupport operational plan40
BSBFLM309BSupport continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBFLM311BSupport a workplace learning environment40
BSBFLM403BImplement effective workplace relationships50
BSBFLM405BImplement operational plan50
BSBFLM406BImplement workplace information system50
BSBFLM412APromote team effectiveness50
BSBFLM501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBFLM503BManage effective workplace relationships60
BSBFLM505BManage operational plan60
BSBFLM506BManage workplace information systems60
BSBFLM509BFacilitate continuous improvement60
BSBFLM511BDevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBFLM513AManage budgets and financial plans within the work team70
BSBPM401AApply scope management techniques40
BSBPM402AApply time management techniques40
BSBPM403AApply cost management techniques40
BSBPM404AApply quality management techniques40
BSBPM405AApply human resources management approaches40
BSBPM406AApply communications management techniques40
BSBPM407AApply risk management techniques40
BSBPM408AApply contract and procurement techniques30
BSBPM501AManage application of project integrative processes60
BSBPM502AManage project scope40
BSBPM503AManage project time40
BSBPM504AManage project costs40
BSBPM505AManage project quality40
BSBPM506AManage project human resources40
BSBPM507AManage project communications40
BSBPM508AManage project risk40
BSBPM509AManage project procurement40
PUAWER001AIdentify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations2
PUAWER008AConfine small workplace emergencies7
PUAWER002AEnsure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented8
PUAWER003AManage and monitor workplace emergency, procedures, equipment and other resources28
PUAWER004ARespond to workplace emergencies2
PUAWER005AOperate as part of an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER006ALead an emergency control organisation14
PUAWER007AManage an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER009AParticipate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team35
PUAWER010ALead a workplace emergency initial response team70
PUAWER011AManage workplace emergency initial response teams28
PSPBORD301AConduct patrols30
PSPBORD302AUse border protection technology equipment25
PSPBORD303ADeploy detector dog25
PSPBORD304AMaintain detector dog proficiency40
PSPBORD305ACalculate taxes, fees and charges20
PSPBORD401ACreate and maintain profiles30
PSPBORD402ADevelop surveillance flight routes40
PSPBORD403AReview operational schedules40
PSPBORD404AAnalyse surveillance products30
PSPBORD405ADevelop operational effectiveness of detector dog teams30
PSPBORD406AConduct detector dog team training40
PSPBORD407ACommand operational groups40
PSPBORD408AExamine and test firearms30
PSPBORD501ACommand operational forces35
PSPBORD601AManage operations50
PSPCOM501APrepare for community engagement50
PSPCOM502ADevelop and implement community engagement strategies50
PSPCOM503ABuild and maintain community relationships50
PSPFIN401AUse public sector financial processes30
PSPFIN501AApply public sector financial policies and processes40
PSPFIN601AApply complex public sector financial requirements60
PSPFIN602AUndertake strategic financial analysis50
PSPFIN603ADevelop public sector financial strategies60
PSPFRAU401BMonitor data for indicators of fraud40
PSPFRAU407BConduct fraud control awareness sessions40
PSPFRAU501BCommunicate fraud control awareness40
PSPFRAU502BAnticipate and detect possible fraud activity100
PSPFRAU504BConduct fraud risk assessments40
PSPFRAU505BDevelop fraud control plans40
PSPFRAU506BImplement fraud control activities40
PSPFRAU507BCoordinate development and implementation of fraud information systems40
PSPFRAU601BDevelop fraud control strategy60
PSPFRAU602BManage fraud risk assessment and action plan60
PSPFRAU603BManage fraud control awareness50
PSPFRAU605BReview fraud control activities40
PSPSCI201AContribute to the provision of scientific technical support25
PSPSCI301AAssist with scientific technical support30
PSPSCI302ASupport innovation and change through extension35
PSPSCI303AUndertake scientific/technological research40
PSPSCI401AProvide scientific technical support30
PSPSCI402APromote innovation and change through extension40
PSPSCI403AOrganise and undertake scientific/technological research40
PSPSCI501AProvide high-level scientific technical support40
PSPSCI502AFacilitate innovation and change through extension50
PSPSCI503ADevelop and undertake scientific/technological research60
PSPSCI601AManage the provision of high-level scientific technical support50
PSPSCI602AInfluence innovation and change through extension60
PSPSCI603AInitiate and conduct scientific/technological research80
PSPSCI701ACreate innovation and change through extension60
PSPSCI702AInitiate and lead sophisticated scientific/technological research80
PSPSEC301ASecure government assets35
PSPSEC302ARespond to government security incidents25
PSPSEC303AConduct security awareness sessions35
PSPSEC304AUndertake information technology security audits30
PSPSEC401AUndertake government security risk analysis40
PSPSEC402AImplement security risk treatments40
PSPSEC403ADevelop and advise on government security procedures40
PSPSEC404AConduct personnel security assessments40
PSPSEC405AHandle security classified information30
PSPSEC406AProvide government security briefings35
PSPSEC501AAssess security risks60
PSPSEC502ADevelop security risk management plans40
PSPSEC503AImplement and monitor security risk management plans50
PSPSEC504ACoordinate protective security50
PSPSEC505AProtect security classified information30
PSPSEC506ACommunicate security awareness60
PSPSEC601ADefine information systems framework80
PSPSEC602AManage security awareness60
PSPGSD401AIdentify and select government service delivery options40
PSPGSD402AAdminister government service delivery requirements30
PSPGSD403AConduct government service delivery interviews30
PSPGSD404AAdminister delivery of financial and other benefits30
PSPGSD405AIntroduce the government service delivery model30
PSPGSD406AFacilitate participation in government service delivery30
PSPGSD407AAssist self-management of government service offers30
PSPGSD408AAssist government service recipients with complex needs30
PSPGSD409ADeal with incorrect payments and debts25
PSPGSD501ADevelop and implement procedures for government service delivery50
PSPGSD502AManage the emergent dynamics of government service delivery50
PSPGSD503AProvide specialist technical service delivery60
PSPHR402AAdminister human resource processes40
PSPHR403AProvide a consultancy service for human resource management50
PSPHR503AFacilitate performance management processes50
PSPHR504AImplement workforce planning and succession strategies50
PSPHR505AImplement staffing policies50
PSPHR506ACoordinate employment relations40
PSPHR507ACoordinate employee support100
PSPHR508ACoordinate career development100
PSPHR603BProvide advisory and mediation services40
PSPHR612AManage recruitment60
PSPHR613AManage retention and separation40
PSPHR614AManage employment relations50
PSPHR615AManage human resource development strategies40
PSPHR616AManage performance management system60
PSPHR617AManage redeployment40
PSPHR618AManage human resource information40
PSPHR619AManage remuneration strategies and plans40
PSPHR620AManage organisational development40
PSPHR621AManage organisational design strategies40
PSPHR702BFormulate a strategic human resource plan60
PSPHR703AProvide leadership in strategic human resource management40
PSPIM301AProcess claims20
PSPIM401AConduct initial claim assessments30
PSPIM402AUndertake initial rehabilitation assessments40
PSPIM403AMake claim determinations30
PSPIM404AConduct situational workplace assessments40
PSPIM405ADevelop return to work plans30
PSPIM406AImplement and monitor return to work plans35
PSPIM407APromote and educate about injury management50
PSPIM408AMonitor and review injury management cases40
PSPIM409AMaintain injury management case files35
PSPIM501ADetermine liability and negotiate settlements50
PSPIM502AManage case direction and outcomes50
PSPIM503AMaintain and monitor service standards40
PSPIM504AContribute to a quality injury management system60
PSPLAND301ACollect land revenue30
PSPLAND302AInvestigate tenure and land use history40
PSPLAND303AAdminister public land tenures40
PSPLAND304AProvide administrative support for public reserves20
PSPLAND305AProvide administrative support for reserve management bodies40
PSPLAND306ADispose of public land30
PSPLAND307AAssist in processing Aboriginal land claims/applications20
PSPLAND308ACompile and check survey plans30
PSPLAND309AAdminister roads25
PSPLAND401AAssess Crown land40
PSPLAND402AUndertake native title assessments40
PSPLAND403APrepare and lodge non-claimant native title applications30
PSPLAND404AInvestigate tenure applications40
PSPLAND405AAdminister public reserves30
PSPLAND406AMonitor reserves management35
PSPLAND407ACoordinate land board sittings30
PSPLAND408AInvestigate Aboriginal land claims/applications35
PSPLAND409AHandle compensation claims35
PSPLAND501AReview planning documents and environmental assessments40
PSPLAND502ADevelop and market public land50
PSPLAND503AManage native title future act processes50
PSPLAND504AManage public land tenures and applications50
PSPLAND505AProvide technical expertise60
PSPLAND506AIdentify and manage contaminated sites40
PSPLAND507AUndertake land acquisitions/withdrawals50
PSPLAND508ACoordinate Aboriginal land claims/applications50
PSPLAND509ANegotiate/mediate public land business agreements40
PSPLAND601AManage unallocated land60
PSPLEGN301BComply with legislation in the public sector25
PSPLEGN401AEncourage compliance with legislation in the public sector30
PSPLEGN501BPromote compliance with legislation in the public sector25
PSPLEGN601BManage compliance with legislation in the public sector40
PSPMNGT602BManage resources60
PSPMNGT603BFacilitate people management60
PSPMNGT604BManage change60
PSPMNGT605BManage diversity60
PSPMNGT606BManage quality client service40
PSPMNGT607BDevelop a business case60
PSPMNGT608BManage risk60
PSPMNGT609BFormulate business strategies60
PSPMNGT610AManage public sector financial resources60
PSPMNGT611AManage evaluations60
PSPMNGT612AReview and improve business performance60
PSPMNGT613ADevelop partnering arrangements60
PSPMNGT614AFacilitate knowledge management60
PSPMNGT615AInfluence workforce effectiveness60
PSPMNGT701BProvide strategic direction60
PSPMNGT702AInfluence and shape diversity management70
PSPMNGT703ALead and influence change70
PSPMNGT704AUndertake enterprise risk management60
PSPOHS201BFollow workplace safety procedures20
PSPOHS301AContribute to workplace safety30
PSPOHS401BImplement workplace safety procedures and programs35
PSPOHS501AMonitor and maintain workplace safety40
PSPOHS601BEstablish and maintain a workplace safety system40
PSPOHS602AManage workplace safety60
PSPPOL401AContribute to policy development40
PSPPOL402AAssist with specialist policy development50
PSPPOL403AGive and receive policy information40
PSPPOL404ASupport policy implementation30
PSPPOL501ADevelop organisation policy60
PSPPOL502AAdvise on organisation policy40
PSPPOL601ADevelop public policy80
PSPPOL602AProvide policy advice40
PSPPOL603AManage policy implementation40
PSPPOL701AInfluence strategic policy60
PSPPM401BDesign simple projects65
PSPPM402BManage simple projects65
PSPPM403BClose simple projects65
PSPPM404ACarry out simple project activities40
PSPPM405AAdminister simple projects40
PSPPM501BDesign complex projects80
PSPPM502BManage complex projects80
PSPPM503BClose complex projects80
PSPPM504ACarry out complex project activities50
PSPPM601BDirect complex project activities40
PSPPA501AProvide public affairs writing and editorial services60
PSPPA502ACoordinate public affairs events and activities50
PSPPA601AManage public affairs70
PSPPA602AProvide public affairs advisory service50
PSPPA603AManage media relationships50
PSPREG201ACarry out inspections and monitoring under guidance30
PSPREG301AUndertake routine inspections and monitoring40
PSPREG401CExercise regulatory powers60
PSPREG402CPromote client compliance40
PSPREG403BAssess compliance60
PSPREG404CInvestigate non-compliance50
PSPREG405BAct on non-compliance30
PSPREG406CMake arrests20
PSPREG407BProduce formal record of interview60
PSPREG408CConduct search and seizure60
PSPREG409BPrepare a brief of evidence60
PSPREG410BGive evidence30
PSPREG411AGather information through interviews50
PSPREG412AGather and manage evidence40
PSPREG413AUndertake inspections and monitoring40
PSPREG414AConduct surveillance30
PSPREG415AReceive and validate data40
PSPREG416AConduct data analysis40
PSPREG417AUndertake compliance audits50
PSPREG418AAdvise on progress of investigations30
PSPREG419AFinalise and report on investigations30
PSPREG420APlan and implement recovery action20
PSPREG421ATake custody of and store weapons20
PSPREG501BConduct prosecutions80
PSPREG502ACoordinate investigation processes80
PSPREG503ASupervise and carry out complex inspections and monitoring70
PSPREG504AManage plant movement health risk80
PSPREG601BManage regulatory compliance100
PSPREG602BEvaluate regulatory compliance100
PSPREG603AManage and lead inspection and monitoring programs60
PSPREG701AManage investigations program80
PSPTRAN401AInspect vehicles35
PSPTRAN402AAssess driver compliance30
PSPTRAN403AAssess vehicle compliance40
PSPTRAN404AConduct detailed vehicle examination40
PSPTRAN501AProvide specialist vehicle technical advice40
PSPSOHS401AContribute to the implementation of a systematic approach to managing OHS40
PSPSOHS402AContribute to the implementation of the OHS consultation process40
PSPSOHS403AIdentify hazards and assess OHS risks40
PSPSOHS404AContribute to the implementation of strategies to control OHS risk40
PSPSOHS405AContribute to the implementation of emergency procedures40
PSPSOHS406AUse equipment to conduct workplace monitoring40
PSPSOHS501AParticipate in the coordination and maintenance of a systematic approach to managing OHS50
PSPSOHS502AParticipate in the management of the OHS information and data systems50
PSPSOHS503AAssist in the design and development of OHS participative arrangements50
PSPSOHS504AApply principles of OHS risk management50
PSPSOHS505AManage hazards in the work environment50
PSPSOHS506AMonitor and facilitate the management of hazards associated with plant50
PSPSOHS507AFacilitate the application of principles of occupational health to control OHS risk50
PSPSOHS508AParticipate in the investigation of incidents50
PSPSOHS601ADevelop a systematic approach to managing OHS60
PSPSOHS602ADevelop OHS information and data analysis and reporting and recording processes50
PSPSOHS603AAnalyse and evaluate OHS risk50
PSPSOHS604AApply ergonomic principles to control OHS risk50
PSPSOHS605AApply occupational hygiene principles to control OHS risk50
PSPSOHS606ADevelop and implement crisis management processes60
PSPSOHS607AAdvise on application of safe design principles to control OHS risk60
PSPSOHS608AConduct an OHS audit60
PSPSOHS609AEvaluate an organisation's OHS performance50
PSPGOV201BWork in a public sector environment30
PSPGOV202BUse routine workplace communication techniques30
PSPGOV203BDeliver a service to clients30
PSPGOV204BAccess and use resources20
PSPGOV205BParticipate in workplace change20
PSPGOV206BHandle workplace information20
PSPGOV207BUse technology in the workplace30
PSPGOV208AWrite routine workplace materials30
PSPGOV301BWork effectively in the organisation20
PSPGOV302BContribute to workgroup activities30
PSPGOV303BBuild and maintain internal networks20
PSPGOV305BAccess and use resources and financial systems30
PSPGOV306BImplement change30
PSPGOV307BOrganise workplace information20
PSPGOV308BWork effectively with diversity30
PSPGOV309AAddress client needs30
PSPGOV310AWork in and with small, regional and remote organisations30
PSPGOV311AWork with a coach or mentor20
PSPGOV312AUse workplace communication strategies30
PSPGOV313ACompose workplace documents30
PSPGOV314AContribute to conflict management30
PSPGOV315AGive and receive workplace feedback40
PSPGOV402BDeliver and monitor service to clients30
PSPGOV403BUse resources to achieve work unit goals30
PSPGOV404BDevelop and implement work unit plans30
PSPGOV405BProvide input to change processes40
PSPGOV406BGather and analyse information30
PSPGOV407BProvide a quotation20
PSPGOV408AValue diversity30
PSPWPI501BEvaluate workplace legislative compliance260
PSPWPI502BFacilitate improvement in workplace legislative performance260
PSPWPI601BImprove compliance through industry partnerships50
PSPWPI602BInvestigate complex issues200
PSPWPI603BManage emerging issues50
PSPWPI604BRepresent and promote the organisation50
PSPWPI605BAudit management systems120
PSPWPI606BContribute to the development and revision of legislation and related documents40
LGAGOVA301BAssist customers with rate enquiries60
PSPETHC301BUphold the values and principles of public service30
PSPETHC401AUphold and support the values and principles of public service40
PSPETHC501BPromote the values and ethos of public service30
PSPETHC601BMaintain and enhance confidence in public service30
PSPETHC701ALead and influence ethical practice in the public sector40
PSPGOV409AProvide support to Parliament60
PSPGOV410AUndertake career planning30
PSPGOV411ADeal with conflict30
PSPGOV412AUse advanced workplace communication strategies50
PSPGOV413ACompose complex workplace documents40
PSPGOV414AProvide workplace mentoring40
PSPGOV415AProvide workplace coaching40
PSPGOV416AMonitor performance and provide feedback40
PSPGOV417AIdentify and treat risks60
PSPGOV418ADevelop internal and external networks30
PSPGOV419AWork with interpreters40
PSPGOV420AUse translation services30
PSPGOV421AExercise delegations30
PSPGOV422AApply government processes30
PSPGOV502BDevelop client services40
PSPGOV503BCoordinate resource allocation and usage40
PSPGOV504BUndertake research and analysis60
PSPGOV505APromote diversity50
PSPGOV506ASupport workplace coaching and mentoring50
PSPGOV507AUndertake negotiations50
PSPGOV508AManage conflict50
PSPGOV509AConduct evaluations50
PSPGOV510AUndertake and promote career management50
PSPGOV511AProvide leadership50
PSPGOV512AUse complex workplace communication strategies50
PSPGOV513ARefine complex workplace documents40
PSPGOV514AFacilitate change50
PSPGOV515ADevelop and use political nous40
PSPGOV516ADevelop and use emotional intelligence40
PSPGOV517ACoordinate risk management50
PSPGOV518ABenchmark performance70
PSPGOV519AManage performance50
PSPGOV520AScope statistical data collection60
PSPGOV521ACollect statistical data40
PSPGOV522AProcess statistical data40
PSPGOV523AInterrogate and analyse statistical data40
PSPGOV524AInterpret data and related statistics50
PSPGOV601BApply government systems60
PSPGOV602BEstablish and maintain strategic networks40
PSPGOV603BDevelop a tender submission response50
PSPGOV604AFoster leadership and innovation50
PSPGOV605APersuade and influence opinion50
PSPGOV606APrepare high-level/sensitive written materials50
SRCAQU001BMonitor pool water quality5
SRCAQU004BMaintain pool water quality15
FNSICACC306AProcess journal entries10
FNSICACC307AReconcile and monitor accounts receivable50
FNSICORG302APrepare reports for management50
FNSICORG509AMaintain integrity of financial systems60
FPICOT2204AMaintain chainsaws20
FPICOT2206ACross cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw40
FNSICGEN501BProduce research reports and make presentations40
CSCSAS201AMaintain security40
CSCSAS205AContain incidents that jeopardise safety and security30
CSCSAS303AConduct searches30
CSCSAS304AMonitor control room operations80
CSCSAS306AManage conflict through negotiation20
CSCSAS502ADetermine response to security risks30
CSCTRA201AMaintain security during escort30
CSCTRA401APlan and monitor escorts30
TAADES501BDesign and develop learning strategies40
CPPDSM4038AConduct goods, chattels or equipment clearing sale or auction40
BSBADM301BProduce texts from shorthand notes140
BSBADM302BProduce texts from notes60
BSBADM303BProduce texts from audio transcription30
BSBADM311AMaintain business resources15
BSBADM405BOrganise meetings20
BSBADM506BManage business document design and development80
BSBATSIW417BSelect and utilise technology30
BSBAUD503BLead a quality audit60
BSBCCO401AAdminister customer contact telecommunications technology25
BSBCMM301AProcess customer complaints30
BSBCMM401AMake a presentation30
BSBDIV301AWork effectively with diversity30
BSBEBU401AReview and maintain a website50
BSBEBU501AInvestigate and design e business solutions50
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFIA302AProcess payroll30
BSBFIA303AProcess accounts payable and receivable30
BSBFIA304AMaintain a general ledger60
BSBFIA401APrepare financial reports50
BSBFIA402AReport on financial activity30
BSBFIM501AManage budgets and financial plans70
BSBFIM502AManage payroll30
BSBFIM701AManage financial resources80
BSBFLM305CSupport operational plan40
BSBFLM309CSupport continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBFLM311CSupport a workplace learning environment40
BSBHRM401AReview human resources functions40
BSBHRM402ARecruit, select and induct staff50
BSBHRM501AManage human resources services60
BSBIND101AWork effectively in a contact centre environment40
BSBINM202AHandle mail15
BSBINM501AManage an information or knowledge management system50
BSBINM601AManage knowledge and information80
BSBINN301APromote innovation in a team environment40
BSBINN801ALead innovative thinking and practice80
BSBITA401ADesign databases60
BSBITS401AMaintain business technology40
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU202ACreate and use spreadsheets30
BSBITU203ACommunicate electronically20
BSBITU301ACreate and use databases30
BSBITU302ACreate electronic presentations20
BSBITU305AConduct online transactions40
BSBITU309AProduce desktop published documents50
BSBITU402ADevelop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBITU404AProduce complex desktop published documents50
BSBLED301AUndertake e-learning30
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBLED501ADevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBLEG304AApply the principles of confidentiality and security within the legal environment20
BSBLEG305AUse legal terminology in order to carry out tasks40
BSBMED301BInterpret and apply medical terminology appropriately60
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT605BProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMKG401BProfile the market50
BSBMKG402BAnalyse consumer behaviour for specific markets60
BSBMKG408BConduct market research60
BSBMKG413APromote products and services40
BSBMKG501BIdentify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBMKG502BEstablish and adjust the marketing mix60
BSBMKG506BPlan market research50
BSBMKG507AInterpret Market Trends And Developments50
BSBMKG514AImplement and monitor marketing activities50
BSBMKG603BManage the marketing process50
BSBMKG605BEvaluate international marketing opportunities60
BSBMKG606BManage international marketing programs50
BSBMKG608ADevelop organisational marketing objectives60
BSBMKG609ADevelop a marketing plan50
BSBMKG610ADevelop, implement and monitor a marketing campaign60
BSBOHS303BContribute to OHS hazard identification and risk assessment30
BSBOHS504BApply principles of OHS risk management40
BSBPMG401AApply project scope management techniques40
BSBPMG402AApply time management techniques40
BSBPMG403AApply cost management techniques40
BSBPMG404AApply quality management techniques30
BSBPMG405AApply human resources management approaches40
BSBPMG406AApply communications management techniques40
BSBPMG407AApply risk management techniques40
BSBPMG408AApply contract and procurement procedures30
BSBPMG501AManage application of project integrative processes60
BSBPMG502AManage project scope40
BSBPMG503AManage project time40
BSBPMG504AManage project costs40
BSBPMG505AManage project quality40
BSBPMG506AManage project human resources40
BSBPMG507AManage project communications40
BSBPMG508AManage project risk40
BSBPMG509AManage project procurement40
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBPUR504BManage a supply chain60
BSBREL402ABuild client relationships and business networks50
BSBREL701ADevelop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships40
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRES402AResearch, locate and provide legal and other information in response to requests60
BSBRKG301BControl records40
BSBRKG302BUndertake disposal30
BSBRKG303BRetrieve information from records25
BSBRKG304BMaintain business records30
BSBRKG401BReview the status of a record20
BSBRKG402BProvide information from and about records20
BSBRKG403BSet up a business or records system for a small business40
BSBRKG404AMonitor and maintain records in an online environment50
BSBRSK401AIdentify risk and apply risk management processes50
BSBSMB401AEstablish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB405AMonitor and manage small business operations45
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBSMB408BManage personal, family, cultural and business obligations30
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWRT401AWrite complex documents50
CUFWRT301AWrite content for a range of media40
CUFWRT401AEdit texts30
NWP229BRepair minor structures20
SITHCCC002APresent food5
SITHCCC005AUse basic methods of cookery55
SITHCCC008APrepare stocks, sauces and soups35
SITHCCC009APrepare vegetables, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes45
SITHCCC016ADevelop cost-effective menus30
SITHCCC030APackage prepared foodstuffs20
SITXFSA001AImplement food safety procedures40
SITXFSA003ATransport and store food in a safe and hygienic manner30
SITXICT001ABuild and launch a website for a small business85
SITXOHS002AFollow workplace hygiene procedures25
CPPSEC2004ARespond to security risk situation35
CPPSEC3003ADetermine response to security risk situation24
CPPSEC4005AFacilitate workplace briefing and debriefing processes12
PSPREV401AIdentify and apply statute law30
PSPREV402AUndertake legislative decision making15
PSPREV403AManage information on legal entities, relationships and property20
PSPREV404AInterpret and assess contracts15
PSPREV405AAssess applications for grants, subsidies and rebates15
PSPREV406AEvaluate returns-based taxes40
PSPREV407ADetermine land tax liability15
PSPREV408ADetermine stamp duties40
PSPREV409AAdminister levies, fines and other taxes20
PUAOPE002BOperate communications systems and equipment30
PUAOPE003BNavigate in urban and rural environments50
PUAPOL005BUse and maintain operational equipment
PUAPOL007BManage persons in care or custody or in need of assistance
PUAPOL013BCreate, maintain and enhance productive working relationships
PUAPOL023BManage investigations
PUAPOL024BConduct investigations
PUAPOL028BManage investigation information processes80
PUAPOL029BCoordinate multi-agency investigations
PUAPOL030BReview and evaluate major investigations
PUAPOL031BConfiscate assets50
PUAPOL032BPlan intelligence activities80
PUAPOL033BManage intelligence information processes80
PUAPOL034BAnalyse information60
PUAPOL035BDisseminate outputs from the intelligence process60
PUAVEH001BDrive vehicles under operational conditions80
PUAWER001BIdentify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations2
PUAWER002BEnsure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented8
PUAWER003BManage and monitor workplace emergency procedures, equipment and other resources28
PUAWER004BRespond to workplace emergencies2
PUAWER005BOperate as part of an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER007BManage an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER008BConfine small workplace emergencies7
PUAWER009BParticipate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team35
PUAWER010BLead a workplace emergency initial response team70
PUAWER011BManage workplace emergency initial response teams28
CHCADMIN305DWork within the administration protocols of the organisation75
CHCCD307CSupport community resources30
CHCCD401DSupport community participation50
CHCCD402ADevelop and provide community education projects70
CHCCD404DDevelop and implement community programs125
CHCCD413DWork within specific communities70
CHCCD505DDevelop community resources90
CHCCD508CSupport community action90
CHCCD509CSupport community leadership90
CHCCD514AImplement community development strategies70
CHCCD615ADevelop and implement community development strategies150
CHCCD619BEstablish and maintain community, government and business partnerships150
CHCCM503CDevelop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management75
CHCCM504CPromote high quality case management90
CHCEDS301AComply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment35
CHCEDS310ASupport learning for students with disabilities35
CHCEDS315BSupport students with additional needs in the classroom30
CHCICS301AProvide support to meet personal care needs50
CHCICS305AProvide behaviour support in the context of individualised plans35
CHCICS404APlan and provide advanced behaviour support85
CHCLEG411AUse relevant legislation in response to client needs50
CHCMED414AFacilitate mediation processes70
CHCMED415AFacilitate interaction between parties in mediation50
CHCMED416BConsolidate and conclude the mediation process50
CHCMED419CFacilitate alternative dispute resolution processes50
CHCORG627BProvide mentoring support to colleagues60
PSPRAIL501AOperate within the regulatory framework for rail safety50
PSPRAIL502AAssess and administer accreditation and registration applications40
PSPRAIL503AReceive and act on industry safety information and intelligence50
PSPRAIL504AReview and promote safety culture50
PSPRAIL505AReview training arrangements50
PSPRAIL601ACoordinate audit or inspection programs60
RIISAM203AUse hand and power tools80
MSATMINS301AInspect a range of simple measures30
MSATMINS302AInspect a range of simple measuring instruments30
MSATMINS401AInspect a range of weighing instruments60
MSATMINS402AInspect a range of liquid measuring instruments using volume measures60
MSATMINS403AInspect a range of trading practices50
MSATMINS404AInspect a range of pre-packaged products60
MSATMINS501AInspect a range of complex measuring instruments60
MSATMREF301AUse and maintain reference standards20
MSATMVER403AVerify inspector's class reference standards50
MSL904001APerform standard calibrations50
MSL924001AProcess and interpret data70
MSL924002AUse laboratory application software60
MSL925002AAnalyse measurements and estimate uncertainties60
MSL933001AMaintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose30
MSL933002AContribute to the achievement of quality objectives30
MSL934002AApply quality system and continuous improvement processes80
MSL934003AMaintain and control stocks50
MSL943001AWork safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation60
MSL943002AParticipate in laboratory/field workplace safety40
MSL944001AMaintain laboratory/field workplace safety50
MSL952002AHandle and transport samples or equipment30
MSL953001AReceive and prepare samples for testing30
MSL963001AOperate basic handblowing equipment60
MSL963002ARepair glass apparatus using simple glassblowing equipment40
MSL973001APerform basic tests60
MSL973002APrepare working solutions50
MSL973003APrepare culture media30
MSL973004APerform aseptic techniques40
MSL973005AAssist with fieldwork40
MSL973006APrepare trial batches for evaluation40
MSL973007APerform microscopic examination40
MSL974001APrepare, standardise and use solutions100
MSL974003APerform chemical tests and procedures100
MSL974005APerform physical tests100
TAEDEL501AFacilitate e-learning30
ICPMM321CCapture a digital image40
BSBWOR404BDevelop work priorities40
PSPCRT301BAudio record court proceedings30
PSPCRT401CCarry out court orderly functions50
PSPCRT402CManage witnesses20
PSPCRT403CHandle exhibits and documents tendered20
PSPCRT404CServe process25
PSPCRT405CHandle monies received in satisfaction of warrants and orders10
PSPCRT406CCompile and use official notes30
PSPCRT407BUndertake court listings30
PSPCRT408BProvide court registry and information services30
PSPCRT411BAudio record complex court proceedings40
PSPCRT412BRecord court proceedings40
PSPCRT413AContribute to an integrated service delivery program30
PSPCRT414AAdminister court legislation20
PSPCRT415AAdminister alternative dispute-resolution proceedings35
PSPCRT416AProvide support to self-represented litigants40
PSPCRT501CPerform court duties30
PSPCRT502CManage jurors25
PSPCRT503CExecute process40
PSPCRT504CCarry out possessions and evictions30
PSPCRT505BUndertake senior court listing activities30
PSPCRT506BPerform quasi-judicial functions50
PSPCRT507BRecord complex court proceedings50
PSPCRT601BManage court practice and process50
PSPPOL405AImplement e-correspondence policies50
PSPPROC303ACarry out basic procurement40
PSPPROC405CDispose of assets20
PSPPROC406BProcure goods and services60
PSPPROC411APlan procurement40
PSPPROC412ADevelop and distribute requests for offers40
PSPPROC413ASelect providers and develop contracts30
PSPPROC414AManage contracts40
PSPPROC503BManage contract performance50
PSPPROC504BFinalise contracts30
PSPPROC505AManage procurement risk40
PSPPROC506APlan to manage a contract50
PSPPROC507APlan for procurement outcomes35
PSPPROC508AMake procurement decisions40
PSPPROC509AParticipate in budget and procurement review processes40
PSPPROC510AConduct and manage coordinated procurement35
PSPPROC603CDivest strategic assets40
PSPPROC604BPlan for strategic procurement60
PSPPROC605BCoordinate strategic procurement50
PSPPROC606BNegotiate strategic procurement50
PSPPROC607AManage strategic contracts50
PSPPROC704AInfluence and define strategic procurement80
PSPPROC705AEstablish strategic procurement context80
PSPPROC706AEvaluate and improve strategic procurement performance80
PSPRAD701AWork safely in a radiation environment
PSPRAD702AWork safely with radioactive ores and minerals
PSPRAD703APerform basic radiation measurements
PSPRAD704AConsign radioactive material
PSPRAD705AHandle and transport radioactive material
PSPRAD706AWork safely with radiation-sealed source equipment
PSPRAD707AMonitor radiation
PSPRAD708ACoordinate radiation safety50
PSPRAD709ASelect, commission and maintain radiation measuring instruments50
PSPRAD710AApply radiation safety knowledge to develop and implement ionising radiation management plans60
PSPREG505AConduct measurement licensee audit80
PSPTIS501ANegotiate translating and interpreting assignments25
PSPTIS502APrepare to translate and interpret25
PSPTIS503AApply codes and standards to ethical practice30
PSPTIS504AMaintain and enhance professional practice20
PSPTIS505ATranslate general purpose texts from English to LOTE50
PSPTIS506AInterpret in general dialogue settings (LOTE)100
PSPTIS507AManage discourses in general settings20
PSPTIS508AAnalyse texts to be translated (LOTE)20
PSPTIS509AInterpret in general monologue settings (LOTE)80
PSPTIS510AAnalyse, recall and reproduce source messages (LOTE)30
PSPTIS511ADemonstrate language proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts70
PSPTIS512ADemonstrate written language proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts70
PSPTIS513ATranslate general purpose texts from LOTE to English50
PSPTIS601ATranslate special purpose texts from English to LOTE60
PSPTIS602AQuality assure translations30
PSPTIS603AApply codes and standards to professional judgement20
PSPTIS604ATranslate multimedia source material30
PSPTIS605AInterpret in complex dialogue settings (LOTE)100
PSPTIS606AInterpret in complex monologue settings (LOTE)100
PSPTIS607AInterpret as part of a team30
PSPTIS608AInterpret through communication media40
PSPTIS609APrepare translated transcripts30
PSPTIS610AManage complex discourse settings30
PSPTIS611ATranslate special purpose texts from LOTE to English60
PSPTIS612AUse translation technology30
PSPTIS613ASight translate (LOTE)60
PSPTIS614AApply theories to translating and interpreting work practices40
PSPTRAN405AOperate weighbridges20
PSPWPI503CInvestigate possible breaches of workplace legislation70
PSPWPR401AProcess incoming workplace relations enquiries50
PSPWPR402ARespond to general workplace relations enquiries50
PSPWPR403ASupport the provision of workplace relations information60
PSPWPR501AProvide advice on complex workplace relations issues70
PSPWPR502AManage compliance with workplace relations legislation60
PSPWPR503AApply workplace relations dispute-resolution procedures40
PSPWPR504ASupport resolution of complaints relating to workplace relations processes60
FNSACC401AProcess business tax requirements50
FNSACC402APrepare operational budgets40
FNSACC404APrepare financial statements for non-reporting entities60
FNSACC405AMaintain inventory records20
FNSACC501AProvide financial and business performance information60
FNSACC503AManage budgets and forecasts40
FNSACC505AEstablish and maintain accounting information systems50
FNSACC506AImplement and maintain internal control procedures40
FNSACC507AProvide management accounting information60
FNSACC601APrepare complex tax returns60
FNSACC602AAudit and report on financial systems and records40
FNSACC603AImplement tax plans and evaluate tax compliance60
FNSACC604AMonitor corporate governance activities60
FNSACC605AImplement organisational improvement programs60
FNSACC606AConduct internal audit40
FNSACC607AEvaluate business performance60
FNSACC608AEvaluate organisation's financial performance60
FNSACC609AEvaluate financial risk40
FNSACC610ADevelop and implement financial strategies60
FNSACC613APrepare and analyse management accounting information60
FNSACC614APrepare complex corporate financial reports60
FNSACM303AProcess payment documentation10
FNSACM401AEvaluate and authorise payment requests10
FNSORG502ADevelop and monitor policy and procedures50
PUAPOLGD001AMaintain police operational safety80
PUAPOLGD010APerform police administrative duties40
SITHACS006BClean premises and equipment45
SITHACS007BLaunder linen and guest clothes20
SITHCCC001BOrganise and prepare food25
SITHCCC003BReceive and store kitchen supplies6
SITHCCC004BClean and maintain kitchen premises6
SITHCCC033BApply catering control principles25
BSBMGT516CFacilitate continuous improvement60
TLIA2022AParticipate in stocktakes20
TLID1001AShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
FPICOT2233BNavigate in forest areas40
AHCARB205AOperate and maintain chainsaws40
AHCLPW501ADevelop a management plan for a designated area200
AHCWRK311AConduct site inspections80
BSBWOR501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
ICADBS402AComplete database backup and restore30
ICADBS404AIdentify and resolve common database performance problems30
ICADBS409AMonitor and administer a database50
ICAICT203AOperate application software packages60
ICAICT302AInstall and optimise operating system software20
ICAICT304AImplement system software changes40
ICAICT306AMigrate to new technology20
ICAICT308AUse advanced features of computer applications40
ICAICT408ACreate technical documentation20
ICANWK411ADeploy software to networked computers40
ICASAS301ARun standard diagnostic tests20
ICASAS304AProvide basic system administration20
ICASAS305AProvide IT advice to clients40
ICASAS306AMaintain equipment and software20
ICASAS416AImplement maintenance procedures10
ICASAS419ASupport system software50
ICASAS420AProvide first-level remote help-desk support30
ICAWEB404AMaintain website performance30
CHCDIS301BWork effectively with people with a disability50
CHCIC301EInteract effectively with children70
CHCORG525DRecruit and coordinate volunteers70
CHCRF301EWork effectively with families to care for the child25
CSCSAS402BManage threatening behaviour20
PSPCRT410BProvide court support to Indigenous clients30
PSPCRT409BAdminister court fines and debt management25
BSBCUS401BCoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCCO301BUse multiple information systems40
BSBCUS201BDeliver a service to customers40
CULDMT301AProvide multimedia support30
CULINS201AAssist with circulation services15
CULINS301AProcess and maintain information resources30
CULINS401AAssist customers to access information40
CULINM301AUse established cataloguing tools40
CULINL301ADevelop and use information literacy skills40
CULINM401AComplete a range of cataloguing activities100
CULEVP201AAssist with the presentation of public activities and events50
CULINS202AProcess information resource orders40
CULINS402AObtain information from external and networked sources20