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Nominal hours for units of competency from the

PUA00 Public Safety Training Package

Updated: 19 Aug 2019

Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
BSXFMI402AProvide leadership in the workplace50
BSXFMI407AManage quality customer service50
BSXFMI506AManage workplace information60
BSXFMI509AImplement and monitor continuous improvements to systems and processes60
BSXFMI510AFacilitate and capitalise on change and innovation60
MNC.G2.AFacilitate the risk management process
BSZ401APlan assessment15
BSZ402AConduct assessment15
BSZ403AReview assessment5
BSZ404ATrain small groups30
BSZ405APlan and promote a training program30
BSZ406APlan a series of training sessions30
BSZ407ADeliver training sessions50
BSZ408AReview training15
BSZ501AAnalyse competency requirements50
BSZ502ADesign and establish the training system40
BSZ503ADesign and establish the assessment system40
BSZ504AManage the training and assessment system40
BSZ505AEvaluate the training and assessment system45
BSZ506ADevelop assessment procedures25
BSZ507ADevelop assessment tools25
BSZ508ADesign training courses40
PRSIR06AAssess risks70
BCG1000ACarry out interactive workplace communication15
BCG1002APlan and organise work15
BCG1003ARead and interpret plans20
BCG1010ACarry out concreting to simple forms15
BCG1011AHandle construction materials and safely dispose of waste20
BCG1004ACarry out measurements and calculations20
BCG1005AUse hand and power tools80
BCG1006AUse small plant and equipment12
BCG1007AErect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding16
BCG1008AUse simple levelling devices8
BCG1009ACarry out excavation and install support20
BCG1017APrepare for construction process (demolition)40
BCG2002AOxy/LPG acetylene cutting20
BCG2003ACarry out general demolition20
BCG2007AOperate elevating work platforms (EWP)8
BCG2008AUse explosive power tools (EPT)16
BCC1013AMonitor machine operations7
BCC1014AControl construction traffic8
BCC2006AErect/dismantle fencing and gates36
CHCCD1ASupport community participation50
CHCCD13AWork within specific communities80
CHCNET3ADevelop new networks60
MEM2.1C12AApply quality systems19
MEM2.7C10APerform computations - basic19
MEM2.2C11AOrganise and analyse information19
MEM8.2AAPre-treat work for subsequent surface coating38
MEM8.11AAUndertake surface preparation using solvents and/or mechanical means19
MEM8.14AAApply protective coatings (basic)38
MEM8.16AAControl blast coating by-products, materials and emissions10
MEM18.2AAUse power tools/hand held operations19
MEM13.3AAWork safely with industrial chemicals and materials19
MEM11.11AAManual handling19
TDTA2998APlan and manage storage of dangerous goods and hazardous substances40
SROYSB001AUse basic skills to sail a small boat in controlled conditions15
TDTH297BPlan and navigate routes20
ICAITTW001BWork effectively in an information technology environment34
ICAITTW002BCommunicate in the workplace17
ICAITU007BMaintain equipment and consumables17
ICPMM63BAAccess the Internet17
PSPPOLI401ASupport policy implementation20
PSPGOV207AUse technology in the workplace20
PSPGOV406AGather and analyse information20
PSPPOLD401AContribute to the development of policy20
PSPPOLD501ADevelop organisation policy30
PSPREG402APromote client compliance with legislation40
PSPREG403AAssess compliance with legislation60
PSPREG404AInvestigate non-compliance with legislation30
PSPREG601AManage regulatory compliance100
PSPREG602AEvaluate regulatory compliance100
LGAPLEM501AAchieve an efficient and sustainable use of natural resources60
LGAPLEM403AAttend requests for building and planning information and advice20
LGAEHRH604ADevelop and implement environmental health education, promotion and awareness strategies
LGAPLEM606ADevelop ecologically sustainable land management systems
LGAEHRR504ADevelop public educ. programs to improve community compliance with environmental health regulation
LGACOM502ADevise and conduct community consultation40
LGAPLEM608AIdentify and evaluate options to improve road safety
LGAPLEM506AImprove community knowledge and skills in environmental management practices40
LGAPLEM404APrepare and present geographic information systems data25
BSALC501ARun a file80
BSALPP502ADraft legally binding documents80
BSALPP501AObtain information from a client80
BSALLG501AAssist with the discovery process60
BSALLG502AAppear in court80
BSALLG503AAttend pre-trial negotiations80
BSALPL501ACost complex files80
BSACS401AProvide non-legal advice50
BSALC401AInteract with other parties60
BSALC402AResearch, locate and provide legal and other information in response to requests60
BSALPP401APrepare and produce complex legal documents50
BSALLG401AArrange documents and list exhibits for litigation support30
LMTPRTF05CAOperate and maintain sewing machine - 360
LMTPRTF09BAUse adhesives - 230
BSACS301AApply the principles of confidentiality and security within the legal environment30
BSALC301AUse legal terminology in order to carry out tasks60
BSALF301AMaintain records for time and disbursements in a legal practice35
BSALO301AAssist in prioritising and planning activities in a legal practice15
BSALPP301AApply knowledge of the legal system to complete tasks80
BSALPP302ACarry out search of the public record25
BSALR301AHandle receipt and despatch of information20
BSALPP303ADeliver court documentation10
PUACOM001ACommunicate in the workplace30
PUAEME002AManage injuries at emergency incident20
PUAPOL006AFacilitate effective communication in the workplace30
FPIFGM112AFall trees manually - advanced (non-commercial/non-production)80
FPIFGM111AFall trees manually - intermediate (non-commercial/non-production)80
FPIFGM110AFall trees manually - basic (non-commercial/non-production)80
FPIFGM069ATrim and cross-cut felled trees (non-commercial/non-production)40
PSPOHS401AImplement & Monitor the Organisation's Occupational Health & Safety Policies, Procedures & Programs20
PSPOHS601ADevelop a systematic approach to managing OHS40
CUSADM07AEstablish and maintain work and contractual relationships70
CUSADM04AManage a major project35
CUSADM03AManage a project50
MEM18.1ABUse hand tools19
CUFBRD05ACompile material for broadcast transmission10
CUFWRT06AWrite a news voice report40
CUFWRT05AWrite content and/or copy50
PUAPRS20529AManage marketing requirements80
AUR31268BSelect and apply trim/fabric materials40
BSBADM402AProduce complex business documents70
BSBADM406AOrganise business travel40
BSBADM502AManage meetings40
BSBADM503APlan and manage conferences40
BSBADV401AProfile a target audience60
BSBADV507ADevelop a media plan60
BSBADV508APresent an advertising campaign80
BSBADV603AManage advertising production80
BSBADV604AExecute an advertising campaign80
BSBADV605AEvaluate campaign effectiveness70
BSBADV601ACreate an advertising brief80
BSBADV602ADevelop an advertising campaign100
BSBCMN101APrepare for work30
BSBCMN102AComplete daily work activities20
BSBCMN103AApply basic communication skills40
BSBCMN105AUse business equipment15
BSBCMN106AFollow workplace safety procedures10
BSBCMN107AOperate a personal computer20
BSBCMN108ADevelop keyboard skills40
BSBCMN203ACommunicate in the workplace40
BSBCMN206AProcess and maintain workplace information20
BSBCMN211AParticipate in workplace safety procedures20
BSBCMN302AOrganise personal work priorities and development40
BSBCMN304AContribute to personal skill development and learning30
BSBCMN311AMaintain Workplace Safety40
BSBCMN403AEstablish business networks40
BSBCMN404ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBCMN411AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBFLM305ASupport operational plan40
BSBFLM402AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBFLM403AManage effective workplace relationships50
BSBFLM404ALead work teams50
BSBFLM406AImplement workplace information system50
BSBFLM409AImplement continuous improvement50
BSBFLM501AManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBFLM502AProvide leadership in the workplace60
BSBFLM503AEstablish effective workplace relationships60
BSBFLM506AManage workplace information systems60
BSBFLM507AManage quality customer service60
BSBFLM510AFacilitate and capitalise on change and innovation60
BSBMGT503APrepare budgets and financial plans60
BSBMGT505AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBMGT601AContribute to strategic direction60
BSBMGT602AContribute to the development and implementation of strategic plans60
BSBMGT605AProvide leadership across the organisation60
BSBMKG401AProfile the market60
BSBMKG407AMake a presentation30
TDMMR4301AAssist in mooring and anchor handling activities10
TDMME101AUnderstand orders and be understood in relation to shipboard duties20
TDMML201AContribute to effective human relationships on board a vessel40
TDMMC701AApply seamanship skills and techniques when operating a small vessel20
TDMMC801AManoeuvre a vessel less than 24 metres in length within inshore limits20
TDMMC1001ASteer a commercial vessel under the direction of the officer in charge of the watch10
TDMMH501AUse radar and other electronic aids to maintain safe navigation40
TDMMH801APlan and navigate an inshore passage60
TDMMF801AComply with emergency procedures10
TDMMF901AFight and extinguish fires20
TDMMF1001AProvide first aid20
TDMMF1101ASurvive at sea in the event of vessel abandonment20
TDMMF1201AMinimise the risk of fire and maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations invol10
TDMMF3501AContribute to maintaining a safe watch10
TDMMF701AObserve safe working practices10
CHCDFV4APromote community awareness of domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV2AManage own professional development in responding to domestic and family violence50
ICAITU133ASend and retrieve information over the Internet using browsers and email25
PUAFIR204ARespond to wildfire60
HLTFA1AApply basic First Aid10
HLTFA2AApply advanced first aid30
LGAWORK304AConstruct and maintain drainage systems60
LGAWORK301AEvaluate works maintenance needs and priorities40
THTSMA01BCoordinate the production of brochures and marketing materials60
THTSMA02BCreate a promotional display/stand30
THTFME02BProvide on site event management services60
PSPWPI605AAudit management systems
NWP505AImplement and manage environmental management policies, plans, procedures and programs40
ICAITU004CApply occupational health and safety procedures20
ICAITU005COperate computer hardware20
ICAITU006COperate computing packages60
ICAITU012CDesign organisational documents using computing packages40
RTC1301AOperate basic machinery and equipment20
RTC2304AOperate and maintain chainsaws40
RTD3816AService committees40
RTD4805AFacilitate ongoing group development60
RTD5910AContribute to regional planning process120
RTD5803AOperate within community cultures and goals100
RTD2101AApply animal trapping techniques40
RTD2202AConduct erosion and sediment control activities40
ICAITS014CConnect hardware peripherals20
FNBACC16BEvaluate financial risk60
FNBACC01BProvide financial and business performance information60
TDTA1197BPackage goods20
TDTA1397BReceive goods20
TDTB197BCheck and assess operational capabilities of equipment40
TDTB397BCarry out vehicle servicing and maintenance30
TDTB497BCarry out vehicle inspection20
TDTB697BCarry out inspection of vehicles designed to carry special loads30
TDTB797BCarry out maintenance of trailers40
TDTB897BCarry out inspection of trailers30
TDTB1598BUndertake site inspection20
TDTB2901AUse and maintain minor mechanical equipment20
TDTC197BDrive vehicle30
TDTC297BDrive light rigid vehicle40
TDTC397BDrive medium rigid vehicle40
TDTC497CDrive heavy rigid vehicle40
TDTC697BDrive multi-combination vehicle40
TDTC797BOperate vehicle carrying special loads40
TDTC2501AOperate four wheel drive vehicle40
TDTD197BShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
TDTD397CHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
TDTD497BLoad and unload goods/cargo30
TDTD1297BOperate specialised load shifting equipment40
TDTD1597BIdentify and label explosives and dangerous goods20
TDTD1697BLoad and unload explosives and dangerous goods30
TDTD2598BPlan loading of dangerous goods50
TDTE897BProcess workplace documentation20
TDTF797BImplement and coordinate accident-emergency procedures40
TDTF1097BApply fatigue management strategies30
TDTF1297BApply safe procedures when handling/transporting dangerous goods or explosives30
TDTF1397BCoordinate breakdowns and emergencies30
TDTH297CPlan and navigate routes20
TDTU101AImplement and monitor environmental protection policies and procedures20
LMFSF2001ACut single layer fabrics40
LMFSF2002AMachine sew materials48
LMFUP3012AApply marine sewing and installation techniques60
PMASUP220AMonitor and control environmental hazards20
HLTHY1APrepare multi-place hyperbaric chamber80
HLTHY2AOperate multi-place hyperbaric chamber150
HLTHY3AConduct post compression routines
HLTHY4AImplement emergency procedures for hyperbaric chamber120
SRXRES002BImprove client awareness and implementation of environmental management practices10
SRXGRO001AFacilitate a group12
SROOPS006BUse and maintain a temporary or overnight site10
SRSSPT005AConduct basic warm-up, stretching and cool-down programs30
CHCCOM4BDevelop, implement and promote effective communication techniques75
CHCCS405AWork effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers30
CHCGROUP2CSupport group activities20
CHCGROUP3CPlan and conduct group activities50
CHCNET3BDevelop new networks75
CHCPOL3AUndertake research activities50
CHCPOL5AManage research activities75
CHCYTH1CWork effectively with young people40
CHCYTH5CSupport youth programs150
FDFCORFSY2AImplement the food safety program and procedures30
FDFCORQFS3AMonitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs100
FDFOPTISP2AImplement sampling procedures20
FDFOPTHCP3AParticipate in a HACCP team50
TDAZ503AManage basic situation awareness in the aviation workplace20
MEM50.9AASafely operate a mechanically powered recreational boat19
TDMMC901BManoeuvre a domestic vessel of less than 12 metres in length operating within inshore limits40
TDMMH1202APlan and navigate a short voyage within inshore limits50
BCCPO3002BConduct dozer operations240
BSBFLM501BManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBFLM503BManage effective workplace relationships60
BSBFLM511BDevelop a workplace learning environment60
BSBAUD401APrepare for a quality audit40
BSBAUD501AInitiate a quality audit50
BSBAUD503ALead a quality audit60
BSBAUD504AReport on a quality audit60
PRMPM02BAssess pest management options25
PRMPM05BModify environment to manage pests60
PRMPM06BApply pesticide to manage pests90
PRMPM07BImplement a pest management plan20
PRMPM09BAdvise client on pest management options15
PRMPM11BConduct fumigation60
PRMPM19BOrganise and monitor pest management operations25
PRMPM29BPlan and schedule pest management operations30
PRMWM36BDevelop a waste management plan40
PRMWM07BImplement waste management plan20
PRMWM30BDetermine waste management services20
PRMWM32BInform and educate clients on waste management issues20
PUACOM013AAdminister a local public safety group30
PUACOM014AContribute to community safety20
PUACOM015AConduct community safety activities20
PUAEMR006ATreat risk at an operational level25
PUAEMR007AConduct risk assessment25
PUAEMR008AContribute to an emergency risk management process50
PUAEMR009AFacilitate emergency risk assessment80
PUAEMR010AUndertake emergency planning50
PUAEMR011APlan and implement a treatment measure50
PUAEMR012ADetermine treatment options50
PUAEMR013AFacilitate treatment strategy development and implementation80
PUAOPE009ANavigate in an aquatic environment50
PUAOPE010AOperate a semi automatic defibrillator in an emergency8
PUAOPE011AInspect property and facilities30
PUASAR009AParticipate in an aquatic rescue operation30
PUASAR010AUndertake a rescue operation in a small powercraft40
PUASAR011ASearch as a member of an aquatic search team30
PUASAR012AApply surf awareness and self-rescue skills30
PUAWER001AIdentify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations2
LGACOM502BDevise and conduct community consultations40
LGAEHRR504BImplement public education programs to improve community compliance40
LGAEHRH604BDevelop and implement environmental health education promotion and awareness strategies40
LGAPLEM606BDevelop ecologically sustainable land management systems50
PUAWER008AConfine small workplace emergencies7
PUAWER002AEnsure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented8
PUAWER003AManage and monitor workplace emergency, procedures, equipment and other resources28
PUAWER004ARespond to workplace emergencies2
PUAWER005AOperate as part of an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER006ALead an emergency control organisation14
PUAWER007AManage an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER009AParticipate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team35
PUAWER010ALead a workplace emergency initial response team70
PUAWER011AManage workplace emergency initial response teams28
PSPBORD303ADeploy detector dog25
PSPBORD304AMaintain detector dog proficiency40
PSPBORD405ADevelop operational effectiveness of detector dog teams30
PSPCOM503ABuild and maintain community relationships50
PSPFIN401AUse public sector financial processes30
PSPFIN501AApply public sector financial policies and processes40
PSPSEC301ASecure government assets35
PSPSEC302ARespond to government security incidents25
PSPSEC303AConduct security awareness sessions35
PSPSEC401AUndertake government security risk analysis40
PSPSEC402AImplement security risk treatments40
PSPSEC403ADevelop and advise on government security procedures40
PSPSEC404AConduct personnel security assessments40
PSPSEC405AHandle security classified information30
PSPSEC406AProvide government security briefings35
PSPSEC502ADevelop security risk management plans40
PSPSEC503AImplement and monitor security risk management plans50
PSPSEC504ACoordinate protective security50
PSPSEC506ACommunicate security awareness60
PSPLEGN301BComply with legislation in the public sector25
PSPLEGN601BManage compliance with legislation in the public sector40
PSPMNGT602BManage resources60
PSPMNGT605BManage diversity60
PSPMNGT607BDevelop a business case60
PSPMNGT609BFormulate business strategies60
PSPMNGT610AManage public sector financial resources60
PSPMNGT701BProvide strategic direction60
PSPMNGT703ALead and influence change70
PSPOHS201BFollow workplace safety procedures20
PSPOHS301AContribute to workplace safety30
PSPOHS401BImplement workplace safety procedures and programs35
PSPOHS602AManage workplace safety60
PSPPOL401AContribute to policy development40
PSPPOL601ADevelop public policy80
PSPPOL603AManage policy implementation40
PSPPOL701AInfluence strategic policy60
PSPPROC406AProcure goods and services60
PSPPM401BDesign simple projects65
PSPPM402BManage simple projects65
PSPPM403BClose simple projects65
PSPPM404ACarry out simple project activities40
PSPPM405AAdminister simple projects40
PSPPM501BDesign complex projects80
PSPPM502BManage complex projects80
PSPPM503BClose complex projects80
PSPPM504ACarry out complex project activities50
PSPPM601BDirect complex project activities40
PSPPA501AProvide public affairs writing and editorial services60
PSPPA502ACoordinate public affairs events and activities50
PSPPA601AManage public affairs70
PSPPA602AProvide public affairs advisory service50
PSPPA603AManage media relationships50
PSPREG402CPromote client compliance40
PSPREG403BAssess compliance60
PSPREG411AGather information through interviews50
PSPREG418AAdvise on progress of investigations30
PSPREG419AFinalise and report on investigations30
PSPREG502ACoordinate investigation processes80
PSPREG601BManage regulatory compliance100
PSPREG602BEvaluate regulatory compliance100
PSPSOHS502AParticipate in the management of the OHS information and data systems50
PSPSOHS508AParticipate in the investigation of incidents50
PSPSOHS609AEvaluate an organisation's OHS performance50
PSPGOV201BWork in a public sector environment30
PSPGOV202BUse routine workplace communication techniques30
PSPGOV203BDeliver a service to clients30
PSPGOV204BAccess and use resources20
PSPGOV207BUse technology in the workplace30
PSPGOV208AWrite routine workplace materials30
PSPGOV301BWork effectively in the organisation20
PSPGOV302BContribute to workgroup activities30
PSPGOV303BBuild and maintain internal networks20
PSPGOV306BImplement change30
PSPGOV307BOrganise workplace information20
PSPGOV309AAddress client needs30
PSPGOV312AUse workplace communication strategies30
PSPGOV313ACompose workplace documents30
PSPGOV315AGive and receive workplace feedback40
PSPGOV403BUse resources to achieve work unit goals30
PSPGOV404BDevelop and implement work unit plans30
PSPGOV406BGather and analyse information30
PSPWPI605BAudit management systems120
PRDPOD307AUndertake property inspection30
PSPETHC601BMaintain and enhance confidence in public service30
PSPGOV413ACompose complex workplace documents40
PSPGOV419AWork with interpreters40
PSPGOV420AUse translation services30
PSPGOV422AApply government processes30
PSPGOV503BCoordinate resource allocation and usage40
PSPGOV504BUndertake research and analysis60
PSPGOV511AProvide leadership50
PSPGOV512AUse complex workplace communication strategies50
PSPGOV513ARefine complex workplace documents40
PSPGOV515ADevelop and use political nous40
PSPGOV601BApply government systems60
PSPGOV602BEstablish and maintain strategic networks40
PSPGOV605APersuade and influence opinion50
PSPGOV606APrepare high-level/sensitive written materials50
TAADEL301AProvide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills40
TAADEL401APlan and organise group-based delivery20
TAADEL402AFacilitate group-based learning20
TAADEL403AFacilitate individual learning15
TAAASS301AContribute to assessment10
TAAASS401APlan and organise assessment10
TAAASS402AAssess competence15
TAAASS403ADevelop assessment tools30
SRCAQU001BMonitor pool water quality5
SRCAQU007BRespond to an aquatic emergency using advanced water rescue techniques15
SRCAQU006BSupervise clients at an aquatic facility or environment15
SRCAQU004BMaintain pool water quality15
SRCAQU003BRespond to an aquatic emergency using basic water rescue techniques10
SRCAQU014BAssist participants with a disability during aquatic activities10
SRFFIT005BApply basic exercise science to exercise instruction15
FNSACCT501AProvide financial and business performance information60
FNSACCT609AEvaluate financial risk40
BSBCOM403AProvide education and training on compliance requirements and systems20
BSBCOM404APromote and liaise on compliance requirements, systems and related issues30
BSBCOM501AIdentify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBCOM502AEvaluate and review compliance25
BSBOHS508AParticipate in the investigation of incidents30
BSBCOM601AResearch compliance requirements and issues50
BSBOHS604AApply ergonomic principles to control OHS risk60
BSBOHS605AApply occupational hygiene principles to control OHS risk40
BSBOHS606ADevelop and implement crisis management processes40
AURV328961ARecover vehicle30
AURT270278AUse and maintain workplace tools and equipment20
ICAW2001AWork effectively in an IT environment20
ICAU1133ASend and retrieve information using web browsers and email25
MEM11.11BUndertake manual handling20
MEM12.1BUse comparison and basic measuring devices20
MEM50.9BSafely operate a mechanically powered recreational boat20
FPIFGM2208AFall trees manually (basic)80
FPIFGM3204AFall trees manually (intermediate)100
FPIFGM3205AFall trees manually (advanced)120
UEGNSG604AFill gas cylinders45
SRODRV001BDrive and recover a 4WD vehicle25
SRODRV002BDrive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain using advanced technique25
SRODRV003BCoordinate recovery of a 4WD vehicle using advanced techniques20
SROBWG001ADemonstrate bushwalking skills in tracked or easy untracked areas25
SRONAV001BNavigate in tracked or easy untracked areas25
SRONAV002BNavigate in difficult or trackless areas15
SRONAV003BNavigate in unmodified landscapes in extreme environmental conditions25
SROSCB008AInspect and fill SCUBA cylinders12
MEA101AInterpret occupational health and safety practices in maintenance40
MEA108AComplete industry documentation20
MEA103APlan and organise work activities20
MEA109APerform basic hand skills, standard trade practices and fundamentals80
MEA105AApply quality standards applicable to maintenance processes20
MEA107AInterpret and use industry manuals and specifications20
MEM08011BPrepare surfaces using solvents and/or mechanical means20
MEM08012BPrepare surfaces by abrasive blasting (basic)40
MEM08014BApply protective coatings (basic)40
MEM08016BControl blast coating by-products, materials and emissions10
MEM11001CErect/dismantle scaffolding and equipment40
MEM13003BWork safely with industrial chemicals and materials20
MEM16012AInterpret technical specifications and manuals40
MEM18001CUse hand tools20
MEM18002BUse power tools/hand held operations20
HLTFA201AProvide basic emergency life support10
HLTFA301BApply first aid18
HLTFA302AProvide first aid in remote situation20
HLTFA402BApply advanced first aid30
HLTFA404AApply advanced resuscitation techniques15
CSCSAS303AConduct searches30
CSCSAS402AManage threatening behaviour20
ICAD2012BDesign organisational documents using computing packages40
ICAD4209BWrite content for web pages30
ICAI3101BInstall and manage network protocols40
ICAS2014BConnect hardware peripherals20
ICAS4201BTransfer content to a website using commercial packages20
ICAT4194BEnsure basic website security20
ICAU1128BOperate a personal computer30
ICAU1133BSend and retrieve information using web browsers and email25
ICAU2005BOperate computer hardware20
ICAU2006BOperate computing packages60
ICAU2007BMaintain equipment and consumables20
ICAU3004BApply occupational health and safety procedures20
ICAU4207BApply web authoring tool to convert client data for websites20
ICAW2001BWork effectively in an IT environment20
ICAW2002BCommunicate in the workplace20
TAAASS301BContribute to assessment10
TAAASS402BAssess competence15
TAAASS403BDevelop assessment tools30
TAAASS404BParticipate in assessment validation20
TAACMQ501BDevelop training and/or assessment organisational policies and procedures40
TAACMQ503BLead and conduct training and/or assessment evaluations45
TAADEL301BProvide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills40
TAADEL401BPlan and organise group-based delivery20
TAADEL402BFacilitate group-based learning20
TAADEL403BFacilitate individual learning15
TAADEL405BCoordinate and facilitate distance-based learning30
TAADES402BDesign and develop learning programs40
TAADES501BDesign and develop learning strategies40
TAATAS401BMaintain information requirements of training and/or assessment organisations40
TAATAS501BUndertake organisational training needs analysis40
TLIA1107CPackage goods20
TLIA1207CPick and process orders20
TLIA1307CReceive goods20
TLIA1407CUse product knowledge to complete work operations20
TLIA1507CComplete receival/despatch documentation40
TLIA2007CReplenish stock20
TLIA2107CDespatch stock20
TLIA2207CParticipate in stocktakes20
TLIA2307CCoordinate stocktakes20
TLIB2807BMaintain and use hand tools20
TLIB607CCarry out inspection of vehicles designed to carry special loads30
TLIC707COperate vehicle carrying special loads40
TLID1007COperate a forklift40
TLID107CShift materials safely using manual handling methods20
TLID1207COperate specialised load shifting equipment40
TLID1607CLoad and unload explosives and dangerous goods30
TLID2407CUse specialised liquid bulk transfer equipment (gravity/pressurised)40
TLID307DHandle dangerous goods/hazardous substances40
TLID3107CRig load40
TLID3307COperate a vehicle-mounted loading crane40
TLID407CLoad and unload goods/cargo30
TLID4307BShift loads using gantry equipment80
TLID707CPrepare cargo for transfer with slings40
TLIE207CEstimate/calculate mass, area and quantify dimensions30
TLIE407CPrepare workplace documents20
TLIE507CCarry out basic workplace calculations20
TLIE707BUse communication systems20
TLIF1207CApply safe procedures when handling/transporting dangerous goods or explosives30
TLIF207CConduct housekeeping activities20
TLIF607CApply accident-emergency procedures20
TLIF707CImplement and coordinate accident-emergency procedures40
TLIH107DInterpret road maps and navigate pre-determined routes20
TLIO207DFollow security procedures40
TLIU107BImplement and monitor environmental protection policies and procedures20
BCCCM2002CUse small plant and equipment16
BSBADM101AUse business equipment and resources15
BSBADM409ACoordinate business resources30
BSBADV402BConduct pre campaign testing50
BSBADV605BEvaluate campaign effectiveness60
BSBAUD402BParticipate in a quality audit40
BSBAUD501BInitiate a quality audit40
BSBAUD503BLead a quality audit60
BSBAUD504BReport on a quality audit60
BSBCMM101AApply basic communication skills40
BSBCMM201ACommunicate in the workplace40
BSBCMM401AMake a presentation30
BSBCMN311BMaintain workplace safety40
BSBCOM501BIdentify and interpret compliance requirements20
BSBFLM303CContribute to effective workplace relationships40
BSBFLM305CSupport operational plan40
BSBFLM312BContribute to team effectiveness40
BSBINM201AProcess and maintain workplace information30
BSBINM301AOrganise workplace information30
BSBINM303AHandle receipt and despatch of information15
BSBINN502ABuild and sustain an innovative work environment50
BSBITA401ADesign databases60
BSBITU101AOperate a personal computer20
BSBITU201AProduce simple word processed documents60
BSBITU202ACreate and use spreadsheets30
BSBITU301ACreate and use databases30
BSBITU302ACreate electronic presentations20
BSBITU402ADevelop and use complex spreadsheets50
BSBLED401ADevelop teams and individuals40
BSBMGT401AShow leadership in the workplace50
BSBMGT502BManage people performance70
BSBMGT515AManage operational plan60
BSBMGT516AFacilitate continuous improvement60
BSBMKG401BProfile the market50
BSBOHS201AParticipate in OHS processes20
BSBOHS301BApply knowledge of OHS legislation in the workplace20
BSBOHS302BParticipate effectively in OHS communication and consultative processes30
BSBOHS303BContribute to OHS hazard identification and risk assessment30
BSBOHS304BContribute to OHS hazard control30
BSBOHS305BContribute to OHS issue resolution30
BSBOHS306BContribute to implementing emergency prevention activities and response procedures20
BSBOHS307BParticipate in OHS investigations25
BSBOHS401BContribute to the implementation of a systematic approach to managing OHS50
BSBOHS402BContribute to the implementation of the OHS consultation process40
BSBOHS403BIdentify hazards and assess OHS risks60
BSBOHS404BContribute to the implementation of strategies to control OHS risk40
BSBOHS405BContribute to the implementation of emergency procedures30
BSBOHS407AMonitor a safe workplace50
BSBOHS504BApply principles of OHS risk management40
BSBOHS505BManage hazards in the work environment60
BSBOHS506BMonitor and facilitate the management of hazards associated with plant60
BSBOHS507BFacilitate the application of principles of occupational health to control OHS risk40
BSBOHS508BParticipate in the investigation of incidents50
BSBOHS509AEnsure a safe workplace60
BSBPMG503AManage project time40
BSBPMG504AManage project costs40
BSBPMG506AManage project human resources40
BSBPMG507AManage project communications40
BSBPMG509AManage project procurement40
BSBREL401AEstablish networks35
BSBRES401AAnalyse and present research information40
BSBRKG303BRetrieve information from records25
BSBSUS201AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices20
BSBSUS301AImplement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices40
BSBSUS501ADevelop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability50
BSBWOR202AOrganise and complete daily work activities20
BSBWOR204AUse business technology20
BSBWOR301AOrganise personal work priorities and development30
BSBWOR401AEstablish effective workplace relationships50
BSBWOR402APromote team effectiveness50
BSBWOR404ADevelop work priorities40
BSBWOR501AManage personal work priorities and professional development60
BSBWOR502AEnsure team effectiveness60
BSBWRT301AWrite simple documents30
BSBWRT401AWrite complex documents50
BSBWRT501AWrite persuasive copy50
MSAENV272AParticipate in environmentally sustainable work practices30
MSAPMOHS200AWork safely30
MSAPMOHS300AFacilitate the implementation of OHS for a work group40
MSAPMOPS400AOptimise process/plant area60
MSAPMOPS401ATrial new process or product60
MSAPMSUP102ACommunicate in the workplace20
MSAPMSUP210AProcess and record information30
MSAPMSUP240AUndertake minor maintenance30
MSAPMSUP292ASample and test materials and product40
MSAPMSUP390AUse structured problem solving tools40
CUVCOR07BUse drawing techniques to represent the object or idea50
CUVCOR09BSelect and apply drawing techniques and media to represent and communicate the concept80
CUFWRT301AWrite content for a range of media40
NWP210BPerform basic water quality tests20
NWP218BPerform and record sampling20
NWP240BInspect and report catchment and surrounding areas20
NWP260AMonitor and report water treatment processes30
NWP261AOperate and maintain water treatment plant and equipment30
NWP262AMonitor and report wastewater treatment processes30
NWP264BMonitor, operate and report wastewater pre-treatment processes20
NWP268BMonitor, operate and report chlorine disinfection systems30
NWP364BPerform laboratory testing40
SITXMPR001ACoordinate production of brochures and marketing materials60
SITXMPR002ACreate a promotional display or stand30
CPPSEC3027ADevelop investigative plan25
CPPSEC3028ACompile investigative report20
CPPSEC3032AGather information by factual investigation30
CPPSEC4003AAdvise on security needs30
CPPSEC4006AAssess risks60
CPPSEC4007AAssess threat40
CPPSEC4012AIdentify and assess security of assets40
CPPSEC4013AUndertake case management of investigations30
TAAASS401CPlan and organise assessment10
TAAASS402CAssess competence15
TAADEL301CProvide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills40
AVI2D308BPrepare freight for flight20
AVI3A108BPackage dangerous goods for air transport40
AVI3W608BRefuel aircraft40
PMAOHS214BUndertake helicopter safety and escape30
PMAOHS310BInvestigate incidents30
PMAOPS101CRead dials and indicators15
PMAOPS105CSelect and prepare materials15
PMAOPS201BOperate fluid flow equipment60
PMAOPS204BUse utilities and services40
PMAOPS205BOperate heat exchangers40
PMAOPS216BOperate local control system40
PMAOPS222BOperate and monitor pumping systems and equipment40
PMAOPS300BOperate a production unit40
PMAOPS305BOperate process control systems60
PMAOPS307BTransfer bulk fluids into/out of storage facility40
PMAOPS410BMonitor remote production facilities40
PMAOPS411BManage plant shutdown and restart40
PMASUP440BCommission/recommission plant40
PMASUP540BAnalyse equipment performance50
MSACMC210AManage the impact of change on own work40
MSACMC410ALead change in a manufacturing environment50
MSACMC411ALead a competitive manufacturing team40
MSACMS200AApply competitive manufacturing practices40
MSACMS201ASustain process improvements40
MSACMS400AImplement a competitive manufacturing system50
MSACMS401AEnsure process improvements are sustained50
MSACMS405ALead a manufacturing team using a balanced score card approach40
MSACMS600ADevelop a competitive manufacturing system60
MSACMS601AAnalyse and map a value chain60
MSACMS602AManage a value chain60
MSACMS603ADevelop manufacturing related business plans60
MSACMT220AApply quick changeover procedures40
MSACMT221AApply Just in Time (JIT) procedures30
MSACMT230AApply cost factors to work practices40
MSACMT231AInterpret product costs in terms of customer requirements30
MSACMT240AApply 5S procedures in a manufacturing environment40
MSACMT250AMonitor process capability30
MSACMT251AApply quality standards30
MSACMT260AUse planning software systems in manufacturing40
MSACMT261AUse SCADA systems in manufacturing30
MSACMT270AUse sustainable energy practices30
MSACMT271AUse sustainable environmental practices30
MSACMT280AUndertake root cause analysis50
MSACMT281AContribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy30
MSACMT421AFacilitate a Just in Time (JIT) system50
MSACMT430AImprove cost factors in work practices50
MSACMT432AAnalyse manual handling processes50
MSACMT440ALead 5S in a manufacturing environment50
MSACMT450AUndertake process capability improvements50
MSACMT451AMistake proof a production process50
MSACMT452AApply statistics to processes in manufacturing40
MSACMT460AFacilitate the use of planning software systems in manufacturing50
MSACMT461AFacilitate SCADA systems in a manufacturing team or work area50
MSACMT481AUndertake proactive maintenance analyses50
MSACMT482AAssist in implementing a proactive maintenance strategy50
MSACMT620ADevelop quick changeover procedures60
MSACMT621ADevelop a Just in Time (JIT) system60
MSACMT630AOptimise cost of product60
MSACMT631AUndertake value analysis of product costs in terms of customer requirements60
MSACMT640AManage 5S system in a manufacturing environment60
MSACMT650ADetermine and improve process capability80
MSACMT660ADevelop the application of enterprise systems in manufacturing60
MSACMT661ADetermine and establish information collection requirements and processes60
MSACMT670ADevelop and manage sustainable energy practices70
MSACMT671ADevelop and manage sustainable environmental practices60
MSACMT675AFacilitate the development of a new product80
MSACMT681ADevelop a proactive maintenance strategy60
MSAPCII295AOperate manufacturing equipment40
MSAPCII297AMake an object from cloth using an existing pattern40
MSAPCII298AMake an object from metal40
MSAPMOHS210BUndertake first response to non-fire incidents20
PUAAMS001BWork in an aviation environment20
PUAAMS002BSearch as a member of an air search team20
PUAAMS003BConduct stores dropping operations20
PUAAMS006BCoordinate search and rescue resources60
PUAAMS007BCoordinate search and rescue operations70
PUAAMS008BManage search and rescue operations90
PUACOM001CCommunicate in the workplace30
PUACOM002BProvide services to clients15
PUACOM003BManage information20
PUACOM004BManage organisational communication strategies25
PUACOM005BFoster a positive organisational image in the community30
PUACOM006BPlan and conduct a public awareness program20
PUACOM007BLiaise with other organisations20
PUACOM008BDevelop and organise public safety awareness programs40
PUACOM009BManage media requirements at major incident50
PUACOM010BPromote the organisation's mission and services15
PUACOM011BDevelop community awareness networks30
PUACOM012BLiaise with media at a local level20
PUACOM013BAdminister a local public safety group30
PUACOM014BContribute to community safety20
PUACOM015BConduct community safety activities20
PUADEFCA001BObserve and monitor hostile areas to detect targets
PUADEFCA002BOperate remote sensors to detect targets
PUADEFCA003BOperate a radar to locate targets
PUADEFCA005BOperate communications equipment
PUADEFCA006BPerform an individual free fall parachute descent
PUADEFCA007BPerform an individual free fall parachute descent carrying combat equipment
PUADEFCA008BPerform an individual static line parachute descent
PUADEFCA009BPerform an individual static line parachute descent carrying combat equipment
PUADEFCA010BPerform a team free fall parachute descent carrying combat equipment
PUADEFCA101BOperate and maintain an armoured fighting vehicle
PUADEFCA102BOperate and maintain armoured fighting vehicle weapon systems
PUADEFCA103BSupervise an armoured fighting vehicle and crew
PUADEFCA201BOperate indirect fire weapons
PUADEFCA202BConduct field survey to determine fixation and orientation
PUADEFCA203BProduce meteorological data
PUADEFCA204BDestroy hostile air targets using line of sight ground based air defence weapon systems
PUADEFCA205BObserve targets and direct single asset firepower on a single target
PUADEFCA206BObserve targets and coordinate multi asset firepower on multiple targets
PUADEFCA207BObserve targets and engage with joint asset firepower from any agency
PUADEFCA208BMaintain radar systems at field operator level
PUADEFCA209BSelect sites for deployment in a threat environment
PUADEFCA210BSupervise indirect fire weapons
PUADEFCA211BSupervise the destruction of hostile air targets using line of sight ground based air defence weapon systems
PUADEFCA301BShift loads manually utilising non-motorised equipment
PUADEFCA303BAssist in the preparation, construction, operation and maintenance of a field waterpoint
PUADEFCA304BPrepare, operate and maintain small watercraft
PUADEFCA305BAssist in the construction of wet gap crossings
PUADEFCA306BAssist in the construction of dry gap crossings
PUADEFCA307BAssist in the preparation, construction and maintenance of roads and tracks
PUADEFCA308BAssist in the construction and maintenance of field structures
PUADEFCA309BPerform military high-risk search
PUADEFCA310BCollect environmental information
PUADEFCA311BOperate an inland tug boat
PUADEFCA312BConstruct equipment bridging
PUADEFCA313BPrepare and operate a field water-point
PUADEFCA314BOperate an inland modular raft/ferry
PUADEFCA315BSupervise engineering operations
PUADEFCA316BSupervise the construction of short-term roads or tracks
PUADEFCA317BCoordinate area and route search, and clearance of explosive ordnance
PUADEFCA401BUndertake security operations
PUADEFCA402BUndertake defensive operations
PUADEFCA403BUndertake offensive operations
PUADEFCA404BUndertake reconnaissance tasks
PUADEFCA405BUndertake surveillance patrol tasks
PUADEFCA406BOperate a service pistol
PUADEFCA407BOperate a sustained fire machine gun
PUADEFCA408BOperate sustained fire machine guns on operations
PUADEFCA409BOperate a shotgun
PUADEFCA410BThrow grenades on operations
PUADEFCA411BOperate a grenade launcher
PUADEFCA412BOperate a mortar
PUADEFCA413BOperate a direct fire support weapon
PUADEFCA414BOperate direct fire support weapon systems on operations
PUADEFCA415BOperate anti-personnel weapon
PUADEFCA417BDestroy targets using a direct fire guided weapon system
PUADEFCA418BUndertake sniper tasks
PUADEFCA419BOperate a service rifle on operations
PUADEFCA420BOperate a light support weapon on operations
PUADEFCA421BSupervise infantry operations
PUADEFCA422BConduct range practices
PUADEFCA423BManage range practices and qualifications
PUADEFCA424BObserve and direct machine gun fire
PUADEFCA425BSupervise the operation of mortars
PUADEFCA426BSupervise the operation of direct fire support weapons
PUADEFCA427BSupervise sniper operations
PUADEFCH001BProvide pastoral care30
PUADEFCH002CProvide ethical and pastoral advice
PUADEFCH003BDeliver chaplaincy services
PUADEFCH004BConduct and facilitate religious observances and activities
PUADEFCH005BPerform as an effective member of the Chaplains' branch
PUADEFCM001BUse personal camouflage and concealment in a threat environment
PUADEFCM003BAnalyse causes and identify countermeasures for injuries in physical activities
PUADEFCM004BInstruct a workplace physical training session in Defence
PUADEFCM005BConduct a Defence administrative inquiry
PUADEFCM006BOperate a 22 gauge rifle
PUADEFCM007BMarshal aircraft (Defence)
PUADEFCM008BProvide technical advice
PUADEFCM107BSupervise a section during defensive operations
PUADEFCM108BSupervise a section during offensive operations
PUADEFCM109BSupervise platoon level defensive operations
PUADEFCM110BSupervise platoon level offensive operations
PUADEFCM111BSupport sub-unit level defensive operations
PUADEFCM112BSupport sub-unit level offensive operations
PUADEFCM115BApply service discipline law
PUADEFCM118BAct as a range safety officer on a permanent range
PUADEFCM119BConduct basic range practices on a permanent range
PUADEFCM301BOperate a mobile field laundry system
PUADEFCM302BOperate a mobile field shower system
PUADEFCM303BRig and dispatch air-drop loads
PUADEFCO208BOperate in a field communications and information systems environment
PUADEFDC001BIntegrate into the cadet working environment20
PUADEFDC002BFunction in the Australian aerospace environment
PUADEFDV001BDive using selfcontained underwater breathing apparatus in open water to 30 metres
PUADEFDV002BSupport SCUBA diving operations from the surface
PUADEFDV003BAct as a standby diver
PUADEFDV004BDive using surfacesupplied breathing apparatus in open water to 30 metres
PUADEFDV005BDive using closedcircuit breathing apparatus (N2O2) in open water to a maximum depth of 40 metres
PUADEFDV006BDive using closedcircuit breathing apparatus (O2) in open water to a maximum depth of 10 metres
PUADEFDV007BDive using closed-circuit breathing apparatus (HeO2) in open water to a maximum depth of 60 metres
PUADEFDV008BEmploy hand tools in an underwater environment
PUADEFDV009BConduct an underwater search of a ship's hull
PUADEFDV010BEmploy power tools in an underwater environment
PUADEFDV011BPerform non-technical structural inspections underwater
PUADEFDV012BPerform underwater beach and waterway surveys
PUADEFDV013BEmploy air-lift devices underwater
PUADEFDV014BPerform concreting in an underwater environment
PUADEFDV015BEmploy explosive power tools in an underwater environment
PUADEFDV016BPerform underwater rigging work
PUADEFDV017BEmploy thermal cutting and welding tools (nonload bearing) in an underwater environment
PUADEFEO504BRecondition explosive ordnance packaging
PUADEFEO510CMaintain small arms ammunition
PUADEFEQ002BSupervise equity and diversity in the workplace
PUADEFEQ003BManage equity and diversity
PUADEFLS001BMaintain and fit Anti-G suits
PUADEFLS002BMaintain and fit helmets
PUADEFLS003BMaintain and fit immersion suits
PUADEFLS004BMaintain and fit oxygen masks
PUADEFLS005BMaintain and pack parachutes
PUADEFLS006BMaintain and pack survival inflatable life rafts or escape slides
PUADEFLS007BMaintain, pack and fit survival inflatable buoyancy vests
PUADEFLS008BMaintain, install and remove restraint systems
PUADEFLS009BManufacture, repair and alter aircraft related fabric components
PUADEFOH001BConduct an occupational health and safety audit
PUADEFOH002BConduct occupational health and safety inspections
PUADEFOH003BIdentify and monitor radiation hazards
PUADEFOH004BDevelop noise management plans
PUADEFOH005BApply radio frequency radiation safety procedures
PUADEFOH006BDevelop radio frequency radiation safety plans
PUADEFOH007BApply ionising radiation safety procedures
PUADEFOH008BDevelop ionising radiation safety plans
PUADEFOH009BWork safely with lasers
PUADEFOH010BApply laser safety procedures
PUADEFOH011BDevelop laser safety plans
PUADEFOH012BIdentify confined space
PUADEFOH013BEnter confined space
PUADEFOH014BTest confined space environment
PUADEFOH015BControl entry to confined spaces
PUADEFOH016BMonitor and report on hazardous substances safety
PUADEFPL001BProvide support in service discipline and criminal law matters
PUADEFPL002BProvide advice on service discipline and criminal law matters
PUADEFPL003BProvide support in administrative law matters
PUADEFPL004BProvide advice on administrative law matters
PUADEFPL005BProvide support in operations law matters
PUADEFPL006BProvide advice on operations law matters
PUADEFPL007BProvide support in contract law matters
PUADEFPL008BProvide advice on contract law matters
PUADEFPL009BProvide support in environmental law matters
PUADEFPL010BProvide advice on environmental law matters
PUADEFPL011BProvide support in legal assistance matters
PUADEFPL012BAssess civil claims
PUADEFPL013BProvide advice on civil claims
PUADEFPO001BApply the values and principles of Defence police
PUADEFPO002BConduct battlefield circulation and control operations
PUADEFPR301BIdentify material suitable for publication within Defence
PUADEFPR302BConduct an interview to support written material
PUADEFPR303BWrite material suitable for publication within Defence
PUADEFPR304BEdit provided copy
PUADEFPR305BTake photographs suitable for publication within Defence
PUADEFPR306BObtain images suitable for publication within Defence
PUADEFPR307BAssist in managing production processes
PUADEFRI001BTreat risk within Defence at an operational level
PUADEFRI002BConduct risk assessment in a Defence environment
PUADEFRM101BProvide technical advice on ranges and training areas
PUADEFRM102BInterpret policy, legislation and regulations
PUADEFRM201BDevelop and maintain range standing orders
PUADEFRM202BApprove training area and range activities
PUADEFRM204BMonitor and control training area and range activities
PUADEFRM205BManage emergency operations
PUADEFRM206BConduct range inspections
PUADEFRM207BConduct training area inspections
PUADEFRM208BManage training area and range contamination
PUADEFRM209BSupervise contractors
PUADEFRM210BMonitor and implement environmental plans and procedures
PUADEFRM211BSite range complexes
PUADEFRM212AManage training areas and ranges
PUADEFSU001BCatch aquatic animals in a survival situation
PUADEFSU002BConstruct improvised weapons and equipment in a survival situation
PUADEFSU003BEmploy visual emergency signalling techniques in a survival situation
PUADEFSU004BErect a survival shelter using natural resources in a survival situation
PUADEFSU005BMaintain physical and emotional health and fitness in a survival environment
PUADEFSU006BNavigate using celestial aids in a survival situation
PUADEFSU007BPreserve and cook foodstuffs in a survival situation
PUADEFSU008BProduce fire using improvised means in a survival situation
PUADEFSU009BTrap and kill animals in a survival situation
PUADEFSU010BLocate, treat and manage water in a survival situation
PUADEFSU011BSurvive at sea
PUADEFTP001BOperate a vehicle in an environment of threat
PUADEFTP002BOperate a vehicle at night
PUADEFTP003BOperate a vehicle over difficult terrain
PUADEFTP005BOperate a multi-axle trailer
PUAEME001BProvide emergency care40
PUAEME002CManage injuries at emergency incident20
PUAEME003CAdminister oxygen in an emergency situation20
PUAEMR001BEstablish context and develop risk evaluation criteria50
PUAEMR002BIdentify, analyse and evaluate risk50
PUAEMR003BDetermine treatment strategies50
PUAEMR004BManage treatment strategy implementation50
PUAEMR005BDesign and manage activities which exercise elements of emergency management50
PUAEMR006BTreat risk at an operational level25
PUAEMR007BConduct risk assessment25
PUAEMR008BContribute to an emergency risk management process50
PUAEMR009BFacilitate emergency risk assessment80
PUAEMR010BUndertake emergency planning50
PUAEMR011BPlan and implement a treatment measure50
PUAEMR012BDetermine treatment options50
PUAEMR013BFacilitate treatment strategy development and implementation80
PUAEMR014ADeliver recovery services25
PUAEMR015AEstablish and manage a recovery centre40
PUAEMR016AFacilitate community involvement in recovery25
PUAEMR017AManage recovery functions and services25
PUAEQU001BPrepare, maintain and test response equipment20
PUAFIR201BPrevent injury90
PUAFIR202BRespond to isolated/remote structure fire40
PUAFIR203BRespond to urban fire170
PUAFIR204BRespond to wildfire60
PUAFIR205BRespond to aviation incident (specialist)90
PUAFIR206BCheck installed fire safety systems25
PUAFIR207BOperate breathing apparatus open circuit60
PUAFIR208BParticipate in community safety activities10
PUAFIR209BWork safely around aircraft8
PUAFIR210BUndertake hover-exit operations from helicopter30
PUAFIR211BUndertake helicopter winch operations30
PUAFIR212BRappel from helicopter40
PUAFIR301BUndertake community safety activities20
PUAFIR302BSuppress urban fire80
PUAFIR303BSuppress wildfire80
PUAFIR304BRespond to marine emergencies80
PUAFIR305BRespond to aviation incidents (general)40
PUAFIR306BRender hazardous materials incidents safe40
PUAFIR307BMonitor hazardous atmospheres24
PUAFIR308BEmploy personal protection at a hazardous materials incident8
PUAFIR309BOperate pumps80
PUAFIR310BOperate aerial or specialist appliance80
PUAFIR311BDispatch rappel personnel and equipment from a helicopter40
PUAFIR312BOperate aerial ignition equipment in an aircraft40
PUAFIR313BOperate aviation support equipment40
PUAFIR314BUtilise installed fire safety systems60
PUAFIR315BNavigate from an aircraft40
PUAFIR401BObtain incident intelligence16
PUAFIR402BSupervise specialist response to aviation incidents80
PUAFIR403BAssess building plans40
PUAFIR404BInspect dangerous goods facilities80
PUAFIR405BCollect, analyse and provide regulatory information20
PUAFIR406BDevelop prescribed burning plans40
PUAFIR407BConduct prescribed burning40
PUAFIR408BPlan aircraft operations40
PUAFIR409BDevelop air attack strategies40
PUAFIR501BConduct fire investigation and analysis activities120
PUAFIR502BDevelop incident control strategies40
PUAFIR503BCoordinate human resource management activities45
PUAFIR504BAssist with formulation and implementation of plans and policies45
PUAFIR505BAdminister cost centre's financial resources30
PUAFIR506BConduct an assessment of a building's performance based design200
PUAFIR507BInspect building fire safety systems150
PUAFIR508BAssess and evaluate a facility's fire/incident safety management systems in hazardous materials240
PUAFIR509BImplement prevention strategies200
PUAFIR510BInspect for legislative compliance120
PUAFIR601BDevelop and administer agency policy, procedures and practices100
PUAFIR602BManage the implementation of community safety strategies80
PUALAW001BProtect and preserve incident scene20
PUALAW002BConduct initial investigation at incident scene30
PUALAW003BGive evidence in a judicial or quasi-judicial setting50
PUALAW004BRepresent the organisation in a judicial or quasi-judicial setting30
PUALIO001BAssist in relations between police and members of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community
PUALIO002BProvide local community, cultural and geographic information to other agencies and tourists30
PUALIO003BPromote public safety objectives by liaison between the police service and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities
PUALIO005BProvide advanced interpreting, conflict resolution and negotiation services in an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community
PUAMAN001BManage the organisation's public safety responsibilities60
PUAMAN002BAdminister work group resources50
PUAMAN003BManage human resources70
PUAMAN004BManage procurement80
PUAMAN005BManage projects80
PUAMAN006BManage and facilitate change80
PUAMAN007BManage financial resources80
PUAMAN008BManage physical resources80
PUAOHS001CFollow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures20
PUAOHS002BMaintain safety at an incident scene25
PUAOHS003BImplement and monitor the organisation's occupational health and safety policies, procedures and programs30
PUAOHS004BEstablish and maintain the occupational health and safety system50
PUAOPE001BSupervise response60
PUAOPE002BOperate communications systems and equipment30
PUAOPE003BNavigate in urban and rural environments50
PUAOPE004BConduct briefings/debriefings30
PUAOPE005BManage a multi team response50
PUAOPE006BControl multi-agency emergency situations80
PUAOPE007BCommand agency personnel within a multi-agency emergency response80
PUAOPE008BCoordinate resources within a multi-agency emergency response60
PUAOPE011BInspect property and facilities30
PUAPOL014BManage performance/behavioural issues40
PUAPOL017BPlan and develop strategies to support organisational policy70
PUAPOL018BControl and monitor service delivery
PUAPOL020BDevelop a business plan50
PUAPOL021BIdentify and evaluate the organisational environment to facilitate service delivery
PUAPOL022BLead the organisation
PUAPOL028BManage investigation information processes80
PUAPOL031BConfiscate assets50
PUAPOL032BPlan intelligence activities80
PUAPOL033BManage intelligence information processes80
PUAPOL034BAnalyse information60
PUAPOL035BDisseminate outputs from the intelligence process60
PUAPOL036BProvide crime prevention advice through environmental design60
PUAPRO001BPromote a learning environment in the workplace30
PUAPRS20529BManage marketing requirements80
PUASAR001BParticipate in a rescue operation20
PUASAR002BUndertake road accident rescue20
PUASAR003BUndertake technical rescue
PUASAR004BUndertake vertical rescue30
PUASAR005BUndertake confined space rescue30
PUASAR006BUndertake trench rescue
PUASAR007BUndertake structural collapse rescue
PUASAR008BSearch as a member of a land search team
PUASAR009BParticipate in an aquatic rescue operation
PUATEA001BWork in a team20
PUATEA002BWork autonomously30
PUATEA003BLead, manage and develop teams50
PUAVEH001BDrive vehicles under operational conditions80
PUAWER001BIdentify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations2
PUAWER002BEnsure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented8
PUAWER003BManage and monitor workplace emergency procedures, equipment and other resources28
PUAWER004BRespond to workplace emergencies2
PUAWER005BOperate as part of an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER006BLead an emergency control organisation14
PUAWER007BManage an emergency control organisation7
PUAWER008BConfine small workplace emergencies7
PUAWER009BParticipate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team35
PUAWER010BLead a workplace emergency initial response team70
PUAWER011BManage workplace emergency initial response teams28
CPCCCM2004AHandle construction materials16
CPCCOHS2001AApply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry20
CPCCSF2003ACut and bend materials using oxy-LPG equipment20
CPCCVE1001AUndertake a basic construction project40
CHCCD401DSupport community participation50
CHCCD413DWork within specific communities70
CHCDFV402CManage own professional development in responding to domestic and family violence50
CHCDFV404CPromote community awareness of domestic and family violence50
CHCGROUP302DSupport group activities20
CHCGROUP403DPlan and conduct group activities50
CHCPOL403BUndertake research activities50
CHCYTH301DWork effectively with young people40
TLID1507DIdentify and label explosives and dangerous goods20
TLID1607DLoad and unload explosives and dangerous goods30
PUADEFAD001ARig and hook up loads during rotary wing external lift operations
PUADEFAD002AAssist in establishing and clearing a cargo drop zone
PUADEFCA004BConduct military searches
PUADEFCA302BAssist in the construction of minefields
PUADEFCM201BApply non-lethal unarmed self-defence techniques
PUADEFCM202BApply lethal close quarter fighting techniques
PUADEFCM203BSupervise the application of non-lethal unarmed self-defence techniques
PUADEFCM204BSupervise the application of lethal close quarter fighting techniques
PUADEFCM304AEstablish and operate a field kitchen
PUADEFCM305AAssist with the establishment and operation of a field kitchen
PUADEFEO800APrepare proof firing points
PUADEFEO801AUndertake proof firings of small arms
PUADEFEO802AUndertake proof firings of other calibre weapons
PUADEFEO803AConduct static proof tests
PUADEFEO804AConduct dynamic small arms proof tests
PUADEFEO805AConduct dynamic other calibre proof tests
PUADEFEO806AConduct environmental tests
PUADEFEO807APrepare explosive ordnance for proof tests
PUADEFEO809AAcquire data related to velocity
PUADEFEO810AAcquire data related to pressure
PUADEFEO811AAcquire data related to time
PUADEFEO812AAcquire data related to environment
PUADEFEO813AAcquire data related to imagery
PUADEFEO814AProvide survey data for proof and experimental firing
PUADEFEO815AOperate small watercraft
PUADEFIN001AProcess information into intelligence
PUADEFIN002AProcess voice communications
PUADEFIN003AEdit intelligence material for security purposes
PUADEFIN004AConduct tactical questioning on operations
PUADEFIN005AConduct interrogation on military operations
PUADEFIN006AConduct anti-surveillance
PUADEFIN007ASupervise intelligence operations
PUADEFIN008APlan and lead a counter-surveillance operation
PUADEFPE001AConduct field refuelling operations from a bulk fuel installation
PUADEFPE002AConduct field refuelling operations using drum stock
PUADEFPE003ATest fuel hoses
PUADEFPE004AAssist in the construction and maintenance of a nonpermanent bulk fuel installation
PUADEFPE005AAssist in the construction and operation of a nonpermanent inland pipeline liquid distribution system
PUADEFPE007AAssist in the operation of the towed flexible barge system
PUADEFPH001AContribute to environmental health operations
PUADEFPH002AAssist with quick assessment of disease outbreak
PUADEFPH003AOperate environmental measuring devices
PUADEFPH004AUndertake a vector borne diseases surveillance program
PUADEFPH005AAssist with field hygiene and sanitation
PUADEFPH006AMonitor water handling and distribution practices
PUADEFPH007AConduct chlorine dosing of water at the point of supply
PUADEFPH008ACoordinate environmental health operations
PUADEFPH009AConduct a quick assessment of disease outbreak
PUADEFPH010AConduct a field hygiene survey
PUADEFPH011APerform environmental health planning
PUADEFPH012AManage environmental health operations
PUADEFPH013AManage a deployed capability
PUADEFPH014AInvestigate and control outbreak of disease
PUADEFPO003BParticipate in population protection and control
PUADEFPT001AConduct a group fitness appraisal within Defence
PUADEFPT002ADevelop a group fitness program within Defence
PUADEFPT003AConduct individual fitness assessments within Defence
PUADEFTE001APlan testing and evaluation processes
PUADEFTE002APrepare testing and evaluation processes
PUADEFTE003AConduct testing processes
PUADEFTE004AEvaluate testing
PUADEFTE005AProduce test and evaluation reports
PUADEFTE006AAnalyse test data
PUADEFTE007AApply knowledge of test and evaluation processes
PUADEFTP004BOperate a vehicle using night fighting equipment (NFE)
PUADEFVH001AConduct recovery vehicle operations in a field environment
PUADEFVH002AExtract disabled equipment using winching techniques in a field environment
PUAFIR603ADetermine origin and cause of wildfire60
PUAFIR604ADetermine origin and cause of structure fire60
PUAFIR605ADetermine origin and cause of mobile property fire30
PUAFIR606AApply principles of combustion and fire dynamics to fire scene investigation40
PUAFIR607AApply electrical/electronic knowledge to fire investigations40
PUAFIR608AInvestigate fatal fires40
PUAFIR609ACollect, record and coordinate the analysis of physical evidence40
PUAFIR610AManage imaging and electronic data40
PUAFIR611AProcess and analyse fire scene data and laboratory results40
PUAFIR612AUndertake post-incident analysis40
PUAPOLFC009ADevelop and maintain forensic discipline expertise
PUAPOLFC010AEvaluate items and conduct laboratory examinations and analyses
PUAPOLFC012ACoordinate multi-discipline forensic investigations
PUAPOLFC013AConduct complex laboratory analyses or examinations
PUAPOLFC014AConduct investigations at a bomb-explosion scene
BSBCON401AWork effectively in a business continuity context40
BSBCON601ADevelop and maintain business continuity plans60
BSBCON701AEstablish and review the business continuity management framework and strategies80
MSL974003APerform chemical tests and procedures100
ICPMM263CAccess and use the Internet20
ICPMM322CEdit a digital image40
BSBCUS501BManage quality customer service40
PSPPROC303ACarry out basic procurement40
FPICOT2239ATrim and cut felled trees40
PUADEFBM001CAssist in seamanship operations
PUADEFBM003CControl persons using non firearms options
PUADEFBM004CDefend persons using firearms
PUADEFBM005CMaintain weapons and associated equipment
PUADEFBM007AAssist in ship navigation
PUADEFBM008AOperate a chaff firing system
PUADEFBM009AOperate a visual target designator system
PUADEFCA416CEmploy hand operated pyrotechnics
PUADEFCM002COperate night fighting equipment
PUADEFCM101COperate a service rifle
PUADEFCM102COperate a light support weapon
PUADEFCM103COperate a service hand grenade
PUADEFCM104COperate in a threat environment
PUADEFCM105CParticipate in ceremonial activities25
PUADEFCM106CDisplay the attributes of an Australian soldier
PUADEFCM113CPerform the duties of a defending officer
PUADEFCM114CPerform the duties of a prosecuting officer
PUADEFCM116CProvide advice on service discipline law
PUADEFCM117CPerform the duties of a unit discipline officer
PUADEFCM120CConduct individual and collective ceremonial drill
PUADEFCM121CConduct ceremonial drill activities
PUADEFCM122AProvide advice on service administrative law
PUADEFCM123AConduct an arrest
PUADEFCM124AConduct a unit level investigation and prefer charges
PUADEFCM125AConduct summary authority proceedings
PUADEFCM126AConduct a quick assessment
PUADEFCM127AConduct a Defence administrative inquiry
PUADEFCM128AMake a Defence administrative decision
PUADEFCM129APerform the duties of an appointing officer
PUADEFCM306AAdminister personnel
PUADEFCM307AMaintain logistic support in an adverse environment
PUADEFCM308AProvide specialist technical regulatory framework advice
PUADEFCM309AImplement and manage technical regulatory framework compliance
PUADEFCM310AEstablish technical risk management systems
PUADEFCM311AImplement and manage technical risk management
PUADEFCM312APlan and establish technical regulatory framework compliant management systems
PUADEFCM313AEstablish technical data and information management systems
PUADEFCM314AOperate an in-service remote positioning vehicle
PUADEFCO106CTransmit and receive messages via visual means
PUADEFCO107CPerform flag ceremonial and flag protocol procedures
PUADEFCO108ASupport the operation of a communications and information system facility
PUADEFCO401CMaintain security in a Defence communications and information systems environment
PUADEFCO402CTransmit and receive messages utilising Defence messaging systems
PUADEFCO403CTransmit and receive data via information exchange systems
PUADEFCO405CConduct operator level maintenance in a Defence environment
PUADEFCO406ATransmit and receive messages via voice
PUADEFCP001AEvaluate and review safety cases
PUADEFCP002AApply knowledge of regulatory systems
PUADEFCP003AApply knowledge of OHS legislation
PUADEFCP004AApply knowledge of risk assessment
PUADEFCP005AApply knowledge of risk management
PUADEFCP006AApply knowledge of safety case development process
PUADEFCP007AProvide specialist safety case advice
PUADEFEO101DWork safely with explosive ordnance
PUADEFEO201CRespond to fire
PUADEFEO202DEstablish and maintain the safety and security of explosive warehouses and workshops
PUADEFEO203CDispose of non-explosive dangerous goods
PUADEFEO204CExamine and certify free from explosive ordnance
PUADEFEO205CConduct technical explosive ordnance investigations
PUADEFEO206CApply a knowledge of the service environment
PUADEFEO207CInspect explosive ordnance facilities
PUADEFEO208CSupervise explosive ordnance engineering and logistics processes
PUADEFEO209CControl explosive ordnance engineering and logistics processes
PUADEFEO210CManage explosive ordnance engineering and logistics processes
PUADEFEO211DApply a knowledge of explosive ordnance
PUADEFEO212CLicense explosive ordnance facilities and potential explosive sites
PUADEFEO213AEstablish and operate an explosive ordnance field storage site
PUADEFEO214APlan loading of dangerous goods
PUADEFEO215AOperate lighterage equipment
PUADEFEO216AOperate a small quantity explosive ordnance facility
PUADEFEO217AOperate a large quantity explosive ordnance facility
PUADEFEO301DPackage ammunition
PUADEFEO302DUnpackage ammunition
PUADEFEO303DMonitor explosive ordnance environmental conditions
PUADEFEO401DLoad and unload platforms
PUADEFEO501DConduct explosive ordnance inspection
PUADEFEO502DConduct external explosive ordnance maintenance
PUADEFEO503CConduct explosive ordnance packaging inspection
PUADEFEO508DConduct electrical/electronic circuitry tests
PUADEFEO509DPerform purging
PUADEFEO511DMaintain grenades
PUADEFEO512DMaintain mortar ammunition
PUADEFEO513DMaintain actuating devices
PUADEFEO514DMaintain pyrotechnics and countermeasures
PUADEFEO515DMaintain guided weapons
PUADEFEO516DMaintain free flight rockets
PUADEFEO517DMaintain gun ammunition
PUADEFEO518DMaintain aerial delivered ordnance
PUADEFEO519DMaintain mines
PUADEFEO520DMaintain demolition stores
PUADEFEO521ARefurbish explosive ordnance packaging
PUADEFEO522AConduct broken seal inspection
PUADEFEO601DAssess explosive ordnance firings
PUADEFEO602CPlan explosive ordnance trials
PUADEFEO603CConduct explosive ordnance trials
PUADEFEO604CPerform explosive tests, measurements and analyses
PUADEFEO703CSupervise military explosive ordnance task
PUADEFEO704CControl military explosive ordnance operations
PUADEFEO705CManage military explosive ordnance operations
PUADEFEO709DApply explosive ordnance design principles
PUADEFEO714CConduct underwater explosive demolitions
PUADEFEO715CGauge explosive ordnance
PUADEFEO716CTest for explosive substances
PUADEFEO717CMaintain aircraft egress systems
PUADEFEO718CMaintain cartridge operated fire extinguisher systems
PUADEFEO719ARender explosive ordnance inert
PUADEFEO720AConduct post blast analysis
PUADEFEO721ARemove explosive ordnance from damaged aircraft
PUADEFEO722ADetect, record and collect evidence
PUADEFEO808BPrepare explosives for metal hardening
PUADEFEO900ADevelop explosive ordnance disposal techniques and render-safe procedures
PUADEFEQ001CWork with equity and diversity25
PUADEFIN009APlan a surveillance operation
PUADEFIN010ACommunicate in a surveillance environment
PUADEFIN011APerform foot surveillance
PUADEFIN012APerform mobile surveillance
PUADEFIN013APerform static surveillance
PUADEFIN014ADisseminate outputs from the intelligence process
PUADEFSO001COperate a radar system
PUADEFSO002COperate a sonar system
PUADEFSO003COperate a torpedo fire control system
PUADEFSO006AOptimise and monitor sensor display
PUADEFSO007AProvide general support to combat systems operations
PUADEFSO008ASupport the compilation of the tactical picture
PUAECO001AOperate telephony systems10
PUAECO002AProcess emergency incident calls and enquiries30
PUAECO003AOperate and control radio networks10
PUAECO004AOperate computer aided dispatch system40
PUAECO005ADispatch resources from within an emergency communications centre20
PUAECO006ARead and interpret maps10
PUAECO007ARespond to and maintain monitored alarm systems10
PUAECO008AReceive and action notification of uncontrolled hazardous materials situations10
PUAECO009ACoordinate emergency communications centre operations30
PUAECO010AMaintain standards of emergency service delivery40
PUAECO011ASupport logistics in the field8
PUAEME004AProvide emergency care for suspected spinal injury8
PUAEME005AProvide pain management6
PUAEMR018AWork in an emergency management context25
PUAEMR019ACoordinate and evaluate activities which exercise elements of emergency management arrangements40
PUAEMR020ADesign activities which exercise elements of emergency management arrangements40
PUAEMR021AFacilitate emergency planning processes50
PUAFIR410AProvide safety advice at a rural/land management incident20
PUAFIR411AProvide safety advice at an urban incident20
PUAOPE009CNavigate in an aquatic environment50
PUAOPE010COperate an automated external defibrillator in an emergency8
PUAOPE012AControl a Level 1 incident40
PUAOPE013AOperate communications systems and equipment15
PUAOPE014ANavigate to an incident15
PUAOPE015AConduct briefings and debriefings20
PUAOPE016AManage a multi-team sector40
PUAOPE017ACoordinate resources for a multi-agency incident50
PUAOPE018AControl a Level 2 incident40
PUAOPE019AControl a Level 3 incident60
PUAOPE020ALead a crew20
PUAOPE021AManage information function at an incident40
PUAOPE022AManage logistics for a Level 2 incident40
PUAOPE023AManage operations for a Level 2 incident40
PUAOPE024AManage operations for a Level 3 incident40
PUAOPE025AManage planning for a Level 2 incident40
PUAOPE026AProvide strategic safety advice at an incident40
PUAOPE027AUndertake beach safety management activities24
PUAPOLFC002BMaintain a safe forensic working environment40
PUAPOLFC003BDetect, record and collect physical evidence60
PUAPOLFC004BEvaluate and document cases and facilitate analyses40
PUAPOLFC005BPrepare and submit forensic documentation30
PUAPOLFC006BContribute to and comply with quality systems30
PUAPOLFC008BProcess and interpret comparative evidence60
PUAPOLFC022APrepare and present specialist forensic evidence or opinion20
PUAPOLFC029AUse and maintain specialist forensic equipment40
PUAPOLGD001AMaintain police operational safety80
PUAPOLGD002AApply policing methods80
PUAPOLGD003AUndertake initial police investigation80
PUAPOLGD004AGather, collate and record police information40
PUAPOLGD005AUse and maintain police operational equipment60
PUAPOLGD006AFacilitate effective communication in the policing environment80
PUAPOLGD007AManage persons in care or custody40
PUAPOLGD008AAdminister legislation to ensure compliance20
PUAPOLGD009AManage involvement in the judicial process50
PUAPOLGD010APerform police administrative duties40
PUAPOLGD011AManage personal and ethical performance30
PUAPOLGD012AAddress customer needs20
PUAPOLGD013ADevelop productive working relationships40
PUAPOLGD014ADrive police vehicles90
PUAPOLGD015AEmploy media strategies30
PUAPOLGD016APerform inter-jurisdictional police duties60
PUAPOLGD017AEmploy protective service methods40
PUAPOLGD018APerform court security duties60
PUAPOLIM001AAssist police with members of a culturally specific community20
PUAPOLIM002APromote public safety objectives by liaison with a culturally specific community20
PUAPOLIM003AProvide interpreting and translating services20
PUAPOLIM004AProvide police services in an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community80
PUAPOLIM005AProvide advanced information concerning an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community40
PUAPOLIM006AEnhance status as a role model in an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community50
PUAPOLIV001AManage police investigations70
PUAPOLIV002AConduct police investigations60
PUAPOLIV003AManage incident scenes60
PUAPOLIV004AConduct investigative interviews80
PUAPOLIV009AManage physical evidence50
PUAPOLIV011AManage information within specialised policing functions80
PUAPOLMG004AManage media requirements40
PUAPOLMG007AContribute to policy formulation and revision60
PUASAR011CSearch as a member of an aquatic search team30
PUASAR012CApply surf awareness and self-rescue skills30
PUASAR013AParticipate in an aquatic rescue operation15
PUASAR014AOperate and maintain a small powercraft and motor for rescue operations36
PUASAR015ACrew small powercraft in a rescue operation20
PUASAR016AOperate and maintain a personal water craft for rescue operations20
PUASAR017AUndertake advanced surf rescue26
PUASAR018ASelect and maintain canines to be part of a canine search team for USAR incidents110
PUASAR019ATrain canines to work in a USAR environment180
PUASAR020ADevelop a canine search team for USAR incidents180
PUASAR021ASearch as part of a canine search team at USAR incidents160
PUASAR022AParticipate in a rescue operation20
PUASAR023AParticipate in an urban search and rescue Category 120
PUASAR024AUndertake road crash rescue20
PUASAR025AUndertake confined space rescue40
PUASAR026AUndertake industrial and domestic rescue20
PUASAR027AUndertake land search rescue10
PUASAR028AUndertake rescue from a partial structural collapse20
PUASAR029AUndertake a complex transport rescue40
PUASAR030AUndertake trench rescue30
PUASAR031AUndertake an urban search and rescue Category 2100
PUASAR032AUndertake vertical rescue40
PUASES008AUndertake storm and water damage operations30
PUASES009AUndertake inland floodboat operations50
PUASES010APlan, activate and maintain a communications network40
PUASES011AManage emergency operations70
PUASES012AWork as a team member in an emergency operations centre25
PUASES013AUndertake storm and water damage operations performed at heights40
PUASES014AApply flood and fast moving water safety techniques24
PUASES015AOperate over-snow vehicle40
PUASES016AApply snowcraft skills when performing search operations50
PUATEA004DWork effectively in a public safety organisation15
PUATEA005AManage own professional performance50
PUADEFEO505DBreakdown explosive ordnance
PUADEFEO701CDispose of explosive ordnance
PUAPOLFC017AExamine ammunition components using the comparison microscope
PUADEFBM006CTrack and engage targets
PUAPOLWP002AManage a protection operation
PUAPOLFC025ACoordinate forensic evidence analysis
PUAPOLMG003AManage risk in a policing environment
PUAPOLIV006ALead major crime investigations
PUAPOLIV008ALead crime reduction and-or prevention strategies
PUAPOLMG002ASupervise police response
PUADEFEO702DDestroy unexploded ordnance
PUAPOLMG005APromote workplace diversity
PUADEFSO005COperate decoy systems
PUAPOLMG006APlan and organise work unit plans
PUADEFEO711CConduct military demolition operations
PUAPOLFC024ARecord incident scene and evidence
PUADEFEO710DPrepare and arm weapon systems
PUAPOLIV005ACoordinate multi-agency investigations
PUAPOLWP001APlan a protection operation
PUADEFEO507DAssemble and disassemble explosive components
PUAPOLIV010AConduct criminal legal research within a policing context
PUAPOLMG008AManage working relationships
PUAPOLIV007ALead a major investigation review
PUADEFEO605DConduct explosive ordnance firings
PUADEFEO607CDetermine the properties of explosive ordnance
PUAPOLFC030AManage complex forensic investigations
PUADEFEO707CConduct explosive ordnance disposal operations
PUAPOLFC026AApply forensic case management systems
PUAPOLMG001ASupervise police operations
PUAPOLFC023ACommunicate in a forensic science environment
PUADEFEO606DDevelop unique explosives
PUADEFEO713CLay and clear mines
PUADEFEO506DFuze and defuze explosive ordnance
PUADEFEO706DParticipate in the conduct of explosive ordnance disposal operations
PUAPOLWP003APerform witness protection duties
PUADEFPE006AAssist in the operation of the tank fabric collapsible marine system
PUADEFEO712CLay and clear booby traps
PUAPOLFC028AExamine forensic scenes
PUADEFBM002CAssist in boarding operations
PUADEFEO708CConduct improvised explosive device disposal operations
PUADEFSO004COperate an electronic support suite