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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

LGA04 Local Government Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
LGAPLEM501AAchieve an efficient and sustainable use of natural resources60
LGACOM601AAcquire and dispose of assets40
LGACOM401AAdminister contracts60
LGAGOVA402AAllocate property address40
LGAGOVA403AArrange and supervise polling places30
LGACOM402AArrange contracts20
LGAPLEM403AAttend requests for building and planning information and advice20
LGAEHRW201ACollect waste refuse or recyclables10
LGAGOVA605ADevelop an asset management strategy for the council60
LGAGOVA607ADevelop, implement and monitor a programmed maintenance system of council's assets40
LGAPLEM504ADevelop strategies and approaches to minimise environmental pollution60
LGAGOVA608AEstablish an annual budget that supports council's management and operational plans75
LGAGOVA609AEstablish, maintain and evaluate the organisation's OHS system40
LGAGOVA405AImplement debt recovery procedures30
LGAGOVA406AImplement marketing plan50
LGAGOVA503AImplement recruitment systems40
LGAGOVA407AImplement rehabilitation systems40
LGAPLEM506AImprove community knowledge and skills in environmental management practices40
LGACOM406AInvestigate alleged breaches of legislation and prepare documentation40
LGAGOVA409AMaintain property rates and records40
LGAPLEM507AMaintain spatial database20
LGAPLEM610AManage data within council's geographic information system35
LGAPLEM508AManipulate and analyse data within geographic information systems40
LGAEHRW507APlan and coordinate a waste collection or recycling service60
LGAPLEM509APlan facilities for the users of public transport60
LGAPLEM510APlan for the safe movement of cyclists40
LGAPLEM511APlan for the safe movement of pedestrians40
LGAGOVA411APrepare accounts for rates40
LGAPLEM404APrepare and present geographic information systems data25
LGAGOVA412APrepare council for legal proceedings60
LGAGOVA504APrepare a council for elections40
LGACOM410APrepare response to tenders20
LGACOM409APrepare tender documentation60
LGAGOVA507AProvide advice to council on human resources policies and procedures40
LGAPLEM512AProvide geographic information systems data25
LGAGOVA615AProvide information on asset management programs and practices50
LGAGOVA616AProvide property asset management services50
LGAGOVA508ARecommend rates and charges50
LGAGOVA617AReport on assets in accordance with statutory and public reporting requirements50
LGACOM408ARepresent council at legal proceedings60
LGAGOVA618AResolve valuation and property services disputes50
LGAEHRW508AUndertake education programs to achieve reduction, reuse and recycling of waste40
LGAEHRR509AUndertake environmental and nuisance controls60
LGAWORK603ADetermine and prioritise a council works program40
LGAWORK602ASupervise establishment of works projects60
LGAWORK601AMonitor and finalise works projects40
LGAWORK503AUndertake project investigation40
LGAWORK403AManage civil plant and resources60
LGAWORK502APrepare detailed works project documentation180
LGAWORK204APlan daily work routines4
LGAWORK206AMeasure and calculate civil materials20
LGAWORK205AOperate and maintain equipment16
LGAWORK501APrepare preliminary design for operational works60
LGAWORK402APrepare for operational works60
LGAWORK401ADevelop works maintenance schedule60
LGAWORK311AMaintain bridges60
LGAWORK310AMaintain roads and pavements60
LGAWORK309ACoordinate the work activities of a team20
LGAWORK308ALead a team20
LGAWORK307AMaintain reticulated services80
LGAWORK306AConstruct roads and pavements60
LGAWORK305AConstruct and maintain concrete structures60
LGAWORK304AConstruct and maintain drainage systems60
LGAWORK303APrepare site for new operational works40
LGAWORK302AOversee traffic control plan around a work site20
LGAWORK301AEvaluate works maintenance needs and priorities40
LGAWORK210APerform field support duties in concrete construction60
LGAWORK209APerform field support duties in the construction and maintenance of sewerage collection systems120
LGAWORK208APerform field support duties in the construction and maintenance of water reticulation systems80
LGAWORK201AControl traffic at a work site12
PUAEMR008AContribute to an emergency risk management process50
LGAGOVA401BAdminister the electoral roll30
LGAGOVA404BEstablish purchasing networks to ensure council is resource effective30
LGAGOVA408BImplement systems to promote a safe and healthy environment for the public and employees50
LGAGOVA413BPromote and maintain positive employee relations40
LGAGOVA505BPrepare rate notice forms20
LGADMIN417AConduct community consultations40
LGADMIN419AImplement and facilitate community development strategies and programs80
LGAGOVA602BManage the recording and updating of data on council's assets40
LGAGOVA603BDevelop a risk management strategy for council assets60
LGAGOVA606BDevelop and maintain a community cultural plan40
LGAGOVA610BImplement computerised asset management systems40
LGAGOVA611BImplement disciplinary and termination procedures40
LGAGOVA612BImplement employee performance management systems50
LGAGOVA613BMeasure cost of providing and maintaining council's assets40
LGAGOVA614BMonitor and maintain quality of asset management system40
LGADMIN525AUndertake business planning60
LGADMIN526ACoordinate policy development80
LGADMIN527AManage policy development80
LGADMIN528AProvide advocacy and representation80
LGADMIN529AManage finances60
LGACORE101BAccess learning and career development opportunities40
LGACORE102BFollow defined OHS policies and procedures30
LGACORE103BProvide service to local government customers20
LGACORE104BWork effectively in local government60
LGACORE105BWork with others in local government40
LGAGOVA303BCoordinate production of communication materials60
LGACOMP007AParticipate in policy development30
LGACOMP008AApply conflict resolution strategies40
LGACOMP009AImplement effective communication techniques40
LGACORE501BProvide quality and timely advice to council40
LGACORE601BDevelop, implement and review operational plans40
LGACORE602BPromote and facilitate organisational performance60
LGACORE603BRepresent council's role and value in the community40
LGACOM403BConduct public educational presentations40
LGACOM404BEstablish cooperative arrangements with other organisations15
LGACOM405BImplement and monitor the organisation's OHS policies, procedures and programs within the work group or section20
LGACOM407BManage finances within a budget40
LGACOM501BDevelop and organise public education programs50
LGACOM502BDevise and conduct community consultations40
LGACOM503BPrepare a budget40
LGACOM602BCoordinate and facilitate a change process40
LGACOM603BDevelop, implement and review policies and procedures60
LGAGOVA410BMonitor council procedures to ensure compliance with relevant legislation50
LGACOMP024ADevelop community relations50
LGACOMP025AManage a local government project60
LGACOMP026AProvide team leadership40
LGADMIN420AContribute to policy development50
LGADMIN421AParticipate in negotiations25
LGADMIN422ADevelop and maintain supplier relationships30
LGADMIN423AProvide induction and orientation for new employees50
LGADMIN424AProvide staff development programs60
LGADMIN425ADevelop a communication plan60
LGAGOVA501BContribute to advice to council on legislation60
LGAGOVA502BDevelop a marketing strategy40
LGAGOVA506BConduct council elections40
LGAEHRR203BSupport maintenance of public behaviour in areas under council control50
LGAEHRH303AUndertake vector control duties80
LGAEHRH304APerform weed control duties60
LGAEHRH305APresent environmental health education information40
LGAEHRR301BMonitor and control standards of accommodation40
LGAEHRR302BMonitor and control standards of public swimming pools40
LGAEHRH403AOperate waste transfer, collection station or landfill facility30
LGAEHRW505BImplement strategies to minimise the impact of waste on the environment40
LGAEHRH502BImplement immunisation programs40
LGAEHRH510AContribute to public health emergency management plan50
LGAEHRW503BImplement programs for disposal and containment of waste40
LGAEHRW601BConduct waste management audits and assess needs60
LGAEHRW603BCoordinate the implementation of council's waste management strategy30
LGAEHRH604BDevelop and implement environmental health education promotion and awareness strategies40
LGALAND401AApply the principles of ecologically sustainable development to council decisions60
LGALAND402APrepare plans of land management for land in council care, control and management50
LGALAND403AAssess applications for the use of land in council care, control and management40
LGALAND404AUndertake research of the natural and built environment30
LGALAND405AImplement strategies to minimise environmental pollution40
LGALAND406ARespond to native title determination applications30
LGALAND501AIdentify environmental assets and prioritise environmental issues40
LGALAND502AIdentify native title issues relevant to local government context and functions60
LGALAND503ADevelop agreements with native title holders/traditional owners60
LGALAND504AUndertake effective consultation with Indigenous people on matters of cultural heritage80
LGAPLEM602BAssist in developing an environmental management system for the organisation15
LGAPLEM606BDevelop ecologically sustainable land management systems50
LGAPLEM609BManage council parking system40
LGAPLEM612BProtect heritage and cultural assets50
LGAPLEM401BUndertake assessments of domestic scale building applications60
LGAPLEM402BAssess minor applications for use or development40
LGAPLEM406BAnalyse the natural and built environment40
LGAPLEM503BConserve and re-establish natural systems60
LGAPLAN511AManage council's development assessment system60
LGAPLAN512AIntegrate land use and transport planning50
LGAREGS301AImplement parking controls20
LGAREGS302AOperate and maintain council parking facilities20
LGAREGS304AApply regulatory powers50
LGAREGS305AUndertake animal or reptile control duties40
LGAEHRR303BMonitor areas under council jurisdiction40
LGAREGS404AUndertake appointed animal control duties and responsibilities40
LGAEHRR304BOperate council pound facilities40
LGACPRV501AAssess crime prevention needs within community groups or geographic areas90
LGACPRV502ADesign a crime prevention initiative80
LGACPRV503AManage and evaluate crime prevention initiatives90
LGACPRV504ABuild the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities to support crime prevention90
LGACPRV505APromote evidence-based approaches to support crime prevention initiatives90
LGACPRV506ASupport the mainstreaming of crime prevention principles and practices60
LGAPLEM603BCoordinate information gathering and geographic information systems development in council60
LGAEHRR202BProvide animal care and control50
LGAGOVA202BProcess infringement notices40
LGAGOVA201BIssue permits40
LGAGOVA301BAssist customers with rate enquiries60
LGAGENE302AContribute to effective decision making40
LGAGENE303AContribute to council teams40
LGAGENE304AConduct effective council meetings40
LGAGENE401AMonitor council's internal controls60
LGAGENE501AUndertake councillor roles and responsibilities40
LGAGENE502AProvide leadership within the council and community60
LGAWORK211APerform field support duties in the construction and maintenance of drainage systems50
LGAWORK212APerform field support duties in a roadwork environment50
LGAWORK404AManage a civil works project80
LGAWORK405APlan and supervise roadworks80
LGAWORK406ASupervise concrete works40
PSPGOV517ACoordinate risk management50
LGAREGS403AMonitor public behaviour in council areas50
BCGBC4012ARead and interpret plans and specifications30
BSBATSIL509BManage self as a Board member30
BSBCOM502BEvaluate and review compliance25
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBGOV401AImplement Board member responsibilities60
BSBGOV403AAnalyse financial reports and budgets50
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU203ACommunicate electronically20
BSBITU301ACreate and use databases30
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBOHS405BContribute to the implementation of emergency procedures30
BSBPUR504BManage a supply chain60
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
NWP208APerform basic wastewater tests20
NWP218BPerform and record sampling20
NWP315BInvestigate and report on breaches of water industry legislation40
NWP429BCoordinate, implement and report on trade waste monitoring procedures60
NWP430AEvaluate, implement and monitor standard low risk trade waste discharge approvals60
NWP431AInvestigate, rectify and report on trade waste incidents70
CPCCSV5001AAssess the construction of domestic scale buildings100
CPCCSV5004AApply legislation to urban development and building controls36
CPCCSV5008AApply building control legislation to building surveying36
CPCCSV5010AInteract with clients in a regulated environment36
CPCCSV5011AApply building codes and standards to residential buildings36
CPCCSV5012AAssess timber-framed designs for one and two storey buildings36
CPCCSV5014AApply building surveying procedures to residential buildings36
CHCCOM403AUse targeted communication skills to build relationships55
LGACOM411AInterpret and apply authority to act40
LGAEHRH302BUndertake water sampling and routine reporting60
LGAEHRH404ACoordinate and support the delivery of health services40
LGAEHRH405AConduct routine inspections of food premises40
LGAEHRH506BMonitor premises to minimise the spread of infectious diseases
LGAEHRR401AConduct routine inspections of non-food premises50
LGAEHRR402ARespond to environmental health complaints
LGAEHRR501CImplement council's responsibilities in food safety
LGAEHRR504CImplement public environmental health education programs
LGAGCM701AGovern councils
LGAGCM702AManage the human resources process in local government
LGAGCM703ALead and develop local government staff
LGAGCM704ALead the strategic planning process for local government
LGAGCM705AManage and improve the organisation's processes
LGAGCM706ADevelop risk management systems
LGAGCM707AUse financial and economic information for strategic decision making
LGAGCM708ADevelop, lead and build community capacity
LGAGCM709ABuild business opportunities and community initiatives
LGAGCM710AManage contracts and contractors
LGAGCM711AManage complex projects
LGAGCM712ADevelop and manage an asset management plan
LGAPLEM405CProvide assistance in carrying out building inspections40
LGAPLEM407ARead and interpret titles, covenants and the local planning scheme60
LGAPLEM408AProcess building permits30
LGAPLEM409ADraft planning permits and conditions
LGAPLEM410AProvide service and information in preparing a development application40
LGAPLEM411AConduct initial assessments of minor planning applications50
LGAPLEM412ASupport the planning application, notification and appeals process
LGAPLEM413AConduct site inspections to check accuracy of plan and application documentation
LGAPLEM513AConduct planning scheme research80
LGAREGS303BEnforce legislation to achieve compliance40
LGAREGS402BProvide evidence in court50
LGAREGS406ASupport programs to enforce compliance
MSL943002AParticipate in laboratory/field workplace safety40
MSL972001AConduct routine site measurements30
PSPPROC505AManage procurement risk40
PSPPROC506APlan to manage a contract50
PSPPROC507APlan for procurement outcomes35
PSPPROC508AMake procurement decisions40
PSPPROC509AParticipate in budget and procurement review processes40
PSPPROC510AConduct and manage coordinated procurement35
BSBATSIL503CManage conflict60
FPIHAR2206BOperate a mobile chipper/mulcher30
AHCCOM303AOperate a compost bagging process30
HLTFA301CApply first aid18
LGAGENE503Perform the role of an elected member