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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

LMF02 Furnishing Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
TDTD297AUse manual handling equipment20
TDTA1697AUse inventory systems to organise stock control30
TDTD1297AOperate specialised load shifting equipment40
BSZ404ATrain small groups30
TDTD397BHandle dangerous and hazardous goods40
TDTD3598AOperate a boom type elevating work platform30
PSPPROC602ADirect the management of contracts60
BSBCMN107AOperate a personal computer20
BSBCMN208ADeliver a service to customers20
BSBCMN301AExercise initiative in a business environment30
BSBCMN306AProduce business documents60
BSBCMN307AMaintain business resources25
BSBCMN309ARecommend products and services25
BSBCMN310ADeliver and Monitor a Service to Customers40
BSBCMN313AMaintain environmental procedures30
BSBCMN410ACoordinate implementation of customer service strategies40
BSBCMN411AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBCMN412APromote innovation and change50
BSBCMN413AImplement and monitor environmental policies40
BSBFLM404ALead work teams50
BSBFLM504AFacilitate work teams60
BSBFLM510AFacilitate and capitalise on change and innovation60
BSBMGT502AManage people performance60
BSBMGT503APrepare budgets and financial plans60
BSBMGT504AManage budgets and financial plans40
BSBMGT506ARecruit, select and induct staff60
BSBMGT507AManage environmental performance40
BSBMGT601AContribute to strategic direction60
BSBMGT602AContribute to the development and implementation of strategic plans60
BSBMGT603AReview and develop business plans60
BSBMGT604AManage business operations60
BSBMGT605AProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMGT606AManage customer focus60
BSBMGT607AManage knowledge and information60
BSBMGT608AManage innovation and continuous improvement60
BSBMGT609AManage risk60
BSBMGT610AManage environmental management systems40
BSBMKG501AEvaluate marketing opportunities80
BSBMKG504AImplement a marketing solution60
BSBMKG505AReview marketing performance40
BSBSBM404AUndertake business planning60
BSBSBM405AMonitor and manage business operations50
BSBSBM406AManage finances50
BSBSBM407AManage a small team60
TDTA1197BPackage goods20
TDTA1397BReceive goods20
TDTA2197BDespatch stock20
TDTD297BShift a load using manually-operated equipment20
TDTD397CHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
TDTD1097BOperate a forklift40
LMFFT4006AConstruct prototypes and samples160
CUVDES01AApply colour theory in response to a brief30
MEM05003BPerform soft soldering20
MEM05007CPerform manual heating and thermal cutting20
MEM05012CPerform routine manual metal arc welding20
MEM05050BPerform routine gas metal arc welding20
MEM06001BPerform hand forging40
MEM09002BInterpret technical drawing20
MEM09009CCreate 2D drawings using computer aided design system80
MEM15001BPerform basic statistical quality control20
MEM16006AOrganise and communicate information20
MEM16007AWork with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment10
MEM16008AInteract with computing technology20
MEM16013AOperate in a self-directed team20
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM30001AUse computer aided drafting systems to produce basic engineering drawings40
MEM30004AUse CAD to create and display 3D models40
MEM30024AParticipate in quality assurance techniques30
HLTFA301BApply first aid18
CULMS010BContribute to the preservation of cultural material50
TLIA1107CPackage goods20
TLIA1307CReceive goods20
TLIA1607CUse inventory systems to organise stock control40
TLIA2107CDespatch stock20
TLID1007COperate a forklift40
TLID207CShift a load using manually-operated equipment20
TLID307DHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
SIRRMER009AProduce perspective drawing, plans and elevations45
SIRRMER020ACreate and implement exhibition space80
SIRRRPK010ARecommend home and home improvement products and services35
SIRXINV002AMaintain and order stock35
SIRXSLS004ABuild relationships with customers35
BSBADM311AMaintain business resources15
BSBADV512ADevelop an advertising strategy and brief60
BSBCMM301AProcess customer complaints30
BSBCRT401AArticulate, present and debate ideas40
BSBCRT402ACollaborate in a creative process40
BSBCRT403AExplore the history and social impact of creativity50
BSBCRT501AOriginate and develop concepts30
BSBCRT601AResearch and apply concepts and theories of creativity65
BSBCUS201ADeliver a service to customers40
BSBCUS301ADeliver and monitor a service to customers35
BSBCUS402AAddress customer needs50
BSBDES201AFollow a design process40
BSBDES202AEvaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context30
BSBDES301AExplore the use of colour40
BSBDES302AExplore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms50
BSBDES303AExplore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms50
BSBDES304ASource and apply design industry knowledge20
BSBDES305ASource and apply information on the history and theory of design65
BSBDES401AGenerate design solutions60
BSBDES403ADevelop and extend design skills and practice30
BSBDES502AEstablish, negotiate and refine a design brief65
BSBDES601AManage design realisation50
BSBDES602AResearch global design trends30
BSBFIA301AMaintain financial records60
BSBFLM309CSupport continuous improvement systems and processes40
BSBINM601AManage knowledge and information80
BSBINN201AContribute to workplace innovation35
BSBITU101AOperate a personal computer20
BSBITU306ADesign and produce business documents80
BSBMGT402AImplement operational plan40
BSBMGT605BProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMGT608BManage innovation and continuous improvement70
BSBMGT616ADevelop and implement strategic plans80
BSBMGT617ADevelop and implement a business plan60
BSBMKG413APromote products and services40
BSBMKG501BIdentify and evaluate marketing opportunities70
BSBMKG605BEvaluate international marketing opportunities60
BSBMKG608ADevelop organisational marketing objectives60
BSBMKG609ADevelop a marketing plan50
BSBPMG510AManage projects60
BSBPRO301ARecommend products and services20
BSBPRO401ADevelop product knowledge30
BSBRKG304BMaintain business records30
BSBRSK501AManage risk60
BSBSMB401AEstablish legal and risk management requirements of small business60
BSBSMB402APlan small business finances50
BSBSMB403AMarket the small business50
BSBSMB404AUndertake small business planning50
BSBSMB405AMonitor and manage small business operations45
BSBSMB406AManage small business finances60
BSBSMB407AManage a small team40
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
LMTTF2009AIdentify and select canvas and sail materials40
LMTTF2014AWeld plastic materials60
LMTTF2016AInstall products on and off site60
LMTTF3004APerform advanced welding of plastic materials60
MSAPMOHS100AFollow OHS procedures20
MSAPMOHS200AWork safely30
MSAPMOHS300AFacilitate the implementation of OHS for a work group40
MSAPMOPS101AMake measurements30
MSAPMOPS363AOrganise on site work30
MSAPMSUP102ACommunicate in the workplace20
MSAPMSUP106AWork in a team30
MSAPMSUP201AReceive or despatch goods20
MSAPMSUP240AUndertake minor maintenance30
MSAPMSUP273AHandle goods20
MSAPMSUP383AFacilitate a team30
MSAPMSUP390AUse structured problem solving tools40
CUVCOR04BOriginate concept for own work and conduct critical discourse60
CUVCOR07BUse drawing techniques to represent the object or idea50
CUVCOR08BProduce drawings to represent and communicate the concept60
CUVCOR09BSelect and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept80
CUVCRS03BProduce computer-aided drawings50
CUVCRS04BProduce technical drawings50
CUVDSP07BResearch and apply techniques for graphic design50
CUVDSP11BResearch and apply techniques for illustrative work50
CUVDSP15BResearch and apply techniques for application to spatial design50
CUVVSP01BProduce calligraphy50
CUVVSP02BResearch and experiment with techniques to produce calligraphy50
CUVVSP14BApply techniques to produce drawings50
CUVVSP15BProduce drawings50
CUFANM302ACreate 3D digital animations75
CUFANM303ACreate 3D digital models75
CUFANM502ACreate 3D digital environments30
CUFDIG303AProduce and prepare photo images20
CUFDIG304ACreate visual design components30
CUFDIG507ADesign digital simulations50
LMFBA1001AConstruct a basic roll up blind100
LMFBA2001AUse blinds and awnings sector hand and power tools40
LMFBA2002ASet up, operate and maintain blinds and awnings sector static machines50
LMFBA2004ASelect and apply blinds and awnings hardware and fixings24
LMFBA2005AConstruct roll up and pull down style blinds and awnings80
LMFBA2006AConstruct vertical style blinds50
LMFBA2007AConstruct textiles for canopy style awnings40
LMFBA2008AConstruct plastic and timber Venetian-style blinds50
LMFBA2009AConstruct aluminium Venetian-style blinds50
LMFBA2010AConstruct metal louvre and canopy hooded style awnings60
LMFBA2011AConstruct aluminium roll up style awnings60
LMFBA3001AInstall interior blinds60
LMFBA3002AInstall exterior blinds and awnings60
LMFBA3003AInstall timber shutters60
LMFBA3004AConstruct folding arm style awnings24
LMFBA3005AConstruct framework for canopy- style awnings20
LMFBA3006AConstruct pleated style blinds40
LMFBA3007AConstruct wood weave style blinds40
LMFBA3008AConstruct pelmets40
LMFBA3009AProvide advice to customers on blinds and awnings36
LMFBA4001AAssess suitability of blinds or awnings40
LMFCP2001AUse coopering sector hand and power tools40
LMFCP2002AProduce barrels using non-fired processes80
LMFCP3001AApply product and material knowledge to coopering operations80
LMFCP3002ASelect and season timber for coopering production40
LMFCP3003AProduce barrels using fired processes40
LMFCP3004AMaintain and repair barrels40
LMFDN4001BProduce drawings from design concepts64
LMFDN4002BProduce line and component production drawings64
LMFDN4003BProduce patterns and/or templates36
LMFDN4004BDesign, construct and test jigs80
LMFDN4005BWork within a furniture design team54
LMFDN5001BGenerate and transfer complex computer-aided drawings and specifications72
LMFDN5006BManage furniture design100
LMFFF1001BComplete a basic furniture finishing product100
LMFFF2001BUse furniture finishing sector hand and power tools48
LMFFF2002BDismantle/re-assemble furniture56
LMFFF2003BRemove surface coatings40
LMFFF2004BPrepare surfaces for finishing24
LMFFF2005BMaintain spray equipment and booth24
LMFFF2006BApply surface coatings by spray gun60
LMFFF2007BApply stains, fillers and bleach52
LMFFF2008BApply surface coatings by hand40
LMFFF3001BMatch and make up colours52
LMFFF3002BSet up, operate and maintain mechanical coatings systems40
LMFFF3003BApply plural component coatings52
LMFFF3004BApply soft rubber techniques20
LMFFF3005BEnhance finishes24
LMFFF3006BRepair and touch up surfaces40
LMFFF3007BApply graining and decorative finishes40
LMFFF3008BApply traditional French polishing techniques60
LMFFF3009BSet up, operate and maintain CNC coating systems40
LMFFL1001AComplete simple floor covering installation100
LMFFL2001AUse flooring technology sector hand and power tools56
LMFFL2002AReceive and prepare floor covering materials for installation20
LMFFL2003ASelect, operate and maintain floor covering cutting machine20
LMFFL2004AMoisture test timber and concrete floors32
LMFFL2101ARemove existing floor coverings32
LMFFL2102APrepare, select and apply smoothing and patching compounds24
LMFFL2103ASelect and apply appropriate compounds and additives24
LMFFL2104APrepare concrete sub-floors using wet cleaning methods24
LMFFL2105ASelect, prepare and apply moisture barriers and damp proof membranes to concrete sub-floors40
LMFFL2106APrepare walls for coverings16
LMFFL2107ASelect, operate and maintain grinding equipment24
LMFFL2108ASelect, operate and maintain shot blasting equipment24
LMFFL2109ASelect, operate and maintain demolition equipment24
LMFFL2110ASelect, operate and maintain scarifying equipment24
LMFFL2111ACoarse sand timber flooring24
LMFFL2112AInstall hard underlays32
LMFFL2201AInstall carpet cushion/underlays and gripper accessories40
LMFFL2202AInstall unpatterned tufted and bonded carpet floor coverings96
LMFFL2203AInstall carpet tiles using standard installation procedures40
LMFFL2204AInstall unpatterned tufted and bonded carpet floor coverings to stairs60
LMFFL2301AInstall lay flat vinyl floor coverings40
LMFFL2302AInstall resilient tiles using standard installation procedures60
LMFFL2501AInstall laminate and engineered timber flooring40
LMFFL2502AInstall impact and sound absorption underlay16
LMFFL2503ANail strip timber flooring40
LMFFL2504AInstall expansion joints24
LMFFL2505AInstall mouldings and edge trims to timber flooring32
LMFFL3002AEstablish and maintain a safe flooring technology work environment24
LMFFL3101AInspect sub-floors24
LMFFL3102APrepare, select and apply screed to concrete sub-floors24
LMFFL3201AInstall carpet tiles using custom designs40
LMFFL3202AInstall adhesive fixed carpet floor coverings80
LMFFL3203AInstall commercial carpet floor coverings48
LMFFL3204AInstall patterned carpet floor coverings56
LMFFL3205AInstall custom design carpet and decorative finishes40
LMFFL3206AInstall synthetic textile floor coverings to sports facilities80
LMFFL3207AInstall carpet floor coverings to custom design stairs56
LMFFL3301AInstall linoleum floor coverings40
LMFFL3302AInstall commercial vinyl floor coverings80
LMFFL3303AInstall resilient floor coverings using custom designs and decorative finishes40
LMFFL3304AInstall resilient tiles using custom design and decorative finishes40
LMFFL3305AInstall rubber floor coverings40
LMFFL3306AInstall resilient sheet to walls40
LMFFL3307AInstall resilient sheet to bench and counter tops40
LMFFL3308AInstall anti-static resilient floor coverings20
LMFFL3309AInstall conductive resilient floor coverings24
LMFFL3310ACut and install resilient floor coverings to stairs56
LMFFL3401AMix and apply epoxy and seamless floor coverings40
LMFFL3402AApply solvent based coatings to timber flooring16
LMFFL3403AApply water-based coatings to timber flooring16
LMFFL3404AApply oil-based coatings to timber flooring16
LMFFL3405AApply composite based coatings16
LMFFL3406AApply emulsion wax16
LMFFL3407AApply stains and fillers40
LMFFL3501AAdapt and apply custom designs to timber flooring80
LMFFL3502ACut and install timber flooring materials to stairs80
LMFFL3503AInstall direct stick timber flooring56
LMFFL3504AInspect defective timber flooring60
LMFFL3505AInstall block parquetry flooring40
LMFFL3506AInstall cork tiles40
LMFFL3507AInstall patterned parquetry flooring32
LMFFL3508AInstall mosaic parquetry flooring32
LMFFL3509AInstall sprung timber flooring60
LMFFL3510AInstall strip timber flooring onto battens32
LMFFL3511AInstall strip timber flooring onto plywood40
LMFFL3512ARepair timber flooring28
LMFFL3513AMaintain timber, laminate and engineered flooring24
LMFFL3601AFine sand timber flooring24
LMFFL3602AEdge sand timber flooring16
LMFFL3603ASand cork flooring16
LMFFL3604ASand and fill parquetry flooring40
LMFFL3605AApply finishes to cork flooring40
LMFFM1001BConstruct a basic timber furnishing product100
LMFFM1002BOperate basic woodworking machines100
LMFFM2001BUse furniture making sector hand and power tools40
LMFFM2002BAssemble furnishing components20
LMFFM2003BSelect and apply hardware16
LMFFM2004BApply sheet laminates by hand8
LMFFM2005BJoin solid timber8
LMFFM2006BHand make timber joints40
LMFFM2007BFollow plans to assemble production furniture16
LMFFM2008BBend and form cane60
LMFFM2009BConstruct cane furniture100
LMFFM2010BSet up, operate and maintain basic static machines56
LMFFM2011BApply manufactured board conversion techniques16
LMFFM2012BSet up, operate and maintain pressure and clamping machines20
LMFFM3001BConstruct chair and couch frames64
LMFFM3002BConstruct furniture using leg and rail method64
LMFFM3003BProduce angled and curved furniture using manufactured board64
LMFFM3004BProduce angled and curved furniture using solid timber64
LMFFM3005BFabricate custom furniture64
LMFFM3006BInstall furnishing24
LMFFM3007BPrepare and apply decorative surfaces for furniture24
LMFFM3010BSelect timbers for furniture production8
LMFFM3011BProduce manual and computer-aided production drawings60
LMFFM3012BPrepare cutting list from plans and job specifications16
LMFFM3013BMeasure and draw site layout for manufactured furniture products16
LMFFM3020BSet up, operate and maintain sawing machines24
LMFFM3021BSet up, operate and maintain drilling machines24
LMFFM3022BSet up, operate and maintain joining machines52
LMFFM3023BSet up, operate and maintain planing and finishing machines40
LMFFM3024BSet up, operate and maintain multi-head planing and moulding machines60
LMFFM3025BSet up, operate and maintain routing and shaping machines60
LMFFM3026BSet up, operate and maintain mechanical wood turning lathes60
LMFFM3027BSet up, operate and maintain automated edge banding machines60
LMFFM3028BFabricate synthetic solid surface products40
LMFFM3030BSet up, operate and maintain CNC sizing machines60
LMFFM3031BSet up, operate and maintain CNC machining and processing centres80
LMFFM3032BProduce and maintain cutting tools40
LMFFM3033BConstruct jigs and fixtures40
LMFFM4005AHand carve wood to custom design60
LMFFM4006AConstruct joints for custom furniture108
LMFFM4007AProduce curved and shaped components for custom furniture64
LMFFM4008AProduce timber veneered components for custom furniture64
LMFFT4001BCoordinate on-site installation of furnishing products40
LMFFT4002BCustomise stock lines54
LMFFT4003BOrganise production processes60
LMFFT4004BEstablish and monitor production inventory requirements36
LMFFT4005BInstall and commission CNC software20
LMFFT4006BConstruct prototypes and samples160
LMFFT4007BSample, inspect and test products to specifications36
LMFFT4008BInterpret and use workplace information54
LMFFT4009BMatch furnishing style/materials to customer requirements24
LMFFT4010BIdentify and calculate production costs36
LMFFT4011BPurchase materials and consumables36
LMFFT4012BPrepare a tender submission40
LMFFT5001BEvaluate and select production materials and equipment40
LMFFT5002BEstablish and develop production processes and area layout54
LMFFT5003BManage installation and commissioning of equipment20
LMFFT5004BDevelop and document procedures and specifications54
LMFFT5005BOrganise enterprise maintenance programs60
LMFFT5006BPlan production54
LMFFT5010BOptimise CNC operations60
LMFFT5011BDevelop, trial and evaluate prototypes108
LMFFT5012BDetermine production feasibility of designs36
LMFFT5013BDevelop products and related processes54
LMFFT5014BEstablish and monitor business information systems44
LMFFT5015BEstablish and implement contracts for external goods or services44
LMFFT5016BEstablish customer contracts40
LMFFT6001BResearch and evaluate products, materials and processes80
LMFGN2002BMove and store materials and products16
LMFGN3001BRead and interpret work documents24
LMFGN3002BEstimate and cost job16
LMFMB1001BComplete a basic mattress and base product100
LMFMB2001BUse mattress and base sector hand and power tools40
LMFMB2002BPrepare and assemble base unit20
LMFMB2003BAssemble mattress components20
LMFMB2004BCut mattress and base fabrics20
LMFMB3001BAssemble springs for mattresses20
LMFMB3002BMake springs for mattresses and bases40
LMFMB3003BSet up, operate and maintain a tape edging machine20
LMFMB3004BSet up, operate and maintain a quilting machine80
LMFMI3001AAssemble instrument components48
LMFMI3002AConstruct and apply decorative treatments and finishes to musical instruments30
LMFMI3003AManufacture acoustic guitars80
LMFMI3004AManufacture brass instruments320
LMFMI3005AManufacture electric guitars80
LMFMI3006AManufacture percussion instruments80
LMFMI3007AManufacture special stringed instruments80
LMFMI3008AManufacture stringed instruments260
LMFMI3009ARepair brass instruments56
LMFMI3010ARepair percussion instruments40
LMFMI3011ARepair woodwind instruments40
LMFMI4001ARepair acoustic guitars80
LMFMI4002ARepair electric guitars80
LMFMI4003ARepair special stringed instruments80
LMFMI4004ARepair stringed instruments100
LMFPF1001BFrame a simple artwork100
LMFPF2001BUse picture framing sector hand and power tools40
LMFPF2002BCut mouldings to length28
LMFPF2003BJoin mouldings40
LMFPF2004BMount artwork52
LMFPF2005BCut mat boards44
LMFPF2006BCut and handle glazing materials for framing24
LMFPF2007BAssemble artwork package (basic)40
LMFPF2008BRecognise and repair finishes of framing materials44
LMFPF3001BDeframe artwork32
LMFPF3002BDecorate mat boards48
LMFPF3003BSet up and operate CNC machines60
LMFPF3004BPrepare textiles for framing60
LMFPF3005BRecognise and handle artwork for framing60
LMFPF3006BPrepare design requirements for framing48
LMFPF3007BApply frame finishes48
LMFPF3008BAssemble artwork package (complex)60
LMFPF3009BInstall artwork28
LMFPF4001BDesign and construct ornamental frames80
LMFPF4002BDetermine and apply gilding techniques80
LMFPT3001ADevelop knowledge of piano industry12
LMFPT3002ASelect materials for piano repair and manufacture15
LMFPT3003ARepair upright and grand piano action, keys and pedals50
LMFPT3005ARe-string and re-pin a piano40
LMFPT3006ARegulate action, keys and pedals of upright pianos50
LMFPT3007ARegulate actions, keys and pedals of grand pianos40
LMFPT3008AUnderstand piano tuning theory and basic acoustics30
LMFPT3009ADevelop control of tuning hammers30
LMFPT3010APitch raise30
LMFPT3011ATune unisons aurally to a beatless condition60
LMFPT3012ATune octaves aurally to appropriate stretch60
LMFPT3013ATune a temperament octave to produce an equally tempered scale60
LMFPT3014ATune a piano aurally and/or electronically within time and accuracy constraints90
LMFPT3015AVoice a piano40
LMFPT3016AProvide advice to customers on piano tuning and repair20
LMFSF1001BProduce basic soft furnishing accessories100
LMFSF2001BCut single layer fabrics40
LMFSF2002BMachine sew materials48
LMFSF2003BMachine sew using specific techniques60
LMFSF2004BHand sew soft furnishings16
LMFSF2005BOperate a steam press16
LMFSF2006BCalculate fabric quantities for window coverings56
LMFSF2007BConstruct unlined curtains/drapes48
LMFSF2008BConstruct lined curtains/drapes40
LMFSF2009BConstruct padded pelmets40
LMFSF2010BMake up tracks for window coverings24
LMFSF2011BFit and adjust curtain hardware48
LMFSF2012BFit and adjust interior blinds24
LMFSF2013BDress windows24
LMFSF2014BUse soft furnishing sector hand and power tools56
LMFSF3001BOperate drop cutting machines24
LMFSF3002BUse automated curtain pleating equipment24
LMFSF3003BFollow patterns to produce window toppings40
LMFSF3004BConstruct roman style blinds56
LMFSF3005BConstruct Austrian/festoon style blinds56
LMFSF3006BChemically join textiles24
LMFSF3007BLay out patterns and cut fabrics40
LMFSF3008BMeasure up and calculate fabric quantities for window coverings56
LMFSF3009BManufacture bedspreads60
LMFSF3010BManufacture bed linen and table cloths48
LMFSF3011BAdvise customers on interior decoration52
LMFSF3012BInstall motorised curtains and blinds60
LMFSF3013BFollow patterns to produce soft furnishing accessories40
LMFSF3014BProvide technical advice to customers48
LMFSS2001AUse security screens and grills hand and power tools56
LMFSS2002ARectify faults in product30
LMFSS2003APrepare product for Australian Standards testing20
LMFSS2004AUndertake surface preparation30
LMFSS3001AInstall security screens and grills60
LMFSS3002AApply patterns and designs to security screens and grills24
LMFSS3003AResolve quality and compliance issues16
LMFUP1001BComplete a basic upholstery project100
LMFUP2001BUse upholstery sector hand and power tools48
LMFUP2002BFit upholstery components36
LMFUP2003BApply contemporary foundations to upholstered furniture48
LMFUP2004BMachine sew upholstery final cover materials (basic)36
LMFUP2005BDevelop cutting plan and cut single layer upholstery fabric36
LMFUP2006BDismantle/reassemble furniture for upholstering48
LMFUP3001BApply traditional foundations to upholstered furniture64
LMFUP3002BFit and apply final cover materials to furniture using basic techniques48
LMFUP3003BFit and apply final cover materials to furniture using decorative techniques60
LMFUP3004BLay out patterns and cut leather24
LMFUP3005BMachine sew upholstery final cover materials (complex)24
LMFUP3006BFit and apply leather to furniture24
LMFUP3007BManufacture and fit loose covers48
LMFUP3008BApply finishing techniques to upholstered furniture24
LMFUP3009BDevelop cutting plan and cut multiple layer upholstery fabric24
LMFUP3010BCut, sew and fit skirts to upholstered furniture28
LMFUP3011BCut, sew and fit or fill cushions48
LMFUP3012BApply marine sewing and installation techniques60
LMFUP3013BCut and sew canvas and acrylics60
LMFUP3014BSet up, operate and maintain CNC cutting machines100
MSACMC210AManage the impact of change on own work40
MSACMC614ADevelop a communications strategy to support production50
MSACMS200AApply competitive manufacturing practices40
MSACMS201ASustain process improvements40
MSACMS601AAnalyse and map a value chain60
MSACMS602AManage a value chain60
MSACMS603ADevelop manufacturing related business plans60
MSACMT220AApply quick changeover procedures40
MSACMT221AApply Just in Time (JIT) procedures30
MSACMT230AApply cost factors to work practices40
MSACMT240AApply 5S procedures in a manufacturing environment40
MSACMT250AMonitor process capability30
MSACMT251AApply quality standards30
MSACMT260AUse planning software systems in manufacturing40
MSACMT261AUse SCADA systems in manufacturing30
MSACMT270AUse sustainable energy practices30
MSACMT271AUse sustainable environmental practices30
MSACMT280AUndertake root cause analysis50
MSACMT281AContribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy30
MSACMT430AImprove cost factors in work practices50
MSACMT450AUndertake process capability improvements50
MSACMT452AApply statistics to processes in manufacturing40
MSACMT630AOptimise cost of product60
MSACMT631AUndertake value analysis of product costs in terms of customer requirements60
MSACMT650ADetermine and improve process capability80
MSACMT661ADetermine and establish information collection requirements and processes60
MSACMT675AFacilitate the development of a new product80
MSAPMPER200BWork in accordance with an issued permit20
CPCCBC4037APrepare drawings for heritage works40
CPCCCM2001ARead and interpret plans and specifications36
CPCCCM2006AApply basic levelling procedures8
CPCCCM2008AErect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding40
CPCCOHS1001AWork safely in the construction industry6
CPCCOHS2001AApply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry20
LMFFDT4001AApply finishing techniques to custom furniture54
LMFFDT4002AAssemble custom furniture108
LMFFDT4003AAssess and record the lifecycle of a product36
LMFFDT4004AAssess environmental impact of a design36
LMFFDT4005AConstruct and evaluate furniture prototypes and samples108
LMFFDT4006AEstablish and maintain a safe furniture making work environment40
LMFFDT4007AEstablish the design brief36
LMFFDT4008ADetermine occupational health and safety implications of designs40
LMFFDT4009APrepare and present furniture design information18
LMFFDT4010AProduce and evaluate developmental furniture models to scale20
LMFFDT4011ASet up, operate and maintain basic static woodworking machines for furniture designs54
LMFFDT4012AProduce ideation drawings54
LMFFDT4013AResearch and select furniture finishes18
LMFFDT4014AResearch and select furniture materials and technology72
LMFFDT4015AResearch furniture styles and movements30
LMFFDT4016ASelect, use and maintain hand tools for the creation of custom furniture54
LMFFDT4017ASet up and operate a wood turning lathe to produce off-centre work60
LMFFDT4018AProduce templates and jigs for custom made furniture54
LMFFDT5001AApply ergonomics, anthropometrics and proxemic considerations to a product108
LMFFDT5002AApply resources sustainably36
LMFFDT5003AAssess and resolve technical integrity of a design60
LMFFDT5004ADevelop self as a furniture designer72
LMFFDT5005AConstruct custom furniture using advanced techniques198
LMFFDT5007ADesign a batch or limited production item of furniture30
LMFFDT5008ADesign a furniture product using high volume technology services (HVTS) in production30
LMFFDT5009ADesign a one-off item of furniture30
LMFFDT5010AResearch and recommend alternative manufacturing processes27
LMFFDT5011AResearch and recommend machine technology54
LMFFDT5013AEvaluate furniture design proposals and concepts60
LMFFDT6001AAssess economic impact of a design36
LMFFDT6002ADesign for mass production108
LMFFDT6003AEvaluate and participate in design industry networks72
LMFFDT6004AInvestigate legal requirements for design36
LMFFDT6005AWork collaboratively on a design project54
LMFID1001APlan the decoration of a simple space100
LMFID3002ASource and specify decoration products20
LMFID3005AStyle a retail display36
LMFID4001AResearch, analyse and apply colour for interior spaces80
LMFID4002ADecorate residential interiors80
LMFID4003APrepare a materials board for client presentation20
LMFID4004AResearch and recommend furniture and accessories36
LMFID4005AResearch and recommend soft furnishings for interiors50
LMFID4006AResearch and recommend hard materials and finishes for interiors54
LMFID4007AIdentify materials, construction techniques and methods used in building interiors54
LMFID4008AAssess interior light and recommend light fittings36
LMFID4009AResearch architectural styles and movements36
LMFID4010AResearch interior decoration and design influences36
LMFID4011ADetermine occupational health and safety implications of interior effects10
LMFID5001ADesign residential interiors108
LMFID5002ADevelop a decoration proposal for a complex site108
LMFID5003AEvaluate site for interior design brief40
LMFID5004ASpecify structural elements, systems and services for interior spaces72
LMFID5005AExplore and apply creative design methodology to interior space60
LMFID5006ADesign interior lighting36
LMFID5007ADecorate for events40
LMFID5008ADesign for people with disabilities and the elderly108
LMFID5009AResearch and recommend colour and applied finishes40
LMFID5010AProvide interior styling service36
LMFID5011ASpecify soft furnishings for complete interior solution54
LMFID5012AResearch and recommend artwork36
LMFID5013ADesign for small to medium scale commercial or institutional interiors108
LMFID5014AUse CAD applications to complete models and documentation for interior design projects80
LMFID5015ADecorate interiors for restoration projects80
LMFID6001AResolve complex spatial design problems through modelling54
LMFID6002AApply 3-D visualisation techniques to represent interior designs54
LMFID6003ADesign for large scale commercial or institutional interiors108
LMFID6004ADesign interiors for hospitality environments108
LMFID6005ADesign for retail interiors108
LMFID6006ADesign for conservation and restoration projects108
LMFID6007ASelect and instruct consultants and contractors40
LMFID6008AEvaluate design project outcomes36
LMFID6009AProduce digital presentations for commercial projects72
LMFPT3004ARebuild upright and grand piano action, keys and pedals90
CUVICS04BOriginate and develop a concept36
TLID307EHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
LMFKB2001APrepare for cabinet installation12
LMFKB2002AProvide assistance in cabinet installation12
LMFKB3001AIdentify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects80
LMFKB3002ADetermine requirements for installation of cabinets46
LMFKB3003ACheck and measure fit of cabinets20
LMFKB3004AConduct on-site adjustments to cabinets and components16
LMFKB3005AFabricate cabinets for the built-in environment80
LMFKB3006AInstall fitted cabinets and components35
LMFKB3007AProvide advice on cabinet design features40
LMFKB3008AIdentify cabinet construction and installation methods22
LMFKB4001ADetermine spatial planning considerations for kitchen design84
LMFKB4002AResearch and recommend materials, components and finishes for kitchen designs60
LMFKB4003AIdentify and document services required to support fitted furniture designs72
LMFKB4004ADetermine spatial planning considerations for bathroom design60
LMFKB4005AResearch and recommend materials, components and finishes for bathroom designs48
LMFKB4006APrepare quotation and contract documentation for design project84
LMFKB4007ADesign ancillary residential cabinetry72
LMFKB4008ADetermine layout for laundry components60
MSAENV272BParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSAENV472BImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
MSAENV672BDevelop workplace policy and procedures for environmental sustainability50
BSBCCO304BProvide sales solutions to customers40
LMFAH4001ARecommend security technology, hardware and services60
LMFAH4002APrepare architectural door hardware schedules80
AHCLSC308AInstall metal structures and features80
CPCCCM2010AWork safely at heights8
CPCCCM3001BOperate elevated work platforms32
CPCCCO2013ACarry out concreting to simple forms20
LMFFL3001APlan and cost flooring technology work
LMFGG3012CSet up and operate insulated glass unit manufacturing equipment60
LMFGG3018CPrepare and install architectural engineered glazing40
LMFGG2011AUse, handle and store glass and glazing products and consumables24
LMFSL3006BPrepare and install architectural engineered leadlight and stained glass 80
LMFGG3007CForm glass40
LMFGG3008CApply patterns and designs to glass32
LMFSL3001BApply product and material knowledge to leadlight and stained glass operations50
LMFGG2007CProcess glass by basic machines48
LMFSL5001BAssess conservation requirements80
LMFGG3010CSet up and operate glass toughening equipment60
LMFGG3006CApply and handle films and coated glass48
LMFGG3011CSet up and operate glass silvering equipment60
LMFGG3004CProcess thick glass 73
LMFSL2001BAssemble leadlight and stained glass components112
LMFSL3007APaint and fire glass180
LMFGG3013CConstruct and repair leadlight panels56
LMFGG2008CGlaze reglaze residential windows and doors72
LMFGG2005CMove glass sheets by hand8
LMFGG2009CFabricate and assemble metal frames48
LMFGG2001CUse glass and glazing sector hand and power tools56
LMFGG3001CStore and handle glass20
LMFGG3002CAssess glass and glazing requirements24
LMFGG3015CFabricate and install shower screens and wardrobe doors24
LMFGG3003CMove block bulk glass sheet by mechanical means28
LMFGG3016CFabricate and install residential windows and doors40
LMFGG2004CProcess thin glass by hand64
LMFGG3017CFabricate and install commercial glazing40
LMFGG3019CConduct commercial and structural re-glazing40
LMFGG2010CFabricate and install insect and security screens44
LMFGG2006CMove single glass sheets by mechanical means16
LMFGG1001CComplete a basic glass and glazing project100
LMFSL5004BInstall heritage leadlight and stained glass80
LMFGG3021APrepare and install mirrors and glass splashbacks40
LMFSL5002BRemove heritage leadlight and stained glass80
LMFSL5003BConserve heritage leadlight and stained glass80
LMFGG3020AUse static machines for aluminium and uPVC chloride fabrication40
LMFGG3009CSet up and operate glass laminating equipment60
LMFSL3005BFabricate and install residential leadlight and stained glass windows and doors80
LMFSL5005BApply innovation in contemporary leadlight and stained glass80
LMFSL3004BProtect stained glass and leadlighting40
LMFGG2003COperate glass freefall rack and table8
LMFGG3005CProcess glass by semi-automatic and automatic machines56